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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 30, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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scattered rain out thereto with the temperature of 74 by 9:00 p.m.,ki cloudy in the metro area likely dry and everybody dry by amidnight, at that point we'll see areas of fog form and a temperature of 72. more rain is in the forecast tomorrow. the potential for some storms on wednesday. i'll have more on impacts and if we c ald be dealing wit flooding again this week coming up in my full forecast right around 5:00. >> thanks, amelia. download the weather app to your phone by settingr weather to y home page, and can you also sign up to get breaking weather ts al two weeks ago today four men opened fire in an apartment complex and they fired seven rounds and a 10-year-old girl was killed. pat collins is outside police
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headquarters wh a new push to solve this case. pat? >> reporter: erika, the men who killed makiyah wilson tonight are public enemies numberone, two, three, four and five. we begin ourdstory with w from the police chief pete newsome. >> i wouldhink that any man that was responsible for a death of a 10-year-old by way of a bullet in our community would come dow to 10 m street and hese men have chosen not to do anything, and we'll do everything within our power to find out who is responsible and hold the accountable. >> reporter: two weeks ago 10-y sr-old makiyah wilsot and killed on the doorstep of
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her home in clay terrace. the little girl on her way to get some ice cream when she was gunned down. surveillance video shows gunmen jumping out of a stolen infiniti car and opening fire. police also looking for a fifth suspect, the driver of that ta y car. the chief said 70 shots were fired in less than 30 seconds. now today the fbi kicked in $20,000 to bring the reward in this case to $45,000. in the meantime, mike d'anlo, makiyah's uncle, began aalk and bike trip from washington to philadelphia where a brother of his was killed rd'ently. mr. angelo says he wants to bring attention to the senseless celebs in our cities. >> we've all goto fight and stick together. the families are on an emotional
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roller coaster. we can overcome this, and we can overcome this with being with each other and make a stance. this is my pledge. >> now police have some possible names o spects, and they have some evidence, but they don't have enough just yet to close this case. erika, back to you. >> pat s, pat, thank you. police have a hotline where you can give anonymous tips that. number is .202-727-90 you can see it there at the bottom of the screen, and you can also send a text message toll 50411. those can be unanimous. the group behind last year's rally in charlottesville is due to appear here. officers are experienced as keeping peace durg high nsion rallies and protests. >> people can always express
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their views, whatever they may be, and, you know, our a role a police department is to make sure that they are able to do that and tha we facilitate, that and thebe numr one volto make sure that nothing getsnd brokobody gets hurt. >> officers will keep unitehe right activists away from counterprotesters. vience broke out if you'll remember in charlottesville last year when e two sides clashed. heather heyer died after a man drov car into a crowd of counterprotesters at that event in charlottesville. now an act of bravery in the face of a brazen crime. >> police say a homeowner shot a burglar as he tried to break into the house. a young neighbor heard and saw some of what went down. >> reporter: neighbors who live in the large wooded lots of fairfax national estates are not
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used to hearing gunfire, not used to seeing the street lined with policecars, but that's what brought a tirfying start to this morning whenhe homeowner who lives in this house, a retired dea agent, shot a man who he believes tried to break him. this young woman asked us to conceal her identity. >> i heard a series of four gunshots, and five minutes later i heard screeching and car brakes like screeching down my street six or seven times. >> reporter: then she got a text message warning from her friend, a teen w i livesthe home where the attempted break-in occurred. nd >> he's armed you need to get away from the front door. he's going front doont to f door asking for help. >> reporter: when the suspect tried to break in at bk of this house the homeowner confronted him. out in the driveway several shots were fired and one hit the suspect in the forearm. he ran next door to this house banging on the doorndhouting for help. the family did not let him in. the suspect thene somehow m
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his way to a nearby hospital in loudoun county before he was airlifted to reston hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.d this neighborh watch leader says this incident just one of several recent break-in attempts. neighbors wonder if they are all the work of a suspect who was shot today. >> i'm grateful that they have thuy in custody. i'm glad that the individual in the neighborhood that was -- that was -- where the break-in and robbery attempt occurred. i'm grateful he was prepared for the situation. >> reporter: we're still awaiting word on what charges will be filed on the man who tried to break into the house and was shot, but it's likely the homeowner will be in the clear. in centerville, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> we are keeping an eye on the evening rush hour on the g.w.rk pay. today's morning commute was worse than usual because of the construction project under way. crews are work on the windy runt bridge near run. the four lanes are now reduced to three lanes.
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one lane always travels northbound and the other is southbound. the middle lane switche directions depending on rush hour traffic. the construction work is expected to end this fall. it's unclear where negotiations with metrs largest union stand after threats to strike earlier this month, but the union representing a smaller group of employees just agreed to a deal. the contract nearly 1,000 administrative and professional employees. the agreement gives workers a pay raise and cuts the amount of money metro contributes to healthcare. that willelp keep their budget from growing out of control. >> a young man killed steps from his own front door. two suspects went there to rob a instead.illed him now the suspects face murder charges. bureau chief tracee wilkins has our report. >> no words that could ever describe our loss, but he'll be missed. >> reporter: 22-year-old giovanni little was known for
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hismile and outgoing personality. he was studying business and marketing withspations of starting a clothing line. >> he had his whole life ahead of him. he was in college. he -- he was doing the right thing. >> reporter: sunday evening giovanni was shot and killed in front of his ft. washington home. >> he was his mother's only son. >> reporter: the shooting so brazen, and there were a number of witnesses who called police with a description of the getaway car. >> there were people in the area wereaw what happened a able to give a good description, and we used that information to quickly apprehend the two suspects. >> reporter: 25-year-old i everving silva and 24-year-old guilni. >> he wasrimming with potential, very charismatic and social and had greathe intentio.
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ad a very giving heart. >> reporter: as the investigation continues the question is why. why was this is young life taken just this t way? >> i senseless. you can't make sense of what is senseless. >> reporter: prince george's county police are still searching for aotive. if you have any information that can help in this c asked to contact the prince george's county police department. in palmer park, tracy williams, news 1. an update now to a break you story we first told about on friday afternoon. it's expected to cost $250,000 to repair and replace the green belt apartments destroyed by fire. flames gutted the fralin square apartments leaving 85 people looking for a place to stay. investigators say the fire started on the third floor. they haven't pinned down exactly what sparked the flames. allegations of abuse in the catholic church today. new fallout from the resignation from archbishop mccarrick.
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how much did the church know before he became archbishop of washington? dehydrationen dangers. a lack of water can do to your body and your brain. and it's a rainy monday evening with some moderate to heavy rain in parts of ldon and faire faction and this part of a larger line moving throu the area. heavier rain in parts of montgomery county. how thisow
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back with a live look outside. it's cloudy for most of us, but some neighbotioods are g rain right now. amelia says we'll see showers and storms through friday, but m ey will be different fe ones we got last week. when will we see some improvement? amelia'sns got the that in just a few minutes. theodore mccarrick's resignation is a cardinal of allegations of sexual abuse is sending shock waves through the catholic community in our area. one man tells new 4 he was just 11 years old when mccarrick be hn abusing. he didn't want to reveal his identity but says the resignation of the fmer chbishop of washington is giving him a new sense of freedom. >> i liv in a prison and it easy.t been kiday we're putting up that door and w out through the street and letting the sun hit my face for the first time ever.
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>> asccarrick's make is moved from the cardinals of college it's alsoissing from a building in our area. darcy spencer joinse us l to see what happened this weekend. darcy? >>ka eri as you may not. mccarrick was a respected and well-known leader here in washington and people haven b speakingpe tle about these developments and how many feel betrayed and how many are now asking for an independent investigation? >> the building in silver spring is now t called catholic charity center, but upst until week it was the theodore mccarrick center. thehe name of wormer archbishop of washington quietly removed amidst a growing sexual abuse scandal. >> it's a tragedy on many levels, and so we're dealing with that. >> reporter: there's outreach here at the center, a he could not address the mccarrick
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controversy, but says the w- st services offered here, med call, dental, food and local help will continue under the new name. >> we see hundreds and hundreds of people here giving all kinds of services. none that have is changed all. mccarrick resign from the conference of cardinals over the weend and allegations involved a minor when he was a priest in new york, andccording to nbc news he's been accused of sexual misconduct two times and two involved secret s a loudoun county man asked we only ideify himne by e had been abused mccarrick for years. >> i could not feel emotion and i could not have interpeace, and could i never fall in love with anybody, and you took it. r: steven white is the a catholic studies fellow at the ethics and public policy center and says while there's a clear change in the o cultuthe church, action is being taken right away and q manystions remain. how was mccarrick elevated to
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the position of archbishop of washington with allegations of abuse in his past, and will ere be more resignations? is this that was known and he was promoted anyway and did this just never get to rome to poem who needed to hear it. i hope pope francis can give us some answers. >> reporter:e've not heard from sbach mccarrick but he did is report denying any sexual abusercllegations. spencer, new 4. >> i'm scott macfarlane at the live desk andew breaking out of the white house as the president has sworn in a new secretary of veterans affairs. that's robert wilke on the defense former department official. he takes over america's largest government agency. the v.a. has tens of thous eds ofloyees and hundreds of thousands of patnt and tens of
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llions to manage. not a lot said by mr. wilke and the president did not answer questions at the end. robert wilke taking over immediately. at the live desk, i'm could the macfarlane. now back to you. >> a surpriseisit by former president barack obama and vice president joe biden at a local bakery. a bakery is a nonprofit thans business fellowship program for disabled vets and their the program director said obama and biden met with some of theo fe there as well. >> i wonder what pastries they ordered. yeah, i'm sure that poem are thinking little bit more than that. amelia is joing us now.
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>> rain has i moved and we'll deal with rain moving in a around midnight mostly dry conditions. same tomorrow as we startdrff early on and then maybe a rumble of thunder increased. take a look outside. the yellow is moderate range and oranges and wins and this, of course, pushing into the district and imcting the eving commute. 66 and doling with 70 right now so it's going to be b a of a slow go out there tonight. here's a closer picture of the beltwayidhere you still see for the most part showers are not all that bad in washington. in.ier rain set to move showers in the metro area until about 8:00 p.m. and then after that we'll likely start to dry out. you can take a look at t rain outlook tuesday through saturday
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and more scattered showers ando a chance for thunderstorms and we may actually get in on some sunshine and that sunshine could help fuel strong thunderstormsdwers likely thursday and still dry time and saturday just a chance for some showers, but it's a soggy night out there and take a look. northwest washington and just at home the ago can you see the cars are dealing with wet roadways. eemember, if you have headlights on or have the windshield wipers on make sure you have the heed lights on as well. want to show you future weather. for tomorrow 8:00 a.m. and future weather wants to i bring isolated weather. plenty of clouds and notice as we move through the afternoon. itwe're tracking and miss showers and maybe a rum showers and temperatures in the upper 70s and 80s and much more humid today and there's areas of rain out there and as we look to
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wednesday another dry start and more showers hand thunderstorms during the afternoon hours and a wednesday i day we could see the stronger thunderstorms later in the day. erre's the plaor tomorrow. patchy fog at 7:00 a.m. and then scattered showers starting around noon and continuing into the evening hours and rain and plenty of clouds and rain generally in the upper 70s and 80s. here's a look at the ten-day forecast. sunshine on wednesday and that could help to fuel sunshine. it's mug we showers an thunrstorms at times, and high temperatures near 90 and on friday about a 60% chance of showers an thunderstorms later in the day. saturday may be some showers and thunderstorms and we do see the rainy party and that's going to keep us dry on sunday and nice with temperatures in the upper 80s and the humidity not all that bad, and next week we finally make that 180 where we'll keep it dryonday through thursday. pat and erika. >> we may be sick of the rain
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and they could sure use some out west. >> wildfires claim more land and mo liv as they rage out of ntrol. we'll take the inferno. hick of >> growing concerns about a new kind of illegal gun that could make its way into our ne ehborhoods. wi found out how police planned to stop the spread. >> and you're working with money nith tips o you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a ck-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you nd them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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we're staying on top of breaking news right now. a tragic situation growing worse in california. fire teams are struggling to t contain morn a dozen wildfires. scott macfarlane is in the newsroom now tracking this scott?ation. >> reporter: yeah, pat, the death toll from these fires keeps climbing. at least six deaths blamed on the carr foyer in southern californ p and sevenple still missing from that area, and at least 14,000 people are now under evacuation orders. three first responders have been lost in the front lines as well. >> crews can't slow grieve the loss of their friends because more than a dozen fires are raging and raging out of control across the state tonight. the flames ag destroyin houses, cars, offices, everything in their path. >> it was fine at 8:30. 8:45 it looked like o no, and we were already prepared. we had things out. but it looked like we were in trouble soon, so we bugged ou
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>> reporter: one positive in the progress report, crews are mang some progres on the carr fire. now 20% contained, which is a big jump in the past 24 hours. er ta. >> hopin see that number only increase. nw mle, working for your health tonht. you kind of read a e-mail over aand overin because things aren't sinking in. it may be a sign you they'd to drink more water. people who are evenildly dehydrated struggle with could go any of tasks, specifically tasks that require complex processing and attention t detail. in one case in particular, women made12% more mistakes when dehydrated than when they haden gh number. on average women need about 91 pounces oater per day and the water you get from fruits and coffee that counts towards your goal. one last thing to remember, you
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can become dehydrated really quickly and experts advise you to replace the water you take in. accordingoesearchers at the university of alabama, a reversal agents found in mice and it turns on the function that restores smooth skin and hair by turning t off gene responsible for mitochondrial dysfunction. it's a process some beauty products use on a limited basis right now. the researchers are getting -- already get fng callsm cosmetic companies about their discoverry, but it will be about four to five years before he see these products tested on humans. >> ahead at 5:00, we're going to walk you through a new undercover program that puts everyday americans under government surveillance. plus, local communities push back against a trump
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administration directive. new efforts to stop the printing of tloed guns. of tloed guns. >> and we'll have to deal with i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites. (chuckling) ahh... ooh! (giggle, phone buzzing) apparently i... like them more than i like my phone. where... ah... oh, hello! ah, i missed it. it's my mother-in-law. i'llher back. don't tell her i told you that. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi.
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a look now at some of our top stories today. a retired dea agent opened fire on a suspected burglar nor
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zayreville this morning. the homeowner confronted his would-be intruder and the man's injuries are not life-threatening and police say investigators will determine whether the homeowner's actio were justified. >> the reward to track down the killers in a death of a 10-year-old girl has $ increase ,000. d.c. police say a group of gunmen fired off 70 rnds in a clay terrace area complex earl they are killing makiyah wilson. so far no arrests and they are now looking-for-five people. rain in popping up on storm team 4 radar. the wet weather will be with us for most of the week ande bef you get too discouraged though we have plenty of dry patches as well. storm team 4 meteorologistra weather is in the center. this isn't exactly a repeat of last week, is it? how should you compare and what will we expect? >> won't seeh as m rain as last week and we'll have plenty of dry time especially in the morning andou midday. as the day wears on you'll have a better chance of dealing with
5:31 pm
showers and potentially even a few thunderstorms. here's a live look outside with a beinge rowvi camera. can you see wet roads out there on this monday evening so it's more of an indoor night i late july here, and here's a look at that rain falling rockville area. it's a moderate rain because of the yellow colors showing up on storm team 4 and light to moderate rain around the wheaton area. here's a look at the bigger picture. this is alwaynl one me pushing through the area. for the most part this is going to be over by 8:00, 9:00 p.m and then we'll be mainly dry overnight tonight and on into tomoow morning and patchy fog out there tomorrow morning. here's your evening planner. 74 degrees right now and 9:00 p.m. most of us are still in the low 7 as. ar sim temperature around 11:00 p.m., but by 11:00 most of us dry but mostly cloudy skies. again, patchy fog out there overnightomnd on intorow. coming up, pat, lauryn and i willreak down how itill impact your plans this week
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including the city open and the nats game tomorrow right around 50. >> thank amelia. before you make plans this week, we encourage you to download the nbc washington a. you'll be able to access our live interactive radar. plus, you can watch amelia's hour-by-hour forecast in the palm of your hand. attorneys generalrom ross the country are suing the trump administration in an effort to block the designs for 3-d guns from being made plic. the trump administration gave permission for a website to publish blueprints beginning wednesday. news had's mark segraves spoke to attorneys general inur area asking that that decision be reversed. for some people like cody wilson seenhere, this is a gun rights issue and free speech. >> ion think you or anybody should have the ability to control it.
5:33 pm
the trump administration has cleared the way for plans of 3-d guns to beli ped online. attorneys general wrote a left saying allowing 3-d blueprints to be published is deeply dangerous wound haven unprecedented impact on public safety, adding that it would help terrorists and criminals get guns that would be undetectable by security screening at airports in government buildings and danger the lives of civilian, law enforcement and members of the armed forces. the left was signed by attorneys general from d.c., maryland and. virgin >> these guns are produced without a serial number. e guns themselves aren't registered, nor the ammunition, nor are the ndowners, that means that the owners haven't gone two a detailed and rigorous background examination. >> reporter:his afternoon
5:34 pm
several states including maryland asked a judge to block the measure. >> mark is higher with us now. what do people who support releasing the design and blueprints say about the fear at it will lead to the sale of illegal gunsren . >> reporter: a lot say this is a free speech issue. this is science and technology that the want to p on the internet for everybody to use. ney also point out that the 3-d printers that yod in order to actually manufacture one of these guns, this the not theou printere going have in your home or even at a library, these 3-d printers. the printers are very high-end and cost hundreds of thousand, as much a half had a million just to get the printer to make one of these tngs, and there's already so many illegal guns, regular guns on the black market, that they don't believe criminals will really gravitate to these, they are also very
5:35 pm
unreliab, the sayppg btsauonse n are traceable and detectable, thathehat causes biggest risk. >> would you still have to have a license in order to have one of these? >> that's the problem. in d.c. and other states, but mother in d.c. the law says if it's untraceable, that i makes illegal. even if it's just a revolver, that would be illegal in the district, so already laws in many states prohibit these, and in other states you're allowed to manufacture guns so this is something that they hope to get in court tomorron and out washington stayed that's where they are feeling this case, and -- and they will hasht out in front of a judge. >> it's a debate to watch. >> it will be going o for a while. >> mark segraves, thank you. the drivernvolved in a deadly crash on i-9 a 5 in fairfax county on saturday has a cord of drinking and driving.
5:36 pm
police say the man rear another driver near the fairfax her.ty parkway and killed this is a picture of the victim, kaitlyn taylor. her cgh flipped and c fire. she died at scene. tobul could face more charges in her death. a man gharnlgd a mass shooting inside thecapital gazette" has plead not guilty. jarred ramos was supposed to appear in court today, but instead his defense attorney filed papers asking for a speedy trial. he's accused of killing five employees at the cap. >> washington national treyer tus apologizing after telling some offensive or making or issues some offensive tweets that resurfaced le tweets with racially insensitive language and homophobic slursame to light
5:37 pm
last night. they were tweeted back in 2011-'12. nats general manager and president mike rizzo says turner has apologized to him and to the organization. turnerish you'd following statement saying in part, quote, i'm sincerely sorry forse t tweets and apologize whole hotteredly. those who know me don't reflect my values or who i am, and i understand the hurtful nature of such language and i'm sry to such language and i'm sry to bring any
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z2x55z z16fz
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y2x55y y16fy
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the person sitting nex to you on your next flight could be documenting your every me. an undercover government program puts unsuspecting passengers unsfabs. it's called quiet sky. air marshals on board planes watching passengers without any criminal history or on any terror watch list. they are selected for surveillance if there are other foreign travel or factors that raise red flags. the "boston globe" broke the story on this program which has been in practice for some reasons. >> things they wrote down, are you talking on a phone? what are you reading something?
5:41 pm
are youing if to the bathroom? e you looking in a weird direction? do you change your clothes on the plane or at the airport? >> in a statement, the tsa says the primary purpose of this program is tensure that passengers an flight crew are protenned during air travel, and it's not intended to survey ordinary amevecans. hower, some civil libertarians have criticized the program. > if you still have the urge for a late summer getaway you can get a nicepr surise when you make yourva resons. experts say it's much cheaper to travel in august. that's because families are focused on back-to-school. more focused on that i should say than soaking up your sun your dollar will go farther if you travelo a hot location. if hurricanes don't scare you, you can get a great deal on a cruise. >> news 4 uncovers slowdowns in a project that's meant to speed up your commute. >> next, how amtrak tells us it's getting back on track. garbage unleashed in the . bsapeaay
5:42 pm
w making the mess of one of the most beautiful water ways. and we've got rain not not only today, but pretty much all of ts workweek. we do have sunshine, too, and the heaviest rain trying to make its way along i-95. we'll time out the rnai
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
back now with a live look at storm team 4 radar. did you s some pop-up showers there and you can see it trackinghances for flooding later in the week. the tag teamnd a forecast share the impact that it might have on your pns. these piles of debris that you see in the background arett ing the waterways on parts of the chesapeake bay. >> all the torrential rains have caused a huge mess and work
5:45 pm
verse had to open some of the wingo dam to release the water. derrick ward is live from annapoli with more on this story. derrick? >> reporter: you know, in the only at sandy point and here at annapolis. can you see that this is the issue. some of those boats areooring rther out there and then they can't get their dingys in close becae of all of this debree and it's made swimming and boating downright dangerous and a little dicy. >> we'reiles from the dam on the susquehanna river and where they opened the floodgates there this happens here. tons of debris come calling to the shores of the chesapeake. >> we knew what we were getting into. didn't realizeha it was quite bad. >> reporter: a serious issue for the boaters, enough for the maland natural resources police to issue and advisory for voters. >> if you have tnbe out t be cautious of your speed. >> reporter: a warning worth heegd. >> reporter: they askedhe
5:46 pm
force on board the academe. >> we wereodging the debris as much as we could. >> even then we were hitting pieceses of it, and they m ill have a bigger problem below the borrline. >> hit the hole with good force and now it's acting a bit different. >> reporter: here in downtown annapolis the debrisins sta for a while. a valiant effort to clear the water is under way. >> we're going to keep at t. >> and tomorrow morning we're probably doing the same teing. >> rep not just boaters caught up in the bris. >> it' detroit red winged from driftwood and into the bay. our challenge is being advised not to the swim >> i was like whe didll the wood come from. >> it's not going to stop here in annapolig it's continu all the way down the bay,nd they really should do something up in pennsylvania.
5:47 pm
>>there's another conce here. the environmental concern. a lot of other stuff andic pla going into the water and in the f sea and also a lot grass that's been sohemportant toevitalization and a lot of things happening with the debrisnd more rain on the way and could likely mean more debr. >> we want to keep the bay clean as clear as possible. >> a touri attraction and putting profit before safety is the sued for $100 million. 17 people were killed when a duck boat sank on a lake in branson, missouri earlier this month and tour survivors of an indiana family are filing that lawsuit. they say the company failed to follow recommendations from federal investigators to remove canopies from toa back in 2002. >> turning now to the weather, amelia. how does it rain out there in. >> it's a rain night. >> i like toigay thes even in the summer and the grilled
5:48 pm
cheese and s tomatop kind of nights. >> it does say a little bit that have. were only ures today in the 70s for the highs. >> and a break from the heat and the humidity not all that bad. >>omorrow we'll have high temperatures around 80 and the mugginess back in full force and it sticks around all week long, along with raines at t take a look at your weather headlines. we'll have rain and few times on friday and into saturday and let a washout. we'll havey of dry time as well especially during the morning and midday hours and when it's all said and done we'll pick out some isolated higher amounts and tt's going to lead to some flooding issues, isolated flooding iues because of how much rain we saw last week and improvements move in and especially for sunday and it's not a washout. here the current check of storm team 4 radar. notice the moderate rain moving through the area and pretty much the entire d.c. area and we
5:49 pm
continue to track that up towards howard county and arounl themore area and down towards prince william and staffordie count notice loudoun and fauquieres coun you're done with that heavier rain and a few scattered showers moving through themo area. us will be dry by about can the p.m. tonight. here's a closer look at the heavy rainf in parts reston and fairfax and parts of the district in arlington and alexandria and on into clinton, it's moving t bowie at 6:00 and towards annapolis at 6:45. that's moderate rai that we'll moving in. a few light showers ahead of it, and tomorrow a high temperature of 83 degrees. it's humid with scattered showers and thunderstorms a with more on how the weather will impact your tuesday, we'll send it over to lauryn. hey, lauryn. >> hey there, amelia. showers once again in the forecast for tomorrow, even maybe a few thunderstorms asll but i think at least some of your day could be dry. again, it's not going to be e range al raining all the time, all of
5:50 pm
this week. utybe an isolated shower tomorrow morning, mostly dry. you'll probably have to dodge some foggy areas, so, again, that could cut down on visibilities. as we get noonan and after 5:00 same kinof deals and we'll have a chance for showers and a 60% chance where you'll see a where yre tomorrow and by rolls e the commu around, there could be a few storms out there, and it could be heavy. if you're o headed to nats park for the game, they are finally back at home after playing in miami. we're looking hat them to take on the metropolitans tomorrow. we'll see at 7:05. do hav rain in the forecast for tomorrow. the thing is it may not be raining in p d.c.ticularly at this time, but we at least have t60% chance to see some rain during thee of the game, so we real very to watch that for tomorrow. the sam deal with theity oh. we've got a 60% chance tomorrow. a little less on wednesday. wednesday we get sunshine in the thursday about a 70% chance of some showers and storms, so although it may note range for the main draws in the afternoon as the evening wears on, matches
5:51 pm
move on, there's showers around. definitely showers around. whether they are heading into c. or not it s to be determined. it's going to be muggy though, and it will be a lot w the next couple of days than it was today with temperatures in the 70s. we do have some sunshine and dry >>ys in the ten-day forecast, amelia. yeah, that's pretty much next week when the pattern finally starts to change. you need t weather ready this week, especially during the afternoon and evening hours. it's a nuisance forecast to deal with and a nuisance factor us to deal with. there's the ten-day forecast. tuesday, wednday, thursday, friday and saturday. now, wednesday i think we'll actually see a mix of clouds and sun and that could help to fire upor stronger thunder later in the day on wednesday. rain and storms at times on thursday and the chance for some thundershowers and thunderstorms later on friday. sunday, erika, finally looking nice with dry weather and high temperatures near 90. >> that a stark contrast on the
5:52 pm
back se of the ten-day forecast. >> great point. >> the tsa is bringing a hue-tech security scanner and state of the art will be installed at b wye at dulles airport. it's called checkpoint ct. th system applies to e phisticated algorithms to find explosives and cred images that are easier to read than the current security scanner the designers of the checkpoint ct believe it will speed up ndsecurity lines require people to check fewer bags. a delay at union station, and we're not talking about the trains. an internal review plans to make it upgrade the station risk delays and huge cost increases. the amtrak office of inspector general says the current cost estima of $296 million is likely to climb, and it says the work to transform the strain station is being slowed because of weak projectanement. amtrak says it wants to expand the indoor concourse and create aew e entrance and improve
5:53 pm
the metro station inside. they said aist representeders will depict how the station will eventualk and it limb prove the oversight of the project. sp maryland tax-free week is coming soon. the comptroller promoted the upcoming week by promoting two longtime businesses in ledge park today and presented them with proclamations for their weeks of service. shoppers will pay noales tax on qualifying clothing and footwear price at $100 or less and first $40 of backpack purchase. aryland college students can win a $2,500 scholarship from thear mand retailers association by participating. news 4 is workingo make sure that our backpackss 4 k is
5:54 pm
working. we'll be in pingstown from 6:00 in the morning until noon collecting more donations. if you can't make it in person go to nbc 4 and $20 is all it takes and tha will und the new backpack funded with supplies. >> next and all new at 6:00, the local company on a >> if you or somebody that you know needs a job. the company planning to hire some 20,000 people over the next couple of months. >> plus, police sayorr dea agent shot a man trying to break into a home and a witness walks us through it. and a pillar of the catholic church in washington falls on allegations o sexual abuse. e of his alleged vicms talks ontily
5:55 pm
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waves of rain sweeping n local neighborhoods. you can see the pop-up showers all over storm team 4 rar. amelia is back at 6:00 to help you plan out the rest of the week. a jetski accident has taken the life of a belovedocal doctor. over the years per filth doctor steven greenhouse helped thousands of people start their familiess his colleagt shady grove fertility share memories ofim with news 4's aimee cho. >> reporter: if you ask anybody wh works at shady grove fertility, they will tell you they are like a family. today f thatily mourning the loss of one of their own.
5:58 pm
steven greenhouse, abeloved doctor who had been with them for 20 years. >> incrediblassionate about helping people. it drove him, and it broht him to work every day. >> his colleagues say dr. ouse loved life or likes to have fun. >> he liked to tell really bad jobs and he was just, you know -- he had a great spirit and had a great sense about him. >> one thing that dr. greenhouse was always serious about, making sure that everyone was treated with respect. hisolleagues say i patients were rude dr. greenhouse wouldn have it. >> he would tellembers very politely this was not the right ace for them to be, and maybe they should take care of them. >> colleagues said with every patient dr. greenhouse gave him the personal e-mail and phone number telling him he could call any time. >> his compulsion and his
5:59 pm
involvement aually makee and the whole practice better. >> this doctor says greenhouse was like a brother to him. >> this is something you don't recover from and you don't get a chance to say whatever it y say tomorrow. love your family, hug your family. >> in rockville, aimee cho, news 4. >> now at 6:00, not again. there' a rain forecast for almost every day this week, but it's not all bad news.s ther silver lining in our forecast. >> fighting back. >> heard a series of probably four gunshots and five minutes later heard screeching andar brakes and screeching. down >> and news about a home owner e who opened fn a man trying to break into his house. >> and president trump doubled down on hishreat to shut down the government and secret surveillance in the skies.
6:00 pm
the four things you may be doing that could raise red flags and three-day armed air marshals watching your every move. >> here we go, folks. another round ofg rain watch over parts of the region and you can see it out there in northwestno d.c. major problems for the evening rush to return at this point and rains and storms aren't done with us yet. >> a chance for rain every single day and amelia is tracking it all. hi, ameal what. >> hey, erika and leon. a chance for rain every single day. >> and not looking out at a washout. >> it's a sunday monday evening and getting home and dling with some of that and moderate rain falling acrosshe area and a live look out thereto with our camera. can you see rain on the lens here and cloudy skies and just kind of a soggy monday evening out there. take a look storm team


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