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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  July 28, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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n no. right now on news 4 t week. gridlock is part of life in the dmv. you may be t surprisedlearn what could be making it worst. connecting motherhood and alzheimer's. how the number of children you have may impacha your ces of developing the disease. and the four things you can do ght now to protect your phone from being hijacked by criminals. >> welcome to news 4 this week. >> hello. i'm leon harris. this weekend family friends and even complete strangers will come together to comfort one another and to say goodbye to a fallen firefighter. nathan flynn died trying to save a burning home in howard county. derek ward explains, flynn
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leaves behind awi , five children and a heart broken family of first responders. >> reporter: a lightning strike caused the fire. >> around 1:30, we saw a bright flash and a very loud not normal loud lightning hit. it was definitely a lightning hit. >> firefighters arrived on the seen and began attacking the blaze from the inside and outside. nay than flynn was one of those on the internal attack. >>s the z as the firefighters every firefighters went through the structure, firefighter flynn fell from the first floor to the basement. >> they located flynn and the smoke and flames hat consumed the he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead a short time later. >> a firefighter we know there's the possible of this but we hope it nev comes. >> we grieve together adds a communit and are reminded of the risks and dangers faced by our first responders every day.
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>> neighboring counties were ficalled in. th went to seven alarms. this community is collectively mourning a greater loss. >> we wanthe flynn family to know and the extended fire service family that we are there to serve them in any way possible. >> our job now is to make sure that thinks family and our brother are lied w to resth dignity and all the honors we can provide to them. it's also our job to take care of the family. forever. >>. >> rep derek ward, news 4. >> flynn was pohost you mussily promoted to -- ng >> a c in leadership this week for a school system that needs a frestart.
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scandals in prince charles's county. a native who graduated from potomac high school. bureau chief tracy wilkins explains how they're already shaking things up. >> i'm sure thatnder her leadership that we will start a of chapter in the history you're school system. >> reporter: new chapter, right direction. all expressed as it was announced that monica will be the interim ceo of the prince georges school system. >> i've been in this porlic school f 27 years, have never skierd to go anywhere else. >> she graduated from potomac high school. she hasd ser as democratity superintendent for learning. chief operations officer and before that she was a principal at wise high school and a prie pa of douglas high school.
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she's taken the lead in the schoolm syste after the controversial transitionn of keviaxwell, her predecessor. he's headed to court on assault charges. the stateat is invesing inflated graduation rate. >> we won't have the same isss we had before. >> that works with beginning with cuts. she's looking for $1 million in cuts after controversies over pay raises for some staff members. >> the structure that i've created, there are fewer people, it's wha i believe makes us for efficient. >> reporter: she said downsizing will givee her m money to work for changes in the school stem, including salaries for teachers and principals. i'm tracy largo news 4. >> parents there who are ankles to find o who the children did
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need to wait a little longer they say report cards are now in the mail. the school system tweeted that a chnical error delayed the mailing earlier. new copies are being made and sent out. they'r expecting to arrive by friday, august 3rd. a we want a faster drive, right? in theory, ride sharing should help but transportation reporter adam tuft shows a new report may anow what's happening. >> you c't deny that the car services have changed how we get around. but are they actually putting morera tffic on the road? to.ends on who you talk you can't go far without spotting an uber or lyft. the new report called "the new
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auto mobility." the report said tt uber and lyft have added 5.7 billion miles of driving to the country's nine largest cities, including the district inecent years. 60% of the beam who use those services would have either taken public transportation, walked, biked or maybe not even made the trip. that leads to stories like this one. >> just stop anywhere, let people out, block people. >> reporter: others pump the break on how severe the congestion has thisn with the department of transportation shares his message all over the world. >> i have no doubt there's some diftsds. cars.e are giving up because of uber functioning, it's almost like insurance.
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>> reporter: many say ride share'sfust a part their life and a large part is uo cities to make it all fit together. in theam district, uft news 4. >> up next and only on news 4. history on the move. how an old helopter is getting new life. more than 30 years after this dark rescue. and new information on your risk of developing alzheimer'ssi . how having children may impact your odds.
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. for your health. motherhood may impact your risk of developing alzheimer' new rese finds that women with three children were 12% less likely to develop it compared to women with only one child. r thson why is unclear. it could be due tol hormo changes during pregnancy. researchers looked at wichl who has miscarried and found that 9
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t% risk was increased. here is why this is poant. nearly r six million americans suffered from nearly two-thirds of them will women. research suggests thatmo h therapy could protect women given at the ighttime. the findings were delivered this week in chicago. the study did not look at women who did not have children. >> now. if your wine comes from california, it could come with a little extra ingredient. radiation. scientists found particles in napa valley wine afterhe fukushima meltdown. they say red wine have higher levels of radiation than rose. the level is far the too low to hurt you. by the way, the same thing happened in french wienz after the chernobyl power plant
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disaster. does the cell phone battery seem torain too quickly? we're workingor you to explain we're workingor you to explain how criminals are hijacking
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who's on your phone right now? not a simple question but it's possible a criminal is using it in thebackground. we're talking about bot. a company headquartered in arlington is is out with new findings that will have you looking at your cell devices. >> reporter: your phone doing someone else's dirty work. >> and attacking businesses around the world today. >> reporter: researchers at this networkhi found sometng alarming. they're secretly operating on an estimated 5.8% of homes and tablets. >> if you extrapolate that to e potential billions of mobile devices that are out there, that's a staggering number.
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>> reporter: that's perhaps 15 million devices inhe u.s. alone. it's' clever strategy. think about it. instead of using their computeding tower to run illicit brahms that steals gift cards, spam social media and pass words. they can use your data and data power to help them commit the crime. >> if you're sitting there with your phone, you have no idea it's happening. >> reporter: they hide in the thbackground keeping you ie dark. the they use your phone about 50 times as day so you don't even notice the extra data used. then they time their exploits while you're moving. en your phone's ip andretis chag .d hitting different towe >> they're trying to hide and is congratulate the problem. it's a problem that'ser going t bedifficult to solve.
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>> reporter: how do they get on to our phone? often we let them on. ma ligs web links of attachments open the door. eric cockrell is chief sfroij officer at lookout in san francisco. lookout helps people protect mobile cell phones. it contends tha mobile phishing is the biggest problem in audio security. ne, set a pass code. he said it's shocking how many people don't. turn on auto updates. three, only install appse from fficial store. never from links. and four, consider buyinge security soffor your phone. . >> theis exactly what we do. o reporter: lookout and other servicesffer real-time scans that warn you as soon as you click something shady, like a bot.
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>> we say you shouldn't follow the link. we think it's bad. >> reporter: before necessity burrow in your bone. >> they keep appearing more humanlike in order to avoid te ions. >> reporter: suzanne hogan, news 4. >> a piece of our nation's history and a part of local history as we soon you'll be able to experien a it up close in person. the park police helicopter ud to save five people in 1982 is going to be the center piece of a new museum here in washington. news 4's markt sea graves n exclusive look. >> reporter: it was bitter cold in january 1982. 78 people died after air florida flight 90 crashed into the 14th stet bridge, plunging into the potomac river. anks to the heroic efforts of don usher and his partner jean windso windsor, five people were saved. literally plucked from the
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iver by two men and this helicopter. in what mney consider of the greatest rescu in aviation history. a few years after the rescue, the chopper was retired from police service, replacedy larger, stronger helicopters. eagle one was then sent to the department of intwaior where it used for decades. a few years ago, it was ppscheduled to be sc. that's when the national law enforcement museum stepped ines andred the chopper to its original condition. >> if last time we showed you the helicopter it had been stored and was sitting in the park police headquarters. it had to be taken apart and reassembled here inside the museum. that's the only way they could get it to fit inside. >> reporter: getting this helicopter into the new museum which is uer construction, wasn't easy. as we speak it's been reassembled and will be lifted
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the ceiling. >> reporter: one of the most daring parts of the rese was when don usher, the pilot, dipped the skid into the water so his partner could reach the last victim. >> coming down. >> reporter: he watched as the original skids were reattached to the chopper. >> go ahead. come down. lawt will show a side of enforcement that sfiemsz people don't necessarily recognize and that is in this case the hoic efforts of the pilots and the operators of this aircraft, the rescue, and theg savin lives during that air crash. >> reporter: the helicopter isn't the only large display item that h to be brought in during construction. and another one of the key exhibits you'll see once the museum is on is this mickup struck used by an arkansas police officer who was involved in a shootout. the officer was driving away, the suspects opened fire.
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once the chopper is completely assembled eagle one will lift off for the final time wre it will hover in the ate rum of the national law enforcement museum. >> that is going to be some sight to see. the national law enforcement museum opehi october. more coverage behind the scene in oapp. check it out. coming up next, a d.c. street musician gets te surprf a lifetime.
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. if you haven'tle been o see "hamilton," another option may be for you. could come to the movies. the wall street jurng reports whoid shudos re bidding for the movie rights. le mi sirvegs was also.
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>> here's your daily dose of adorable. new video showing seven cubs born this month at the smithsonian. they appear to be healthy at two months old. babies for fir parents aaron and rico. they're part ofhe smithsonian's conservation effort and they're likely going to be moved to zoos and other conservation places. >> a big congratulations to wizards wife bradley beal. h and h wife welcomed "deuce." mom, dad, and baby are doing well. big crowd for big star at the made in d.c. shop in dupont sishlg. derek ward shows us this jamit session a visiting a-lister. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the beats aroundcl
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dupont chas become something of a voirch oso on the paint can. >> my dad started it. >> then he 23e8 on hard times. >> that was my survival. 0. >> pathways to housing. but he knew something was up this time. indeed, the popup concert would be different because of ch kevin bacon and the bacon brothers band. >> decided to just swing by around maybe you'd let us sit in. >> reporter: of course the jam session was on. ♪ ♪ >> pathways to housing and since they're in town for local gigs, just had to happen. >> the great thing about music is that you can make it with almost nothing. >> the g thing about getting someone a place to call home.
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>> they can startoing other things like finding a job, redecking to family.>> hen he sees this, it's the next step on a path that leads up from here. >> this world, you only got e life. >> thank everybody. >> in dew point circumstanupon . >> keep your eyes open. you never know. i'm leon harris, thanks for joining us on wrc washington d.c. "world of dancsho have a g. mother...nature! g
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a fire forced more than 80 people out of their homes in prince george's county. find out what caused this fire. a tractor-trailer plunges into the chesapeake bay. sear t crewsing to find the driver. one month after five people iwere killed the capital gazette shooting, a community is heeledi holding a benefit concert. on a saturday mornin the 28th of july 2018. welcome in to "news4 today." i am david culver. i'm angie goff. thanks for joining


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