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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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usually that we get from police om sheriff's departments but today it came the metropolitan department airport authority. this 12-year-old last seen getting into a caroutside reagan national airport. >> news 1's snemari s just got an update from police. shomari, what can you tell us?ll >> reporter: good evening. moments ago theasngton me -- metro washington airport authority had a news conference and basicallyd us that this child, 12 years old, is in exeme danger. let's just roll some video for you. her names jin jing ma captured on surveillance video at the airpt at 8:15 thi morning. she's here in the united states with a tour group from china. they have been here since july 26th well, she w here at reagan national airport, and there was an asian woman and a man. now, officials say that they talked and then this asian woman they say changed with her in presumably the bathroomn and t
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they left. officials believe that the man who was driving them was the man that this asian woman was talking to. now, again, they left in an infiniti, a white infiniti with new york tags. let's now hear from officials. >> the child appears to have left without any force. she entered the vehicle without anyor, but that does not release any of our concerns. we're still very concerned because we don't note reason why this child left with that asian female. >> repheter: now is 4'11" and 90 pounds with brown eyes an black hair. now, officials urge anyone with information if you know where this girl is call police. live here at reagan national, shomari stop, back to you. >> okay. shomari,hank you. another weather alert day for all of us today. we've seen heavy rain and even o ado warning in northern virginia this afternoon. >> amelia, is this going to move
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out of our area, or are we in it for a couple of days in. >> we'll still be dealing with twaves of rain ates throughout the day tomorrow and potentially even into early saturday morning. we doave flood warnings that are in effect across parts of the area. we picked u about an inch of rain today in the d.c. metro area. a lot of rain over a short amount of time has caused flood warnings for fauquier and fairfax and alexandria and the district. these are going to go until 8:00 p.m.meonight. er, you never want to drive through a flooded roadway. storm teama look at 4 radar right now, i'm still tracking showers mainly in parts of anneel aru county. a few sprinkles falling in parts of prince george's county, and then look back to the west. starting to see more areas of rain developing aroundep areas cur, into northern rappahannock county and western parts of waldon county and all of this moving into theo area we'll still have scattered rain
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overnight tonightrw ote mild and mig. a temperature of 77 degrees by 11 p.m. more rain in the forecast tomorrow. more oniming and impacts coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thanks, amelia. n athern virginia family coming to grips with an le unimaginoss and our terrible weather may to be blame. >> yeah. a 10-year-old girl was killed by a falling tree. it happened in a neighborhood just outside warrenton during last night's storm. bureau chief julie carey reports this tragedy has left first responders so shaken they areec attending a l debriefing this evening. >> reporter: it's a sight that brings tears to the eyes of neighbors, a little girl's blue bedroom crushed by a fallen tree. it happened not long after 10-year-old lydia gergos was cked into bed. the 911 call came in around 10:25 p.m. in the midst of a un rstorm, a tree had fallen trapping a child. emergency crews arrived quickly.
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>> the tree fallen through the roof, through the ceiling on to the bed and pinned her and - and they tried frantically everything that they could to try to free the victim and couldn't. >> reporter: lydia was pronounced dead at the scene. first responders shaken by the pay but taking time to their respects as the child's body was removed and drivenay >> that there was a tribute after the victim was moved from the house, that the first responders lined the driveway as she was brought out. >> the victim'sinamily is a for privacy right now, but friends are remembering lydia gergos as a girl who loved softball, a team mom who ceated a gofunage describes her as full of life writing her smile and laugh were contagious, and she always had a twinkle in her eye. lydia's family only recently moved into the home on high meadow place. now neighbors who were just getting to know the famil are mourning a terrible loss. this mom's 10-year-old had played with the victim.
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she asked we only use her voice. >> my heart breaks both as moms to have to go through something like that but definitelytaving er a few times. she's very sweet girl. >> reporter: already neighbors are planning a way to show theid care concern for the victim's family. in warrenton, julie carey, news 4. >> the victim's mother is a prince william county school bus driver, so lydia had attended gravely elementary school in that district. if you would like to learn more about the gofundme account, open our app and search memorial fund. at union station an amtrak train derailed with over 200 peopleoa on and passengers had to sit on the train for a couple hours after it happened. adam tuss is there where he spoke to some of th passengers. >> reporter: quite a ride for a lot of these passengers and we
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just checked the delay board and there's actually residual delays through the northeast corridor and south of the district. alsovreriders, you might want to check your schedule because some trains there have been impacted. guys, all of this happened just after noon, and it is still shaking out. the wheels coming off the tracks. >> we were getting our stuff and it shifted a lot and the power went out.>> he train almost to union station and then some riders described llpanic. >> we heard was the loud noise and then we felt it and he stopped and the fire department an everybo stormed the train. people were freaking out wondering what was going on.n that's we conductor told to us stay calm, everything is fine. >> reporter: according tod.c. fire and ems the lead engine of the train had one set of wheels come off the tracks. it happened in a tunnel below union station about a football fieldynd a half arom the platform. the train had made its way all the way from new orleans. >> i was actually standing up
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getting my luggage down and almost lost moy balance, but that was about it. >> reporter: all passengers reported to be okay, but what went wrong here? amtrak says it's inspecting all the rail cars involved. >> any information about exactly what hapned today is under investigation. >> reporter: the delays did start to mount a this tra was supposed to continue up the northeast corridor. >> it's sort of like, you know, have you ever sat o the tarmac on a plane for like two hours. >> reporter: for now most passengers jushappy that it's l over. >> yeah, thankfully no one hurt and now how investigato g will taked look at the locomotive that came off the tracks. again, it was the front two. whee they want to know exactly what went wrong. guys, back to >> adam tuss at union station, thanks, adam. several spruurprise appearas as the white house press briefing, the fbi director and homeland security secretary and
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national security director and fbi directorhristopher wray made clear that's not a problem every two years. >> our adversaries are trying to undermine our country on a persistent and regular basis whether it's election season or not. >> reporter: this comes as the president gets ready to h the road for the next week and a half. nbc's susan mcginniss on capitol hill now to try to sort through all >> reporter: hi, doreen. the president's top intel chiefs got together to try to send a strong message about russian election interference, and wha they are going to do about it. president trump's intelligence team psented a united front at the white house today affirming that russian election meddling is real and the u.s. is fighting back. >> we acknowledge the threat. it is real.nt it is uing, and we're doing everything we can to have a legitimate election that thee american peoan have trust in.
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>> free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our mocracy, and it has become clear that they are the target of our s adversaries wk as the dni just said to sow discord and undermine o our w life. >> the announcement follows a senate appeal for tax. >> there' no one in the administration obviously who is working on how we can make sure that candidates who are running this year have their campaigns protected. >> reporter: and it follobo face's revelation of a foreign influen campaign designed to divide america ahead of the mid-term elections. the president has reatedly dismissed or downplayed russian interference focusteg i on discrediting claims of campaign conclusion. special counsel mueller is reportedly negotiating terms with a sit-down with the president, offering to narrow the topics to collusion and obsthection. whileresident pubically seems eager to talk, some legal experts have their idoubts. on't think he wants to do it, and i don't think his lawyers think h>>should do it. eporter: the president with one eye on the russia probe and
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the other on the mid-term elections and winning enough republican support to hold on to congress. he'll try t do just that in some campaign rallies as he's gone from washington for the next 11 days. >> ivanka trump broke with her father o several issues during a wide-ranging interview today. the president's daughter also a senior white house adviser spoke during an axios event. she was askedhe about high points and the low points of her time in the white house thus far. ivanka one of the lowest points was seeing the family separations at the u.-mexico boaser. >> that low point for me as well. ioneel very sy about that, nnd i am very vehemently against family separatio and the separation of parents and children. high points, she cited the president commuting the of alice johnson.
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orhnson was serving a life sentence drug offenses. a security scare blocked the streets near the u.s. capitol this morning. capitol police officers found an unoccupied vehicle with a gun inside. they were doing parking enforcement when they spotted the gun in a sedan parked on new jersey avenue northwest. they searched it, found ammunition and other items in the car. police arrted a 23-year-old man from georgia. they say there is connection to terrorism. we're learning more abouter inec bizarreity breach inside the u.s. capitol. three young brothers from new york managed to get past the first set of security posts and get steps away from the u.s. senate floor. scottoi macfarlane us with the story you'll see only here on news 4. >> thein three brotheruded teenager from long island and they managed to enter a space where they did not belong inside one of america's most secure rildings. a policeort that the capital police officers saw it in theio lock corridor where
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senators frequently walk and meet. when the officers stopped him en, they said the men claimed to be staffers of u.s. senate democratic leader charles schumer yf newk. police say they checked and the men had no staff i.d.s and senator schumer's office said they were not employees. the policeay reports one brother admitted they dressed like staff to blend in in the capito though one. three tells news 4 they did not do so. this is the second time in wch unauthorized people gained access to the ohio corridor. you may remembers footage from october. a protester managed to enter and remained there long enough to throw russian flags at president trump as the president walked with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the protester yelled treason at the president at the time. the three men from new york are tyler, todd and bradley frittshan and said they weren e hill for business and simply got confused and lost inside. they are charged with unlaul entry. prosecutors say they have enteredin a agreement in which the men perform community
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service and stay away from the capitol. at the live desk, scott macfarlane. now back to you. >> anks, scott. still to come, new reaction to a deadly police shooting sterday inrince george's county, and who was the gunman killed before officers nt conf him? >> another standout moment from the white house briefing, the press secretary refusing to say the press is not the enemy. >> we're staying on top of that breaking news at reagan al nati and we urge you to share the amber alert for this 12-year-old girl and whatolice 12-year-old girl and whatolice wa pnt as your home becomes more connected, you need fios to keep up. and fios is the 100% fiber-optic network. which means you get phenomenal capacity for your tech. we'll even help you get another device to put it to the test.
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>> shots fired in the middle of the afternoon and a police officer in the right place at the right time. tonight we're learning details about two deadly confrontations in prince orge's county. meagan fitzgerald with more on this story. >> reporter: police have identified the m who was shot and killed in this liquor store behind me here at 25-year-old rollin whitfield. nelice say he went inside to make a purchase anr made it out alive. cracked glass and boarded up windows, a reminder that this austin hill liquor scene was a homicide scene less than 36 hours ago. 25-year-old rollin whitfield who went by the name pine was shot and killed inside. >> he made me feel like family when i was little. used to help me when people used to pick on me back in high school. >> reporter: jeremiah says he was like a brother to him. >> it's crazy, crazy.
6:17 pm
last time i seen him, he td me to be safe. that's it. >> reporter: he saw whitfield yesterday afternoon. an hour ler he was dead. police say 27-year-old david edntrd hall walked this liquor store and shot and killed whitfield who had just mad a purchase. prince georgs county police chief hank sawinsky had this to share. >> he was asked to stop, the individual pays into heed to the commands and the officer has to discharge his weapon several times. ic >> reporter: p recovered the gun hall used to shoot whitfield at the scene. >> h was known in the community, a good kid and everybody liked him. > reporter: alex works at this liquor store and has known whitfield for years. he wasn't there when the shooting happened but said the
6:18 pm
owners of the store were, and it's something they are all struggling to process. >> couldn't believe it. he's a good dude. not a r.trouble-ma he's the type of dude to break fights up. >> police have identifd the officer who shot and killed that suspect as corporal andrew he's a ten-year veteran of the force. placed l us they have him on routine administrative leave while this investigation continues. doreen. >> meagan fitzgerald reporting, thanks, megan. >> today police relead a etch that happened in connection with a rape in woodbridge. an african-american between 25 and 30 years old and the victim says he had a beer belly andl a an tattoo that may look like what you see on the right-hand this man is accused of raining a woman on stevenson court last wednesday. police say he was armed at the
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time. an historic milestone for apple. today it became the first pubically traded company to be lued at $1 trillion. 12 zeros. it's quite the turnaround for a company that was o teetering the edge of bankruptcy in 1997. and the late appleco-founder steve jobs lgely credited for reviving this brand with products like the ipod and the iphone. apple's stock hit an all-time high today reaching $207 a share arou nchtime. >> amelia is here with a look at a weather alert forecast. we had one of thetst julys ever. going to have the wettest august, too? >> looks to be that way. heavy raiall in parts of the metro area to give you an idea. this is the fifth wettest mid-july to mid-aust time frame on record. you're saying it's only august 2nd, exactly.
6:20 pm
two more weeks to add on to that so very soggy out there. our graphics are in red, and we're tracking flooding across the area, and more flooding is potentially in the forecast, not only overnigh tonight b again tomorrow on into your saturday morning. heavy rain in spots tomorrow will favor the afternoon and evening hours. the weekend thankfly is looking mainly dry after the chance for showers early on saturday morning. >> take a look here. the national weavier s updated this about two hours ago extending it into saturday morning at 6:00.m. so everybody here in solid green under a flash flood watch until 6:00 a.m. on saturday. southern maryland, around stafford and kingnt george c not in the flash flood watch. that doesn't mean you won't be dealing wh heavy rai and potentially isolated flooding as well. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. most of the area getting a break from the rain right now.
6:21 pm
more moisture is coming from the south and west as well. more scatteredhowers and areas of potentially heavy rain for the later evening and ernight hours. tomorrow morning it's mainly dry during the morning hou, but i can't rule out a few isolated showers as the day wears on. ate b chance for rain. areas of thunderstorms and heavy rain looking likely for your friday night. we start off at 7:00 a.m. and start off hith ah temperature of 83 degrees and from loudiness around start to finish. here's the four-day forecast. i'll have the ten-did i forecast coming up right around 6:45. lingering rning some showers, potentially until about t00, 10:00 a.m. after that we lo dry out with increasing sunshine and highs near 90. around 90 on sunday and maybe an isolated thunderstorm, but for the most part, most if not all of theeekend is looking main p dry. doreen and wendy. >> amelia, thank you. coming up, the toll all this rain is taking not only on the chesapeake bay but also the
6:22 pm
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ik'm gonzalez here at the live desk. we're getting breaking news in from d.c. fire. they arend resg to a block on 28th street southeast. we'll show you the incredible video flames coming from the second story apartmentin bui we know that sounds like everybody has made it okay, but that at least 17 people have been displaced because of this. ere was a teenager that actually jumped from that second story window and tried to jump to safety. they were transported to thesp al for their injuries, burr it sounds like they will be okay. again, this fire on the 00 block of 28th street in southeast. a second story fire there at those apartments. no word yet on the cause of that fire. from the live desk, erika gonzalez. back to you ladies in the studio. >> another -- another moment at today's white house press
6:26 pm
briefing is getting lot of attention this evening. cnn's jim acosta asked press secretary sarah sanders if she tuld sayt the press is not the enemy of the people. president trump has used those words to describe journali ms and thining his daughter ivanka said she did not feel the same way as her father. s whenders was asked about it, however, she accused the press of attacking her. >> the media has attacked me personally on a number of occasions, including your own network, and actually harassed as a life sentence that i should be choked. when i was hostedy the correspondents association almost all of you brought a comedian up to attack my attendance. and as fars i know i'm the first press secretary in the history of the uted states to require secreteervice. we h role to play but the media has had a role to play for ountry asurse in this
6:27 pm
well. >> i'm sorry that that happened to you. i wish that that had not happened, but for the sake of this -- this room, the people who are in this room, this democracy, this country, the o esident of the united states should not refer as the enemy of the people. his own daughter acknowledges that, and all i'm asking you to do, sarah, is to acknowledge that right now h and righte. >> i appreciate your passion. i share it. i've addressed this question. i've addressed my personal feelings. i'm here to speak on behalf of the president. he's made his commes clear. >> acosta walked out of the briefing room after that answeru and president later tweeted that the media is not the enemy of the people but the. fake news is >> volunteers are trying to clean up beaches on the bay littered with dangerous debris after all ofrm our s weather. next at 6:30, the progress they have made so far. and several businesses are damaged in a three-alarm fire this mornige in prince ge county. late word just in ann arrest i this fire. we'll check back in with ika at the live desk in just a
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moment. >> and our flood threat not over until the weekend. amelia is tracking our next line does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see who delivers more. comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup.
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on storm team 4 radar, tracki one aref thunderstorm pushing out of the area. you can see this is now up around the baltimore area and traveling over the bay, but, guys, take look back here to the west. areas as levy rain and somerm thunders activity -- heavy apin and thunderstorm activity
6:31 pm
intohannock county and fauquier county and around 6 we'll watch this area of rain to bring us potential for more flooding isshes during evening and overnight hours. 77 degrees right now, and we'll stay in the mid-70s until 11:00 p.m. with a few rumbles of thunder possible. a temperature only around 75 degrees. so flooding concerns continuing not only into tonight but ay throughout theomorrow as well. the biggest concerns will be heavy rain during the afternoon and eutning hours, we could also see some gusty winds that could lead to some wind i'll have much more on the weekend, doreen, coming up in about ten minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then. thanks, amelia. >> before the rain started falling today, a whole bunch of started headed to the beach. >>ot to relax or swim but to help clear the debris and the ttrash fro shoreline. >> that's where chris gordon s.bay ridge, one of the many community beaches around
6:32 pm
annapolis. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, doreen and wendy. take a look. this beach is still covered in dangerous debris, but the good news is the public beaches at sandy point state park have been substantially cleaned up so they may reopen for swimming soon. at sandy point sta park volunteers are helping clear the remaining deis. they are literally beachcombers. we found this family from beijing, china, vacationing in annapolis andol vunteering. the grandmother is 71. their daughter is 7. in all more than 30 volunteers showed up here. >> i comeut here twi a year and i do work out a here i'm glad to be out here and help them put it back together the way it was. >> reporter: volunteers are working with ccleanupws across state parks in maryland. they are making great progress in the cleanup here. >> yay!
6:33 pm
>> reporter: 10,000 visitors ae day co sandy point during weekends in august. many are wondering when the beaches here wil reopen for swimming. >> it's hard to say exactly, but our hope is to be open again to the public for this weekend. >> reporter: but there are a lot of community beaches onhe bay and severin river like this one at bay ridge that are filled with tree trunks and dangerous debris. >>qually worried about what we can't see actually which is the bacteria load, county just did the water testi and prohibited swimming along the beach for that reason. >> reporter: the chesapee bay foundation is on a beach being cleaned up by its memonrs. its miss to save the bay, but this afternoon a volunteer here made a troublingisvery. >> a lot of plastic, a lot of sigh foam and then the stuff i set aside were the fishing hooks and hypodermic needles. >> reporter: the debris in the bay is a danger foroaters. submerged logs can ruin propellors like this one brought
6:34 pm
in for repair. >> t this is second prop we've received in the past couple of days, and it is fairly substantially damaged, as you can see. >> reporter: today we saw very few boaters out on the water, and that could come as very bad news to all of the businesses that cater to the boaters like marine fuel and waterside staurants. this is supposed to be the neight of their summer sea and they could suffer losses as a result of the debris keeping boaters dockside. at's the latest live from bay ridge, chris gordon, news 4. >> breaking news. there has been an arrest that started and brought down a staple in the upper marlboro community. we now have a mug shot of 26-year-old jessica marie poole. authorities say she was a previous employee of al's deli or otherwise known as al's country kitchen and had recently been fired. authorities are charging her
6:35 pm
with two counts of first-degree arson and second-degree arson and two count of reckless endangerment. have this incredible video from this morning about 1:30 in the morning on main street in upper marlboro this. fire that spread so quickly that it even jumped to nobody businesses. fortunately th rtunately nobody was injured. from the live desk, erika gonzalez. >> back to the breaking news from rean airport. mull pal police and the fbi looking for this 12-year-old girl. police believe she was taken from reagan airport this morning and investigators think she left with a woman in a black dress nd with another man, this woman. they were last seen on surveillance video getting into a white infinity, a it had new york tags. police are still working to get
6:36 pm
the license plate number on those tags. police say the girl could be in extreme danr and are still not sure why she left with the man and woman. shomari stoneorsng with woman and will have an update as we gro them. >>cutors are pushing back against the idea that another person may be responsible for the murders of four people at a d.c. home. defense attorneys w to introduce evidence to that effect during the trial for darren wynn in september, but prosecutors say the defense needs to reveal who that second person is before the trial. wynn is accused of killing a husband anned wife and their son back in 2015. a judge will decide how the case moves forward at a hearing tomorrow. n> detectives in north virginia are looking for the gunman who killed a man last night in prince william county. detectives said the man walked into a home on arizona avenue in woodbridge, shot man to deat
6:37 pm
and then ran off. news 4's mark segraves is asking neighbors a sut what they and what they heard. >> reporter: it was about 10:30 last night when neighbors hourd the of gunfire coming from inside this home just off featherstone road. >> she heard something, pop, pop. i said that's probably what it wa >> we were sitting in there watching tv. it was about 10:27 and h werd five loud pops. >> reporter: after hearing the gunshots next door to his house, into his ran out driveway to see what was happening. >> as soon as i came out, camew out b the truck and trailer, and i saw this guy running up the street fast. about that time all the cops showed up. >> reporter: when weesponded we located an adult male who we believed to be an adult male ffering from a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> neighbors tell news 4 the home where the shooting happened is a group home with as many as ten men living rinside. orter:. >> there were other people
6:38 pm
living in the residence and we've interviewed them and are gathering information. >> reporter: george kearns has lived here for 50 years a and is partoof the neighbowatch. >> things going on in this neighborhood, doesn't surprise me, shootings, and had and stabbing a robbery right here in my house about four years ago. >> police say they still don't believ there's any threat to the community and they are also not sure of the motive for this murder. they are asking anyone in the public who is familiar with this home and particularly if you were inside this house last night to give prince william county police a call. in woodbridge, mark segraves, news 4. >> reporter: this is david culver in fairfax with a big honor for a local student whose you loss will bring gratitude. >> war isn't something that goes on from 9:00 to 5:00. it's 24/7, 365 daysar >> reporter: see how he's channeling his pain int somethinog
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
aficant change announced by the catholic church and a pope is strengthening the church's language against the death penalty calling it inadmissible. the new policy published today but was approved back in may. the previous church teaching allowed for capital punishment it was the only way of possibly fecting human lives against an unjust aggressor. this is an evolution of the former policy. >> what pope francis is saying that says hows griev the crime there's nothing so bad that it t takes away human dignity and certainly the church always teaches about reception,too, and some hope for redemption. >> pope francis has ong been against the death penalty and new york governor andrew cuomo is already using the announcement to spur policy change. he says he plans to introduce a bill to ban the death penalty in new york state. ohio sta football coach urban meyer under fire over allegations of thate knew
6:42 pm
about domestic violence incidents that involve his cformer assistantch and now we know meyer's most recent contract does have language in it that could allow ohio state to fire him. the extension that meyer signed in march aed a requirement he immediately report known violations of the university's sexual misconduct policy. the assistant coach was fired last week. meyer said he was never told about the abusens allegat but that assistant coach'sex-wife says that's not true. meyer is not on administrative leave. only on news 4 tonight from an iraqi war zone to the halves george masonuniversity, the special recognition for a young man who grew up in the worst of circumstances. >> and the nfl back on nbc tonight. this is a live look at canton, ohio. coverage of the hall ofga fame starts right here tonight at 8:00 followed by "news 4 at 11:00." and i'm tracking the threat
6:43 pm
for some heavy rain and gusty winds in the forecast tomorrow on your friday. that's going to lead toore flooding concerns. just about everybody under a flash flood watch until saturday morng at 6:00 a.m. more thunderstorms developing out there right now. i'll have theatest l
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
his family escaped the ravages of war and despite that violent bringing a george mason university scholar is being recognized for his dedicati to others. he's been named a pat tillman scholar named for the former nfl player who was killed in combat in 2004. bureau reporter david culver brings us an inspiring story of determination that you'll see only on news 4.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: each in the midst of war. photos can capture a young boy's curiosity. picture after picture of this iraqi child next to u.s. and coalition forces. m from theitary checkpoint to inside the u.s. embassy, some must havere won who is he? g ai just remember hav great amount of respect and admiration for what they did. >> the young military nan is ali nayev now 23 and working to get his masters at george mason university in fairfax, virginia, a place that seems so far from the war torn baghdad that he once called home. >> we're seeing all sorts of stuff on a kid -- a kid of that shouldn't see or experience at all. >> reporter: his father served as an interpreter to serve with the u.s. coalition forces. while he couldn' shield his son from the bloodshed he embraced the take your son to approach introducing ali to a love of service and love of two
6:47 pm
countries, both iraq and the unitstates. >> we were close. we were very close. >> reporter: in january 2008 whil taking his daughter to school, al qaeda killed amir. >> when he lost his life, that really took a toll on myself and my family as well. >> reporter: ali and his family turned to the soldiers wit him his dad worked. >> he saw something in me and really took the of saying, hey, this is sub-who is worthy of coming to the united states and worthy to wear the uniform. orter: which brings us back to ali's career path, that young boy in all with the military, so much so that he joined theirginiarmy national guard right out of high school. >> a skinny iraqi kid at 16 can come here and can join the military and become an orerican. >> rr: no longer a curious child but a fellow ameri n soldier. in fairfax, davidculver, news 4. >> impressi young man.
6:48 pm
>> amelia, when are we going to get some 'mrelief? >> tired of talking about all of this. >> you're speechless. >> exactly. >> we're going to get some relief over theeekend and most of next week is looking mainly dry or at least i should say not as wet as it was these last two weeks,ight? >> right. >> i'm trying here. take a look at the rain outlook. tomorrow we have showers at times with more scattered thunderstormsnd heavy rain looking likely during the afternoon and evening hours, but very similar to today. plenty of dry time, but plenty of clouds as well. it was muggy out there today. it's going to stay muggy pretty much through next wednesday. aso e looke weekend it's mainly dry. here's just the chance for some showers outnlhere mduring the early morning hours. can't rule out an isolatedto thunde both saturday and sunday and later in the day. most if not all of your weekend ll be dry as weook to monday and tuesday. keeping both days completely dry. here's a look at storm team 4
6:49 pm
radar. tm starting on the wider image and then i'm goi zoom in where i'm actually tracking this line of very heavy rainfallor tracking the most part right along the blue ridge and seeing this develop over the last hour. it's not moving all that much or i should say the heavy rain is continuing to fall in the same areas, and that i think is going to lead so some flooding concerns where we're seeing the line develop. exactly how it moves in after an hour or so it could move off to the eastst or northnd says a lot. i'll be keeping a close eye on that. right now we're continuing to track heavy rainfall around the front royal area and south of uemount and down to areas rther south. again, this line is continuing to form even into parts of ederick county starting to see howers for it and only intensifying at the moment. areas of rain and thunderstorms into the evening and on into the overnight hours, and with all of the rain we've seen the d.c. metro area picking up over an
6:50 pm
ch today. the mold spores are coming out high and if your a allergi bothering you it's likely due to the mold. i posted about that on my facebook and twitter pages. weekend forecast, again, we do have improvements in the forecast. on saturday i'm seeing dry conditions for the midday and afternoon hours, butshome ers are possible out there early in the morning until about 8:00,:00 a.m. it is going to be humid both days with hue temperatures in the upper 80s on saturday and oound 90 sunday. maybe anmsolated thunderstor out there, but nothing i would cancel or change your plans over. here's the storm team 4 forecast. keeping i dry and it' hot. high temperatures in the low 90s both days. there's the chance for some late day showers and tt nderstorms ere on wednesday with temperatures in the upper 80s and lowerumidity and next thursday the humidity builds back in on friday with the chance for more showers andrm thunders ultimately one more day of heavy rainfall in the forecast and then a bit of a break at least over the weekend into early n. t we >> it's a tough sell, amelia. l
6:51 pm
>>et's hear for thursday. let's plan something big. >> thank you, >> coming up, getting to know any redskin who willopefully be scoring a lot of touchdowns this year and will catch a lot of flackt and wha they revealed to sherree burru in their one-on-one. >> and first a look at what's come up on "ness nightly news." >> more on the red tide killing fish and marine mammals and how officials plan to deal with it and a lithium battery scare when a cell phonexploits in e you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. well, you know, i was afraid of this. got a ketchup controversy in redskinsca training . >> no. >> you pay attention and you, too, out there this tv to g in the spirit of things, i know your passion there for ed pre-packketchup.
6:55 pm
pay attention. skins e ketchup in the r training camp and a bit of a controversy. >> okay. >> only will see it here onews 4 and maybe nowhere else ever again. once upon a time in a burgundy and gold land far, far away or three years ago robert griffin iii in a preseason game stied emotions in redskin nation. tonight he'll be in a ravens uniform when they play in oe ha fame game against the bears here on nbc 4. shameless plug portion over. we now turn to richmond, and sherree burruss with more on the redskins of 2018 and maybe eventually some ketchup. >> yeah. we'll have to catch you up on the ketchup and first an injury update. wide receiver josh dodson isve okay andthing is fine after he fell on his shoulder yesterday at practice. a fellowve wide rec paul richardson, he's in his first season with the washington redskins coming over from the seattle seahawks. he told me his combination of size standing at 6 foot and 170
6:56 pm
pounds, his speed and his good hands is going to be an asset th is redskins offense. >> i've never felt undersized besides when i walked past trent or moses, but, you know, i -- i play big. i play with a lot of heart and lot of confidence. i'm hard to be denied, and i really pride myself on that. >> we saw that one-handed grab wi seattle. that was pretty incredible. that's a big talk for you and that's what we can expect, those kind of good-hand grabs. >> those are the situations where, you know, i was a put in position to mak a freak play. i reached for it, that's not anything i do. i don't ever reach for the ball one hand and i don't f goor one-hand catches, butf i'm tied up i try to make a play however ican. >> i need you to explain this. you put ketchup on youtacos. >> yeah, ever since i was a kid i would always ask myo mom put my cheese on first and put the meat over it and the cheese would melt.
6:57 pm
i used to believe if theheese was on top of the meat it would never melt, and iut always ketchup on it to seal the deal. >> i don't know if -- i don't know if i can get down with that. >> like does it taste like pico. >> you would have to taste it yourself. >> richardson and i will have to do a taste test and try the ketchup tacos and we'll let you know how tt worksout, if it's just like pico on a teako. maybe you c find somebody that puts mayonnaise on their french fries. >> oh, that's good. >> oh, you like . th >> i don't know about ketchup on tacos. >> that's wrong. >> on and off the field the nationals have real natitude, like ketchup on tacos. the man in george the gm mike rizzo who sent kellyn clear
6:58 pm
made it clear davey martinez is very much in chargend the nationals are starting to take charge and bryce harper is still here to lead that charge, got it. since the all tar break and since winning the home run derby bryce harper has caught fire. struggles in the first half of the season,ti b .333 and eight extra base hits the last six games. nats are hoping that will continue in the series again the red, a team in which harper is career 00 hitter against. >> a genderl rev football style. long snapperod styleay. the faustamily from york, pennsylvania, big redskins fans enlisted the longpe snapr's help and he came through and the pink appearing and the faust family have a t baby giro go along with two brotherff good s from them. by the way, the -- those ketchui
6:59 pm
packet handed out are not for resale. you can't sell it. >> like a
7:00 pm
tonight, an extraordinary warning in the white house, the top national security and ff intelligenceials in america joining together to sound the alarm that russia is coming aga. >> our demracy itself is in the cross hairs. >> a strikingly different scene than ent trump siding with vladimir putin. u.s. officials warning the threat is real and the u.s. could strike back in secret ways. in the meantime, ivanka trump breaking with her father a very public way. a star football coach under fire now sidelined. explosive allegations he knew about alleged domestic abuse and turned a blind eye. a growing disaster in some of the most popular beaches in the country, deserted at why tourists are er. staying away and businesses are suffering. a suen fire on


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