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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 8, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, a shocki twist after 11 children are rescued from a ramshackled desert compound. a new disturbing discovery as authorities say a suspected child kidnapper was training o commit school shootings. an arsenal found, a shooting raiand veral adults under arrest. a powerful congressman arrested by the fbi. >> congressman collins acted as if the law didn't ao him. >> one of president trump's first backers in washington accused of a scheme involving bimoney, secret phone calls, and lying to the feds. shot in the back, a man killed by an officer while he was running away, an un investigatiorway tonight in nashville. the u.s. slaps major new punishment on russia after that attempted assassination of a
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former russian spy in the u.k. new sanctions as president trump has continued to praise putin. a heart-stopping crash caught on camera. how in the world did inhis man survive walkg away with only minor injuries? and big oscar surprise. a big shakeup for the academawards and a new category that already has movie fans divided. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" withester holt. good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. shocking new revelations emerged from that makeshift compound in new mexico where authorities say small children were being trained to l carryout sch shootings. 11 children who appeared to be starving were found there last friday and e later so were remains of another child. today, five adults appeared in court where they face child as abuse charge investigators are working to further unravel this dark mystery. our gadi schwartz has details. >> reporter: in the desert of new mexico, allegations so
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disturbing they are difficult to believe. >> you have these kids they are keeping here that never even came out. >> reporter: in court today, the five adults believed to be the parents of the 11 children rescued from h and starvation at this new mexico compound. court documents allege they were being trained with assault weapons to commit school shootings. >> there wassh ting range built on the west side of the property. >> reporter: the sheriff says they are muim extremists. reports suggesting they may be related to a controversial muslim faith leader in brooklyn linked to the 1993 world trade center bombings. authorities say a secret message led them to the kids. a note saying we are starving. investigators had been seching for a 3-year-old boy named abdul ghani wahhaj believed to be kids napped by hinapped by his kids napped by hisnapped by
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father. orhe father wanted to perfan exorcism. deputies found an arsenal of loaded firearms and 11 emaciated children and no sign of abdul, the missing 3-year-old. during interviews they were told about a small body bury in a tunnel or toilet room in the compound. >> we discovered his remains yesterdaon abdul's fourth birthday. >> reporter: a horrific discovery with chilling details growing more alarming by the day. gadi schwartz, nbc news. now at the news hitting shock waves through washington and beyond a powerful congressman from new york, worth millions, one of president trump's backers in congress arrested by the fbi accused of a scheme annvolving insider tradinlying to the feds. nbc's stephanie gosk has details details.l detailst >> on the evening of june 22nd. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney laid out timelines and phone records, proof that republican congressman inchristopher colls of new york is guilty of insider trading and in lyg to the fbi. >> congressman collins ted as if the law
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didn't apply to him. >> reporter: collins, his son cameron and his son's future father iface 13 criminal counts all together including stecurity fraud and falsatements to investigators. the crimes revolve around the australian pharmaceutical company. on june 2 last year, the ceo informed the of directors including collins that the company's critical drug trial failed. news that was not yet public. congressman collins was at a picnic at the minutes after getting the news, according to prosecutors, collins called his son to tell him breaking fedal w. cameron collins moved quickly to save his money. >> he sold stock based on that inside information, and he also took that illegal inside information and tipped others. later, the stock would plummet. according to the indictment, the insider trading
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allegedly saved the defendants and others iover three quarters of a milldollars. all three pleaded not guilty today. while the congressman's attorneys pointed out in a statehat their client did not benefit financially. collins says he's going to stay in office and run for reelection in november. lester? >> stephanie gosk tonight, thank you. graphic surveillance video released by police in raising new questions about the shooting death of a suspect at the hands of police. no charges have beenle but that city's mayor tonight is ordering a comprehensive review of policing procedures. our gabe gutierrez has details. >> reporter: in the newly released video captured on a nearby security camera, you can see a lle police officer chasing a man down a sidewalk. the officer opens fire and the man drops to the ground. the officer then moves slowly closer with his weapon still drawn.
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25-year-old daniel hammrick died a short time later. his mother is devastated. >> i want an apogy d something have to be done about this because i'm very hurt about my son. and i just want justice. reporter: the nashville district attorney's office released the video today. the officer is on administrative leave and nashville's mayor announced a comprehensive review of police procedures. >> the goal is to make sure we're transparent abouthe circumstances. >> reporter: the burro of investigation says earlier that evening, july 26th, officers were looking for stolen vehicles and tried to stop a car that had been driving erratically. authorities say ou got t of the car and ran. nashville police say he was carrying this gun. teut the shooting is the last to renew claims of racial bias in place eounters. >> officer andrew did not have justification to fire his weapon. >> reporter: tomorrow lyarks four years since the dehooting in
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ferguson, missouri protest and michael slayer was sentenced to 20 years in prison for shooting walter scott as he ran awayni t, in nashville authorities are promising a full investigation to find out whether this shoong was justified. it's the race many are witching for a hint whether we'll see a blue or red wave in the midterm elections but tonight the ohio's 12th district remains too close to call. republican troy leads danny o'connor. in a district that voted for president trump and held by the gop for 35 years but thousas of provisional and absentee ballots must be counted. o'connor is not conceding. the trum administration says it's slapping sanctions on russia
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after the former russian spy on british soil using toxic nerve agents that playing h ut amid a new back and fo the russia investigation. president trump and his lawyers playing hardball with mueller over a posble interview. we get details on all of it fr nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: tonight from president trump a stiff punishment, new sanctions for russia's poisoning of an ex spy and his daughter in britain last march follows fierce criticism of vladimir put and his relentless tacks on what he branded. >> the russian witch hunt. >> reporter: the decision could fortify president's trp argument they cracked down on moscow. >> i have been far tougher on russia than any president in many, many years. >> reporter: the new sanctions likely to cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in rts of sensitive national security equipment to russia. according to a senio state department official. a second more painful wave could ground the airline from entering the u. if the kremlin doesn't demonstrate it won't
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use chemical weapons again. and refuses on site inspections by the u.n. conditions unlikely to be met. russia denied any involvement in the u.k. poisonings. l he president facing politipressure, some from top republicans to unleash the penalties after blowing past a congressionadeadline to take action. all of it coming as mr. trump's lawyers formally rejected bespecial counsel mueller's latest proposal pushing for a narrower range of questions in the russia investigation. rudy giuliani telling nbc news there is room to negotiate while calling for the inquiry to end. >> we do not want to run into the november elections. so back up from that this should be over orith by september 1st. >> rr: rudy giuliani says his position remains questioning the president about possible obstruction of justice is off mits. some of the questions now is robert mueller open to more negotiations or will he subpoena president trump? lester? >> peter alexander with the president in
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new jersey. we'll turn to the nbc ws exclusive investigation into what criticsav called president trump's biggest conflict of interest. last year alone the president took in $40 million in revenue fromhe trump international hotel in washington. according to his latest financial disclosure forms but a look at the guest list raises a question is it constitutional. cynthia mcfadden takes us inside the controversy. >> reporter: it's been called a clubhouse supporters of president trump. >> if you' looking for a member of the administration, you have a pretty good chance of finding somebody. >> who doesn't want to come and have a chance to seehe vice president or the secretary of the treasury or kellyanne conway. >> reporte or ivanka trump or jared kushner or rudy giuliani or maybe even the president himself? >> this is the washington suite. it costs over $3,000 a night ans beautiful. but critics worry
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those who spend big bucks hethe hotel are really trying to curry favor with president trump. lawsuits o claim it's unconstitutional accusing the president of profiting from his office. the attorneys general of maryland and d.c. both democrats are bringing one of those suits. >> flagrant, brazen, aggressive, dismissive of over 225 years of the united states constitution. >> reporter: is it wseally? nbc n analyzealyzed federal coission and found over the past two years pacts and publican campaigns spent over $1 million at the hotel. >> what an exciting night. >> reporter: nbcews so reviewed thousands of pages of registration forms of foreign agents. they show that lobbyists working for saudi arabia spent $270,000 at the hotel. just a few months later, president trump took his first foreign trip there
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>> i am veryeeply concerned about the payments made to the . rump hotel by saudi arab >> reporter: richard blumenthal is one of 200 members of congress suing the president. 200 members of congress is impressive. they are all however democrats. is this just a political manipulation to try to tear down president trump? republicans who would republ>> woul republicans who woulirepublicans who woul'rvery blunt. republicans who would stand up and speak out and join us and maof hem have said privately go for it but they are unwilling to defy the president of their own party. >> reporter: apparently they didn't see any problems, their embassies held glamorous parties at the hotel and foreign dig tarries all over social media from lebanon, jdan, even the russian ambassador at the u.s. >> d.c. being a power cuure, everyone wants to be in and around the trump
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hotel. >> reporter: the trump organization declined e toterviewed by in a statement provided to nbc news, they strongly maintain there is nothing unnstitutional about a foreign government paying for a hotel room. what the president's lawyer says is routine business transaction having nothing to do with it. >> thank you. let's turn to the massive battle underway in california being waged on the ground and in the air, crews desperately try to beat back the llames. takek at chopper pilots dropping water and foam on the mendocino complex this is the largest in history. some homeowners returned to burnt
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areas where there are no homes left, for many who fought they have the right insurance and a painful struggle lies ahead. we get it from miguel almaguer. >> reporter: it takes minutes for a firestorm to blow through a neighborhood, but rebuilding lives takes years. >> this is hard. >> reporter: they are among the 2,000 homeowners in redding whose dreams have turned to ashes. >> i keep crying over the love of this community. >> reporter: the caplins say they are lucky, they have insurance but holly ind gene webb warn a polinot always protection. >> i don't have receipts or -- everything burnt up. >> reporter: the webbs lost their santa rosa home in california's most destructive fire expecting a full payout after the fire, they were flooded with red tape. >> with the inveory, u have to remember everything, spoons, forks, knives, blankets, anything you ever had in your life. >> reporithout that full inventory list, what fire victims call a multi-page complicated assessnt of everything they lost in the fire, state farm would only pay
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75% of the webb's policy. in april, our nbc bay area station heard similar stories from others. >> who got everything out of their insuran policy they expected? that's nobody. state farm tells nbc temporary meases were put into place to help customers including increasith amount of contents coverage paid up front without requiring an inventory. i >> paid my premiums on 100% and state farm ought to pay me 100%. reporter: tonight as flames threaten thousands of homes, even those with insurance worry they could be burned long after the fire iout. guel almaguer, nbc news. there is a lot more to tell you about tonight, safer baby deliveries, th challenging conventional wisdom about pregnancy that s ould prevent dangersections and sudden impact, the shocking highway crash caught on camera. how on earth did everyone survive this? hopes you drive safely.
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we' with important we're back now with important women's health news, super stars like beyonce and serena williams shared the trama of undergoing an emergency c-section but pregnant women may be able to avoid them. dr. john torres explains. >> reporter: tonight, the new study may come as a surprise to new moms who for years have been told by doctors at inducing labor could be dangerous leading toco lications and ne ssary c-sections. >> that's my panda. >> reporter: that confused lex owen. her hussnd in a wheelchair and can't hrive. >> i wing to avoid a c section if at all possibility as i think all women are. >> reporter: according electively inducing labor could help some
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mothers avoid c-sections. scientists looked at more tha6,000 healthy first-time mothers. those who were induced near the due date at 39 weeks had a significantly lower risk of needing a c-section. about 3% lower. >> if it's n causing harm and potentially leading to benefit certainly something that we believe that women should have a choice about. >> reporter: the new study says elective inductions can have other surprising benefits. the now moms induced rmxperienced less pain, new inion giving peace of mind to lex who scheduled an induction helping her feel calm and we for the arrival of her greatest joy, a healthy baby boy named kincaid. lester, most first-time moms can babies naturally.heir it should be a decision after a thorough discussion with their health care providerhi s will spark a lot of conversations. >> tnk you. are you tired of falling asleep every year after announcing best picture? big changes to the oscars. we'll tell you about it when we come back. ahoy-hoy. alexander graham bnol here...
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we're we're going to show you a heart stopping crash on the wa hiin toronto. the man survived. a car slammed into a broken down truck. the man right in the n ath of that violent collismehow walks away from this with only minor injuries. absolutely azing. you've got to see this to believe it, a poli chase coming to an end with the help of intervention. as a police chopper was tracking an alleged police chase, 15 cows joined the chase eventually helping corral the suspect until the police moved in. and big changes os coming to thrs, the annual telecast will be limited to three hours instead of the usual four and change.r otanges include a new category for popular film. no specifics on what exactly that means. it'sorth noting some recent best pictures haven't been big and fhe date of the awards is earruary starting in 2020. we'll take a short break.
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>> still tracking storms. storms moving our way. we havetorms around montgomery countyight around the r c finally, it's a big milestone for a classic automobile. ford is celebrating finally, it's a big milestone for a bi classic auto. ford is celebrating the 10 millionth mustang to roll off the assembly line. so many if youine em up end so end they would circle the world with plenty to spare. america's love for the mustang is tonight's snapshot. when steve mcqueen drove a bullet in the epic 1968 chase scene through san francisco he drove the for mustang into the ranks of an american classic, a muscle car for the middle class, affordable and pe fun.
7:28 pm
when it debuted at the world's fair in 1964. >> this is the car dreams are made of. ay> 22,000 sold that very d more than a half a century later, it'il revving the hearts of drivers. >> i love them. my favorite car when i was a kid. >> when saudi arabiaen women got the right to drive last mth, this 60-year-old professor became the proud owner dreamed of for two decades. 54 years after the first one rolled out of the factory, the 10 millionth came o the ne this morning and eager buyers are waiting. >> there is not one like it in the world. >> taylor cassidy bought 60 of them giving each one a name. >> he ed zeus. it's an american icon. it just works its way into your heart and it becomes part oyou, i think, when you drive it. you become part ofmahe chine. 's name sake, the wild free roaming horse of the west, there is no .holding back these mustan
7:29 pm
or their owners' love of the open road. >> so much fun to drive. that's "nightly news" for is wednesday night. i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc news,
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