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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 9, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. 4:30 is your time right now. thank you for waking up this thursday wh us a live look outside is shaping up to be another hot day in the nation's capital. >> you know what, we have so much fun during the break. we haveato many convens we're not allowed to talk about on the air. >> no, not o and keep jobs. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i eun yang. melissa mollet is here with a look at the commute. >> we begin with sheena and chuck and a look at our forecast this morning. hotter today at this point than yesterday. >> a little warmer for sure. and we've been stacking up the -degree days one after another. but they've bee 91 but not 98
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or 99. a little bit of a ibreak. >>s a little bit of a break, it's been feeling like 100 i degree sunny, florida. >> like 100 degrees, i promise u. >> you know what happens, blisters on the bottom of your >> i've been out of the water. >> the sand is heating up there. as we hit 90 today, that's going to be sixow days in a so, we're still watching for the hot temperatures in the afternoon. one thing you might notice, humidity dropping just a little bit. not a huge drop. temperature 77 degrees in washington. yes, little milder than yesterday morning. 78 degrees in annapolis. 're dry on the radar but as kids are heading to summer camp, just watch out for an isolated chance this afternoon. that could mainly be i c., but temperatures near 90 for most of the day. we'll check in with chuck a little bit and take a look at the forecast for thete oon. and then to the weekend. we'll go to melissa, good morning. d morning, eastbound 7,
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diverted there, liver creek parkway, all lanescalocked e of that detour. you can get around it but it's just something that you'll have to stop i that area and get around it. again, that detour is there to . he inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems. durwood westbound, shady grove after the access road, 370, left lane getting by the work zone there as you're headed into town. and now for prince george's county looking good into town and out of town. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue. aaron. it's 4:32, the man accused of shooting a woman outside a busy fast food restaurant in virginia killed himself. >> detectives say sllist the victim. office tracked him in a wooded area miles from mcdonald's and that's where they say he took his own life. the victim's name has not been
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released but we're told they knew each other. she's in critical condition. suspects are wanted for the murder of16-year-old kevin wilson jr. wilson was found dead in a parking lot monday. he lived in montgomery county and was ado stanut athlete at montgomery blair high school. detectives tell us t y're looking for a third suspect. heads up this morning. d.c. polic says this surveillance video shows a fake uber driver and his accomplice. they say a vicdm cal an uber and got into the car that pulled up. the driveror fced victim to withdrawey m from several different atms. policeelieve the men and women are t connected to crimes that happened last month along the busy u street corridor. now this morning, a child in virgia is dead aftereing left in a hot car. it happened in gooseman ten miles from richmond.
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the victim was 17 months old. his fatherent in the car and went to work, thinking he dropped him off at day care. the boy was discovered in a business parking lot. this is the third death this year. when it comes to hot car deaths virginia ranks tenth. the governor is accused of cussing to a reporter. a reporter from "the washington post" asked him to response to ads tt paint the farmer naacp chairman as a socialist. here it is. >> do you identify with the term -- >> are you -- kidding me? is that a final point? okay >> shortly after that, he tweeted an apology to that reporter and use of language. jealous faces hogan in november.
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>> chris collins will continue his campaign for re-election even as he faces charges for insider trading. collins pled not guilty in a federal courtroom yesterday. he later held a press conference denying the allegation and promised to stay on november ballot. more on thee' charges facing and the fallout still ahead on "news4 today." the father of an 11-month-old was gunned down as children plad in prince george's county. investigators say someone shot 23-year-old lamont adair jr. adair was scheduled to leave for china to play basketball overse overseas. a state of emergency in charlottesville. protesters will make their way to washington for mother demonstration sunday. d.c. police chief peter newsham said safety is a priority. police are working to make sure nothing tha happens in
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charlottesville happens here in the district. >> redskins football returns tonight. the skins will kick off the preseason against the at 7:30.s the game's in new england but you can watch it here. after t a game stickund for the postgame and news4 at 12:1:. d.c. public library isaf op r a few uninvited guests showed up. ld several snakes were found in the bg over the weekend, yuck. garter snakes were d the d.c. public library in georgetown. this is what they look like. my goodness, you can imagine? these are not the actual ones. we just wanted to give you a picture of what they looked like. a library spokesperson said the were found ie basement steps away from the children's section. that's where i go. thankfully, these snakes are >> with all of the wacky weather and the flooding, they're coming up lookingor a nice cool place to hang out. they're harmless. garter snakes are good for the
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environment. they're eating all kind of creepy crawler stuff. theye okay. >> i understand that. but i don't want to encounter a snake at the >> it's snakes. >> no, and i'd be running andsc aming from the children's section. the library is closed for a fewp days fort control. >> while they say they're harmless, they should be left alone. call the experts. >> 4:37. coming up, roller coaster accident. an accident on a virginia ride blocking changes regarding your cell phone, why y may need to leave it behind on your next day of family
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." your time is4:40. a former stanford university swimmer's case is back in the spotlight. an appeals court rejected brockb turn's for a new trial. yesterday a three-panel jury. the case received national attention after the victim's
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powerful statement which she read in court beforer tur was sentence graphic surveillance video raising new queions about a nashville police officer shooting a suspect. yesterday, the district attorney there release a video from last month's shooting. you can see anffer chasing daniel hambrick down a sidewalk. the officer shot him and heto dramaehe ground. hambrick was charged. >> i want an apology, because i'm very hurt about my son. >> police officer andrew delky is now on administrative leave. nashville's mayor h announced a comprehensive review of police procedures. and happy thursday, everybody. those summer vacat days are winding down, kids. you better enjoy those pl hours while you can. today is going to be a good one. don't forget your spf, a
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temperatures uund 90 degrees. a little chance of a stray shower around 4:00 or 5:00, sheena has a better look at the weekend with higher rain chance coming right up. evicted for expansion. and the commute and famil from their home. we get a look at the people at on center of the investiga at the highway investigation. it's only 4:42, who nee breakfast when you have a look at this. oh my word. wait until you hear evething wait until you hear evething ryin
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♪ start the day with the chicken you love. get the feeling of chick-fil-a, for breakfast. ♪
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at thede live , we're following some breaking news. california's largest wildfire has now topped 300,000 acres. and this morning, its containment remains well under 50%. take a closer look at the mendocino complex sfire. this sort of a merger of two an fires, the and the r ber whichoth sparked back in july. sincethen, they have destroyed hundreds of homes in other ildings, still threatening well over 9,000 structures this
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orning. california firefficials are supposed to have the massive fire contained by the end of the month. but at the same time,his isn't it. firefighters are fightingore than a dozen large wildfires chross the state right now. >> s, thank you. it's 14 before the hourew aork congressman is on the defense this morning. representative chrisollins is promising to fight federal securities charges. >> but he's already lost his seat on t house energy and commerce committee. news4's nicki carvajal has more. >> he's accused of insider trading and lying to the fbi. prosecutors say he used his role on the board of a pharmaceutical company to tl his family members about a failed drug that drug t ultimately called the company's stock to tank by 92%. he saved his family membersle
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dly more than $700,000. some of the activity is pretty they say he was on the lawn of the white house at a congressional picnic making some of these phone calls to his family members. his part, collins says he's in lcent. he denot of the charges against him because he lost a lot of money in that deal and he says he's still running for re-election inno mber. >> nicki carvajal, thank you. metro isin cra down to prevent changes for fair cheaters. these gates will open next to the traditional pay gates but a recent i-teaestigation showed a wide number of people using themergency swing gates to avoid paying metrole fares. metro shows that 24 stations updated.eady been 20 additional stations will be
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changed before school starts. a popular theme park in rginia is banning cell phones from one ride after one woman was injured. king's dominion posted these i sign june. a woman was hit by a flying cell phone on that ride. sheaid the phone came from another rider's pocket. the phone left a big gash on her forehead. headaches did stop after a couple of weeks, so, that was very helpfu but now it's just healing. and i'm waiting for it to be 100% healed. >> the woman asked for a refund from king's dominion for her seaspa es. she did get her money back. a mother and father arell g for change after a scary situation. >> when severe weather diverted their lando-bound flight two kids ended up in a hotel room with an airline employee in atlanta. the kids are 7 and 9 years ed, they w traveling on frontier without their parents. they're comesrom des moines. when their kids didn't arrive in
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atlanta the parents were unable to reach their children. it was hours that told them they only had a tat and water to eat. the family says they don't want the flight voucher frontier was offering. they want changes made so this doesn't happen to another family. a localittle league team has struck out its chances to move on to the world series. the loudoun south little leaguers were eliminated yesterda the team in south riding, virginia, was knocked out by a team from georgia. >> well, good job and w done for making it as far as you did. it would have been the fst time since 1994 that a d.c. team made it to the little league rld series. corats to mamie johnson andlo udoun south for a job well ne. representing our area very well. >> great run. 4:49. are you i'hungry?
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always hungry. i think people that work on this shift arenk constantly tg about foods. maybe it's just me. i dream about food all the time. let's talk crazy stadium food. this one may win. look at this thing, a seven-pound burger. it can fill you up for days. at least a couple hours. >> what's i there? >> it's called a gridiron o burger. >> t available at the cardinals stadium this season. it's made up of five three-pound burger pat vethis. ot dogs. five bratwursts, 20 slices of american cheeses. eight slices of bacon. eight chicken tenders and 12 ounces of french fries. >> hhat's art attack. >> wow. >> and get stuff, lettuce,ma es, pickles. >> right. there is some sauce on there. >> anyone who can eat all of that and the ten-inch wideun that it comes in in less than an hour will get aye jery and
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recognition on the video boardf they're taken in a casket. >> the skins taking on the cardinals on the first week ofe egular season. >> where's the calorie count? >> t i don'tnk they're allowed -- i know there are ste people t can eat that an hour. maybe somebody on this desk. i think if you eat the whole thing you get it for free. a free heart attack. >> one other piece of video we want to show you, a firenado, if you will. firefighters in rbyshire, england captured this whirl of fire. they say it'ss created cool air enters the top of hot air causing a swirl kind of like a tornado forms. air temperature was close to 11 degrees at thtime. nobody was hurt by this. > wow, that is incredible video. >> firenados are real.os
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sharkn are not. just to be clear. you're an expert on o this sor thing, right? >> that's cool. i've heard of fireevdos. i've seen one that looked that clear, aye. >> wow, amazing, are we getting a break today? >> we're getting a little break. here's the thing, looking at dew point temperatures to see how dry the air might feel outside. i see a littl drop in dew point temperature which basically a ns outside it will feel little less humid. it's not a huge drop in humanity but at least aittle bit where you notice that through the afternoon today. we still do have an isolated chance in the forecast. could see a few isolated showers in thern afn. it will feel a little better for you. over the weekend, we have rain chance for both weekend days.ur temper for most of the area. in the 70s. 78 degrees, annapolis, 72 degrees in washington, 72 in several spots are a few degrees
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warmer. we do have some cloud cover w helpinh the temperatures staying up there a bit. some swers to our west, but a slight cwence of s if you're exercising, this morning, 76 degrees. lunchtime, sunglasses and haty everyone. 90 degrees with that isolated shower chance. f here'sure weather. for most of the day we do stay dry but then youee the afternoon, the model is showing passing showers. not a huge deal but don't be surprised if you see one. tomorrow, we're looking mainly dry and mostly sunny. maybe a few showers up to the north. th we'll have a system organizing over top of us and moving into the weekend. if you're heading to the beach, tomorrow looks good. tomorrow, saturday, sunday, we'll keep those high rain chance inland. we're looking at that for monday and tuesday as well. h let'd to melissa to see what's happening on the roads.
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good moing, lissa. >> in bowie, left on 50, westbound, a vehicle fire there we're keeping an eye on there. you have to stay right to get by that. again, also another problem, westbound 50 ramp to the outerl blocked by a crash there. esburg, 7, diverted by river creek parkway. detour in e that place for you so that's good news.r inloop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems. >t's cleared up. eun. melissa, thank you. it's 4:54, a neighborhood in virginia is going through growin pans as vdot prepares to expand 66. >> severie fam along that corridor in fairfax county scrambling to find new homes right now. ey tell news4 they don't feel heard. five homes wilbe wiped out including 82-year-oldor d
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sardine's house. vdot tells us it and the private partner are working individually with each of these impacted property owners to find comparable homes big changes coming to the oscars causing agou the academy awards is calling for select categories to be presented during commercial break. the specific categories will be determined later on. but they'll be air eed at a lat broadcast. this is to keep the show at three hours. the academy is also moving the gate of the awards to earlier in the year. is. long program, i >> i think it makes sense. >> but think of the peopleos in categories. t> think about our regional emmys, t thing can stretch out four or five hours, tighten it up. a few acts have competed on
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the world of dance. >> sadly ty were eliminated from the show. here i lucas from leesburg. ♪ >> i mean, he clearly is incredibly tall lengtheented. >> oh, he's so good. you match that with john legend, he should have won, i'm telling you. the teenage got his way to the qualifying rounds in the junior category. and the radar boys from maryland gave it their bestshot. here they are. the grand prize on "the world of dance" is million. you can tune in next week on nbc4 to see which acts. >> whenou see the acts and they were eliminated that's how
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cuff t tough the competition is. they were so good. coming up o "news4 today," emergencies have deneclared in virginia. now police in d.c. are making sure they're readyor everyon planning to be at the white house for the controversial unite the right rally. and a maryland family gathered in the street a after young man preparing for a pro easketball career was gunned down. latest on this case coming up on "news4 today." cancer is smart.
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it pushes us. push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. sit to learn more. the second r unite theight rally is still a few days away, butic oials in virginia have already declared a state of emergency as police in d.c. work
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on a plan for everyone's safety. a traffic stop in prince george's county led to a police shooting at a driver and now a search for the person who ca esped. and what's next for oneth o administration more unique ideas, the space >> announcer:4 today" starts now. it is 5:00 a.m., good morning, everody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang, thanks for joining us for nfd thnfd. rain seems to have stopped for now but more on the way. >> melissa mollet looks at the commute for us this morning. chuck bell is back today. >> all chright. uck and sheena, how is the rest of the day looking? >> it doesn't look too bad. you look tanned, by the way. you look pretty good, did you get a spray tan? >> no, i did it the old-fashioned way, covered in 30 bock. >> noy oil this time. >> no, i'd be nothing but one
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