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tv   Today  NBC  July 31, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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breaking oveight. under siege.ex new wildfires ploding in california. 10,000 more homes now being en threed by the out-of-controles flam as crews race to keep two dangerous fires from merging into one massive blaze. we're live with the very latest. defiant act. u.s. intelligence reportly detecting signs north korea could be building new missiles. this just weeks after that historic summit between president trump and kim jong-un. so how will the u.s. respond. speaking out. >> now, some of you may wear of y life been going on in the last few days.
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>> make no mistake, les moonves is my guy. but accountability is for everybody. >> les moonves wife and late night sta sending two different messages about the embaled ceo as cbs decides to keep him on boarid am an independent investigation into sexual misconduct allegations. those stories plus kim james holds court. nba supetar lebron james takes on presi trump in a new interview. >> i believe our president is kind of trying to divide us. second chance. the cast of guardians of the galaxy fighting to save their director fired over offense tweets. this morning, why they are standing behind him. shark nappers. thieves disguise a shark like a by and steal it from a texas aquarium. that shark now back home. thieves sayldhe suspect cou be facing time in their tank, tuesday, july 31st, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah
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guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on tuesday morning. thank you for j us. on the list of things i never thought i would see, a srk in a baby cage being wheeled out. >> very clever. can you imagine a stranger looks at the baby carriage and goes, what a beautiful baby. no one ever tells the truth. we'll have more on that crazy story i a little bit. >> we certainly will. 'll begin wit raging wildfires in california blamed for eight deaths and destruction of hundreds of homes with crews already stretched thin and new fires igniting every day. a b situation is really turning dire. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer joins us with the very latest. , good morning. >> hoda, good morning. we were with crews as they were losing homesust like this one overnight. it is heartbreaking and back breaking work for men and women lines.front they know what is at stake and
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they know they are losing the battle. >> on both ends of the state, fire storms are raging across california to the south outside los angeles. >> water drop from the fire department. >> to the north. homes, lives, andeighborhoods are being lost. firefighters tried to make a stand here but this blaze isng movioo quickly. all of the homes behind me are gone. with nearly 20 wildfires tearing across the state, the carr fire ripping through redding is the most destructive this year killing six and torching more than 1,000 structures, the inferno obliterating everything in its path. >> it's just all gone. >> this is where piper and mat smith dreamed of raising their family. >> we waited years to buy this place, first home. >> as er12,000 firefig battle to save homes across the state, we joined crews at the mendocino
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complex fire risking their lives on the front lines. >> the flames have been racing down thisay hillside all long. they are now next to this home. for firefighters, this is their last stand. >> four firefiehters have d this year in the line of duty working to protect others. brian hughes, a hot shot was killed in the ferguson fire in yosemite. >> one of the best. little time tory mourn. these exhausted men and women fighting flames around the clock. >> you've got to keep your mind right and your head on a swivel at all times. >> these are epic conditions many have never seen before. at the complex fire, two infernos could merge into one mega blaze. crews are alrdy losing ground. this morning the view from the front lines where lives and homes are at stake, the heated battle unfolding and exploding
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every day. >> we know the conditions continue to change hour by hour, but is there any relief in sight, miguel? >> hoda,ight now there isn't. we know firefighters were over at the carr fire where spending time and resources, now slowly shifting to this wildfire. 10,000 structures threatened here in mendocino county. it's the largest fire and most threatening in this area. fire officials say they are sending aircraft and ground personnel here t by dozens every hour. more men and women are arriving here every day, hoda. miguel almaguer. miguel, thanks. >> the big story breaking overnight, the new report north korea is potentially building new missiles despite the president's summit with north korean leader kim jong-un and his quote they are no longer a threat, north korea. what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning to you. mixed messagesea from k
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peninsula. north and south are trying to form stronger military ties this morning. meantime t tre are reportst north koreans are actuay building at least l oneong range missile. orning as generals from north and south korea hold talks at the border, reports that this satellite image of the factory where north korea produced the country's first missiles capable of reaching u.s. mainland shows ongoing activity. "the washington post" citing unnamed officials familiar with the intelligence said new evidence indicates work is under way on at least one and possibly two lueuidd icbms. the north koreans't hav tested a missile since november of last year. in january kim jong-un vowed to stop all missile and nuclear testing. at last month's historic summit in singapore, he agreed to work toward denuclearization leadi
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trump to say in a tweet, there is no longer a nuclear threatth from nkorea. secretary of state mike pompeo that north korea's nuclear program is still active answering this question from emocratic senator edward markey. >> north korea continuese to pr fissile material, nuclear bomb material. that's correct. >> this morning south korean officials said they are looking south korean movements but wouldn't comment on the new telligence. last week there were signs that the north koreans had begunsm tling part of the key rocket launch site. secretary pompeo insisted that progress is, in fact, haeening. when asked the white house about these new reports today, they said we don't comment on intelligence. hoda, savannah. >> kelly cobiella in london for
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us. thank you. >> jury selection against at the trial of former campaign chairm paul manafort. it's the first case brought on ion.ial council investig kristen welker has more on this. hey, kristen, good moteing. >> rep hoda, good morning. this is the biggest test yet for gae inveson of robert mueller. while the trial of paul manafort isn't focused on russia, it could provide a window into how deeply prosecutors have looked into business dealings of mr. trump's associates. it comes as the president and his legal team are rolling out a new line of attack against mueller. his morning president trump is under mounting pressure as the first of two scheduled trials begin for his former 2016 campaign chairman paulmanafort. >> paul manafort has done an amazing job. in manafort is charged with an array of fcial crimes stemming from business dealings in ukraine that predateis time with the campaign. he has pleaded not guilty, the
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trial is likely to give americans their most in-depth look to date, cards held by special counsel robert mueller whose investigation into rsian interference is plowing ahead. the president's lawyer rudy giuliani on fox news overpass ramping up attacks against mueller, accusing him without evidence of building a team that's biased against theid present. >> i'm fog to give him the benefit of the doubt. he's so damn arrogant he doesn't care about appearances. >> for his part ignoring questions about what he knew and when about that 2016 trumpmeower ing between top campaign aides including his son donald junior and russians promising dirt on hillary clinton. >> when did yourn l about the don r j. >> rudy giuliani. >> i'm trying to find conclusion as a crime. conclusion is not crime. i don't know that's a crime, colluding about russians. while giuliani denies it
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marks a new strategy, it's aar cry from president trump's denials over the past year. >> there was no conclusion. therwas no conclusion a all. everybody knows it. >> fired fbi director james comey saying in an april interview with cnn while collusion may not be a crime, conspiracy is. >> the question that we would look at as a counter-intelligence agency is, are any americans conspiring, which is a crime defined by u.s. code, with foreign government to commit offenses against the united states or defraud the >>ited states. o will the president sit for an interview with robert mueller, giuliani signaling it's increasinglyunlikely. >> we've been driven further away from the idea of answering y questions for them. we don't think they have a legitimate investigation. giuliani also asked what would happen if the president reses an interview and mueller subpoenas him.
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they would go all the way to the supreme court. president trump in tampa, florida, today, where he'll try to shift the focus back economy. hoda, savannah, from a noisy white house lawn. >> we're noticing. >> the lawn crew has learrived. s turn to ari melber with more on this. so everyoneunderstands, this is a case brought by special council robert mueller, looking into the russia situation.s but t has to do with what paul manafort allegedly did well before he was president trump's campaignchairman. explain how that fits together. >> exactly. these alleged crimes were basically pre2016. some over lap. allegations are bank fud and tax fraud. paul manafort was greedy and sneaky. >> but the connection to russia is what? hiy would special counsel be bringing says? in the short answer is if special counsel crimes looking for things unrelated to his original mandate he stillom
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has to dohing with them, pursue them or refer them out. in the caseen of michael ce handed them to a prosecutor. we don't know when a is said and done whether they will find deeper linkages to 2016. >> robertgueller is bring this case. would you guess it's a slam dunk. if so, will manafort bnk tg if it turns into a guilty verdict i'll get pardoned by trump. >> this i usually slam-dunk. it's his former deputy, drinking buddy, iyou will, read to take the stand against him. it's overwhelming evidence. either paul manafort doesn'tth have ag to offer up, wants to play his cards or, yes, ultimately might hope for a pardon. >> chances of manafort taking the stand, slim or none. >> as close to zero as possible give the lavish lifestyle alleged andin overwhelmg paper evidence, documents that make him loo so bad because they were hiding money all over the
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place. >> we'lltc be ng. >> thanks, ari. also this morning there's new controversy surrounding allegations of sexualaiisconduct t cbs chairman and ceo les moonves as morgan radford has been following that story for us. hey,morgan, good morning. >> hey, savannah, good morning. you know les moonves is o of the most powerful people in the entire entertainment industry. this morning cbs's board is calling for a full iestigation in those allegations against him. so far he's been given no orders to step down. but industry insiders wonder just how long that will last. this morning cbs ceo les moonves nintaining his posit of power despite multiplf claims sexual misconduct. at a meeting monday scheduled before the new yorkers bombshell expose, the media company's board of directors deciding to take nia imm action against moonves. in a statement cbs revealing it's in the process of selecting outside counsel to conduct an independentinvestigation.
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the probe being launched after six women told "the new yorker" they rejected moonves'ce adv which they say hurt their careers. their accusations range from forcible touching to tkissing, physical intimidation between 1980s and 2000s. julie chen called her husband a good man and loving father on twitter. she doubled down on her suppong du her cbs show "the talk." >> i will stand by that statement today, tomorrow, forever. >> in his response to the claims, moonves sing inpart, i recognize that there were times decades ago when iay have made some women uncomfortable by making advances. those were i mistakes and regret them immensely. but i always understood andte resp and abided by the principle that no means no, and i have never misused my position to harm or hinder anyone's but in the era of #metoo the fallout has already begun.
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moonves alma mater bucknell university removing his name from the website. overnight the host of the late show on moonves network addressed it head on. everybody believes in accountability until it's their guy. make no mistake moonves is my guy. accountability, whether leader of net okay or the ree worl taken actions to ensure safe environment for emploes after long time anchor charlie rose was fired for sexualmisconduct. meanwhile cbs executive jeff fager under fire after several anonymous employees told "the new yorker" he allowed harassment inside the news division. he denied the allegations telling "the new yorker" they never happened. >> morgan, thanks. now to a legal development in the case we've following. it involves whether anybody should be able to use an advanced 3d printer to make an
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untraceable gun in their own home. attorneys general in eight states are now asking a judge block a texas man from publishing instructions on howo tohat online. but actually those instructions have already appeared on the internet, already been nbc's tom costello picks up the story from there. tom, good morning. >> grnd g. these 3d printers accurately manufacture so-called ghost guns, fully manufactured weapons that are untraceable, could slip through at airports, prisons, even capitol hill. this morning growing pushback against a new type of firearm that some people can actually build in their own eight att general now asking a judge to block a texas company from publishing the downloadable instructions for 3d printers to manufacture. gu from handguns to semiautomatics made of plastic they are
7:17 am
undetectible and untraceable, able to pass through most metal deteors. code wilson is the face of the gun movement. >> it's not dead, it'sundead. >> obama administration took him to court arguing it would put guns in the hands of terrorist. but cody wilson said he has a right to publish and it's already online. in june they dropped thewi figh wilson. >> as long as you have a right to keep and bear arms you have a right to blame them. this man's daughterd d stonema douglas. >> someone could walk i with a gun and you won't know it. airplanes, you'll be flying with someone with a gun and you won't
7:18 am
know court houses, someone with a gun and you won't know it. that's the risk. it costs thousands of dollars to buy a 3d printer capable of manufacturing a gun and you still need have some skill. many gun advocates argue typical criminals won't bother. they will steal a gun rather make a plastic one. various 3d instructions have been downl oded tens thousands of times online. >> interesting case there, tom. thank you. keep us we're going to bring in al roker f a check of the forecast. good morning, al. >> thank you. thank you for getting your weather with us. o a loo weather, the wildfires, the heat on this dome of hllh pressure r keeping things hot. you can see from theas world
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good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell cloudy in the washington area. not much rain on the radar. i couldn't rule out ain se or two over the next couple of hours. higher rain chances a littlen later one day. you'll want to keep the umbrella handy. temperatures in the 60s to 70s. courtesy of the clouds today. it will be cooler than average. only in the low 80 warmer weather but rain chances remain very high every day into e weekend. >> that's your latest weher. guys. >> mysterious clues on the missing university of iowa student as her family speaks about the search. the director of "guardians of the galaxy" fired offense an offensive tw tt. why stars are saying they want himt back. bufirst this i s coming up as support pour
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try gain botanicals laundry detergent. one of the many irresistible scents from gain. this is a "news 4 today" news break. 7:26 is your time now on this tuesday, july 31st, m2018. orning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff. in the news, jury selection gets underway in the federal trial against paulmanafort. president trump's former campaign mager is the first to face trial on charges filed by special counsel rober mueller. those charges are not connected to his time with the trump campaign. ight now in d.c. police hope an increasere ird money will lead to information about the 10-year-old's murder investigation. she die on her front steps in the northeast. they captured the four gunman shooting in all directions. the reward stands at et5,000. check on your commute
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with wtop's jack taylor. good morning. >> good morning, eun. we'll start off in landmark. we have trouble in the hov lanes. left lan isclosed. right lane only getting by with pretty sizeable delays in springfield. 66 wt leaving the roslyn tunnel. accident activity in the left lane. maryland beltway after colesville road, sitting in the left center lane. back to you. >> thank you, jack. we'll take a break now. we'll check your forecast next. wow. look at jim go. man, that guy works hard. courtside seats? multitasking isn't for the faint of heart . i'm in! it takes experience, skill, hey babe. do you have my credit card? i can't find it. nope. i haven't seen it. i'll keep looking. and a bank that helps you take care of business from anywhere. you know, we could use more guys
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like jim around here. bb&t. all we see is you. i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. good morning, tempes in the upper 60s to around 70 now. a lot of clouds around now. rain chances increase rather dramatically later on in the day. take that umbrella with you on your way out the door. it will be your best friend in a couple of days as well. high rain chances each and every
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day all the way into the weekend. don't want it to rain every minute of every day. >> that's the silver lining. another local news update in 25. >> back to the "today" show. ba. ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. ...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less.
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every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. morning, 31st of july, 2018. see there lebron james unveiled what he called his greatest achievemt. he's got a lot of them, but this the one he likes the most. a new school. we're going to hear from the nba star and more. >> first begin with a check of "today's" headlines. raging wind advisories burning in california have now killed at least eight people. flames are threatening at least 10,000 homes. the carr fire ripping through e city of redding. more than1,000 structures destroyed, some12 00 firefighters battling that blaze. fire officials say they are making progress, shifting more resoces to mendocino complex
7:31 am
fire which reached 75,000cres monday. >> there are reports north korea is potentially building new missiles despite the president saying north korea was no longer a nuclear threat after his meeting with kim jong-un. "the washiton post" citing unnamed officials saying new evidence indicates, quote, work is under way on at least one and possibly two liquid fueled icbms. a slight image shows ongoing activity in the factorynohere h korea produced first missiles capable of reaching u.s. mainland. south korean officialsay they are closely looking into the north's movement, haven'tn commentede new intelligence. a former top official ater fema u fire after employees accused him of sexual harassment. thenvestigation isentered around former personnel chief coleman. among allegations he moved female employees to various offices so the male friends he hired could try to have sexualr tions with them.
7:32 am
coleman resigned two weeks ago. he's not been questioned by investigators. in a statement brock long said these allegations are deeply disturbing and harassment of anl kind not be tolerated at fema. >> here is theeird o we told you about at the top of the show. a shark stolen from an aquarium after, yes, it was disguised as a baby has beee returned to proper home. we can give a sigh of relief. look at the surveillance video. three suspects at the san antonio aquarium. one of them cities his hand right insidehe tank,ulls out a horn shark, then puts it in a babyll stroer, walk away, put it in a truck. they notic it was leaking water and followed the suspects to their car. they got away. they were caught mondayig and the little shark was returned unharmed. >> okay. what the heck was that. that's one of the weirdest ones ever. >> i don't know. it's like an onion story. that's true. that >> we're happy the shark is
7:33 am
back. meantime a desperate search is intensifying for missing university of iowa student who vanished two weeks ago. this morning her family iski spea out. nbc's blake mccns j us with the very latest on the story. playbook, good morning. >> hoda, good morning to the small community of 1500 is on edge and banding together t find molly. the fbi is here. this morning we're learning new clues i time line surrounding her disappearance. >> a desperate search so far turning up no sign of missing iowa college student molly tibbetts. the ee20-year-oldg two weeks ago going on her nightly run. her family now believed she returned to the house her boyfriend shared with his brother and used the computer. vestigators confirmed she sent her boyfriend a snapchat around 10:00 p.m. andsa then eared. >> we sort of know a general time line. we sort of know where it took place. we know whatas happened b
7:34 am
there's no why. it makes no sense. >> authorities say the boyfriend, dalto jack, is not a suspect. he was working a construction job 100 miles away i dubuque. >> he's terrific. we love dalton. dalton is a fanstic guy. i said to him the other day, i can't wait for him to become my third son. >> molly's aunt says she knows of no reason molly would run away. >> ser would have just dropped off like that. >> in small town brooklyn lly's picture hangs on every reet post or storefront. >> you capital go anywhere without seeing her face number below and tips how it gets asolved. >> suspicious man was reported taking pictures of young joggers in a neay town. he has since turned himself in. police don't think it's related. >> it seemed to be very creepy in nature. >> the family desperate for answers and trying to stay positive. >> of course we're worried. of course we have our moments of
7:35 am
weakness. you know, you cry whenou have to but you laugh when you can and you just try to get through minute by minute. >>o difficult. but there is some important clues that investigators a l probabking at. i understand she was wearing one of those fhe bits she was running. >> yes, she was. one of those electronicck ts that fitbit the fbi hopes will provide some data to rep retrace her final movements. with each passing day the mystery in iowa deepens. >> so sad.l alright, blake. thank you so much. we'll shift gears now. we mentioned nuperstar lebron james. he's in the news for a few reasons. gadi schwarz in l.a. with that story. gadi, good morning. >> good morning. he is known as king james. now some may be calling him lebron, the headmaster. the superstar opened anoo elementary s in his hometown with every detail to
7:36 am
change lives. it comes as he's speaking o about donald trump, telling cnn the president is using sports to divide the countr in a new interview overnight lebron james criticizing presidenretrump. >> wn a position in america more importantly where this race thing is taking over. one, because i believeur president is kind of trying to divide >>us. ind of? >> yeah, he is. he is. i don't want to say kin of. he's dividing us. what i notice over the last few months, he's kind of used sports to kind of divide us. sports has never been something that divides pelings, always something that brings it together. >> president trump slammed athletes for refusing to visit the white houseas as been customary during championships and others for kneeling during the anthem. the president stance anger james, what he would s if president trump was sitting across theable from him.
7:37 am
>> i would never sit across the table from him. >> never?an you don't wt to talk to him? >> no. >> using his powerful platform to speak up about race issues and race relations. after schooling plars on the court, now he's schooling elementary kid in his hometown. akron, ohio, james promise kept and delivered.>> i promise. >> here gleaming halls filled with valuable sneakers worn over a career full of accolades. nearly two decades lebron says was a statistic. a kid who frequently missed class as he and his mom ruggled to get by. >> when i was a kid, i didn't have much. so i always told myself if i ever get ananything, i to give back to the less fortunate. >> now after signing ave massi new contract with l.a. lakers, lebron has made good on his word. his new school called i promise, 2200 third and fourth graders identified as needing support chosen for the first classes
7:38 am
with plans tohrxpandough the eighth grade soon. doing his part to unite his community throughmi ps he's kept all his life. >> no matter if i'm playing in los angeles or not, akayn, ohio, is ahome for me. always. >> gadi, what about, it' nice to hear everything he's doing but can we talk about basketball? what's up with the lakers? what's he planning, do you k? th >> that's the 154 million uestion after that monster contract. as for public promises, he's not making any of those large promises. he's saying that the lakers are going to win more than they have in previouse ons. but he's lebron james. i don't think he can manage . expectatio as you saw, he seems to be a man of his word. >> gadi, thank you so much. let's turn to al roker and t a check of ourweather. >> good morning, guys. we're looking at strong storm
7:39 am
good tuesday morning. cloudy skies. a little drizzle out there, too, in some spots. 72 degrees currently. we are dry right n bute do have more rain in the forecast. very unsettled rain by lunchtime, cloudy, a couple of showers around through the afternoon and the evening have a higher chance of scattered showers. not getting hot today. we're talking about hig only around 80 degrees. tomorrow and thursday in the upper 80s.
7:40 am
afternoon showers we'll keep the chance as we go into the >> a that's your latest weather, guys. weekend.
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♪ >> he was booted from the hit "guardians of the galaxy" franchise afters a ser of tweets years ago. now the stars are coming together and want to bringth ba r director. natalie joins us from l.a. with all of this. good morning, natalie. >> good morning, savannah and hoda. it'seen weeks since disney fired james gunn. in an open letter they are standing together and asking disney to give gunn a second chance as they look ahead to their third
7:46 am
film. >> so we're saving the galaxy n? ag >> who else is going to do it? >> hollywood heavy hitters showing their suppo forrd "guaians of the galaxy" director james gunn. actors chris pratt, zoe saldana, bradley cooper vin diesel asking togueinstate . the stars signed a statement reing in part, we cannot let this moment pass without expresng love, support, gratitude for james. pratt posting to media, although i don't support james gunn's inappropriate jokes from years ago, he's a good man. >> the ct wants him to come back. they know without him there's no movie. >> gunn was fired earlier this month in old tweets where he joked about child rape,nd aids holocaust resurfaced online. disney calling them indefensibl values. thissant the first time he's had answer for controversial comments online.
7:47 am
in 2001 heed expre regret promising to change. now he's apologizing once agaimy ords of nearly a decade ago were at the time totally failed and unfortunate efforts to be provocative. they don't reflect the person i am today or have been for some time. the tweets fromgu an president ritic of trump were reposted by far right online activists. the "guardians of the galaxy" cast saying is little due process in the court of public opinion. acrosse americans from the political spectrum can ease up on the character assassinationsnd stop weap weaponizing mom mentality. comparing tobarr's comments. the disgraced comedian let go, her sitcom revival canceled after she tweeted a racist comment about a former adviser. i'm disgusted to read all the support for jes gunn's pedophile jokes as the same
7:48 am
people supported m blacklistinge for a joke theyn' didt understand. "guardians of the galaxy" delivered big for thdisney. e third installment was preparing to shoot t s fall with gunn working on the transcript. e future of gunn and the galaxy now uncertain. we've reached out to james gunn and disney on the cast letter but have not heard back. savannah, hoda. >> are there other celebrities speaking out about it. >> celebrities and noncelebrities a change.orgo rehire, 350,000 signatures and growing by the minute. selma blair who gunn supported when she came forward h with story during #metoo movement also getting support for james gunn. she has, in fact, deleted her twitter feed in response as well and in protest. piers morgan wrote an article saying, stop behaving like a mouse disney and reploy james gunn. >> all right. okay, natalie, thank tyou.
7:49 am
>>nk you, nat. just ahead after that emotional interview yesterday with bode and morgan millerosn the of their little daughter, this morning another moowwhose son d on that same day. she's now formed a friendship with morgan miller and they are teaming they are on a mission. they want to tell us all what they didn't know about water safety but first these ♪ you got it from your parents. and they got it from theirs. it's your skin, and it can protect you from millions of things. so we're here to help you protect your skin. walgreens pharmacists and beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901. now all sun care products are buy one get one 50% off. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults
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this is a "news 4 today" break. da> 7:56 is your time now on this tu july 31st, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun ng. ght now we want to check on your morning commute with wtop's jack taylor. jack, good morning. >> good morning, eun. we had our issues in landmark in the hov lane. good news is, as you can see, two lanes of traffic getting by. that was not the case for quite some time. delays back newing ton. big tree fell down in thewa ro going to take a little while for them to reopen that stretch. coming in bnd tryin to get to wisconsin, delay for you. >> we'll take quick break. we'll check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:57 am
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why would ya? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. good tuesday morning. more clouds around today. more showers as w go through the afternoon. this morning a little fog and drizzle. a high of only 81 degrees. scattered afternond showers tomorrow thursday we'll be in the upper 80s with afternoon showers and storm into the weekend. we're going to keep the rain chaps around. thank you. now backo the "today" show.
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, no end in sight. firefighters are working aroun thck as those deadly california wildfires rage throughout the state. >> everything is extremely dry.t 's like the perfect recipe for a major fire. >> we're live on the front lines. plus moms on a mission. in the midst of her grief, morgan miller teams up with another mom who lost her child to a tragic pool accident to increase awareness about how and when drownings occur. >> i just o neede minute. i just needed one minute. if i could just have that one minute it would have been okay. >> this moing what they want you to know about water safety.
8:01 am
and not stretching the truth. model chrissy teigen opens up on social media about her post baby body. >> i guess these just aren't going to go away. >> why she decided to share these pictures and her message to all moms tuesday,uly 31st, 2018. >> i'm here tod with my grammy. >> our beautiful daughters. >> our threebo ys. >> and my wonderful wife from wisconsin. >> from los angeles, california. >> hi, dad. >> friends forye3 ars. >> now we're off to coll te. >> girlsp! >> welcome back to "today." we so appreciate you being with us on this tuesday morning. is it me or getting more major
8:02 am
every day. >> more major. is it more or july 31st. >> don't sayit . >> summer is almost over. >> you totally wrecked the day. >> i won't say it though. >> take it back. beginning with news at 8:00, exhausted firefighters facing a new menace, twin wildfires known as mendocino complex fire are now threatening to merge into a single mega blazmo than 15,000 people have been ordered to evacuate small towns in the popular scenic area. meanme about 100 miles north of there firefighters are finally reporting progress against the state's most deadly andestructive fire, the so-called carr fire near redding nas destroyed 1,000 buildings, smotastte o fraternity brother l willrn his punishment for his role in the hazing death of sophomore timothy piazza. sheinelle has mor on this story we have followed closely. >> good moncing.
8:03 am
the seng hear under way, the first legal punishment since 19-year-d timothy piazza died more than a year ago. he dra 18 drinks in about 90 nutes during an alcohol-filled pledge event called the gauntlet. todayennsylvania attorney general seeking jail time for the only former fraternity brother to plead guilty to the charges related to the death of tim piazzax the recruitment chair pleaded guilty in june by consumption of alcohol by a minor, acts related to liquor and hazing. >> in a sentencing memorial they recommended burk serve three months behin bars forhe charges and lambasted the 21-year-old's behavior as seen onurveillance videorom inside the fraternity house. while many brothers tended to mr. piazza as he laid unconscious on the sofa, the defendant appeared unconcerned. he's seen playfully hoisting a o girl, rollir on top of
8:04 am
piazza as he's getting up before he room. >> we have a friend who is unconscious. >> prosecutors say no one called 911 until almost 12 hours after piazza first fell down the basement steps. piazza died from trauma to his head and four cohol level up to times the legal limit. >> nobody should consume that much alcohol. that's torture. >> this morning piazza's distraught parents issuing victim impact statements. piazza's mother saying this is hell and'm stillot on speaking terms with god. my faith is shattered because my heart is shattered. piazza's father jim doubting his remorse. he knew what he was doing and de hae it before and he had done it to him. this was no accident. tim was this group of fraternity members were playing russian roulette with the pledges. tim just happened to catch the bullet. >> ryan burk's attorney declined
8:05 am
our request for interview but said in june his full responsibility for his involvement. what's next? this case is far from over. a trial scheduled for early next year f0 more than other defendants facing a range of charges related to piazza's death including hazing and reckless endangerment. >>sheinelle, i know i'll be watching. keep us posted. the first trial to grow out of the russia investigation is scheduled to get uer way today in virginia. paul manafort charged with bank fraud. those tiedai to u and predate the time of the campaign. the trial will provide the best look at cards held by robert mueller. overpass the president's lawyer rudy giuliani escalated attacks on mueller accusing himid witho evence of building a team that is biased against the president. it's 8:05, i think that means it's international morning boost time. >> yes, it is. we've been telling you about california wildfires. they have inspired a lot of
8:06 am
people to help with thoughtful acts of kindness. chelsea lutz posted this video of her 2 yeeshld daughter gracie giving out breakfast burritos to firefighters coming from overnight ift. e of them mentioned a powerful craving for a burrito, chelsea and her mom took care of that. they plan to return later with spaghetti, a spaghetti dinner for the guys and gals. we've been hearing about restaurants providing free meals for thousands who have had o evacuate their home. mr. rogers says whenhere's tragedy, look for helpers. >> yes. sometimes they come in cute wgirl boots. still ahead morgan miller and a mom she just met together by a shared grief they want no other parent to feel. >> i guess you'd say it's mama fuel, mama firee to push this forward. >> two moms on a mission. >> twon moms a mission. >> what they want you to know
8:07 am
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8:11 am
welcome back to "today." savannah, yesterday you shared an important question with
8:12 am
morgan and both miller about children drowning. >> so many have reached out. in the midst of their grief they have found a friendship with a woman named nicole hughes, a woman there ennessee. understands their pain too well. now morgan and nicole a two moms on a critical mission. >> she had thisiee personality but was such a girl. >> when you think of bod you think of his skiing and the passion he brought onto the hill, taket and put it into a tiny little 19-month-old blonde hair, blue eyed girl thae cane chaos and bring it. that was emmy. bode, i mean, she was his person. >> hi dada. hi dada. hi dada. >> he was spoiled. he was cherished. he was our final baby. he would ask me every night,
8:13 am
would give him a hug and say, mom, that wasn't all the hugs. i want all the hugs and all the kisses. it is hard to think that it is not temporary, that we will not see him again. >> morgan milr and nicole hughes are two mothers who understand each other's unrele >> i'm so grateful that we've met. unfortunately it's under the worst of rcumstances. speaking to a mother who has lost a child, you don't need to explain it. >> particularly wit us, with our situations being so similar. >> nicole, can you share as much or as little as you t want about what happened to levi. >> every single year we go to the beach in fort morgan, alabama. we look forward to it all year.m sixies, 17 kids. on june 10th, that morning, that enti day i took water safety very seriously. every single picture, every final picture i have oflevi, he is in a lifejacket. >> that night nicole dressed her
8:14 am
3-year-old son levi in his bright green crab hunting shirt. >> levi was so proud. he could not have been more excited. we walked back over to one side of the house. everybody was in there, 12 adults, most of the kids. we're all just over thereind of cleaning up and waiting for it to get dark. no one was drinking. i wasn't on my phone. i was wiping up spaghetti oev >> asked for a snack and nicole gave him an extra treat. >> i'm going to give him this brownie. i it in half. it was very small. put half of it in his bowl, watching tv with all the kids, sitting on the couch watching tv. and then i don't know. i have relived this, retracedy steps, what was i even doing. i don't know. i put then brownie my mouth. i didn't sit down. i didn't have a conversation with anybody. i said, well, i'm going to go -- i assumed levi was sitting on the couch. i knew my middle daughter was on the other side with my older
8:15 am
daughter and i was going to go put her crabbing shirt on her. i'm going to do this quickly. i walked out ofoo heavy and intentionally, because i always did, because ier took w safety seriously, intentionally looked over thealcony and saw my son in his crab hunting shirtd at te of the pool. >> within seconds nicole had levi out of the water. there we six doctors in their vacation house, including levi's dad, bheir efforts to save him weren't enough. >> i just needed one usminute. i needed one minute. ad that ld have just one minute he would have been okay. how did he even get out? >> are you eating a minion ice cream? >> i want to help you shout it to the world that iteally just takes a second. >> it is truly seconds. i was still the brownie that was in my mouth i had split with levi, was stillot finished eating it when i jumped in the water to get him.
8:16 am
that is how quickly he got away from us and how quickly he drowned. >> that same day june 1th that little levi hughes drowned across the country emmy miller lost her life as well. >> together youe been abl to harness this energy to help others, which i think is extraordinary in and of itself. whereoes the work needo be done? on the one hand everyone knows that water can be dangerous. on the other hand nobody seems to take it as seriously as it needs to be taken. >> it's the intensity behind the conversation. it is 100% preventible. >> people i think are letting their guard down because theyn' realize their guard still needs to be up. >> we need to think of this body of water as a loaded gun. >> you need to thinkf water differently. you're sitting here and i'm looking outside at my pool that is a lion. dnapper, thats a is something that could take my child in 30
8:17 am
thet those 30 seconds are up, the likelihood of you getting your child back is pretty close tozero. >> morgan and nicole are hoping to work with the american academy of pediatrics to launch a campaign that would increase parent areness about how and when drowning occurs. >> one week after we los levi, my husband and i were sitting ts e. he found statistics on cdc. when he read them to me, it was like ourearts broke all over again. >> both mothers want water safety conversations to be of all pediatric checkups. the american academy of diatrics tells nbc news they welcome the opportunity to participate with the families on aional drowning prevention project. >> this is something that's going to continue for the next 50 yearso e can actually see the statistics to make sure that the rate of drowning declines in a way that we are going to bey ha with. i guess you could say it's mama
8:18 am
fuel, mama fire t push it forward. >> two moms on a mission. >> two moms on a mission. each moment they both say is a choice to move forward doing their best toar for their families, honor the babies they lost, and now look out for one another. >> we are sisters on a level that iray no other women need to >>find. don't think there was more of a descriptive moment than when she talked about that brownie in her mouth, all of a sudden under the circumstances it. it took tt much time. >> it's so quick. she didn't even have time to swallow. these are some of the most courageous women and bode, too, that i have ever met, that they theiraching up and out of grief. i've seen a lot of different comments. there's a lot of different ways to protect your child. some people talk about you can put your little ba, infan baby in water survival. look into that. you can put a fence up. do that. the point is that there are
8:19 am
many, many ways to protect your child from water. i think what i am mt struck by is that we all need to change our mind-set about it. it's not just when you're nswimming. oft's not. it's when you think that door is closed and you're inside watchit' tv and 6:00 at night and you turn around because the phone is ringing. it's that fast. bode said to me, if you he the mind-set that it can't happen to me, that is the most dangerous mind-setou can have. so i just want to thank them for talking. >> ves. >> they hanged me. i said it before, really changed my mind-set, and iop really we can spread the word and make this a change morgan talked how back in the '80s and '90s there was the back to bed campaign, start putting your baby on your back, cutdown and dmatically reduced sids death. we can do that. i feel inspired by them and i hope we can pass it on.
8:20 am
>> we learned a t. >> by t way, we've got more on hheir story if you're interested along w really good drowning prevention tips from american academy of thpediatrics. 's on our website, al, over tyou. >> guys, thanks so good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's ay clo start to the day in washington. radar shows not much rain out there jus yet. rain chances will increase later on in the day today. current temperatuths because of clouds we're still in the
8:21 am
s.per 60s and low 70 most clouds will keep us cooler than average. today's forecast,nly 81. just enough peaks of sunshine to to temperatures into the mid upper 80s. rain chances remain high every day into the weekend. hey, don't forget heading out the door catch us on sirius 108, 1:00 p.m. with yours truly, dylan dryer and sheinelle jone >> i love the show. >> we likey. look who is here.nn has joined the party. we've got a powerful dose of mom-spiration. >> i haven't heard that i like that. while vacationing in bali, chrissy is getting personal about post baby bo the mother of two shared this video of stretch marks saying i gus these aren't going away. this is my new body. she went on writing instagram i crazy. i think it's awesome people have
8:22 am
killer bodies and are proud to them f, i really do. i know how hard it can be forget what -- for lack of a better word -- regular oldk bodies l like when everyone looks bonkers amazing. she went on, also, i don't really call this body confibence use i'm not quite there yet. i'm super insecure. i'm just happy that i can make anyone else out there feel her post did just that. christine writes, it makes me feel better en you get insecure. caitlyn writes, thank you for alking about this being honest. it matters. teigen has been very candid about breastfeeding sharing several photos online. social media users seem to be embracing her openness and frankly relating to her journey as a mother. f let'se it, sometimes instagram and all those things, it's like everybody's highlight reel, you never put the real deal on there. kudos t chrissy teigen. she showed her stretch marks. love her. >> her s marks look really good. we'll take that.
8:23 am
>> our inspiration. >> i've got those and i don't even have kids is the sad thing. >> "pop start,irst up, congratulations are in order for michaelle b and his growing family. the singer and his wife welcoming baby girl thursday, the news being shared on adorable instagram post. now they revealed her name. vita amberbu e. >> shortly after his return to stage following noah's battle with cancer. he has learned to enjoy life more than ever after the ordeal. next up, this has been trending everre. movie pass, the subscription pass everyone called too good to be may be. 30 movies a month for $10, the service has struggled to make money. the past weekend making that clearer than ever, the service was completely down for a number of once it was back up and running, many users unable to buy tkets for "mission: impossible."
8:24 am
in response to angry custosrs movie paid the film will be available to watch at some point just not now. >> it's called cable. >> a new report claims movie tipass will ce to block big releases including christopher robin. questions whether the service will make it through the summer. rs> how cool nicole kidman stays when she dis a tarantula byer h god. >> step back. come on. step back. it's i goingthe ol. >> i'm havin to take care of is spider. help. >> she's smiling. >> you can hear her kids in the ground completely freaking out. kidman writing, the spider released unharmed. some of her f famouends not having it. octavia writing, iould have to move. >> she was pretty calm. >> i'll say. >> my brother had a pet
8:25 am
tarantula. it's arizona, the '70s, what can i say. >> i feel like i see a tiny spider like that and i freak out totally. >> daily click? >> kevin kennedy, look athis picture. kevin kennedy ryan wrote a betiful photo writing three years ago i had a beautiful moment. on the floor by the brides fe that's where you'll find ryan's sister. she passed out the second ryan was told to ks hisbride. she's fine. you know they stand too long. literally right when they said, you may kiss the ide. ey made sure she was comfortably seated. she laughed about it, everybody laughed about it. >> they are kissing like -- >> it happened so quickly. guys, i'm leaving. i'm leaving you, i've got places to go. weye got b and important people here. one of them is miss mila kunis is here. >> the whole thing like a
8:26 am
roundtable. >> what do we do. get over here. we've got aew movie to talk about. she's a lovely mom. hi, everyone. it is 8:26 on this tuesday, july 31st. i' angieff. want to get a check on yr roads with jack taylor. he's in for melissa. hey,jack. >> angie, good morning. can't catch a break on 395 northbound. more activity in the hov lanes. up near washingtonboulevard. good news down near duke street, that's gone. 11 street bridge just after m street we have a broken down vehicle. blocking the right lane. both sides of 29ome in bound on the 11. ang, back to you. a checkn another rainy forecast when we return.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, everybody. 73 now in arlington. 66 f leesburg. h6 in fort meade. mostly cloudy w a likelihood of rain.
8:29 am
degrees.perature 81 >> thanks, chuck. get the latest news and weather in our nbc washington app.
8:30 am
it's 8:, tuesdaymorning, the 31stf july, 2018. there's a reason whye're listening to jasan mraz. he's taking over theplaza. riday our calendars next august 10th. >> guess what? you geto pick one of the songs. the choices are all great. "ion't giv heup," "t remedy,"
8:31 am
or "unlonely" use hashtag and tune in next week to see what song will be performed. carter who works here, she will be front row fan girl. >> she loves him. >> coming up, something to inspire us all to read more. >> look forward to that. can i introduce you to a great family in our crowd. >> yes. >> know how under the circumstances in the car and go, are we there yet? where are the malones? thealone family from iowa, they drove more 1,000 miles to get here. how many kids do you have? >> four. >> okay. how was the car ride, dad? >> the car ride wasfantastic. >> really? how many stops were the? >> not very many. >> you just keep going. >> ah. >> you guys just came to see us on the plaza? do you watch the "today" show at home. >> very much, yeah. >> who is your favorite character? you don't have to say savannah. is it sunny. >> i really like hoda.
8:32 am
>> you're my absolute favorite. >> i thought you guys like rossen reports. j you likef rossen. but if he comes knocking on your door, don't letim in. >> that's good advice anyway. >> exactly. >> that's good stuff. >> thanks for coming. >> that is awesome. savannah, these guys drove 3,000 miles. hello to you, too. >> we have a fun show coming up ead. mila kunis is here this morning. we're going to talk about her new moviein co-starrg with kate mckinnon. the one place you'll never find her. she'll reveal that. >> batten down the hatches. >> what's happening? >> jen and i get to fill i for megyn at 9:00. >> hopefully we won't just talk over each other,o excited. >> that's appointment tv. i'm sorry, i've got to tune in. mr. roker, a check of the weather. you betcha but first --
8:33 am
good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorogist
8:34 am
chuckbell. mostly cloudy skies overhead. you can see on storm tea 4 radar, not really a lot of rain over the region. that may change laterth on in day. today's rain chances increase thadually with time. temperatures are i low 70s around the city now. 70sernoon highs in the upper and low 80s. a likelihood of some rain around todaynd this eveni and a pretty high chance for rain every day all the way into the weekend. >> all these folks at this end didn't get seent we wan to make sure we see em . tune in into sirius channel 108. off the rails with dylan, sheinelle and yours truly cominp at 1:00. >> thank you, al. all right. in the new movie "the spy who dumped me" mil kunis and her on screen bff kate mckinnon find themselves in the middle of a conspicy when mila discovers her ex was actually a spy.ta
8:35 am
a look. >> said if we don't deliver the package a lot of people will die. if we don't do it, a terrorist attack or something. >> what did he say to do? >> we have to get it to a cafe vienna. >> austria, vienna. >> that'shat he said? >> why don't we do that then. bunch of urope when a people are going to kill us? >> do u want to die going to europe oroi to die having been to europe. >> why are those my two yoptio. >> a two besties? it seems like -- i know you didn't know each other before the movie but the's clear situation happening. >> we fell in love, pretty instant. got verylucky. you don't know what's going to sometimes you get in situations where you just wish you could get along, best case scenario. we actually fell in love. >> when you signed on, you had heard of kate mckinnon. you guys had never worked
8:36 am
together. hu met? >> i signed on because i was a fan of hers. i wanted to work with her. i'll do it i think she's awesome and super talented. then we met at the table read. we seemingly got along. then first day of production we became bes friends. >> do you guys laugh all the time? i picture you two. >> i laugh tenstop. has a fake laugh. i've said this before, there's fake kate mckinnon laugh. from now on when you interview r there's twolaughs. one is a genuine laugh and one is i'm laughing because i'm supposed to. i learned this early on. i'm like hell, no, kate. i don't want your fake laugh. her goal was to make her genuine laugh. i could tell when i made her for real and not. now that you're besties, when we turn on snl, will we find you? >> it's been 10 years. it'stf a pm that takes a
8:37 am
skill set. tme people thrive and some get by. monologue. >> the whole thing. you have to love it and have so much fun with it. some people go on and they don't have fun with itnd you c tell. i've always been really nervous about doing it. now that i know somebod actually on it, i was like, kate, here is the thing, rne, us together put then it will be fun. so i'm going to start pushing for that concept, kate and i do it together. >> so t movie,ou fall in love with a guy. you don't realize he's a s he dumps you. >> spoiler alert, guys. i mean, yes. then what happens? >> it's in the title, "the spy who dumped me." purchase touche. >> it's about a spy who dumpsme >> this turns into a caper, the two of you off and running. i'm sorry,ket lood like there were scary stunts. >> they were great stunts. it was the same stunt team that
8:38 am
did bourne moes, 007. they have beautiful. you have kate mckinnonnd i responding to the stunts versus a professional. >> so you dn't have to get involved? >> we needed no skills whatsoever. we were part of the stunts. we didn't need tohe rehearse because we're not pros. we're like -- that's what you get. >> love when you're running. >> we don't quite look like tom cruise. i wouldn't go in and say, guys, we look like action stars. we are but not the norm. >> now, is it true -- on a different subject, nowhere on social media. >>ot my game. >> you don't look? >> i look. don't get mg. wr i'm all about looking. i myself don't subscribe to it >> you don't. because? >> there's so many reasons to it. i was, a, late to the game. so i must have been sleeping under a rock when everything exploded and w like all
8:39 am
right. then it became -- the trust i n it part of your contract. if you're an actor or whatever in this industry,ou need to post this many posts and this many -- so it's like w ale addendum to a contract. forget it. i don't want toategotiate i don't want to be on social media, so it's not -- it's not up to debate. >> but your hubby is . >> barely. he was on it originally on twitter when it was a forum to connect with fans. social media. that's my husband. look how cute he is. the only time we've ever gone down the red carpet together. we're in denial about being married. that's not on the red carpetk that's b stage. that's also us. >>u guys have a lot of cute photos. s he a fun dad? >> he's the best dad on the planet. he's super dad. he's with the kids now. i'm here and he's taking the kidsopefully -- what is it in l.a. waking up with two kids. >> did the whole diapers, ng everyt >> yeah. he's incredible.
8:40 am
he's an incredible human being. back to me. here is what happens, i will go on aant about miss husband for 20 minutes. he truly is an unbelievable human. is he really? yes. treally like my husband. >> backyou. we've got to go. "the spy who dumped me" in theaters on friday. thanks mila. coming up we're celebrating one of our finest on a speak specialday. miss andrea mitchell is hitting a major lestone. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
8:42 am
this is a big day. we are back tuesday morning. t is a special day for our dear, dear friend andrea mitchell. >> as far as i'm sconcerned, t should be a national holiday. today our andrea is celebrating, get this, 40 years with nbc news. she is amazing, a w wet to
8:43 am
celebrate you. take a look. >> here is andrea mitchell. >> andrea retchell. >> condent andrea mitchell. >> what do you know, andrea. >> we've been told there will bg a brie >> you started in this business when they wanted to get the broads out of broadcasting. >> they started as a copy boy, which is what we called them. >> she's a legend, a total legend. >> she's a trail blazer, a pioneer. >> i love you, andrea, you are indefateyeingable. you're my kind of woman. >> i'm somewheren the floor of the convention. mitchell at andrea wasn't having it. >> what about the russian investigation? >> sometimes i just pinch myself i get to work with andrea mitchell. she's one of the people whoed inspe to get into this career. she's become such a mentor to me. i've learned so much. a lot of people would be surprised, we laugh a lot, too. >> gas lines can be avoided. the accent at three-mile
8:44 am
island -- preaching mass suicide. >> not what you said sunday night, sir. >> yes, it is. >> white house say that's terrific. >> andrea. >> not to risk losing last onding opportunity the president could get an extra hour of sleep. >> what do you say to those who feel tre's a perception america is weakened. >> i'm as frustrated. s anyo >> you were asked at the first debate what new weapons systems you would cu you mentioned three that had already been canceled? >> you want one now? >> can i disagree with the premise of your question. >> for the sake of arg >> all on trial fulfilling his promise of hope will be clinton's greatt challenge. unlike larger whitewater case. >> sex with young internal. iraq may be taking advantage of bill clinton at a time whenn the presi is busy with lewinsky matter h >> seeing around the bureau was like fomeonel about
8:45 am
running into bruce springsteen or muhammad i was afrd to even look her in the >> the israeli soldiers are coming now to chase the kidsto throwings nearly eight years after tiananmen massacre theuestion is will u.n. maintain security miami's community will make clinton white house pay gore's position sends a signal of weakness a show of strength prosecute le violence in recent months. taliban have brought people some degree of security b at a terrible price we asked to take a look at how live in pyongyang. instead our official guides took us here toa' ko revolutionary blue seem china said in tokyo today fromlondon. last out post. >> started working with andrea in my early 20s. just being with her every day was like aat gra degree in journalism. andrea was one of the first people i wanted to call when i got named executiveerprod
8:46 am
and we had a little cry. >> isn't there the appearance that the u.s. has backed down? >> the u.s. must not back down. >> a lot of peopleou perceive as another politician. how did that happen? >> assure you the surge is worth it. >> a nitty-gritty work. >> like fish slime. >> can hillary win this one? >> sure. >> vladimir putin. >> that's goingsp to be ial. >> that's a reason to get out of bed. >> and to sing. >> and to sing. >> i still to hiis day what would andrea do? would andrea ask that question? itill caller before i have a big interview and i still crave her respect. >> andrea mitchell, nbc news kabul tokyo moscow. kuala lumpur. dmz. hav. ho chi minh city. cairo. berlin. belgra. baghdad.
8:47 am
>> wow. can we raise a glass to andrea mitchellho is one of the most generous colleagues, friends, humans, she shows all of us how it's done every single day. we are honored to sit next to you, drea, and we love you. >> i just want to raise a toast to nbc news and my nbc family. all the women and, yes, all the men who mentored andiebeed me. i love you all. >> enjoy today. to 40 more. >> to the people behind the cameras. >> absolutely. coming up. just ahead thee remarkabllace proving books are magic. >> it's bad luck not you know when you're at ross and you're like... hello. ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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♪ start the day with the chicken you love. get the feeling of chick-fil-a, for breakfast. ♪ ...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. we are back with our series read more today. retail stores struggling, it can be risky to open a bookstore.
8:50 am
jenna, you found a woman brave enough toive it go. >> when her local bookstore closed,hohe was left witut a bookstore in walking distance. she opened books are magic and has been bringing magic to brooklyn every since. >> you needed a place to read. >> yeah. >> a your store is titled books are magic, which could be the best name for any store ever. >> thank you. it's a little whimsical. >> so you are. >> so am i, exactly. and ma straub is whimsical so are her best selling books. the author of the vacationers and modern lovers is working on fifth. last year opened this bookstore in brooklyn. >> as long as they want to read books they can come in. >> come on in. let's go. books are magic. >> what makes books magic, they only lk likebjects but really they are doors. you open it up and you walk right there and go somewhere else. >> straub isn't just a best selling author, she's momr to rind miles.
8:51 am
>> want to read this one next? >> emma and her husband michael own and operate books are magic. >> youhi baby, business, is about a year old or a little more. what's it been li? what have you learned? >> it has been bananas. ery day is busier than we thought. i think there are a lot of us who are advocates not only for our own books but for booksod pe >> there are tons of articles that say that people are reading less now than ever. what do you say? >> the people now saying, oh, since people started reading on their ereaders, they aren't reading books.ey robably didn't read before. i probably don't read as much as i used to because iave a bookstore and a lot of other responsibilities but it's what i love the most. >> it made me misty eyed. i love it when i cry a the other person doesn't. >> it's because you're the librarian. a
8:52 am
>> i love books. ieel the same way. i can't stop looking around. sensory overload. >> that means we're doing the right thing. >> and the right thing is paying off. they have sold 150,000 books in just their first year. >> i can't help but sp at poetry and gum ball machine. >> thehi best in the store. >> love i can almost imagine summer, how the green world begins. >> it's full of them. >> i'm going to take that and keep it forever. >> ye. >> what should i be reading to mila and poppy. take me over. >> this is the one i mentioned about two pussycats, they look similar. >> very similar but i see difference. >> one of them likes potato chips. >> i did have a cat that ate fried pasta. >>itour fave part of this store is this octagon. >> is this secret little hideout. >> magic place.
8:53 am
>> where you can be by your self and hoke your >> is that a good place to read? pretty good. >> are you living you dream? yes. i write books for a living. people pay me to doit, and i get to talk about books all day long. it's a dream. it's dream. >> okay. so spending the day with her was a dream. we picked our favorite children's books to get kids reading. the new graic novel of my te favo the babysitters club" for reluctant readers. >> i've got elmo. hailey is obsessed. that's all i read to her. >> should i share my ice cream. th love thisbook. >> jeff kinney's "diary of a wimpy kid" seeaes. it'sy good. go to a bookstore where they have a haiku margarita maker. >> what? >> just kidding. >> that piece was awesome. really great. for more on picks go to heading to megyn kelly. >> i better go. >> buy, y'all. >> go, go. >> this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
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saddle. talk about lowering cancer risk and grilling this is a "news 4 today" news break. 8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, july 31st, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. right now jack taylor is keeping an eye on the roads for you in for melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. hi, jack. >> hey, eun. good morning. in bound th street bridge, a broken down bus blocking the right lane causing major
8:57 am
slowdowns coming inbounds. north in th hov lanes. a broken down vehicle still along the rightf sidee roadway staying left to get by. a solid delay on the main and locals. eun, back in to you. >> thank you. we'll take a quiw. break we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
temperatures in the 60s and low 70s as you go out the door. a lot of clouds will keep temperatures cooler than average only up to 81 for an average high. average high is87 rain chances remain very high every day starting this evening and continuing on intohe weekend. >> all right. chuck. atank you. get thet news and weather any time on the nbc washington app. have a great day. t bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites. (chuckling) ahh... ooh! (giggle, phone buzzing) apparently i... like them more than i like my phone. where... ah... oh, hello! ah, i missed it. it's my mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi.
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hi, everybody. good morning. great to be with you. i've savannah guthrie. >> i'm jenna bush hager. >> they are letting us do this. av what were they thinking? >> we an entire hour today. we're filling in for megyn. she's on vacation all week. i ve to say this might be my favorite thing i do all summer. >> me, too. >> get to spend the next hour with you. >> all of y'all. f thank yo coming. we are friends, savannah and i, from work friends but also mom friends. >> neighbors. >> and neighbors. we do this on a regular basis just not on live television. >> usually there is tequila


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