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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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tracking the potential for flooding. amelia and lauryn tracking it all from the storm center. i see the clouds moving in. >> i just pointed out the window to amelia because the winds are picking up as the storms barrel down on d.c. we do haveive pictures out of leesburg right now. the good news is that lineraf is starting to push through our area along i-95. that means some of the raindis enng to the west. still traing light showers but darker clouds ahead as our storm team 4 by 4 is heading to the >> east. you can see it's moving through light to moderate rain right now. i want to show the latest risk. i up draeted the graphic based on the latest radar. i'm bringing down our risk just a little bit. we'll still sooet heavy rain in spots that will lead to isolated flooding and downed trees as well. t a widespread risk for the metro area and areas to the south. in southern maryland you had
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really strong thunderstorms earlier. as this final lin makes its way through to the east, looking at a lower threat for still the possibility for small hail out there. let me show you what i mean right now. it's this line here on storm team 4 radar. the heaviest rain in parts of montgomery unty, central and north earn parts of the county as well as howard county. this is moving to the east at 20 to 25 miles an hour. right now moving intoolney, clarksville at 6:10, and i'll have more on when the rain comes to a comple end acros the area tonight, leon, and what this moans for the weekend forecast. >> in the meantime you can stay top of t changes. download the nbc washington app. you can get alertsent right to your phone and use our interactive radar to monitor the conditions in your neighborhood any time ofhe day. doreen? >> now back to the breaking news
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of the massive fire in greenbelt. chopper 4 capturing the dam ue fr above, and the close call involving a firefighter. on the ground, a dangerous fire fight. pieces of debris crashing to the ground as crews return to get out ofhe way. all this unfolding at the franklin square apartments. news 4's derrickre ward is the with the aftermath. this was quite a fire, derrick. >> reporter: indeed it is. fortunately these areel relat low-rise garden apartments. so the folks that had to jump om their balconies didn't have far to go. they were not hurt. you can d see theage is significant to those top floor apartmenan. you still hear the fire alarms going somef a curiosity. they were indeed homes of horrors for thead folks who to aal with this fire and get out of here earlier thernoon. >> my husband was like, we'rege
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ing ready to lose everything. >> reporter: unfortunately they did, but just the material things. no one was injured ine this f that broke out around 12:45 this afternoon. it quickly went to t alarms with as many as 90 firefighters on the scene. >> my kids were home and jumped off the balcony. >> no rescued needed to be made. fortunately all the occupants self-evacuated prior to the firt dent's arrival. >> some residents came and expected the worse is iit. as so scared, i didn't take any of my credentials out of the it looks like my apartment is a little saved. >> r uorter: the top floorts were destroyed and neighbors complained about the smell of gasoliyesterday. >> when it came, they said it does smell like gasoline but 's notharmful. they opened the door and let it come out and then thispp ed. >> nine adults and five children were forced out by the blaze. others won't be able to get back in for a while.
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residents are taking the loss of possessions in mstride. kids are alive. i don't care about whatever is in there. >> reporter: the american red cross is offering help tola did families. investigators are aware of the calls to the fire department yesterdayorting the smell of gasoline. they're taking that into consideration as they investigate the cause of the fire. theyedelieve it stan one of the third floor apartments. no word on how it started as of yet. pretty soon for that. we're live in greenbelt, derrick ward, news 4. >> what a blessing no one got hurt. check out this scene, spotted by politico, special counsel robert mueller and donald trump jr. just pa few feet from each other, waiting for each other -- that's trump junior in the green shirt and the baseball cap. it's interesting to s them together in the same spot. just late last night news broke that don junior told his father
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in advance about the controversial meeting with the russian lawyer in trump tower. wonder if that man sitting down has any idea about that or if he's surprised to hear that. >>wi oner the president denied thelaim made by his former lawyer robert cohen. t >> reporte president was all about the economy when he spoke elier today. now michael cohen may be offering to do talking of his own. president trump toong a victory lap today after new numbers showing the fastest u.s. economic growth since 2014. >> we've accomplished an economic turn-around of histori proportions. >> reporter: but no response when asked about the latest firestorm surrounding former attorney michael cohen. >> mr. president, is michael cohetelling the truth? is michael cohen telling the truth? >> reporter: nbc news is
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reporting that a knowledgeable erurce says cohen is willing to tell r mueller about a june 16 meeting between trump campaign officials on fox news last year don junior insisted he never alert his father. >> it was such a nothing, there wasothing totell. >> reporter: the president also denied it to "the new york times." >> no, i didn't knowou anything the meeting. >> reporter: today the president continued his denial, tweeting he did not know of the meeting and accusing cohen of lying, as did his current attorney rudy giuliani. >> the man is a liar, a proven liar. there's no way y're going to bring down the president of the united states of the testimony, uncorroborated, of a proven liar. >> reporter: legal experts say this might be more than a similar he said, he said. >> no one underestimates how bs this if it's true in terms of putting trump in the middle of a criminal conspiracy.
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>> while that may hinge on cohen's word, robert mueller is scrutinizing the president's own words as he searches for evidence of collusion or obstruction. >> some senators want donald trump jr. to com back to capitol hill to testify again, this time in public and under oath. m capitol cginnis f hill, thank you. a scare on the campus of american university toily. a lot of unanswered questions. somebody made a threat today. we're told it involved construction sites on that campus. as a precaution, the school asked students to stay away from construction zones. the school was never on lockdown and nobody was hurt. the school board in fairfax county has approved plans to improve school safety. that includesan ed training for students and staff and newp edures for school visitors. classrooms will be required to beocked at all times, a the county will hire more than a dozen new mental health professionals includingyc logists and social workers
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for some middle and elementary schools. residents in a virginiat apartmen complex tell us they're on edge after a violent attack in their a says a man with a gun surprised her in a stay well and then rapedher. that attack happened wedsday morning along stephenson court in woodbridge. news 4's nicole jacobs joins us more with that story. that woman had to be terrified. >> reporter: absolutely. terrified andrp sed. we learned today that she doesn't actually live in that complex. she was only there visiting. prince william county police are urging residents to think back to wednesday morning and ask themselves did anything or anyone seem out of place. >> there was lots of police, yellow tape -- >> annual unusual scene for stephenson court in woodbridge where the view i back to normal but now mixed with fear. >> it's scary.
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my kid w here. >> reporter: it's quiet here, safe according to residents. but a attacker lurking in the stairwell of a building has shaken that. >> it was very frightening to think that somebody could be waiting inside your building. >> reporter: princeilliam unty police say a woman was raped at 6:00 in the morning wednes oy after she left of the buildings and then returned. >> she was met b a man who had a handgun. >> reporter: the unknown man then made the victim wait in the woods until he made his getaway. he's still on the run. attentive to his characteristic, the victim noticed a beer belly, ordan shoes.dan sh >> a arm sleeve tattoo with angel >> reporter: police searched the area and interviewed residents for any clues to nhelp. information is too small really in a case like this. that smallest of information could lead to a break. >> people are just in shock.
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everyone is scared, heartbroken. >> reporter: because crimes like this are unusual here and their peace of mind is something theyw desperatelyt back. i did ask police if they had been able to hone in onsu any eillance video. unfortunately they tell me there isn't any. but that victim's description is a black man, a heavyset black man, 25 years o to 30 years old. again, a beer belly andrm that sleeve tattoo. anyone with information is urged to contact police.n live prince william county this morning, nicole jacobs, news 4. i'm scott macfarlane at that time live desk. suspected d.c. drug kingpin is back in custody after escaping from a high security virginia jail. court records and officials who spoke with t news 4 i-team show a wild few days for
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demetrius johnson of d. he's charged z with being a drug clibt tore. the fbi added him to their most wanted list. last week he was sent to piedmont regional jail to await trial. jail officials say he managed to escape by walking out of the jail tuesday along with a group of other inmates who were scheduled for release. the jail blames human error and acknowledges their security came s videows johnson disappear over a hill once he exited. two days later, u.s. marshals arrested him on south cital street near suitland i parkway southeast d.c., nearly three hours away from thetr jail ce in piedmont. johnson faces life in prison for the drug charges and a gun case. no response yet for our request from comment from his atrney. 's back in custody. he's not back at ped month. the head ofai that jail we don't want him here. scott mclafar , back to you.
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a health alert at american university after a graduate student tested positive for tuberculosis. the student lives off campus. today the d.c. department of health notified classmates and people who may have come into contact and urged hthem to get tested. tb bteria are released into the air when somebody coughs or sneezes or shouts or even sings. the bacteria can float in the air for several hours. people with weak immune systems are most at risk. dash cam video captures a close call. >> what this firefighter did next really may surprise you. a marylanen woman w to the salon and lt with huge chunks of her hair missing. what you can do to avoid the same nightmare scenario happening to u. is president trump motivated by free or frustration? t nbc's chuckd joins us next
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as we go in d
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here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. light to moderate rain moving through parts of montgomery county, impacting rockville, gaithersburg, all along 270, making it slow go on area
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roads. very heavy rainfall impacting parts of ultimore. an see light to moderate rain moving into parts of the district. when this rain comes to an endm up at 6:25. russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the ,000 e-mails that are missing. >> remember that?wo that was years ago today. then candidate donald trump calling on russia to hack into hillary clinton's e-mails. now we know the russians attempted to break into her server that same day. >> now fast forward to today. president trump presided over his first national security meeting focused on defending our country from foreign >> an interesting week with a clear break from the president and p formersonal attorney michael cohen from the secret recording to new questions about what m trumpnew about a meeting between his oldest son and russians. after delaying vladimir putin's invite to washington,
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the russian leader is suggesting a meeting in moscow, all this coming as the presint refuses to answer questions from the press. >> joining us now, nbc' political director and moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. a lot going on this week. michael cohen and his lawyer lanny davis have been all over the news this week with two big things. what's the significance of that recorded conversation? what's the significance of what came out last night about what hean allegedly to tell about that meeting? in i would say this -- first of all, what's resting, i've spoken to folks close to that ha circle in mic cohen's world, yes, theyid leak the recording. they decided to mak it public because they felt as if michael cohen was being unfairly labeled as more of a criminal in this when rudy giuliani w describing it. that was their motivation to do that. they do not take credit for
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leakinti this informaon that somehow michael cohen is ready to finger the president as knowing about this infamous trump tower meeting. i would take a step back and say the bigger significance is clear, michael cohen wants to cut a deal. what's not clear is why is he basically buying a billboardn times square, doing it that way. that's not clear. >> why isn't he getting a deal if he's really got something? >> that's the other thin a couple prosecutors say they're not ready. the, quote, queen for a day idea, where prosecutors decide if you have something that's worth doing. the other thing, for him to become credible -- when you have somebody who ishen caught lying and then he decides to turn right and flip in order to make that flipped witness credible, they have to cop tome ing. they need to plead guilty to something. i'm admitting what i did. i'm telling you what he did. is he going to admit it? prosecutors admit, we're not
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that close yet to knowing exactly what are all the crimes they're going to accuse michael cohen of making.e until you hthat, then you can't cut the deal. you don't know what deal you're basically giving. >> they still haveot a lot of r tapes we haven't heard about. >> that's what i think is more important. i don't think michael cohen testifying yes, i saw donald trump jr. saw him. i tnk physicavidence is going to be more necessary, especially if you go to jury trial, this is a trial of public opinion. we all know that. the count hryoingas to to takee word of anybody i think ins t case. >> we've got something we want you to see right now. arobably have seen this pu ctu gate at reagan national, donald ump jr. in the green shirt with the baseball cap and that's robert muell sitting to the left reading something. >> my favorite i they're at the dreaded 35x.
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you have to get on bus before you get on a little pne -- there they are, both in35x land. no chance -- >> no chance that. is a small cooped up part of thl term >> good stuff. >> let's talk quickly about some other russian the white house after a big backlash deciding now they've rescinded the information for putin to come here. putin saying i'll invite trump to come over here. then the contentious hearing on the hil with mike pompeo. we didn' m geth out of that, did we? >> we didn't. i had the former russian ambassador mike mcfa who is in town, because vladimir putin singled him and others out in trying tosi get the pnt to let them sort of -- what they
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believe is a trumped up charge. what's interesting is theba ador was telling me, he faid all the russian press, you have an idea what may have taken place in the russian president. it isn't what mike pompeo is saying, it looks like they talked about montenro, spent a lot of time talking about this mcginn ski act, let's do a quid pro quo. they talked a lot about potentially syria and what to do with iran. a any referendum in kraine for the crimea issue. it appears a lot of the most controversial parts o the lationship between the two countries were discussed in that private meeting. mike pompeo didn't seem the details. >> we may never know what transpired in that meeting. know.on would you take vladimir putin's word? that's heproblem. we basically have the two translators. >> who is os the show t weekend? >> we're going to try to get a
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better insight into michael cohen's relationship with the president, talking to sam nunberg and portman whoas part the grilling of mike pompeo. and we'll do a deep dive w of is this maria betina, the american grad student. the nra may have o a l problems coming ahead thanks to thismae ne n.wo to tune in on s rning. chuck todd, thank you. 10:3 sunday morning, "meet the press" on nbc4. a missing man in virginia found far away from home. how he wound up soaking wet on one of the busiest airport runways in america. tracking thehreat of t
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we are weather alert right storms thatwe have are moving across the area, but the strongest storms are really north of the district. right odging a bullet now. >> we really are. up around the baltimore metro area, heavy rainfall, flash
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flood warning in effect for the cityntil 6:45. what i'm showing you right now is the district, parts of alexandria, only light rain moving throu. this is ior us. we just saw the energy transfer to the north and that's where we saw the stronger thunderstorms set up.s this good news because we have the zac brown concert at nats a park the a jay-znd beyonce concert tonight. bottom line, we're still dealing with rain moving through the area. 'm seeing the severe weather threat drop off. as far as the severe impacts go, i brought down the threat for heavy rain and flooding as well as downed trees and even hail tonight. we're going to see this rain move out of the area by about 8:00, 9:00 p.m. after that,ower humidity levels move in for the weekend. th more on the exact timing of
6:27 pm
how this rain moves out. >> baltimore really getting the brunt of it right now as that energy went to the north. what's going to be inresting, to see the o's play the tampa bay rays tonight. thpo graeme is sd to start at camden yards at 7:00 p.m. they have half-dollar-size hail there. a lot of areas saw strong are storms. storms will be o east the i-95 corridor after 7:00. other thanthat, we're going to be dry after 9:00. less humidity as we get throu tonight and then lower humidity through the day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine around f your saturday with temperatures in the mid 80s. we are comfortable for this weekend. now the humidity starts coming back just a little bit as we get into your monday. by tuesday, we'reown right oppressive again. that humidity is going to be with usne tuesday, way and thursday of next week. enjoy the weekend. glad we can dry it out a little
6:28 pm
bit. chance of isolated storms on sunday. a chance for thunder next week starting late monday night. >> the good news, not as much rain next week as we saw this past week. wead record rainfall amounts across the area. not the huge potential in the forecast for your up coming workweek monday through friday. really thi it's great news. the severe weather threat starting to comeown for our area. we'll see lower humidity levels move in overnight on saturday. sunday again, as lauren mentioned, maybe an isolated late day fo of us we're a longing good. there's the chance for rain at times, not cplete washouts by any means. monday through friday, the best chance for rain will be later in the day. we'll keep next weekend jim and doreen, another look at storm team 4 radar wit most of us noticing light to moderate rain moving through the area. i don't expect the line to intensify. if you have thear outdoorcue
6:29 pm
tonight, not the best news, but nothing severe from here on. >> all right. amelia, thank you. walls collapse as flames race through an apartm t complex. tonight the search for a cause as farmlies are forced out of their homes. firefighter's brush with death just days after gettingga d. christina went into the hair salon with her hair down to here. now it's here. what's not her is in this foil.
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we continue to track those severe thunderstorms moving through parts of the regio tonight. others are seeing hndvy rain high winds that can bring down trees. amelia has the updated forecast in just a few minutes. >> in the midst of all that, the red cross helping familiar lease forced out of their apartments in greenbelt. 11 families forced from their homes.te resident news 4 they smelled gasoline last night. no word yet on what caused this fire. we're following a breaking story in the district. a person critically injured reet a stabbing on 14th near petworth. homicide detectives called to the scene. our cameras spotted a screw dliver in the mid of the road. it's unclear whether this was the weapon involved.
6:33 pm
a suspect has been taken intood cu stay tuned for updates on the investigation. now we turn to a clo call that left a firefighter shaken, but determined to stay on the job. >> you have t see this video, cameras onhe side of a fire truck show firefightersetting up cones, a car speeds towards him and clips the truck, barely missing t o firefightn the shoulder. 4's christ gordon tells us what fire fighter did next. >> live another day. >> reporter: stafford county re rescuer dane izer just gottgauged. he had to tell his n fiancee he narrowly escaped death. >>ut the cones on the ground, the car shot b me. >> reporter: he drives engine 12. they were on the scene of an emergency, a family of seven trapped i an overturned car in stafford county. cameras showim putting down cones as a barrier to protect
6:34 pm
other rescuers. yo can see izer narrowly missed by a coming car. >> ile stumb back. what just happened there. it finally set in. is my crew >> reporter: part of the car'sb mper was lodged into the engine just below the door where iser climbed out just seconds bere theimpact. take another look at the video. you can see pieces flying off the car. >> it makes your heart skip a beat. it's that close to seeing a young firef rhterently engaged could have easily not been here. >> reporter: virgini is one o many states that have a move-over law to protect first responders working along highwayse, >> number low down. >> fortunately everybody came out okay. that's the maig. th >> reporter: i asked engine operator iser how he's going to celebrate his close call. he said at the end ofbl his d shift sunday morning he'll go home and give his fiancee a big hug and then he'll go fishing.
6:35 pm
reporting from stafford county, virginia, christ gordon, news 4. >> glade's okay. tonight the driver of the car is facing dui and hit-and-run charges. the stafford county sheriff's office sayjaydee hutchinson was driving with a suspended license. a trooper saw hutchinson hit the fire truck and caught up wmh bout two miles away. a firefighter i being remembered, f asends and family gathered for the viewing of nathanflynn. he died earlier this monthll g flew the floor while battling a house fire. funerals servi are planned for tomorrow morning. or> now we turn to our weather. a potential flooding, wind and hail quickly diminishing anight. >>lia has more from storm
6:36 pm
center 4. >> we'velly dodged a bullet. the national weathervice canceling parts of theeve thunderstorm watch down through frederick county in virginia and counties further to the south. areas in pink still under the flash flood watch until 10:00 p.m. i think they'll cancel that before 10:00 p.m. here is the latest on storm team 4 we're tracking a line of rain, but not intense. you can only see for the mos g paen colors with this line. notice toward baltimore where we see the brighter colors, the yellows, orns and reds, continuing to impact the city. flash flood warnings for parts of baltimore city until about 6:4r5. thankfully in our area, dealing with rain moving through. about this, jus everybody is going to be dry by about 8:00, 9:00. you can see even the district mainly dry. i'll hav more on how the rain tonight impacts our weekend coming up around 6:50.
6:37 pm
>> things are looking up. thanks, amelia. a missing man from virginia found s wet in an unexpected place. wait until you hear how he ended up on an airport run weiway in york. if you're from t ea, do tysons drive through and say, wow, a lot of growth? 50ce years sin tysons corner center started. there's a lot more to come. i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain.
6:38 pm
but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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more breaking news to share. thisom new york city. you're looking at a live picture from wnbc in newyork. that is trump tower where there are reports thatho aties are investigating -- reports of suspicious devices, plural, in the trump tower building. they've got the roads around it closed off. that would be fifth avenue in manhattan as they investigate
6:40 pm
what happening. again, police investigating reports of suspiciou devices found at trump tower in new york that is aboll we know right now. we do know that president trump is notn new york tonight. a man who disappeared from sterling, virginia, has been located. there are a lot of questions abt how and why he ended up where police found him. mark somorg found this week soaking wet on a runway at jfk airport in new york. the port authority says he swam across the jamaica bay andim bed over a perimeter fence. he was reported missing from a a mental healthlity. it's not clear how he got up to new york in the first place. some suggested virginiate he a s bird, the crane. jokingly referring to the construction cnes fillinghe skyline around tysons.
6:41 pm
nestled in the heart of all that growth, tysons corner center. this week marks 50 years sense it opened. toght david culver shows us how a simple peach grove has become a sprawling metropolis and the new challenges tha brings. >> l.l. bean used to be wool worth. >> reporter: chuck riddle recalling the early days of tysons corner center. >> i remember having to come here with m mom and watch fashion shows going on here, ing bored out of my mind as a little boy. >> reporter: shopping not always thrillg for a kid which is why the mall evolved into much more, taking on a lifestyle experience. >> if we can create the environment of people being entertained, they'll choose this every day of >> reporter: it's allowed tysons corner center to remain strong against onlinecompetition, drawing millions each year from all over. >> this week one,sweden, braziljapan, belgium,
6:42 pm
that says a lot. >> reporter: incredible given the simple origins, a corner store at a virginia crossroads, much of the land part of a peach grove. in the 50 years that tysons corner center has been here, it's grown far behind a corner store, far beyond a mall. a takeook at this. it has sprawledo a metropolis and still growing, truly a city on its own. back inside the sprawling mall, lieute riddle now leads the tysons urban team. the mall is one smart part of the region he's tasked with keeping safe. the vertical growth can be a challe challenge. >> now we've got to get into an elevator or, depending on the type of situation, may have to climb stairs. theieutenant riddle like rest of us locals adapting to a new ndscape. in tysons, david culver news 4.
6:43 pm
what a nightmare at the hair salon. one woman left with chunks of her hair missing. what the owner blames for the damage. irst here is amelia tracking the weather. >> cing up, a live report from shomari stone. weave the bigyonc concert where a worry of the thunderstorming impactin fedex field tonight. thankfully that is going down as those srms materialize further to the north. how does the rainffect our a
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
only on news 4, scary moments for a customer at a hair salon inld f.
6:46 pm
>> she said her hair started falling out after aor col treatment. bureau chief tracee wilkins found out the owner may not be operating legly in maryland. >> thext e, she fried my hair. it's fried. >> reporter: cistina coates says a year after natural hair, she won'tndik edges le this. she said after having her hair down i waldorf, her hair started falling out. >> my scalpng was get hot. she took me out and started washing my hairment when she m started washi hair, i could hear her mumbng. i jumped up and i saw all of i this the bowl and i'm left with this. >> reporter: the owner of the salon is the problem is sristina had previolor in her hair and did not tell her. >> every single kouft her comest in for f time, usually they will know what kind of products, what kind ofs process t person
6:47 pm
do before. >> reporter: i checked state records. it appears the owner does not have a license to operate the salon or do hair in maryland. >> the state of maryland is 't saying they d have record for you having a license to >> i have everything my records, everything 3450i records. >> from new york or here? >> reporter: she said this her new york license. we couldn't find records for her in new york or maryland. >> i want to make sure that you're clear not having a license in maryland is illegal. >> i have a license. everything is coming in the process. >> reporter: according to thend mary department of labor and licensing, the owner of this salon has not started the process to legally operate her salon or do hair in the state of maryitnd. important for consumers to know when you go to a hair seen, you should be able to their state license. it should be clearly visible. in waldorf, tracewilkins, news 4. >> if you think a business might be operating without a cense, you should file a complaint.
6:48 pm
>> you can do that online with the maryland board of is cosmetolts. we've got a link in our nbc washington app. to our weather now on this tiday night. amelia iscking the conditions from storm center 4. seems like we're going to catch rea little for a change. >> that's good to hear. >> it is good to hear, especially because of how much rain we've had over the next week. unfortunately baltimore getting hit extremely hard. just looking on twitter from the national weather service, they're eouraging people especially in baltimore city to wek higher ground a continue to track heavy rain. in our area justs. meager show right now we want to show you the latest. most of us under a severe thunderstorm watch. this will go until 10:00 p.m. it will be canceled before 10:00 p.m. as the severe weather has dropped o that we're headed to the mid to late evening. you can see the meager rain continues to push off towards the east. notice around baltimore, still
6:49 pm
heavy rain there. they've been dealing with heavy rain for about the past hour o so. i want to take you around the radar. you can see in the city those brighter colors, t yellows and the oranges still showing heavy rainfall with a flash flood warning in effectil u 6:45. baltimore getting hit into credibly hard. in our area, scattered light showers. here you can see, here is lanham on stormeam 4 radar, a few light showers 10 to 1 minutes ago. that's have already moved out of the area. that's great news because we have so many people excited for the jay-z and bonce concert. i was worried about the potential for severe thunderstorms becau we have all the ingredients. it was baltimore that got hit hard and continues to experience severe weather. in our area, shomari, people can whiletheir friday nig they listen to some fantastic
6:50 pm
music.or >> rr: that's right, amelia. the on the run 2 concert will begin around 7:30. gates oned at 5:30. right over here, let me show you, organizer want to remind you not to bring umbrellas. they are prohibited inside fedex field. however, you can wear ponchos. earlier chopper 4 fle over fed x field. that's before jay-z and beyonce will perform. keep in mind it is open. a lot of fans are concerned about the weather, whereas others simply don't care. they telly, me, it doesn't matter. awould stand in a light thing storm to bee to see beyonce. of course, that's unsafe. roll video to showwehat people doing as they walk through the security procedures. fans told me they'll dance, sing and rap to beyonce and jay-z in or ine. some did the right thing and tought ponchos. others tried get in with
6:51 pm
umbrellas, they had t walk away, put them in their lockers or put them in their cars. officials say they have procedures in placeo ensure everyone's safety. we'll hear from a couple of fans. >> it should be some rough storms, but a few in es, no problem for maryland right now. >> you have your poncho. you are ready for it? >> i am ready. >> ready to see j and b?te >> abso. >> i'm ready. i don't have a poncho. i don't care because i huge fans. i have a jacket i can take off. my hair is in a bun. >> going to get drenched. >> i'm going to get drenched. i'm going to dance. >> your hair looks nice. it could get messed up in the rain? >> it's okay. it's going to be worth it. >> goo i thing bald. a live picture of the dark clouds moving towards landover. this is where we are at
6:52 pm
field. the concert starts at 7:30. jay-z are excited to see and beyonce. keep in mind fedex officials are monitoring the weathe we will bring you the updates as they become available. back to yorks >> as the line of showers clears the area8: b, 9:00 p.m. at the latest, it's going to bring us lower humidity levels. comfortable out there saturday and sunday: it was muggy out there today. it's really on tuesday when the humidity is anback. then we remain humid for the remainder of the workweek. tomorrow looking hynice. paog during the morning hours, the temperature around 73. a high of 86 degrees. it's pleasant. a gorgeous saturday night. we keep i completely dry tomorrow as you're heading to the beaches. can't rule out a isolated storm saturday or sunday, but looking dry theres well with temperatures in the 80s.
6:53 pm
a mix of clouds and sunday and maybe an isolated late dayr shower thunderstorm on monday. on friday, a chance for late day showers and thunders pretty low to about 40%. the chance for rain increases on tuesda with rain at times in the forecast wednesday, thursday and friday, right now we'll keep next weekend, saturday and sunday, dry with high temperatures in the mid 80s. a live look at fedex fld asie w
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. >> welcome back to "news 4 at 6:00." i'm chsherree burress. only three or four will be on the active roster come the start of the regular season. these next two weeks will be a
6:57 pm
tough competition. >> we've got a few guys that are thosni bruiser rng backs and the other guys are good route runners. i'm excited about it. it's definitely going to bring the best out of us. >> so many multitalented guys, p guys that ste up when their number is called and can do everytng. that room really is something you can feed off of. it makes you more hungry, morem etitive. >> we alle ha great relationship. when you come into the room, it's all laughs. >> very exciting to me. they're great kids and work extremely hard. at the end of the day, the guy that protects the football, protects the quarterback and makes the tough runs. we'll let g them play out and from there. >> reporter: backup quarterback colt mccoy high-fiving fans to start day two of training camp. the two sides grade to a
6:58 pm
one-year contract extension million. to $7 mccoy isn't the starter but right where he wants to be. >> i prepare eve week and do my best to help alex be ready to play and compete with him d be an extra set of eyesor him and jay and cav and kevin. we'r a tight knit group. it's fun to come to work every day. i value that and appreciate that. i'm glad it workedout. >> reporter: to the diamond, the nationals with a huge comeback win, went up 3-0 in a hurry. trey turner's 13th home run, added two-run triple in the seventh, ended up jblt a d shy of the cycle. the nats score ten unanswered runs to win it 10-3. the nats and marlins back at it at 7:10. here in richmond redskins back
6:59 pm
tomorrow. an exciting day, they put on pads. errysh
7:00 pm
. tonit, exploding infernos turned deadlyin alifornia. nearly 90 wildfires esow burning, the largt tripling in size. >> this is just crazy. it's just out of control. ki> a firefighter among thosed as so many people rushed to escape. breaking news, a media mega titan, the head of cbs accused of sexual misconduct and harassment by half a dozen women in a bombshell new report. big news on the american economy, a surge in growth and concerns about possible speed bumps ahead. did he know? president trump hits back as a source tells nbc news, michael cohen is willing to tell mueller that ut trump knew ahat infamous trump tower meeting before it happened. high anxiety as the nation is rightly


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