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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 31, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sitting in his car and in front of the entrance to saks. he see some guys running out of saks. nobody runs out of saks. they have all these purses in their hands, but no wrapping paper, no shopping bs. he thinks something suspicious. he pulls out his phone and click, click, click, click. i love thesehings. look at all these expensive handbags stacked one on the other, an armful, almost more than an armful. these are two of seven suspects involved in a high-end handbag theft at saks in chevy chase, but as they we making their getaway who should be outside in his car but this man, and, snap went his camera. >> they were running and getting out of the store, grabbing a
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whole bunch of purse and j in the back of the car. >> reporter: now they say this happened around 11:30 this morning. first, two guys go inside and assault anmployee. they were followed by five more guys and then all the guys started grabbing things right and left and out they went. start to finish, how long did it take? >> the who process lasted about a minute. >> reporter: it looked like they planned what they were gng to do? >> that's what it appears. seven suspects came in. appears they had a plan and knew what they wanted to target as far as property. they assaulted the employee who immediately confronted him and then he fled, so itooks like they knew what they wanted to do. >> reporter: now it all seemed well-rehearsed and well planned except for that little photo-op the suspects made on the way out. what do you make of something like dthis? >>'t know, maybe easy
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money, yeah. >> reporter: pretty brazen though, in broad daylight? >> i know, i know. they like to live easily. >> reporter: seven suspects. they had so many suspects that during this operation they needed two getaway cars, asw voen and an aris. police are trying to track them down now. wendy, back to you. >> i guess we'll be finding them on the streets, selling them at a kiosk pretty soon. thanks, pat. let's take a look at our forecast because we can see more showers tonight as this intermittent rain continues to move through our area. let's get thees l from amelia. >> i'm tracking isolated shors here on storm team 4 radar. looking dry during the next couple of minutes and overnight tonight some rain likely moving through the area. here's the late on the you can see the district and ares off to east dry. back in northern virginia they
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are tracking rain in northern fauquier county along 66 and down intok rappahann or culpepper j countyt north. here's a look at the bigger picture, and as were continue to widen out you'll notice heavy rain in far western maryland and virginia and showers down in southern virginia. all of this moisture is movin towards o area, and will be moving in between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. again, until 7:00 or 8:00, most of us staying mainly dry. i'll have more on tomorrow's rain chances coming up around 5:15. >> inninga, amelia. it appears according to u.s. park policehat the animal that caused the shutdown of green belt park was most likely a coyote. this occurred earlier today when chopper 4 captured video of officers. unsy were carrying the long inside the park because a hiker reported seeing what was described at the time as a
5:04 pm that report was unfounded, we are now told. the nationald park service clo off the entrances to that park as a precaution. this was along goodluck road and greeng belt road and they beliee that animal w a coyote. the lives of two teens cut short a day before they were scheduled to graduate. right now in montgomery courtroom, a judge is to sentence a man for their murders. 17-year-old shadi adi najjar and 18-year-old artem ziberov were gunned down last june. news 4's chr gordon just is out of courtroom and i live in rockville with an update. >> reporter: 26-year-old jose nales-yanez hasust been sentenced to life without the parole.ity of now, this afternoon's hearing started with his lawyers asking for a new trial, but that was denied, and then they begged for mercy saying he mntain his innocence, but the families of
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the two teenageicms spoke so emotionally about their loss saying he showed no mercy, and he should get thearshest of punishments and he just did. judge dav boyden up in the fourth floor courtroom here in this courthouse puthe sentence at life in prison without the possibility of parole. prosecutors say revenge was the motive for the murder of 17-year-old shadi nage yearnages friend was there. they were lured to a neighborhood and killed in a barrage of bullets. months earlier the wife of jose canales-yanez was involved in a drug deal with shadi najjar saying he left her injured on the ground and canales-yanez saw his wife hurt and got three
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friends to plan to kill najjar to get even. sibility of the p parole, that's the sentence, and we're standing by to get reaction whiche'll bring you latest. that's the latest from the montgomery county courthouse. >> tha you, chris. a quick start to the trial of president donald trump's rmer campaign manager. a jury of six men and six women seated in alexandria to begin to decide paul manafort's fate. it's the first trial to come from special counsel robert mueller's investigation intoia potel ties between the trump caaign and russia, 'st manafort trial will not be with the trump campaign.ime instead, manafort is accused of tax evasion, bank fraud. this is related to some of his business deals. also, febook is now saying that someone is trying to interfere with the mid-term elections. some signs are pointing to russ. the socia media company
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decleated 32 fake accounts andh pages t are designed to influence the users' politics. 15 were from facebook and 7 on instagram. facebookays there'some similarities between the recently deleted accounts and the pages that russia is suspected of running during the 2016 election. > families in prince george's county escaped these raging flames with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and n the who community is coming together to help them. tracee wilkins is live right now with an update on this case and on the response which has been overwhelming. tracee? >> reporter: overwhelming in a great way and you can see what's left after the flames went through the apament complex. 11 families displaced, and the community is already working to try and make this situaon better for the people who have been impacted. wait until you see what they have done. the stuff in this room represents a new beginning for
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people who suddenly lost everything. >> i saw from the beltway howin nse the smoke was, and when i saw it i just broke down. >> reporter: lisa jordan was rushing home and it was too late. her frankly park apartment was soaked with water dage. the apartment above her is gutted by fire. now she's 1 of 11 families displaced. >> every now and then i try to gekeep myself er, and then i feel like the sensation is you know you want to go home and you car:t. >> reporicole webb and her family are living between their car and a hotel for now after they were also displaced. i was traumatized because he said the apartment was on fire and him andis younger brother jumped off the balcony, and he couldn't find his other>> broth. eporter: all safe now, she's thinking about what's next. >> even when i get into an apartment, you know have to rebuild everything, so i'm still going to need help once i get in, you ow, for schoo for them. >> reporter: the franklin park aparents, the city of green belt's non-profits and churches have filled every apartment of
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this apa with donations now being boxed up and prepared for families that need them. it's giving those misplaced a head start on rebuilding. >> anything that they give is always helpful and a bleing. i reall appreciate them, i really do. >> reporter: now the families will not be returning here. they have got a lot of work to do, and they most likely will be placed somewhere else in large apartment complex. if you want help on more tinformation what do go to nbc washington and search green belt fire. >> thanks, trace a murder-for-hire plot in fairfax county. that's what detectives think this is. a suspected target is a womans who wo a local grocery store. police believe a man and his mother were conspiring to kill the woman. bureau reporter david culver explains what the victim witnessed and why that made her at.
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>> reporter: this is a bizarre murder-for-hire plot under way tonight in fairfax county. it started with an arm robbery that happened about a year ago at this latino grocery store right off route 7. july 27 police say this man walked into the store and allegedly robbed a clerk at gunpoint and took off. a month later he was arrested and tak to jail, but as he's twaiting a trial we uncovered this search warriled by fairfax county police for solicitation of murder. it says after his arrest for the robbery, the suspect's mother allegedly showed up at the store. the warrant says she told the victim not to proceed with t charges against her son. just this past month the case intensified. store employees reporting to police some strange rsencounte at the store, including unknown men using their cell phones to record their employees. police began digging deeper and they uncovered a letter
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allegedly sent by another inmate. investigators say he shared a jail unit with maroqu and it altails payments for a murder. they found sev three-way calls linking to a cell phone number loing to maroquin's mothernd discuss surveillance of the intended target, getting work schedules, addresses and phoneumrs. as for the mother allegedly involved in this murder-for-hire plot along with him she's in federal custody beingy held immigration officials on nrelated charges, according to police in falls church, i'm david culver, news 4. police are still actively working this case. they believe moreple could be charged. ere's more to come on "news 4 at 5:00. ahead why a man with car troubles ended up in handcuffs in the back of a police car and why he's now
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and new concerns about the v.a.'s flagship medical just uncovered by the news 4 i-team. what an internal memo now says about conditions inside. i'm s burruss in richmond, virginia. alex seen how confident smith is out here on the field, smith is out here on the field, but wai
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where... ah... oh, hello! ah, i missed it. it's my mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. breast cancer center, she's coming for the multimodal therapy ... these were peoplirwho were experts in tield. and for us, that was the best choice. learn mohi at cancercenter.comdelphia new scrutiny and d.c.'s
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trouble medical center. scott macfarlane broke this story online a few moments ago. >> just six month the department of veterans affairs listed the k.c. medicals center one of the lowest performing in the nation call it highisk andow performing. the news 4 i-team has saw a new warning from agency administrators saying there's been newth deterioration i month since. the greatest concerns are adverse ents and mishaps a mistakes that affect patient care and lists mental hthlth care i medical center and lack of satisfaction among employees. it t specifies fall-off occurred in 2018, even after a publicizehighly warnings for the facility to shape up. the director in charge during that time period has been reassigned,reassigned in april and an acting director has taken
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ov temporarily, the fourth leader in 14 months there. these findings are similar to what was uncovered by the news 4 i-team. reporti past year our has detailed mishaps or mismanagement that have forced or postponed surgeries, created high infecti rates and equipment problems inside. veterans advocates say there should be urgent measures to make the fixes. >> we owe our veterans to have t theseen care of and our facility is being downgrade federal our veterans are being pun harmful situations and being taken care of through life safety things, sterilization and could lead that that to problems down the line. these are are things we need to address now. >> t statement from the v.a. has experts o site. it's a reminder this medical center is a flagship of the v.tional veterans system. the tells us it will identify fixes, and they say,
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quote, we believe the dcva medical center is on track to improve i performances in the areas identified. identitydministrators plan t intervene and keep tabs on this troubled medical center. for now, scott macfarlane, news 4's i-team. president trump is showing no sign of backing down from his threats of a government shutdown. the president is threatening the action ws a to get funding for a border wall. this afternoon he tweeted i don't care what the political ramifications are, and he said a way ton may be the only come to some agreement over issues of immigration and border security a heed that a government shutdown is a very small price to pay for a safe and prosperous america. we are less than ten days away from a redskins football game. preseason opener is going t d feature tut of that new quarterback alex smith who we're tting to know had a little
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better because sherree burruss has been in richmondit quite a during the training, the summer sherree?. >> reporter: yeah, wendy, we certainly are getting to know alex smith a little bit better. you can see the guys coming out right now. they just finished their afternoon walk-through and each afternen through pract we see alex smith getting his game face r sdy for theson opener on september 9th, but there's a special day in october whe alex smith just looks the the smith family does not mess around when it comes to ll een. >> sometimes i end up with the most makeup or the most, you know, exotic, so it's fun. my kids a little. halloween when you're a little kid is awesome, and, you know, this won't last forever. it's fun to do while they are little. >> reporter: the off-season workouts are in hawaii and i see pictures of carrying the boulders under water. i mean, what does that even take and how does that help? >> i'm not sure it totally performs to football. >> reporter: okay.
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>> but it's incredibly challenging, in to o ton of fun really incredible to do the beach workouts and then we do the rock run and picking up a 70-pound walk under water. everyrm in your head is telling you to bail and go get some air, and --avnd you the guts to kind of quiet that voice down and focus on the moment and -- and keep taking stps, you know, k focusing on that next step and how long can you go? you've got -- you got more than you know that you have in there an lying the first time i went down the dropped the rock and came back up, but you surprise yourself. you keep pushing it and quieting that voice a that's important come the season. a lot of times the ment gets big and the b distractions getig and we all need that internal voice, and it's great practice to silence that and focus on the moment and let your potential come out.
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hearassuring words and we from the 13-year vet, and now he's getting adjusted to redskins camp. pat, back to you. >> sherree, thank you. > and don't get rid of those bryce harper jerseys just yet. the 4:00 p.m. trade deadline has passed and harper is still a washington national. a lot of talk about teams potentially trading him. harper becomes a free agent after this season. the idea is for a team like the nats currently out of the playoffs, to trade him n and you at least get some players back in return. lose him in the off-season, and you get nothing. but nats general manager and presiden mike rizzo says he believes in this team. we'll have more on therade deadline and the natsoming up on "news 4 at 6:00." am i the only one who thinks we need an ax smith beach calendar? am i the only one after seeingt ? the pictures were really good. >> yeah. >> he'sery photogenic.
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>> nothing like carrying boulders under water and looking good at it. >> i'll makehieasy turn because earlier i tweeted out and also photogenic the sky right now behind us. >> yes, it is. it's a beautiful day. > it is a beautiful day overall. >> yeah. >> showers out there. >> only some isolated showers out there, and a i'm tracking these in parts of fauquier county and into parts of frederick county, maryland, moving into loudoun county and srts of clark's county starting to some rain pushing into the area. you can see this on storm team 4 raryr and very light rain and most of us will be dry ound the evening hours. areas of rain are overnight tonight and as we look through tomorrow. during the morning and midday and most of e early afternoon hours as we head to the late afternoon and evening hours. there's a c wnce that see some thunderstorms fire up, and with the increasing sunshine among otherto factors,s later in the day tomorrow could be on the stronger side with some very heavy rainfall, and then we have some scattered
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owers on thursday and friday and on saturday the chance for thunderstorms, d but what i want you to take out of this is that we're going to have plenty of dry time for the rest of the workweek and into the weekend. kind ofe nuisa rain chances mainly later in the day. if you want to get the outderr se in, the best bet is during the morning hours and heading to the pool with the kids, would still g and definitely have a backup plan. download the nbcto washi app so you can get some weather alerts right there on your phsie. rain is pe and most of us are looking at plenty of dry time. currently temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 83 degrees in washington and 82 in manassas. start off at 7:00 a.m. with most of us drynd temperature of 74. by the midday hours partly sunny skies and a tperature around 84. humid out there and feeling very much like the first day of august. at 3:00 p.mome thunderstorms out there and maybe back around the i-81 corridor and 8 degrees and as we move towards the late
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stternoon and evening hours scattered thundms are more likely in the d.c. metro area with the temperature of 84. far as severe threat goes tomorrow, it's not huge orwi spread, but i'm tracking the potential for heavy rain and any thunderstorms that could lead to isolated flooding and maybe a few gusty winds that could bring some isolated branches down across the area. here's a look at your storm team 4 ten-day forecast. tomorrow on- i shoul say on thursday we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshineh w scattered showers and thunderstorms. 88 for a high on friday. more scattered and showers with a temperature of85 and the weekend, wendy and pat, not looking all that bad. partly sunny and still humid. 87 and near 90 on sunday, but right nowpi we're keeng sunday completely dry. >> lovely. thanks, amelia. a bust at a house used f dog fighting leads to an unusual discovery. the you in revelation about w was taken from a house in d.c.
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la a week. a local police force isig making a b change letting officers go green when they hi the road.
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leon harris here workiea ng news at the live desk in the newsroom. four people have been killed in aac terror a in central asia, and at least one of them is from washington. 29-year-old laurenan xw ohegan
5:27 pm
is attacked ihe what u.s. embassy is saying a senseless car and knife attacked. aar moved down seven cyclists in tajikistan. occupants got out othe car and started stabbing cyclists. their daughter was on a ye -long bicycle trip with her partner. she was a graduate of georgetown and worked in undergrad admissions. isis has claimed responsibility, but u.s. officialsave not confirmed the terror group's involvement at this point, but we'll keep working this and will update you as we learn more. pat and wendy, back to you. >> thanks, leon. >> here on the side of the road and then in trouble with the law, how a deputy's offer to help led to an arrest and charges that were dropped and now a lawsuit. a and important health alert in the wake of a story we first brought you yesterday. the changes in the chesapeake bay because of that -- of the large amount of debris floating there. >> and controversy over plastic
5:28 pm
guns can be manufactured on a 3-d printer. how some lawmakers are fighting plans to post how-ton instructionse internet. tomorrow at 6:0 a.m we're live with an incredible group of kids from d.c. a little lgue team that's making history. eaey are the first all african-american to win the d.c. championship and advance to the regionals for the little league wor series. these incredible kids will brighten your day. what an inspiraon. what an inspiraon. we'llti s
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and after some omino skies earlier today, right now mostly to partly sunny skies, and we're looking mainly dry. toly a few isolated showers out there on team 4 radar. parts of fauquier, clark and fredick county in maryland. you notice thunderstorms back in west virginia and ar western maryland and some more rain down in southern virginia. this moisture is moving into our area, but not for some time. you're going to be mainly dry the next couple ofus hours, a few isolated showers out there, but as we move towards 11:00 p.m. towards midnight, scattered rain, wendy, will be moving through the area. a better chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. lauryn and i are going to break that down in our full forecast. >> thanks, amelia. a lawsuit against a county deputy is accusing him of targeting a driver based on race. t >> but whole situation started with an offer of help. news s meagan fitzgerald
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explains how the encounter einvolved io anarrest, dropped charges and then a lawsuit. >> put your hands behind your pack. s >> reporter: t how a late-night drive home back in apl 2017 ended for 27-year-old george wingate. >> i was ubering and headed home on jefferson davis highway. >> reporter: his check enginee light cn and pulled over to the side of the road. moments later the stafford county dashcam vid captured when this officer came by and asked for i.d. >> did i commit a crime? >> you didn't. required toill identify yourself? >> am i free to go? >> not right now, no. >> am i beingde ined? >> you're not being detained. >> so you're free to go? >> lno. er the deputy arrested him for obstruction of justice and resisting arrest and all
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of those charges were lat dropped. >> if i'm not being detained i'm free to go. >> a virginia-based criminal attorney say he sees why the judge threw out the case. >> he walked up to the gentleman and keeps insisting on him identifying himself. it's called aua conse contact and a consensual contact is basically two people, doesn't matter if you're uniformed or not, that come together that. gentleman technically could walk away and he attempts to or asks to andcehe police of says, no, you can't. >> reporter: nevertheless wingate filed a civil lawsuit against deputy lford, a he believes race is part of the reason he had the encounter in the first wplace. h overs and civilians of know, or and -- and, you it's time that we stand up for our rights and do this the right way. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, ews 4. id reach out to the stafford county sheriff's department, and we're told that cannot comment because of the pending litigation. we attempted to inteiew deputy fulford, but he's not responded to our request.
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or the secon time this month a car is taken from the same southeast d.c.onas sta as the driver is just filling it up. surveillance video from pennsylvania avenue and eastern market shows the man d.c. police are looking for. it was around 8:30 on tuesday morning that the man gets out of a black suv. as the suv leaves detectives say the man auction walks over to a car at a nearby gas pump, jumps inside and takes off. >> reporter: on july 4th a thief was caught on camerin ta station.e same gas the man gets out of the same car and sneaks over to the black mercedes and drives off. that they have still has not becaught. and tonight anll aigator taken from a southeast d.c. home last week. he reptile was in fact an alligator and not aayman as first thought. d.c. police served a search warrant last wednesday. workers with humane rescue liance took the five-foot
5:35 pm
gator to a refuge. police later -- a day later returned and discovered six dogs in the same home. investigators say they found t itemt may have been used in dog fighting. a local police department is getting a lot of f attentionm other departments around the country because it just purchased an electric police c and motorcycle for its patrol officers. news 4's mark segraves took a ride with the hyattsville police to see if these gasless cars can do the jobs o traditional police cruisers. >> reporter: on any given day could t richard hartni have to turn on the lights and sirens and hit the for an emergency call andunlike every other cop in america he isn't hitting the gas.e this policar is fully electric, b that doesn't slow him down. >> police officers for years and years and years have been driving these big macho gas-powered large vehicles and when i let officers get in it
5:36 pm
and drive it they are amazed how fast it is. 0 to 60 a little over six seconds so it's extremely fast >> reporter: while electric cars can be more expensive to buy he says they are cheaper to maintain, and the city didn't have to pay for this car. the maryland energy administration gave hyatssville a granto now police not only have an electric police car, they also have an electri police motorcycle. >> it gives myself as ace polic of a chance to talk to the public about something other than police work. >> other police stations suld thinking about doing something like this. >> other departments like los angeles have been experimenting with electric polsee cars for ral times but only for non-emergency use. since putting the electric car and motorcycle into service seven months ago other police departments around the cventry taken notice. >> a few weeks ago the united states park police sent two representatives out. >> this new electric police car is so popular it's going to be
5:37 pm
the centerpiece of the annual electric vehicle car show here in september. for more information on this car and the car show, go t to nbc washington app and search electric car. in hyatssville, mark segraves, news 4. >> the new electric police cars n drive 300 miles when fully charged. close to two dozenildfires are burning in california. just ahd the around-the-clock fight to contain them as families deal with the reality of what's left behind. and the city open tennis tournament in the district turns 50. ahead, how it'selpedhousands of young people
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well, welcome back, guys. from our storm team 4 radar you can see a few isolated showers out there scattered in nature and we're seeing scattered sunshine. mean we're out of the woods y. rain chances later on tonight wednesday and r that's coming up in a little bit with me and amelia. in california r wildfires have killed at least eight people and torched thousands o acres and are destroying more than a thousand homes across the state thus far. crews are stretched thin. the new fires are exploding every day with nearly 20 fire california.g across 12,000 fire fighters are battling to save more homes and crews are at the mendecino complex fire where two infernos could merge into oneme blaze. fire officials are shiing more
5:41 pm
resources there because 10,000 structures are now threatened. after his tweets with racist and homophobic language resurfaced, nats star trai turner issued an apologetic statement, but today more than words on paper. dave johnson joins us from the newsroom with re on turner's tearful apology. dave? >> heart and hustle, it's known that he's recognized as a good guy but he kno he needs to be responsible from his past including tweets fromr six seven years ago. >> it's not when i said the things it said or t said them at all. i think that that's a clear learning point from this, to make sure that, you know, anybody is aware of what they are saying at all times no
5:42 pm
matter how you use it or what context you think you're using it in. words hurt, and it's -- it's wrong and inexcusable fo you know, what i said. >> turner talked to his teammates at the ballpark today and also offeredpologies to all the groups he offende the nats organization and most importantly, as he said, t fans. turner also said that he wants to use his platform for good and now make a difference in a positive way. thank you, dave. >> a new low in campaign mud-slinging. when the wd big foo becomes an issue in a virginia house race. today a candites responds to the unusual accusation. >> this may be a hospital, but the fun decoration items will fill children's hospitalooms to make them feel more at home.
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we have some more breaking news on this busyefternoon. we just getting word that a commercial airplane has crashed in mexico. you're looking at coverage from ourelemundo affiliate. the aero mexico flight went dow in the state of drango in the northwest part of country. the airline confirmed on twitter it was aware of aen accidt but no details yet. we'llthontinue to wor story and update you as we learn more about it.> the words big foot erotica have taken oveea theines of a u.s. house race going on inrg ia. leon harris is in the newsroom to explain the latest developments in a story that so many people are now talking about. >> i don't know if i can explain it, but i'm going to tell you about it. how about that. we first told you about this story at 11:00. todaytehe candi at the center of it all is telling his side.
5:46 pm
he's republican denver wriggleman and his opponent lesley cochburn. wriggleman put a suggestive pictur h on facebook feed as a tweetow ande take a look at how this prank emerged into a big foot issues. >> we've been doing this as a prank for a long time and been on on all kinds of expeditions and bhere were ach of pictures posted for my birthday. my big foot, my head f on bt bodies and i thought it was funny and i post it had to instagram. my opponent thought i was in big foot erotica and that's what happened. >> wriggleman says he's fascinated by the fitology of big foot and even wrote a book about it but says he does not
5:47 pm
actually believe in the creatures. his explanations seem to be calming down the social media buzz today since big foot is the no longer trendg on twitter and that tells you where we are in a politics report.ay we big foot trending on twitter. back to you. >> but we also said big foot erotica for the first time in our lives, so when a tuesday this has been. >> there you go. >> thank you, leon. six months after a fire devastated an historic tavern, work is now underway to bring that tavern back. the tavern stood on rockville pike for more than 100 years. a cigarette left burning on the front porch caused the fire. volunteers have been raising funds and doing the work to bring the old roadhouse back to li. the fire did more than $200,000 damage. the o ownerthe business didn't have any insurance. today the front porch came down clearing the way for repairs to roof. local businesses have donated
5:48 pm
the material. a lot will be happy to see it reborn. you won't be happy to see this. this evening youon't be able to swim in the shores off sandy point for a while after officials have issued an advisory to boaters yesterday two to the large amount of debris that is now floating in the bay after all that rain. the park and parts that have beach wl still be open. you just simply can't go in the reasons.ause of safety the debris has been flowing downstream after workers opened the conowingo dam floodga gs. >>ting a little bit of rain but not a lot of seeing isolated shorms in parts storms up in parts of fauquier county and so much rain for the nd half of july. enough, in fact, that it was the
5:49 pm
driest first half of july on cord and overall it's now the fourth wettest july on record, but ass far this week goes by the time we hit friday and saturday we're only going to see maybe 1 to 2 inches of rain at the most with that much rainfall. maybe some isolated flooding issues, and i'm reallyse not ng it be a huge concern overall, and we'll have p dnty time. very much what we were seeing today and now we're seeing a mix of clouds and sun and on storm team 4 radar i'm tracking lots of showers into fauquier and parts of frederick and carroll counts and here's a look at the bigger p where you can see some impressive thunderstorms back in west vi western maryland and then some howers down in southern virginia. these are all moving into the metro area and we will have rain out there tonight and this warm front lives through. that means tomorrow will be warmer and also a better chance for stronger thunderstorms later in the day. here at 7:00 p.m. on your tuesday tonight we're
5:50 pm
looking at mainly dry conditions still. kethat rain i tto overnight. here it is at 9:00 p.m. and south of the d.c. metro area and by 11:00 p.m. we're tracking showers in and around the district back through parts of northern virginia. we have the nationals game goi on. r the most part the start of the game not going to be a problem at all. >> not a problem at all, amelia. a few light showers out there at 7:00. again, for mt of us we'll even have sunshine. a chance increases through 9:00 and 10:00 so maybe ansoted thunderstorm but maybe a few showers. n,'ve had a lot of r especially the last two weeks of this month. can't believe it's already july 31st. as you go through thedca record at reagan national airport, the record was over that was back in 1945. we're at 9.5, t fourth wettest so far. bwi the first wettest. the wettest month ever was august of 1955 and dulles with
5:51 pm
11 inches. that's number one. they have been keeping records since 1960. possibly more rain tonight to tack on to that total, and tomorrow we'll also aihave more and mainly afternoon and evening. tomorrow we wake up, dry and sunshine by the middle part of the day and storms possible through tomorrow afternoonownd tomo night. some of those could be strong. we also have storms possible on thursday, but wein fally dry out as we get into next week. >> yeah. exactly. the ten-day forecast you did see we're keeping sunday out of the twoke w days, completely dry. here's the ten-day forecast. scattered late-day thunderstorms tomorrow and more on thursday and frida only a 30% chance for a shower or thunderstorm on saturday. temperatures in thehr80sgh the weekend, and then as lauryn was saying look at next week keeping it mainly dry but on thi hot de with highs around 90 monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> thanks,ey melia. it's a tournament steeped in history, the was ngton city open. it turns 50 this we, and it's
5:52 pm
drawing big names from the world of tennis. every year they play at the rock creek tennis center, an ideaat thecame with legend arthur ashe who wan td to make game more accessible. this year big crowds are turning out to seat o likes andy murray and john isner and sloane stephens and our own tiaf and many more. >> it's intimate and fan friendly. th players love when they come to washington so i think that's why we're getting the big names, the number one number two, the number three, and so we're -- we'rexcited to add that to thisuture chapter of history as we hopefully have another 50 years of great stories to tell. >> and because of the founders the beneficiary is the washington tennis and education jim handley now with how they have served thousands of people over the decades. >> reporter: he w 3 just when
5:53 pm
he took to the couray, and pling tennis was his childhood. every afternoon from 4:00 to 7:00. gr i can't even imagine my life without this p. it's been a lot. basically my life. >> we're going to do forehands and backhands. >> reporter: now johnson is spending the summer teaching future stars just starting out on the sprawling wtef campus in southeast washington. >> it's like a stting image of me. i just want to give them the same opportunity that i had growing up. >> thanks for giving back. >> reporter: his proud mom beams when she h talks about son, not just what he's been able to do on the courts here but in the classroom, too. >> he has a 3.8, dean's list and got to move to the upper classmen dorm because of his grades andwt led the way. >> reporter: johnson is setting into his sophomore year o a college scholarship. it's taught me basically
5:54 pm
everything, life lessons, helped me with my education and skills. >> reporter: you see,on educa is a critical piece of building what they like to call life champions here. >> i'm very passionate about education and kind of disrupting, you know, t cycle of poverty in this community. >> reporter: in junior high the kids travel on colle campus tours planting seeds and dreams early. wtef is about seeing a world many in wards 7 and 8 would never get the opportunity to experience. >> we're trying to do the reverse with a state of the art tennis center. >> they have lifelong relationships. they get to travel, and myveon has gone to paris, france. >> reporter: it's a family affair. john h three sisters that have gone through the program. >> makiyah sta oed here when she was just 8. >> it was something new for me beuse i've never played of tennis nor have i heard of
5:55 pm
tennis. when i first came i was scared and very timid. >> reporter: makiyah worked and played hard on the court and in the computer labs. she developed close bonds with instructors, the mentors and other kids. >> before we hit we have to do a homework. if your homework isn't don n you' paying on the day. >> she's here on an academic scholarship and seeing her 8-year-ort sister stag the program. >> reporter: do younk you're a role model for her?w >> i kno i am. >> reporter: lessons learned her can last a lifetime. >> i learned to like ercome challenges and to never be scared of anything. i just leaaked to t charge basically. >> reporter: and there's somethin allows a transformation to take place in the children here. >> it features a very sense of discipline, so our kids are very kind of mentally tough. >> wtf has branched out to 23 schools,vi png a safe environment and a lifeline for environment and a lifeline for thousandf o
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
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it's a rit of passage for every child, decorating their own bedroom, but children inhe hospital often don't get to do that. ws 4's nicole jacobs explains the new program at medstar georgetown university hospital. >> reporter:it sweet le luis ayala is 2 years old aea alr she's spent half of her life in
5:59 pm
and out of the hospital and now at medstar georgetown uni arsity hospiter a transplant and a cancer diagnosis. hospital rooms are far from the ones at home but a -brainer for lauren to step in and help after her son died of a rare brain disease. >> the last two years of his life he was insp al. >> reporter: they spruce up hospital roomss. for >> it changes the mood and changes the way you feel about where you are. >> reporter: because for little ones like jackson and even 12-year-old michael rubio, time in a hospital can linger on and on. >>us ner and at the same time scary because it's like you -- you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: stickers on walls and pictures of friends and fami brighten up the space and smile so kids can focus on bei just that, a kid, even when life
6:00 pm
thro them adult-like circumstances and lessons. >>ry to make most of your life. >> reporter: nicole jacobs, news 4. >> high-end heist. next and only on news 4. how suspected thieves made off with tens of thousands in designer bags in under a minute. >> facebook uncovers another covert campaign. fake accounts targeting voters ahead of the mid-term elections so w behind it? >> print and shoot. >> i mean, it's a killer's dream, a hit man's dream and terrorist's dream, a hijacker's dream. >> the growing pushback over plans that could make it easier for criminals to print powerful 3-d weapons right from home. >> in fact, we he several breaking stories as we come on the air this evening. of the the reports commercial airplane crash in mexico. >> you're lookinge


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