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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 9, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> aer: "news4 today" starts now. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang thanks for joining us for "news4 today." the rainav seems to stopped for now. but tet could chang very soon. >> melissa mollet istr tracking fic on the beltway but we want to start with chuck bell and sheena parveen. they have moren theforecast. good morning. >> good morning. welcome back, by the way. i was in your hometown, tampa, florida. >> you know what, you the beach and you said the sand was hot. you got to have >> i had my sandals on all the way to the water's edge.te gulf 88 degrees. >> oh, i know. it's like a bathtub. >> you can hardly tell you're in the water. >> it gets to low 90s sometimes. >> that's too much. i like myc atlan ocean in the 70s. >> i like your tan, too. >> good to be back, everybody.
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there's another plane load of folks maybe they're going to florida. let me tell you something, it's going to feel like florida toda hot and humid no doubt about it. another 90-degree day on the ated chance for a few showers later today. but most of us won't need to worry about rain probably until we get to the weekend, unfortunately, right now, temperatures mostly in the 70s. there are few luc spots in the 60s. gaithersburg, 68 winchester, 66. fairmont, 6maryland degrees but as i mentioned another hot one day. afternoon high 90 degrees. t and humid, rain chance, melissa, only about 30%. we getes increase as closer to the weekend. first 4 traffic alert. top of the beltway, chopper 4 howing you near hol holy cross hospital, outer loop, that's where the backups are slow. at 95, big delays.
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earlier patches gone. we still have that slowdown. outer alone near tysons, middle of the road. that's going to cause a slowdown. fort washington, before kirby hill. left lane there. manassas, northbound liberia between euclid and 28, all laned blocthere. aaron. it's been almost one year since the deadl unihe right rally in >> va governor and the city of charlottesville have declared states of emergency as events are planned for both charlottesville and here in our area. news4's justin finch is live in d.c. with details on hli are planning to keep the peace here. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. d.c. police chief peter newsham said the goals to have no one hurt or property damaged. part ofhi is to keep the two groups apart.
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he outlined that in acl ed-door meeting yesterday. but afterwards did speak with reporters saying his office will not be escorting at all the unite the right ralliers but will be allowing allhe sides space to protest on sunday. newsham also saying he has been in touch with his laurw enforcement counterparts, lcluding the chief of police were theast year rally turned violent and aan was killed. the chief s the rally itself was lessons learnedor this event in d.c., take a listen. >> it was a failure to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies. we do that here d.c. on a daily basis. we'll be coordinating with metrc we'll be coordinating with the park police. we'll be coordinatingit the u.s. secret service. the failure was the failure t keep the two groups separated. >> reporter: the national park service sa they're now
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processing three permits for a counterprotest. one beginning here and then a march at the plaza. for the unite the right rally taking place ond . we can till at this point, the counterprotesters are going to try to outnumber the actual rally itself but officials say there's no way of knowing actual counts until the day. and another briefing on security is due out from police later on today. live at the plaza, i'm justin finch, news4. >> justin, thank you. new this moing, a shooting during a traffic stop in bowie is under investigation. it happened on elder oak boulevard and excalibur road. that's about a mile away from the bowie town center. >> chopper 4 o was the scene after a fight broke out. a bowie officer fired his gun. police say the officer's injuries are minor. we will continue to follow-up dates on this story.
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the father of an 11-month-old was gunned down in brghd day as children played outside in prince george's county. 23-year-old la monmont adair jrs shot yesterday afternoon. they say adair was a well-known basketball player in the area. he was in traing tolay ball in china. he was scheduled to leave next month. now, he leaves behind a son who will turn a year old in a few weeks. his mother is devastated. c >> whateveard done this, i hope you turn yourself in. because it's not right. it's not >> right now, detectives are urging anyone with information about the shooting to call prince george's county police. we have breaking news right now. thendonesian island of lombok has been hit by another earthquake. chris, what happened? >> this is the third earthquake to hit lombok in just two eks.
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officials say 319 people have been killed. basicallo we want you t take a look at se of this new video showing the panic coming right after today's quake. yeah, you can hear the screaeng as peoplry to do everything they can to get outside, and get outrom under some of those buildings. homes and buildings that were already damaged by the first two quakes give little chance this time around. indonesia's geological agency said this h quake a magnitude of 6.2. fortunately, there are no tsunami warnings because today's quake is centered under land about 12 miles deep. we're getting a new look at the suspected parkland, florida, shooter with police hours after the rampage. some of you may find this disturbing. you see nolas cruz walk into a room wearing a gown.
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his left ankle is chained to the it took place about 2 1/2 hours after that mass shooting. we should note that all of the video released was edited by the broward county state attorney's office. listen now as detectives question cruz. >> what deems? >> theic . >> what does it tell you to do? >> burn, kill,de roy. >> okay. burn,dilll, destroy? >> anything. >> did the voice tell you to buy that ar-15? >> yes. >> 17 people died at stoneman douglas high school that day. most of tm were students. f > a carjacking outside montgomery mall doesn't go quite the way the suspects planned. surveillance video shows two men inside the parking garage in bethesda. officers say one man asked for the victim's car keys a second made the victim believe he had a gun. but the suspect quickly found
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out the car was a stick shift. they couldn't drive it so they jumped outar of the and ran off. you're asked to call police if you see the suspects. uber, no new licenses will be issued for services like and lyft for one year. if approved new legislation will allow the city to set a minimum wage for at-base drivers. uber has campaigned against this legislation arguing that a cap on drivers will create higheron prices andr waits forrs ca. how soon couhe so-called space force become a reality? toey, vice president m pence will outline the trump nistration's space force plan to the pentagon. you may recall several months ago the president proposed creating the space force as aw ranch of the military. it will focus onng defenpace assets. it h met with opposition from military circles.
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the space force can out that bel established ut's approved by congress. a dramatic finish for paul manafort's fmer business partner. yesterday, the prosecution's star watness rickes took the stand for the third and final day. gates said manafort directed him to hide mlions o dollars from the irs. manafort's attorneys tried to undercut gates' credibility by suggesting he stole money from manafort for four extramarital affairs and not the one he admitted to this week. a conservative congressman vows to continue his run for re-election after being arrested yesterday. the alleged crime involve the the aceutical company and ceo told collins that a critical struggle trial had failed.
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video recorded at a white house picnic showed cetlinsng that news. that's when collins allegedly called his son to tell him which broke the law. >> charges that have been levied against mere meritless. and i will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. >> collins' son and hiss so fiancee's father also face charge all three pleaded not guilty. football is back. the 'skins will play their first preseason gam tonight against the new england patriots. fans have been waiting for this moment. here's the new quasmerback alex ith making his official debut for the tea tonight. that's not the only face fans will see rocking the burgundy and gold against the. new wide over paul richardson jr. along with rookie derrius guice will be putting on a
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'skins jersey for the first time. >> it wasn't my first time. i always put one on at the until envelope rookie premier, but ready to get out there and step it up. i'm excited now, 1 t 10, i'm like a 12 right now. >> love it. that enthusiasm is infectious. great smile. great attitude. 'skins fans a ready, too. nbc4 is the place for all of the action. after, we'll break down the game in the postgame report befor news4 at 11:00. >> see if they can get infected with winning this year. > a man running from police probably thought the chase was over when herove into a river. but these officers wer't about to let him go. see how they corralled their suspect. plus, fans always want to leave a baseball game with a souvenir. but one kid in the crowd caught something pretty surprising in the stands after a manager's tirade. find out more. your time is6:11. good morning, temperatures
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pretty mild out there. we're ins the 70 for most of the area. quickly, though, in the 80s. we'll see mostly sunny skies today. back near 90 this afternoon. isolated shower chance. we'll go ahead to so you the ather for the weekend. >> reporter: still decorating here. a room ofwn your for sick kids in the hospital. more o that coming up on "nenws
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4oday." it's now 6:15. cary place an be a for anyone, especially kids. >> that is where a group called hope for henry comes in. the folks there have made it their mission to make sure kids who are realll sick still f like kids as they go through
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treatment. >> news4's molette green is live headquartersn's for details on one of their very special projects. molette,ood morning. >> reporter: good morning, to small 've made this smil space look very cozy this morning. that's the whole idea to make a child's hospital room look and feel like home or eve better than home. all right, hope for henry has ten around for years. i want bring in the founder and ceo, to tal about her newest project, a room of your own. you've justaunched this. you've already been in the hospitals that you work in setting up rooms for children. >> so, it's gone really beautifully. >> reporter: yes. >> the reason we started the program is one of the most diffult times for patients is that transition time from home to hospital. >> reporter: and i know this comes from a very personal space with your sonhenry, of course. and meeting the needs of children in the hospital? >>absolutely.
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we spent the better part of 2 1/2 years in hospi the country. and leaving your home which is such a space of tranquility and comfort and fun andoing into a hospital which is really a place where you feel so remote and isolated. >> reporter: >> and remote and scared is difficult. >> reporter:ou andecorate the room to the child's liking. all of the stuff comes in big giant bags? >> it comes in a big giant bag. before we pack the bags we work th our child specialist to see what the particular child would like. >> repter: for example, it would be pillows. >> pillows, blankets wall detail, sound machines. decorative pillows with positive rssages good vibes and dream on. orter: love it. all of these things for a child's room more special. >> just to feel special, comforting and fun.
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>> reporter: and we're going to talk to a couple former patients coming up a little bit later on about how they have really benefited from this experience. getting help from your program and the variousgr ps that you offer. all right. that is the latest. back into you guys. >> hope for henry really does make a difference for t ild's life and the families making it a little bit easier. thank you. this morning, the parents of about 100 elementary children are thankful for the quick action for law enforcement. here's why. taking a lk at this from fresno, california, a burglary suspect apparently h driving car into the water. and you can see him coming out of the water. this was near a day camp for kids. eventually, the suspect watts taken down by aic p dog. no children were hurt. at any helevel, t manager for the chicago dogs minor
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league baseball teaming too a disagreement to a whole new level. >> that manager was arguing a call at third base. and he wasn't getting any satisfacson. what doee do? he walked over, pulled up third se out o ground. walked over to th fence line and gave it to a kid. >> he did it so calmly, here you go. have it. >> the base was retrieved by one of the grounds crew and the game went back to normal. and the kids seemed really excited about it. a baseball gauge him in exchange for the base. because he said, hey, look, i have the best souvenir ever. >> give me thatback. >> all right, chuck bell? >> soeaiful on the skyline. >> absolutely right. sun's up a few moments ago. you'll see see big disk of the sun. but it will be. the warmup is officially on the way of what is likely to be yet another 90 degree day. if we make it to 90 again today that's six in a row, yikes.
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how many90-degree days, four in may, six in june, only 12 in july. that's a relatively low number. last year, we had 23 90-degree days. and all of thatow cut a bit. five in august. on total, we get 38 or 40 per summer. we're well on our way to an average summer. temperatures a in the mid-60s this morning in the shenandoah vall. low to mid-70s in and around the city. you can always use our nbc washington ap to stay ahead of the forecast. you can find and follow me onal soedia as well. so, the weather pattern is about to take a little change as get towards the weekend. th doesn't necessarily mean good things for youreekend plans. out ahead of it, hot and humid aather again for today. mostas in upper 80s to right around 90 degrees. no rain on the radar. showerutaysadin o awao t
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th or two stray showers or thunderstorms. 1:00 in the afternoon, and 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. in parts of maryland. if you're headed to the nats game, hopefully, we can beat the braves today, unlike yesterday. it will be a hot one, 1:00 game today. if you're doing backyardui barb other than a rain chance at 5:00 or 6:00, i think a it's a good night to sit at the picnic table in the backyard. 90 today. 91 tomoow. d-80s over the weekend with relatively high rain chance both saturday, sunday and that o continue to monday. no one likes the 90s, but people hate the rain on the weekends even more. good morning, melissa. first 4 traffic alert now. chopper 4 at ee top of beltway. outer loop in maryland. still quite the backup at the
6:22 am
p of the beltway from an earlier crashhich was outer loop and georgia but we see the delays. tysons, outer loop before leesburg pike, we had a delay in the middle of the road, the shlder now but still delays there. fort washington, norbound indian head road, before kirby. and manassas, between euclid and 28, those left les blocked. northbound, police dtivity. taking a look at your travel siles looking okay on 66. 95 north slow. quantico to the beltway, 32 miles per hour. 270 looks quite good. southf the ltway, you see that pain we were showing you on the map a minute ago. remember to listen to wtop 105 fm when you shop in the car today. the veteransr medical cen in virginia is losing its cool literally. th news4 i-team is shed
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something light onng keehe facility cool fornn
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>>ncer: you're watching "news4 today." oppressive summer heat, there are problems inse a major medical center. >> news4's scott mcfarnd is investigating a problems.f >> reporter: this is the type of place you simply can't have l.trouble keeping things c a flagship medical center of the u.s. department of veterans affairs in d.c. 100,000 patients, 2,00ers
6:26 am
inside. but an investigation by the news4 i-team shows a series of railures in recent months. in the fall, refrir equipment broke down in a safe storage flu vaccines. more thaner a qua million dollars worth of flu vaccines were ruined and had to be tossed. a cooling pipe burst in may flooding floors taking staff and a patient from intensive care. and edgagleason said he walked out of the center on his own afr being hospitalized in july after complications for multiple sclerosis. >> there was no air conditioning. >> no fans? >> no fans. i couldn't sleep at night. because it was so hot. >> reporter: tonight, our investigation on news4 at 5:00 and 11:00,ust how long it was the complaints about the air inside exists includingth insid medical center's blood bank. what the agesy promio do and why it may take until 2022 to make all of the fixes. fo now in d.c., scott mcfarlane, ns4 i-team. a beautiful sunrise for the
6:27 am
area. it's going to be a gorgeous days but we go through the afternoon, we could see a couple around.owe we'll show you what it looks like if you plan on exercistsg e coming up in a few minutes. plus, cursing onmp the aign trail, a four-letter word getting theomee for governor in hot water. hear what he said just ahead. ♪ plus, they tapped and stepped their way on to a national stage. an update on the locals dancing closer to million right? i do. it's a busy, busy place. enever you're ready. it happens every time. i've got it. and every time, she wins. you always do this. no, no. i insist. it's on me. alright.
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"news4 today" starts now. it is 6:30 now. thanks for waking up with us on this thursday morning. a live look at the capitol buildingn what'shaping up to be another hot day outside. of course, you'd expect that this time of ye . >>uh-huh. yo getting busy downtown already. can see in the live picture. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're working with you as you we start your day. first, we do want to start with first 4 traffic and storm team 4. g to chuck and sheena.
6:31 am
>> we begin with the foreca. actually a little cooler than an hour ago, but don't befooled, right? >> don't be fooled. temperatures tend to go down before they come up now we're seei the cooler part of the day. >> maybe a little break in heat sand humidity today. nothing major. nothing that you'rng go walk outside and say, oh, this comfortable. you might notice it's a tiny bit different than yesterday. hopefully that will give you relief. renrise, temperain the mid-70s so it's mild to start of 71, dulles, 71, clinton, 7 degrees in annapolis. most of the areas will be rising to 90. we're dry right now. but if you're exercising as we go through this morning, it's a good time to do it. we'll be dry, mid-70s by lunchtime. 94, high, sixth day in a row 90.e with hit
6:32 am
and keep your eye out for a couple passing showers. chuck has closer look but melissa mollet also has a closer look at thes, ro good morning, melissa. a. good morning, sheen tha the beltway looking clearer than it was. the outer loop looking clear. but we still have delays stretchi over to georgia avenue this morning. again, not as bad as they were. you can see them right here. rest of the beltway is just fine. fort washington, indian head, before kirby hill, left lane. manassas,orthbound liberia between euclid and 28. just got off the phone o this one, no injuries but they're trying to get this out of the way. elridge, northbound 95, a lot of folks head northbound on 95 weekday mornings. guys. >> melissa, thank you. a young father's dreams of playing basketball overseas were cut short. someone shot and killed him in
6:33 am
broad daylight. now, hisam devastatedy is speaking out. >> news4's megan mcgrath is live outside the prince george's police headquarters i palmer park. megan, do investigators have any leads in this? >> reporter: they don't have a whole lot to go on. and at p thisnt no arrests have been made so the gunman is still on the loose. a very case, lamont adair jr. had a lot of exciting things going on in his life. he had-m an th-old son. he was about to move to klein next month in ord to play basketball. but adair's future was cut short in a burst of gunfire wednesday afternoon. it was right around 4:00 in the afternoon. we're talking about broad dayligre. there were lots of people out on the streets. there were children who were playing. adair was headed to a training session when he was shot and killed on grieg street in seat pleasant. now adair led with his mother and was moving overseas next
6:34 am
month. in a matter of weeks. his mother and sister still can't believe he's gone. >> i feel pain. i've got aoid in my heart who is no longer here. >> he's got w a sonho is less than 1 years old. all h will remember is a video of his father playing >> reporter: and no word on a motive on this crime at this llint. and they are s looking for the gunman. backo you. >> megan mcgrath live for us this morning. megan, thank you. > be on alert. d.c. police say a fake uber driver is robbing riders. investigators say this is surveillance video of the suspect and his female accomplice. they s on saturdayorning a victim called an uber and went up.o a car that pulled the driver forced the victim at gun point to withdraw money from several different atms. poli believe thean and women are expected to the three different robries and kidnappings. most of the crimes happened along the busy stree corridor. it is 6:35.
6:35 am
other top stories. an update for the search for two me killed of killing a team in hyattsville. they're wanted for the murder of 16ear-old kevin wilson jr. wilson was found dead in a parking lot off of new hampshire avenue on tuesday. another virginia hild is dead after being left in a hot car. this time is happened in goochland county about ten miles from richmond. the victim was 17 months old. his fimher left in the car and went to work thinking he dropped him off at day. ca the boy was discovered in the business park garage. this is the third ddly incident in virginia this year whent comes to child hot car deaths, virginia ranks tenth in the nation. california's largest wildfire has topped 300,000 acres. oe mendocino complex fire which you see here the screen has destroyed hundreds of homes and other buildhile still
6:36 am
structuresg 9200 its containment is 47% at the reme time, firefighters battling more than a dozen wildfires acss that state. the democratic nominee for governor in maryland is apologize while taking questions from reporters.t bene jealous joined party members to annodoce several ements when a reporter for "the washington post" asked him to paint the ads of a former naacp chairman as a sociist. watch this. >> to put a finer point on it, do youdentify wit the term socialist -- >> a you -- kidding me? is that a finer point? okay. >> shortly after, jealous tweeted an apology to that reporter and use of language ying, quote, as a former journal any of the i know how important it is for a free societ to respect reporters and answer their questions honestly. jealous is facing the sitting governor larry hogan in the
6:37 am
november election. us molette green is telling about a great cause giving back to kids. >> reporter: yes, coming , two former patients tell me how a bagful of decorations for their room in the hospital can really impact a child's life. that's coming up next on "news4 today." > plus redskins football returns tonight. you can watch the 'skins kick t of free season against the patriots right here on nbc4 starting at 7:30. coming up, we're
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♪ he tapped his way on to national tv, this morning, though, leesburg's lucas marinetto's journey was ended. the -year-old was eliminated in the duel round.
6:41 am
>> and the high stepping in the juniors category. despite that incredible performance from dem raider boyz they were also cut from a chance at the $1 million prize. "world of dance" will have a new time starting next ek. tune in wednesdays at 9:00.m. right here on nbc4. such a great showing from our local teams but you know what, the competition is really tough on that show. >> represented well, though. well, big changes coming to the oscars are causing outrage. the academy awards are calling for select categories to be presented during commercial breaks. specific categories will be determined later. but the welning m will be edited and aired in a laterbr dcast in an effort to keep future ceremonies for three hours after ratings for the 2018 oscars dropped to an all-time low. much more on the changes on the "today" show. 6:42 right now.
6:42 am
and coming up on your thursday afternoon. a fine day to be out b the swimming pool. sum vacation days aredwindling, kids. better enjoy it while you can. temperates up to 90 degrees. rain chance creep up for the weekend. sheena's got more with that on your ten-day forecast coming up. some delays on the beltway and several other problems in both does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see who delivers more. comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup. everyone else, no way. we let calls from any of your devices come from your business number.
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♪ you're watching "news4 today." your time is 6:45. take a look. t is washe scene one year ago in charlottesvillethe deadly unite the right rally. the virginia's governor and the city of charlottesvillereave aly declared states of emergency, as events are planned in charlottesville and here i our area. >> news4's justin finch is live atlareedom in downtown d.c. with details on how police here are planning to keep the peace. justin. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. we know the city is due h tod a public briefing on their security plan later on today. but d.c. police chief peter newsham said he intends for
6:46 am
protesters and counterprotesters to remain apart on sunday during those demonsations. he presented that plan in detail in a closed-door meeting with councilmembers. and afterwards, he did say that police wil not be offering special escorts for those unite the right ralliers. he also has been in touch with the chief of police in charlottesville. that, of course, is where last year a violent clash between er counterprotests and protesters down a that unite the right rally down there and a woman was killed. and speaking with reporters y, yest the chief also said he believes his force has the experience and is equipped to handle this event on >> t no intention to accommodate one side or the other. the only accommodation that the metropolitan police department is providing is to make sure that everybody who's in our city on that day doesn't get hurt. >> reporter: the national park service is now processing three permits for a counterprotest. one set to begin here at freedom
6:47 am
plaza and march over to hafayette square where unite the right rally is taking place. we can tell you, too,ed b on early counts it does appear counterprombsters may out those protesters. however at this point, officials say you can't really know until those protests actually emerge onsunday. we're live in freedom plaza, i' justfinch, news4. >> justin, thank you. the man accused of shooting a woman outside o a busy fast food restaurant in northern virginia shotol himself ase closed in. >> detectives say that anthony ellis shot the victim outside of the mcdonald's around 2:00 yesterday. officers tracked him down in nearby woods. that's where they say he took his own life. the victim's name has not been released. she is in critical condition. a traffic stop in bowie is under investigation. thisappened during rush hour at elder oaksnd boulevard
6:48 am
excalibur road. about a mile away t from then center. a bowie officer fired his gun. the suspe ran away and is still on the run this morning. police say the officer's injuries are minor. graphic surveillance video raises new questions about a police officer shooting suspect. yesterday, theistrict released the shooting of last month's shooti. take a look. you can see the officer chaelng da hambrick. the officerhoots and hambrick later died. the officer is onat adminise leave and the mayor said police ocedures are under review. we're getting a new look at the suspected parkland shooter. some of you may find this video graphic and disturbing. here you see nikolas cruz in an interrogation room. now, listen as the detective questions cruz about why he
6:49 am
allegedly opened fire inside stoneman douglas high school. >> what demons? >> the voices. >> what did they tell to you do. >> burn, kill, destroy. >> okay, burn, kill, destroy what? >> anything. therwere voice no name telling me what to do. >> did the vces tell you to buy that ar-15? >> yeah. peo de dieing that shooting. most of them were students. >> it was a dramatic finish for the prosecution's star witness in the paul manafort tr l. manafort's former business partner rick gates took the stand forhe third and final day yesterday.te ga said manafort directed him to hide millions of dollars from the irs and foreign bank accounts. manafort's attorneys tried to undercut tes' credibility by suggesting he stole money from nafort to hide four extramarital affairs and not the one heto admitte earlier this week. testimony resumes this morning. 6:49.t's a new york state congressman
6:50 am
facing federal charges said he will continue this run forn re-electhis november despite facing securities fraud charens. reprtive chris collins spoke out hours after fafg an judge o those charges. the alleged crime is the armaceutical company. telling collins that a critical drug tri failed. prosecutors say video reported at a white house picnic shows collins getting the news. and that's when they say he called his sono tell him which broke federal law. prosecutors say t insiderrading saved those involved more than hree quarters of a million dollar last night, collins remained defiant. >> theharges levied against me are meritless. and i will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. >> collins' son and the father of his son's feeianee are saals
6:51 am
facinggechs. all three pleaded not guilty. and redskins football is back. the redskins kick off their preseason in new england. >> tonight, we'll finally get to see the new quarterback alex smith who makes hisdue beautyeb. news4 spoke to dennis richardson and derrius guice. >> i always put it on a uniform at the nfl rookie premier, getting ady. from-t 1 through 10, i'm like a 12 right now. >> love that, love that excitement. it's infectious. we're excited. tch the 'skins take on the pats right here at part of a new wave,ew season, new hope. >> doing big things. >> yes. >> 6:52, time to check in with
6:52 am
sheena parveen, she has our storm team 4 forecast >> his smile is contagious. as we go through the day, it i thursday, we're almost to the end of the week. it's going to be another nice one out ther we have plenty of sun in the forecast. we're going to see clouds, an isolated shower chance. we're not looking for a huge drop in humidity, but you may notice it. as we head into the weekend we have changes, rainovg in. 76 in manassamanassas. we're dry right now. an if kids are headed to summer camp, it looks pretty spod. 30 or higher today. an isolated shower chance. here's what future weather is showing. you there see a few passing showers through the afteavoon. quickly ing as we go
6:53 am
overnig overnight. saturday, though, look at this, quite a bit of rain. the forecast low pressure develops on top of us. slowly moving through. if you're hid eed headed to th beaches, showers around, too. even if your neighborhood, temperatures in the 80s thisen we lots of clouds, scattered thunderstormsdahrough the nd it really looks like it's going to last through the early part of next week. umbrellas. let's see what's happening on the roads. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chopper 4 headed to tt situation we were telling you about, 95 northbound at howard county. sound it's like w had 95 there shut down for police activity. get information, when we that. so, at this point right now, as you head northbound through el beridg kridge, you're going to see that closure. and outer loop as you're approaching georgia.
6:54 am
ft. washington, indian head highway before kirby hill. disabled vehicle. right now, the right side blocked by a broken down vehicle. wetarting to see the delays inbound. manassas, northbound liberia between euclid and 28 all lanes blocked by a cras 270 looks okay. the delays on the map a minute ago, inbound on 66 and inbound on 95, in virginia, you see you're going 40 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop 105 fm when you hop in your car. thank you. toys, polaroid cameras, superheroes on the walls. l soune a dream for any kid. >> these items are especially comforting for little ones seriously ill and confined to a rospital . the home for henry is kicking off in a brand-new hospital across our area.
6:55 am
news4's molette green is live with details. this is such a wonderful effort. >> reporter: it really is, what is inside this bag, eun and aaron can really impact a sick child's life in a hospital room. and it was the idea of lrie strongin, to come up with this in your incredible organization ho for henry. you've done this already. you launched thiso days children's -- at georgetown, medstar algeorgetown hosp tell me about the impact? >> so, the kids, i think it creates a sense of home for them while they're in the hospital. and it's something that we saw de such a huge difference for our son henry when he was in th hospital. >> reporter: yeah, i want to go to some of the former patients. how can something like this really help? >> it relieves the stress of a hospital stay and gives the patients hope. >> reporter: and what do you say? >> it provides a distraction for the kids as they're going
6:56 am
through a hard time. >> reporter: and it helped you guys out. and look how well you've done. esl right. that is the l from the headquarters in northwest d.c. back into you. >> molette green, thank you. we'll see yw tomor at the montgomery county fair. >> thank you, molette. >> 6:56 now, here are 4 things to know. panic theort island of lombok has beenit by a third earth quake in a little more than a week sending the death toll to mor than 300 people. look for the latt next on "today." the father of an 11-month-old was gunned down in prince george's county. s pressers someone shot 23ear-old lamont adair jr. on griegtreet in seat pleasant. no one is in custody. > and protesters for the unite the right rally. pr testers will makeir way to d.c. for another demonstration sunday.
6:57 am
d.c.'s police chief said safety say top priority. you can find road closures in the nbc washington app.ou can see the redskins take on the patriots tonight at 7:30. stick around for theostgame report and news4 at 11:00. if you have to go to bed we'll have theta highlightsing for you at 4:00. we're talking football. >> your gardening tip of the day,on't forget your spf. ifsh youow is shorter than you, you're going to get a sunburn. >> welcome. . >> look who's here? when's the last time the five of us were together. >> it will look like sunday damage. >> it will fade away, too. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
6:58 am
♪ ♪
6:59 am
(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) en (sound of gine starting)
7:00 am
. > good morning. terrorists in training. new details on what was happening inside this new mexico compound. suspects accused of teaching young children how to commit school shootings. >>ho there was aoting range built on the west side of the property. >>ne this mornin questions. were red flags missed? we are live with the very latest. demanding answers. protests growing over a deadly nashvilleoting in a man shot in the back as he ran away from an officer. his mother's urgent plea this owmorning. id it happen? an angry father speaking out after his young children flying as ieunaccompan minors ended up in a hotel


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