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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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down to the jay-z and beyonce concert or the zac brown concert, make sure they staiwe her ready. i think as the concerts get going, in bothue v the weather should be okay. everyone under a severers thunrm watch until 11:00 p.m. the biggest concerns will be heavy rainfallhat could lead to flooding concerns, downed trees and hail as well, especially because of the rain you've recently had, doreen, flooding ccerns and downed tree also be bigger insues. much more on the t and how this impacts our saturday and sunday in a little bit with lauryn. we still have very fresh memories of all that flash flooding. 'tanks, amelia. >> if you d have it already, now is a good time to download the nbc washington app. set the home page to weather to get the latest onndhe storms any kind of weather at your fingerti fingertips. we knew thi was going to a massive fire when chopper 4
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spotted this plume of black sme on the horizon. check out what they found when they got to greenbelt. >> huge flames shooting through the roof. one firefighter coming dangerously close to falling through the roof. >> news 4's derck ward iive outside the franklin square apartments wh harrowing details from people who escaped those flames. >> reporter: deed. so literally went over the balcony to get out. detectorsr the smoke going off in these apartments which is a sign that at least that wning was there. that probably kept this from being a lot worse tha it . as bad as it looks, no one was injured. a royaling tower of smoke. some residents rushed home. it was frantic and frightening loved calls. >> my kids were home, jumped off the balcony. >> reporter: nicole webb says one of her sons was lost in t
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chaos, but they're okay. >> my ks are alive. i don't care about what's in there. >> went to two alarms, 80 firefighters on the scene. >> reporter: they didn't have to perform rescues. those folks who were atot home out on their own. >> when i called to check on my daughter, sheirold me the alarm was going off. that's when she said it was a fire. i said okay, let me know what's going on. when i called back,hat's when my husband was like, we're getting ready to lose everything. >> reporter: they got t, too. residents say this is the second time firefighters were here the last 24 hours. yesterday they were called because of a strong smell of gasoline in the hallway. >> when they me, they said it does smell like gasoline but it's not harmful. heey opened door and let it come out. now this happened.en >> reporter: d are out of their units because of loss ofp r, smoke and water damage. >> reporter: back with you live,
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you can see the damage. firefighters believe it may have started in the third floor apartment. theyre exploring the angle of people complaining of gasoline last night. conclusion has been reached yet. this apartmentsse to be notorious for fires in prince ge it used to be the spring hill lake complex. indication of anything like that yet in this investigation. ve in prince george's county, derrick ward, news 4. chopper 4 over the scene after a trash truck caught fire here on a busy montgomery county road. take a look at this. crews at the southbound lanes of columbia pike and new hampshire avenue and white oakhis afternoon. flames broke out on the side of the truck in thea a where the trash is compacted. firefighters had to block part of the road at one point they used a saw to cut a hole in the truck. no injuries and nn word yeta cause.
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this just in from the national weather service. a new severe thunderstorm warning for parts of upper montgomery county north of ithersburg through damascus area. the sniere thunderstorm w will go until 5:45, issued because of the potential for damaging gusty winds and also some hail. i'm really conceed abouthe winds. we've had reports of wind damage already in parts of northern potomac and chantilly areas from thunderstorms that hav moved through. this moving toward the east at about 20 miles per ur. coming up around 5:10, lauryn will be tracking the rm thunders when it moves into your neighborhood. we have a new thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of northern montgomery, fr howard and terrell counties until 5:45. amelia, thank you. there was a square at american university, someone made a
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ctthreat against constn sites on that campus. american university asked students to stay away from cotruction, blut the school was not on lockdown. we don't know thect e nature of the threats. a woman tells us a man with a gun raped her after surprising her in the building's stairwell. that attack along stephenson an, woodbridround the time many people would be heading out to work. let's get right to nicole jacobs who is standing by with details. nicole? reporr:hiteetemoromnghe had in the face ofear and violence. she was able to give police a es pretty goodiption of her attacker. cw police are hoping it rings a bell and someonees forward. >> reporter: the area here is tucked away. >> we're kind of a close neighborhood remember in prince
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william county there is now fear. >> people are in shock, everyone scared, heartbroken. >> reporr: heartbroken over a crime here, a woman raped at 6:00 in the morning wednesday. >> walking into my building, i feel unsafe. i feel terrified. >> reporter: accncding to p william county police, the attack began in the stawell of one of the buildings when the victim encountered a man with a handgun. >> attempted to rape her in the stairwell. he force her too behind the heilding where he successfully raped >> reporter: he told the woman to wait in the woods while he made his getaye way. the woman remembered distinguishing characteristics about his appearance. >> an arm sleeve tattoo with writing on it as well as angel that's not something you would see every day. >> reporter: ts type of crime n't something that happens here every day. but women are now watching theiw backh one hope for the culprit. >> i hope they catch him soon. it's just horrible.
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>> reporter: the victim was also able to note a beer belly on that suspect. all of this has rattled the residents there, many of them sa tng they wille extra steps to be even more vigilant knowing the suspect is still out there. jim, back to you. >> let's hope they catch this guy soon. nicole, thank you.t be my gun moscow. reuters is reporting that president vladimir putin invited president donald trump to russia. putin told the press today that he and president trump both want to meet again after their summit in helsinki, trump invited putin to the white hse in the fall. but backlash from republicans and democrats forced the administration to push that visit back to next yearti says he and trump will meet on the sidelines of upcoming international events. on twitter today president trump again denied knowing in aabance t his son's meeting with a russian lawyer. redskins are sufferiug th this thick humidity at
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their second day of training camp. news 4's cher rhshare rhee burr joins us from richmond. good thing no pads today, huh? >> no pads and actually practice was early bause of weather. there's thunder and lightning in the area.s ryan coming off back-to-back pro appearances, talking about how to stay dominant in this new season. > looking, deflected, intercepted. all the way. >> this is your eighth season in the nfl and with the dskins. what's your favorite part about training camp? >> just the excitement of starting a new season. don't think anyone necessarily loves training camp and all that goes into it. it's part of what you've got to do and itoo means ftball is starting.
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>> hit by kerrigan. sacked. >> i w looki at your stats. is it true youe never missed a game in your career. >> that's correct. i think i would be ignorant to say it's all me. it's obviously a lot of good fortune and blessings from above. ttry to take care of my body well. to make sure i'm eating right and doing everything i can to make sure i'm fresh for practice and game day. >> winning the cup a t championship, are you guys feeling that, wanting to do that, also? >> definitely. seeing everyone pty inhe streets, that looks so fun. i want to bring that to d.c. for football. seeing the caps do that and ove come so much adversity that they had and be able to do that, definitely motivating. >> coach gruden called you out. >> definitely notol af game. wow, is he bad. >> that's quite fair.
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especially when i played with him at the quicken loans. that was a rough day for me. >> kerrigan said he contributed a little. when it comes to the play on the football field, she had nothing but wonrful things t say saying he's a role model on field and in the locker room. >> forget the greens. it counts on t football field. share ri, we'll see a yout 6:00. a hair appointment turns into a nightmare. a scaryt experience tha left a woman with major damage to her hair. what eouerts say can do to avoid a similar catastrophe. if you were on this syet 50 s ago, you would see one coer store and a farm. today tysons is much more than that. i'm did culver. just ahead, what is the 50th anniversary of tysons corner. wel take you back to what was, what is and what will be. a close call for a local
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firefighter respondin to this crash. how close he came to being run over by a driver who didn't move over we have severe thunderstorm warnings for fairfax prcounty, ce william county, loudoun county, also going into portions of frederick, coun maryland, montgomery county. this storm right here headed to th areas. and mt. airy by 5:30 st after montgomeryville by 6:00. htthat's all coming up rig after htthat's all coming up rig after this.
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weather alert. ray dan on theou left of screen. check this out, a chance of pop-up showers and thunderstorms. these are live pictures. amelia and lauryn will join us in about 2 1/2 minutes. it iso longer a corner store, but a growing metropoliso is truly transforming, and this week marks 50 years since tysonne cor shopping center opened. venight our bureau reporter david cis live at the popular mall to show us what was and what's to come. all you have to do is count the cranes, david. >> reporter: that's for sure, jim. when we think about online retail, we think about how that's surging, right? we talked so often how it pushes out theal traditi brick and mortar stores. it'sorced lot of malls to
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shut down. malls have had to adapt. they have to tur shoppingnto a lifestyle experience. tysons is a perfect example of not only has it allowed them tov suive. just look behind me tonight. t check ohat parking lot. they're thriving. w >> reporter:n you walk through the midday crowd of tysons corner center, it's hard to imagine the simple origins of this place, a crossroads corner store. >> it was literally in the middle of a farm field, a peach grove. >> reporter: it gave fruit to a shopping center in 1968. i only needed to look behind the camera for a more personal perspective. >> my father worked at lands burg's wn it opened. >> reporter: he reme when his dad started working at the brand new tysons corner center. >> the greatest fear was that tysons was going to fail because it was too far out, it was outside the beltway and people wouldn't want to drive to it. >> reporter: but if you build it, they will come and theyre
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stil coming. >> now you see, we have 25 million people that come through here everyyear. that's more than disney land. >> reporter: in the 50 yea that tysons corner center has been here, it's grown far beyond the corner store, far beyond the mall. take a look at it has sprawled to a metropolis and still growing, truly a city on its ow >> the largest private developing city in the country which is incredible. >> reporter: by 2026 fairfax county expects some 100,000 to call the area home. it's already become an international tourist destination. visitors from all over. >> this week alone, sweden, korea, japan, belgium, braz. that says a lot. >> reporter: sean's memories of a remote, rural piece of land feeling farther than ever. >> reached a futuristic land i could never have imagined when i
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was a boy. >> reporter: wishing he had the commute his father had many years ago from falls church to tysons. he now makes the commute from ashton. three times the distance. that's the realitynow. >> i can relate to sean's story. i was a kid in elementary school living ingt arl when tysons corner opened. it was like a field trip to take the hike way, way out there. it really did seem like the country. we couldn'tt imagine w it would become today. >> reporter: right. goingth bacugh there your neck starts to hurt because all you can do is look up. now it's a whole city practically. david lver, thank you. the longest total lunar eclipse of this century has just ended. the blood moon eclipse lasted 1:42:57. it was only visible in southeast asia and europe. it's called a blood moon because
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it appeared orange, brown or crimson as slight bent through the earth's atmosphere. nasa says the next total lunar eclipse visible i theu.s. will be next january 21st. pretty impressive online. >> sometimesn it's e more dramatic seeing it in person. you can't see much of anything tonight in tf way a sunset because we are just covered with clouds. >>e've got some sketchy conditions out there, amelia. what's the hetest? >> latest is we're in weather alert mode because we're tracking severe thunderstorms moving through the area. a lot of these going until 5:45, just issued a new thunderstorm warning. >> we still have flooding to deal with because we have the flash ood watch that goes until late this evening, until 11:00. the timing has moved up just a little bit. >> they're picking up so moving a little more quickly. i want to show you theatest
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warnings. parts of howard and carroll county, back to northern loudo county under severe thunderstorm warning. this is going to go until 5:45 tonight. the new severe thunderstorm warng issued for parts of northern anne arundel county, ts ofof baltimore and p the county also in effect until 5:45. these severe thunderstorm warnings are being issued because of strong gusty winds and potential for hail as well. we then head southern loudoun, fairfax, northern prince william and fauquier counties where a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect there unt 5:45. the latest storm reports, all these cie lgcles on your screene wind damage reports. in petersville, thunderstorm wind damage around 4:45 with a tree down on the roadway near the intersectionck causing b roads. we're seeing a lot of these reports across the area. overall, it's this mainline that's going to be the mainin ker tonight, the main weather maker. we're going to be looking atin this m toward the east at
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25 miles an hour, moving towards chantilly at about 5:30. fairfax at about 5:45. 5:50.ersburg around looking at the sef very weather impact, heavy rain as far as flooding concern from that heavy rain, downed trees which we'rey alreeeing and maybe a little hail. everybody is under aevere thunderstorm watch, most of us under a flash flood watch. tomorrow, a b change in the weather. all eyes on the mainline of thunderstorms moving toward the east at about miles per hour. >> amelia, once we get through this line of storms behind it, we're looking a lot better. in fact, the humidity willower little bit. we're looking at comfortable conditions as we head through the weekend. this is the forecast we want to see because we're allleired of a lirain, mainly dry for this weekend with comfortable conditions coming the hy starts to creep back in a little bit on monday.
5:21 pm
then we will see that oppressive humidity return for tuesday, wednesday and even into thursday. so this weekend looking fabulous. atures will be in the mid 80s for saturday. by the time we head intostsunda, little more time for humidity. eratures not that bad, still in the mid 80s. an isolated chance of showers and thunderstorms p up around the region for sunday night. we do have better chances as we get into next week,amelia. it looks like monday night, but definitely tuesday and wednesday. >> exactly. we're looking at another rainy pattern to set up. thankfully not as rainy as we have seen this past week. take a look at your storm team 4 ten-day first alert forecast. nice with low humidity levelrd sa and sunday. temperatures in the mid 80s. on monday a chance for ate day showers and thunderstorms, but most of the morning and midday hours are looking dry out there on monday. and then the chance for rai at times tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. we're not looking at any washouts out there. we will have rain at times, especially during the afternoon
5:22 pm
hours. again, we're keeping a close eye on this line of thunderstorms. i want to show you the impact times quickly ming towards bethesda at about 6:10 towards the different at about 6:20. once this moves through, we'll notiidity levels lower and set us up for a nice weekend, doreen a >> so many big events out doors tonight. >> more on that coming up later. still ahead on this broadcast, a confirmed case of tuberculosis on a local college campus. why we're just hearing about it months later. a story you'll see only here on 4, what happened here to use this woman to lose chunks of her hair after taking a trip to a
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an american university graduate student has teste positive for tuberculosis. the dartment of the health notified students, faculty and staff urnling anyone who may have come in contact with the infected person to get tested. the tb bacteria is spread through the air. most people who get exposed do not get sick. a story abo a local high school basketball pyer accused of being too old t play montgomery county schools tells
5:26 pm
us its investigation shows that ji seronki is 17. back in march. he's clear to rejoin his rockville high school team this fall. jimmy is 6'10", a sophomore from nigeria who averaged more than 15 points a game last season, just a sophomore. he's got more growing room. in using the camera to tell a story. his week's harris' heroes, leon harris goes behind the lens to see how some area teens are using photography to spread a message. a car smashes into a fire engine, narrowly missing the driver on i-95 in stafford county. t ahead,he lesson we can all learn from this close team 4 keeping track of the weather rolling through right now.
5:27 pm
amelia is back with
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we continue to be in storm team 4 weather alert mode as we trackstevere thundms moving through the area. these are north of washington, parts of loudoun,frederick, montgomery, howard and carroll counties under a severerm thundersarning until 5:45. also anne arundel county up through baltimore, also under a severe thunderstorm warning.
5:30 pm
a lot of lightning with the severe thunderstorgh warnings now as well as heavy rainfall that's going to lead to isolated flooding issues and gusty winds that will bring down trees across the area, especially because of how wet we've been this past week. you can see a we look past the thunderstorm system, heavy rain moving roh. these could intensify so we'll keep a close eye on it. as the storms move from the eas2 miles per hour, towards gaithersburg about 6:10, bethesda about 6:15 and washington right around20 to 6:30. we'll keep it here in the storm center as we track thi o line thunderstorms. looking at mainly dry conditions. i'll have much more on that in about ten minutes. amelia, thank you. some of our top storieseo today,e were inside this apartment building when it burst
5:31 pm
into flames. one woman's three sons had to jump from a balcony. a firefighter almost fell through the roof. he managed to pull himself to ty sa this fire was at the franklin square apartments in greenbelt. no word on how it started. aoman in woodbridge says she was raped in a small apartment building. she told police man with a gun surprised her in a stairwell wednesday morning and sexually assaulted her. police say the man had an arm sleeve tattoo that included writing and angel wings. it's come a long way. tysons cornerg shoppenter celebrating r50 years this week. tysons was once just a corner store there. now 25 million people shop at the mall every year. that's more than visit did any land. 100,000 people call tysons home now while 200,000 work there. a fefighter is lucky to be alive after a car flipped hn fire truck the side of i-95. >> news 4's christ gordon has
5:32 pm
the video showing that collision. he's also talng tohat firefighter about this close call. >> reporter: engine 12 answers the alarm, a family of seven trapped in an overturned car along i-95 in stafford county at 2:00 a.m. s on thene of the accident, cameras show the driver dan eisner putting down cones. he's narrowly missed by a passing 'tcar. >> i dnow what caught me to see it out of the corner of ce eyes. it f me to jump back, thankfully. then it bounced off the front. then i was like, what just happened r >> the camera shows the car crashing into the front of the engine. battalion chief kevin scott was feet away. >> i saw hdlights get close. i saw a large debris field. my initial thought, oh, my gosh, are all my personnel ok p.
5:33 pm
>> reportet of the car's bumper was lodge d in the truckt >> fortunatey were able to get him stopped down the road. >> reporter: the move-over law in virginia requires drivers to slow or shift lanes away from first responders working along the highwa >> it's meant to save my life and allow me a these young firefighters to go home every day to their families ike all the citizens want to go home to >>those. eporter: this morning, the firefighters went home, the end of their shift. izer said he picked up another shift, working through till sunday morning. he said that's what you do when you lov your job. reporting from stafford county, virginia, christ gordon, news 4. manassas is getting help from goats to clear out a historic park. chopper 4 shows t animals at the national battlefield park.
5:34 pm
they're testing goats as a for of vegetation control. if it works in this one area, the park will consir using goats in other places. this method is a sustainable, s economic ande alternative to mowing or p herbicides t.k saw heavy fighting during the second battle of manassas during the civil war. >> i wonder if that willon wor our yards. >> they're being well fed after all this rain we've ichad. res are one of the keys to recording history. ve>> in our own li pictures tell the stories of our families and what we care anti. leon harris is here to introduce one organization encouraging young people to use thistoedium ell their story. > the results have been phenomenal. for 14 years, critical exposure has been getting young people involved in advocacy through photography. this group believes young people fve some the most powerful stories to tell and pictures are the most impactful and empowering.
5:35 pm
critical exposure, this week's harris' heroes. >> this lens picks up a lot of light. >> 18-year-old ray never thought she'd be a photographer. in fact, she never knew what she wanted to be. buthe knew she had a story to tell. >> i always wanted to help people or make a change or show people that change is poss'dle. >> probably be dead right now, in all reality. >> using cameras to empower students who grow up in tough neighborhoodea the programes students how to document the world around them and create a campaign to ang it. >> think it's really important for us as adus to recognize that young people are directly impacted by these issues and are the experts. >> right now they'reo trying get financial literacy classes
5:36 pm
as part of d.c.'s public curriculum. >> once we have the issue to focus on, we do our research. >> reporte it's not just in the classroom. through this program, students have been able to document big transformative events in our neighborhoods, like the riots in baltimore. >> they instinctively got t on train and went to baltimore. >> reporter: ray and donovan know this program changed their lives. >> coming here disciplined me as far as self-control, and i like that. >> in being here, i learn to pause what i'm thinking and be able to listen to everybody else. >> reporter: just when you least expect it, these remarkable young people end upg teachin us adults something about >>life. he brain will always think of different pathways, sort of like a stream that flows into differentrivers, but it flows
5:37 pm
into the same ocean. >> you blew my mind. >> if you're thinking that way now, y know where you're going to be in 20 years? no, you don't.i do. >> it's amazing how those devices, you put them in their hands and it changing their entire world. if you'd likeo learn more about critical exposure and the work they do and maybe suppo them, check out our n washington ap and search harris' heroes. >> when you have the realme , it shows their focus and commitment to it. >> exactly. it also tells me it allows them to deal with the frustrations in their communities and allows them a safety valve and a way to address it and help them deal way. t in a positive >> great program. >> good kids. good kids. the eyes are the window to the soul, and the mouth equally telling when it comes to your overall health.
5:38 pm
ahead at 5:00 tonight, the work local dentists are doing in our community to make sure hundred who need it have dental care. a powerhouse couple, beyonce and jay-z bringing their and jay-z bringing their sold-out show to giant sources from over 40 local partners. and jay-z bringing their sold-out show to because for ever moment of summer there's fresh, local food at giant.
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severe flood warnings out of baltimore. we have video out of herndon
5:41 pm
right now, exactly where the storms will get ready to move into. heavy rain about to fall. that's what kwlu eele experie with these storms. heavy rain, lots of lightning moving through our area. severe thunderstorm warnings continue for frederick county, maryland, howard county a into baltimore. this is moving into the d.c. otro area. we'll time it for you and let you know if we can see anything additional tonight, landr on tonight definitely take a look at that weekend forecast. that's coming up in a little guys. we call that storm stereo. one on radio, one on tv. thanks, lauren.ay >> you remember this, when movie pass announced the deal tt olks see one movie a day for $9.95 a montpl many p jumped at the chance. out ofght movie pass ran cash and service was cut off to
5:42 pm
more than 3 million subscribers. the company said in a regulatory filing today it was force to borrow about $5 million in cash, but the leaders are brushing off fears about the long-term financial health, telling nbc ws earlier this month naysayers should hold off writing the company'sry obit the stage is all set. in just a few hours, beyonce and jay-z fans will descend o fedex field. i bet some are already there. take a look at these from chopper 4. crews are putting the finishing touchers on the stadium before tonight owes concert. transportation official bracing for heaffic on the belt way and the surrounding streetse extra polill be around to keep traffic around fedex field moving. the show starts at 7:. >> theeather is not going to help.
5:43 pm
they've got another show tomorrow night when it's supposed to be better. thousan evacuated dozens of homes destroyed ahead at 5:00. te latest on wildfires that sent a wall of flames into communities in northern california. woman tells us she wanted a new look but ended upoving some of her hair. i'm you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yesor less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and itu eels even better when nd them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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5:46 pm
waldorf salon does not appear to be licensed in maryland. >> it feels so coarse. >> the texture -- she fried my hair. it's lik fried. >> christina coates says after a year of natural hair she wanted blond edges like this. she saysfter havinger hair done at aleyda's salon in waldorf --y >> head was getting hot. when she started washing my hair, i could hear her mumbling. i jumped up and i saw all of this a is in the bowl and i'm left with this. > reporter: the owner says christina had previous color in her hair and didn't tell her. n>> customers come for the first time. usually they know what kind of process this person is doing beforehe >> reporter:onfusion revealed a much bigger issue. i checked sta records. it appears the owner doesn't have a license to a operate
5:47 pm
maryland. hair in >> do you have a license to operate a hair salon in maryland? >> yes. >> how long hav you had a license? >> i be having, i have license from new york. >> reporter: she says this is her new york license, but we r could not finords for her in new york or maryland. >> so i sendhe all information to the state and waiting for the paperwork. >> reporter: when did you send it to the state board? >> i do it two times, two process. >> reporter: according to the maryland dmtd of labor and licensing, the owner of this salon has not started the process to legally operate the salon or do hair inhe state of maryland. it's important for consumers to know when you go to the hair salon, you should be able to see the cense, it should be clearly visible. if you think a business is operating without a license, file a complaint. you can do it online with the maryland board of cosmetologists. we have a link on our nbcsh gton app. search salon complaints.
5:48 pm
the gym at a local high school has been transformed into ihuge dental office. this the free dental clinic at north point high school inld f. look at that. people were able to get fillings, root, cana minor oral surgeries and hygiene education reds of dental professionals are volunteering their time. the service is for those who o to otherwise afford to the dentist. >> it's a classic example of the need for adult medicaid dental care. >> t mission of mercy clink tonts tomorrow. it's on a first come, first basis. open our nbc washington app for more information. >> good for them, taking a nice friday to go in and help people out. >> the sunny d gave way --
5:49 pm
>> it kind of did. >> we're in s forrmy weather. let's get the latest from amelia tid lauryn. >> we ce to watch these storms moving pretty quickly through the area which is good news. we've got two big out door concerts tonight. it's friday night. a lot of people are headed out. these storms are moving by pretty quick but also dropping a lot of rain and lightningstnd ng winds. >> it depends before you are. if you're north of washington,i you're s more intense weather than if you're south of washington right now. not the caseli e today because we still have the flash flood warning in effect for parts of st. mary's county. right now the most iense storminess is north of washington and especially around baltimore andord counties, just getting pounded arounde baltimith flash flood warnings and flood warnings in effect there. you can see this is the line we've been tracking. this is moving slowly. it picked up steam and it's starting to slow down again.
5:50 pm
here is the latest timing, moving towardthe east aro 20 miles per hour now. moving toward rockville about 5:45. moving tort bethesda and the district, 6:20o 6:30. baltimore getting hit again about 6:40. now, here is the latest. you can see all the areasin her pink under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 p.m. tonight. however, the national weather service is starting to drom somn counties, doah and frederick in virginia. that's the sign that as that mainline is moving throu or anymore storms is really dropping off. lauren, most of us looking to dry by about 8:00, maybe 9:00 p.m. tonight if you're east of 95. we'll see the flash flood watch come down as well. >> that's good news. we head into the weekend and looking a lot better throughout the weekend. firs's lalk about hour-by-hour for tonight.
5:51 pm
by 7:00 p.m.,one'll see s storms to the east. s amelia said, the timeline between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. we'll be dry by 9:00. areas to the west, shenandoah valley, already starting to dry. you're done with the rain rit now. we'll continue to see the line move through, drying out from the west to the east and everybody clearing ase get through tonight. and less humity later tonight. patchy fog a little tomorrow morning, but plenty of sunshine out there through the day tomorr tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow. mfortable threw out the weekend. the humidity starts to creep up a little bit on monday. humidity is coming back if you're heading the the beach, isolated thunderstorms possible on saturday and sunday. temperatures in the low 80s. partly sunny skies, not a bad weekend too to thebeach. we thought it would be a lot
5:52 pm
worse. that frontal system looking to clear the area. another system coming f our area. that frontal system will move north and s bring uswers and thunderstorms as we get to monday night and tuesday. tuesday and wednesday, we've got a lot of rain in the forecast. >> we really do. rain will favor the afternoon and evening hours. when we say a lot of rain, not going to see as muchainfall as we saw this week. here is your stormeam 4 ten-day forecast. friday night, storms moving through maybe for some of us, just a little rain. as lauryn was saying, we dry out by 9:00 p.m., clear out by 11:00 p.m. by the weekend, lower humidity, mid 80s. the chancef rain tuesday through friday.n allll talking about one to three inches of rain. that's opposedo the 6 to 15 inches we saw this past weekend. all the action around baltimore and also the north and east. still that line of storms moving through the d.c. metro area. we'll have the latest timing on
5:53 pm
"news 4 at 6:00," j doreen. >> when we come back, a disturbing find for area homeowners. amy cho joins us with more on the mesge foun a bag of bird seed and the investigation into what's behind it. >> reporter: messages of hatred being distributed in our area. i'm amy cho in the loudoun countyeighborhood where kkk
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we have breaking news in news 4. d.c. homicide detectives are converging on 14th street in upper northwest for a stabbing. ja ie bensen is live on the scene. >> reporter: this man was stabbed in thentersection at 14th street and perry place northwest. take a look behind me. you can see d.c. police have thisn intersect closed as they search for evidence, the man's belongings as well as a screwdriver we saw are right there in the marked crosswalk. this is obviously causing ala on buses. we saw about 15 or 20 metro ubuses lined along this street waiting to get through. they fixed the problem couple minutes ago, but a very serious d.c.ation here with homicide detectives also on the scene. we do not know anything about the man who was stabbed.
5:57 pm
we don't know age. we know his condition is very serious. he was describ as unconscious and not breathing shortly after this happened. you can see d.c. police vehicles continuing to a hivee on the ocene as police begin an investigation i stabbing here just a short time ago. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. >> bus artery out of town, jackie, thank you. it's happening again. kkk recruitment flyers being distributed inur area. people found the flyers in alexandria and aington this week. another batch appeared today in loudoun county on amelia street in sterling. amy c has reaction from neighbors. >> reporter: imagine finding one of these on your front lawn a plastic wagghed down with bird seed. inside a recruitment flier for the kkk. this bag was foundg in lease b a few months ago.
5:58 pm
some found today in sterling. >> i'm not happy about it. >> reporter: another neighbor didn't want to show her face, but she said she hopes police catch the f folks whod the flyers. >> i think it's absolutely disgusting. we do not have om for that in our neighborhood, in our state, in our country, in our lives. >> reporter: leesburg police say they drove up and down amelia street finding over a dozen flyers in all. >> it's not trespassing. w's not maybe littering. >> while the polict to put a stop to it, the flyers don't contain any actual threats. >> i find it personally offensive. thethroblem is w it's illegal or not. >> reporter: still they've asked any neighbors withurveillance cameras to turn in their video and neighbor paul leach sharing another suggestion. >> maybe somebody should respond to one of the k flyers a find out who is doing it. >> reporter: and whoever that may be, the people of loudoun county have a message for them.
5:59 pm
>> we don't need this in this community. we don't need it, don't want you here. we don't want this kind of thing going on. >> reporr: today representative barbara come stack tweeted about what happened. wrote an open letter to attorney general jeff sessions, asking sor a task force to prevent acts of hatred like t around the country. in sterling, amy cho, news 4. "news 4 at 6:00" begins with breaking news. >> we're followi two big stories tonight. first in maryland. nvestigators are combing through the rubble for clues trying to figure out what caused ts bigpartment fire in greenbelt. >> the flames got so some folks jumped from a balcony to escape. firefighter almost fell through the rough there. dozens of families have been forced out because of all the damage. our other big story tonight, the weather. clerk out the heavy rain in spots as storms roll through the region. >> we are in weather alert mode, tracking the potential for
6:00 pm
flooding. amelia and lauryn tracking it all from the storm center. i see the clouds moving in. >> i just pointed out the window to amelia because the winds are picking up as the storms barrel down on d.c. we do haveive pictures out of leesburg right now. the good news is that lineraf is starting to push through our area along i-95. that means some of the raindis enng to the west. still traing light showers but darker clouds ahead as our storm team 4 by 4 is heading to the >> east. you can see it's moving through light to moderate rain right now. i want to show the latest risk. i up draeted the graphic based on the latest radar. i'm bringing down our risk just a little bit. we'll still sooet heavy rain in spots that will lead to isolated flooding and downed trees as well. t a widespread risk for the metro area and areas to the south. in southern marylan y


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