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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. rht now at 11:00, the archbishop of washington responds to the unprecedented resignation of cardinal theodore mccarrick. what donald wuerl said the move means for the future of the
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church. plus, a accuser talks to news4. >> i could not feel any emotion. i could never have intimacy. >> his message to mccarrick and her potential victims. >> and the body of a young person found on the campus of a local elementary school. >> news4 at 11:00 starts now. >> a revered leader in the roman catholic church making history by stepping down. ood evening, i'm erika gonzalez. theater mccarrick, the former archbishop of washington, is in resi after months of sex abuse allegations. news4's aimee cho has reaction to the stunning announcement ang joins us t from the newsroom. aimee? >> erika, mccarrick was a popular and well liked religious leader here in d.c., but toda some members of the catholic church told us they new see him as a hypocrite. ♪ >> reporter: for five years, this was the man who led the
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catholic church here in d.c. archbishop theodore mccarrick, now stripped of his title of cardinal for allegations of sex abuse. today members of the church telling us, they never knew about the accusations. >> i cannot believe that would be hypocrite cal. it is hypocrite cal.t' >> pretty hard for me to stay with an organization where this seems to be an institutional problem. so, yeah, i think t it's fr top down and i couldn't stay catholic because of it. >> leaders at the top promising change. pope francis ordering him to a life of prayer and penance, and telling him n to go out in publicin card wuerl told our news partner, wtop, he views thi as a big step forward. >> the pope is saying, we need to show tha w are hearing these things, paying attention to them, and acting. >> reporter: mccarrick put out a
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statement, saying he has no memory of the encounter and that he's innocent. >> it's encouraging people who have kept thesehings buried to step forward and say, even though this happened a long time ago, i wantwou to kt happened. >> and catholic church members hoping it never happens again. >> t church has to move on and try to make corrections best they can. they have certainly been doing that. i think there's been a lot of energy. just to show how much influence mccar had in the d.c. area, there's a building named after him, the mccarrick family center in silver spring. some people are calling for the building to be renamed. >> aimee, thank you. we're hearing from the loudoun county resident who sabu mccarrickd him for many years. he went public with the allegations in "the new yo david culver sat down with him. he asked that we call him by his first name and not show his
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face. some viewers might find the details disturbing. >> all of my life, from age 11 to 60, i have lived in a prison, and it has not been easy. today, i'mp opening that door and i'm walking out to the street and letting the sun hit my face for the first time ever. truly a free man. >> the abuse started at what age? >> age 11. i'm standing in my room a i'm naked. i'm 11. not too happy aut that, i'm trying to get dressed, because i'm 11. he says, turn around, turn around. i don't want to turn around. turn around! oncome he drops his pants and says, see, we're the same. we're the same. it's mccarrick was part of our family forever. i was rai td tost the catholic church. i was raised to trust mccarrick. >> if you could talk to him today, what would you say to
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him, mes? >> you ruined my life. fo what? for you to feel great. you ruined you ruined, you ruined my life. you took everything from me! i could not feel any emotion. i could never have intimacy. i couldever fall in love with anybody. and you took it! >> that was david culver reporting jam reporting. james hopes other victims will come he's the firstcan cardinal to ever resign. a victims group says the vatican needs to be more open and honest about sex abuse claims. >> the church needs to be far more transparent about this procedure than they have been in the pas >> last month, pope francis accepted the resignations of five bishops in chile for cover-up of sex abuse there.
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the diocesereleased a statement, saying, this latest news is a necessary step for the church to hold accountable for sexual abuse and harmt, perpetrated by its ministers, no matter their rank, end quote. stay tuned to new for continuing coverage. the 88-year-d mccarrick was heavily involved in the church's years' long response. for more information on his resignation, open our nbc washington app new at 11:00, a death investigation in gaithersburg after police feand a person in a school parking lot. officers found the man yesterd afternoo at south lake elementary school on contour road. officers don't think foul play is involved. he's believed to be between 10 and years of age. school personnel say they saw him on school property earlier in the day and had seen him before playing basketball at the school. a wild scene on connecticut
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avenue in northwest tonight. police were called in for a suspicious package. officers closed that street in both directions. still no word on what was in the package or when that street wile re andvernight a crash killed a woman in fairfax county, in the southbound lanes just before the fairfax county parkway. a car rear ended an suv, causing it to flip. e woman driving the suv died at the scene. ar was not ving the hurt. no word on the cause or the name of the victim. this massive fire did $250,000 worth of damage to an apartment building in greenbelt. it was the scene here from opper4 yesterday as flames engulfed several units at the franklinquare apartments. fire investigators say it started on the third floor, but they still don't know how it began. the red cross is helping 11 families who lost their homes. a bus on a collision course wite
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a col building. the one mistake the driver made. music helping heal a community exactly one month after five employees were gunned down at the capital gazette >> and we are watching some very nice conditions out there, but of course all good things must come to an end. we have more rain othe way. you're going to beurprised how s
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a day of unity and reflection in annapolis. one month ago, five employees at the capital gazette were gunned down. emday a way to honor them through music andbrance. ♪ ♪
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>> children and adultintook part plmusic this afternoon. the day-long event was dubbed annapolis rising. there were presentations to the families and the survivors of the shooting. the event also raised money for the families. >> all goo all good in terms of the response. all bad in tert of w happened. >> i think it's important to be here.ld it imagine doing anything else today. >>nt thetion was to also eaise awareness about the importance of f press. a cause for which the victims de the ultimate sacrifice. new video released tonight of a cityus that hit a uilding and kept going in milwaukee. a warning, what you are about to hear is the driver yelling. >> this hpened back inmay. you can see the sheer terror on
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the bus driver's face. the crash injured five passengers on board. authorities say the bus driver accidentally hit the accelerator. the driver has been suspended for six months. mandatory evacuations in northern california after a deadly and devastating wildfire. what authorities are doingight what authorities are doingight rno (birds chirping, a running brook,) what authorities are doingight rno ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious,
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you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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people killed in northern california, includi a two childr their great grandmother. and we've received late word that are mandatory evacuation negligence wine country, parts of napa valley. nbc's steve patterson with more
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from the front lines. >> reporter: tonight the firefight. intensifi the deadly car fire nearly doubling in siz overnight and leaving a family in agony. a great grandmother and her two grandchildren confirmed dead >> within an hour this happened here. with no notice. >> reporter: a family friend says ed bledsoe was helping neighbors evacuate across town when his wife melody and grandchildren james and emily were trapped by the flames. >> that's -- he lost everything. everything. i me, you can't lose more than family. >> reporter: on the front lines, more than 3,000 firefighters doing all they can to fight back in triple-digiteat. >> right now we're in the town of igo outside redding. firefighters say the fire has just jumped the road up ahead. visibility is so poor you can barely see in front of u. >> reporter: authorities going door to door in an effort to save lives. finding a man with hearing
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problems, the flames racing towards his >> it's almost in your backyard now. in the fire's wake, ruins. 500 strtures destroyed, neighborhoods leveled. row after row of homeseded to smouldering heaps. >> this has been devastating to the entire community. shock. >> reporter: christineobinson said this is a tough loss. their family has livedn this community for 60 years. >> everybody loved this plac it wasn't just our place. it was all of our family, all of our friends, all of our children's friends. it's a big loss for all of us. a >> reporte community just beginning to comprehend the toll of a fire still raging. steve patterson, nbc news, dding, california. flames have burned through over 80,000 acres of land. president trump h state of emergency declaration. after being postpon because o all the rain we've been having, a lemonade stand w opened todhout a hitch and
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with a lot of hope. hope for abel. arave little girl from d.c. who turns 3 this fall but i already in the fight for her life. anabel has a rare and destating neurological disease toown as ahc, and there's no cure. day the community rallied around anabel and helped raise money for research. some amazing dance performances at the kennedy center. it's national dance day. the audience got in the fun too, learning some hip-hop the event was organized to encourage everybody to embrace dae, have fun and get out and get a work-out in as well. storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts joining u this evening. beautiful weekend. we get one more day outside and enjoy it while you can. because next week, if you thought last week wasbad, wait,
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we've got something for you. >> we do. yeah, we've got some rain on the way. once again, we have to worlo about theing threat. >> with the ground already as i saturated ais and you dump an additional week's worth of rain, what happens to the ground? >> the same thing. a better chance of dowd trees. >> sink holes? >> yes, that kind of thing. the good news is, erika, we're not looking at the rain measuring in doue digits, as we did last week. and last two weeks, pretty much. we set records all three area airports. we're looking at maybe anch inch and a half, possibly two inches if one location gs a good storm. that would be over really the course of the week. so, again, we're not looking at crazy numbers. h wee daily rain chances, but not cra rain amounts, like the last t s weeks. partny for your sunday. that humidity not going to be that bad. we have some storms on monksy.
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monday l like about a 40 to 50% chance. and then you get into tuesday and wednesday. and we could hav s somere weather in the area. nothing happening right nth. the green you see right there is just a little bit of clutter around our radar in sterling. we widen out this view aha we're looking at, this is now a little bit of the broken frontt came through last night, yesterday afternoon. still hanging off the coast. what's going to happen, this is going to pushack north, as a warm front and bring us some rain as we head io monday night and then tuesday. one thing i also want to me'rion, if y in southern maryland for tonight, since that front is so close to the coastline, there ahance you could have an isolated shower luring the overnight, but you be sleepin temperatures out there now, 60s and 70s. reat to open up the windows tonight. we could have an isolated shower by southern maryland, but for the most part, dry into the
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morning. the patchy fog settling in once again. temperatures out of the 70s, another comfortable morning, get arady for church, head to the farmt. looking good for the pool as well. keep an eye to the sky. he could have an isolated shower. ask with the partly sunny skies, temperatures in the low t mid but still again, comfortable. in terms ofit hum humid into monday and oppressive tuesday, weesday, thursday. starting tomorrow at 9:30, you can see isolated stuff, espeally to the west, alo i-81. a mix of sun and clouds for everybody else. rain showers possible monday mornin better chances monday afternoon and monday evening and even better chances after that for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. rain monday night and then somex cise, again it's going to be comfortabl comfortable, yard work looking od. poolime. chance for rain on monday, tuesday, wednesday as well,
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thursday, stronger storms moving into the area. thursday, fr,ay, saturd we have rain. i had to add that on saturday. i was sayingrn this g, i was trying to leave it out, but it looks like we have to have orat inhe start of the weekend. i know, i'm just the bearer of bad news. >> i didn't say it, my friend, you did. >> ayes. >> right, on that note -- let's talk sports, shall we? >> yes. >> the nats look to stay hot in miami going for four straight miami going for four straight wins against the man: i can do this. i can do this. (engine roaring) (grunt) stay. (tires screeching) wow. what's with all the black? (bleating) ♪ i got you under my wheels (engine roaring)
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>> the july 31st mlb trade deadline is quicklyth approachi. nationals have yet to make
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any moves, but the athlecs ken rosenthal's reporting that the nats will decide by the end of his weekend whether to sell off. the the talent to go on a tear, how about the 19 runs on the mlins in the first two games of this four-game set. but tonight the nats' bats were silent. gonzalez on the mound, hoping the trend ofc proli scoring continues as the nats riding a three-game win streak going into tonight. top of the fourth, no score. bases loaded, nobody on but rivera hooks one toward the line. harper makes the catch in foul ground, but he'sable to throw out j.t. realmuto, and tagging from third, marlins go up. score holds until the ninth. daniel murphy tieinsth up game with a single. harper scores from third. heading toas ex. in the tenth, bases full of fish, realmuto flares o t out the line in right, barely falls
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fair. marlins walk-offs, winn 2-1, the >> got on third base, less than two outs. i thought we'dhe get job done. we didn't get that big hit, that big fly ball. so we gotta continue to play. proud of the boys. they battled. richards was reallygood. hange-up, really, really good today. so they battled. came back and tied the game, we couldn't finish it. >> today we're at practice for the redskins. the first full day in fulls. pad our sherree burruss is down in s richmond wherehe says naturally the atmosphere waser dit, because when the pads come on, the intensity picks up: >> reporhe redskins wrapped up day 3 of training campith no more injuries to report. but we're learning duran payne will miss the next two to three weeks with a foot injury. his current team jonathall a
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says he's confident payne will be back stronger because of the culture at their alma mater, alabama. >> it's going to be tough for him mentally, because he's still bamainized. thinks he has to push through everything, obviously he should, we gotta get you rea for the opening game. so take it day by day, work your butt off to get back. >> what does bamainized mean? >> i'v seen guys tear an acl and play a coupl plays after that on a torn aclh' coacs favorite quote, you're down or up.u don't get hurt that badly. you tough through it until the end of practice. >> linebacker preston staying healthy by changin his diet but tempted by his 5-year-old daughter. >> when i hav d myghter with me, it's hard, because s wants chips and lunchables and sometimes she'll bring me the chips. >> she's the manipulator. she wants them, she brings them
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me. >> smith has cut back on sugar in his diet. the redskinsra back toice on sunday with their first off day on monday. from richmond, sherree burruss, news4 sports. [ laughter ] >> must h e been warm down there. she's got the fan rolling through. >> she was lookingovreat. >> i it. >> it's only the beginning of the hot and humid summers down there. >> yes. >> thank you, anladies. thank you for joining us for news4 at 11:00."s urday night live" is coming up next. have a great night, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow.
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the show with a politicalso sketch, which catimes be divisive. but since tomorrow is'r mother's day, gonna focus on the one thing we can all celebrate together -moms. mom, i'm so happy you're here with me, and thank you for all the love and support. >> wow. i'm so proud you're on "snl." >> i know, and you're here now! [ laughs ] >> i know, and i can't wait to rip it up at the after-party. >> oh! okay, wow! >> everybody, this is my sweet little mommy, ann. [ cheers and applause ] mom, without your help, i wouldt have never made "snl." >> kenan, i can't imagine this show without you. like, i actually can't remember when you weren't on it. >> oh, ne. good one, good one. but, uh, you like the show, right, mom?al >> i do, except fothe political stuff. we get it. >> all right, thank you very much. >> this is my mom, lupe. i love youmom. >> i love you, too. can i tell you a secret?


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