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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 31, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> deal or no deal in the nats make a decision on bryce harper's future in washington. and right now we are watching that, the radar. it's another urrain-sed week in the district. >> right now we seem to be in the clear, but there is more rain come. we'll check in withn a aa few minutes. first, we wansh t you these, pictures of a big-money bad burglary. >> thieves stealing high-end purses right off the racks and just taking o i. pat colli live outside the saks fifth avenue in chevy chase with wha happened there. pat? >> reporter: leon, this appears to be a well-rehearsed operation and a big one. seven suspects, two getaway cars. they seem like they knew were ut there t on the way was a kodak moment. these a pictures of two of the
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suspects making their geway after this high-dollar handbag heis at saksn chevy chase. look closely. handbag upon handbag upon handbag stacked onen top of the other. it seemed like it took quite an efrt just to keep them from tumbling to the ground. it happened around 11:30 this morning. they say two guys g inside that saks and assault an employee. they are followed by five more guys, and in all seven men began grabbing things, this way, that way, out in a flash. hear now from montgomery county police officer rick goodale, how long did it take? >> about five is seven minutes.
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>> rheorter: they knew what were doing? >> they target the the property, assaulted the employeemeho ately contacted them and then fled. it looked like they knew what they wante to do. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00, we're going to hear from the man o took the candid crime camera pictures. you see, he was just sitting in his car outside the store when he saw all the guys coming out with the handbags and he reached for this. i love these things. the cameraman of the day speaks t at 5:00. leon, pat, back to you. >> all right. >> can't wait to see that. >> police wilbe kissing him, too. >> that's crazy. >> that's crazy, thanks, pat. now to a breaking story in prince george's county. k police are converging on green belt park for a report of a possible mountain lion ghting. video from chopper 4 shows officers carrying long guns inside the park. the national park service closed off the entrances to the park. campers in the park have been asked to shelter in place for
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the time being, and the hik who spotted the lion says the animal did not appear to be aggressive. we'll keep an eye on the situationnd keep you updated as we learn more here. back now to the storm center. relia draper is tracking that rain for thet of the night. >> okay, amelia, how is it looking out there right now? >> ll, right now most of us seeing a mix of cloud and sunshine, and it's actually pret nice outside. we had ominous skies at times today but not a lot of rain was lling out of them. a few showers across the area, and that's what i'm continuing to track on storm team 4 radar. loyalty showers right now mainly in northern virginia and part of rappahannock and fauquier county and loudoun county as well. these are moving toward the north right now, so they will be pushing into parts andreas like winchester and leesburg as we head on into the evening hour. a look at the bigger picshre s rain moving in from parts of southern virginia and aaiatch of pushing in from west virginia. here's what we're expecting tnight. right3 degrees, a few
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isolated showers until about 7:00 p.m. and if you want to get something done outdoors you'll be fine over the next few hours. by 90 more clo and by 11:00 p.m. that scattered rain to our south and west srts to move in. i'll have more on the timing, leon, with future weather and what that means for tomorrow's weather comingp right around 4 sack. >> meantime we'll keep our figurers croed. >> prosecutors in los angeles will not pursue a sexual abuse case against the ceo of cbs. >> les mooes is accused of sexually a in the 1980s.s back prosecuty the statute of limitations has expired. the woman went to police back in february and reported three incidents. a danger to society versus a constitutional rig? should texas man be able to post how-to instructions on making plastic guns with a 3-d printer. beginnin tomorrow anyone can download the blueprints. nbc's liz mclaughlin reports on
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lawmakers who were fighting back. [ no audio ] >> coming to a theater near you. >> reporter: senate democrats take aim today against plastic guns manufactured on 3-d printers. >> thedea of these print-on-command ghost guns are as scary a they sound. >> reporter: president trump tweeted concern this morning. i am looking into 3-dst p guns being sold to the public. already spoke to nra. doesn't seem to make much sense. ut in an administration settlement with june with a company called defense distributed with allow the publication of the weapon designs. the company founder cody wilson cited the first and second amendments for the right to post downloadablee blueprints for
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firearms online. >> as long as you have the right to keep and bear arms you have the right to make them. >> reporter: nine alorneys geneiled for a court injunction to block the settlement and pennsylvania hme anency hearing to block users in the state from accessing those files. concer stem from the ease plastic weapons could have in evading security measures and the lack of serial numbers. >> it's the ultimate gun loophole. >> drug cartels will find this technology very useful for their criminalpurposes. >> reporter: but the durability of 3-d-printed firearms. isuestionable. the atf tested wilson's design in 2013 f and itl apart after a single round was fired. >> the reality is it's much easier to go and buy a gun on the streets. >> reporter: the debate is over a potential new t option put them there. liz mclaughlin, nbc coming up at 4:45, we talk live to nbc's t costello about toe dangers of 3-d-printed guns and efforts to sp the how-to
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instructions from many posted. to> a developing in montgomery county. manencing under way for who murdered two teenagers. jose cana les. rumoredemoved and was to have stolen drugs from the girlfriend. prosecutors sayen the deaths were revenge murders. three other men have been charged in connection with thes murder news 4's chris gordon is in the courtroom and we'll bring an update from him when he hands down the ntence. >> activity at the naval academy in annapolis is back to normal after an alert concerning suspicious package. you can see h-mat cruise and emergency vehicles clustered gether. texts warned midshipman and faculty and staff to stay away
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from bancroft hall. this afternoon the naval academy >>eeted nothing hazardous was found. picking up the pieces. residents in prince george's county displaced by an apartment re are getting some help. >> flames gutted much of the apartment building in green belt on friday. you may have seen these things nd then let the families live there with only their clothes on the bachi bureau tracee wilkins has more on the community's effort to help the victims today. tracee. >> reporter: you're going to be blown away by what folks in b greenelt have been doing to help the 11 families displaced here and first let me show you what it'sooking like right now. you can see straight to the sky when you look up at the apartments and that's because how extre the fire was at franklin park apartment take a look at what happened last friday. smoke iun lievable, can be seen from the beltway, and i'm telling you this started on friday, and it hasn't even been a we, but look at this. this room is packed with iatms th have been donated.
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people in this community who want to help the folks w live inside of this apartment complex and have been displaced. they have got diapers, and they have gotri toilet. they have got clothing, and a number ofnd items, the folks who have been displaced here really appreciate the help. >> even when i get into an apartment, you know, have to rebuild everything, so i'm still going to help once i iet you know, for -- for school items. >> anything that theys give always helpful and a blessing, you know. >> reporter: so, again, lots of donations havelready been made. it's not even been a week. that room was packed. roi'm saying that , but they had an overflow and then a third room that had items in there a well. they are starting to box all that stuff up so they can get it out to the families. churches have helped. localns organizatave helped, but there's still some specific items that they need, and if yoo d like to help with that go to nbc washington and search
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apartment f te help see how you can donate. in green belt, tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> nothing helpsbo a neiood like generosity of people. >> thanks, tracee. a lot of nats fans breathing a sigh of relief right now. >> oh, yeah. baseball's trade deadline passed ten minutes ago and bryce harper is still a national. >> here we go. >> dave johnson joins us from the desk. tell us more on what this means for theda nats. ? >> reporter: one thing it means, the debate will probably go away, right, leon? the debate seldom does on any subject in this town, but as you mentioned, pryce harper is still on the washingtonna nat. keeping harper is not a cure-all. this is a nationals team that's nderperformed and one thing is clear. on july 31st nats president and general manager mike believes in this team and it potential for october baseball and not trading harpers proof of that. nats would not be in the playoffs if they started today.
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still, a lot of work need to be done to make theon se and clearly the nationals think that's possible. harper's future with the team is still up in the air as he' come a coveted free agent and can sign with any team. nats will certainly make a bid, but as we know they will have stiff competition. bryce harper stays with the nationals andore nationals news coming up at 5:00. one of harper's tesmmates g an emotional apology for inappropriate tweets from his college days. that's when we join you at 5:00. >> good deal. thanks, dave. >> thank you, dave. modern cars are high tech. >> reminding you to wear you seat belt and turn off the headlights and susan hogan is coming up with a new reminder from a manufacturer to check the back so the. >> the chrissy teigen is being very honest about her followers on social media and what she calls her new mom bod. >> and more spotty showers this
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evening, but the sun is actually evening, but the sun is actually peeking out in some places.
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y2x56y y16fy you are right now, just sit tight. it's going to come back. we're timing out the rain chances wit storm team 4. amelia draper will be back here in two minutes with the full
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forecast. breaking news now from facebook. the company says it's uncovered a new covert campaign to spread divisive political msages on its social network. this is facebook's first acknowledgement of potential political meddling before the mid-term elections. the company removed 32 pages and accounts from its platform and fromns itagram. facebook says the campaign iso similar russia's involvement in01 the 26 election, but it is still looking into the source of this new campaign. so far this year nearly 30 children have dieng after b left in hot cars. >> one of the world's largest automars is making change that could help prevent such tredies. consum reporter susan hogan is here with the details. tell us about that, epsusan. >>ter: that's right, pat. nissan is going to be the first automaker with technology thatu the horn to remind drivers when they left something in the back seat, and in just a few years it will be standard on all vehicles, so here's how i
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the rear door alert system monitors when youck open the ba door, so if you open and close it before starting the car, it will remind youhe to the back seat when you park. the first notification will pop up on the instrument panel. now, if you walk away without opening the bacdoor, the horn will go off several times. nissan says the technology will be standarin on of its models in 2019 and all of its four-door trucks, sedans a suvs. the idea was developed by two moms who are also engineers. if you don't want to be alert th system can be turned off temporarily or permanently. pat aleon, back to you. >> that's an idea copied by every other >> they areing on it. >> thanks, susan. a veteran actor goe public th a health issue. alan alda known for his role as
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hawkeye pierce on "m.a.s.h." he's revealed he's got parkinson's disease. than threenosed more years ago, but he decided to go public now before someone publishes a sad story, he says, about his condition. alda remains active. in fact, last week he was on thd "t" show talking about a podcast that he's doing now. >> wish him well. s do you kneone who plays soccer? a new study shows headi the soccer ball can be more harmful to female players. researchers at albert einstein college o medicine found that women soccer players have five times more damaged brain tissue than men. y are not clear exactly why, but experts suggest differences in neck strength, sex hormones icor maybe genets could play a role. speaking about sporting events, no need to water the field anywhere around here, that's for sure. not for someeatime. >> we've turned the sprinklers off. >> had the fourth wettest july on record to date, and today is
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the last day w of julych i can't even believe. talk about that all night long about how quickly this month has gone. >> time flies. >> exactly. we here looking at mainly dry conditions right now, butra mor is in the -- this week. i said this a lot yesterday and can't stress itl enough. weave plenty of dry time this week as well. it's not aset of a pattern as it is. take a look at your rain outlookshrough sunday. there's just a chance that you're dealing with some thunderstorms tomorrow. mainlydaater in the but it's one of those days where the thunderstorm p have theential to be strong to severe with he have rainfall and gusty winds, especially west of washington. thursday and fridayowcattered s and thunderstorms out there mainly during the afternoon hours. thehance for some thunderstorms on saturday and sunday right now are going to keep it mainly dry. every day through sunday, not falling under that widespread range and plenty of driveim that's your best bet for rain. because of the timing and the nuisance of e rain, definitely having a moderate impact on this
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workweek. outdoor exercise is going to be best in the mornings when you'r most likely dry. heading to the pool, i would still go especially headingou the lunchtime hours and still have a backup plan, especially for the chance of stronger thunderstorms in the forecast. lot of people are saying i want to go out and go golfing. keep the tee time especially early in the day. as the day wears on better chance for storms, but storms aren't a guarantee, and that commute, some rain is possible. again, looking at plenty of dry time, and speaking of dry time, if youanto get things done outside, you'll have a chancedoo so. these thunderstorms are moving into our area from west virginia a lertle bit l tonight. i want to show you the weather. starting off at 7:00 p.m. where you canee we still have sunshine out there. as we move towards 8:00 p.m. we're still mainly dry and9: , 10:00 p.m. we have areas of rain moving into there region. fueather suggesting heavier rain.
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overnight tonight i don't think that's going to be the there are going to be showers out there overnight tonight so stepping out the door tom arow mornin likely dealing with some wet pavent with a high of 87. dry in the midday and morning hours with a mix of clouds a sunshine. not as ominous looking as it was today around the morning and midday hours and scattered thunderstorms out there during the afternoon, and especially the evening hours on wednesday. on thursday high temperature of 88 with a 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms later in the day. very similar weather for friday. for the weekend, really not all that bad. the or% chance some late-day showers and thunderstorms on saturday and right now wesunday , looking mainly dry with partly sunny skies. pat and leon? >> all right, thanks, amelia. >> leonardo dicaprio has one, tom bradywe recently s his off. we're a talkingut dad bods. they are all the rage these >> today super model chrissy teigen shows off what she calls her newnorm, her mom bod. >> plus, guac is extra except on
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nationdo avo day. we'll tell you where you can get your favorite
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a ton of buzz with their recent performance other in d.c., but today a new beyonce headline is making news, or should i say cover is making news. beyonce is going to grace the cover of "vogue" september issue, and that tops the tuesday trend, and joining us is vicer ja thanks for joining us. >> she is making history giving her complete creative control. she's calling shots on her look and on her photographer which i making history because it will be "vogue's" first ever black photogra. er. >> real >> reporter: a 23-year-old photographer. his name is tyler mitchell from acl. >> hey. >> reporter: shoutouts for beyonce and that's really how you boss up. >> she just launched his career. his coeer is going take off if he's got a "vogue" cover at
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age 23. >> reporter: worked with other designers, and this is time that "vogue" is letting someone call the shots and beyonce is the one to do it. >> using her juice to the cause. >> reporter: love it. >> the mom bod issue with chrissy teigen. >> reporter: got to love chrissy teig teigen. do you follow her on social media? she's so real. >> r:no. >> reporhe posted this video mom bod alert, amo l, however. and a lot of times you go on and we want to show you what ies real regular old bodies look 'm like and not mad at it. >> who took the picture. she's standing next to her husband half naked. >> the other shot was a long shot of her half naked. who is taking thee? pict >> reporter: it might be a nanny. her cousin could besh there.
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looks great. i think she looks awesome. >> probably a neighbor who stopped by. >> reporter: she doesn't call it body confidence because she's not there yet, sup insecure and she's a model. ulshe's r. strut your stuff, girl. >> something that regular today. nationalvocado day. pat is just beside herself. >> reporter: she'soving it. >> love my guac. >> reporter: national avocado day. guacamole. want freeuacamole today, you can go to chipotle, but you know what, you can't go insyoe. u have to go online or use their app, and then the coupoco avocado. you know, they are celebrating, and a lot of memes and videos and tets of people saying i know guac is extra because they always tell yhe that you go in. now it's absolutely free today only though, so don't g in there tomorrow saying that you put the coupon code in there. >> i mayry ifthere's a half nakedhe chrissy teigen in
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eating guac with her husband it might make it hf interesting. listen to vic every morning and see her here ain at 5:25. >> we know you didn't mean that. >> you think? there are 1 serious wildfires burning throughout california right now including one of the deadliestnd most destructive in the state'sst y. we're live out west with the vastating details coming up. plus, the new progr at a locaospital that's giving children going through really tough times a room their
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let's get you caught up with fo thingso know this afternoon. >> thieves targeting a high tnd store o maryland-d.c. line. police say just before lunchtime a couplef guys went into the saks fifth avenue in chevy chase mployee in ed an there and five other men showed up and they all started grabbing things from the racks before running off. the whole process lasted about a minute. we learned today that prosecutors will not pursue a sexual abuse case against the ceo of cbs. les moves is accused of sexually abusing an and unidentified woman back in s.e 1980 prosecutors say the statute of limitations has expired. the woman went to police back in february and reporte three
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incidents. attorneys general from several states have filed suitp to s a texas man from posting how-to instructions on posting instructions for how to make a plastic gun on a 3-d printer. most of us were dry today. a chance for more wet weather ramps up soon. amelia? >> well i as we movo the later evening and overnight hours that's going to be our best chance for rain. only a few isolated showers out there this evening so if you're planning on having dinner outside or trying to get the kids outside for someplaytime, for the most part it's looking wokay. right e're at 83 degrees with partly to mostly cloudy skies and a few ilated showers out there around 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. otherwise more cloudngess is mo in, and as we move towards 10:00, 11:00 p.m. we start to track scatter rain
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through the area. likely moving up toet driveways and rain overnight tonight but nothing too heavy. throughout the day tomorrow mainly dry until we get to the ate afternoon and evening hour with a mix of clouds and sunshine, warmer temperatures among other factors. storms and fire later in the day tomorrow could be on the stronger and may severe side. not widespread severe weather, but any thunderstorms tomorrow pat could have heavy rain and gusty win as well. lauryn and i will have more on tomorrow's weather coming up i ten minutes. >> we'll see you then, amelia. a stafford county oeputy pullr to help a driver stopped on the side of the road. news 4's meagan fitzgerald reports how it led to an arrest, dropped charges then a lawsuit. >> reporter: take a look at this sheriff county's dashcam video. george wingate pulled over to the side of the road back in april of 2017 because he was having car problems. stafford county sheriff's deputy
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pulls up and asked him for his i.d. >> have i committed a crime? >> reporter: what's that? >> have i committed a crime. >> i didn't say you did. you're still required to identify yourself. >> are you free to go? >> not right now. >> am i being detained? >> then i'm not free to go. >> reporter: moments later he was arrested forwailing to s his i.d. and obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. >> put your handsbehind your back. all charges have been dropped and virginia-based criminal defense attorneys like t walls, sawall wallsh sees why. >> this called consensual contact. >> reporter: wingate believes he was targeted because of his race and that's why he's suing. a>> with officer civilians
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of our color and, you know, it's time that we stand up for our thits and, you know, do the right way. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> we reached out to the deputy and the stafford county sheriff's departme w, andre told they can't comment because of the pendingio litig and deputy fulford was advised not to speak. >> i'm here with a live health report. swimming is now banned atpo san t park on the chesapeake bay near the b bridge due to a large amount of debris floating in the bay. news 4 was the first to tell you about that problem yesterday, and now maryland's natural resources police have issued an advisory to boaters warning of the potential danger of thela e debris floating in the water. they did that yesterday, and now th say it's not safe for swimmers either. debris cleanup is underway as more debris is expected all of
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this week. thanks, wendy. now we turn to what some are callingy the muss test for special counsel's robert mueller's investt ation. presidump's former campaign chair paul manafort is the fst to face july. he's accused of millions of dollars in tax and bank fraud and this afternoon the jury has been set. let's get right to blayne alexander in the federal coitthouse more. blayne? >>eporter: well, leon, 12 jurors, four alternates have all been opening statements have come and gone, so over the next few days or so the jurors will not only decide the fate of paul manafort but they will issuehe first referendum on special counsel robert mueller. once thean in charge of donald trump's presidential campaign -- >> paul manafort has done an amazing job. >> reporter: today paul manafort on trial. it's the first related tco speciasel robert mueller's russia investigation but not focusing on election meddling,
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rathermanafort's personal finances and whether he tried to hide millions of dollars earned as a consultant for the ukrainian government, but the outcome of this h trial coulde major implications on mueller's pr te. >> becaus is really going to be the first time that an official body, namely ajury, is going to decide, sort of give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the fact-finding it and evidence that mueller is presenting. >> reporter: prosecuto likely will not even mention the words russia andur collusiong the trial, but today president trump is tweeting this new twist on a familiar claim. collusion is n a claim, but that doesn't matter because there was no collusion. today the white house distancing itself from the trial. >> but,asremember, it h nothing to do with the campaind. >> reporte the president himself recently wnplaying the role of the campaign manager who helped him secure the nomination. and manafort is scheduled to
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face another trial in s that one would focus on allegations of witness tmpering. leon? nk you, blayne. blayne alexander in alexandria. today was the last day for the supreme court's so-called swing vo supreme court justice anthony kennedy is leaving the bench. 92 of his majority opinions were decided in a 5-4 vote. the 82-year-old ruled on some of the biggest cases in the country including gay rights and abortion. earlier this month preside trump nominated federal appeals court brett kavanaugh to reple kennedy. new details cing out this afternoon about two deadly and dangerous roads in loudoun county. evergreen mills road and watson road have been the scenes of many crashes, including the recent food truck tragedy that took the life of an ashbu woman. the county ordered a safety audit of the roads, afternoon the public will hear what's been learn. he meeting takes place from 6:30 t0tit ho school in leesburg. you know, there's nothing
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more special thanid a being able to make their bedroom their own, put their own stamp on it, you know, but for those who are dealt unfortunate cards with sickness and hav to end up months in the hospital, their rooms will feel isolated and cold in there. >> nicole jacobs spent time at medstar university hospital with asew youngster getting a very special makeover. >> reporter:12-year-old michael rubio loves just beingki a >> play video games and hang out with my friends. >> reporter: it's proof of his childlike heart han mind, far different than what he's endured. >> nervous and is scary, because like you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: michael has spent the last couple of months in the hospital with a bacterial infection in his leg. he's now at medstar georgetown university. >> it's been hard and challenging. >> reporter: his day consists of hours in his room, and today
4:39 pm
that room gets a makeover. t >> i just makes healing so much easier. >> reporter: it's through a perfectetartneren dormify and norman henry who was a youth who died several months after of thef being in and out hospital. >> nothing like being in your own room. >> reporter: that's the goal is to uplift kids by giving their rooms a b l ofift. >> jackson, i'm going to hang this up for you. >> reporter: a small gesture that has an incredible impact,c ging lives with decor by adding comfort one smile at a ,ime. nicole jaco news 4. >> both companies were found in d.c. t y are partnering with more hospitals across the country to continue spreading joy for sick children. >> it's a great program. >> it really is. now to training camp. redskins s quarterback alexth is working to get on the same
4:40 pm
page as his new teammates a as sherree burruss reports from richmond, he's not afraid of had a little heavyft g. >> the redskins are one week closer to returning to game action. playerng and coaches g a better idea of what thi team can look like come wk one. quarterback alex smiths building confidence on the field with his teammates but has built up his self-confidence in the off-season with workouts like this, carrying boulders under water. >> a lot of times we all have distractions and we have to listen to the internal voice and it's great practice to be able to silence, that right, and focus on the moment and let your potential come ou >> reporter: coming up at 5:00, more from the redskins starting quarterback including a family tradition that involves more makeup than he wouike. from richmond, sherree burruss, news 4 sports. i'm a big alex smith fan. a lot of people are not o fans this rain actually. a few showers out there right now. just some light tuff coming through the area, but we do have
4:41 pm
indications of more heacoer stufd possibly be in our area later on tonight. we'll talk about timing coming up with amelia right after this. >> tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., we're live with an incredible group of kids from d.c. a little leagu team that's making history. they are theirst all advanceamerican team to to the regionals for the little league world series. these incredible kids will brighten your day. brighten your day. what an inspiration, and we'
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks ttethe virtual realitynology at gw hos, my surgeons able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful suery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. breaking news now on one of our top stories. the state of virginia now joining the lawsuit to block t creation of 3-d printed guns. these are guns are undetectle typical metal detectors like the ones you see in airports or prisons or schools or capitol hill even. at midnight, a texas man plans to post the 3-d instructions online.
4:45 pm
>> nbc's tom costello w isking on the story for "nightly news." tom, first of all, tell us just how much of a threat these guns really pose. >> reporter: well, i think real threat that people are concerned about is that they are ult they and as a r are not only not traceable because there's no serial number. they are undetectable. somebody could in theory smuggle one through an airport checkpoint on to a plane, into the halls of congress, into the supreme court, wherever you might imthine. ey are said to be very potentially very lethal, and they can be in the form of a handgun or an assault rifle. so the concern heres that cody wilson, the man in texas, has said that this information is going to be out there at 12:01, but in fact he hinted ati short ago he's already uploaded the information, and it's beyond his control at this. poi we now have multiple attorneys general going before a federal judge in washington state trying to get an injunction, but the truts is the cat out of the
4:46 pm
bag. if not, mr. wilson's instructions o how to program a 3-d printer to manufacture a gun. others have done thee exact s thing putting this information out on the dark web and it's really a clash between stmany thingsnce, the internet, the first amendment aen second amenand this technology which allows you to print and create and buildlmost anything in your basement. >> tell us about the efforts then to stop this from actually happening if the cat is not out of the bag completely. any way that it can be stopped. any effort for it building up steam or has it leveled off? >> so far it only seems to be building up steam among democrats. senate democrats were suggesting they would introduce legislation to stop it. the president this mor tweeted he didn't think plastic guns make much sense. he said he would talk to the nra about it which manystound inteing because the trump administration itself is the one that has essentially allowed this to go forward. the obama administration moved to block this citing national
4:47 pm
security otissues, wanting to put these types of guns in the hands of terrorists and make them widely known. the trump administration inherited the suits and d essentially se're not going to fight this anymore. based on a first amendment issue and second amendment issue. mr. wilson argues, listen,hit's right to publish and to say anything, and you can't stop me sed on myirst amendment rights and the second amendment allows anybody if they want to uild their own gun in th basement of course, that was before we had the notion of plastic guns and this -- and the potential for mass proliferation. >> where's the nra on this? they represent gun manufacturers. this is an idea that allows people to make gs for fre essentially in theirs.wn home >> reporter: yeah, they have been quiet. >> thanks so much. >> you can see tom's full report coming up on "nightly news at 7:00." a high-end handbag hei in a luxury department store and some of the aftermath caught on camera. wendy rieger joins us in the
4:48 pm
wsroom with a look at what's new coming up at 5:00, wendy? >> this was well-rehearsed, had to be and definitely seemed to be planned. two cars full of thieves pull tp fors heist and getting away with a number of expensivend gs and there was one problem. there was a a witne pat collins smoke to the man who captured this getaway on his cell phone. wait until you see these guys. also a robbery at a local grocery store. it was followed bay chilling intimidation. the mother of the suspect is now in the police crosshairs. this started as a simple case, but it has surned intething so much more. we'll see you more with those stories and a lot more on this busy tuesday afternoon on "news 4:00 4 at 5:00." >> thanks, wendy. see you in a bit. >> n a look athe weather. amelia, what's coming up this evenin >> this evening we'll dealing with an isolated shower but during the evening hours, not too bad. take the dog out and grab the
4:49 pm
small umbrella just in a case few sprinkles start to fall. i'm not trackg any widespread rain on storm team 4 radar and that said the second hf of july has been extremely wet. so much so, guys, that this is the fourth wettest july on record. we basically had no rain the first half of the month and then opened.dgates we'll have more rain at times through friday and even onrd in sa and only one to two inches compared to 15 inches that we saw lastweek, so with as much rain in the forecast this week, only some ilated ooding concerns. nothing widespread, and i can't see this enough, guys. we'ret looking plenty of dry time. the best chance of rain is going to be during the afternoon and evening hours. currently our temperatures are in the upper 70s and low 80s. 83 to greas in washington and here's some of the isolated shower activity that i'm tracking on storm team 4 radar in parts of fauquier county along 66,ing right around the marshall area and elsewhere
4:50 pm
i want to show you the bigger picture. thunderstorms back in northern virginia. thundershowers all moving into our area. we'll have some rain out there h over tonight, and we're waiting on this warm front to lift north of our area toring not just the chance for showers tomorrow but some thunderstorms later in the day, and, lauryn, some storms tomorrow that could be on the stenger to sev side, but, again, plenty of dry time on wednesday tomorrow. >> yeah, definitely some dry time. ae bit of sunshine, and also as amelia said we'll see the rain pick up in the overtime. everyone asking when the humidity is going to follow. we'll see the humidity outre t yesterday and that will continue to stay with us and thursday and friday it's really going to feel sticky and humid and muggy out there. now, we do have some rain this weekend, but tnds wee won't be a washout. in fact, amelia will show you maybe some rain on saturday, but by sunday we may be a-okay and
4:51 pm
ading to the beaches, once again a small chance of rain on saturday and that's about it. we've had a lot of rain this month. we're in fourth place so far overall as long as dca and d.c. have been keeping records since 1887. gotten over 9.5 inches of rain and the record is over 11 ihes of rain set back in '45. bwi numbere, the wettest month was august of 1955 and bwi has seen over 16 inches of rain and dulles over 11 inches of rain and dulles alsoe,umber and they have been keeping records since the airport has been around since19he s. some of the storms are going to be strong tomorrow and any of those that pop. tomorrow morningou'll wake up with a little bit of cloud cover and that will abdeize, and scattered showers and thunderstorms as we go through the day tomorrow. as i said, elia, once we get into the end of the weekend we start to finally dry out and get this patternhe out of . >> yeah, exactly, when we were looking at the forecast today and putting togetr our ten-day forecast which we do every
4:52 pm
afternoon looking at the computer models. we were saying that the weekend nicooking we definitely see this pattern start to break down and we'll keep a 30% chance of storms in there later in the day on saturday. you might see thaomg down. yesterday it was at 40%. the rain chances on the weekendi are movingthe right direction. sunday we're keeping completely dry with a mix of cloudsnd sunshine, and next week, well, we're going to keep it dry, monday, tuesday, thursy and friday. only the chance for some thunderstorms out there on wednesday, but, again, tomorrow, some widely scattered late-day thunderstorms, but most of the day looking dry. more clouds thursday, especially on friday, with a chance for so showers and thunderstorms again both thursday and friday. pat and leon?t, >> all ri thank you. the curtain rises on "the color purple" tonight at the kennedy center. the musical has won tony and grammy awards. it's set in the early 1900s and focuses on the life of a young black girl living in rural georgia. i talked with one. show's stars earlier today and
4:53 pm
discovered how the musical differs from the screen version of the story >> we' able to expound a little more into the story and with music and with song, so -- so i think a lot of people will be entertained by that, but also getting the meaning of the -- of a lot of things that the book is alluding to through the music. >> that's actor gavins gregory who plays the role of mister. "the color purple" continues at the kenne center through the 26th of august. more than a dozen wildfires burng out ontrol. >> tens of thousands of people have been evacuated, and there's new ccern this afternoon about where the flames may turn next. we're live ohe front lines of the fire fight. and just in. a nats star with a teary-eyed apology. this is "news 4 first 40. " :0
4:54 pm
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wind-driven wildfires
4:57 pm
continue their deadly march across california. the most dire situation in the northern part of the state. fires there have destroyed a thousand homes and forces tens of tousands evacuate. jay gray is live in reading, california, in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. just a heartbreaking there, jay. what's the latest there? >> reporter: yeah, leon, the scope of the devastation is so overwhelming. eethey are two very fl and different aspects to this unfolding tragedy. first you've got firefighters trying to contain the flames and then you have all of this, reality of what those flames left behind. the attack from mother nature is relentless.os to 20 wildfires raging across california pushed by strong wds andunning through everything in their path. >> there was no orders, nothing, and then all hell broke loose and just exploded in 15-foot tall flames. thereyas nothing t could do to get in here.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: fireineams bat from the air, and on the ground. crews struggling against the flames on the front line, setting back fires and digging out lines with dozers and working to pull awayhe dry underbrush feeding the fires. >> the vegetation here hasn't been burned in a while so it's like bacon gase. once it gets going, it will take off pretty good. >> reporter: crews are scrambling to keep pace and for many t fight here i personal. >> i expected it to be gone, but you never know. fire protection pilot spotted his home during a mission, t swallowed b flames, but he kept flying determined to save other families from the pain he's now dealing with. >> if i can help, i'd rather be helping than sitting here feeling sorry for myself. >> reporter: there's not much time to feel anything for these heroes. working around the clocks, the shifts 24 toou 48 long unable to take a break because the fire wall as it continues to spread. jay gray, nbc news, reading, california.
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, a high-end handbag heist. >> the whole process lasted about minute. >> a witness describes the scene as two cars full of thievesofull a brazen shoplifting spree, and our pat collins is on the case. >> i'm amea draper trhoking some swers for your commute home and the timing for some heavier rain. murder for hire. how police uncovered a p at involving ed robbery suspect, his mother and scheme to kill witnesses. and we'reegoing to with that brazen lunchtime robbery at saks fifth avee in chevy chase. >> a group of thieves moving in and out very quickly and making off wite real expensive accessories. >> and a witness actually captured this photo of two of the suspects making their getaway. >> news 4's pat collins is live in chevy chase with a story you'll s o only news 4. pat? >> reporter: so there h is,
5:00 pm
sitting in his car and in front of the entrance to saks. he see some guys running out of saks. nobody runs out of saks. they have all these purses in their hands, but no wrapping paper, no shopping bs. he thinks something suspicious. he pulls out his phone and click, click, click, click. i love thesehings. look at all these expensive handbags stacked one on the other, an armful, almost more than an armful. these are two of seven suspects involved in a high-end handbag theft at saks in chevy chase, but as they we making their getaway who should be outside in his car but this man, and, snap went his


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