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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 12, 2018 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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d.c. police are preparing to shut down roads in a matter of hours. >> fox in charlottesville marching this wcikend voi their opposition to last year's deadly violence. >> and after a bombshell report on the university of maryland's football program, the head has been put on leave. but a new group close to the working to lready put him back on the job. on this sunday morning, we welcome you into what is a very busy weekend around here. >> we are expecting thousands of people to make their voices heard in the district today. >> that is happening in the counter protest. we also arein s in "the washington post," weave this one page ad he was put out. to the people of washington,e' d.c., and seeing a lot of
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store fronts around washington as well. >> and charlottesville as well, they have that little hearth w th t inside. everyone is hoping for a peaceful protest. first we want to prepare you for the weekend forecast. andha for we have storm team 4ts lauren rickn the studio. hot, humid and a little rain? >> temperatures are already issuing that 80-degree mark right now. and we continue to see that north wi, not really suppressing that humidity. but again, we have got a north wind about five miles an hour, weould have some gusty winds up to about 40,0 miles an hour. a few sprinkles possible as we continue to through the morning, but this is what i'm watching. this will be moving through our area as which ge get into the
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afternoon and evening. more thundershowers developing t the afternoon and evening as we go over next several hours. if u're headed to brumpnch, grab that umbrella. we'll time out those storms for you and talk abouthen we can see some surge coming up. and breaking overnight, mayor muriel bowser is delaying her trip to el salvador so she could be here for the rally. as of right now, mayor bowser not canceling her entire trip, she'll return to el salvador tomorrow. >> even if you have no interest in aending today's rally and protest. this could affect how you get around today.
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several road closures are under way today.ut there's a 12 streets around lafayette square, you can see those highlighted in red, and those are expected to stay closeded all day. and in front of the white house, that road shut down about three minutes ago. police and pamedics are using that a staging area. about five groups have been using that area fer cou protests. ultimately, they will end up in lafayette square park. metro trains are tracking between mcpherson square smithsonian, construction on the blue, silver and orange lines. if you do have to ride the ils, just knowhat there's going to be some big delays and crowded traun eed trains. for more information on the shutdowns, go to our nbc
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washington app. government and d officials say they are confident they can keep the peace as protters and counter protesters swarm the district e it is allected to come to an end at lafayette square park. >> derick ward is i northwest washington with the very latest derick? >> reporter: in just a few hours this will be the scene of protests and counter protests. the unite the right will start at foggybottom, the group the sans is going to start rig around 5:00. they will stay until the other groups leave. both sides promise to be peaceful. and a lot of them are askingat going on? in just a few hours, they'll .ow in no uncertain terms
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>> and this was the march from last ye's unite the right rally. images of white supremacists carrying tiki torches before at rally turned deadly. when the unite the right marchers take the first steps off the foggy bottom met troe, t they're goibe encountered by messagesf o love. yesterday p st. george church wrote messages of peace and love. >> it's just such a tremendous way to engage with the people who are coming without screaming at them and something positive instead of you hateo us s we hate you ck.
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>> at 10:0 5rks is. they're going to be confronted by hate speech, they're going to be confronted by protesters. >> some say they are meeting the hate with compassion and unity. >> there were some tense momts th dem nonstrait fors shouting ts of icers, but no rep
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any physical confrontations. earlier today police three men in and around the secure zone wntown. that's the pedestrian plaza mall, one of thoseen was charged with trespassing and one being drunk in public and had a razor on him which is on the prohibled items list. >> just before 11:30 last the driver did stay on the scene, university of maryland footballoa d.j. dirken is on paiddmistrative cleveland. jordan mcnair died back in june, two days after aeam workout.
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athletic director damon evans put dirken on administrative leave. ut a group want toss meet with evans because they want to support coach dirken. president trump called amarosa a low life after her book was released this week. he was responding t claims from amarosa that he used the n-word while making the first season of the apprentice. amarosa is going to talk to chuck todd tres morning. behat just a few minutes from now, we're going to check in with chuck to see what he expects from that rvinw.
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we're learning more about the suicidal man who stole a passenger plane on friday, cleanup crew this is morning on going through the wreckage while experts say more needs to be done to make sure that does not happen again. happen again. we're going
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nasa is on its way to the sun. the rocket is carrying a solar probe that will fly closer to the sun than any other spacecraft before. the spacecraft has this revolutionary new heat shield, but that's not going to be tested until october when the rocket will have its first solar encounter. this is some viewer video from friday night, thoushts say authorities say a ground service midwestern- richard russell, this man, he was in the air for about an hour before he crashed that plane and
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whorizon air owns that plane which is part of alaska airlines. aviation and security experts say that a new protocol may need to be added. >> there may be a procedure added that if u're not a pilot or a flight attendant, that you're not allowed on a plane unless there is someone there sponsible for the aircraft. li the a says russell had authorization to be in that rtrt of the airhen he stole the plane. >>disgruntled security guard fired at a -- that security guard allegedly vowed to return. minutes later, he came back, and started shootin at the manager, terrifieied shoppers took off. when the guard shot at them, s policet back. no one inside the store got hurt. protes broke out in
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israel, aisrae israel. contribute circumstanritic says marginalizes nonjewish citizens. israel's arab citizens have full citizenship rights but face discrimination inome areasf society like jobs and housing. a stern warning fromde the l of turkey to president trump. yesterday about erdogan says his country does not respond to threats. turkey's currency fell into free fall when president trump said he would doubl the tariffs on aluminum and steel. chris colon will no longer runor re-election, he is charged with insider trading. in an announcement congressman collins says he will finish his term, but his
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democratic chojer nate mcmurray says he should quit right now. okay, the city has brags out introducing the world to deep dish pizza is now home to a pizza museum. >> imagine that. it sounds pretty delicious, the u.s. pizza museum isia offy open in chicago. take a look. the museum tellsto a of pizza and it's u.s. makers. inside if youis the place you'll see vintage pizza box.ll with a that talk about pizza, you're probably going to walk in nd get hungry, but it's not a restaurant. there is nearby pizza diseariap. 10:14 right now.
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ctca gave me an opportunity accomplish my goals and my dreams. learn more at appointments available now. welcome back, new charges of race icism after a tell all boos released this week.
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enter chuck todd, this is an exclusive interview you have had with amarosa. >> she has sheard,s the publication of her book, she has heard an moin "apprentice" tape of outtakes where the u presidents the n-word. we'll see if that comes out. g 'll see if that's a trumpian allegation, meanve got tapes and things like that. but in the book, it's being described to her, but her not necessarily heard the recording. but she saysli since ption she has heard the recording. that is a big one. she addresses every criticism le here, the idea that she's a
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johnny come lately on the racisi alle. and she's hoping to be complicit in help the president sell himself. she doesn't duck anything and wel leave it to the viewers to decide who's got more credibility here, the white house, amarosa? both? >> in the book, she addresses every pottial criticism, the idea that she's ungrateful to trump, the ide thatshe's only now calling him a racist now that she's been fired. she addresses all of that. i think she feels that she was streated at the white house. and she was dismissed as just "the apprentice" contestant. >> and the fact that the president is not hern washington when we have this huge rally and the kind of protests that are happening.
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we did hear from him on twitter, that even though he condemns racism, he dn't condemn the white presupremist group from t white house. >> i don'tha know the president is going to do, which is something he has never done e re. there are a lot of republicans who wish the president would directly call outte these w supremacists and kick them out of the party. it's almost as if the president will condemn it in general forms, but he won't bring himself to d that and at this point it's hard not to see it as a cscious decision, and at this point it's hard not to see
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it as a conscious dnaision to al people. >> in less than0 minutes, you can catch chuck's exclusive interview with amarosa. let's talk about the weather, you want to know how the final day of the weekend is going to be impacted. you're't saying d go and cancel all your outdoor plans this weekend. >> we areoing to have some showers, and if cecel everything during the summer, we would never go anywheror do anhing because we have a lot of popup thunderstorms in the summer.
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>> we'll get into futuesday, so afternoontorms and then on wednesday, we're going to get to 90 degrees. temperatures in the 70s, headed intohe mid and upper 8 today. a mix of clouds and sun, could have a shower in the early afternoon. but this is what we're watching coming our way. but it's moving to the east pretty slowly, 15 to 25 miles an hour. it's going to lose a lot o its luster over the blue ridge mountains as it goes over virginia.
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we are looking at storms in the d.c. met area between about 4:00 and 7:00. some e go, we have got clouds and some peeks of sunshines thisoing to continue to move to the east slowly, and if you do find yourself in a heavier storm, we're talking abt some heavier downpours, localized flooding, lots of ghtning, and some strong winds. we'll talk about showers through the day tomorrow. soni your monday m commute, a little patchy fog in the morning, but again,t have tha umbrella handy because of those showers throughout the day. so i'll time them out for you real quick, starting this through your monday. so again, waves of rain throughout the day, and by tuesday afternoon we' have more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, temperaturesn the upper 80s, by friday and saturday, we
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10:26 on this sunday. four things to know, university of maryland football coach d.j. dirken is on administrative leave because of abuse allegations within the football program. >> and d.c. mayor bows is delaying her trip to el
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salvador. hiere are the roads that ar shut down because of the the right rally and counter proteters. s stations are closed through the weekend, search metro shutdown in the nbc washington app. >> we'll have a few thunderstorms, and then tomorrow showers throughout the day, you're wakin up to little bit of fog, tuesday very similar to today, but more sunshine wednesday. and we have complete team and we have complete team coverage of the
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this sunday, arosa, one-on-one. they met on "the apprence." >> i adore you. we've had tremendou success together. >> absolutely. >> in 2016, she campaignedor him. >> let's make mr. trump the next president of the united states! >> and mocked his critics. >> it is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe >> as president, donald trump said, you're hiredhot the white e. but now she says mr. trump used the "n" word at "the apprentice." >> it had finally sunk in that the pern i thought i'd known so well for so long was actually a racist. >> there's alsohis -- >> his mental decline could not be denied. >> and she hasec a


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