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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 13, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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. tonight, president trump lashes out after the nbc news exclusive. omarosa's secret pe. tonight, omarosa's secret tape. the apprentice contestant turned fired white house aid recording the boss now escalating the atta>>s. o you thick he's mentally competent to do this job? >> no, i don't think he's fit. >> the president striking back calling her a low life as a battle to reality tv to the white house turns ugly. how many more times are out there? manslaughter charges that reignite the debate over the so-called stand your ground law, a man shot to death in an argue the over a parking spot. dramatic high water lerescues, a boy p from raging flood waters, a police officer nearl swept away.
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tonight, homes and highways flooded, 30 threat. peo another deadly air scare, what looked like a terrible accident police now say was intentional. a man crashing a plane into his house whe his wife and child were inside. the mom and son both making it out alive. ma and anzing rescue, dozens of dogs saved right in the >> aouncer: this is nbc night lie news with lester holt. good evening. the white house and with a book to sell, former "apprentice" star omarosa is hammering the president today. an administration that fired her and a president she says is clueless backing it up with secretly recorded tapes she toor. of trump and hinting there may be more to come. j kristen welkns us with more. good evening. >> reporter: lestlester, good evening to you. with the president and his topdvisors trying to discredit
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utmarosa manigault newman for a president whose long floated the idea of secretly taping his conversations, it seems he now finds himself caught on tape. tonight,dent trump lashing out at his former apprentice adversar tweet calling omarosa manigault new man, wacky and notar >> do you think he's mentally competent to do this job? >> no, i don thick he's fit. >> reporter: this morning releasing part of a phone call with the president after che was fired by white housef of staff john kelly. >> i saw on the news you're thinking about leaving. what happened? k> general kelly, generaly came to me and said you guys wanted me to leave. e>> no, nobody even toldbout it. nobody -- >> wow. >> they run a big operation but i didn't know it. i didn't know that. >> yeah. >> dang it. i don't love y leaving at all. >> reporter: nbc news does not know what was said before or after
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that exchange but manigault newman saying mr. trump's apparent surprise was just an act. >> do you think the president lies of the snn. >> oabsolutely. >> reporter: she revealed she secretly recorded john kelly firing her inside the highly secure white house situationroom. press secretary sarah sanders says the move shows a blatant disregard for national security. >> this is a white house where everybody lies. i have to protect myself and i have no gr . >> reporter: and donald trump accuses wacky omarosa has a fully signed non-disclosure agreement. neither the white house or omarosa gave details about that. mr. trump also tweeted general kelly warned loser s quote a and nothing but problems. to trd him leorking it out if possib because she only said great things about me until she got fired so why did sst nearly a year? >> because right now there is no african americanr staffer in the white hous >> reporter: all of it
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raising questions about how mr. trump is running his own administration and whether he's including enough african americans in it. kristen welker, nbc news, the white house. when he wasn't tweeti about omarosa today, president trump was tweeting about the e bi agent at center of controversy. peter strzok that gin ot water after anti trump text messages has been fired by the fbi. the presint tweeting finally but tonight strzok's lawyer saying it may be political. we get details from pete williams. >> reporter: once one of the fbi's tag ts, peter strzok is out fired over text messages he exchang during the campaign with an fbi lawyer donaldage abo trump. she asks he's not ever going to become esident, right? at the time a senior agentn the russia investigation rebounds no, no, he's not. we'll stop it. he insisted his private views never affected his work. >> iut separated my
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personal believes from any action i took officially as an fbi agent every day. >> reporter: but to house republicans, critical of the mueller investigation, he was exhibit a. >> i don't appreciat having an fbi agent with an unprecedented level of animosity working on two major investigations during 2016. >> reporter: the justice department's inspector gen al said struck made election meddling a higher priority than the clinton e-mails concluding quote, we did not have confidence that strzok's decision was fr from bias. president trump tweeted finally asking tbased on the fact tha he was in charge of the witch hunt, will it be dropped. strzok's lawyer ss a disciplinary ewre says not firing. >> they repeatedly called for strzok to fired and it's not a secret backdoor thing. they are publicly demonizing this man saying he should no longer be an agent. >> reporter: in a
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tweet of his own, he says he's deeply saddened for the firing and a website to raise money for l leills has taken in $58,000. lester? >> pete william in washington, thanks. there are now developments after a fatal encounter in orida that sparked protest and reignited the debate over that state's stand your ground it started with an rgmerar ment over a parking spot and ended with an unarmed man dead. the man that pulled the trigger is facing charges. >> reporter: tonight michael drejka is in jail charged with manslaughter, he's seen in this rveillance video last month shooting markeis mcglockton. >> i've been in i guess a daze because that was my baby. so the day when i heard that he was getting charged, i guess i could start healing. >> reporter: mcelderry glo
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he had gone in a convco convenience store with his kid to buy snacks. mcglockton leaves the store and shoves drejka to the ground. >> he felteing slammed to the ground, he thought he would be further attacked. >> reporter: the shooting sparked protests and outrage over why drejka who is white with a legal perment wasn't chand the stand your ground law that gives people the right to protectem lves. >> my thought is the guy should have been arrested from day one. >> reporter: investigators review two prior incidents with him. since the shooting he has not commented and is beingeld on $100,000 bail. gabe ambiguity ybcgutierrez, news. 40 shot and one person killed is a drop from the previous weekend which wasne the city's most violent in two years with nearly 70 shot
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and 12 killed. police there started beefing up patrols this weekendutting 600 extra officers on patrol on the west and south sides. tonight, we're majorwing a flood emergency raging across several states in the eastern part of the untry. it's been a day of dramatic water rescues to grab people swept away a threat continues into the night for tens of etillions. we g more of it all fromnbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: the east d, floodnunda waters rising fast. be> it never rained likefore, ever. >> reporter: more than 30 million under flash flood watches from rginia through upstate new york. >> our house is under water. we have nothing. we lost everything. >> reporter: this dramatic rescue in pesylvania, a boy dr trapped by raging waters pulled to safety. across the region, first responders spent the day evacuating stranded motorists and residents, somepla places hes ofng four i rain an hour. >> i eva
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lcnd cousin in a wheeir. >> reporter: in upper car b darby, pennsylvania, a police officer was almost swept away and at the mall the flo court flooded sending shocked shoppers to higher ground and major highways were in of new jersey, the water was so high it led to historic comparisons up to storm sandy. >> this is horrendous compared t sandy. >> this just came in so fast. >> reporter: fast and furious and tonight maybe far from over with flash flood watches continuing into the night. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. investigators have boxes from the ack commercial plane stolen and crashed near seattle on friday. mployee line who hijacked it and was killed was the only person on board but the incident raises troubling questions who has acce we fly on and the planes that fly over us. o hass tom coste the latest. i> reporter: on an islandn the sound
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today, ground crews recovered the remains of the turbo propert that crashed friday night. >> what the hell? >> reporter: veteran pilots say they are amazed at the elaborate turns he performed despite having little or no pilot training. >> heck yeah, it's a blast. i played video games before so i know what i'm doing a little bit. >> reporter: it began en whussell a horizon air groundworr boarded a parked plane. the planes are kept unlocked for overnight maintenance and cleaning. while there is no ignition tarting the engines and taxiing require as series of task though youtube videos officer step by instructions. >> to start engine two, press start. >> reporter: russell managed to take off and fly right over the soun today, the airport said all security protocols were followed friday, each employee physically screened. and there were no flags in russell's background checks. >> i think this is really, one in a
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millionen expece. that doesn't mean we can't and i'm sure this type of trage doesn't happen again. >> just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, guess. >> reporter: airport groundworkers are not required to undergo mental health screenings but 17 years after9/11, relief that a terrorist wasn't at the contro>>. ertainly someone who can do barrel rolls with a property plane could have flown into a building or into acrowd. he decided not to. >> reporter: among the question for investigators, did anyone help russell n leo fly? do ground security procedures need to hohange? andd pilots in the future be required tho type in a code to star engines? lester? >> a sad and disturbing story, thank you. texnsions are reaching a boiling point betweenhe u.s. and nato allies tonight. turkey is accusing the u.s. of trying to tank the economy after president trump ordered new sanctions and as our chief foreign correspondent ar
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rid engel shows us, it ce traced back to a fight. >> reporte american pastor andrew brunson under house arrest is at the center of a battle of will. on one side, turkey's president erdogan ashington of stabbing turkey in e back. on the other side, president trump playing hardball. last week administration doubl tariffs on turkish metal exports sinking the currency 20%. erdogan in mul passion speeched urged turks not to bow to american pressure h l.onsiders blackm saying they have their dollar we have our god. brunson has become the face of this angry ke impasse, tur accuses the pastor a long-time resident of having contact with plotter whose tried and failed to over throw erdogan in a coup two years ago. the u.s. calls t
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claims baseless but this crisis goes beyond the fate of pastor brunson. turkey is a key nato member and erdogan increasingly close to russia's vladimir putin says turkey will seek new alliances if problems continue. amid the standoff, brunson remains under guard, his passport seized. richard engel, nbc news. it is already back to school time for many sdents across america and as the new year begins in the shadow of the park land massacre, children in florida are returning to classrooms with a controversial new layer of armed security added. nbc's kerry sanders has that story. >> reporter: it looked ical first day of school but fed up with school shootings in florida, today a new layer of defense. >> fire! [ gunshots ]. >> my rescue fits what they are looking for. >> reporter: phil retired after 26 years a police officer, now trained and enualified to patrol an elemry school in
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rural polk county, florida with just mission. stop a school shooter. >> when you joined this, you have decided that if youee a youngster on campus with a gunpointing it at somebody, and you hear that sound, you're going to sht kill. >> i'm running to it and i'm going to mi tg to minimize the threat and neutralize it. >> reporter: the uardians will supplement armed school resource officers and state qualified to open fire in a crisis. each cadet here aware of what i at stake after meeting andrew pollick. his 18-year-old daughter meadow among the 17 killed at margry stoneman douglas high school. guardian in training was i dobso deployed to iraq and afghanistan and is now two. her o >> what do we say about our society that we need your skills on a school campus? >> it's ry sad that it has to escalate to this but i
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feelike it's very necessary. >> meadow would have been alive if this program was in place in broward. >> i'mo angry at th people who don't want us to protect the children. now they can tell you anything they want, but what they are saying is the same, more the same, let's play politics. >> reporter: a new war in america and the battle field, schools. kerry sanders, nbc news, polk county, florida. we've got a lot utmore to tell you a tonight including another plane crash horror. why police say a pilot aimed a small aircraft right at his ownhome. daring rescue mission caught on body cam. the race to save dozens of animals as flames close in. stay with us. close in. stay with us. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish. but those days are over. now, i take metamucil every day. it naturally traps and removes the waste that weighs me down. so i feel... lighter. try metamucil and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
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we're back now with another deadly incident involving an airport. authorities said what appeared to be a terrible accidenwas tually a deliberate act, a man crashing a plane into his home e whs wife and a young child were inside. they survived, he did
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not. we get the latest from our national correspondent miguel almaguer. >> reporter: chaos after the impact. >> the whole house. >> reporter: a home engulfed in flames te a small plane barrelled into vestigators realized this was no accident, the pilot duane youd was arrested for domestic assault hours before t crash and released and then flew the plane into his home while his wife and the young child were inside. >> we have one mal deceased but it could have bee much worse. >> reporter: the early morning crash outside salt lake city captured o surveillance video. >> we're on scene. the house is fully engulfed. >> reporter: he flew under powes before clipping a garage and flying into his own home. >> the house just ou shook really ld. >> reporter: tonight a d roubling case of allemestic assault and a miracle two victims were able to walk away from this fiery crguh. el almaguer, nbc news.
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a baltimore police officer has resigned after he was caught on camera beating a man over the weekend. it all started whe the man refused to show i.d. and appeared to push the officer's hand away from him. that's when thof ficer unleashed his fists. the man's attorney says he suffered injuries including a broken jaw. was treated and released without charges. tonight, friends and fans are awaiting word on the health of l the queen of sid reports that aretha franklin is seriously ill in detroit. our nbc station is reporting franklin is surrounded by close friends and family. no details on her franklin has been ailing in recent years, forced to cancel a string of shows. dramatic body cam video showpolice on a daring mission to rescue tse who can't
7:23 pm
save themselves from california's officers helped evacuate dozens of dogs and cats from an spca shelter north of san franciscwith smoke and flames on the horizon. we're happy to report all 60 animals are now safe in foster homes to ght. we'll take another break and when we come back from bullets to bracelets, the jewelry maker on a mission to inspire america. nthat's coming upext. ugh, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract and is clinically proven to help many patients achieve both symptom relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious.
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and is 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. ahoy! (laughing) bounty, the quicker picker upper. finally, we want to tell you about a unique way of getting illegal guns off our streets. tonight,et a jewelry maker making sure these weapons can't harm anyone again by turning them into sbols of beauty, hope and peace. her story is inspiring america.
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breaking news in san francisco, a heavy police presence. >> it happens. >> triple shooting in southwest miami-dade. >> every single day. >> another injured after a shooting ouide a home. >> on average, 96 lives lost across the country and it's turned jessica into an unlikely arms dealer turning ille firearms into fine jewelry like bracelets and cuff links. are you offended if someone calls you a gun dealer? >> i actually do buy guns, i don't resell them. a gun dealer and then maybe a hope dealer. >> his is bourbon -- suburban ed mother creat the caliber collection, suburban mother created the caliber collection, jewelry made fm guns and shell casings from crime scenes. she works with police departments in high-crime areas like newark, san francisco and miami. >> we've taken in sniper rifles, ozzies, grenade launchers.
7:28 pm
>> already, the program has taken in 3,00guns. they are useless transformed into wearable statements of safety. each piece bears the serial number and city where it was taken off the streets. at a bracelet and cuff link to know that's a weapon and maybe a weapon to kill somebody. >> when i look at it, i think to myself these are beautiful and we hturned destruction and hate and intimidati into beauty. >> and a recent buy back in detroi residents like rodney howard stood in line to trade guns for gift cards. he was shot during a ery a decade ago. >> i'm not in that type of lifestyle anymore and i don't t have a use for i anymore. >> turning guns and bullets that caused so much destruction and pain into symbols of hope. what dyou want people to know who wear this jewelry? >> they are part of process of peace and they are wearing the most powerful jewelry made. >> a creative approach
7:29 pm
emto a serious pro we appreciate you spending part of the evening with us. that is "nightly news" for this monday nighi' m lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. al blam
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lights, camera, "access." >> have you known that he is a liar, asou say? >> absolutely. >> why did you work for him? >> slow down. >> omarosa is back and making the tv rounds and she does notn disa >> greats


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