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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 31, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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"news 4 today" starts now. >> a fallen tree has closed part of a road in northwest d.c. river road between 44th and ellicott streets is blocked off because of this tree. this is a stretch used in the morning commute. you can imagine the problem that it will cause with the rain. thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrest. let's get sheena and chuck, back together on this tuesday. >> chuck had a rainy day yesterday. >> i know. >> a rainy day at the beach is beer than being at work. >> the rain was moving in. it's like, just going to stay in. >> i don't feel bad for you.
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>> i was at the beach. a bad day at the beach is better than a day at work. the alarm did not go off yesterday morning. that was a win. here's your tuesday morning, as 're moving in on 5:00 in the morning. the closest rain drops to us is around the snandoah valley. down towards the roanoke valley. those rain drops are moving north. the chances are increasing with time. could see drizzle outside. temperature-wise, pretty typical for the last day in july. 72 in arlington. 68rees in gaithersburg. 70 in frederick, maryland. as you're planning out your day, don't plan on a lot of sunshine today. day, oing to be a good pool at all. afternoon temperatures willowtay in the 80s today. rain chances increasing with time, later that baseball game could be an issue. a look ahead in a few more minutes. let's go over to jack taylor.
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>> hey, chuck. with the fog and drizzle, an accident at brandywine road, causing a bit of a. slowdo the wrecker is on-scene. hopefully this can be quickly cleared. in northwest, along river road, it is closed between ellicott street and 44th street, due to a lae branch that's dow in the roadway. no crews on-scene yet. we're going to keep an eye on the george washington parkway this morning. scout run, t in southbound direction, you maintain two lanes. one lane, northbound, that was theowest spot yesterday. plan ahead. >> jack, thank you. developin this morning, gun violence is causing d.c.'s murder rate to increase dramatically this year. >> two men were shot and killed in two different deadlyti shs in one day. justin finch is live at police headquarters with mn the shootings and the community's response. good morning, justin. g
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>> reported morning. that's right. two more shootings and two men dead. d.c. police saying they're working to solve both of those cases and in the midst of an ongoing effort to get illegal guns off of city streets.t at 5:30, they call of a man shot. this is on the 1400 block of maryland avenue by the bars and restaurants. that man was later pronounced dead there on the scene. and hours later, in an unrelated shooting, police are saying in southeast, on the 1500 block of 19th street, this is rig by "f" street, another man was shot and killed. another man got himself to the hospital. he was also shot. strict and local leaders say they are concerned about gun violence i that area. for some time. a commissioner saying that the city needs leadership on gun violence. >> we suffer from community
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brutality and the mayor and chief of police don't have a clue what to do. >> reporter: that commissioner also pointing out about a week and a half ago, in that same area, a woman killed.ped and last year, the number was 62. this year, the number stands at 90. meanwhile, d.c. police hope an incrse in reward money will lead to the killers of makiyah wilson. the 10-year-old died on her front step in northeast. surveillance cameras cap the gunmen shooting in all direction s. watching that video, reminded this woman of her own daughter's 2015 murder. she was the unintended tartget
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shooting. they hope that makiyah's parente clo get closure for their daughter. designs for 3d printed guns se set to go public tomorrow. now, severaltes are suing the trump administration to stop it. starting tomorrow, a will be permitted to publish the blueprints online. 21 attorneys general across the country sen a letter t the administration, asking for the move to be blocked. they say allowing the plans to be published puts americans in danger. >> these guns are produced without a serial number.
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the guns themselves aren't a registered, mo ammunition, nor are the owners. that means the owners haven't k gone bac print the guns. >> in order to make a 3d gun, you need an advanced 3d printer that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. in a few hours, jury selection will start against president trump's former campaign manager, t. paul manaf don't expect to hear anything about russian collusion in the courtroom. manafort faces charges for sfinancial crimes he' accused of committing while consulting for compukies in ine. he's also charged with witness tampering. but none of it is connect to his time with the trump campaign. e, meanwh we could be just one month away from another federal government shutdown.
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president trump the threatening the shutdown if he doesn't get the money for his border wall. he issued that threat durnfg a press coence yesterday. just weeks after telling republican lawmaks, quote, it a waste of time, end quote, to tackle theefssuee the midterms. >> i would have no problem doing a shutdown. p it's time we hper border security. we're the laughing stock of the wod. l >> top gopeaders are vowing to avoid a shutdown. the deadline is october 1st. now, to breaking news in california. the massivearr fire is ntinuing its path of destruction. chris lawrence has the latest. >> look at some of these aerial shots and you see how the carr fire is one of the top fires in history. one of the victims is a great grandmother named melody bledsoe wrapped a blanket around her grandchildren.
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fire engulfed their home. the search crews have found their bodies th weekend. the carr fire has killed six people. the fire has burned 1,100 structures. that's an area well over the size of d.c. thousands of firefighters are walking into a dangero path, some of them called in from all haer the country. this morning, crew this about 23% contained, which is an improvement where they were this time monday morning. >> chris, thank you. a suspected burglar is in the hospital bause he picked the wrong home in centreville. >> t homeowner was a retired agent and he turned his gun on the burglar. police say the suspect tried to break into the back of the house yesterday morning. the hoowner, a retired d.e.a. agent, shot him in the forearm. the suspect ran to a nearby home
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for help but the family did not open if door. residents tl news 4, they hope this shooting puts an end to recent break-ins in the area. >> it is a deterrent. like, wow. he kind of learned a lesson this time. >> no word on whether the homeowner will be charged for the shooting. new information in a deadly crash. the driver under arrest has a previous charge of drinking. david tobo was charged on dui manslaughter. he rear-ended another car on saturday. this is a picture of the victim. kaitlyn taylor of maryland. taylor's car flipped and caught fire and she died at the scene. pressure isg mountin on les moonves to resign follong allegations of sexual misconduct.
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the cbs board met for hours yesterday. so far, they have not taken any action against moonves. >> it's like they're afraid to name the ceo in any of the communications. >> why? >> i think they want to leave leslie moonves to decide for himself if he is going to step down. >> the board did fdecide, cbs to hire, outside counsel to conduct an independent into thation allegations. the clock is ticking. we'll learn if nats star bryce harper will stay or go. what's the latest in the trade rumors? we don't want to s bryce leaving. >> can you believe this is a discusonon in washin you're a huge fan of the team. and so many people are huge of bryce harper.
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all of this talk has surfaced in the past day or so. the nats have signaled to other baseball teams they are willing to listen to an offer for bryce harper. another high-ranking executives have told baseball officials that theyon't believe that harper is going t t move. but deal is sweet enough, you can see how brycearper can end up mong. the trade deadline is today. in anything gets done, itill get done today. and today is going to be a flurry in the face of the franchise. we followed bryce harper's career since he was drafted by the team, in the minor leag ws. he a phenom who came up and his most recent accomplishment here was winning the home run derby here as the all-star here.s were happening he isaving an off year. he has 25 home runs this year. it's up there among the league leaders. he's a free agent at the end of
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this year. that's why people are saying that the nationals could acqui other players for him, if they get a trade out today. then, they can resign him after the year is done. we'll see what happens today. we're talking with fans this morning. we'll have reaction coming up for you at the bottom of the hour, at 5:30. stick around for that. talked to one fan out here, w is cubs fan. she hopes he ends up on their. te the yankees and the dodgers will probably be big players for bryce harper. it would be such an end of an era to see bryce harper leave this team. >> 100%, adam. who wouldn't want bryce harper at this race. adam tuss reporting live for us. oming up, back-to-school means the return of tax-free shopping week. >> it time t shop and save money. the dates you want to keep in ind. plus, how scientists are
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reversing the aging i process mice. >> what it means for humans. and under investigation, a new mom falls ill, calls an ambulance. the paramedics question the ability to pay the bills. thisg, morn we have fog around to start off the tuesday. as you're driving out there, patchy fog. you may need the wipers, too. the aredrizzle across temperatures not too warm. but scattered showers in the forecast, especially later this afternoon. check back in a few minutes to see how long this a you know when you'ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less.
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to take her to the hospital, afforng she could not the ambulance ride. >> her mother called 911 and vesaid two fire mettics ar instead of getting her and her vitals, and asked if she could afford the ride. >> they didn't do any vitals, no temperature. as my daughter screamed and begged them to take her to the hospital. >> crystal's mother drove her to the hospital and she slia ed into a cd died. the medics face disciplinary hearing later today. even though nba star lebsn james heading to sunny california to play for the lakers this season, his ismetown is where his hear yesterday, kids walked tough e doors of i promise school.
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it's a public noncharter school opened by james and his foundation. it's for at-riskhird and fourth graders who struggleat at school an home. parents can find an on-site food pant. james says, he knows where the kids come from and wants to leave a legacy of hope. parents will be able to shop in maryland tax-free. the comptroller promoted the week by visiting a couple of long-time businesses in college park.x- >> during taee week, shoppers won't pay sales tax on clothing and footwear. that includes a first $40 of a backpack thear, maryland college students can win a scholarship i by partici in a social media contest. tax-free week runs from august
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12th through august8th. >> just want to throw in, virginia's tax-free week i coming up, august 3rd through the 5 you're going to see this somewhere today. a surprise visit from former president barack obama and former vice president joe biden at a local bery that's run by veterans. the bakery runs a nonprofit fellowship program for military and their spouses. it created a bit of a enzy. obama taking pictures with a lot of the patrons. i'll bet there's peopmemes out e about the bromance agn. >> they were hamming it up there. >> people reaching back out to
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ourveterans. talk about the weather, chuck. >> i was trying to chang the subject. most people are tired about hearing how much rain we're likely to get, after starting off the month of july, nery. not a single inch of rain theugh the first 16 days of month. all this rain has happened from the 17th to the 30th. 9.7 inches of rain at national airport. that puts us in fourth place. fourth-wettest july on record. you have a little more roo and one more day left. anything over a quarterf an inch, we move into third place. and if we get hit by a thunderstorm, w move into first or second. quarter inch before midnight is a stretch. you're likely to be rained on at some point. this wave of p lowssure rides a stationary weather front that's hanging across our gion. this is more than a few drizzle drops. not a lot of rain out there just
5:21 am
yet. more light rain in the shandoah valley. you can tell the direction on that is coming northeast bound. here's futureweather. again, just clouds and drizzle, maybe anl occasio shower between now and early parts of the afternoon. we'll see if we get a quarter-inch of rain before midnight. our future weather doesn't see a est today. but rain cha are high tomorrow. we're likely to get another half-inch of rain or so on the first day of augu. here's you five-day forecast. high rain chances every day, from now through theen we into the weekend. the clouds todayod will keep the coolest day of the week. today's high temperature, 81 grees. we're going to look at the forecast coming up. river road is blocked wean between ellicott street and 44th
5:22 am
street. plan ahead because tree branch, very large, across the roadway. and i d c't thinkws are there to take it out of the road. we had an early morning crash at braly wine road. hopefully this can get cleared quickly. george washington parkway in a new traffipattern. both of the lanes maintain . northbou you have one lane getting by north of sprout run. 5:22. till ahead, fighting the wrinkles and warding off gray hairs. we're not talking about skin creams and hair dye. creams and hair dye. hows scientist are finding out
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> a health alert concerning y ople with depression. it turns out they have lower levels of an amino acid. it's produced in the body and also is a nutritional supplement. e running out and getting supplements may not help because scientists have not tested if they improouve symptoms. do you have a picky eater at home? listen up. new research is out of the universityf michigan, and it says pressuring kids to eat things they won't want to is useless. aversion't get over the to the foods they don't like, no
5:26 am
matter how much mom and dad try to get them to eat i picky eating rarely leads to problems of vitamin deficiencies or poor growth. it's weird how kids are so different. my daughter won't eat anything. and my son is like, spicy noodles. >> the kids outgrow it. there's a lot of adults that sat they did eat x, y, z and now they love it. a new study -- we're always on this one. a new study that says it's possrele to rse the effects of aging. >> researchers of the of alabama birmingham, are testing this unbelievable discovery with mice. recently h published how reversed wrinkles and haiross in mice. the reversal agent is in a lotion that turns on the function that restores smooth skin and hair. this could pentially go beyond the cosmetics industry. it will bee years befhe products are tested on humans.
5:27 am
doctors say it can be used for chemotherapy patients battling cancer. still ahead, a shark stolen, nuclear out of an aquarium during the day. and the only thing crazier than the story itself is how the ieves did it. you know those are expensive. i can see why somebody would do that. degrees right now in washington. we have low clouds and patchy fog, even drizzle for the morning drive. coming up after the break, what you can expect inhe afternoon. you can expect inhe afternoon. t welcome guys! hi! you are gonna love the neighborhood! it's totally wired for fios. is that a good thing? good? fiber-optics can move crazy amounts of data at even crazier speeds. and fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, sokid's right about that!and watch 4k shows all at once. see! we are gonna have so much fun here. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% get the t speeds available for the best price with the fios gigabit connection.
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"news 4 today" starts now. >> it's 5:30. welcome back to "news 4 we're taking a live look outside on your early tuesday morning. depending on where you're waking up, you could see drizzle or fog. it will be rny week. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff.aa n has the morning off. we're getting you ready for what is the last day of the month of july. fast.went by so one of the big stories we're talking about today, the possible tray of bryce harper. say it isn't so.
5:31 am
it could happen before y go to bed tonight. adam tuss will have that story in ahome. first, a look at your forecast. >> jack taylor is standg by, in for melissa. of course, we want to beginith chuck and sheena. saw a little fog coming in this morning. if you're running into the fog, low beams, maybe. heaven forbid, slow down a little bit. >> i had my windshield wipers on. i ran into a little bit of drizzle. hair from shield the the drizzle. that's out there this morning. don't say w we didn'tn you. visibility, really doesn't look that bad, though. we're not talking about patchy, dense fog. just some patchy fog. d areas that ght slow you down a little this morning. on the radar, no rain. can see the cloudy skie right now. very low clouds.
5:32 am
and it will be an overcast day. toshowers ands to our west and our south. as we go through the day today, we're going to keep the rain chances in the forecast. this morning, looking dry, just fog and drizzle. afternoon, a chance of the showers, around scattered showers. high temperatures around 80 degrees. chuck will be back with a closer look as we go to the afternoon hours. let's g to jack taylor and see what's happening on the roads. a little bit of the wetness, we'll have the potential for conditions, not favorable for morning rush hour. first, our early crash of the district. s are there. it seems like you're zigzagging through. not causing a huge delay yet. hopefully they get everything to one side of the roadway. >> in northwest, river rd remains closed, between ellicott and 44th street. a large tree branch across the roadway.
5:33 am
the accident inaryland with brandywine road and only the right lane getting by. now, to the latest infoation on tontroversy surrounding theodore mccarrick's resignation from the church. his name is no locker on a building in springer spring. the theodore mccarrick center ia now tholic charity center. mccarrick faces accusations of sexual abuse. over the weekend, pope francis accepted his resignati from the college of cardinals. today, metro and union ee leaders will to try to avoid a strike that would affect commuters. the largest union threatened to go on sike over custodian assignment. that would have allowed custodians to remain in their positions. this relies on the contract between metro and the union,
5:34 am
concerning issues tied to wages and benefits. an update onic the he we tracked yesterday morning on news 4 today, prin george's county police, said giovani litt was gunned down on sunday night. police have charged two men with murder. they say the two new him and robbed him before the shooting. body camera video of a montgomery county police officer shooting and killing a man iso expected be released this week. now, we're lg the officer will not be charged. prosecutors cleared the officer in last month' shooting. cell phone video captured the aftermath in a silver springtm apent parking lot. they say that robert white charged the officer, causing him to fall. that's when white washot. these are some of the other stories we're following for you. two more d.c. families have lost
5:35 am
loved ones to deadly shootings in the district. a man was shot and killed o maryland avenue northeast. a man was shot and killed on 13th street, southeast. d.c. polye blame m of the shootings on illegal guns. d.c. police hopea an in in reward money will lead to information about hmaki wilson's murder. surveillance videoaptured the four money againgunmen shooting directions. the federal trial against paul manafort gets under way today. president trump's former campaign manager is the first te rial on charges filed by ecial counsel robert mueller. jury selection gets under way this morning. more on what manaft is accused of, still ahead. nats play, bryce harper, may be leaving the team. >> i don't want to leave it's possible. rumors are swirling around the star and the trade deadline is only a few hours away.
5:36 am
news 4's adam tuss is outside of nats parkio with rea from fans. they can't be happy with this, adam. >> reporter:no but some do understand it. when you talk to fans of different teams, likes the cubs' fan that just talked to, they said they would welcome bryce harper on to their squad. they're thinking, can we get value for him and trade him away. maybe stock the pitching and the farm system. at t t end of year, because he's aag free t, if they do trade him away, they can re-sign him at the end of the ar. you would be loaning him away for a couple of months. will that happen? we don't know. what we do know is that mike rizzo and the team have signaled to the rest of major league
5:37 am
baseball is they're are willing to listen t offers for bryce harper. he is the face of the franchise. he's bee a perennial all-star. he has 21 home runs, which is along the top for leaders in major league baseball. he's having a little off-season. but you have to t offer a loto get bryce harper. fans can see bothides ofit. take a listen. >> it's rough. but you have to look at the interests of the team. i would be sad to see him . but i would understand if they pulled the trigger. >> that's tme sen here. people understand the situation that the nationals are in this year. they're about six games out ofc first pnd out of the wild card. they have a lot of ground to make up. they're otsaying, why get the value for bryce harper now? we'll see. today will be a interesting day in major league baseball. the yankees, the dodgers,he indians linked to possibleth tas
5:38 am
ryce harper now. back to you. >> crossing our fingers. 5:38. another nats all-star makin headlines for tweeting. it's not what you might think. sean doolittle's take on the controversy surroding his teammate. first, aquarium robbery. a shark smuggled outn a stroller. the crazyideo and howhe right?
5:39 am
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e watching "news 4 today." >> a barre story out of texas this morning. in shark that was stolen out of the san antonio aquarium, is back home. aquarium staff says the shark, who they call miss helen, is doing well.
5:42 am
this whole story is bizarre. here's how san antonio police found the shark and the suspect. they had surveillance video showing one of the suspects e removing the shark from nk right there. >> the man and his partner hit h shark in a stroller. walked out of the aquarium. they were spotted taking off in an orange truck. one confessed to the crime. another person was also arrested. >> the shark could have bee harmed. >> totally blows your mind. okay. let's go to check bell. tell me something normal. >> too badhey didn'tut their hand in the electric eel tank. there are things to know about the weather. w showerinther and rain chances continue through the week. what about the wankend rain s? sheena has your teday forecast n-
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
you're watching "news 4 toda soday." jury selection beg in virginia against paul manafort.f
5:46 am
>> mt is the first person to face trial for charges filed by robert mueller. >> tracie potts is following the latest on capitol hill.or what's manaccused of? >> tax evasion and bank fraud. nothing to do with connections to errussia, oth than the fact he made that money, the consulting ays, by with the russian-backed ukrainian government, even lobbying for the here in the united states. when the money ran out, millions of dollars he sshed in offshore accounts, prosecutors telege that he got bank loans from real es that he bought from that mon to continue a vish lifestyle. these are the types of things that we're likely to hear when uis trial geter way. it's expected to last about three weeks. what's significant here, if he's convicted, if he is facing ten years behind bars, then the mueller team could use that to try to encourage him to talk more about his time with the aump campaign whether or not there were any connections with russia.
5:47 am
>> tracie potts, thank you, with a look ahead from capitol hill. a mythical creature is at the center of a real political dispute in a u.s. house race in virginia. and the term taking over that dispute is big foot erotica. riggleman says he put a suggestive drawing obig foot his instagram as a joke. cockburn tweeted a screen shot saying this is not what we need on capitol hill. if you want to read or see more, it's in our nbc washington app. the group behind thehite supremacist rally in charlottesvillis preparing to rally here in d.c. in two weeks. theyill protest in lafayette square across from the white house. the officers are experienced at keeping the peace during
5:48 am
high-tension rallies and protests. >> people can always express their views, whatever they may be. our role as police department,su makes they are able to do that. we facilitate that. and we make sure nothing gets broken and nobody gets hurt. >> he says officers will keep the right to unite activists away from violence out in charlottesville last year when the two sides clashed. heather heyer died at a protest in charlottesville. it's 5:48 today. patients, family and friends will say good-bye to a beloved localetoctor killed in aki accident. he died over the weekend after being in a jet ski crash. he helped thousands of people start families over ths. he even gave out his personal cell phone and e-mail so
5:49 am
patients can reach him aall hours. >> incredibly passionate about helping people. it drove him. it brought him to work every day. >> whatever it is you want to say todorrow, it day. love your family. hug your family. >> green celebrated his 20th year as a doctor at shove. funeral services will be held in rockville. new video this morninge shows a bizagh-speed chase out of florida. a driver chasing a police officer. the driver is actually police officer here. this is dash cam video from another car, showing the female police officer in her cruiser, weaving in and out of traffic. police say the officer was on the run from her boyfriend after he attacked her. the boyfriend is in the gold car right there.
5:50 am
you see him racing up behind her. they were moving so fast, smoke could be seen coming from th gold car's tire. wow. that case ended when the officer made it her girlfriend faces several charges, including assault of a police officer. residents in blandfor massachusetts, are waking up without a police the ord police department posted this last night. they told residents that 911 will still work. b it will jurouted to a different department. an article by "the boston globe" said that resignations came after multiple complaints to the town about unsafe working conditions. an doolittle is not taki tweets from trea turner lightly. >> this was after turner's twts surfaced, containing racist and homophobic language. some have urged turner to get
5:51 am
off social media. doolittle says the answer isn't for athletes toeave social media. social media can be great for an athlete. it helps athletes share their stories and personal personali connect with the community. >> doolittle went on to say that a lot of the tweets that surfaced are fm several years o, at a time in their lives where they may not have realized the impact the words have. as you a learn from grow out of that youthful indiscretion,t dehe posts to reflect that growth. sean doolittle has been a huge supporter of the lgbt community. he and his wife bring youthseo the ll games and does a lot of outreach. >> that's a sml sampling. people are responding they said, you made your living off of being a closer and making e save, right? but this thread is for the win, when it comes to sean doolittle. some people want to turn it into an op- even a this point.
5:52 am
>> in the one tweet, he met his wife on twitter. that's co. i did not know that. here's a look outside. we have some low clouds this morning. we have patchy fog. it will be a cloudy da we have a little drizzle this morning. as you're driving, you may need to use the windshield wipers o becaus the drizzle on the windshields. more showers and storms as we go through the week. live on satellite radar. we don't he rain but we have the clouds. the rain, to our south and west. we're underhis very unsettled weather pattern. that's going to be t case for the rest of the week and into the weekend. temperatures, not so bad. 64 leesburg. 72 in washington. 74 in annapolis. you're about to step ou'tide, but dforget the umbrella today. don't forget it for the rest the week. we have rain chances into the weekend. i'll show you thattoday. by 7:00 a.m., we won't have the rain around, but theog and the
5:53 am
drizzle. by lunchtime, a couple stray showers. 4:00 p.m., scattered showers in the area. highs around 80 degrees. by 7:00 p.m., we have a chance for late evening rain. by lunchtime and into the early afternoon, there you see showers around. we go into the evening. this is 10:0 p.m. the model is more aggressive with moderate to heavy rain moving in. we're looking at tomorrow. cloudy skies tomorrow. late-d showers and storms. that's the case as we go into thursday there you see the high rain chances. tomorrow and thursday, those are going to be much warmer days. per 80s, humid. by the weekend, we're talking about potentially a day on sunday, with afternoon shower chances. still, we don't dry out until next week. let's get a check of thero s on this tuesday morning. good morning, jack. >> hey, sheena, good morning. we'll start in the district on the 11th street bridge. the crash before "m" street, cleared from theroadway. there's no delay whatsoever
5:54 am
approaching the 11thid street from either side of 295. in northwest, river road is still closed. it's blocked between elliot and 44th. this is a nice cut through from the beltway into the district, toward wisconsin avenue. you find yourself rerouted because of the downed tree. branch avenue before brandywine. it's causing aelay riding to yoat stretch of brand di wiy wi. the next timgo through dulles or the airport, you may be taking part in cutting-edge security. the tsa announces its plan to have 3dscanners. mo airports will receive the new scanners in the coming months. it's the most expensive listing ever in los angeles. and it doesn't even include a house. property counted as the best
5:55 am
developed plot of land in beverly hills is hitting the market for $1 billion. the 157-acre parcel has been dubbed the mountain. it's the highest point of the 90210 zip code. althe closest neighbor thea mile away. you get your privacy. >> the property is divided into 17 carslrs. six are zoned for residential development. oit's nearly twice the si disneyland in anaheim. >> merv griffin, tv titan, has owned it. as well as the shah of iran's sister. for millions of familiesd it wo be hard to imagine an evening without watching alex treb trebek, host of "jeopardy!"ai
5:56 am
>> cue theng music. he could be retiring soon. tmz reports there's a 50/50 chance trebek will retire when e his contraires in two years. he has a couple ideas for who could replace them. he suggested cnn legal analyst ura coates. i think that's high praise of alex trebek saying, thake two shouldmy job. helm of the game show since 1984. i know aaron gilchrest would want tha jo too. >> aaron will have to grow a mustache. still ahead, weeks after the killing of a 10-year-old ihethe districtkillers remain on the run. the reward for information has grown. we'l tell you by how much and where the investigation stands now. plus, the trump ad nistration faces another lawsuit. this one over 3d printed guns. details when "news 4s.oday" contin
5:57 am
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on "news 4 today," d.c. is rocked by two more deadly shootings. paul manafort heads to court. what we know about the trial of theormer campaign manager set io start hours from now. and a bad situ becomes worse. an update on the deadly wildfires burning across northern california. >> "news 4 today," starts now.
6:00 am
>> good morning, thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron. we want to look at the weather. >> jack taylor is standing by with a look at your commute, as well. first, chuck bell and sheena parveen are here with yourfo cast. what's going on, guys? >> the one good thing i'll ay abouday, it's not going to be too hot. nobody can complain about the heat today. >> the last day of july will not be theotst day of the month. >> you have to do that. >> what? >> you remind me that tomorrow is august 1st. >> i did hear angie say it earlier this morninti >> i have so much to throw under the bus that i'm going to throw aaron under the bus even though he's on vacati m. >> heht be watching. >> no. >> cloudy skies overhead this morning. it's probably not raining at your house right


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