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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. devastation for dozens can of li fa. >> i saw it from the front. i was like oh, my god. >> fire ripped through an apartment building, nearly 100 people still >>impacted. deadly stabbing in the middle of a busy d.c. street.
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traffic bked up for blocks. tonight, new word of an arrest bu still few clues. >> and a close call caught on a driver just misses hitting a newly engaged firefighter on i-95. >> news4 at 11:00 starts now. first up at 11:00, storms and rain clearing the f way a great start to your weekend. we've earned it. good evening. i'm jim handly. >> i'm doreen gentzler. after a soaking start to the week, we dodged tonight. here's what is it looked like from our tower cam earlier. clouds, wind and some rain blew in a then quickly blew out. >> beyonce andic jay-z m fans sfared from the downpours at tonight's concert at fedex field. while we missed the worst of th, stor baltimore took another direct hit. strong winds knocking down trees, heavy rain causing flash flooding there.
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l this is after a week when bat more h been bombarded with rain. >> let's go to storm team 4ol meteist amelia draper for what this means o for weekend. >> reporter: that means lower humiinties min for the weekend. most of us economy dry. we have beenry for some time. however, i'm tracking isolated showers on storm team 4da mainly down in parts of southern maryland and back into parts of madison a culpeper counties. the most extreme southern parts of calvert county, some hvy rainfall. even lightning coming out of these. parts of sry county still under a flood warning till 3:45 in the morning. this includes the leonardtown area from some heavy rain you saw during the evening hours. you can see, there's another orm out there i parts of madison and culpeper counties. this not moving into t a districtall. it might make it into parts of southern stafford keen before it sizzles out. most of us dry over night.
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patchy fog tomorrow morning. more importantly, look where we start off. 7:00 a.m., we're a a comfortable 68. plenty of sunshine will warm into the mid-70s by 9:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m., around 80. overall it's a nice day. can't ru out a shower, o thundersto sunday. i'll have more on that coming up around 11:18. >> thank you, amelia. we have a better idea tonight just how many people are affected b this devastating apartment fire in greenbelt. chopper 4 was there when the flames were still shooting out of the building. drivers could see smoke rising over the btway thisafternoon. shomari stone has more on the lasting impact of that big fire. >> reporte doreen, this was really bad. a massive fire. look at some of this damage.el it from the roof, while firefighters were vigorously doing a good jobryg to put this thing out. you can see the damage. it started right over there and firefighters did a good job of
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putting it out. tonight, 85 people are displaced. and they're searching for a iv place to either staying with family, friends, or at a hotel. >> chopper 4 captures tck smoke and orange flames. the close call involving a firefighter at the square apartments in greenbelt, maryland. >> it's so sad because we think that we can lost everything. >> reporter: kely hernandez,er who mother rosie and her son jeremiah can't move back into their apartment building. they ran outside when the fire broke out this afternoon. >> we smelled. >> smoke? >> yeah. and yeah. >> reporter: then just ran out? >> uh-huh. yes. >> reporter: she rents one of 22 liartments that don't have power or ues because of the fire. she can't return home to check on her the fire completely destroyed nine apartments. >> family of four. >> reporter: the american red cross iselpingore than 80
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people with food. >> do they have somewhere to go tonight? >> reporter: and temporary housing. > it's alws sad when we see people displaced by a fire. but we're here to help as much as we can. we're trying to meet those immediate needs they may have. >> reporter: some people immediately jumped from tir balconies to safety as the flames raced through the building. >> they jumped off the balcony. >> reporter: kelle plans to move out of the neighborhood. she doesn't want to live here ymore. >> it can happen again. >> reporter: take a look at all of this damage.s cre in the process of cleaning it up. those people don't know whe they can move into the apartment building. as you can see, some of the units, nine o them are a total loss. fortunately no one was hurt. however, some neighbors tell us they smelled gasoline yesterday. however, firefighters are not ying if it's related to this particular fire. right n, they're investigating to try and derp how it starred. shomari stone, news4. going to be aacong road for those folks.
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thank you. just in the last hour, d. police released the name of a man killed this evening in columbia heights. he is 68-year-old anthony anderson. he wasbbed to death right in the middle of 14th street. police also have a suspect in custody. jackie bensen is live for us with more on what we know now. jar:ie? >> repore've learned that the arrest came about due to the fast action of an off-duty d.c. police officer who was in this area at the time. the crime scene, right in the middle of the crosswalk at 14th street and perry place northwest. what appeared to be a screwdriver could be seen on thn grour some of the victim's belongings. the stabbing happened in daylight during evening rush hour as dozens of people were walking or standing nearby. hop side detectives were called to the scene and spoke to a number of witness who's some or all of what happened. because 14th street is a major
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metrobus route, buss were stacked up more than atilock drivers were given instructions to reroute because of thetreet closures. in custody tonight, 54-year-old alton rivers facing charges of second degree imurder. live northwest, jackie bensen, news4. we're keeping a close eat on ast moving fire in northern california that has killed two people,t toed least 125 homes and is threatening thousands more. leon harris here at the live desk. it took the lives of firefighter and contracted bulldozer operator as ite tripld in sn a matter of hours. 40,000 mes forced nearly people from their homes. the combination of steep rugged terrain, sco thingemperatures and dry weather is making it even harder to fight. >> unreal. a seriesthere will be of homes and then one homestanding. there's down the seet here is a really bad section.
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one homeowner had the onions to stay and fight it and saved his home. >>an felt like everyor himself driving down the street. the gusts got up to 40 miles per hour. >> reporter: they are facing a monstrous challenge but officials say saving lives is the number one priority tonight. this fire has about 45,000 acres. a vehicle's mechanical failurei is bd to have sparked the fire. we'll report to you with new details as we get them here. back to you. >> thank you lookon. >> special counsel robert mueller andd donump jr. were spotted just feet apart today at n reaganional airport. >> a politico reporter snapped the picture. here it is. mueller is on the left. he's sitting down reading newspaper. donald trump jr. is on the right standing wearing a greenhirt and baseball cap. they were both a catching flight to new york apparently. onthat picture explode social media today partly
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because it came so soon after ports that the president's former personal attorney was ready to talk to the special counsel about the russia investigation. michael cohen says president trump had prior kwledge of that 2016 meeting at trump tower. at thatmeeting, the trump team including donald trump jr. expectedussians to give them dirt on hillary clinton. on twitter, the president denied knowing about the meeting in advance. >> nbc news politicalanirector "meet the press" moderator chsk todd joined at 6:00 to talk about the growing divide cltween michael cohen and his former nt. he start bid talking about that secretly recorded conversation between cohen and donald trump. audio that was leaked byohen's lawyers. >> yes, they did leak the recording. they decided to make it public because they fel as if michael cohen was being unfairly labeles ore of the criminal in this when rudy giuliani was describing it. that was mayor motivation to do
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that. they do not take credit for leaking this information that somehow michael cohens ready to finger the president as knowing about theou infams trump tower meeting. i would just take a step back and say the bigger significance, michael cohen want to cut a deal. ther thing is, for him to eecome credible, when you have somebody who hasn caught lying and then he decides to turn tun and flip, in order to make that flipped witness credit be, they have to cop to something. right? they need to plead uilty to something. i'm admitting what i did and now telling you what he hdid. going to admit it. prosecutors admit, we're a littlere -- w not that close yet to knowing exactly all the crimes that they're going to accuse michael cohen of committing. until you have that, then youhe can't cut deal. you don't know what deal you're basically giving. look, i don't think michael cohen just testifyinges, i saw donald trump jr. call him. he's not a -- i think physical
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evidence is more necessary especially if you are at a jury trial, this is a trial of public opinion. we all know that. the country has to see and feel thth evidence. ey're not going to take the word of anybody i think in this >> chuck todd has more coming up this weekend on "meet the press." watch it 10:30 sunday morning right after "news4 today." tomorrow annapolis will unite f a benefit concert. they're calling it annapolis it will be exactly one month after the massacre at capital gazette newspaper offices. a ten-hour lineup of music and speakers begins at noon on calvert street. good charlotte is headlining. they formed at la plata high school back in the '90s. five capital gazette employees died in that rampage last month. ticket sales will benefit a fund for victims'd families survivors. call.ext at 11:00, close caught on camera.
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>> it makes your heart skip a beat. >> a local firefighter who just missed getting hit on i-95 and the department's message for drivers. an olympic gold medalist who opened up to us about her battle with depression now on theck comerail and ready to use her platform. her platform. >> i want man: i can do this. i can do this. (engine roaring) (grunt) stay. (tires screeching) wow. what's with all the black? (bleating) ♪ i got you under my wheels (engine roaring)
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it's being described as miraculous. a cyall plane made an emerg landing here on a busy chicago as ressway today and no one hurt. this happened just before the afternoon rush hour. a single engine plane started losing power.
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theteilot wto land at chicago's midway airport and quickly realized he couldn't make it. air traffic controllers rertedly directed him toward lake shore drive. so the pilot went for it, flying under a ft bridge and landing near a police car without hitting anything. >> that's amazing. that's a good pilot there. two days after proposing marriage to girlfriend, a virginia firefighter had to tell his fiance he had narrowly escaped arush with death. dameras on the side of the fire engine showe dane iser setting up warni cones. his crew on the scene of a crash earlier this morning down in stafford county. the firefighter jumps aside as the car shoots past him and crashes into the front of th re engine >> sort of stumbled back and like okay, what just happened there. then it finally set in oh, my gosh. isw my c safe? >> virginia's move over law
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oruires drivers to slow down to move into a far lane when s on ng emergency vehic the highway. the driver who hit the engine j.d. hchinson is charged with dui and hit and >>run. heads up tonight as you take the gw parkway. starting next week, construction will make trackven tight earn slower than usual. to onday, the road shrinks three narrow lanes across the windy run brid one will always travel northbound, another southbound and the third will be reversible. the speed limit will drop to 35 miles an hour. construction crews will continue working on there into the fall. a follow-up now to a changing minds story we brought you about an olympic gold medal winner. a swimmer who has overcome a lot to get back into the water. allison schmidt finished second in the 200-meter freestyle at the national championship meet in california last night.
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bethesda's katie ladecky finished first. at the end of the race, she swam over to hug schmidt and posted pictures of them together on twitter. we first talked to schmidt in 2015. ushe opened about her bat with depression and how michael phelps encouraged her to get some help. for some me, she thought she was done with swimming but now want to use her gift to inspire others. initely have two passions now swimming and mental health. soca if use this platfor to let everyone know, thank you, to let everyone know it's okay to not be okay, that's exactly what i want to do. >> schmidt now qualifies for an international competition in tokyo. nbc4 is committed to raising awar mess abouttal health challenges for education and information aboutesrces available in your community. open our nbc washington app and search changing minds. sky watcher around the world
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get a treat tonight. the longest complete lunar eclipse of the century. this video is the best view anybody here is going to get tonight. visible in won't b north america and parts of australia, africa, asia, europe and south america. tonight's total lunar eclipse lasts an hour minutes. the whole event is closer tour hours. pretty cool to see from here. >> right. the bes view for us the one on the internet, right? >> thank goodness for technology. >> that's right. so we finally caught a break tonight with this weather. >> we did. we wil some sever thorp warnings in the area but ultimately the d.c. metro aread see that much rainfall up around baltimore, not the case. large hail up there. we had flash flood issues going on. here some showers ming through the district. and as we look to the weekend, lower humidityov levelsg in. the storms tonight, the rain tonight with a cold front that's
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clearing the area right now as we speak offe east. that's bringing in more comfortable air. that sets us up for mainly dry weekend. unfortunately, there is more next weeke forecast if you've been checking your app, you've probably been seeing raincons each day. what your app isn't telling you we're not looking at as much rain as we saw this week. this week we saw up to 15 inches of rain over the seven-day period. this week we're talking about maybe 1 to 3 inches ofain that will favor the afternoon hours. just because of daytime heating. currently our temperatures, they're lovely. 64 leesburg, 6 in gaitherersburg. already more comfortable than it has been. i'm showing dewpointer teures. this is the humidity. in the summer we want our dewpoint temperatures below 65 degrees and that's for d.c. standards in late july. so when we'reight around66 in washington, that's a good sign. we see the dewpoint temperatures
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fall more over night tonight. this weekend comfortable as we look to your monday, it starts to feel a little bit humid out there but not ll thatbad. by tuesday, the humidity is back and starting to feel pretty muggy even oppressive out there. your planner for tomorrow, get out and enjoy the weather. patchy furing the early morning hours. 73 at 7:00 a.m. by lunchtime, 81. 86 forh h tomorrow. tomorrow night is going to be a gorgeous summer evening. fire up the barbecue. have friends over. whatever your plans are, the weathers cooperating. 84 degrees at 7:00 p.m. sunday not too bad either. 85 degrees. more cloud cover. i can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm later in the day, mainly sou west of washington. for most if not all of us, the weekend is looking mainly dry. i'll be in on sunday tracking the forecast on "news4 at 6" and 11:00. on monday, degrees. 40% cannes for late day showers
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and thunderstorms. but monday's very similar to today. most of the day is looking dry and the chance moves in during the late afternoon and evening hours. on tuesday, a 50%hance for rain and thunderstorms at times. mainly during the second half of the da the humidity is back on tuesday. mid 80s. we're in the 80s on wednesday and thursday with more cloudiness and rain at times. more rain on friday. it's not washout. it's kind of an annoying weather pattern. next wee keep it dry., let's >> yeah. >> be happy about the weekend we've got ahead. >> coming up, greatime ofear for sports, huh? >> when we come back, the latest from redskins camp in richmond and the nats l tko get back in and the nats l tko get back in thelayoff hunt in miami. p
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(birds chirping, a running brook,)
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and the nats l tko get back in thelayoff hunt in miami. p ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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"sportsdesk." >> the second day of redskins training camp belonged to the defense with the secondary swarming in a defensive line proving to be a menace. but there was another hahning presence down inmori. mother nature. here's sherree burress withfu t report. >> reporter: the afternoon walk through only lasted 20 minutes. threatening weather cons caused the redskins to call things early. douds rol over richmond right at the redskins were supposed to do their afternoon walkough with lightning in the area, everyone retreated back inside. just one small hurdle fo a team who knows this is just the start toy a long season ahead. >> we come here to be successful at anything and everything we do. we hav pieces in place to do that. it's just staying healthy and
11:26 pm
then once we're healthy go, deep first you have to work to where you get there. year three for me is getting through this step, be i training camp like coach said. that's what he want to do, kick richmond's you know what. >> already a pretty physical two first days of camp. that's only going to when the team puts on pads for the first time on saturday. >> from richmond, sherree burress, news4 sports. >> trea turner finished a double on thursday cle night for the nationals. so 19-year-old juan soto decided on friday he wanted to try and achieve that rare feat, as well. how about max scherzer on theor mound his 34th birthday against the marlins. top of the second inning, juan an sotoy is like man, here's a little gift. becomes the first teenager in h major leagueistory to home run in three consecutive games. nats take a 2-0 lead. after a single in the seventh, soto back at the dish in the eighth gets the hardest part of
11:27 pm
that cycle, slashing his speed with two rbi triple. t nae an 8-1 lead. soto does not get --urner finishes a double shy of thee. cycl max sheerser with the domating performance striking out 11 batters in eight innings. he also reacheshe 200 strikeout mark for the seventh straight year. nats win, 9-1. improve to a game over .500. theno cats keep aer team member from theirey stanl cup champion team. they re-sign forward tom willson to a six-year deal worth over $5 million per year. he had a career high 35 points this past season. spending most of the time on th topline. willson tweeted, s more years in d.c. ve this team a love this city. beyond excited to stay part of this capitals faenly. ow 31 tomorrow. it's a local match-up. baltimore versus the washington r.
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guaranteed that another championship coming back to the dmv. a lot of cooperates love floating around. >> win, win, >> impressive how they've held >> impressive how they've held on to some of their pla i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital,
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my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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last weekend's weather was just miserable. tell us again, amelia about this weekend's weather. >> going to be great. low humidity. stl pesky showers out there right now. now in parts of madson and
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culpeper counties, parts of calvert county. these not moving toward the washington area. mid 80s saturday and sunday. maybe an ice located thunderstorm later on sunday. the next week, well. >> that's next week. >> we'll talkbout that friday night. >> that's right. >> looking up. thanks. does it for us. toni
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test. this is a test. test. this is a test. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --


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