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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  August 5, 2018 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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it's a miracle. >> are you ordering the mueller investigation to be shut down? n our democracy itself is the crosshairs. >> this fire is rea outrunning us. good morning and welcome to "sunday atoday" on thust 5th, i'm willie geist. president trump is back at his new jersey golf club this morning fresh off a campaign rally in ohio last night. the president gave his latest assessment of russian interference in american elections and handicapped the vodterms, but he did not mention one of ohio's farite sons, lebron james, afterhe president went after james in a late-night tweet on friday. in a break from her sband,
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first lady melania trump threw her support to the nba superstar and floated the idea of visiting his new school. we'll get into all of that amo with chuck todd. plus the latest on a wild scene in venezuela.hi an explosion the country's president was speaking at an event that sent hundreds of soldiers running for the pnt calls it an assassination attempt. others, not so sure. and later, a sunday sitdown with actre mila kunis. she came with her family from the a soviet unio a little girl and grew up to be one of hollywood's biggest stars. meeting her -star and fut husband, ashton kutcher, as a ut role. in her brea >> so a lot of people wonder because of the role you played et "that '70s show" if you and ashton ever got tr on that show. >> no. in real life? >> yeah. >>o. and i say this not as a joke. i thought he was fine, he was a nice guy, we worked together and sometimes he dropped me off at.
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home >> a sunday sitdown with mila kunis a bit later in the show. let's begin this morning with president trump on the campaign trail last night for a third time last wweek,pping up support for the republican candidate in a special house election to be held on tuesday. but as always,g cover much more ground than that. nbc's white house correspondent, kelly o'donnell, ive tng with the president. she's near his new jersey golf club. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the president is picking up the pace with these campaign rallies, trying tohel help republicans in key races. he is on vacation but expect him to come and go from his new jersey private club. this morning he is saying that hi campaign against t media is a, quote, public service, ile to shape his own message. the president'sa of a saturday night out. a rally stage near columbus, ohio. >> you've got to get out and vote. >> reporter: making an urgenth pitc before a special election tuesday, that will fill a house
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seat. >> troy balderson, come on up. >> reporter: a test of the president's popularity in a district he won by double digits. but where the democratic candidate, danny o'connor, is polling strong, a sign democrats say that a blue wave is coming in november. the president countered. >> i think it could be a red wave. i tell you what, really i think it should beed a wave. >> reporter: feeling pressure perhaps, but feeling the for sure. >> it's hot. so much for my brand new beautiful suit. >> reporter: days after hisna onal security chiefs came together to warn that russia is trying to undermine the coming election, the president did acknowledge the danger but spread the blame beyond russia. >> we've got to stop meddling, we've got to stop everybody from attacking us. but there are a lot. russia is there, china is there. >> reporter: playing to the local audience. >> ohio is the home of everything. everything good.
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>> reporter: the president did not mention his friday nightin twitterlt, mocking the intelligence of ohio-born basketball icon lebron james. buea did r his frequent attack on another prominent n- afrierican, california congresswoman maxine ters. >> a maxine, seriously low i.q. person, seriously. >> reporter: saturday the first lady's office responded to reporters' questions with praise for lebron james who just opened a school for at-risk students. it looks lik lebron james is working to do good things on behalf of our nextti gene. and based on mrs. trump's child advocacy platform, she would be open to visiting the "i promise" school in willie, up and tweeting early this morning. part of what the president is that attack on the media, defending h use of what many consider to be an inappropriate term, referring to journalists
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oas the enemythe people. he goes on to say this. they purposely cause great division and distrust. this, i believe, is a n attack. they can also cause war, tweets the president. they are very dangerous and sick. the p usidentng his twitter feed to vent his hostility, hish anger, frustration. it's sort of like a version of the campaign but coming through your phone. willie. >> kelly o'donnell starting us off in new jerseyng this mor with the president. thank you. chuck todd is moderator of" t the press." chuck, good morning. the president is up tweetin about the media, calling them dangerous and sick, saying they cannd cause war pushing the idea of tariffs, a day after he comes out of the state of ohio that's being hit bta ffs. on the campaign trail three times this week, chuck, and we've tust learned alsot president obama is going to support a bunch of democratic candidates, he'll be on the campaign trail sometime this fall, how much of a force is
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president trump rallying for i republicanthe midterms. >> in the primaries he's a very powerful force, we've seen it. he's literally ended the campaigns of a guy who's been running for governor of florida for really his whole adult ofli. al sudden he's trailing by 20 in the polls and the trump endorsed candidate who has no history in the state of florida is the front-runner. that's how powerful he is. what we don't know is whether it means anything innovember, right. does it mean anything to general election voters. the president is there trying to salvage a special election house seat that is a house seat thatn hasn't b democrat since 1980. so it is unclear whether he helps with general election voters. but we h know has an impact in primaries. >> yeah, the president had a sheet he pulled out of his coat listing all the candidates he's pushed over the top and he believes he will push over the top here in the midterms. he did not mention yesterday in
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the state of ohi again, uck, lebron james, perhaps wisely not mentioning a guy beloved in that state. let's talk about that tweet friday night insulting the intelligence of both lebron james and donemon on cnn, an african-american television host. lebron james is the kind of public figure that lot of people in this country, including me, suggest our kids look up to. >> yeah. >> was this more than an attack on somebody he saw insulting him on television? why does heeep going back to the insult on intelligence when it comes to african-american leadersn this country? >> okay. look, i'm going to get to the second part in a minute, but remember what that interview -- in that terview, don lemon did ask lebron james about talking with the president and lebron james made it clear he would never sit across the tab from president trump. so as we know, when president intrump feels lted, then he just lashes out insults. look, there is a troubling pattern here. every time he disparages an african-american political opponent of some sort, whether
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they'r an athlete or actual elected official, he always goes to intelligence, always. it's hard not to notice that pattern and it's hard not to look at it and wonderf there is nefarious motives behind it and some sort of long-terys beliefm in him or maybe some ust trying to send sort of dog whistle to his supporters, although i think some w tld sayt isn't a dog whistle, it's just a whistle. >> it sure sounds like it to a lot ofpeople. he called maxine waters low i.q. does.ways always does that. it is a very disturbing -- look, it's disturbing any time you see thace personal a on anybody, but it's -- because of the motivation behinit, it's very disturbing. >> we've also seen at these rallies a rise to prominence of conspiracy theorists at his rallies. this group qanon, it traffics in conspiracy theories and introduces the idea of the deep state. it actually led -- there was a conspiracy led pizzagate,
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actually led to shots fired inside a washington, d.c., pizza outlet, a completely fraudulent theory. why are we seeing a rise in this in the lt several months chuck? >> first of all, just to show you hows bizarre t qanon is, q is supposedly this incredible lone super hero deep inside the government saving people, so q is either president trump or, ready for this, willie, john f. kennedy jr., who apparently is t really dead, according to these crazy conspiracy theorists. the point is that's how off the rails this group is. but what's disturbing is that somebody in the president's orbit plays to this crowdnd actually something encourage the president to stoke it subtly and that's what's disturbing a lot of people. >> watch those rallies, those signs are all over the place. a chuc lot to chew on this morning on "meet the press." we'll look for much more where
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the topic is the state of the white house. is president trump o liberated besieged. among chuck's guests,lo roy bt and amy klobuchar. four people under arrest and several injured after a rally tween a right-wing group and counterprotesters turned violent. nbs gadi schwartz has more. >> reporr: it was a confrontation in portland that police, protesters -- >> go home! >> reporter: -- and counterprotesters had been preparing for. members of the right-wing group patriot prayer holding a peace rally with joey gibson met with members identifying as antifa, some on both sides dressed for a fight. when the first skirmishes broke out, police moved in quickly,ea ngrc entire blocks by e, pushing everyone back, including journalist documenting the scene. a transgender trump supporter took a punch to the face. >> i think it'sood over here
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but the moment that i started having a different opinion over there, i got punched in the o face, i'll let that one speak for itself. >> reporter: scounterprotest say it's time to take a stand. >> i'm here today because hatred and bigotry have taken root in america and it's time for the good people of america to stand up and say d something and something. >> reporter: now concerns shift to charlottesville where authorities worry about planned next weekend on the one-yearnniversary of the deadly attack during a so-call unite the right rally. all perts forhose demonstrations have so far been denied while city officials plan on closing roads and parks to prevent any more violent outbreaks. >> go home nazis. >> eporter: for "today,gadi schwartz, nbc news. vezuelan president nicolas maduro is safe after what he calls an assassination attempt on him. the president was during a televised event where there was an explosion
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soldiers a event scattered in panic, as you can see here, while president i maduro claim was an attempt on his life using explosive drones. firels offic say it was merely a gas canister that exploded in a building a few blocks away. and the pro football homl of fame has new members this morning. on saturday a group of the greatest players in nfl htory were inducted, including ray lewis, randy moss and brian urlacher. terrell owens, upset with the hall's voting procedure, declined to attend but did hold his own ceremony at hisma alma r in tennessee. and dylan is here with a check of the weather. dylan, weas missed you week on your birthday week. happy alma mater ine. tennes happy belated birthday. we have got some severe storms today, this time located back towards the midwest, we had some severe weather move through iowa, also southeasternnn ota, and this one moved through the great lakes area today. there's a lot of cloud to ground lightning, there' torrential downpours with this system.
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and there is a p sibility for some large hail and damaging winds and we can't rule out a tornado. from michigan, all the way back into wyoming, so there's 6 million people at risk for this severe weather. all of this slides to the east on monday, some of this could moveo i the d.c. area. >> we are seeing llus of sky, so big difference from what se saw yesterday, we will see bright sunshine your sunday goes on, a mostly dry day,cl yo ds are closinger to winchester and really not going toffect us as we go into your sunday. take a look at washington, 77 degrees, already in the 70s for martinsburg and a high today of 94 degrees, hot and humid conditions expected. >> and that's your latest llforecast. >>right, thank you very much. dylan is sticking around for the highs and lows of the week, including the pizza delivery guy
8:14 am
turned viral star who brought a pepperoni pie and some beethoven to one customer. and the packf marauding goats that took over a neighborhood this week. we'll have their list of demands. and later, they're not old enough to vote, but they are old enough to run. we're on the campaign trail with the high school students who want to move into the governor's mansion. >> we want our voices to be heard. we want, you know, our perceptions and our ideas to be the table when they're discussing policy-making decisions. >> it's all coming up on "sunday today." as we head to break, our photo of the week. the remains of u.s. soldiers back on america soil in hawaii, some 65 years after they were lost during the korean war. president trump thanked north korea's kim jong-un for turning the remains as promised.
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all the flavors you crave, in a superfood. blue diamond almonds. crave victoriously. . dylan and i are ready to whip through the highs and lows he week. we're so happy you're back. >> it's nice to be here. >> ready for some highs and lows? >> yes. been waiting all week. >> the first high goes to the men and womenking around the clock to fight the wildfires in the west and the neighbors chipping in to help. the carr fire in northern california has consumed 145,000 acres and killed at least six people since i broke out two weeks ago. exhausted firefighters doing their dangerous work e inreme summer temperatures got a smile this week when a 2-year-old girl named gracie handedas out brea burritos to keep them going. acie's mother, chelsea, has two brothers and a dad working the fire. sheosted it to facebook and it went viral. gracie and her mama were back the next nig with spaghetti. many of those firefighters are
8:19 am
working 24-hour shifts so the need food and they need sleep. this photograph went viral after a resident ofg, redd california, posted to instagram this week. it shows a group of firefighters sleeping outside in broad daylight. the picture came with the caption that reads after days of fighting this re, the curled up and slept on the ground just to do it again tonight. thank you for saving my home. you all are true heroes. and a barber in redding ispi hing in too. jamie, the owner of old school r barbershop, o free hair cuts to firefighters and member of the natioard working the carr fire. that is some good work, jamie. dyovn, you'veed these things and watched how hard these people work. >> it's incredible the conditions they're dealing with. you've got the hea from the re but then the heat from the brutal temperatures they have out there, i don't know how they do . >> and working 24-hour shifts. thank you to all of you for what you do. ur first low goes to the roving band of thugs that took ver a neighborhood in west boise, idaho, this week. i should be more specific. they are thuat go
8:20 am
about 100 of the hoovd hoodlums marauded through a local neighborhood. local residents terrorized by the savage beasts. it appears the people were unfazed as they mingled with the friendly goats and thoroughly t enjoye morning parade down their street. >> what's going on behind you? >> mayhem. a ton of goats got loose, i don't know how, but it's prettys e. >> it's just so like unusual, so you ca ut be tooappy about it. >> it turns out the goats were with a company cled we rent goats, which eventually corralled them after their bre for freedom. i will never stop loving the fact that goat aental is thing. if your yard is overthrown, they dump 100 of them. >> that's a genius idea. but i do want to know how they got out. u never see goats up to no
8:21 am
good. >> so there was a hole in a fence apparently and they snuck out the back fence and started walking tough the neighborhood. >> and they just follow each other. >> they corralled them again take them to the next job. our next high is the big surprise one michigan family got after calling in a simple pizza devery order. 18-year-old bryce was delivering the vehicle at hungry howie's. when the door opened at the home in sterling heights, there was the usual exchange of pizza and cash, but bryce also complimented the beautiful baby grand piano in the foyer. they told bryce he was welcome to check it out and then this happened. ♪ >> thatbrs e, the delivery guy, pulling up a seat and laying down some beethoven with moonlight sonata third movement.
8:22 am
he's a se-taughtianist who's been playing since he was 6. they posted it to social where it became a phenomenon and you have to believe hungry howie's is getting a lot of business at the chance bryce might show up and put on aco ert. >> i wonder if he'll move on from pizza deliveryman. >> ihink he should be a concert pianist. that was a pizza delivery guy for the summer? our final low goes to the canadian van driver who was fired after taking delight in steering his van into puddles to so pedestrians. he shouldn't have done it butet is a littl funny. the driver swerving toward the curb when he sees somebody walking so he can douse them from the puddles of rainwater. he got three different people. his spree was captured on dasm video and caught fire online. bad news for the driver, whose van was quickly identified and he was fired by the company that employed him. by the way, this is the scene on every new york city street corner every time it rains. >> and i've been one of those
8:23 am
people who getsdr ched. but it's usually my own fault. >> you've got to get back but sometimes i d think the cab takes a little drift right to get to you. day coming up next, a s sitdown with actress mila kunis on moving to america as a little girl without money or a word of english, sharing the screen and now a life with ashton kutcher, and her latest movie with snl star kate mckinnon. and later, we wildu int you to the world's first professional baseball player known to have how his childhood struggle e dream. big lea and you can head over to facebook for a facebook live chat with dylan and me in just just two minutes this is not a bed. it's a high-tech revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. to help you lose your dad bod, train for that marathon, and wake up with the
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good morning, 8:26 on this sunday. we begin with a developing story in prince george's county, a man was killed after being hit by a
8:27 am
car on route 202. this happened just before 11:00 last night. police say the man wasroing the road at the time. the driver of the car stayed on the scene to cooperate with responding officers, the victim's name has not yet been released. metro' board has decided against a controversial idea to us special trains to takehe people to unite the right rally. and metro was facing backlash after beingaccused -- today is the last weday of x free weekend in d.c. find a full list ofuafying items in our nbc washington app. we're goingo take t a
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8:29 am
hot y hon tap today, right, bring pret brittany? >> even by 11:00 a.m., we'll be in the mid 80s. we're talking about temperatures pushing into the mid 90 our feels like temperatures will be close to the triple-digit mark. a high todayf 94 degrees. >> we'll have more news and
8:30 am
weather coming up at 9:00 t morning, for now, let's head back to sunday today, have a great day, everybody. we need help. we should consult the world's highest authority on relationships. cosmo. that is mila kunis starring on "that '7 show" where she spent eight seasons from 1998 to 2006. mila was only 14 years old when shd lande that role and may have fudged her age just a bit to get the job. the show was a hit, making a star and introducing her to co-star ashton kutcher.ri ad back then and her real-life husband today. family fro with her the soviet union where she was born to california when she was just 7earsold. her mother put mila in an acting class just to helper young daughter make friends in a new country. it turned into much more than that. mila and i got together for a
8:31 am
sunday sitdown to talk about her new movie, "the spy who dumped me," and a lot more. mila kunis got into sho business o a whim. >> i started acting when i was 9 by accident. there was an advertisement on the radio for beverly hills -- and like any pyramid scheme, every kid gets accepted. but let's say they asked for $400. my parents at at time maybe d $600 in the bank account. she has no explanation for why she did what he did. my mom decided to write a check. when you tko her, she says i just had a gut feeling. >> as usual, a mother's intuition is right. at34, kunis is one of the most successf and highest-paid actresses in hollywood. and with husband ashton kutcher forms a power cup 'em that is a magnet for thebl tads. her latest movie is the action
8:32 am
comedy "the spy who dumped me." talk about ant to your boyfriend. >> he dumped >>me. ome bad people are after me and now they're after you. >> but it almost didn't happen for her. >> i initially passed. my husband and i made an agreement a long time ago that we would neverhe separate t family. i said n a it was my husband who said i think you should do it. >> do you want to die nev having been to europe or do you want to go to europe and die having been to europe. >> why are those my only two options? >> audrey is like your average 29, 30-year-old girl who's trying to figure out her life. this guy that she kind of thought that she knew that she was in love with broke up with her. come to find t, spoiler alert, hi's a spy and she gets taken on thiswind adventure in europe with her best friend, played by kate msckinnon. so i like a really cool story about friendship, it's a story about love and lots of things explode around you. >> you didn't have that matt damon thing where you went into
8:33 am
training for a year? >> no, we went method. but o characters went method, aren't supposed to be skilled so we didn't want to be skilled, just blow things up in front of us and let's see what we do. >> for kunis, the road to hollywood began in the former sovi union in what is now the independent nation of ukraine. her family immigrated to the united states on a religious visa when mila was just p >> myents are like, hey, i think we've got to get out. our kids need a future and there's very little future here and we can't leave without the grandparents and my grandpa was like r no,sia is the best. my dad is like why don't you go visit brother in america and we'll see what happens. he's able to visit his brother. he comes to thetates and sees all things that america is known for and comes backo what is now ukraine and says, hey, i think we should probably start our paperwork to leave. the family moved to los angeles with$2 and not a word of english. >> so you land in the united
8:34 am
states at 7 years old. you said it was akin to being deaf and blind becausedn you speak the language. >> at one point later in life i was like, you know what, i don't actually remember most of second grade. my mom was like, , that's because you cried every day. oh, okay. so clearly i just blocked it out so it must have beenau tic. i just didn't have recollection of it. >> after her mother wrote that check forsccting ol, kunis got some work in commercials. >> i'll never forget the day i got stuck. the stickers were so cool. >> and with bit parts on tv shows like "baywatch." >> y got heat. get out of here, we're gon fry. >> then at just 14 years old, kunis landed the role of jackie burkhardt on "that '70sshow." >> her on-screen boyfriend was ashton toucher. >> you want to have my children? >> well, yeah. i love you.
8:35 am
>> a lot of people wonder because of that role if you and ashton ever got together onshhat . >> no. in real life? >> yeah. >> no. and i say this not as a joke but literally did my chemistry homework. i thought he was fine, sometimes he'd drop me off at home. >> during her run on "that '70s show" she began voicing the character of meg griffin on "family guy." kunis broke through on the b sc in 2008's "forgetting sarah marshall." >> so are you goingo jump or what? >> and two years later as the b intenslet rival to natalie portman in "black swan," a role that earned her a golden globe nomination. >> i'm just not sure you're feeling up to it. >> did it feel that way to you, that "black swan" put you on another level? >> listen, i always thoug i was great. so i was -- clearly i'm great, guys. why -- what took you so long?
8:36 am
ha you seen "baywatch"? >> soon a familiar face would return to mila's life. that old co-star from "that 0s show." >> we kept in touch with aol messenger, if you rememberhat back in the day. aim. and we saw each other at an awards show. from the back i thought what a handsong man, i wonder who that is. then he turned around and i was like oh, i d have a moment where i thought he was handso. >> the pair got married in 2015 and have twochildren. kutcher was homemaking breakfast while mila and i were sitting down t >> i thought i'd give you an update if i could on what's happening back home. this just posted by your husband. that was breakfa this morning. >> oh, yes. i know >> doe look familiar? >> this is what happens when i'm gone. it's rainbow french toast. french toast, plain yogurt,
8:37 am
crumbled trix. at's my husban guys. it's pretty cute, right? >> kunis' experience as a new mothero led here smash "bad moms" franchise. p we're killing ourselves trying to befect and it's making us insane. >> maybe i had like a 9-month-old at theme. i don't know if i want to work again. it's that "bad moms" script. oh, but wait, i can relate to that one. and so i did it and it was really hard for me to go back to work. it was really hard because i was so used to bng with m kid every day. >> and your fans want to know if there will be a third "badmoms" movie. >> i love the cast. if it could be doneth right t being rushed, absolutely. >> what about working with your husband, doing a movie together? >> probably not going to happen. i can't look at him and not be like what are you doing? it a wei -- no, like -- no, it's weird. in a scene wit him i was like, oh, i see you acting. like i can catch it. he looked at me and he was like
8:38 am
what's that face you make? i was like we can't do this. we can't be together a scene. >> more than 25 years now after her mom wrote tha fateful check, mila kunis is looking like a pretty good investment. >> your mom can happily say that th $400 pyramid scheme paid off. >> sometimes we bri it up and my dad says i thought i was going to kill your mom. i was like i'm so happy you didn't. >> you can see mila and kate mckinnon in "theho spyumped me" in theaters now. our thanks to dos cominos restaurant here in new york for hosting us. to here attempts to keep like normal check out our extras on and subscribe to the sunday sitdown podcast to hearhe entire unedited interview with a. you can find it on apple podcasts or wherever you get them. next week one of our favoritd sunday ns ever with bill murray, a rare extended interview with a comedy icon, next week on "sunday
8:39 am
today." and dylan is back now with another look at an icon. we're going see a pretty hos week a the northeast on monday, storms will move into the midwest and it is going to stay h in the southwest. heading toward the middle of the eek, this cold front will move eastward, so we'll see scattered showers and storms through the eastern third of the country. it gets less humid back behind that front and temperatures drop tck down into lower 80s. that cold frontpproaching the st coast, down through the south as well, your afternoon thunderstorms when the heat starts to build backgh the stains once again and stays hot out here's a peek out your window. >> i'm meteorologist brittany ship. live look outside, we're looking at a lot more sunshine versus what we saw yet, so we'll see another shot of heat and humidity, it's going to be a little warme today, pushing into the mid 90s. looking at what we can expect overouhe next days, holt and humid conditions, at least
8:40 am
dry once heading into tuesday, heat and humidity and now rain, and then wednesdayanwe track the of showers. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thanks. next on "sunday today" t high school students whose names will be on the ballot on tuesday in a race to become governor. we'll tell you how they got a there why they want you to take their message seriously. at carmax, we buy all the cars. uh, all the cars? all the cars. old cars? yes. new cars? oh, yeah. sports cars? indeed. a big ol' boat-like car? permission to come aboard! what about a car that's all (makes awkward car noises) hgnnnn-nn-nn-nnnn-ayy-ayyy i don't see why not. what about, let's say... oh, i don't know, a purple van with a painting of a wizard just shooting lightning out of his fingers riding a unicorn sneezing rainbows? definitely. just asking for a friend. yea, i figured. (whispered to camera) wow.
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three months from tomorrow americans across the country will head to the t polls vote in closely watched midterm elections that will give us an idea of where c thentry is nearly two years into president trump's first term. this tuesda primary elections will be held in several states, including in kansas where af group candidates for governor will be on the ballot before they're old enough to vote. they won't win, but, they say, that's not the point. nbc's joe fryer has our sunday spotlight. >> reporter: at 17 years old, jack burgeson, tyler ruzick and joe tutera are not old enough to
8:43 am
vote in the upcoming primary on tuesday, but they are old enough to run for governor. >> i want to thank you all for your e support. >>nt our voices to be heard. we want, you know, our perceptions and our ideas to be at the table when we're discussing policy-making decisions. >> onberg is a candidate in the democratic race, while ruzick and tetera are republicans ot repcan side. it all started when bergeson was searching wikipedia and found there was no minimum age requirement to run in kansas so he double checked with the elections director. after that point after i had it confirmed from the elections director, i began plannin my ru >> reporter: the other teens soon followed. >> tyler, thank you for joining us this morning. >> congratulations on joining the race. >> reporter: none of it surprising to their moms. >> he is doing what he truly loves, and he's just passionate about it. it makes me proud. >> reporter: this is more than running for class office, isn't
8:44 am
it? >> yes, yes, it is. he did that his freshman year and was president. he thoullt, i'm going to do something different now. >> reporter: there are people that think it's kinzy of c that teenagers are running for governor, that it's a novelty. what would you s to them? >> i put $2,000 of my own money to put myself on the ballot. that's a lot of money. if you c't look at that and say, hey, maybe this kid is taking it a little maseriously, e he is in it for the long haul, i don't know what to tell you. >>eporter: they're traveling the state attending campaign events, going toe to toe withe candidates at debates and passionately pushing their platforms. >> public education is really at the top of my agenda. >> legalization of marijuana. we need to do it forcr tional purposes. >> a big problem is transparency within the government. >> reporter: their campaigns come asoung people across the country make their voices heard, like the march for our lives, which was organized by students. dencite their diffe on policy, these three genuinely
8:45 am
get along ande h to inspire the adults to do the same. >> i think that whattr we're ng to do, the three of us, is get everybody to sit down, let's have aittle bit of civil discourse. let's talk it through. >> reporter: voters youngd and eemed impressed. >> i'm the only democratic that has campaigned on not taking corporate money. >> reporter: a few dozen turned up in rural kansas to catch bergeson speak. >> it s nice to hear a different perspective, especially from someone who's literally my age. so i considering voting for him, but we'll see. >> reporter: and eleanor lowe says ruzick has her vote. >> he impressed you. >> greatly, a lot, yeah. >> reporter: but not everyone is impressed. state representative blake carpenter led theharge to change kansas law. after this year, candidates must be at least 25 to run for governor. >> they don't have enough life experience. they haven't had a chance to go out on their owne or h a house or mortgage or taxes or hold si much of a profal job or anything boy that point. >> obviously i think the politicians are a little bit o
8:46 am
scared us. there's a reason why it was passed. >> reporter: regardless, these young candidates are chargin ahead. >> all three of us are trying te achihat same goal. of course win t governor's seat but give young people more legitimacy and give the older h generatione that there is -- that there are great leaders to lead us in the future. >> reporter: just by running, they feel they have won. for "sunday yetoday," joe mission, kansas. >> good luck on tuesday, fellas. jo next on "sunday today," the professional baseball player who wants you to remember him for the way he hits and fields, even more than for the fact that he has autism. >> people should be looked at for what they are, not what theo had torcome in spite of. >> or how other people may perceive them. >> exactly. and later, a life well lived. the japanese american wom sent to an internment camp during
8:47 am
to an internment camp during world war ii who spent herrights save 25% on nike, under armour, adidas, and converse! sunder armour backpacks adidas shoes and converse sneakers! plus - get kohl's cash! save 25% on our biggest active brand right now - only at kohl's.
8:48 am
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just three years after winning the world series, the last place kansas city royals are having a season they'd just
8:50 am
as soon forget. but there's a big bright spot in seir minor leaguetem with a player who's making history just by putting on the iform. nbc's kevin tibbles has our sunday closer. >> reporter: no matter where he winds up, this kid's already in a big league of his own. >> i always think that my biggest opponent is. myself as long as i can overcome that, i can do anything i set my mind to. >> reporter: 26-year-old tari is a trail blazer with the kansas city royals organization. he was diagnosed with autismt the age of 3, but it's never stopped him. >> people should beooked at for what they are, not what they had to overcome in spite of. >> or how other people may perc>>ve them. exactly. >> reporter: he signed a minor league contract in april with the major league royals. believ to be the first player with autism ver to doso. >> overcoming the opponents will be a lot easierhen you
8:51 am
overcome yourself. >> reporter: his developmental challenges kept him from speaking until he was 6, but when he picked up a bat at 10, everything changed. the game it about that you love the most? >> the fact that no matter how good or bad things are, i always want to eome backally as much every day. >> you're not a quitter? >> i like to think i'm not. reporter: his mom says everyone could learn a thing or two from the dedication and grit her son brings day in, dayout. >> you must be incredibly proud. >> i am very happy, like he is. i think, wow, he's here. it just makes me cry every time because we would talk about it and people would look at us ,ke, ye but everybody wants to be there. >> reporter: one of the reasons he's here is former royals player reggie sanders. a slugger in his own rightmo wi than 300 home runs in a 16-year career. reggie foundedn organization dedicated to empowering people with autism. >> i'llust ask you straight,
8:52 am
is this a charity case? >> no, not at all. he is one of those guys that we have scouted and saw hisbility to be able to go out and play the game ofll base >> does the fact that you have autism make it more difficult for you? >> i don't knoik what it's not to have it, so i wouldn't know the difference. it's kind of one of those things that it can't hurt you if you don't know, right? >> he really exemplifies a young man that has an internal strength that we will never, ever understand. but we want to be a part of ori >> rr: he's got a ways to go to make the big team, but for him, america's pastime is also his american >>dream. hat would you say to a young boy or girl who wanted to be baseball wut maybee being held back because they were autistic? >> it's not going to hold you back, don't listen to people. it's not going to hold you back. >> because? >> because really the only thing that's going to matter is what your ability is and what kind of person you are. >> reporter: for "sunday kevin tibbles, surprise, arizona.
8:53 am
>> canno wait to watch him rise up to the big leagues. vin, thank you very much this week we highlight another life well lived. aigh school senior in 1942, when president franklin roosevelt issued executive order 9066. she was not allowed to collect her diploma before she was forcibly shipped to an internment camp in accordance with the order. she was born in california to japanese immigrants, but after japan's bombing of pearl harbor in december of 1941, the united states governmt decided she and some 120,000 other japanese americans were she was separated from her family. she gave birth to a baby in california's relocation center. her father died in a different camp all tn way arkansas. she later became an activist and researcher for the commission on
8:54 am
war-time relocation and internment of civilians appointed by congress in 1980. she dug relentlessly through mountaums of official dts to prove that camps were not a military necessity, as the government had claimed. largely because of her work, president ronald reagan in 1988 signed the civil liberties act, which included an official apology to inmates of the camps and reparations of $20,000 per prisoner. nce said i guess i showed that one person can make a difference. andlived through internmen fought to make sure america reckoned with it died recentl in torrance, california. in torrance, california. she was 93 years old. still nervous about finding a new apartment? yeah... but popping these things really helps me...relax. please don't, i'm saving those for later. at least you don't have to worry about renters insurance. just go to geico helps with renters insurance? good to know.
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hey justin, think fast! what?! every time! i get lucky every once in a while.
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8:58 am
we close this morning with a look at what's next this week. after his ral in ohio last night, president trump expected to have a little downtime at his golf resort in new jersey. we hesitate it to call an august vacation because the president will be active on twitter, but the aa has restricte airspace over bedminster, new jersey, through august 13th in case the president stays put. on thursday the world's b golfers will tee off in the 100th pga championship in st. louis. it w be tiger woods' first appearance at that event since 2015. other players to watch, defending champ justin thomas and the number one ranked t plar world, dustin johnson. the pga is the fourth and fine major of year. >> dylan, you're our golf expert, you're a much better golf than i am. tiger woods up and down this weekend. >> he going to win another major? think he won't retire until he does. >> i think you're right about that. maybe it'shis weekend. dylan, thank you.
8:59 am
heading into the 9:00 hour, a new report finds the federal government i making a secret plan to possibly take over metro over passenger safety concerns. officials in venezuela said that someone tried to kill nation's president on live tv with exploding droenes. welcome in here on this sunday morning. hope that you have had a good stt to the y. if you have started the day. if you're still in bed, it's probably time to start the day. >> weave some good news to start the day off with, because we're starting off nice and dry again. >> let check in with brittany
9:00 am
ship who's joining us from our sister station in philadelphia. hey, brittany. >> i'm hap t deliver another dry day so i think that means you guys will invite me back, you probably like this forecast. blue sky, lots ofe sunsh expected. the heat and humidity is going to stay with us. and as we go into the rest of today, we'll continue to see wall to wall sunshine. we're at 79lready in washington. temperatures in hagerstown, 78 degrees and again as we go into the rest of your morning, we wll quicklym into the mid 80s as early as 11:00 a.m.tu our tempe today 94 degrees, and we could kick off a at wave today. i'm going over the detls on what you can expect in my forecast. a live report o right now of the "washington post" this morning, the paper obtained a report from the federal transit administration detailing the me federal gove's plan to shut down all of metro if


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