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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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to cell phone use and which seat you choose. big brother is watching you. from 30,000 feet in the air. >> now at00 grab your umbrella and get ready for another rainy week. >> and there'sli a possi for showers every single day this weekend. with that we're talking aboth e possibility for some people. et>> storm team 4 us started this hour. amelia draper is in the storm center. >> well, here's the latest on storm team 4 radar whe i'm tracking moderate to heavy rain in parts of loudoun and northern fauquier county along route 66 to route 17 towards bluemont right now. some of us completely dry so far today, but this is the line ow that's movingds the east that will bring just about everybody. some showers during the late afternoon and evening hours. you can see it's starting up around hagerstown going to frederick andareesburg t
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the warrenton area. this is moving east right now at 20 to 25 miles per hour, so i want to give you impact times based on the latest track here.g monto warrenton momentarily, manassas right around 5:00.m. and fairfax at about 5 tock. the district around 6:00 p.m., so if you're in d.c. and you still need t s getething done outdoors, you still have a bit of time and moving towards waldorf right around 6:33. that's the time for heaviest scatteren through the rin. evening hours, but by 11:00 p.m. and midnight we do start to wturn to dryther and some patchy fog, but, pat, as you were just saying more rain in the forecast tomorrow. more details on that come up around 4 sack. right. thanks, amelia. >> don't forget. if you have the nbc washington app storm team 4 is hour by hour's forecast is right there with you on your pho or tablet whenever you need it. >> now to w police hope a newly increased reward will help them solve a senseless
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crime. >> a so-year-old girl gunned down in her own home earlier this month. makiyah wilson dadn her doorway as she walked to go get ice cream.s >> the shoot sprayed the little girl's apartment complex with more than five dozen rounds of bullets. let's go right to news 4's pat collins right at police headquarters. hat? >> reporter: the some possible names. they have some evidence, but so far they don't have enough. today pleas from the mayor and police chief and extra neward in an effort to close this case. with the addition of $20,000 from the fbi, the reward in the makiyah wilson case is n up to $45,000. thle today with a from the mayor and police chief for more tips in this troubling case of
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murder. >> we need desperately for the public to come forward with any information that they have that may lead to justice for makiyah and her family. we have to solve this homicide and solve it just as quicklys possible. >> reporter: two weeks ago so-year-old makiyah shot outside the front door of her homeay at terrace, the little girl on her way to get ice cream when she was gunned down. this surveillance video shows ur gunmen jumping out of a stolen infiniti car and spraying bullets a aroun the chief says 70 pounds were fired in less than 30se nds. in addition to the gunman, police also looking to identify the driver. he never left the getaway car during the entire attack. >> this is the new reward
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poster. you can see $45,000 in this case. the step number 202-279-9099. 202-279-9099 if you know anything about this case. you can call anonymously. coming up at 5:00, some strong words from theolice chief down here today. you're going to want to hear those words coming up at 5:00. leon, back to you. >> thank you, pat. lookin forward for that next report. >> if you're planning to travel the george washington parkway this afternoon, be prepared for delays, gets d squeezedn to three lanes, one north, one south and one reserved for the rushes. this morning's rush went fairly well, but they expect this afternoon's rush to cause problems in the southund
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directs. work is expected to be finished there by fall. >> an overturned truck hauling scrap metal caused quite a traffic mess this morning in howard county. more from the air now in chopper 4. >> reporter: this w the certain earlier on webbed route 100 approaching route isn elkridge, a tractor trailer took the curve a little fast it was carrying a load of scrap metal along with a full vehicle. that vehicle was not involve in the crash. the driver injured in the accident westbound route 100 and was stacked up with traffic for miles. brad freitas from elkridge, back to you. >> an attempted pre-dawn robbery was thwarted whe the suspect was shot by the homeowner. srvous neighbors are wondering whether thepect could be behind a series ofth break-ins d ts in the area. >> not one by two families who
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live down that road had a terrifying start to the morning when a manakried to b into one of the houses and was shot by the homeowner and then ran to the other house seeking help for injuries. terrifying, too, for som neighbors awakened by gunshots, askedne young woman who we conceal her identity. >> heard a series of probably four gunshots. five minutes later i heard screeching like car brakes like screeching down my street, like six or seven times. >> then she got a text message from a friend, a teen who lived in the home where the attempted break-in occurred. >> he was le you need to get your family and need a to go. someone just broke into my edhouse. he's a and coming up your way, so i ran t my parents' room and got my family. >> reporter: when the suspect tried to break in at the back of this house the homeowner confronted him. out on the driveway several shots were fired. one hit s thepect in the forearm. he ran next door to this house banging on the door and shouting for help. the family did not let him in.
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the suspect then somehow made his way to a nearby hospital in loudoun county before he was airlifted to reston hospital with non-fe-threatening injuries. no word yet on charges against the suspect, and residents are hopeful the nei fired we shots will be in theho cleao in centerville, julie carey, news 4. >> the man charged in a mass shootipi at the "l gazette" has pleaded not guilt . in court today. jarrod ramos press nod guilty. he's accused of killing five ploys at "thega zette" last month. we should learn when the trial will be held next month. a somber dayoday in toronto, canada, a little more than a week aaser a shooting took the lives of two young girls. a erals were yesterday for so-year-old and 18-year-old girl. when ere killed last week a gunman opened fire on restaurant-goers. prime ministerustin trudeau attended the services and laid
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flowers at a large public memorial at the scene of e shooting. 13 others were also injured in that incident. cardinal theodore mccarrick's resignation is sending shock waves through the catholic church. >> the former archbishop faces ecusations of sexual abs his name is removed from the college of cardinals. it's also missing from a building here in our area. >> news 1's darcy spencer shows us what changed this weekend. >> today we learned mccarrick's name had been quietly removed from a building in montgomery part of the fallout in a growing sexual abuse scandal involving the former archbisp of washington. this was the theodore mccarrick center in silver spring, b it's a catholic charities center. mccarrick's name was removed last week as the catholic church investigates allegationsf sexual abuse made against him. the center offers low-cost servicesuch asmedical, dental and legal help and there's a pantry. those services will continue. mccarrick resigned from the college of cardinals over theek
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d and one of his accusers came forward telling news 4 iny any that mccarrick had subjected him to decades o abuse. steven white is a fellow at the ethicslind pubc policy center in the northwest and says the progress byking taking allegations seriously and taking action >> there's a new generation of catholics doling with these issues not for the first time, and there's lot less hand-wringing and a lot more anger and willingness to root this out once and for all, and i'm hoping that that will be the casee?his t mccarrick is in seclusion ordered to lead a life of praye and penance. he's denied these quesseons. >> becf the allegations mccarrick could face trial within the catholic church. a new work of public art is hidden in plain sight in loudoun . three artists are just completing a five-panel mural on the back side of the alamo draft house cinema at one loudoun. many who visit there won't even
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know this thing is there. the artists tried to captu the county's past, friend and future in the work. >> i really wanted to create a mural that celebrated old ingenuity, old a ideals how it's been turned into something new. >> i took the idea of nature, the eagle and the plane and combined them, and that also speaks to this area. >> the work is actually most advicible to people who will be living in homes now under wnstruction. plans are in thorks for a formal unveiling later. news 4 is just getting started this we're keen eye on the radar for the next three hours, and we're watching flood conditions as this rainy week begins. you know this much rain many weeks in a row can cause problems f homeowners. we're working with you and what you need to knowou if basement floods. >> are you feeling a little off? maybe you're finding it tough to cons swhaight. you may need to do is pick
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up a bottle of water. we'll tell youwhy. plus, alarming video from chopper 4 showing trash building up in the chess seek bay and cloggingn the shore line. we're
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you've heard the warning from storm team 4. rain is in the forecast for every day this week, but this will be some moment here and there when the sun will peek out. we'll tell you when that's going to happen. plus, amelia is already
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preparing for the weekend forecast. she's back with that in two minutes. meantime, notice any changes recently in your basement? a lot of us are seeing water seeping in after several days of rain. >>eah. it's pretty wet down there. news 4's justin finch is working forooou with a at some other signs your basement could be flooding and how to stop tat. >> reporter: thos woman has lived in her northeast d.c. home for years, there was one part of her home she was avoiding. >> i would love to enjoy every part of my house, and i'm scared of my basement. each time is rains water comes under the doors, through the walls and the windows. >> reporter:he's not the only one with a basement battle these days. daysvy of h rains have left homes across our area taking on water in their basements, too. if you think yours has been spar, think again. not seeing water doesn't mean it's not there says john bryant,
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owner of aquaguard water proofing and president of the basement health association. >> some people don't think of a musty odor, white powder on the wall,s, cra discolorations. all of those are warning sig telling you that the basement may leak one day. >> reporter: a simple solution can you do around your home is keep an eye out for any of these if these start to get backed up, they will run into problems and the problems can groy. >> make sure your sump pumps are working and mak sure you have your stairwells and window wells cleared and you have a working water proofing system. >> reporte basement repair costs can range, so gets estimates, and prepare for a bill that stas at over $1,000. your costs can range depending on your 'sbaseme size and require repairs. for homeowners it's oft a worthwhile investment. >> to know my house is secure and safe and no outside buggs and water coming in.
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that feels really j good. >>tin finch, news 4. >> don't forget basement repair can be a heavy duty job to make sure your company gets the properermits before starting that work. >> and get on top of that water situation. if mold sets in, that's a whole you don't want to go there. >> oh, yeah. >> and another job. >> right. s yeah. >> sp this rain, okay? >> i know, right? >> i wish i had that power, unfortunately, i just had to tell you what i'm seeing in the weathernd that's going to be more rain at times through saturday. however, the good news. we're noong at as much rain as we saw last week. last week we had major amounts of rainfall andome are picked up over is a inches when it was all said and done. not the cas this week. we'll have rain and storms at times through friday andrd into sa and plenty, plenty, plenty of dry time, too. so rather thanen pally being a hazardous forecast, more so it's just a nuisance forecastee this with one to three inches of rain total across the .
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that's going to lead to flooding issues because of how much rain we had in the second half of july. improvements though do move in for the weekend, especially on your sunday. here's the latest storm team 4 radar. some of us mainlyw d and you notice the rain quickly moving in and the heavier rain. moderate to heavy rain moving through parts ofoudoun and fauquier county. fairfax already starting to see someth o lighter showers, a few sprinkles had fall with heavier rain moving inetween 53:00 and 6:00 p.m. rain outlook through saturday, when i say plenty of dry time here's what i'm scattered thunderstorms in the forecast so about a 60% chance that we're dealing with rainow tomo on wednesday only about a 0% chance. that means somef us could stay day. some sunshine in the forecast on friday is going to help fuel the potential for some stronger thunderstorms out there on wednesday afternoon and while some of us d may stay some of
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us will be dealing with heavy rain. widespread rain looking likely on thursday and still some dry time out there. scattered showers and maybe afe rumbles of showers on friday and a chance for showers and thunderstorms on your saturday. currently our temperatures are in the 70s and even 60s and back around iz 81. pretty freshing and startfeg to humid. 76 right now in washington. speaking of humidity, clouds in place and by noon scattered light showers aoss the area. we'll continue to see scattered showers for thefternoon and evening hours, hit and miss activity where some of us are seeing rain af some us aren't. unfortunately it's just impossible who exactly is going to see the rain and at what time tomorrow. 0 9.m. i'm seeing that going as the best chance for everyby seeing some rain and you'll notice it moves out around midnight. very similar to night. as we look to wednesday, remember, this is when we'll see sunshine and 2:00 p.m. tack
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the west you'll saturday to see the thunderstorms back up over the mountains and then this will slowly move east for the afternoon and evening hours. exercise is going to be the best bet in the mornings wit the st chance for rain and thunderstorms later in the day. i wouldn'tecessarily cancel your pool plans but you definitely need to go there knowing you nee to g out of pool and have a backup plan. commute, rainnd and tstorms at time just like you will at night. all the step-day forecasts coming up around 4:45 and a 40% for thunderstorms od wednesday 70% chance on thursday and a 60% chance on friday. pat and lyon. >> are you having trouble thinking straight? you could be dehydrated. even if you're mildly dehydrated youot might do so well on tasks thatoc require or a lot of attention. this is according to a report oi national p radio. the studies show people made for mistakes when they were
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dehydrated. the could color of your urine as u may know is a good way to tell if you're dehydrated. if it's darker in color drink moreat. just do it. >> there you go, there you go. topping celebrity headlines today, actress turned entrepreneur turned reality show producer. >> stt evans of "access" joins us live from hollywood next with brand-new details about lindsay lohan's new reality show. >> and the notorious rbg. she is not going anywhere. she is not going anywhere. what the justice says about h
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grab yournd shades sunscreen. lil'hall has a brand-new tv show. >> it doesn't air until next year from what we here but this afternoon we're getting ane peek. us scott evans joins fro "access. what do you know about this new show? >> you say grabsuour lasses and i say grab your popcorn and best friend. we're in for a show,at and leon. lindsay is back returning with her own reality show on mtan called "loweach club" and it starts on the party island of
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mikinos, greece. >> pack your bags. i joined the mtv family and i'm lindsay lohan. get ready. >> wow. >> reporter: y'all, i'm nervous. i don't want to look away. something is about to happen. >> oh, yeah. you can tell. reporter: i also want to tell you guys the story about blake lively a ryan reynold and the adorable freakout and the moment came when they started playing "gorgeous" which features their baby james at the beginning of e song. >> i would go far for baby james.
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>> don't you love proud parents. i mean, your baby can do anything and you're like oh, my god! >> yeah, yeah. >> parents are all the same. >> reporter: right. >> have the samereactionf you watch the kid tie your shoes. >> at 15. >> new parent syndrome. >> all right. >> ksthscott. >> reporter: thanks, guys. >> stay with news 4 as we track the chances for rain the rest of this evening and the res of the week. >> plus, debris dangers. days of storm forcing chunks of trash down the bay. thearning for boaters. >> and deadly fires burning right now in northern rn califo, officially one of the most destructiveildfires w
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we'll benealing with r for the late afternoon and evening hours. latest on the timing bas storm team 4 radar. it's moving east at to miles per hour. some updated times. moving towards gaithersburg at 4:50 and bethesda at 5:50 and avy rain in the district between 5:300 and 6 p.m. and moving on to clinton, maryland around 6:so and waldorf around 6:30. again, this the the impact time for heavier rain and showers moving in ahead of the moderate to heavy rain. here's a look at the bigger
4:29 pm
you can see this is one mainline that's going to move through, and it will clear the area by about 8:00, 9:00 p.m. tonight. after that we ret mn tonly dry conditions with some patchy fog developing and then more rain at times mainly later in the day and very similar to today. by far from a washout. again, keep the washoutandy. 76 degrees right now and 74 by 7:00 p.m. lawrence will join me h wit this rain impacts your plans coming upn iout is a minutes. >> thanks, amelia. if you're just joining us at 4:30 let's get you caught up with 4 things to know with the help of the fbi the reward in the murder of girl has increased to $45,000. makiyah wilson died when a group of gunmen opened fire on her apartment complex earlier this month. they fired off 70 rounds, and now police are looking for five people in connection to thacr e. a retired dea agent opened fire on a suspected burglar inv
4:30 pm
cente this morning. the homeowner confronted the would-be h intruder in yard on fairfax national way. the man's injuries are not life-threa sning. policeay investigators will determine whether that homeowner' actions were justified. >> dayses after cardinal 's theodo resignation his name has been removed from a buildine inore spring. this is now the catholic charity center. the former archbishop of washington is facing accusations of sexual abuse, and he could face trial within the catholic church. prepare for delays if you ashington george parkway the next few weeks. construction crews are getting the bridge at windy run ready. there's just three les through e area, one northbound lane, a one south one that's reversible for the rush hours. this rk started today, so is the first evening rush hour with the new traffic patte. right now wildfires are burning out of control in california killing at least six people. >> nbc's jay gray joins us live in reading where the most severe
4:31 pm
fire is burning. how is it going now, jay? >> reporter: yeah, pat and leon, very difficult still. this fire has been burning for a full week. thick ske and ash in the air year, i want to give a firsthand look at exactly what they are dealing with, how intense and how destructive the fires have been. homes and neighborhoods like this one across the strike zone gutted by the flames and still as bad as things are here, itn' do tell the full story of all that's been lost. as 19 wildfires continue to burn out of control across california, there is a very distinct sound to the horror. the roar of the flames. the franticume of the fight. teams digging out cut lines and dropping water, and in areas ravaged by the flames as firefighrs search for hot spots. there is also anerie silence. the charred rubble and ash a constant reminder of so much
4:32 pm
that's been lost. >> i don't even know.'s no words f >> reporter: the fires are being blamed for at least eight 70-year-old melody bledsoe and her great grandchildren james and emily couldn't escape the flam >> the last we knew of they were in the house. they tried to get help and triel g 911. >> reporter: three first responders have been lost working the flines. >> it's a tragic loss that affects all of . >> reporter: today team members remembered captain brian hughes. >> he was a pillar of strength for that hot shot crew. >> reporter: that crew and all his colleagues pausing but not for long because right now they can't. there's too much work left to be done here. believe it or not, this used to be a boat and this is all that's left. at this point if there's any good news here at all the fact thaterews told you about are making progress.
4:33 pm
the carr fire is containedo up t it a%, up 5% from the last hour. pat? >> t a lot. this side of the country, this is what's floating around in parts of the chesapeake bay we see this and all the recent storms that we've had is forcing garbage toatollect in the and on the beaches there. the view from chopper 4 shows it's also w up lots of places and news 4's derrick ward for a warning withad boaters g out on the water. >> if you'roa a they are isn't the kind of thing you want see. this is all debris washed down from the dam. they have opened the floodgates becausef the flooding and the rain that we've had, and this rain comes down from the susquehanna. it's a serious enough problem that officials here in maryland ha issued a warningo boaters. >> if you have to be out be cautious of your speed, and if you see a fthingating, there's stuff that floats on the surface, and it's stuff that
4:34 pm
floats underneath, submerged, surface you don't know how big it is. >> reporter: swimmers are also having issues down at sandy point park, a lot of debris on the beaches. this has to be worked out between maryland and pennsylvania where af this originated. meantime, if you've got to be on the water be careful for what's on the surface and what's below n.annapolis, derri below. in annapoli derrick ward, news 1. >> quiet scar is a program where air marshals in airports and on ard planes watch passengers who have new criminal history and aren't on anyone's terror watch list. the transportation security administration says passengers are selected for surveillance if their foreign travel or other factors raise red flags. the "boston globe" probing the
4:35 pm
story about this pract ge that's beng on for years. >> are you on the phone, do you have a eacomputer, rng something? are you going to bathroom, looking in a weird direction? do you change your cloth the plane or at the airport. >> in a statement, the tsa says the primary purpose of this ogram is to ensure passengers and flight crew are protected during air travel, and it's not intended to surveil ordinary americans. that's a quote. some civil libertarians though have criticized the program. president trump is doubling hr tsue ofot immigration, and t afternoon he seemed to suggest that he wouldake a similar approach to iran that he's hadu witha and north korea. blayne alexander joining us now from capitol hill with the details on this. blayne? >> reporter: yeah, during this afternoon's news conference with president trump we saw two very different approaches. he says he's happy to sit down with the levered iran to work out a new detaal.
4:36 pm
but to congress his message was blunt. pay for borderity or i'll shut down the government. president trump talking trade with theme italian pinister and face questions not about tariffs but a threat to congress. the presint tweeting he is willing to shut down the government unless he gets fuing for the border wall. >> i would have no problem doing a utwn. it's time we had proper border security. we're the laughing stock of the world. we have the worst immigration laws anywhere in the world. >> reporter: and a week after leveling a foyer and fury-like threat against iran, the president today announcing he's willing to meet face to face with president rouhani to work out a new nuclear deal. >> no preconditions, no? they wan to meet i'll meet, any time they want. any time they want. it's good f the country, good for them, good for us, and good for the world. >> reporter: but is he not talking about? a weekend fleury of tweets repeatedly mentioning special counsel robert mueller by name
4:37 pm
accusing him of hiding conflict of interest. and after repeatedly stressing thereas no collusion today the president's attorney rudy giuliani saying even if there was, it did not break any laws. >> the they are not going to be colluding aboan rus which i'm not -- i don't even know if that's a cri colugd about russian -- colluding about russia. the first trial related to that invew.igation begins tomor it deals with the personal finances of paul manafort, the president's former campaign chairman. on. >> can't wait to see that trial get underway. there's so mucho evidence and many questions surrounding it all. can't wait to get some answers there. thanks so blayne alexander reporting live. >> pat, over to you. supreme cour badruth bader ginsburg is now 85 years old and has no plans to leave the high court soon. she told cnn she plans to stay
4:38 pm
iv at least more years. her comments came weeks after president trump nttinated b kavanaugh, a conservative federal appeals court judge in d.c. progressives have worried if ginsberg does reti that could tip the balance even further right. >> he's been helping parents startamilies for over two decades. >> next, a beloved local fertility doctor killed in a tragic accident over the weekend. >> and a special incentive to donate blood. details on a gift card offer from amazon. >> we're watching he have rain closing in on the i-95 corridor. we'll time out this rain for you and time out the rain tomorrow for eac of yourh you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ck.and mom also gets a o-school bag? that's yes for less. b ross has tnds you want for back to school. and it feels evehebetter when you find tfor less. at ross. yes for less.
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. right now we're tracking rain chances on the storm team 1 radar. how long will it last and who is
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at the highest risk forod flos. amelia and lauryn are back in less than five minutes. >> gak some bg news coming into us right now. this is a burned o d.c. police cruiser. p police say one of the vehicles burst into flames after some type of electricalroblem. turns out no one was injured so good news there. some lanes of benning road had to be blocked off while crews mess there.he >> a blood doctor was killed in a jetski accident ove the weekend. >> he was a fertility doctor. >> his creation chairedor ms with news 4's aimee cho. >> reporter: for thousands of people wanting to start a family dr. greenhouse who was the man who made it half. he was the fertilityr for to years and now the people they work with say the work family the same. be >> he was real one of those great guys, you know. >> reporter: robert stilan
4:43 pm
with sha grove was one of dr. greenhouse's mentors. >> incredibly passionate about helping people. it drove him, and it brought him to wor every day. >> reporter: colleagues say with every patient dr. greenhouse always gave them his personal e-mail aum phoner telling them they could call any time. >> just going to be a huge loss. >> translator: marc siegel has been friends with dr. greenhouse for decades. >> reporter: what will you miss most about him? >> his friendship. >> reporter: friendship with a man wegal says treated everyone with respect no matter who they were. >> you don't always get a chance to say whatever it is you want to say tomorrow. love your family, hug your temily. >> rep in rockville, aimee cho, news 4. >> dr. greenhouse leaves between a wife and three sons. in the officers involved fatal shooting of a black man in minneapolis last month will not
4:44 pm
beed in his death. that's according to the county prosecutor. a report now on the case that set off demonstration across minneapolis, demonstrations that continued today. >> these cases tear our community apart. >> reporter:re pss conference derailed. >> you need to be taken into custody. >> reporter: anesota prosecutor mike freeman shouted down by commune members of the family of thurman beliefins who took over the podium. >> we want the cops arrested within the next 48 hours and prosecuted to the fullest degree of the law because this was murder. >> reporter: freeman's office forced to announce that it will not be charging the officers who killed mr. beliefins. >> when mr. beliefins fled from the officers with a loaded handgun, refused to stop and gthen took the out of his pocket and turned toward the
4:45 pm
officers mr. blevins represented a threa this video shows themhihasing m through a residential neighborhood. >> come on, ma >> put yourands up. >> you've got a gun. >> no, i don't. >> yes, you do. >> a third video slowed and stabilized by a california forensic video firm hired by the minneapolis police department showed the gun in his waistband andn his hand just before officers killed him. >> regardless ocithe umstances that in fact took place on the afternoon of june 23rd, let us all recognize one conclusion. a life was lost, and that in and itself is a tragedy. >> reporter: a controversial shooting andmu a cty divided. a new kind of illegal gun soon could just be a click waw. >> thik the man with the
4:46 pm
blueprint to make a printable 3-d gun says he'll release the instructions for how to make them. new at 5:00, local communities are taking action to protect themselves. ika gonzalez i in the newsroom now with a look at's ahead at 5 hi, erika. >> there's a lot of concern about the possibility ofhieves printable 3-d guns, so we're going to walk you through the coordinated plan to keep these weapons out of our towns. also now why now is the time to book a last-minute summer getaway. we'll tell you the cheapest places to continue. the bromance continue between former president barack obama and his former vp. the pair were spotted at a local bakery. got the pics and we'll see you back here at 5:00. >> see you in just a bit. >> amelia, you've got some rain in some areas right now. >> yeah. we're tracking some moderate to heavy rain moving in. some of us have been completely dry today. not the case today and it's
4:47 pm
moving in for the evening rush. >> timin ieverything. >> add ten minutes, start dinner a little bit later tonight because here's what i'm tracking, and this line is moving pretty quickly towards the east at 20 20 miles per hour, you can see the district, arlington and alexandria starting to see some l showers and notice the light yellows and oranges and reds down through southern parts of fauquier county. >> here are the impact times for the more mid rat to heavy rain, and seeing this line pick up steam so the heavier rainul be moving in towards fairfax around and baltimore right around 6:00 p.m. and potentially earlier and then on into bowie around 6:30. we were only in the 70s across the area right d now. 73rees in frederick and 76 in washington and 70 down in culpepper. you almost can give the air conditioners a break especially
4:48 pm
weekend.s kind of hot despite the low humidity level. high temperares saturday and sunday near and around 90 degrees. not so much about the temperature this. workweek is all about the rainfall. this is themount of rain we're going to pick up through saturday, and this is just one computer model, so there's going to be varying amounts when it's al said and done. generally one to three inches of rain across the area and that will lead to isolated flooding issues and we're talking about plenty of dry time. you want to have the umbrella handy at times. >> definitely have it with you at all times this week, and amelia will talk about when we see someunshine. u're going to wake up with a little bit of patchy fog. still mild out there withmp atures in the 70s. we're going to top out in the low 80s and for your tuesday commute mostly dry tomorrow for fog .to watch creating the low visibility and a chance of showers at noon. even by 5:0ou we cld see showers and a chance of thunderstorms and there could be moderate rain in spots.
4:49 pm
not everybody is going to see it eut it could be out there. the mets t on the nats back at home finally at 7:05. do have a 60% chance of rain as we headvehrough theng it lessens. the city open is going on. oh, yes. most of the matches tuesdh throhursday are going to start at 2:00, and then on friday they have two sets, buto we've high school night on wednesday night and junior league is coming on thursday, ve but do i bele could have some rain especially as we get into tuesday and then again on thursday. we'll have to dodge some storms on wednesday but still it's going to be war and muggy out there at the city open, amelia, so we'll b dodgi some storms and definitely watching that on radar as we go to each afternoon alwe thi. >> speaking of afternoons, that's the best chance for showers and thunderstorms during the aftnoon and evening hours as we get the sunshine to kind of destabilize the awareness. the day wearsn and a better chance for showers and thunderstorms so tuesday,
4:50 pm
wednesday, thursday and friday you see rain here and, again though, lauryn is saying it could potentially be dry and that's going to be the best chance for some strongeun rstorms later in the day. i see the potential for some sunshine on friday and on saturday and here in your storm team ten-day forecast. temperatures in the 80s through th weekend a sundays looking nice and a bit humid. dry with plenty of sunshine. highperatures near 90. next week finally a dry pattern moves in for next week but not this pat? >> thanks,> amelia. more breaking news this afrnoon. as man as four people could be hurt in a crash that ended inside a manhattan restaurant this afternoon. this video is juste into th newsroom from our sist ntation inew york. police say anuv jumped a curb and slammed in front of a korean restaurant and all of the injuries at this point appear to be minor. no indications that this is
4:51 pm
anything but an acci nnt. we know what happened moments before the deadly duck boat accident in missouri that capsized and sank almost two weeks ago. the ntsb released a te line. events captured on the sd card of the rording system o the boat. the footage shows hf an hour large waves rapidly appear on the water and the winds pick up. during the last tee minutes before the video shuts off the captain makes a radio call for help, and the boat is still above water at that point. 17 of the 32 people on board died. >> right now there's an urgent need for blood donations, thene ed so urgent the american red cross will give you an amazond gift cf you donate. the incentive starts today an runs through the 30-of-the-august. theed cross needs platelets and plasma. donors will be e-mailed a gift card.
4:52 pm
>> a gathering over the weekend in northern virginia that not any of us have heard of called blerdcon black nerd culture. there's deep roots in such social causes as inclifsness with the lbgtqmu cty and they had dance and video gaming. >> that is former president barack obama and first lady, former first lady michelle obama letting loose at the concert. people in the crowd sharing this videolll over soc media. the carters and the obamas became friends while they were in the white house. beyonce even performed at michelle obama's 50th birthday party. >> that m be a first. don't think we've ever seen a
4:53 pm
u.s. presidentration >> don't think so. >> first time for everything. >> seen it here. coming up next, deliberately stred off course. >> new information in the search for a missing malaysia flight for a missing malaysia flight years ♪
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
the mystery of what happened to malaysia airlines flight 370 which disappeared four years ago ows even deeper. an independent investigation is raising new questions andmaeaves others unanswered. nbc's kelly cobiella reports on the frustrations of the families who lost loved ones. four years of searching and an exhaustive investigation, and aviation's biggest mystery still remains unsolved. >> the only way it will be conclusive is if the wreckage io und. >> the flight disappeared on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing back on march 8,4. 2
4:57 pm
investigators this morning sa wng the flight deliberately diverted towards the indian ocean veering thousand of miles off course,bu they couldn't explain why. releasing the investigative report, the team says the boeing the pilotirworthy and was confident and shows no signs of stress or behavioral changes and they cannot rule out unlawful interference which a third party. a second prite underwater search for the passenger plane was called off in may. dozens of piece of debris hbee recovered, but only three are confirmed to be from mh-370, an no bodies have ever been bound. this mning devastated families of the 239 who were on board left wondering how a massive passenger jet could simply dippear. some are angry questioning the report's findings. >> we're no further ahead of finding our loved ones or what happened to them four years on the that's frustrating, and it
4:58 pm
makes you very angry. >> reporter: with n wreckage and no cockpit data recorder investigators say they can't solve the mystery. the famils desperately want the search to resume, but elected primely minister says that will only happen if new clues surface. kellyew cobiella, nbcs, london. now at 5:00, a homeowner fights back. a would-be burglar shot trying to break into a home. a witness talks onl to news 4. >> he's armed and you need to get ay from the front door. he's goingnt f door to front door asking for he i. >> amelia draper. i'll take you hour by hour and let you know whoois to seat most rain. >> upping the ante in the search for killers. >> we need desperately for the public to come forward. the newward in the murder of 10-year-old makiyah wilso >> plus,here's one more reason to drink water. a new look at what dehydration
4:59 pm
does to your mind. first to the forecast. we're in for another rny week. storm team 4 calling for showers every day. i'm pat lawson meuse. >> and i'm erika gonzalez. amelia draper standing by when rain will hit your neighborhood. >> the best chance already afternoon and evening hours and we'll have pnty of dry time and take a look at storm team 4 radar. this is what we're dealing with potentially each day through friday. rounds of rain moving through the area and yellows and oranges here on the radar. some moderate to heavy rain, and you can see t rain in parts of loudoun and fairfax county parts of prince william county, arlington and alexandria. towards bow around 6:30. >> otherwise we're at 75 degree w
5:00 pm
by 7:00 p.mre still track scattered rain out thereto with the temperature of 74 by 9:00 p.m.,ki cloudy in the metro area likely dry and everybody dry by amidnight, at that point we'll see areas of fog form and a temperature of 72. more rain is in the forecast tomorrow. the potential for some storms on wednesday. i'll have more on impacts and if we c ald be dealing wit flooding again this week coming up in my full forecast right around 5:00. >> thanks, amelia. download the weather app to your phone by settingr weather to y home page, and can you also sign up to get breaking weather ts al two weeks ago today four men opened fire in an apartment complex and they fired seven rounds and a 10-year-old girl was killed. pat collins is


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