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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 8, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm eun oryang. thanks joining us for "news4 today." it is hot and muggy. the dog days of august a continuing. >> look who decided to come back to work. >> it was aough decision, but here i am. >> we're glad you're here. she's going to telldy every about the commute this morning in a second. first, lauryn and sheena areo herell us about the storms they're tracking for later on in the day. >> yes. we've got some storms again aaron to talk about this afternn. we think they'll be more widespread than they were yesterday afternoon. >> they could be a little later, too. some of the models are showing a line of storms at 7:00, 8th0 evening. >> ooh. maybe a little later. we're watching for strong storms, too. this morning, we're waking up with dryitcons. no storms just yet. the morni commute looks fine. 76 in washington, little biter
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co by a couple degrees in some areas this morning. it's still very muggyoutside. areas of patchy fog, especially if you're down by quantico and warrenton. that's where we're seeing the thicker fog coverage. some areas of fog. radar.ce and dry on the as we zoom out to the west, you see broken up showers and storms. that all part of the front that will bring us showers and storms later today. mostly the late afternoon and evening hours. here's the wednesday commute. areas of fog b 7:00 a.m. by lunchtime, near 90. still dry. a chance of thunderstorms and temperatures back in the 90s. we'll break it down more with lauryn. les head over t melissa mollet who missed waking up this early i'm sure. >> i did. waking up this early really is the highlight of my life. be tired all the time. i know you guys are tired, too. taking a look atbw parkway northbound, southbound looking better than it was earlier this morning. we did have that earlier closure in the northbound lanes near
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197. powder mill road. that's cleare before connecticut avenue, we had the two left lanesbyetting the work zone. no other problems there. rest of the beltway looks good, too. through prince george'sounty, earlier problem inbound branche av is now gone this morning. in trginia, quantico the beltway on 95, rolling along nice nicely. go7 miles per hour, going to get there in 17 minutes. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:02 right now. we could be hit with another round of strongtorms this afternoon. >> two families can't go home because of the damage caused by yesterday's storm. nicole jacobs is live where a o tree crashed i two homes. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: eun, can tellou the downpours have been relentless as you well know. in many cases it's caused some damage. just as in this ca. you can see the red caution tape as well as the debris left behind here. want to get you to video
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iving you a closer look of exactly what happened. you can see the tree completely toppled over. gy're told it is the result of the s ground giving way to this tree. we spoke with the homeowner who ofls us the timing of all this will hit her in the wallet. >> from what i can see from here, it appears that that whole side of the house is damaged. d i p this addition in not too long ago. >> reporter: so she had jus renovated that portion of her house. the good news, no one injured in all of this. i can tell you, though, the tree did even more damage not just to her home, but to a neighbor's home. we'll have more on that in the next half hour. aaron, eun, back to you. >> nicole, thank you. there'sng we're follo breaking news. more than 14,000 firefighters are now battling more than a
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dozen fires in california, including the mendocino complex fire. it's only taking less than two weeks. that massive fire has nearly burned through an area nearly the size of los angelesment take a closer look. it's now listed as the largest wildfire in californiaor hi fortunately, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported doze of homes have already been destroyed and the head of the fire chf'sssociation says the fires are burning faster and more intensely than he's ever seen before. there were dry conditions and only 34% containment completely stopping this fire. it's not going to happen any time soon eun? >> chris lawrence at the live desk. it's 5:04. a silver spring father is worried about his daughters. heasn'teen 11-year-old kandyce or 16-year-old karr men matos since saturday. they disappeared from their home. her father believes they ran
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away from home but he says they lefthout necessities. >> they left with nhing. they got nothing with them, no money, no noclothes, ing. >> his daughters hang out at the westfield wheaton mall. anyone with information is asked to call montgomery county police. policeound the man accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old virginia girl and her grandmother. they are still missing. here's a picre of the suspect, rodriguez-sariol. they found him and the vehicle they were looking for in pennsylvania yesterday. now take a look at the picture of the girl and her grandmother. the suspect kidnapped engzabeth and rodriguez from harrisonburg on sunday. he may have been trying to take them new york. the murder of a beloved student athlete has left a community in shock.n >> jus finch is outside montgomery blair high school now. justin, what do w know about this student? >> reporter: aaron, at this time
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montgomery county schools learned that kevinso w jr.'s death, they realize this will be a heavy loss for many at montgomery blair high school. they're now offering counseling services to students and staff who need it. taleed, hard working and smart, that's how 16-year-old kevinilson jr.s being remembered. he was also the former captain seahawksryland traveling football team. he was a rising junior here at montgomery blair high school. and then monday night, prince george's county police found him shot behind these tower apartments. why remains a mystery at this point. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. now dealing with this news, kevin'se' coach saidll always remember the warm way kevin had about him. >> just a great young man. high spirited. always made you laugh. that's what you had as a captain. always had us laughing. >> reporter: police are working leads in the case but can always use a few more.
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a cash reward is offered for tips to help police solve this case and catch who shot and killed kevin. live in silver spring, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. it's 5:07. too close to kuhle. that's how things stand in a closely watched congressional race in ohio. the 12th distric has been relieb bli red for more than a deca. but this morning, republican troy balderson leads democrat danny o'connor by fewer than 2,000 votes. in at least 3,000 provisional ballots still need to be counted and certified. as soon ase't happens, let you know in the nbc washington app. it wama another dratic day of testimony for paul manafort. his long-time business partner, rick gates, told the jury he made up fake documents to help manafort get bank loans. he also testified that while he work on the trump -- he loaned
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money to become army secretary. throughout the day, the defense painted gates as a chronic liar. prors a prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case by the end of the week. ks this mne year since the deadly unite the night rally in charlottesville. wounds are still open from that day. lan to holdganizers a rally here in the nation's capital. according to the group's, perm they plan to demonstrate between 5:30 and 7:30 sday evening in lafayette square near the white house. this map shows all the streets that will be closed for sunday. organizers expect up to 300 people. at the same s time, garj gro plan to be -- large groups plan to be there with their nmessage >> opportunity for people opposed to this kind of fascist ha t. they have opportunity to stand up and be counted. we're going to be paradmeg a age of unity, inclusion, solidarity, the exact opposite from what they're tal about. >> president trump is not scheduled to be in d.c. while all of this is hang outside the white >>use.
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the man who shot president ronald reagan wants more do fr john hinckley has formally requested an unconditional rele ce fromtody and supervision. that's according to new court filings obtained byews 4. hinckley served 35 years in a mental healthl hospifore being released to his mother's home in williamsburg, virginia in 2016 under court supervision. hinckley and his attorneys did not return a request for comment. we know federal prosecutors want him to undergo another mental evaluation to n ensure he wil be a danger. a judge will hear that request in november. authoritiesho rescued 11 children from a compound in new mexico found the remains of a 12th child. last week, law enforcementci ofs raided this compound looking for a child abducted fromeorgia last december. 11 children were found there starnng, living i squalor conditions. they range from 1 to 15. they're now inct proe custody. authorities don'tnow whether the remains are those of the
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abducted chil two men and three women are now charged with child abuse. it's 5:09. we're following a developing story outf new jersey. two camden county police detectives are in the hospital after being ambushed by a gunman. the officers were dressed in ainclothes and inside an unmarked car stopped at a red light last night. a gunman approached and shot anywhere between 10 and 25 round at the car. one othe officers managed to fire back, but the suspect ran a wachlthe detectives are expected to be okay. the tart is not your car. rather your airbag. you can see smashed and a hollowed out steering whole. c thieves hit 2s in crystal city over the past few days and anothe 35 cars last month. stolen airbags are popping up for sale online. it's notlear if all the cases are connected. the thieves are mostly targeted apartment complex parki lots
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at night. drug trafficking charges are ced after showing up for his driving test smelling of a. mariju they arguesed reg in addition wooding at the glenn byrne i dmv while waiti in line. the smell was so strong she called for an officer. they found a pound of marijuana, a loaded handgun and $15,000 in suspecteug-related money. he faces a laundry list of charges, including dru trafficking. big problems with the newest railcars. find out what's wrong andt how long i could take to fix more than 500 railcars. this guy probably thought he escaped police when he ran into a dark field. something else was waiting for him. more on that straight ahead on "news4 today." we're watching a frontal system well out to e west. but that's going to move through our area. that's going to bring us a chance forossibly severe weather this afternoon.
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5:15 right now. a disturbing discovery at the howard couy fairgrounds. two food workers dead from a iespected drug overdose. their b found inside a locked bunk house in west friendship. they found evidence of atug use he scene. metro's 7000 series railcars only been the tracks a few years, but they need to be rewired already. that's according to an internal review first reported at wtop. metro says the problem is not a safety concern but a reliability issue. the report found wire defects by the manufacturer. the problem could lead to lengthy delays and poor reliability. it could take aear to repair 548 railcars that have the
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problem. the work is e notected to impact service. china has been banned the release of t latest winnie the pooh movie. the chinese government denied walt disney's request to show chrin opher robin iat country according to sources. it's unclear why the film was denied entry. in t past, the government censored online images of winnie the pooh. some opponents likened the bear's appearance to president xi jinping. >> that's a compliment. adorable. he's a beloved character. f>> but it's the leader your country. you're so cute, you look like a stuffed animal. you don't want that. some people have used the bear as a symbol ofesistance, too. >> maybe there's that. i think he's adorable. >> not that one. >> that's the original one. the a.a. milne. >> i like disney if he took a
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brush tohim. >> he was all glamorized. >> oh, bother. >> oh, my goodness. police in florida received extra help this week from someone unusual to track down a suspected car thief. >> take a look at this helicopter footage. >> if you see the large group cows, they're literally following her and chasing her. >> they're chasing hher. d of cows literally. trying to corral this- >> the one is -- >> not going to get away. >> are those horns? areshese c or bulls. >> i looked it up. they do get aggressiv if they scared. threatened or >> i imagine most animals have a defense mechaniic that in and says wait a minute, this is not okay. >> this happened suay night. they cornered the woman by a fence. police were able to step in. >> like running of the bulls in florida. >> police didn't need the help
5:18 am
of the cows tohe arrest suspects. they will face charges, including trespassing. they went inhe wro field. >> can i say only in florida. because we have a lot -- >> we say thato ny things. >> i can say it not be offended. i'm from florida. you won't find me running in a cow field. i can't believe that was a girl, by the way. > today, though, we have storms inhe forecast. to quickly change the subject. talk about weather for a second. we do have thunderstorms moving in later this morning. starting out warm and humid again. 68 degrees in gaithersburg. 77 degrees in washington. another morning where the temperatures are on the sticky side. we do have patchy fog. we have a half file visibility in manassas. less than a half mile in warrenton. not everyone is seeing this. you might see haziness and patchy fog today. radar is nice and dry. we're not talking about any rain. eivedo the west, we r
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scattered showers and thunderstorms. this will be the case through the afternoon. mainly t late afternoon and into evening. here's your planner for today. this morning,e're watching for the fog. by lunchtime, near 90 degrees. going th the afternoon, 93 for a high. i thunderstormo the afternoon. the humidity could make it feel close to 100 degrees in spots. here's what future weather is showing as far as the timing. through lunchtime, pretty early afternoon, a chance for a couple pop-up thunderstorms. it's looking like the timing is in evening hours. by 6:00 p.m. organized storms to theviest. through the district between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. some could be strong to potentially severe. we're going to be dry tomorrow if you're headed to the beach, it looks good. rain chances thrown back even if you stay farther inland, a higher chance of rain saturday and especially on sunday with temperatures in the mid-80s.
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as for the rest of the week, we stay dry and feel a little break in humidity as we go through tomorrow afternoon. let's head over to melissa mollet who iback. welcome back melissa. a check of the roads from you. >> laurel northbounbw parkway near 198, crash reported this is brand new. trying to get more information on that one this morning. capital s, walker mill road at rollins avenue. i mentioned this because there is a police and ambulance response on the scene. you may see delays through that area. prince george's county, looking pretty good. inbound on branch avenue, indian head highway, all looking nice and clear. 66 and 95 also rolling along nicely. 270 southbound frederick to the spur, 65 miles per nhour. yo see you get there in seven or eight minutes. eun? thank you, melissa. probably the basic piece of cooking equipment in your kitchen. is your cuttingoard harboring
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naptime isn just for your kids anymore. a men to that. there is a new place catering to adults. >> sleep pods are being offered. it's a place where for an hour.ep it's in london. you can get a small dark with scented lavender, an eye mask
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and other things. >> i bet you there's a big market for that. our 23 bucks an hour. i create my own sleep pods. easy money. the work horses of your kitchen. talking about cutting boards. >> you probably use them every single how do you keep them in top shape and free from bacteria? consumer rornter susan hogan is working forgue w yh tips. >> which is better at resisting bacteria, plastic or wood? >>ecent research suggests that neither plastic norwood are more likely to harbor salmonella. >> don't use the same board for bread, fruit andu eggies that e tore raw meat. fish and poultry. wash the board in hot soapy water after each use. >> pop them in the dishwasher or wash themn the sink. >> wood needs more attention.
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don't soak in water. protect in a bees wax-based if your wood board still smells of the food you've cut on, eliminate odors by rubbing with lemon and salt and rinse and pat dry. every few monthwash all typ of cutting boards with a solution of one tablespoon bleach to glon of water to sanitize. give a final rinse and dry thoroughly. store upright to facilitate air flow and you're done. susan hogan, news 4. i didn't know. i didn't treat my wood cutting boards with anything. i have to buy mineral oil and bees wax. >> so much work. >> salt and lemon. >> they'll chop the f onion me at the grocery store. >> you have to pay more for that. >> yes, i do. workout robbery. a suspect steals from g-goers. it's what he did next that makes it more frightening. commencement canceled.
5:26 am
the graduates were lined up ready to receive diplomas, then the college called it off. we'll explain why. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s inside the belt wachlt sun coming up at .6: you can see by 11:00, we'my already stut there. we've got a look at your forecast. more rain on the way this afternoon. we'll te itim get to the ross shoe event and get the shoes you want...for way less. oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings. for the latest styles and trends... n prices that make them ecuter. ...get to the ross shoe event. yes for less ♪
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...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. it's 5:29 as you wake up on wednesday. clear skies, clear radar picture for you. >> depending where you live, lightning may have been thew. worst you the weather scope packed a punch. six piem had to be treated for residual effects as they set upo for nl night out event in fort meade, maryland. they complained of headaches and tingling. the event w canceled for the second year in a row. here in d.c., s drms damage, too. a tree fell on to a house on 30th street northwest. another round of flooding, too, on broad branch road. the damage shouldn't impact your commute this morning.
5:30 am
melissa mollet is back in first four traffic today of the she'll are v. a look at the roads. >> sheena parveen and lauryn ricketts are looking at more storms too. >> the humidity will make it feel close to 100ro degrees h the afternoon. before the storms get here, it will help to fuel some of those. >> absolutely. some of the storms could be on the strong side. i know we had strong storms yesterday given what we were showing you. by the time we get to thursday and friday, things calm down a little bit. 77 is our temperature right now. again, we're headed into the mid- ts before noon hour. temperatures outside the beltway, just a little cooler. w, watch out a little patchy fog is forming out there. 66 in leesburg. pretty much temperatures in the 60s and 70s at this point. again, we're watching some rain wellrs as well to the north and west of us. ownothing out there right
5:31 am
except some fog. you'll head into low visibility, especially by culpepper county, comingp28, through prince william county or manassas less than a half mile of advivisibil. i'm not suref it'smpact the traffic. let's go to melissa mollet. >> i was having a little bit of the visibility issue this morning. t right now,o other problems reported roadwise because of anything like that. northbound bw parkway near 198, still had a crash reported there. not too much of a slowdown northbound or southbound through that area. we'll keep an eye on that one for you. walker mill road at rawlins avenue, you might see that. inner loop ap outer loo of the beltway, looking good. 270 northbound and southbound rolling along nicely here this morning and taking aook at 95, quantico to the beltway, you are on time. aar
5:32 am
aaron? >> melissa, thank you. a silver spring father is worried about his daughters. he hasn't seen kandyce or karr men matos since they saturday. they left without necessities cluding their glasses. he says his daughters often hang out at the westfield wheaton mall. anyone with information is askey to call montgoounty police. still no sign of a missing 12-year-old girl from virginia and her grandmo elizabeth and angie rodriguez were last seen sunday on south main street in harrisonburg. investigators believe this man, hareton rodriguez-sariol kidnapped them. they believe he may have been taking them to new york. he was found in the weather did not impact the nional night out events in the area. it aims to build a better relationship between the police andhe the communitiesy serve. >> there were several events, including a cookout put on by
5:33 am
police and community organizers in southeast d.c. there was also an event at marvin gaye park in northeast in my ka yi wilson's honor. she was shot weeks ago. the family hopes this will help end gun violence in d.c. o one has been arrested in her murder the life of this promising high school athlete has been cut short. 16 year oiled kevin wilson was murder monday night. now police want w to know and who killed the teenager. >> justininch is outside montgomery blair high school. what do we know about the young ma >> reporter: kevin wilson jr. was a rising junior here at montgomery blair high school where he will surely be m'ssed. thhy the county a offering grief counseling t students and staff who knew him well. those who knewin k wilson jr. say he had a bright future ahead. he was just 16 yrs old and a
5:34 am
for former captain of a traveling team.all he was well-liked. so who would kill this montgomery blair high school student and why. that question now being asked police who on monday night found him gunned down behind the apartments off new hampshire avenue. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police have been working this case ever since. kevin's coach tells us he was a hard working, such a giving student. it will be hard to see that potential not realized. >> he had a great spirit and energy. the things that he brought to the team athletically and mentalwise. he w anybody the kids would go to for help if they needed anything. >> investigators a working son-in-law leads but could use more always. they're reaching out to the public for more help and are offering a cash reward for tips thatill help them solve this case and find those responsible. justin finch, news 4. justin, thankyo 5:35 right now.
5:35 am
here are some the other top stories we're following this morning. the fairfax county mother accused of shooting and killing her 5-year-old daut he were didn't want a lawyer during her court appearance. she didn't want counsel. she was assigned a public defender anyway. youngblood is accused of shooting both of her daughters inside an apartment in mclean on sunday night. her other daut ner grave condition in the hospital. > a special election getting special attention. too close to call. ohio's 12th district has beeny solirepublican. now troy balderson leads danny o'conn by fewer than2,000 votes. election hfficials ne to certify and count more than 3,000si provial ballots before a winner can be determined. the government's starn witness ihe paul manafort trial will be back on the stand this morning. yesterday ricates told a jury that manafort tried to secure a cabinet level posit for a banker who loaned him money after the election.
5:36 am
more on what gates is pecis expected to s on the stand later. firstreminantly african american team to advance to the mid-atlantic rl will come home. yesterday the team took on a team from berlin, ma land. while the hometown boys scored five runs in the first inning, theyould not hold on. they lost 18-7. the season may be over. but johnson team made us so proud. great job. really represented this area and did so much with sports. they should come home with their heads held high. >> absolutely. >> congratulations. there's another team keeping world series hopes ive. the loudoun south team defead a team from alabama yesterday 9-6. they move on to the southeastern final against the team from georgia. if they win it's off to the world series in williamsport, pennsylvania. good luck to the team from
5:37 am
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welcome back take a look at the image of this man. he's involved in a that lasted minutes. a few weeks ale he sto a wallet and keys from a lker room at the kennedy shriver aquatic center. 15 minutes later, the suspect victim's erg the apartment building in bethesda. he took off with jewelry and is still n therun. anyone with information is asked to call police skbliefrjt homeowners in a loudoun county neighborhood are uneasy. bullets hit several homes
5:41 am
shattering windows. here's a closer look at some of the damage. this all happenedutside leesburg on aarons view court. loudoun county prohibit shooting a gun within 50 yards of the highy and you can't shoot park, 100 yards of a school or home. the b loudoun countyrd of supervisors is considering expanding the safe distance. >> bullets are going into occupied residencesed on a repebasis, then we should probably look at the ordinance and see if it's still valid. >> back in may, bults from an outdoor shooting range hit three homes in another counity. last weekend's are believed to have been fired from a nearby farm. this morning, it is warm and hum humid. a little patchy fog. temperatures quickly rising into the 830s by 10:00. by lunchtime, 90 degrees. feeling hotter with the humidity. after lunchtime, showers and storms in the forecast. some could be strong later this evening.
5:42 am
lauryn is up in a few minutes to reak down the timing and what to expect straight ahead. coming up 6:00 a.m., we're kicking off the annual backpacks for kids drive. molette green will be collecting new school supplies from 6:00 a.m. until noon today. >> she's going to join us from a preview in a few minutes. she'll explain how you can h p she'll explain how you can h p if you can't come out today.
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welcome back. 5:45. yesterday's fast-moving storms caused flash flooding in several areas a rund theion. take a look. at least one man had to be saved from his car after trying to drive through the rising water on broad branch road, 27th street northwest. firefighters want to remind people, when it's raing hard, do not try to drive through high water. the storm caused a tree to come down in northwest d.c. news 4's nicole jacobs is outside a home with more on the damage there. nicole? >> reporter: aaron, on 30th street is where we are. quite a bit of damage here. you can see all the debris left behind when a tree toppled over. i want to get you to some video
5:46 am
giving you a closer look of exactly happened. you can see this tree toppled over on the roof ere. i can also tell you that this is the result of the soggy giving way to this tree. the homeowner telling us she h r juovated that portion of herome that is now damaged. the neighbors, we're told, are feeling the damage too. >> myd neighbor receie blunt of the problem. they're young and just been there aut a couple of years. r orter: so two homes damaged by that one tree. the good news, though, no one was injured in all of this. aaron, eun, back to you. >> nicole jacobs live for us. nicole, thankom you. g up, storm team 4 will tell us when the possibleortrong could move through the area today. rt> we're expecting more drama in theroom this morning as paul manafort's former business
5:47 am
partner takes the stand for a third day. rick gates detailed crimes he says he committed in manafort's name. defense attorneys say gates can't be trusted. >> nick i carvajal has more from capitol hill.s what the defense strategy here? >> good morning. what the defense is trying to do is attack rick gates' credibility. they started this yesterday. the attacks got reall personal. they made him admit on the stand to an extra marital affair and talked about the lengths he went to keep it a secret, including the secret apartmentn ndon. he also talked more about how he admits that he stole from his boss, paul manafort and that at one point he lied to the special counsel. they're really t tryingo raise questions about why he decided to flip and cooperate with them when he's admitting to some of the same cmes that paul manafort is now being charged with. >> nikki carvajal, thank you. breaking news in southeast
5:48 am
d.c. >> reporter: police issued a critical alertor two missing children. .ne of them is a ba he's only one-year-old. his sister is only 13. that's her on the right. they were last seen on stanton road yesterdayfternoon. this is in the area near moton elementary and st. elizabeth parkway and suitland parkway. police are considering him a critally missing. if you have any idea where they might be, give police a call. eun? >> chris lawrence, thank you. it's 5:48. developi this morning, a bizarre and gruesome investigation at a vacation spot. a suitcase containing bones was foun in water off west ocean city, maryland. r partners in baltimore report a couple visiting inllicott ty found the luggage. it's not clear what kind ofne
5:49 am
they are. crews will return to the park today to search for more clues. dozens of families were set to see their kids gduate llege from florida atlantic university when the ceremony was abptly canceled. officials say they called it off because of a, quote, credible threat. a staff member found a sticky note in the women's bathroom that implied there was an immediate threat to the commencement. officials said they had no choice but to cancel the event and evacue the student union. graduates and their families weon understandablysed an upset. >> disappointed but safety comes first. i'm moving on now. i graduated in my mind. >> it's not clear whether graduation wl be rescheduled. the assistant vice president said every effort will be made to give t students the recognition they deserve. i hope they find a way to do that. understandly, safety comes first. you know, after all that hard
5:50 am
>> give me the paper. i'm out. >> you don't want the ceremony. >> set your dvr, aaron. this means you. two local acts performing on woncd of e. >> we told you about lucas, the teenager fromesburg. he tapped his way through theyi qualif rounds. tonight he'll take on ara contempory dancer from utah in the junior competition of the duels round. >> and in the junior team category, look for dem raider boyz step to you from greenbelt. they move closer to the grand prize of one million dollars. world of dance starts tonight at 8:00 here on nbc4. so cool to see. not one team is alike. >> e lot of bigrgy there, too. going to be fun. >> i'm told. >> i'm just saying. >> it's a fun show.
5:51 am
look at this gorgeous sunrise. >>beautiful. the sun doesn't come up for another 25 minutes at 6:14. that will be the time of the sunrise. in 23 minutes. we're looking at wonderful conditions out there. just beautiful on that horizon. we're going to have a beautiful day of the woo he have got fog out there right now. but we're going to have stronger afternoon.s once again. a lot of people have been asking us about the nats gaey. e playing the braves at 7:05. looks like that could be delayed as storms ri through the area. does humidity fall? a little bit. you'll seetl lbit falling, especially on friday. it's still going to be muggy out there. we're in august. the humidity will come back oth weekend. the weekend on the west side unfortunately. right now we're dry out there. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. as you make your way out the door, watch out for that fog. heing up by 9:00. take a look at the visibility. you can see it's down in some
5:52 am
places. culpepper county. be careful travel around outer no rain out there. but a spotty sprinkle inst the n panhandle of west virginia. this is the frontal system scooting through the area later on bringing us some rain. likely after about 3:00, 4:00. rain and thunder especially by 5:00 or 6:00 in the district. but it's going to be moving into our western suburbs after about 3:00. feeling close 100 degrees out there youtor daouy.tlook, poole storms this afternoon. nats game coul ebe delayed. ly if you're exercising. here's a look at the futurecast. by 3:00,rt:00, we s to see the storms line up along i-81. 6:00, still watching for them to co through the d.c. metro area. the nats game starting at 7:00. strong winds, alsoeavy downpours. lots of lightning we'll keep that chance all the way through 10:00, 11:00 tonight. lo90s today. we stay right around that 90-degree mark for thursday and friday. just a dip in that humidity.
5:53 am
more rain, unfortunately, arrives for the weekend. we keep rain chances into monday and tuesday of next week. all right. let's get a look at the traffic. good morning, melissa mollet. goomorning ms. rickets. northbound 95 before eft ngfield, crash in the lane. 66 is lking okay right now. frederick ok at 270, to the spur, no problems therin everything malong nicely both southbound and in the northbound direction. so no big issues. ni and green. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway is nic and clear right now of the travel times, 270 as you see here looksgood. inner loop and outer loop, no problems there. 66 inbound, it's fine. 95 northbound aowittle quantico to the beltway, going 47 miles per hour. going to take you 25 minut. aaron? melissa, thank you. it's 5:w. right a lot of us need coffee to get going every day. we ye working f to help you track down the best brew for your money. that i a new stu
5:54 am
compares the prices at the four most popular places to pk pick coffee. a 16-ounce cup costs you the most at starbucks. $2.65. dunk indough knits and seven slechb will 11 will be next. mcdonald's the keepest at 1. -- cheapest at $1.19. that doesn't mean it's the best when it comes to ffeine. mcdonald's in third with 121.8 milligrams of caffeine per dollar. e eleven has the strongest. dunkin' donuts c last on the survey. if it's the caffeine you're looking for, starbucks is actually cheaper than mcdonals the mill -- >> do you buy ited b on caffeine or taste? whatever is on the way to wo. >> keep in mind, most doctors recommend more than 400 milligrams of caffeine a day.
5:55 am
that's a bit less than any of those cups ocoffee. summertime is slipping away. that means it's just about time to get f ready school. >> you can help students in our area begin to prepare for s the neool year. molette green is live in alexandria at our annual backpack for kids drive. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, it is early. we're excited about wha t day will bring. we try to fill up this bin multip times with backpacks and school supplies today. we're trying to meet the need of about 4,000 children in ementary schools across the dmv. we're joined today by ourne pa from apple federal credit union, robert solo. talk to me t abouts effort and why this is still very important for young people. >> good moing,molette. thanks for having us today. come one, come all. t're here the kingstown branch. it's a big effort etoday.
5:56 am
we collecting school supplies for fairfax county public schools. we're trying to support student equity. we want all the students to have .n equal shot, fair shot at the school ye come down, help us fill our bin. >> fill the bin. we're trying to fill it up. >> bring your backpacks and school supplies down today, please. n as you can see, it is empty, right? d to fill this bin. fill the bin. >> fill the bin. >> all right. we're going to be here throughout the day until noon. apple federal credit union in the kingstown section of oexandria. co out. >> we want to fill those bins. molette green, thank you. ahead at 6:00 this morning, an amber alert has been called off in west virginia. police are still trying to find a missing child and grandmother. a suspect is in custody. but there's still work to be done to find two people in >> you to find everything annger. you need when it comes to taking your driving test.
5:57 am
but this man brought somethinge a. i'll tell what you that was later on news 4 "today."
5:58 am
5:59 am
just about 6:00 a.m. weeks of wet weather may have helped bring down this massive tree in northst washington today. more rain could be on the way. >> a red district in ohio could be red no more. this morning, eleion officials are work to go figure out whether the president's push was enough to keep a republican in office. a father inilver spring believes his young daughters ran away over the weekend. but it's what happened online
6:00 am
after they left that has him even more worried for their safety. it is 6:00 a.m. now. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us for "news4 today." ae hot and muggyust that we've been experiencing, not going to end any time sasoon. >> melollet decided beach life wasn't for her. so she's back. >> i highly doubt that. >> nice try. >> she's back with us to keep an eye on the roads. let's start with sheena and laurynerracking ano chance for afternoon storms. good morning, ladies. >> good morning, aaron. it's going to be more widespread today. little more widespread. some of the storms could be later, to t as far timing. beautiful sunrise though. isn't it rgeous? >> we have low moisture, though. a little bit patchy fog out there.n you ee the hazing on the horizon. you mayun into


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