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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 31, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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thro them adult-like circumstances and lessons. >>ry to make most of your life. >> reporter: nicole jacobs, news 4. >> high-end heist. next and only on news 4. how suspected thieves made off with tens of thousands in designer bags in under a minute. >> facebook uncovers another covert campaign. fake accounts targeting voters ahead of the mid-term elections so w behind it? >> print and shoot. >> i mean, it's a killer's dream, a hit man's dream and terrorist's dream, a hijacker's dream. >> the growing pushback over plans that could make it easier for criminals to print powerful 3-d weapons right from home. >> in fact, we he several breaking stories as we come on the air this evening. of the the reports commercial airplane crash in mexico. >> you're looking here at coverage from our telemundo
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affiliate, theero mexico flight went down in the p northwestart of the country in durango. >> the aline was aware of an accident, but it didn't have any more details. we'll continue to work this story. we'll have updates for you as we learn more. pat? >> i'm pat lawson meuse with more breaking news here at the livek. four people have been killed in a terror attack in central asia, and at least up of them is from washington, d.c. 29-year-old lren ann gohagen was attacked in a senseless car and kni attack. a car mode down seven cyclists in the country of tajikistan and the occupants got out and started to stab the cyclist. her parents said her daughter was on a year long bicycle trip with her partner jay austin. she worked in undergrad admissions at georgetown.
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isis claimed responsibility for this attack, but u.s. officials have not confirmed the terror group's involvement in this. we'll continue to update you a we learn more. back to you in the studio. leon? >> thank you, pa closer to home, they moved in and out in a matter of seconds. thieves targeting ahigh-end store in the middle of the day in chevy chase. tonight we're hearing from awh n saw two of the suspects making off with some pricey purses from the saksth f avenue. >> our pat collins is in chevy chase with a story you'll see ly here onews 4. pat? >> leon, it seemed like an operation that was well-rehearsed. it certainly was big enough. seven suspects, two getaway cars. they seemed like they knew what they wereoing until they left and had that kodak moment. these are pictures of two of the suspectsg mak their getaway after this high-dollarandbag
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heist at saks in chevy chase. look closely. handbag uponag han upon handbag stacked one on top of the other. it seemed like it t ak quite effort just to keep them from tumbling to the ground. but as they were making their getaway, who should be outside in his car but isidro garcia and snap went his camera. what do you make like this, man? >> i don't know. maybe easy money, yeah. >> reporter: pretty brazen though, huh, broad daylight? >> i know. they like to live easir:. >> reportet happened around 11:30 this morning. ssey say two guys go inside that saks andlt an employee. they are followed by five more guys, and in all seven menegan grabbing things, this way, that
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way, out in a flash. hear now fromom mony county police officer rick goodale. >> reporter: start to how long did it take? >> the whole process took about a minute. >> reporter: it looked like it erplanned what they about to do. >> that's what it appears. seven suspects came n.appearedn they had a p and knew what they wanted to target as far as property and assaulted the employee who immediately confronted him and then he fled so it looks like they knew what he wanted to do. >> reporter: seven suspects, two getaway cars, a folks waggen ana toyota yaris. they used a ya ris to rob a sak. >> thank you, pat. >> let'sake you to the scene of another breaking situation. chopper 4 over this sc in
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prince william county. five people were hurt after this crash near northern virginia community college. right next to the manassas battlefield if you know the you'reia. several people were trapped in the car, we're told, and right now we don't h any word on exactly how that happened, but the road islocked off. we'll stay on top of it and kee you updated with what we learn there. let's take you outside. we vint mitt ent showers as we're calling it. that looks had a little more than intermittent. it's gotten a little more serious out there, or it looks like a lot is heading our way, amelia. >> it is, wendy, but for the next couple of hours we'll stay ry and only tracking some isolated showers in the immediate area. e continue to track showers in parts of fauquier county around the marshall area and aew sprinkles falling in parts of loudoun county. this heavy rain back in virginia and showers down in southern virginia, all of this moisture is moving towards us, and it's going to get here later tonight.
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now, it's not going to as tense but you do want to anticipate some rain overnight tonight andwe arriving b about 10:00 and 11:00 so you can get the nice long dog walk i d outdoor policetime for the kids during the next few hours. going to be b fine and 11:00 p.m. tracking rain and scattered thunderstos that are potentially strong an in the forecast tomorrow. more on the timing coming up in my full forecast around 6 sack. >> thanks, may melia. now more concerns about election meddling. facebook with a political campaign to sow discord. facebook shut downou as that had thousands of posts to facebook and instagram. these fake accounts focused on abolishing i.c.e. and the unite the right rally and some hadmi r characteristics to those
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sed by russian hackers back in 2016. >> i will be introducing thursday a sctions bill against russia that has everything but the kitchen sink in it. it will be the sanctions bill from hell. >> facebook saysas it h shared its findings with congress and authorities wendy? >> well, the jury is now in place. six men and six women.o they are set decide the fate of president trump's former manafort.hairman paul he's accused of millions of dollars in tax and bank fraud f and is thst person to face a jury in connection with special counsel robert mueller's investigation. >> news 4wes blayne alexander is at the federal courthouse in alexandria to tell us the latest on this. blayne? >> reporter: and, wendy, the opening statements have now come and ne, and those jurors will now begin to listen to testimony, ren to idence, and over the course of the next few days they will not only decide the fate of pau manafort but issue the first real referendum on robert mueller's
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investigation. once the man i chargef donald trump's presidential campaign. >> paul manafort has done an amazing job. >> rep mter: today paulanafort on trial. it's the first related to special counsel robert r'muelle russia investigation, but not focusing on election meddling. during opening statements the prosecution painting manafort ad greedy a hiding millions he earned ason altant with the ukrainian government. his defense, pointing the finger rt rick gates, manafort's for number two and now a star government witness saying manafort trusted the wro man. the outcome of this trial cld have major implications on muel br's probe. ause this is really going to be the first time that an official body, namely a jury, is going to decide, sort of give a thumbs up or down to the fact-finding and evidence thate r is presenting. >> reporter: prosecutors likely will not even mention the words russia and collusion during the
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trial, but today president trump is tweeting this new twist on a familiar claim. collusion is not a crime, but that doesn't matter because there was no collusion.he today white house distancing itself fromhe trial. >> but, remember, it has d nothg o with the campaign. >> reporter: and the president himself recently downplaying the role of campaign manager who helped him s the nomination. and manafort is scheduled to erface ano trial in september. that one would focus on allegations of witness tampering. leon? >> thank you, blayne. blayne alexander reporting live from alexandria. breaking news i now montgomery county. a man convicted of killing two teens will never get out of prison. a judgeed senteose cla canales-yanez to life behind bars without the possibility of parole and the chief prosecutor says satisfied that prosecutor is done. he murdered 17-year-old shadi
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najjar and 18-year-old artem ziberov last september. >> maryland does not have the death penalty, and it's been many years since we've had the death penalty. this was a case that had the death penaltill existed because there were multiple deaths in a single incident it would have qualified for death. >> the judge sentenced 26-year-old jose canales-yanez for executing the teens at point blank range. precutors say revenge was the moist for the murder of 17-year-old shadi najjar, and his companion 18-year-old artem ziberov just happened to be there. last june the teens were lured to a quiet gaithersburg neighborhood on the pretense of selling a ticket to their high school gradation the next day. they were killed in a barrage of bullets. prosecutors say months earlier the wifef jose canales-yanez was involved in a drug deal with shadi najjar, and they say najjar cheated her and hit her with his car leaving her injured on the ground and canales-yanez
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saw his wife hurt and got three friends to plan and kill najjar and get even. >> we're glad and happy for the outcome of this case. that's all my friends came today to support me. it was m family, and artem's family. we are happy for thejudge's decision. >> i don't really have any comments. i appreciate that you would want some, but i'll reserve them at this time. >> reporter: earlier in court those two fathers spoke emotionally about their or families'w and loss, but they kept their public comments out here brief for aery good reason. you can see the families will have to retrtn to c this fall for the trials of the three other defendants who are also charged wirh killing t sons. that's the late forest montgomery county. wey, back to you. >> chris gordon. powerful guns that can be
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printed at home on a 3-d printer and can go undetected. >> tonight the last-minuteush to kee the information from going public tomorrow. >> a controversial arrest. how an t offer help a driver led to him being placed in handcuffs and now a legal fight. >> and picking up the pieces. how the community is coming together to help peopleho w
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a stafford county deputy pulls over to help a drive stopped on the side of the road. news 4's meagan fitzgerald explfns how an offer assistance led to an arrest, dropped charges and then had a lawsuit. >> put your hands behind your back. >> reporter: many legal experts sayhis arrest should have never happened. >> i was ubering. i headedome south on jefferson davis highway. >> reporter: 27-year-old george wingate says he was on hisho wa to his family when his check engine loyalty came on and he pulled over on the side of the home. >> she's home waiting on me and i've got kids, you know, that i need to watch in the morning. >> reporter: but he didn't make it home that nig i april 2017. the stafford county sheriff dashcam video shows the moment that deputy fulfordul up and asked for the man's i.d. >> have i committed a crime? >> wavt's that? >> i committed a crime? >> i didn't say you did.
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>> all right then. >> you'red still requio identify yourself. >> am i free to go? >> not right n, no. >>m i being detained? >> you're not detained. >> so i'm free to go? >> no. >> reporter: not long ago deputy fulford arrests win gait for failing to identify himself, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. all of those charges l wereater dropped. >> if i'm not being detained then i'm free to go. >> he's 100% epright. >>ter: this virginia-based to fence attorney says he sees why the judge threw out the case. >> he walks up to the gentleman and keeps insisting on him having to identif himself a the gentleman doesn't need to. it's a consensual contact, two people whether you're uniformed or not that ce together. that gentleman attempts to walk he police ks to and officer says he can't. >> reporter: wingate filed a civil lawsuit against the deputy and he believes pace wast of the reason he had this encounter in the first place. >> with offers and civilians
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of our color and, you'sknow, time that we stand up for our rights and, you know, do this theight y. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> now we reached out to thest ford county sheriff's department, and we're told they can't comment because of the pending litigation. we attempted to interview deputy fulford, but he's not responded to this request at this apoint >> chantilly man was faced with burglary but the man w shot him will not face charges. a former federal agent lives in a home and shot the i burglar. re in the hospital and is expected to survive. months after d.c.'s center was ordered to shape up there's new concerns. btained by nal memo scott macfarlane of the news 4 i-team say there's new questions about what's happening inside this flagship center. anott broke this story online
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uns js memo. >> earlier this year the u.s. department of veterans affairs and its inspector general pubically labeled the d.c. medical center among worst performing in the nation, supply shortages, backlogs and mismanagement, and they ordered big improvements. memo issued days ago by agency leaders says the opposite is happening citing great deterioration at the medical ceer in recent months including adverse events, mishaps and mistak thatimpact patient care and cites mental health care deficiencies and among the medical staff and employees. the acting director has now taken over temporarily after the prior leader was reassigned. this is the latest warning about the large medical center on irving street. previous federal audits and a series of news 4 i-teamat investns reveal surgeries and procedures delayed because
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of mismanagement and shortages and failure to make repairs and lack ofterilization inside. >> we owe it to our country's veterans to take care of them an allowing the facilities to fall by the wayside, that's not upholding the contracthat we have with our military and with our veterans. >> reporter: what happens next? the mo says senior agency leaders will conduct monthly briefings with the executives there and regular so-called reassessments of the medical center's performance. in a statement thegency tells us it has experts on site and it say, quote, we believe it's otr k to improve its performance in those areas identified. scott macfarlane,ews 4 i-team. >> thank you, scott. >> a look at our forecast. it looks like a big green blob is heading our way from down south. >> and from th west. rain out there overnight. nothing too he have across the area, and you're likely going to
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be waking up to a wet driveway and sidewalks tomorrow and throughout the day we'll have more showers and thunderstorms and especially during the late afternoon and evening ours and tomorrow very similar to today. not a washout. plenty of dry time a some sunshine. it's muggy throughout the day, and it's on the a warmer sid well. and because temperatures are going to be warmer and we'll have a l mtle bite sunshine overall, another factor that the warm front will be norf us. storms tomorrow could have very heavy rainfall. not a severe threat for widespread weather but we'll keep a close eye tomorrow afternoonnd evening rig around this time for any stronger thunderstorms out there. on thursday and friday you'l notice that a chance for wednesday turns into more scattered showers and thunderstorms at. tim still, plenty o d time. a chance for a few showers or two but plenty of dry time and right now on sunday keeping it completely dry. still humid out there. here's the latest on stormeam 4 radar.
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isolated showers in parts of fauquier county still around 66 and upround leesburg in loudoun county, and this is what wendy is talking about. some heavierkain b down into west virginia and then some showers down in southern virginia. this is where a warm front is right now. overnight tonight the warmis frt ind of jumping to the north of us, and that's going to encrease our chances for s stronger thunderstorms later in the day tomorrow, but the chance that you're dealing with rain tomorrow kind of on the low side and only about 40% to maybe 50% but it's one of the dayshen the storms do materialize because of the heat and humidity they could have very h rainfall and gusty winds out there. something we'll keeping an eye on with the high87 of and 88 on thursday. a mix of clouds and sun and more scattered showers and thunderstorms mainly later in the day. same situation on a friday on saturday the chance for rain starts to diminish. 30%. coming up right around 6:50, viaore on whe i'll have more on when t
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pattern breaks down. >> thanks, amelia. a suspected murder-for-hire plot unravels. why a man and hisre mother being investigated after a bizarre chain of events that started at a local grocery store. >> and a local police department is doing something that nother department in the country is doing. and veteran actor is opening up about his health. why he's going public nothree yearw s
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a local police department is making history after purchasing an electric cruiser and electric motorcycle. mark segraves came with the hyatssville police to see ifth is gasless car can do the traditional job of a cruiser. this is a story you can see here only on news 4. >> only any given day d dr. hartnit would turn on the sirens and hit the gas for an emergency call, except up like just about every other car ina amer hartnit isn't hitting the gas. his police car is fully electric, but that doesn't slow him down. >> it's zero to 60 and a little
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over six seconds so it's. extremely fa >> while electric cars can be more expensive to buy they are cheaper to maintaihe and t city doesn't have to pay for this car. the maryland energy administration gave hyatssville a grant and they now haven electric police car as well an an electric s police motorg cycle. >> it gives myself a chance to talk about things other than police work. >> other police stations should be thinking about doing things like that. >> other departments like los angeles heeav bn experimenting with electric vehicles for some time but oy for non-emergency use. since putting this car into service eight months ago he says other police departments around the country have taken notice. >> in fact, just a few weeks ago the united states park pice sent a fewse repreatives out. >> hyatssville has involved several charging stations around the city where the public can charge up f free. in hyatssville, ma sxwraegraves
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news 4. >> and they are see length so they can sneak up on the bad guys. >> and the charging stations, nice they can use those as they aren't easy to find. >> amelia is tracking the timing of the showers and when they move out. >> some families are displaced from the green belt fire and this is the outpouring of support from the community after flames tore tough the apartment. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news 4 i can help. a murder for hire plot under investigation tonight here in fairfax county. the details rathebi rre, and it involves the victism an armed robbery and the suspect' mother. i'm going to walk
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breaking right now. a federal judge issuing a temporary restraining order that would stop the release of this downloadable blueprint for 3-d printed guns. eight democratic attorneys oeneral filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking block the company from making the plans available online. this austin, texas-based company had reached a settlement with the trump administration in june that aowed it to make the plans available for download. stay tuned for breaking updates here on news 4.
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amelia? >>there's the latight now, wendy, on storm team 4 radow. s moving into our area from parts of southern virginia as well as from the west back into west virginia and far western maryland, but we're still going to be mainly dry for at least a couple of hours, eveo until 9:30, 10:00 p.m. it's not until we start to see some r areas ofn move in and then we'll have rain in spots overnight tonight especially along and west of i-95. waking meaning we'll be up to wet pavement out there and mainly dry conditionsmo tomorro ing very early by 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. we have sunshine on our wednesday, but as the day evolves tomorrow we'll have thunderstorms later in the day, and some of those could be on idthe stronger i'll have more on the impacts coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thanks, amelia. a suspected murderor-hire conducted from behind bars. >> a fairfax county police say they elieve an accused robbe may be working with his mom to target a store clerk. bureau reporter david culver
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walks us through this bizarre plot. >> reporter: tonight employees of this grocery market are terrified by an alleged murder-for-hire plot.ed the suspetarget, one of the store clerks. when i walked in to speak to the clerk here, it was clear thatas this very emotional case still. i showed a photo of the suspect in the armed robbery, and immediately one of the young women i was speak bg withke into tears. it shows you how raw and hue frightening this is. it started back in july 2017. olice say marvin and enrique marokin walked into the store and robbed him and police tracked him down and a month later thesuspect's mother allegedly showed up at the star. the warnt says she tolhe victim to not proceed with the against her just this past month the case intensified. store employees reported to police some strange encounters at the store, including unknown men using their cell phones to record the employees. police began digging deeper.
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they uncovered a letter allegedly sent by another inmate who say he shared a jail unit withmarokin which details a payment for a murder. detectives then plled the j phone recordings, and they found several three-way calls allegedly linking to a cell phe number longing to the man's mother. they discussed surveillance of the intended target, getting photographs, work schedules and addresses. as for the suspect's mother who was allegedly involved in workin on this murder-for-hire plot along with him, she's i currentl federal custody being held by immigration officials on unrelated charges, according to polic in falls church, i'm david culver, news 4. >> and police e still actively working this case and they do believe more peopleould be charged. >> next week he's due to face a charge on last year's armed bbery charges. >> details about two dangerous
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roads in fauquier, evergreen mills road andatson road, they have been the scene of many crashes including the recent food truck tragek that t the life an ashburn mother and seriously injured her son. the county has now ordered a safetyudit of those roads, and right now the public is hearing those findings. last september erin kaplan was killed when a food truck driver ran a stop sign at watson road and wan into her station wag. tony dade is now serving 12 riyears inson for her death. on the west coast from south t l.a. california's wine ountry, more than a dozen wildfires are now raging out of control. at least eight people are dead. hundreds more are now homeless, andor thousands have beend to evacuate. the most destructive is the car fire near reading which has already scorched an area neay ree times the size of d.c. the crews are hitting these fires from abov and they are digging up underbrush on the ground to try to contain this
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blaze. >> vegetation here hasn't been burned in a while so it's lik bacon grease. once it gets going, it will take off pretty >>good. nd those efforts are not expected to get any easier because the forecast is showing dry weather through next week. a prince george's county community is coming together to help after this fire displaced nearly a dozen families. bureau chief tracee wilkins gk a lt the donations collected so far, and the response has been overwhelming. >> reporter: the stuff in this room represents a new beginning fo people w suddenly lost everything. >> i s b from thetway how intense the smoke was and stuff, so when i saw it, i just broke down? lisa jordan was rushing home but it was too late. her apartment was soard with waamage and the apartment above hers gutted by fire. now she's one of 11 families displaced. >> i try to keep myself together
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and then i feel the sensation is want to goow you home and you can't. >> reporter: nicole webb and her family are living betwe their car and a hotel for now after being displaced. she's happy they are all safe. now she's focused on the futu e. >> becaun when i get into an apartment, you know, you have to rebuild everything so ist l going to need help once i get in, you know, for school for them. >> reporter: the franklin park apartments, the city of green belt, nonprofit groups and h churchave filled every corner of this apartment complex office with donations now being boxed up and prepared for families that need them. it's giving those misplaced a head start on rebuilding. >> anything that they give is always helpful and a blessing. >> i appreciate them, i really do. i really appreciate them into with all of the donations that they have gotten here, they are really n focusing on specific items. they could use diapers, for instance, for sizes to 6 and use bed linens and, of course, gift cards. for more informat you can go
6:37 pm
to nbc washington and search apartment fire help. in green belt, tracee wilkins, news 4. >> six months after a fire devastated an historic tavern, work is underway to bring it back. the tavern has stood for 100 years. a cigarette left burning on the front porch cause that had fire. fire volunteers raised money to bring the old tavern back to life. the front porch came down which now clears the way for repairs to the roof. local businesses have stepped up and donated materials. the highest ranking american is saying he did not know about sexual abuse allegations against cardinal mccarrick after being accused of sexually abusing adult boys and seminarians.
6:38 pm
they insistrche c knew about these allegations and chose not to address them. a veteranpe actor o up about his diagnosis from doctors and why he says he's going public now. >> trash and dangerous debris is clogging up the chesapeake bay. a look now athat's w you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. actor alanes alda h to help others with his revelation he's been diagnosed with parkinson's disease. alda who is 82 years old said he received that diagnosis more utan three years ago, he says his life remains full and shestaying acte. he says he wants to encourage others who death diagnosed to just seepe moving. former "m.a.s.h." star has a career spanning six decades including high-profile am cameos on "west wing" and more recently on "black list." parkinson's disease is a brain
6:41 pm
disord that affects movement often causing tremors and it gets worse over time.g accordo the national institute of health 50,000 americans are diagnosed with it each ye, and aboutalf a million people are now living with the disease. there is no cure, and as for what causes it, that is a mystery, too. the scientists say severalla factors a role including genetics and environmental triggers and other health conditions. among the most prominent figures with parkinson's actor michael j. fox, singer neil diamond and, of course, the latelily. >> and some special children att georgetown uni hospital received a ovmakeer. their rooms were spruced up with decorations on their walls and pictures of friends and family just to brighten up tse spaces so the kids can fus on being kids. he it changes the mood and changes way you feel about
6:42 pm
where you are. >> hope for henry and dormify, they were both founded here in the distribute. they are partnering with four hospitals across the country to continue spreading the joy to these sick w childre spend so much time in the hospital. >> every littleit helps them heal. love seeing that uf untraceable and undetectable. coming up next the growing complaints over 3-d guns that can be printed at home and what's being done to try to sm.p >> more rain in the forecast and amelia track the timing, and when i
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6:44 pm
if you're just joining us, a look at some of our top stories. the search is on for seven men who police say robbed the saks
6:45 pm
in chevy chase. they say the guys assault a store employee and grabbed designer bags off the shelf and made a run for it. in all police say they were inu and o in about a minute. the jury has been selected, and now the trial ofr forme trump campaign chairman paul manafort is officially underway. manafort is first person to face a jury in connection could special counsel robert mueller's probe. he's facing federal charges related to tax and bankraud. manafort is facing a separate trial at federal court in d.c. last year. >> andco facebook dring efforts to divide voters and have suspended more than two dozen accounts that had nearly 300,000 followers. we're told the accounts had been postinges divisiveges about a number of controversial topics. some of the fake accounts apparently have similarities to those used by russian hackers in 2016. and back to our breaking news. the 3-d plastic gun blueprints, they will not be released at
6:46 pm
midnight. a federal judge in seattle put a stop tohehat saying could end up in the wrong hands. >> a texas company had reached h settlement whe federal government that made way for the blueprints to be posted line. lawmakers and the president raised questns about the danger that it could bring. in the restraining order the judge put a hold on that settlement saying there's the possibility of irreparable harm because of the ways the guns can be made. ch more coverage on "nightly news." nbc's tom costello takes a look at how much of a threat these guns really pose. stay tuned forng his repor tonight at 7:00 right after this newscast. swimming is now banned at sandy point state park on the chesapeake bay until further dtice. this has to with the large amounts of debris now floating in the bay. news 1 was the fir to tell you about the problem yesterday, ann marylaural resources police initially issued an adsory to boaters warning of the potential danger of the
6:47 pm
large debris in the wwer. no they say it's not safe for swimmers as well. >> okay. so enough of the rain that's filling up the bay and our yards and pools and streets and sewers and all that kind of stuff. we've got a nice little break out here. looks good. >> really nice out there right snow for most of and we'll have rain moving through in response tonight and more thunderstorms tomorrow and mainly later in the day. take a look at ythr w headlines. not that much rain today. only a couple of jobs here for most of us. so much rain for the sfond h of the month that we're the fourth wettest july on record. this week we'll see maybe 1 to 2 inches of rainfall which could lead to isolated flooding issues, but i'm no longer seeing any huge flooding ris by any means this weekend and we'll continue to track plenty of d d tiing the morning and midday hours each day through saturday. right now on storm team 4 radar i'm just tracking some isolated showers in the immediate area.
6:48 pm
they continue to form in parts of fauquier and loudoun and fauquier county. noticegome rain mov in parts of prince george and more rain back to the west all converging on our area tonight which will bring areas of rain as early as 10:00, 11:00 p.m. right now we're at 8 degrees. by 9:00 p.m., most of us dry and everybody hum a with temperature around 79. by 11:00 p.m.erracking sca rain that will continue overnight tonight and coming to an end by 4:00, 5:00 a.m. s just some wet roads out there for the morning commute. really not a huge issue at all. by 7:00 a.m. we're rookilooking mix of 78 degrees to start off your way. temperatures tomorn the 80s and plenty of sunshine which will help to fuelome late-day thunderstorms. tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., thunderstorms back around the i-81 corridor and temperatures at that point at 87. during the late afternoon and
6:49 pm
evening hoursnd right around this time when we'll have the best chance for thunderstorms here in the d.c. metro aisa. othe a temperature of 84. tomorrow it's an increase in sunshine among otherto f and some stronger thunderstorms are possible. the main threat being some rain that could lead to some isolated flooding we could see a few gusty winds with any understorms and at could lead to minor isolated damage. not a huge widespread severe threat this afternoon. however, we'll keep a close eye on storm team 4la radar. yn and i will be here for the latest. the weather m having aerate impact on the rest of your workweek because it's nuisance rain. exercise will be best during the hours when midday it's mainly dry. i would still make the pool plans and have a backup and download the app and the commute at times and some rain is poleible and py of dry time as well. here's the ten-did i forecast.
6:50 pm
88 for a high temperature on thursday wit s somewers and thunderstorms mainly in the day. otherwise another day with aics move cloud sun and more clouds on friday. more showers and thunderstorms, and the weekend overall looking mainly dry, especlly on sunday. high temperatures in the upper 80s this weeke. wendy a leon. >> thanks, amelia. breaking news from mexico. at aeromexico plane accident that occurred near durango, no deaths. no deaths. it happened near the there are 97 people on board anr fo crew members. no one killed in that accident. >> wow, that's amazing. that's good to hear. all right. coming up here, one-on-one with new s qb alex smith. >> plus, no deadline deal. what bryce harper and the nats gm mike rizzo arein sayg about
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
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hey. at 4:00, we're all still here. >> all still here. i know how passionate. >> you wanted him to stay. >> yes, i wanted him to stay. >> knowing you're on the anchor desk i'm glad he'till here so i don't have to explain why he's gone because he's not. tiere was specu and consternation and animation, especially from leon, all over bryceharper's future and that immediate future is now with the national gm mike rizzo still believes in this team, and harper is not going anywhere for now. he's a free agent at the o end the season, for now hold the speculation, consternation and animation. >> rizzo reassured me, you know, earliet yesterday that i was going anywhere, so, you know, i was very happy aut that, and -- and glad i'm still inside this hclubhouse. several discussions with
6:55 pm
tes about a whole litany of our players and bryce is one of them. we had to be a spectacular set of circumstances for us to me a player of bryce harper's ability level, and -- and we dn't get any that met those qualifications. >> now as for a couple of trades that did happen, reliever kinsler heads to the cubs and jonathan schoop was traded to the brewers. we know sherree burruss is not going anywhere. she's in richmond, right, where today she spent time with a player who knows all about dealin with a trade. the redskins new quarterback alex smith, teams like he's doing just fine in his new surroundings. sherree. >> yeah, he's certainly off to a great start and the 14-year vet, he hasow training camp pat. this being his first season with washington, it's a new training camp for him. fans certainly a anxiousnd excited to see alex smith take
6:56 pm
his first snap with the burgundy and, go and the qb knows being in his position comes with greater accountability. >> i feel like a few days i o camp, getting nye bearing anb-- aring and getting comfortable in richmond and the setup here. getting real looks, no otaos, pads on, sometimes you can get funny with the looks y get because you can't have contact and now it's real practice and real go. great work for us as pocket.acks in the guys outside playing to contact nod things like that. invaluable right >> so you seem to be winning over your teammates pretty easily, except josh norman just said you'reak mg practice boring for him because you're too accurate. >> take a lot of pride i that. it's a fine line. not always clear, and try to make good decisions with good accurate football. >> watching out for alex smith on the field and his family
6:57 pm
after practice today. he has a little more than just minball on his his wife is pregnant. still though showing off some of the skills when she's punting the ball. s, she's 9 monthsregnant. ill has the skill and family important for moses, and he's happy to share what he does at work with his expanding family. ,>> amazing feeliou know, any time you get to come back to your hometown and have your children and family witness, you know, the schedule that you go through every day. makes it a lot easier for training camp knowing thatu' yo got them there. your o dayou can go stay with them and feel like it's family and they are not two hours away in leesburg. >> how was your o day, and what did you do yesterday? >> me hand my wife drove to charlottesville for our last doctor's appointment. ourinon is c august 7th. we've had a busy off-season, but -- and she's been playing mommy day careith all the kids, as you can see coming out whatevery day, so that's
6:58 pm
we did in our off day. >> well, moses already has three more kids, so this will be baby aises number four. he his kids after practice are telling him, daddy, you look tired. we know kids say the darnedest things and adding one more thing to the mix and the baby coming right before the first preseason they o-linemen are smart and game. moses having to juggle a lot of things. >> getting everything on schedule. get the babyorn before the first game. >> get it out oway. >> absolutely. >> good stuff. we'll check in with you a little later on. in case you missed at 5:00, alex smith's off-season this is in the newsroom, me getting ready. that's not me. he's carrying and pulling boulders, so if you want-- tha >> under water. >> 75-pound boulders. >> i think he should make a calendar of elex smith beach calendar. >> now we've got bryce hloper
6:59 pm
ed down, we have time to work on that. >> a ln harris workout otlendar. >> noing>>
7:00 pm
there is breaking news tonight.a passenger plane has just crashed in mexico. the plane going down shortly after takeoff. over 100 people on board, smoke and flames coming fr the cabin. emergency crews racing to reach the scene right now. an urgent last minute fight to stop so-called ghost guns, made of plastic, 3d, printed atand instructions how to make them could be legally posted online. lawmakers and law enforcement sounding the alarm. it's a killer's i dream,s a hitman's dream, a terrorist's dream, a highjacker's dream. o somebody who wants somebody who wants to hurt you can make their own guns. facebook blowing the lid off e efforts to affect the next


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