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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 10, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the suspects being shot. much more for you in a few minutes. >> we countdo to the ekend. we are finally here. it's friday after a pretty long, hottoweek. y will be the seventh day and we feel the temperatures in the 90s. some relief on the way. that's a good thing. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang.>> i'm aaron gilchrist. that storm team 4 forecast and we'll talk to melissa about the roads. >> you know what relief means around here, whatou think i was going to say? you looked very nervous for a second. i grew up in the '70s -- >> that's what i was talking about. >> okay. showers. shower chances. shower chances areincreasing as we head into your weekend. we're off to a mild start this weekend. little wave of pressurech promis
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ore unsettled weathers at we head into the weekend. there's your friday planner then. sun is not up until6:17 this morning. plenty of sunshine today and plenty of heat and humidity, as well. afternoo highs today right around 91 degrees. not much of a rain chance today. ndbut hit miss shower chances return just in time for your weekend. let's go to melissa mollet and find out how the roaoming along on a friday morning. >> not so bad right now. couple pieces of road work. eastbound 7 still diverted this is from yesterdayo river creek parkway and lanes blocked by the work zone there. 66 and 95 look okay. alexandria and eisenhower avenue we have that water mainreak d it is pretty new. careful throughnd that area not sure how long it will take and we will keep you updated on that. inner loop and outer loop had earlier issue there along the outer loop near connecticut avenue.
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that has eared. 270 southbound from 70 to theur sp. you are on time. aaron. >> all right, melissa, thank you. some breaking news now out of prince george's county where the suspect in a police-involved shooting is dead. this is theun police say belonged to that suspect. >>s tppened last night around 9:15 around fedex field. policeve recei a tip from someone about an armed suspect sellingdrugs. authorities swarmed the area. they confronted the suspect and tackled him as he tried to run away. that's whe police say they saw e officer reaching for him reaching for a handgun. megan mcgrath will bring you a live report from the scene in 30 minutes. police are implementing tight security measures and warning people tha violenc will not be tolerated at the unite the right rally and the otests that come with it.
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police are determined toav d scenes like this. one woman wasit by a car and died. at yesterday's safety briefing here in the district, the mayor sent a mesage to the protesters on both sides. >> on nosunday, we k that we have people coming to our city for the sole purpose of spewing hate. we, the people of washington, d.c., say unequivocally that we denounce hate. >> r d.c. police chief pesem said no guns at any of the rally or protests that includes people who have a permit to carry a gun in the district. a lot more information on the rally yincluding everythingou need to know about road closures. we're learningore about the moments leading up to a deadlyid road rage it in wood ridge. a pickup truck and sedan and the driver had a dispute at a red light the pickup truck drivernd
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left his carconfronted the sedan driver. the driver of thesedan changed lanes and hit the pickup driver. larryean walker was pinned between his car and another vehicle. he died. at this time, no enarges have iled. montgomerychountyls have released more information about a former school bus driver accused o sexually assaulting a special needs' student. they posted all the roads driven sincehe 2006 on website. they want parent to come forward if they have concerns about their children's safety. he's mostly dven students for special education services. we have a link to more information in the nbc washington app. today marks two years since a deadly apartment explosion rocked a neighborhood in silver spring. that explosion destroyed an apartment complex and killed seven people at the flower branch apartments. two of them were children.
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today there will be a vigil to remember those killed. starts at 7:30 tonight at a parking lot across from that complex. it's now 4:35. now to our other top story. c montgomerynty public schools say it's replacing more an 200 waterfixtures that tested positive for elevated levels of lead. those that tested positive were removed imdiately. ficials tell us they will all be replaced before students return for the new school year. anoth mro project will impact your ability to get around. starting saturday, trains will be single tracking and will run every 20 minutes on the blue, silver and orange line. construction on these lines will if you have to ride metro expect big delays and crowded trains. the skins lost their first preseason game last if you went to bed at halftime youey may have thought ould hold on to their 17-3 lead.
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instead the pats rallied and scored 23 more points. just like pats beat the skins 26-17. rookie runningback darrius guice s hurt. we checked in with him. a former ohio state wrestler is clarifying comments he mad about whether congressman jim jordan knew about athletes being sexually abused while he was an assistant coach a the university. released a statement from mark coleman saying, quote,o at time did i say or have any direct knowledge that jimda j knew of dr. strauss' inappropriate behavior. coleman told "wall street journal" no way unless he has dementia he has recollection of what is going on at ohio state.d is currently running for speaker of the house. nbc news reached out to coleman to confirm the statement, but have not heard back. it'sow 4:36.
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there is at least one good thing about summer coming to an end. the countyfair. in just a few hours, the montgomery county fair will open to the public. joining us live from gaithersburg with a look at all the rides and the food. you don't want to miss it. it is 4:37 right now. coming up, a bomb scare sparked by a science experiment. turn out nasa behind it all. a look at the mysterious package and t odd messaget contained for president trump. what started as a search for an uber ends with a deadly punch. up next, new details about the
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wcome back t at 4:ay we'll find out more about the guilty verdict for aer fer uber
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driver. told news 4 that he picked up the woman from a d.c. bar. e was supposed to drive her to fairfax county but prosecutors say when he was almost there, he drove to a college park motel and raped her. pierre was spotted on the motel surveillance cameras and at a nearby 7-eleven where he used the victim's credit card. prince george's state attorney will hold a news conference at 0 this afternoon. a former virginia commonwealth un ersity basketball coach is facing serious charges. w >> jones currently coaches at wake forest university is accused of throwing a fatal punch i whinew york city. he pleaded not guilty to an assault charge. on sunday he banged on the window of jones' suv thinking he was h uber driver. the coach left punched szabo causing him to smash hisheead on t sidewalk. e szabo was taken off lifsupport on tuesday.
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>> just going to say one thing l.and that's the jones family sends the deepest condolences and sympathies to the szabo family. >> next court appearance is october 2nd. well, good friday morning. if t kids are heading to summer camp today, looks pretty good and also pretty hot. don't need the spf 30 or higher. th want to make sure they stay hydrated. near 90 by 3:00 p.m. and that will make the seventh day in a row of temperures and big changes for the weekend. chuck has that forecast coming on. smoke fills ae bag brought on a plane. what was inside that caused this dangerous scene at a security ha
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♪ ♪ start the day with the chicken you love. get the feeling of chick-fil-a, for breakfast.
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♪ welco back at 4:45 we're back with new video showing chaos at a surity checkpoint when a carry-on bag started smoking. you see it right there on the right-hand side and just went
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through the scanner at savannah hilton head when this ouppened. >> can see tsa agents backing away from this. one ran over and grabbed the bag and ran it to a safe area outside the terminal. it turned o to be a malfunctioning battery from ava . remember e-cigarettes and vapori checked baggage.d in check bag or carry on. n't take it on a carry-on bag. a nasat experim set off a bomb scare in new jersey. >> a styrofoam box parachuted to the groundhere with a message for the president. >> the note on the side that says i find disturbing. references something about the president and call this number if this lands near you. >> this happened on tuesday in south unswick. the note in the book said nasa atmospheriearch instrument, not a bomb. if this lands nea wthe
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presiden at nasahpart of an ozone experiment and the note was written by a sntmern meant to be a joke, apparently. nasa says that person has been removed fromec the pr nasa still waiting for four more balloons to land. >> not the way it was sup.sed to just a nasa experiment. oh, well. turn the plane around, a federal judge gave that order esterday after finding out a mother and daughteinvolved in an ongoing immigrationoawsu had been deported to el salva r salvador. news 4 tracie potts hase m from capitol hill. all right, tracie, what is this about? >> none of the plaintiffs were supposed to be deported before midnight tonight but not only deported, but already on t ground on el salvador when they
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had the he attorney d and general jeff sessions personally or what they say is unfairly restricting asylum claims. there's a difference over ether or not migrants
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noticeably more comferrable weather and 68 winchester and a sunny and hot day to be outside today. don't forget your spf 30 or higher. alys best to putt on 30 or 40 minutes before you get out in the sun so it has a chance to absorb into your skin. high around 90 degrees. out area of low pressure into the western parts of the ohio valley will migrate towards us and as a result, after a sunny and hot day day. our rain chances go up over the weekend. now, keep in mind, it's not
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going to be a wash out of a weekend, but rain chances relatively high.y. here's to nothing much going on around the area fortonight. that first wave of moisture, a few showers as early ashe time you're getting up on saturday morning. plenty of usable, dry, outdoor weather hours tomorrow, but with daytime heating, showers and the occasional thunderstorm are likely to bubble up. that pattern repeats on sunday. don't bre s too much by the 50 and 60% rain chances over the weekend and pley of hours to be outside and enjoying the weather, but also be chances for drin. ng out little bit in the middle parts of next week and really after today, melissa, no more90s in sight for a while. >> that is kind of nice. i do like that. once i have ndy's ice cream cone. between metro road anddr clairmonte. water main break there. you have to use caution through
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that area. one lan openn each direction there. leesburg diverted there at river creek parkway. taking a look there at 66 and yo on time there. aaron? hank l right, melissa, you. we are in the dog days of summer, we know. but ckstarbu is already thinking about the fall. >> c we enjoy august? >> starting next week starbucks ill start selling its pumpkin spice. the company will introduce two new productsnly available in grocery store. pumpkin spice cookie straws and ground coffee k-cup pods. >> can we do tru confessions. i don't like pumpkin spice lattes. i'm a peppermint mo i'm not trying to drink a peppermint mocha in august. the grocery store aldi is
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bringing more products to its aisles. >> fresh, organic and easy to prepare options. organic meats, salad bowls,sl iced fruit. the sliced fruit for you so you don't have to slice your own fruit. gourmet cheeses and baked goods that is just to name a few items. the rollout will continue through early next year and part of aldi adding hundreds of new stores across the country. >> i buy my grapes in a bowl. >> that is the laziest. you know what,onhat's just they should not sell grapes in a bowl. >> it's ready for you. all you have to do is eat it. no vine. >> see the shock on my face. the d.c. general homeless shelter will close and leave a lot of families witho place to go. city officials are still looking for landlords willing to rent apartments to families experiencing homelessness. they haven't had much luck until now. one landlord is stepping up to the plate here. jamie smith is opening up an entire building so dozens of
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families will hav their own homes. news 4 caught up with one momey getting the to her new apartment. >> we're very grateful and we're just glad they gave as opportunity and a chance to start out on a new journey. >> workedut as a perfect fit as the building became empty, again. they were working to close d.c. general. we just decided it would be a good partnership. >> if you want to learn how to help these families find perment homes, w have a link in the app and just search homeless. >> t five before hour and nbc 4 is gearing up for a special clear the shelter event find animal homes in our area. >> couldn't be happening at a better time either. kitten aseason. ot of cats are looking for permanent homes. the no vaccy signs are up and it's one of several localsh ters that is at or near capacity for cats. >> so, i summer traditionally the time when shelters are most full of cats. kitten season starts in early .
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spri and so around this time of year, the kittens are eight weeks old and oldh to find their adoptivees fami shelters become more full than usual. >> they'real offering off pet adoption fees this month. except during nbc's clear the shelter event coming up all week from turday. all that day all the fees will be waived. reminder about clear the shelter animal shelter drive a week from tomorrow. if you are thinking about taking home a new pet, consider heading to an animal shelter to adopt. check out our nbc washington app and search clear the shelters. at> pets have found something dangerous in the w in more than 200 places in montgomery county schools. the problem is bng fixedilbut parents l have concerns. the skins took the fielde fr th firstenime this year. you see how the game ended, you will b glad preseason games don't count. stay with us.
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