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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  August 9, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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st. goerges county turns into a shooting and the driver escapes. and left to find what's left for one of the administration's 4 itiatives, space force. >> announcer: "neday" starts now. it is 4:00 a.m., good morning, everybody, aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us for "news4 today." the rain has moved out a of the ar it starts to wind down, how do you like that? >> yes, melissa mollet is here to talk about the commute this morning. >> yes. that'shy aaron got tongue-tied. >> i just didn't kno what to say when i saw you. >> it comes with emotion. >> is that what it is? >> it's like he's never coming back. >> you surprised everybody. >> that's right. i ran out of vacation days in the middle. week. that means i got to come back.
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>> you got to earnn back vacat days. you came back at the right time. >> with a little sunshine. it was so hot and humid down in florida, there will be no rerea rearea real relief, until the weekend when unfortunately rain chance are creepingupwards. there are showers way up in west virginia. those are fading out as w get closer to the sunrise hoyers. i don't think there's much of a chance beforehe lunch hour today. future weather shows all of that rain staying west of the mountains forou the nexte hours. later on in the day there could be a stray shower or thunder shower that bubbles up in the heating of the day but not a high afternoon event. highs up around 90 degrees. the chance of getting rain arnd 30% or less. we'll take a closer look at today hour b hour coming up.
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melissa mollet a good thursday morning to you. >> good thursyoy morning to taking a look at the roads here. e a can see we do h situation on the beltway right now. we're talking about the outer loop for georgia, two left lanes getting by. north ramp, outer loop blocked this mornin 66, no problem into town or out of town. that looks quite good rightnow. outbound, left lane blocked there. and 95, northbound, qntico to the beltway going to take you 17 minutes, eun. >> melissa, thank you. your time is 4:02. we begin with a state of emergency ahead of thaty dea rally there. safety is a hundred sass hundreds of white nationalists make their way to washington for another uni the right demonstration on sunday. news4 was the only one in t
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room when council asked about a briefing fm peter newsham. >> one was a failure to cooperate with otherge aies and the other is to keep the two groups separated. i can tell you that's going to happen. >> wit physical barriers? >> with whatever we need to do. >> sunday's uniht the r rally will come one year aft heather haier was killed. new this morning, a shooting during a traffic stop in buoy is under investigation. th happened during rush hour at elder oak about a mile away from bie town center. >> a bowie police officer fired his gun.
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police say the officer' injuries are minor. we will continue to follow updates on this story and send any updates on the nbcp. washington the father of a 1-year-old was gunned down. 23-year-old lamont adair jr. was shot on griegtreet yesterday afternoon. they say adair was a well-known basketball player in the area. he was training to play sketball in chi and was scheduled to leave next month. he leaves behind a son who turns a year o nextmonth. this mother is devastated. k >> whateve did this, i hope you turn yourself in because it's not right. itgh not t. >> detectives urge anyone with information about this shooting to call prince george's police. a woman is fighting for her life as she was shot outside a
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mcdonald's. he shot t victim behind the mcdonald's until fredericksburg about 2:00 yesterday and then set not a strlen k. officers say he shot himself. the victim's name has not been released but we're told she and ellis knew each other. some breaking news nhe indonesian resort of lombok has been hit by anotherke earthq chris lawrence at the live desk with more. chris. >> yeah, it could be at devastg, it's where a third quak l in atle over a week and it was actually an aftershock after the power quake on sunday buildings and home already destroyed have little hope this time around. innesia's geological agency says the quake h a magnitude of 6.2. there's no tsunami warning
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because it hit on land overnight, the indonesian agency says the deatholl from sunday's quake has now reached 237. no word yet on casualties from today's quake but we'll be keeping an eye on it all morning. aaron. >> chri thank you. it's406, we turn to new video from the parkland interrogation. you can see nolas cruz walk into a room wearing a gown. the interrogation took place about 2 1/2 hours after the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. we should note thatf alle video released yesterday was eyited by the broward county state atto office. listen about why he allegedly opened fire inside the cool. >> what deem>> burn, kill, destroy. >> bu kill, destroy what?
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>> anhing. there were just voices, no name telling me what to do. >> did the voice telo u buy that ar-15? >> no. >> 17 people die during that shooting in parkland, florida, most were students. and surveillance video shows two men inside the parkingge ga inside the westfield mall. officers say one man ask for the man's car keys, a second made the victimelieve head a gun but the suspects quickly ound out the car was a stick shift. they couldn't drive it so they jumped out of the car and ran off. you can contact police if you know the suspects. the city council approved a nackage of bills that includes a one-year halt o new licenses for ride-hailing services. if approved by mare bill blasio, the new administration
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will allow them to set a minimum wage for at-base drivers. this is the first attempt to regulate the growth of these services. it's 4:08 space force has become a reality. today vice presidt mike pence will speak to outline the policy. the space force idea was announced by predent trump as a new branch of the military focused on space assets. however, it's been met with coarroversy from mil circles. the space force cannot be established until it's approved by congress. ati dra finish for paul manafort's former business r.rt yesterday, the prosecution's star witness rick gates took the stand for a third and final day. earlier this week, manafort admitted to using -- gates admitted to using stolen money from manafort to hide an extramarital affairn london. the defense attorney suggested
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that gates had four affairs. they asked if gates toold the special counsel office. a new york councilman facing e willl charges will say continue his run for re-elect n re-election. chrili col in an indictment told his o boadirectors including collins that a itical drug trial had fail. that news had not been made public. it shows collins getting the news. that's when they say he called his son tell him. that is what broke federal law. the insider trading saved those involved more than a quarter million of dollars. last ght, collins remained defiance. >> the charges levied are meritless, and i will mount a vigorous defse in court to
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clear my name. >> collins' son and his son's fianc fianee's father hav all pleaded not guilty. and the redskin fans waitg for their moment when quarterback alex smith making his debut tonight. and wide receiver paul richardson jr. along with running back derrius guice will be putting on the redskins jersey for the first timeeynd thre excited. >> it isn't my first time, i already put on one, it's nfl routine from here. getting ready, i'm cited. oneo ten, i'm at tiltight now. >> love it. love of the enthusiasm. a great smile. c4 is the place for all of the skins actions tonight. at gam starts at 7:30.
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afterwards, we' break down the game on news4 at 11. we're talking football, aaron? >> it's me, halloween, new year's -- >> no, stop. a manni r from police probably thought the chase was over when he drove into a river. but he's officers were not about to let him go.ow se they surround their suspect. plus, fans always want to leave a baseball game with a souvenir. one kid in the stands caught something very surprising in the stands after a manager's tirade. find out onnews4 today." and if you're stepping outside, it's dry and muggy out there. but you may notice later on today humidity may not feel as bad. cong up the formiec
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today.">> your time is 4:15. chilling new details about the families living inside a new mexico compound raided by authorities las week. >> investigators believe the small children found there were beinged trao carry out school shootings. five adults believed to be their parents were arrested and charged with child abuse. 11 children ages 1 to 15 found emaciated and living in deplorable conditions. according to court documents, the children were being trained to shoot weapons and carry out school oongs. the father said they just wanted to protect themselves. >> all they wanted to do is get out of society, home school and a peaceful life by themselves. >> one of the men wasin wanted the disappearance of his son. investigators found a small body buried near the compound. theye still waiting f the
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remains to be identified. the man accused ofrt sg a massive wildfire in southern california is facing seval charges. police arrested 51-year-old forrest clark on tuesday. investigators say clark what they say was called the holy fire on monday. evacuate.eople to clark had a cabin in the area and reportedly had conflicts with neighbors for year. it's also reported he sent an e-mail to a volunteer fire chief warning, ote, this place will burn. this morning, the parents of about 10me eary school-aged children are thankful for the quick action of law enforcement officials. and here's why. take a look at this video out o fresno, california. a burglary suspect led law enforcement on a chase tuesday. it ended at a d camp for kids.en ally, the suspect was taken down by a sheriff's k9.
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no one was hurt. it is an iconic car around for years now ford hasce pro its 10 millionth mustang. take a look. this year's model is wimbledon white, just l the first one produced in 1964. the mustang is one t of best-selling sports cars of the last 50 years. and it's bn featured in more hovies than any other car in the world. about that. >> iust think lot of people couldn't park in that lot for them to do you have to find a space, go to work. >> this is what you're thinking about? >> oh, what a adhe. you can score a free lunch from pot belly, the popular chain giving away thousands of shakes and cookies until sunday
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but there's a but. you mus be potbelly perks member. free chips, shake or cookie with any purchase. and $2 with anyandwich or salad. we all know how portentous sports games can we've bn this year, this week the manager for the game took it to another level. >> look at this, the manager wasn't getting any satisfaction, he walke over and pulled third base outf theground. >> stop it. >> take it with you. >> apparently he handed it up to a fan. >> oh, my goodness, i don't anink the f are allowed to keep that thing, right? the game started again. those poor kids.
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i hope they exchanged for something. can y imagine? i was watching something and a player was very upset took a trash can from the dugout and put it behindo home plate feel how he feels about the ump's calls. >> a whole new way to steal the base. no doubt about it. pick it up and get it out of here. >> i almost forgot what you look like. >> i know. and a lot better looking. >> no i always thought you were good looking. >> good to be back, a couple days, going to a friend's wedding, always like a wedding at the beach. what were we thinking? 10 million degrees down there. 77 degrees back here at home in washington. 66 in montgomeryvi age. 69 in martinsburg. winchester, 68. 78 by the bay and annapolis. stille h a general southwesterly flow today. it's going to be another day
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likely to touch 90 degrees. that will be five or six in a row. since i've been go, it's been 90 degrees. this front up here to the west promises an end to the 90s. however, it also comes with a higher chance for rain. a dry start this mornin no rain across the region. and your thursday morning looks plenty dry. most of wsl have a dry thursday afternoon as well temperatures will jump quickly from mid-70s at 7:0 a.m. to near 90. rain chance only about 30%. there's a lonely rain chance in northern maryland around 2:00. maybe one or two stray showers across parts of central virginia athat same time. with time, slightly better rain ch will be fredz deliberationburg and into marts of southern maryland. this particula forecast will keep rain out of the d.c. metro area. for dtomorrow, a much like today with an even lower chance
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for rain tomorrow. as a result, maybe one degre warmer. 90 today, 91 tomorrow. the next couple of days as we head into the weekend, yikes. 50% chance of rain osa rday. 50% on sunday. as i've alwaysoked it's either 90 degrees or raining around here in summertime. melissa, we're trading rain drops for the rain. >> earlier work on on the beltway cleared out of the way. durwood westbound, shady grove, just aft metro access. shady grove metro, left lane getting by. alexandria, southbound 395, after king street, left lane blocked. we zoom outsidef fredericksburg, southbound, 95, right lane. eun. >> melissa, thank you. your time is .4: the va medical center is loosing its cool, literally.
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news4 is shed sething light on the growing problems keeping the building cool enough fornd patients a
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." no> most of us that exercise can be good for our bodies. >>xcept when you hurt the next day because you're sore, but that's supposed to be good fu, too. >> right. >> but itlso benefits your brain. rearchers find that active people have fewer days of impression. be careful not to go overboard. researchers who found those who worked out for more than three
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hours a day -- thr hours a day -- >> a workout? .> wh they had worse mental health than those that d not exercise at all. that's because you think about all the things you didn't get done three hours a day. i mean, if jury j. lo, you exercise three hours a >> she doesn't. how couldve she does, you look like that? it's >>4:25. temperature problems inside a major medical center. >> an iestigation by scott mcfarland and news4 i-team shows a disruption in the hospital taking care of veterans in the d.c. area. >> reporter: this is the type of place you simply can't have trouble keeping things cool. a flagship medical center of the u.s. dartment of veterans affairs in d.c. 100,000 patients, 2,000 workers inside. but an investigation by the
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news4 i-team shows a series of problemsver months. in the fall, flu vaccines were ruined and had to be tossed. a cooling pipe burst in may flooding floors taking staff and a patient from intensive care. and this man walked out of the center on his o after being treated for multiple sclerosis.e >> was no air conditioning. >> no fans? fans. i couldn't sleep at night. >> reporter: tonight, o investigation, on news4, just how long it was without the air existed including a blood bank. what the agency plans to do and why it will take until 2022 to make a of the fixes. scott mcfarland, i-team. good morning, we have a mild
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start to they. still muggy out there. we'll be in the 80s. another hot one this afternoon. you might notice slightly less humidity. 'll take a look at the summer camp forecast if the kidsre heading there. plus, highway expansion may speed up your morning commute but it's forcingf families out o their homes. ahead, hear who are getting the boosm local roads. we'll tell you about the unexpected
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>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. 4:30 is your time right now. thank you for waking up this thursday wh us a live look outside is shaping up to be another hot day in the nation's capital. >> you know what, we have so much fun during the break. we haveato many convens we're not allowed to talk about on the air. >> no, not o and keep jobs. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i eun yang. melissa mollet is here with a look at the commute. >> we begin with sheena and chuck and a look at our forecast this morning. hotter today at this point than yesterday. >> a little warmer for sure. and we've been stacking up the -degree days one after another. but they've bee 91 but


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