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tv   Today  NBC  August 14, 2018 7:00am-8:50am EDT

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breaking overnight, terror scare in london. a car plows into a group of people you outside parliament et and a nearby subway station locked down. one man in custody. several people badly hur a terror investigation under way. we are live at the s. soak. yet another round of severe storms tay creating new flood ge emies across the northeast less than 24 hours after heavy dondpours led to evacuations dangerous rescues. ng this is the kind of thi we've been seeing all day. >> this morning al is ng the new storms on the way. reality check. president trump unlehes on
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omarosa after she accuses him of using a racial slur. the president saying he would never use that word, and there are no tapes. but omarosa telling us she's heard them. >> you actually heard the tape. >> what's next in the battle between the president and his former aide. howe're live at the white use. those stories plus gravely ill. rall wishes pouring in for arethanklin as the queen of soul's health takes a turn for the worse. u googleer fire. growing backlash afterch reports the te giant is tracking your vements even when you tell them not to. this morning the steps to take to limit what they see. and grin and bear it. a manads into a river to snap selfies with a group of brown bears. he got the photos ut he could also get a trip to jail today,da tuesy, all 14th, 2018.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today." thank you for joining u on this tuesday morning. we have a lot going on this wmorning. >> do. let's get right to breaking news in london this morning, a driver ramming his car into pedestrians and cyclts. it happened right outside london's parliament. >> officials treating it as a terrorist incident calling it a deliberate act. s chiefot nb correspondent bill neely at the scene. hey, bill, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, hoda, savannah. the heart of democracy, it is in lock down after what police are calling a terror incident. a man in his 20s driving his car deliberate ai at commuters. we just have cc tv of tt exact moment. it's an incident very similar to a deadly attack not far away last year.
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outside britain's parliament this icrning, armed offers surrounded a car. a man has just delivered it at speed into commuters. he hauled out and arrested and led away in handcuffs. nearby an injured cyclist on the ground, another recovering beside him. eyewitnesses say the man in his late 20s was driving the car deliberately fast. >> maybe 40 to 50 miles per hour, maybe more. and hs drive outside of house of parliament. in my opinion,t was deliberate. there was no other -- didn't squer swerve into it, it was a dt.ect >> it happened at the heart of britain's political life, next to parliament. >> given it was a deliberate act, the methohi and being an iconic site, we're treating
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it as a terrorist incident. o another ionnidis said the car swerved close tthe ratings, a deliberate thact. in minutes dozens of armed police officers were at the scene. their concern thear might be loaded with a bomb. >> i saw the police came and went to the car. everybody move back, move back. >> reporter: two people treated for injuries at the scene. dozens more were involved, many diving to the ground. the incident happenom just yards ast year's deadly attack here. four people were killed when a man drove a car at high speed onto the sidewalk. khalid jumped out, ran into parliament grounds w he stabbed and killed a police officer. he was then shot and killed. parliament is surrounded by steel and barriers after that attack. this morning one of the cyclists, the man targeted, was seen getting up and chasing the car. theolice are n convinced this was aerror attack.
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>> bill, what's the thinking this morning? this person acted alone or others could have been involved? >> no one else w in the car, no weapons were recovered from the car. police believe he was theon onl at the scene. but they are treating him as a terror suspect and that could mean coaclices. it could mean someone who knew what he was about to do.s there i a news currency still ing on at the moment.nm the govert emergency committee will be eeting shortly to discuss this. obviously everyone here taking this very seriouslyed in savannah. >> bill neely, thank you very much. also this morning a new round of powerful storms has once again harmered parts of the northeast. days of heavy downpours leading major flooding, emergency evacuations and very risky rescues. al is tracking it a are for us. his forecast is straight ahead. first nbc's kristen dahlgren is in little falls, new jersey, with the latest fm there. hey, kristen, good morning. >> good morning. you can see the roads are back
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open here. look at the mess that is left behind. some pple lost everything. this full of soggy old picture albums they are throwing out. this may be over millions bracing for what could be another day of dangerous weather. mother nature unleashing her fury. >> it was a long stretch of time that a really heavy rain pounded the area. >> relentless rain and dangerous flash flooding soaking the northeast. >> monsoon. it didn't stop. >> rushing waters threatening drers in sever states. people and pets pulled to safety as cities and towns grapple with .utal conditio in pennsylvania's lehigh valley, a scary situation. accordin to reports more than 100 rafters on a field trip, including many children, went missing. rescue crews moved in quickly pulling dozens at the rafters tf safetyor the fast moving water. authorities say all of them have now been accounted for.
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in phoenixville, cws rescued a boy clinging to a tree in a raging creek. >> this the kind of thing we've been seeing all >> in pittsburgh a man is in critical condition after he was struck by lightning while playing soccer. >> h we jue they will recover fully. >> officials declaring a state of emergency. severe flooding forced more than 100eople to evacuate their homes. in littl t falls,he state's governor, phil murphy, getting a firsthand look at the heavy storm damage. >> i promise you, we're going to work together and try to find every available resource we can. >> a region waking up wh heartbreaking loss. >> my house is under water. we have nothin we lost everything. >> while bracing for even more. >> now the skies here are clear for now, but more rain could be headed in. in jarts of nsey and pennsylvania, there are still roads that are flooded, still closed ts morning. guys, we are already getting reports in this morning of drivers being stranded. >> all right.
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kristen, thank you so much. >> let's see what al has to say about this wet weather. hi, al, good morning. g.>> good morn wish we had better news. unfortunately we don't. here is what's been going on. northeast, four straight daysf avy flooding, plains three straight days, localized normally we'd have the jet stream move jets across the country. however, it's stuck up to the these storms are literally cut off from the jet stream. heat's whyare called cutoff lows. hurricane watches, i should say d watches and warnings as these systems spin a this system. it's a slow mover, slowly trying to get out of the northeast and new englan another day of heavy rainfall. the storm will finally exit here in the newtheast in n england later on tonight. but it's not going to take a lot of rain to caush more f flooding. heavy thunderstorms will cause these downpours. not much rain needed for these. you can see we've got a risk on rain flooding. locally heavy rain upwards of p
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1" per hour especially central new york and central pennsylvania. these are the areas we're really going to be guwatching, . >> al, thanks so up make. also this morning the heated back and forth between president trump and his former white house aide omarosa is getting nastiere two trading new allegations and insults on the heels o her headlining making interview right here on "today." nbc white house correspondentkr ten welker has the latest on this story. good orrning. >> rr: hey, hoda, good morning to you. the latest spectacle between the president and his apprentice has dall thema of contentious reality tv feud. it's a feud rsing serious questions about security, the president's management style and his views on race. this morning mr. trump is defiant and defending himself. ernight president trump ignoring tough questions. >> mr. president, have you ever used the n word. >> taking to the twitter to disput omarosa manigault-newman
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explosive allegation that she heard a tape of him from the firs season of the "apprentice" using the n word. the show'sd creator cal to say there are no tapes of the "apprentice" where i useuch a terrible and disdisgusting word as attributed by wacky andra ed omarosa. i don't have that word in my vocabulary. she made it up. in a new interview, manigault-newman providing new details about the tape. >> when you listened to the part you heard, how many times did you hear mr. trump, your former boss, how many times did you hear him use the n word. >> multiple times. what's upsetting,s it bout someone on the set with me. >> jackson, ass businen, on the first season of the "apprentice" dlipd to comment taking a hard passn all things omarosa. the former reality star going into more details about what was allegedly said with that savannah. >> you actually heard the tape. >> absolutely.
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>> how long is the tape. >> there are multiple tapes. >> you have sincehe book closed. >> since i hrd it self. >> how long is the tape. >> about three minutes. >> oddey or vide camer outtakes. >> it's audio. >> manigault-newman dangling possibilityf more secretly recordedtapes. >> i have plenty. >> leaving the door open to the sp >> anything mueller would like to see, robert mueller. >> if his office calls again, anything they want, i'll share. >> reporter: it's the latest in manigault-newman's scorched earth book tour prompting mr. trump to lash out on twitter earlier in the day as well calling omarosa a low life,nd wacky not smart. >> tiply with african-americans, he thinks we're all stupid. >> the new tweet after manigault released a phone call with mr. trumpeard first on "today," that she said happened the day she was fired from the white house. >> omarosa, what's going on? justaw on the news you're thinking about leaving. what happened >> general kelly -- general
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kelly came to me and said you wanted me to leave. >> it's manigault's recordingfr chief of staff john kelly from inside h thehly secured white house situation room that'ser sparkingus security pmtsz concerns. >> let's not go down thi road. >> refusing to tell savannah how she did it. >> did you carry a one, recording device. >> i'll leave that to your imagination. >> historically that room is reserved for security national security discussions. no electronics allowed. >> i always thought of tha as the most secure room in america. it is the innerm, sanc a sacred place when it comes to security. kristen, one other tng the president has been tweeting a lot about omarosa. one thing he said was she was t violatin terms of a nondisclosure agreement, basically an agreement not to say bad things about the president. what do you know about that? >> reporter: that's righ savannah. take a look at this tweet. it came out on monday. wrote, "wacky omarosa already
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has a fully signed nondisclosu agreement. omarosa disputed that overnight saying she did sign one in 23 for the "apprentice" and again for the campaign but she insists she never signed onehen she was here at the white house. still, it's significant because white house officials have just refused to confirm reports that aides hre forced to sign nondisclosure agreements which all accounts are likely unenforceable for government employees, by the way. as f the president claim that "apprentice" producer mark burnet called him overpass, burnett productions didn't respond to our request for comment. ah and hoda. >> kristen, thank you. in the meantime, the longi time gent who was removed from the russia investigation overs hi anti-trump text messages has now beend. fi the fbi began reviewing the employment of peter strzok after those politically chargedwe tex discovered last year. strzok insisted his private news neter aff his work. president trump responded to the firing on monday tweeting,
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finally, bas on the fact strzok was in charge of the witch hunt, will it be dropped. strzok says he's deeply sattened by the firing. a website for his legal billsn has taken i hundreds of thousands of dollars. changes in security are made in the airport in seattle where a ground mtsz prms crcrew emplo off the heist. hans joins us with more on this story. good morning, hans. >> reporter: it's still not clear if richard russell had any flight learning. he did tell flight control he played simulators. we do know he was able to get a mplicated aircraft out of the hangar and off the ground without being stopped. when richard russell pulled a horizon aircraft from a cargo facility friday night,t wasn't immediately obvious he was breaking protocol. as a ground agente had a so-called blue badge giving him on of the highes esest security
7:15 am
clearances. >> he was abl to take a taxiway on the north end of the airport, go across that in a short period, get on the runway, head south and out. >> reporter: on friday russell took control of q400 prop. by the time air contr spotted him, it was toolate. >> aircraft on charlie, lining up -- >> seven minutes he responded. >> man, i'm a round service agent. i don't know what that is. >> once airborne, the ol 29-yea ran into trouble. >> shoot. man, i'm sorry about this. hope this doesn't ruin your day. i feel like one of my engines is ing out or something. >> still he managed to pull off several hair-raising stunts. >> just going to do a barrel roll real quick. >> according to hizon airlines friend russell had experience inside the plane. >> he wod be in the cockpit in the pilot's seat when you're towing a a plane. russell and i would do acu ty search and look inside the cockpit.
7:16 am
>> his friend said russell wasb passionate flying and wanted to become ane pilot o day. >> even a few monthsgo the last time i did talk to him, he was interested in it. >> the flight ending in a fiery crash that killed russell but miraculously no one else was hurt. the wreckage hauled off late monday as sea-tac implements new safeguards including enhanced security in cargo areas. >> now, robert reeves said as soon as he heard his friend's voice, he knew it was him, adding he thought he would the last person to do this calling him a thoughtful and happy guy. meanwhile investigators are reviewing closed circuit video of cargo one area and the tarmac trying to piece together those initial moves.ho savannah,. >> all right, hans, thank you. now to a surprise development overnight tied to that raid on the new mexico compound where children were allegey being taugh how to carry out school shootings and being starved. the fiveer suspects who arrested could soon be out of
7:17 am
jail. nbc's gadi schwarz has those details. hidi, what's this all about? >> reporter: savannah, that's right, hard to believe given how serious the allegationsare. not only most likely will the suspects be able to walk out of jail, they are doing so on a signature bond. all they have to do is sign their name. they don't have to post any money. a shocking decision in a new mexico courtroom. >> i'm going to deny the petition for pretrial detention pending trial. >> reporter: a judge deciding five adults accused of abusing 11hildren in this remote compound in northern new mexico will be released fro jail and placed on house arrest. the hearing held to determine whether the defendants were a threat after prosecutors a little the children were starving and may have been trained to cry out deadly school shootings. in court those allegations of abuse were not the state's main focus. according to fbi testimony, the suspects bd god was speaking to them and that a 3-year-old child named dul,
7:18 am
who had a history of seizures needed an exorcism to rid him o. demo children on the compound told authorities abdul died in februaryuring a religious ritual performed by his father.i >> the v abdul would begin to choke and have white foam or slime ce from his mouth and pass out. >> he passed away. >> yes. >> he died. >> his heart stopped. >> a bodyelieved to be abdul's was discovered in the tunnels six months later. they were told abdul would be resurrected asesus and would instruct them with the attack. >> would instruct them oniohich instit to go after. >> one of the boys, a -year-old taught advanced gun training. nine guns scattered on the property. one child armed when they raided the col pound. defense lawyers say the guns were lawfully owned. >> my son is 15. i it was him and his sister how to use guns, nobody is looking
7:19 am
at me. i have the same guns these peop have and nobody looking at me as a terrorist. d they didge determi not pose enough of a public threat. >> the state a little there was a big plan afoot but the state hasn shown to my satisfaction by clear and convincing evidence what, ifact, that plan was. >> wow. so gadi, there were childre who were also recovered from there. what per share to?hose ki >> right now the state of new mexico is asking those kids remain in the care of th state in foster homes. there's going to be a hearing a little bit later in the week for that. as f the conditions of the release, those parents, those suspects are going to be allowed supervised visitation as long as they don't discuss this case.ah sava hoda, back to you guys. >> keep us posted, gadi. thank you. we head back to al. beg day for you because so much
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plenty of sunshine and rain at 40%. today's high expenged to reach 87 degrees. back into the 90s for wednesday, thursday, friday and a like layhood of showers over the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather" guys >> thank you. coming in the well wishes pouring in for the queen of soul as arethah franklin's h takes a turn for the worse. the latest from her gfamily. >>gle could be tracking your ery move. jeff rossen will show us how to take steps to limit what they say but first this
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in pampers cruisers only pampers diapers are the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents. this is a "news 4 today" news break. :26 is you time now on this tuesday, august 14th, 2018. good morni to you. i'm eun yang. developing this morning we should find out whether paul manafort's defense team plans to call any witnesses. if they don't, closing arguments could come as early as today. late yesterday afterno the prosecution rested. manafort is on trial in alexandria on charges of bank fraud afr tax d. right now take a look at this scene here. cleanup is underw in prince gorges county where severe storms caused a lot of damage. one person in college park said it felt like a tornado hit the area last night. at least two homes wereer sevy damaged. no one was hurt. now let's cck on your morning
7:27 am
commute with melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. >> good morning. metro lblue/yellowe restored. silver spring inner loop between university and new hampshire have a crasht the right shoulder blocked. outer litp flowing well an earlier problem at rockville pike. >> melissa, thank you. we'll take c a break now andheck your forecast next. get to the ross shoe event and get the shoes you want...for way less. oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings. for the latest styles and trends... at prices that make them even cuter... ...get to the ross shoe event. yes for less.
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come back friday afternoon and those raines linger into the weekend. chuck, thank you. another local news update for you in 25 minutes. for now back to the "today" show.
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's. 7:30, tuesday morning, august 14th, 2018. this is the scene where car crash is interesting investigated as an act ofrr . craig joins us and has more on this story. >> good morning, ladies. therash begins headlines. the car hit cyclists and ran into security barriers outside parliament. the incident was caughon camera. two people were hurt. police say they are treating the crash as a terrori attack. they have arrested the driver. they have also closed off streets in the the iident happened at the same location as d adly terrorist attack in 2017 where a driver plowed into a group of pedestrians. >> there is out of italy this morning. a bridge has partially collapsed
7:31 am
in the northern port city. officials say 10ars plunged to the ground. rescue efforts under way. no immediate word on deaths or injuries. authorities suspect structural weakss was the causef this collapse. we'll have more information as this becomes available. >> to a bizarre story in utah where police say a man potentially crashed the pickup plane intois own home. the pilot died in the ash, his wife and child escaped. the incident came hours after he was arrested and released on bail for a domestic abuse involving his wi. a man in alaska in hot water, or in this case cold water, foroo getting close to brown bears. check this out, the man was capted on a webcam in the national park. you can see him takg selfies there with the brown bears trying to catch fish in the background, right? it's against the law there to get within 50 yards of a feeding
7:32 am
animal. local officials are lookingin t charges against the man. also not smart -- >> also against common sense. >> that could have gone another way. >> meantime the thoughts of millions of music fans are with the aretha franklin. she's sai to be gravely ill. morgan radford joins us with more. morning. >> we all know her for her signature power and passion. aretha franklin is one of the greatest singers of all time. a source close to the 76-year-old says her health has taken a turn for the worse. those who know her best asking fans f their prayers. this morning the queen of soul, aretha fnklin said to be gravely ill. a source close to the singer confirming she is surrounded by family and friends. >> friends and loved ones are with aretha franklin at her home in the detroit area and are hoping and praying that her tuation improves. ♪ ♪
7:33 am
>> news of franklin's failing health leading to an outpouring of support. fans at the beyonce and jay z concert in franklin's hometown of detroit overpass singing "respect before the show. the carters dedicating to aeith's steve bann wil aerosmith'steven tyler tmz. >> praying for you, aretha. >> fran legendary career spanned over half a century with massive hits like "respect." ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> and "chain of fools." >> the powerhouse artisthe sharg secret to staying on stage with "today" in 2014. >> i think it's the love of the
7:34 am
business, the industry. >> 18 grammys, a presidentia medal of freedom, the first woman in ukt diddducted into ro roll hall of fame. but the last years she's struggled with her health. it's a part of her life she tried to shield from the spotlight. first undergoing an unspecified surgery in 2010. franklin announcing her retirement in 2017 saying she would only return to the stage for certainthings. she recently canceled a number of appearances telling a crowd in detroit, teach y me inr prayers. and her last performance in november, frankn appearing noticeably thinner. in march her management team saying she had been ordered by her doctor to sst. >> this not only a beloved singer, but one of the transformative. artists of the 20th and 21st search ric
7:35 am
dnturies. she is the verinition of an icon. >> this morning t music world fmpl hail a queen that provided the soundtrack for so many lives. >> yes, shehas. how is her family reacting to all this. >> overpass her nhew telling "people" magazine she's alert, laughing, recognizing people and even teasing them. all of our thoughts and prayers with her. >> thinking about a her songs this morning. >> i know. >> mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> whenever you would see aretha in concert or at dinner, she b alwarought her purse on stage. you always
7:36 am
good tuesday morning. 70 degrees right now. it's actually pttyomfortable as you make your way out the door this morning, especially our suburbs. we have mid 60s on the ma 64 degrees gaithersburg. 63 inna as. 87 degrees a mix of sun and clouds later on. a couple a passingernoon showers. about a 40% chance mainly around the d.c. metrorea and points north. those are going to be the best spots to see otherwise,row back in through the 90s and through
7:37 am
friday. rain chances as we head into the weekend. >> and that is your latest ather prf roker, look at you, you're on the plaza. look at this paintin of you. is that insane? >> actually i look better in painting. >> nice look. >> just going to carry that nd. >> yeah get it signed by the artist out there. just ahead guys, big material girl milestone, turning 60. pushing boundaries. >> our fun field trio try out s.e new p partly sunny trend of insta-experience >> what chip and joanna gains are now revealing about their new bundle of joy. >> first rossen reports. >> i'm jeff roen. you don't want google to track your location. you did everything right, shut off location history. all good, righ think again. this morning we're about to show you what they are doing and how to protect your self. next. if you have psoriasis, ... little things can be a big deal.
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7:43 am
everything right. you click it off and you trust them. now this new investigation by associated press that google is stillaking shots of your day, your locations, exact locations, and, yes, even storing it. is it ?true i'm trying it out. will they track me. in a moment i'm going to show you how to really limit what theysay. on the new ap investiga raising new questions about your privac on google. from youro searches t google maps and manther google apps. they could be tracking you on androids and iphones even when you tell them to stop. on its website google says you can turn off location history at me. with location history off, the places you go are no longer stored. that doesn't appear to be true. they are still tracking you. come on in i'm logged into my google accounts on this android device and you can see the location histy is off.
7:44 am
the bar in the off positi, location history is paused. i'm now going to go around new york city, a over the city, and remembering that the location history is off, at the d we're going to see what google knows about where i was. so i hop in a taxi headed to a different part of the city >> going to google mamaps. ke sure i'm going the best way. >> i end up in times squared in the mooof coffee. >> i'm on a diet so i'm going to google this. how many calories in a grande iced nightfall i head back to headquarters at rockefeller center. final google search at my tracking y is google me. okay. now i'm going into my activity on google. by the way, there's a way for you to do this at home, too, to seegl what g knows about you, to see if they know where you've been today a every other day. we'll show you how to do that in
7:45 am
just a second. i'm in my account now. first let's ee thecab, remember when i got in the cab, upper east side of new york city. on the map. there it is. that is exactly where i was when i opened up that google map. it tk a snapshot, dropped a er pip right t pin right thoe. i want tremind you, my location history was turnedtiff at theme. then you remember i went to the starbucks to get a up can of coffee. i did a googl search sayin how many calories in this. yes, there it is. there it is on the map. i knew within feet of where was in times square. then i came here back to work in rockefeller center. there it is on the map. a pin dropped right here at my officeel >> googleng nbc news we make sure location history users know thathe when disable the product, we continue to use location to improve thee goo experience. but technology experts ai it's misleading. >> thi is a b business because the more companies like
7:46 am
google know about us, the more specific ads they can deliver, the more relevant they are. the more likely we are to click. when we do, they make lots and lots of money. >> now that you're sufficiently -- let's show you how totect your privacy. you can do this on your desktop or phone. so everybody grab your phones. do you have your phones and following along. they have them up. here is how to find out what google knows about you and where you've been. i have mine up on the wall here. come into chrome here. go to website, mactivity you get this stream. here is today. it gives youtrll the fic. see that logo, that means a little map that's going to show you a map of were you m that search. when you click on that you're going to see all of it. now we wanto show you how to protect your self and
7:47 am
google's ability to track. it's hden deep. we've shown you location, off, not enough to do. back to the weite. to my account -- >> where? >> it's a web. >> i see it now. myaccoun' t the bottom of the screen. you get this screen right here. i want you to scroll duown to personal info and privacy. come over here to manage your google activity. click on that th scroll down here at go to activity controls. >> activity controls. c pretty deep. then if youe here, location history paused. the little bar is off, right, st like i had in the piece. but that's not enough. that's not enough, guys. mine is off, too. you have to come up here to web app and activity. you see that is on. >> yes. >> you want to shut that off. g you'reoing to get this big screen where it asks you, are you sure you want to do this? >> i'm sure. >> hit pause at the bottom. >> pausing.
7:48 am
>> it's paused. now you're all set and you've le's ability to track you. but it's hard to do. if you missed any of that, we have step by step instructions e if people repative as fast as you or me on the website on >> if they really want people to protect their privacy settings, make them jump through hoops. >> they make a l of money on this, the advertisers are playing when you click. >> does it change? >> itidn't change but can shut off some of your services. you have to play with it. you w to weigh your convenience versushat they know about you. >> panama i don cl i.t. anymore, i just call rossen. n >> coming up "pop start," chip ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:49 am
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7:59 am
tuesday morning. comfortable start to the day. by lunchtime, 82 mix of sun and clouds. ehis afternoon high around 87. we'll have a chaor a couple passing showers. not the storms like we saw yesterday. about a 40% chance of that. sunny, hot, 91. thursday we're still in the 90s. even friday then we have an evening chance friday and into weekend. sheena, thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking news, terror scare. overpass a car crashes into a group of people outside parliame in london. >> thank god i wasn't actually here. it was that close for me. >> one suspect in custody. investigators now calling it an act of terror. we are live at the scene. plus talef the tape. >> how many times did you hear him use the n word. >> multiple times. what's upsetting is i with me, jackson. >> president trump firing back saying the tape doesn't exist, something the former white house aide strongly denies. >> how long is this tape.
8:01 am
>> there'sultiple tape let's establish that. >> this morning t latest from the white house. sweet selfie success. >> one, two, three, go. >> we go inside the green machine for o-of-a-kind instagram experience. how this is givinit visors a break from reality today tuesday, august 14th, 2018. i've been watching the "today" show for 30ar >> two biggest fans, tuning in from new jersey. >> i'm maggie. >> i'm sh. >> we're the . hess >> celebrating papa's 46th. >> mother daughter trip from -- >> michigan, upper peninsula. >> came from minneapis to the plaza. >> i'm here from milwaukee, wisconsin.
8:02 am
>> look at our summertime crowd. welcome back to "to y" on tuesday morning. we're so happy you wok up with us today. we've got some beautiful signs out there. >> you know what. >> so much more. >> if you can't get down here, you can always be a part of our little show here. tweet us, instagram us, hashtag my "today" plaza, go to facebook page. >> i was going to say, submsions are getting good, keep them coming. >> they are. ewright to our at 8:00. there was terror and chaos outside br ain's parliamen when a car struck several people and then slammed into security barriers. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely in londonthe latest. hey, bill, good morning. >> good morning from westminster, the heart .parliament. the car swerving out of its lane accelerating toward the houses of parliament hting cyclists
8:03 am
and pedestrians, knocking them over. then the man, who was in his late 20s, approached by armed officers. he's hauled oufit of th of the handcuffed and arrested. police saying he's not eooperating with them. eyewitnesses tolde's driving at a speed between 30 and 40 miles an hour. in their minds there was no doubt ts was a deliberate attack. echos an attack last year in which a man knocked down four people, killed them, and then stabbed ad kil a police officer. police are now probing this man's background trying to establish a motive, to see if he had any accomplices. he was on his own in the car and they didn't recover any weapons. obviously they wanted to know did anyone know he was about to do this. ry shortly the emergency security committee will be meeting the authorities here treating a this attack westminster very seriously
8:04 am
indeed. hoda. >> all right,bill, in london. bill, thank you. back here formerhite house aide omarosa manigault-newman is doubling down on her claim she heard a recording of donald trump repeatedl using a racial slur. well, the president has been activen twitter overnight and just out with a fresh denial and some harsh words for omarosa. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker with thelatest. hi, kristen, good morning. >> that's righ e feud between the president and his former reached a fevered pitch with the president lashing out, taking i to a new level comparing rps omarosa manault-newman to an animal. when you give a crazed crying low life a break and give her a job at the white house, i guess it just didn't work out. good work to general kelly for firing that dog. overnight president trump ignoring tough >> mr. president, have you ever
8:05 am
used the n word. >> taking to twitter to dispute omarosa manigault-newman's explosive allegation that she heard a tape of him from the first seaso of the "apprentice" using the n word. t a late night tweet the president writing, show's creator mark burnett just called to say there are no tapes of the "apprentice" where i use such a terrible and disgusting word as attributed by wacky and deranged omarosa. i don't have that word in my vocabulary and never she made it up. in a newinterview, manigault-newman providing new details about the "apprentice" tape. >> whe you listened to theart you heard, how many times did you hear mr. trump, your former boss, how many times did you hear him use the n word? >> multiple times. what's upsetting it was about someone on the cast with , about kwame jackson. >> jackson is a businessman who appeared on the first season of e "apprentice." he declined to comment on the allegations taking a, quote, hard pass t on allngs omarosa. the former reality star going into more a detailsut what was
8:06 am
allegedly said with savannah. >> you actually heard the tape. >> absolutely. >> how long is this tape? >> there are multiple tapes. let's establish that. >> you say you have since closed -- >> i heard it myself. >> how long is that >>tape? t's about three minutes. >> is it audio or video. >> audio. >> it's supposed to be camera outtakes. audio. >> manigault-newman dangling the possibility of more secretly recorded tapes. >> oh, i have plenty. leaving theoor open to the special counsel. >> anything muellerould like to see, robert mueller. >> if his office calls again, anything they want i'll sure. >> the latest in scorched eokth tour prompting him to lash out later as well calosng om a low life, not smart. >> typicallyith african-americans he thinks we're all stupid. >> manigault released a recording of a phone call with mr. trump heard first on "today" that s t says happene day she was fired from the white
8:07 am
house. >> omarosa what's going on? in ust sawe news you're thinking about leaving. what happened? >> general kelly -- general kelly came to he make and said that you guys wanted make he to leave. >> now on monday president trump accused omarosa of violating a nondisclosure agreement tweeting wacky omarosa already has a fully signed nondisclosure agreement. in an interview on pbs news omarosa disputeg that sayhe did sign one in 2003 for the pre "apprentice" and again for the campaign but never signed one for the white hoe. as the president panama city m's's claim the president called mark burnett production overnight, they didn't respond. flash floodatches across the northeast with another day of heavy downpours ahead. a state ofmergency was declared in brick township new jersey. that's where flooding forced more than 100 people to evacuate their homes.s drivn several states found themselves suddenly surrounded
8:08 am
by rushing water. many had to be pulled to safety. in eastern pennsylvania dozens of people on a rafting trip, including many children, rescued after their rafts overturned in the rushing current. >> we covered the news. how about a morning ost. here we go. a south carolina teen cannot believe all the attention she's getting after singing her way throug a mcdonald's drive-through. she said it's something she wanted to do since she was aan d memorized a drive-through song she heard on line. ♪ well i want number six supersized per share french fries mustar catch up only please but don't you forget the cheese ♪ >> if mcdonald's doesn't hire her for an ad tomorrow, they are crazy. >> people started stopping her on the street saying, hey, t aren't y mcdonald's girl? she just started music andsi ing in high school of the
8:09 am
arts. i wish carson was herebuvery day especially today. >> "the voice" chairs would turn. i think she should have a ad campaign. >> someone is working on that. south carona, by the way, naturally. >> is that your home state? >> it is. >> just ahead, the material girl herself, a major milestone for madonna. aw the ageless pop star feels about turning big 6-0. >> then -- >> one, two, three, go. >> wee does this so good. >> like chuck e. cheese. o we're diving ie latest phenomenon on social media where phenomenon on social media where (ford chime) phenomenon on social media where it's the ford summer sales event and now is the best time to buy. you ready for this, junior? yeah, i think i can handle it. no pressure... ...that's just my favorite boat. boom. (laughs) make summer go right with ford, america's best-selling brand. and get our best deal of the summer: zero percent financing for sixty months on f-150.
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8:12 am
so it's really something that's a win-win for the patient and the dentist. >> wow, this is a czy day today. >> have you guys noticed those madeor instagram exhibit popping up in major cities? they are temporary but builto take great social selfies. >> one most popular called thea dreamne in brooklyn, so jenna took us on a field trip. >> i sure did. my hair is messed up. some call them factories, we wanted to try it for ourselves. it's a modern day dilemma, if it didn't happen on instag m, did it happen at all. would you pay $34 for ul unrated felfie fun.
8:13 am
soar h60,000 peopleave in april at the dream machine in new york. d opening weekend we were s out. there were lines down the block. >> 27-year-old pe created the dream machine. nine different dream theme rooms fo visitors to sleep walk through and, of course, post oa so media. >> when you first thought of his, how important is social media? >> it kind of makes the world go-round nowadays. i think really thinking about the moments that peopl could capture and the stories the could telln all the divot platforms, it was really important to make sure the space felt really vibey as a wle but also took a beautiful photo. >> for those that are skeptical and say this is just an instagram trap, what do you say? >> i say that's the world that we're living . i think people just want to escape reality for a bit and have fu it's just 45 minutes of fun. >> finally it was time for all
8:14 am
of us to discover if this was an instagram trick or treat. do you want to get your dream on. >> i needed an instagram experience. >> you needed aot new sh. i've got you guys covered. let'sgo. let's dream. >> the dream sequence begins >> al and i have entered ourea drm world. >> seriously. >>e i think wve different dreams. >> look, i can actually touch a cloud. >> you can even put your head in the clouds. >> my head is alwaysn the cloud. >> is that sanitary. >> because you're tall. >> next we were blown into the bubble room. >>is this not therapeutic. >> it's fog. we mixed an ice f machine and bubble machine. >> popping my bubbl t also. s is so cool. >> let's stay here in the >> some rooms represent how we dream. >> so most people dream oy in black and white, it's when they
8:15 am
were born before the '50s, because they grew up withlack d white television that's how they dream. >> some are a mix of experiences, dryer room with edible dryer lint. >> a little weird and a little delicious. >> savannah, i made myown. >> yours is just about as good as mine. >> y'all are>> good. this looks like our hairdo on a lot of days. >> while i personally never dreamed of a ball pit -- >> one, two, three, go >> -- i may now. we wisd we didn't have to. waking up from this parcular dream was a little jarring. >> i can't even move. >> but soon we were immersed again in neon lights, jungle vines. >> this the part of your dream where you're setting m
8:16 am
goning to you, i'm eun yang. right now melissa molleteps g an eye on your commute. how's it going, meliss >> good morning. a little slow with a crash on i-295. the left lane is the only thing getting by. inner loo and outer loop, inner loop coming across the woodrow wilson bridge. our loop across georgia avenue. 270 at montrose looking pretty good. >> melissa, thank yo your area will see more rain today.he we'll on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:17 am
8:18 am
good rning, everybody. bright sunshine over washington. a fine looking day to be outside. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s.te oon high. it will be a warm one. 87 today with a ha40%e of showers and thunderstorms today. tomorrow the rain chances go away and the temperatures get back into the 90s.
8:19 am
8:20 am
no30 tuesday morning, the 14th of august, 2018. nice pretty day out on the plaza. that's a good looking trophy right there. >> na jtable.en >> but i didn't. a, >> je this is why we can't have nice things on the plaza. it's one of the most coveted in golf, the ryder cup. we have jim furyk here. >> two years ago dominated european team winning for the first time since 2008. right? >> sure did. sure did. >> that was on home turf. this time heading to paris. europeans looking for revenge. jim furyk, team captain, good to see u. >> couple days ago at the
8:21 am
european championship eight qualifiers,ight guys on the om onteam. we make four morept can's picks. this is the grandest event in golf and rht now t u.s. owns the trophy. great to have it here. >> any insight into who you might be cking?e >> everyants to know that. everyone wants to know about tiger. >> anything you want to tell us? t>> i'm happysee him playing so well, that's what i want to tell you. >> when are you going to take the tiger's announcement. ca>> the ain's picks are maids, three made september 4th and one september 5th. >> that's a leading question. but you did a g job with that. you've got a lot of talent actually to choose from. what are you looking for in particular. >> both sides are really strong. if you look at e top 20 in the world rankings, eight or nine americans, europeans, a clash of
8:22 am
two titans and teams. we're trying to fill in. we wantng good pai with the eight we have, guys with a great season, maybe some hot players in the playoffs. looking for guys we think will be succeful on the golf course. >> how bowed caddies? >> absolute. >> we neeart drivers, an easier job. >> i'm there. >> thank you, jim. >> good luck. thanks for being here. you can watch the world's bestl goers battle it out starting thptember 28 on the golf channel and nbc. >> we've got a crowd moment. where is roxanne? where is ♪xanne? roxanne ♪ >> okay. roxanne, it's your dream to come tohe "today" show. tell me what you did? >> set it all daup. >> one- trip from indiana. you've been waiting 40 years. would you like a big old selfie with everybody. o come in, it's roxanne's 60th. y we've gr camera. we'll take it right here.
8:23 am
ready? one, two, three. >> cheese. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, roxanne. >> you are a good husband. ♪ head band of the day >> this one for you, hoda, when is the last te you cleaned your air vents? how about your credit card, have you ever cleaned those fwaebs? the di ay truthut all those hidden germs in your home and how often you need to ive them a good scrub. >> once your housecl is n, time to head into the kitchen to whup whip up the perfect omelet. we'll teach you exactly how to make one. savannah and hoda. >> you've mademelettes before. >> i've made an omomelet. >> scr. bled eggs >> doesn't count. >> al, the weather? >> this young man who did this
8:24 am
good morning. ally nice totart off your tuesday. 73 degrees. our suburbs are in the60s for the most part. about the mid to upper 60s. ntw risingthe low 70s for leesburg and frederick. mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. out a 40% chance of afternoon passing showers. most of that should be north of d.c. but around the d.c. metro area. don't be surprised if you see ose. in the 90s and dry until friday evening and as we head into the weekend the rain chances go up. >> hey, don't forget. head out the door and take this
8:25 am
with you. go to "today" sirius xm channel 108. savannah. >> all right, al. thank you. today on trns g's update american freelanceournalist disappeared three years ago covering the war in ssyria. arents have fought to bring him home every day since. in a moment we'll talk to them exclusive but first austin's wory. he g up in texas, the oldest of seven, rose to the level of eagle sco and went on to georgetown university. in 2005 joined the marines serving as ptoon commander in iraq. back h in the statwent to you look school. after two years he felt the war in syria was a story he needed to tell. in may 2012 he made his way to the war ravaged country as a reporter and photographer. then in august of thayear, just days after his 31st birthday, as he was preparing to leave, austin was ctabdu. since then he's only been seen
8:26 am
in the custody of armed men in fis shakytage that was released just a month after he disappeared. >> oh, jesus. oh, jesus. >> in april of this year the fbl offered aon dollar reward for information leading to rece resc rescue. to this day there have been no claims of responsibility for re austin's cap or any demands made for his release. austin's parents debra and mark tice are with us. thank you for being here. >> thank yo f thank yo having us. >> such a hard anniversary, six years to e day hedisappeared, was abducted. i was thinking about what you said so often, mrs. tice, how you felt like he would be home the after tomorrow. >> right. >> how does an anniversary like this feel? >>t just seems hard to believe he. first it seems like in many ways theime has gone so quickly, but we know that for austin it must be grindingon. nd we always want to be
8:27 am
really careful here, it's trick tricky. we don't want to say or do anything that would jeopardize austin's safety. just souneople rstand, you do have reason to believe he's still alive. >> yes. >> as you said to the producer, it's not just a mother's hope. >> right. right. anyone that wants t call and ask about austin for usg, the same answer, definitively believe he's alive. >> in fact we were told that by state department personnel. so what now? you have done an incredible job of staying on this. you even moved to syria for a time, going door to door, ai understandit, really trying to get any word of austin. what's your ntstep? what keeps you hopeful? >> well, we know he's aliv'r sure he wants to come home. so there's no reason and there's
8:28 am
never been any time we didn't have the same level of hope and confidence that h will. so what's next is what you're helping us do today, and that is continue helping to keep people e of austin. we ask for pelple top us with that awareness because we understand fro talking to other former hostages that knowing people he,aying attenti to their situation meant a lot to them coming back. we believe it means a lot to austin now. we think he can fhel concern and commitment people have to bring him home. >> he definitely feels your prayers. how is the government doing? as iunderstand, you were able to meet with president trump, who was aware of austin's situation. >> for us, thisio administr is really gung-ho, so to speak. they have such a commitment.
8:29 am
we've seen them bring so manyom people already. we know that our president is americans itted that will not be held against their will. >> are you able to speak to -- the fbi put out million dollar reward. that's new since we last saw you. >> that's right. >> that's a big deal. >> it is a big hing that helps generateio info infoation, again, awareness is something we welcome. we're very happy about that. >> every time you're here, i'm ju struck by a mother and father's devotion and love. you have turned your lives over to this. i know it can't be easy. thank u for beinghere. >> thank you, savannah. thank you. >> thank you for having us, really appreciate it. >> absolutely. on ae back with much more tuesday morning. but first this is "today" on nbc. (announcer) there's a freedom about asheville.
8:30 am
an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. here, the world is a big, beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. come up for air. asheville. discovery, inside and out.
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8:32 am
welcome back, everybody. not everybody enjoys cleaning but it is something we have to do. when is te last t you washed your washing machine or gave your keys a scrub. guide to tackling grime we don't always see. meghan murphy isheeditor, good morning. >> good morning. >> enough things i have ton, clow we have to start with these things. let's start with toaster. >> the toaster, if it's filled with toast, your toast is going to taste crummy. it's also a fire hazard. once a week, especially if you make a lot of toast, take a dry toothbrush, take out the crumb tray.'t people d know they have them. >> underneath. >> take i out,ash it with soap and water, take the machine, dump it always unplug.
8:33 am
a damp micro fiber cloth with vinegar. >> in and out. >> on the outside, shine it up. >> drawers, there's a bunch of stuff. >> it's one of those places you t think to clean. every three to four months take everything out and wipe it down with a disinfectant. that's your chance to put it back in more organized. >> you're in the kitchen, a sponge on the side of the sink. it's one of the germiest things. once it starts to smell, don't throw it out. p threele toons of bleach, soap and water and let itsoak. five minute soak kills 99.9% of bacteria. >> i've thrown it in the dishwasher. >> you can throw itn the dishwasher. this is more effective. we like the brillo sponge because it's polyester that dries out qckly buttill absorbent. not a germ factor. > we teased this earlier, the vents.
8:34 am
>> if your air conditioner working overtime sucking up hair and cobwebs. clean these once a month. >> how do you d it? >> take as butter knife and crofiber cloth and clean slats. clea your air and maybe save on your bill. >> come to the bathroom. time to brush your teeth, toothbrushes sitting there for months. >> mouthful of microokayisms. clean it a twice week in mouth wash. store it up right. never medicine cabinet. nothing can dry out there. >> the worst placeut to your toothbrush. >> this won't shock me. i get in the shower and figure the shower is soepd up every day, you say you've got to m's clean it. >> it doesn't dry. make friends with squeegee.
8:35 am
i like the sucti one. ripe down walls, tiles. you're neveroing to gethat soap scum and mildew buildup. the showe doesn't d out itself. >> good. this one i think is the one that shocked everybody. the place where you wash your clothes, y have to wash it. >> nobody cleans washing machine. >> why would >> how does it clean your clothes m's if it's dirty. leave it open. >> leave it open. >> we love these, fresh wipes. the gasket where socks go to die and mildew thrives. we're going to wipe out the >> does every washing machine have that. >> every waswing machine. out the door. once a month, a fresh tablet, do a load and it cleans for yo >> withoutanything. >> fresh. earn the "good housekeeping" seal, l workse a drum. >> m's a lot of these toys, they get rank. >> especially if she's been sick you want to clean it right away.
8:36 am
otherwise once a month, this bag, invented by a mom, stuff it in there, throw it in the wash. >> go to th y. she sa have to clean your credit cards. apparently they are germy. >> one in tenec had matter on them. i know, i clean with disinfectant. >> keys, too. >> keys, too. u can soak them in a little bit of vinegar and use a little and salt to clean them up. >> thanks, meghan. >> we have more cleaning tips for every room in your house. savannah, clean you credit cards. up next, breakfast is served. we're shang secre for a perfect omelet every time. yes, it's timeo eat, but first this is "today" on nbc. yes, t
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
this is going to get interesting. the secrets to makin a perfect omelet. we have an expert, the author of fr freddy's. this isn omele making competition. are you ready? >> i've got my whisker. >> mark, we're t going start by whisking the eggs. i can whisk. >> do a figure eight. >> why is that -- >> it actuallyerates it, not just brute strength. >> here is nisan plat. that's stuff. eggs, milk, parmesan cheese, asparas, butter. >> clarified butter, can i buy that. >> it's called ghee.
8:40 am
clarified is basically drawn butter without thegg solid. if you don't want to eatm, you could also do other herbs, swiss cheese, pepps, mushroom, onions and tomatoes. >> all about the ingredients. >> it is. >> how do you know when the pan is hot enough. >> let's watch. ready? >> olive oil. >> i'm going to use clarified yotter. can use olive oil. >> how much oil? >> just enough to coat the pan. that's more than enough. >> all right." you want to hitme. >> ready. >> there you go. >> dump the eggs in, guthrie.e >> mov the eggsaround. >> i do. the object is to try and mak it nice and yellow. chef, it's too hot, take it off the stove. >> aren't you trying to make an omelet. >> moving it around. >> that looks like scrambled eggs. >> trust me. >> starts that way. >> now we start making the
8:41 am
omelet >> hoda, how are you doing over there? >> it's all happening. >>nce ittarts firming up -- >> it is all happening. look at you. ou >> what are putting on there, cheese? >>cheese, prosciutto, asparagus. the thing about cooking, everybody is so intimidating. >> how do you know when to add the filling. >> when you have this base. >> a little firm? >> yeah. >> what i'm using is a rubber spatula that can take heat and a very heavy frying pan. >> not metal. no metal spatula. >> we're almost there per share. >> you don't cook the veges first. you put them in ere. >> the asparagus is precooked. what you want to do very simply. >> you didn't fold it over in the pan? >> i'm gonna. >> he used the pan for that last fold. >> i don't think my pot is on. >> that's notoo bad.
8:42 am
we can fix that. >> fix it? >> that's why you have a dhef. >> yes. >> it's not do.. >> okay good luck with that. >> i had to turn my pan up. >> one, two, three, look at that. >> that's pretty good. >> how did hoda do? >> pretty good. >> it looks kind of like it. look what he did. you've got to go help lvannah. >> me help savannah. >> how do you make sure the bottom is not getting burned. >> it's you're doing really good. >> thank you. >> you need a weekend job, we can help you out. >> no one has ever said that ever oowthis sh >> you need better guests. >> there you go. >> tell me about it. >> so now i just deploy. >> the last fold is out of the pan. >> hold . it >> slink it oo --
8:43 am
>> push it. be careful. >> i was going to go the other way. there we go. still want to give me that job. >> i do. don't woy. >> mark, thank you. thank you so much. really appreciate it. if you still need help with your omelettes, we've got more of his tips, savannah and hoda are available for weddings and bar mitzvahs. back in a thmoment. is "day" on nbc. to
8:44 am
8:45 am
of our heads, chrissy teigen, john legend's new song. chrissy was s watching. he tweeted us. >> i only have aew days left on the trip. i'll be over soon.
8:46 am
love you guys. >> the chef is wearing it. >> every time we say chrissy teigen, it's a drinking game. >>e talk about her all the time. >> this is a "news 4 today" break. 8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, august 14th, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. right now we're going to checko on morning commute with melissa mollet. >> hi, eun. the outer ramp to alan town road with the right side blocked. southbound on 270 between middlebrook and 270. a crash and a slowdown. westbound norback and avery, a crash there well. >> melissa. thank you. we'll take a break now and check your forecast ne.. stay with
8:47 am
8:48 am
good tuesday morning. ofwe go through the day, mix sun and clouds. temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. around 87 for a high.
8:49 am
later this afternoon and evenina we haveut a 40% chance of some passing ote tomorrow dry back in the 90s. even for thursday. by friday evening we have a understorm chance and that chance does hang around for both saturday and sunday with temperatures about the 80s for the weekend, eun. >> sheena, thank you. get thet news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. have a great day.
8:50 am
good rning, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we have aoto get to this morning. controversy over the casting of bat woman to the question whether or not kids should have cell phones in schools. one country doesn't think so and they are actually banning them. joining ple to discu what's making the rounds nbc correspondent stephanie gosk and jo ling kent and matt iseman come host of - ar "american ninjaor." okay. and we begin today with a provocative topic about theo actress landed a dream superhero role and then had to quit twitter because of the trolls lashing out


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