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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 14, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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victims. >>nehese petit and for a time some of the diocese sought to prent t entire report from ever seeing the light of day. in effect, they wanted to cover up the cover-up. >> cardinal wuerl now responding to the allegations which happened during his tenure as bishop of pittsburgh. >> news 4's mark segraves has been goi through the repor and joins us now with the details. mark? >>ah good evening, archbishop wuerl has put out several statements both to priests, parishioners and to the press denying some of the allegaons that come outf this grand jury report and reiterating what he says all 's done over his decade as a leader in the catholic church to help these victims. >> it was childl sexuse including rape committed by grown men. inst children. >> reporter: pennsylvania's
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attorney general says his two-year investigation into sexualcbuse in the catho church uncovered hundreds of what he called predator priests. >> priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of go were responsible for them not only did nothing, they hid it all. >> for d the pennsylvania grand jury accuses 30 is catholic briefs of sexually abusing children t over past 70 years. some of those accusedriests serve while cardinal donald wuerl the archbishop of washington was the bishop of pittsburgh. j the grandy alleges that then bishop wuerl allowed at least one known child abuser to transfer to another parish and that wuerls approved hun of thousands of dollars in a confidential settlement and w tt ld refer to the policy of hiding the facts from the public as, quote, the circle of secrecy. a spokesperson f wuerl adamantly denies that the archbishop ever used the term circle of secrecy.
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wuerlas expressed his continued compassion and sorrow for the victims. in a statement hehe writes diocese investigated all allegations of child sexual abuse during myou ten and admitted or substantiated allegations of child sexual abuse that resulted in appropriate action. earlier today cardinal wue spoke by phone to our news partners at wtop radio. >> the report will paint a very dark picture because itoes ck over 70 years. >> reporter: pennsylvania's attorney general believes there could thousands of more victims his investigation could not find ucause he says the catholic church covered the truth. >> above all else they procted their institution at all costs. as the grand jury found the church showed a complete disdain for victims. >> reporter: now, again, wuerl put forward in several statements the work he's done over decades to h gp victi
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the help that he needs, and he says they continue to pray for thtie v every day. that's the very latest in the news room, mark nsegraves,s 4. >> all right, mark, thank you. >> you can findomplete or read more from cardinal wuerl in our nbc washington app. one. coaches at the center of the oniversity of maryland football scandal is longer with the school. the strength and conditioning coach w among those scrutinized after a player's death. jordan mcnair died after suffering heat stroke during a team since then allegations of abusive coaching have surfaced. today the school's president apologiz family.lly to mcnair's >> the uversity assessed legal and moral responsibility for the mistakes that our training staff made on that fateful workout day. >> reporter: bureau chief tracee wilkins ie l in college park
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to explain the other ways the school is addressing this case. tracee? >>ter: well, as you just mentioned one coach gone and others onadmin leave. the university of maryland is investigating exactly what went wronghere, and they are saying they are determined to make sure this never happens again. >> we will do everything possible, that the situation that jordan mcnair foundse h in will never happen again. >> reporter: university of maryland president wallace lowe accepted some responsibility toda for the death of umd football player jordan mcnair. >> the university assessed legal and moral responsibility for the mistakes that our training staff made onwo that fatefuout day. >> mcnair suffered heat stroke during an off summer summer practice and two weeks later he di according to an espn report a 911 call was peacedy an eaur after mcnair showed signs
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of ah emergency. >> we have an individual at 68 fieldhouse drive that's hypervent late afterg exercis and unable to control their eath. >> the illness was not properly identified or treated. our athletic training staff did not take jordan's temperature and did not apply a cold water immersion treatment. >> reporter: lowe and the director of umd athletics held a press conference aftereeting wi mcnair's parents. he shared some of what they told the 19-year-old's mothernd father. >> the university owes you an apology. you entrusted jordan to our care, and he is never returning home again. >> reporter: this is a statement from the mcnair family provided by their attorney. while marty and tonya will never get another day jordan, dr. lowe's words were meaningful
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to them andomive them comfort that he will put the university on the path to change the cultu of the progr so that no terrapin family will have to endure the heartache and grief that they fell. now, joining me here, you were inside the press conference with me just a little while ago. you know, there's some folks who feel like the university o maryland dropped the ball here because it wasn't until that espn report that theyed stao make moves on what happened here. what are your thoughtsbout what president lowe had to say. >> i think they just had the family fm the family andhey detected sincerity from the echool president wallace lowe, and i think felt that same sincerity and emotion and we'd be remiss if we kin of came here thinking there would be a change in coaching status. we're about two months removed from the death of jordan mcnair, and suddenlhe school is becoming more public and proactive. so if that was the impetus,
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that's a good thing, because in these situations all the w carefullded statements are not going to bring jordan mcnair back to life. the school has to act with clarity. it has to act with real conviction. we've now seen that with the strength and conditioning court. the coach saying he's resigning from the school land continue to cooper e with the investigation. now the university of maryland is setting up a separate investigation, anna int investigation into its football program, and we have three lawyers, former athletic director and coach on that committee, and they want to effect real t change becausey know there's pressure to make that change. >> tracee elkins live h in college park. back to all of you in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. anger is building at an apartment complex in fairfax county, virginia. once again a child has died after falling from one of the high rise apartment units. this time it was a 2-year-old boy. the skyline towers apartment are
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on seminary road in the bailey's crossroads part of falls church. that's where we find news 4's h ris gordon. chris, this is sterrible story. >> well, it is so sad to hear, to repor terrifying for parents, especially those who live here. one mother told me she is so scared that she lives on the 17th floor with her 2 1/2-month-old son. police say the 2-year-old boy fell from a 24th floor balcony when an adult car giver was attending to the needs of another child at the time. a maintenance man at towers says he was on the scene moments after it happened. >> i seen the paramedics and the police out there, and they was consoling the family and the gentleman came out hysterical, d that's when i realized what they were out there for.
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>> reporter: some about balconies already have protection on balconies to prevent young children from falling through the railings. ile national safety cou says 3,300 children are injured in falls every yearbo with eight falls resulting in fatalities. >> children should not be on balconies unsupervised. they do cause a lot of hazards. rd reporter: this is the t time a young child has fallen from a win dior balcony at skyliners to n.20 is a the child pressing against a window screen fell from f ath floor window breaking a leg. on may 30th of this year, just year-old wasgo, a killed after falling from the 26th floor when a screen on a window apparently gav out. the lawyer for his famthy today file lawsuit against skyline towers alleging that it was negligent. >> so if it happens in 2015 and nothing is done to warn parents about the dangerous nature of the screen it happens again in
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ma 2018. >> now, they requested a response to thissu l. i was told by a spokesman that they do not comment on litigation, but as far a the fatal fall yesterday they are cooperating with the investigation and that the thoughts and prayers go out to the family. baat's the latest from fairfax county. to you. >> all right. >> thank y very much. pat? >> some of us are coming home tonight to a whole lot of yard work. strong storms barreled through parts of prince george's county last night. here's a look at some of the damage from the lens of chopper 4. trees fell on homes in college park. theyt crushed a least one car and tookn dow power lines. thankfully no one was seriously hurt. >> right now some showers out there, but nothing like we saw yesterday. doug kammerer is in our storm center with an update on our
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weather. >> yesterday we s a linef storms developing. right now we have a line as well, but it's more showers than storms, no lightning with this area right now. had a little lightning u around frederick and right now it's really starting to calm things down a little can you see some rain back towards leesburg and winchester down towards the port royal area and towards montgomery county and howard county. here's one area that we've been tracrom frederick. did have lightning with it earlier coming right over montgomery mal so montgomery mall. all in all these are quick hitting showers and will move through very quickly and behind it w do have a couple more well back to the west and these should fall apart before they move other. quick-hitting showers over the next hour or two and then we're just about o of here. i'll show you what comes in after this round of showers and something else moves in tomorrow. talk about that coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you, doug. >> still ahead, a rental home
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ninitmare. a vir man finds cake on the ceiling and blood on the floor of his property and his $4 million home ravaged. so why w he the one who ended up in
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> a man facing attempted murder charges accused of setting his pregnant girlfriend on fire has been releasedho to detention. the move after a judge said tna evidence inhe case isn't ready
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yet. jim laidly is in the newsroom with reaction from the victim who is ville recovering nearly a year later >> reporter: >>s she se's hurt, crushed and confused. last september she sustained burns to nearly th he-quarters body after her boyfriend la quinn phillips allegedly doused her in a flammable liquit and her on fire. the woman survived the attack and gave birth to a baby weeks premature. phillips had been set to go on trial this week,ut a judge delayed that and yesterday granted home detention saying that dna evidence inas the hasn't yet come back. during that time phillips must wear ankle bracelet. the victim tells us she feels like she's being penalized. >> the judge tells me how he can relate to how -- not really relate but tell me he would feel how i felt and see in my life if
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it was him b then you're allowing him a second chance, and like to me to takeify again. i have my whole family to worry about, but not onl do m hand my kids and that day in september, he threatened my entire family. >> now greenwich says another man also charged in the attack has been released as well and he aits trial. phillips is expected to me on trial some in december. doreen and pat,k bac you. >> jim handley, thank iyou. london right now counterterrorism police are searching polices connected to the man who droveo car i a crowd outside parliament. it's the fourth vehicle attacki britain in 18 months. witnesses say the silver fiesta was speeding when it plowed into cyclists this three people were hurt and they are all expected to be okay. police are questioninghe driver. >> this video captured the moment a bridge collapsed today in italy. more than 20 people are dead,
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but the death toll is expected to rise. tons of concrete, crushed cars and concrete like toys. more on thete despeearch for survivors. >> reporter: this happened over an industrial area which means people working below the bridge are likely to be among dead and the injured. it all happened aroun italy time after a major storm with high winds and itri collapd t at the outset of the summer holidays when quite aop w would be driving across it. the middle part of this huge bridge simply dropped out. that's before 200 firefighters swarmed the scene. they are still there trying to peel away the layers of this bridge attempting to rescue survivors from those dozens of cars that you can see and the oidge hady been refurbished about two years ago and work was still bei done on it when it collapsed today so alongside that human cost and expect significant political fallout as italy's poor infrastructure i a major topic in elections every
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single year. matt bradley. nbc news. london. >> jim handley here now at live desk in connection with the car involved in the shooting death of 10-year-old makiyah wilson. news 4 just confirmed prince george's county policed arres kevin eugene jones, 20 years old, for a carjackg in lanham on july 1st. the car he allegedly stole was a 2008 infinity with maryland plates. the same car captured in this video outside of makiyah wilson's home the day she was killed. that more than two weeks later on july 16th. now jones ish not charged w wilson's murder, and d.c. police have told us thebelieve the were five men inside that car, including the geway driver. jones is in jail in prince george's county. he'll be there at least until his next court heari september 7th.
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d.c. police say they are still loing for tips i wilson's murder and the case is still open. ladies, ck to you. >> all right. thank you, m. >> tributes are pouring in for the queen of soul asframous iends visit her bedside. ahead, we take a look back at so of aretha franklin's most iconic moments, including some right here in d.c. s plus,e showers on the radar and a return to
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doug, can we get a quietg evenor a change? >> you know m i just tol daughter, trying to sell lemonade outside. >> what did you tell her about when to clear out? >> i told her right now bring in the table and make sure you bring in the table cloth so it's not wet because it's going to get a quick shower. that's in the bethesda area, and then that shower is out of and then she can get back to selling them again. >> a plastic table cloth is what you need tovi p the child, doug. >> she's got one. it's too wet and takes over a cow that i might use later and my dogaslost. >> way too complicated. panicked.was getting ended up my wife took her for a walk. 86 degrees the current things you do in a day, i'll tell you. winds out of the west at 12
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miles per hour. we're looking cloud cover off to the east, but to the west it's a lot different. we've got some showers and storms. 86 right now and winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour. if you look at what we're dealing with right now. notice to the west we're cooling. gaithersburg and in the 70s back to the west. we've seen a lot of activity come through. a line of showers and out ahead 84 baltimore and 8d.c. and 86 down towards fredericksburg. the lineles veryly defined. we've got some heavier showers up around the baltimore area and right on through the area. here's the one coming right over the lemonade stand and down towards the warrenton area and manassas that you're seeing some of those two. let's zoo in on those two and you see some of them coming in towards columbia and oward county. this one right here is what i'm talking about going through the bethesda and chevy cha aa. it's still over the mall right now, but you can see the spur here as you make your way outf the beltway right over towards the -- not just the mall but areas right there along r355
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wisconsin avenue. wheaton, you're in there. benesda will get in the action and down to the south looking at this area around haymarket. these.tning with we've seen a bolt of lightning here or there, but most of the lightning has gone out of these, which means they are quick showers, and they are going to be very quick. thisom oneg through haymarket, in manassas in the minutes.o 20 behind it not much going on. as a matter of fact, once this moves through, we've got some niceeather in here for tomorrow. it was a great day today. tomorrow locking good, too. still on the high side. 92 degrees on wednesday and low humidity, not all that big of a factor the humidity, that is. a little more humid on thursday and heat index 95nd 96. friday is the day to watch for the heat and humidity. 94 for a high. heat index could be close to 100 degrees on friday and we could see a scattered shower or storm. any of those on the strong side an s same onurday. high of 91 degrees.
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right now most of the computer models have rain on sunday and that's the weekend so if you've got some plans, shy w us. it's still way early on this storm but it's something that we've been tracking for you next week. looking really good and especially next wednesday, thursday andriy. perfect. lemonade stand weather for days. i've got to go call my family ck and make sure everything is all right. >> sounds like the's a lot going on over at your house, doug. thank yo hey,he clock is ticking. soon summer will be over and do you go's children and everyone else will be back in school. >> ahead -- imagine returning to yourir ab and finding furniture busted and windows broken out and pls of blood. when a middlebrook man found that here
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(announcer) there's a freedom about asheville. ns anken invitation to discover who you really are. here, thrld is a big, beautiful placeur filled with adve take it in. come up for air. asheville. discovery, iide and out.
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a look now at our topry s a grand jury report has accused hundreds of priests of abusing more than a thousand children. the alleged abuse over a seven decade span. part of it involved the time that washington cardinal wuerl served in pittsburgh. wuerl denies t allegationst he helped to cover up the abuse. the university of maryland strengthys with it its and conditioning coach following the death of one of its players.
5:29 pm
several more coaches are on leave including head coach durkin. today they said they acceptl lend moral responsibility for the death of jordan mcnair. a local developer's lawyer called it a a justified citizen's arrest. >> but thef'sher office called it a crime abduction. now a77 ear-old loudoun county man is preparing to fight the chges filed against him when rentered trashed his airbnb and he held him at gunpoint. >> bureau chief julie carey shows us the damage done. >> reporter: it's a home so stately it has a name, spring glade, but now it looks more like a house of horrors. this is what a group of partyins renteft behind, lots and lots and lots of damage. >> blood, broken windows, broken doors. it looked like there was a mass murderer from his perspective there. >> reporter: these photos showed
5:30 pm
blood everywhere from some kind of fight that broke out. e propertymployee discovered the damage saturday morni g and thup that had rented the home on airbnb still on site. 911 was called and the owner jack andrews rushed over. his attorney says because of the uncertain scenee entered with his gun drawn. >> we didn't know what was there. we just knew that it was like a crime scen a >> reporterews attorney says the 77-year-old told the much younger crowd to stay and that the sheriff's office was on theay w instead they fled. he managed to block one carload trth his k, but when deputies arrived much to andrew's surprise he was handcuffed and charged with five counts of an ducks andirearms charges. the five people he was holding interviewed and released. >> the last thing jack saw when he saw these people trashing his house and they fled the scene to avoi the police is that he would be the focus of the investigation rather than the people that did 80,000 in damage to his home they will arg that
5:31 pm
they were carrying out a lawful citizens arrest. he would like t see investigators back here to look more into this crime of extreme vandalism. f a spokesmanor the sheriff's office thels news 4 continue to investigation to find out who was involved in thh over fight that caused all that bloodshed. in loudoun county, i'm julie carey, >> the president has launched a number of insults against his former aid omarosa manigault newmanay but t he referred to her as, quote, that dog. the insult garnering criticism from republican senator jeff flake this. comes as the president's campaign charged arbitration acsing omarosa of breaching a secrecy agreement and today the president denied using racial slurs that omarosa revealed in her new bk called "unhinged"
5:32 pm
and attorneys for the president's former campaign chair rested their case without brging any witnesses. closing arguments are set to get under way tomorrow. manaforts facing tax and bank fraud charges that are not related to his time with the trump campaign. an intense fig to keep you safe on virginia rodways. the state is launching aase t keep drunk drivers off our roads. beginning this friday through labor day they will set up 90 dui checkpoints. more than 600 offics in virginia will be watching out for drunk drivers. last year nearly 250 people died from drunkdriving re crashes in virginia during the same campaign last year. more than 700 peoplee w injured. >> we are helping to get you reny for school northern virginia. a sneak peek at a high school unlike any other. next t week brand-new opeemies of loudon will
5:33 pm
the $125 million facility feels like a trendy silicon valley office. it's located in leesburg on nearly 120 acres. inside it has open space lungs a -- space lounges and walls.ta it's of the art and students say it will make a big difference. >> we didn't have the space o the equipment needed to do certain projects that we were wanting t do, but we're definitely going to have that now. >> sdents from loudoun county high schools need to apply, and it's a competitive process. they will alternate days between their home high school and academy for loudon. bureau reporter david culver takes us inside for a closer look coming up at 6: a. >> meanti we get closer to that first day of school, a lot of parents are dealing with one
5:34 pm
specific challenge, getting their families back into that y schor routine. here's news 4's justin finch with some expert advice on that. >> in the morning when it's really hecticrend w trying to get out the door. >> yeah. >> what are the routines we should keep in mind before we hit the road. >> the best thing to do is front load that the night before. >> reporte cecilia jonesno knows what she's talking about. she was a teacher and now a ofessional organizer. the first tip is map out your morning. >> to figure out to get there on time we've got to leaflets say at 6:30. >> reporter: itostly means takingous the guesswo takingous -- taking out the guswork. >> ie there's soccer pract make sure it has everything in it, including the water bottle, everything to go. >> reporter: and when the kids are back home. >> opening up the backpack. tif they bringheir lunch it's something to drop back off in the kitchen so that can get cleaned up and pulli out any homework. >> reporter: also, keep a special notice for school
5:35 pm
notices and permission lists. what's on the forms might need to make the calendar. why is this visual here so important? >> the visual heres important really so that the whole family has a good view of what's coming upan any child see what is on their schedule for the week ifn they that that's their color. >> reporter: remember, keeping your calendar ia group effort which means regular checks and updates that the whole family anst caregivers track on the calendar and on their smartphones. >> everything that you put in there will help support you to not forget meetings, to not forget appointment and to be on time. >> reporter: best spots for your calendarr the kitchen behind your main door. justin finch, news 4. >> tomorrow we have tips from doctors on caking sureldren are ready to take on the school year. >> and we'll tell you why routine back-to-school checkups are so important, especially as your children get older. >> well, this islt a h issue that is affecting millions, a more of them are women.
5:36 pm
ahead the insight into why migraines don affect men as much. >> plus, it's the super fans sparking the fins down at training camp. >> and while the sun is shining for most of us, there's isolated downpours out there, including one that'ing into parts of the district right now. also some activity aroundhe no anne arundel and prince george's county. we're tracking the heat movin in. 90s returning to the forecast. doug and i will haveore on m
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if you were a woman and you feel like yourh experience w migraines happens more often than the man and you may be right, and hormones appear to be playing a role. this is according to a new study published in "frontiers inla mole biosciences." researchers say sex hormones like estrogen can affect the nerve and connected blood vessels to the head. estrogen levels are highest for wome reproductive age and other hormones likest tesone may actually protect against migraines. still, researchers say more studies are needed to confirm the role of hormones. >> almost three weeks of training camp coming to an end for redskins. the days can be long for the players so it helps to have some en sherree burruss joins us from richmond with more about the fans doing their part to keep the redskins spirits high.
5:40 pm
hey, sherree. >> reporter: hey, doreen. therere thousands of fans that come out here to watch the redskins practice ind richm and certain ones start to stand out, and we certainly couldn't miss this one woman and neither could the guys. she's a correctional officer with a big voice and a big heart. >> i see you over there, cal. i couldn't walk by withong sahi. that's right, fluffy girl, that's right. >> when i get to see them here, it's everything to me. it's the best feeling in the world. when i see something that i love, i going to make sure that they know i love it. >> that's right, vernon davis. that's beast mode walking right there. walking like you talk it, boo. walk it like you talkit, that's right. >> she gets my day started. some days i come i kind of dragging and she's calling my name, man. oh, got the energy.
5:41 pm
i got to bring the energy. >> come on, anthony. hey there. >> just for her to come out and ma a point thathe wants to call my name makes me feel loved and makes me get up for practice even more. >> thank you. i got much love for you. you know i do. >> every time i see bruce allen, i'm yelling this is the best president in the whole wide world. >> if you feel like it, we can do it. >> tnk you. >> redskins make me smile, and my grandmother would not wante to be at home crying and being sad and knowing the redskins make me sle. sh is laughing hilariously up there with my dad saying look at okay baby, but it's >> come on over to the fluffy side when it's over and done with. it's my purpose to make people smile, and if ian do that a if i can see them smile, then s
5:42 pm
cale and i feel a whole lot better. >> she ctainly is putting smile on everyone's face here and for a good chuckle because it's hot out here. she's bringing the energy. it even kind of helps us, too. doreen, back to you. >> oh, my. a lot of energy and a voice that sundays like a megaphone, right? all right. good for her. anks, sherree. >> they all have their own personal cheerleader. >> that's right. a man who survived an ied explosion in iraq is now at homd in ina but this purple heart recipient still has a lot to upxt, the reason behind his give. 1,500-mi 1,500-mile journ handcycle. >> and the queen of soul and a
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
news in a the queen of soui n hospice care has spread all over the world. the assoc press was told today that stevie wonder and reverend jesse jackson visited her home. last night jay-z and beyonce took the stage at detroit's ford field and the two dedicated their concerto aretha franklin. franklin performed several memorable iconic concerts all over the world and also here in d.c. news 4's meagan fitzgerald spoke to one of her friends that leres in nor virginia about her legacy. >> you know, aretha franklin is unquestionably the most talented female singer tt i think on the face of the earth.
5:46 pm
>> she's known as the queen of soul. arota franklin has left her mark on the world. >> this is aretha at the kennedy center, and she was there to honor obama. >> and wasano sr to washington, d.c. >> aretha franklin has been my magazine four times on the cover. >> sidney milr is the founder of black radio magazine who is dedicated to the entertainers of color. >> she is the ultimate diva, okay. you know when a diva is. she created the word, all right. she's very, very specific about what she wants from her band. >> ready. >> w that's dr. joyce garrett, longtime and former director of the eastern high schoon choir i d.c. says, franklin would often ask for her students to perform as backup singers on stage when she had concerts in d.c., butor the is now bracing for the
5:47 pm
worst. >> i have been bracing with this for seven months because this didn't just happen yesterday. aretha has been sick now for at least eight orine months. >> miller says franklin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. >> she always talked about like that she was going to get better and everything w going to be okay. >> but her music and legacy will never die. >> there will never be another aretha frklin. >> meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> we hope you'll stay with news 4 as we get updates onan in's health and we'll bring them to you on air and in app.bc washington pat? >> a veteran on a mission to help others like him is cycling om new york to florida, a today he rolled into washington near the capital. rick railey is paralyzed and traveling more than 100 miles per day using one of three hand cycles. hisou jrney hopes to raise $150,000 for the nonprofit gro for a mental health and wellness
5:48 pm
program that supports service members. railey says the group helped him after he suffered a traumatic brain injury in iraq and got into a car crash back ho. >> it mad my family a little bit more hopeful bause what we don't realize is all these invisible wounds that we suffer, from all the mental health issues that we have, that what people don't quite get.d >> rail was aw a purple heart after his battle injury. he's posting about his journey on social media using the #raileyroadtrip. big problems at our area's largest v.a. medical center. some military veterans in desperate nee of care find their toughest challenge is just getting to the front door. we spotted one man on crutches shuffling across a parking lot. news 4's scott macfarlane shows the unique and growing parking problem ththe. >> many o 100,000 veterans who use the washington, d.c.
5:49 pm
v.a. medical center have mobility challenges. some struggle to walk and some struggle even to stand. yet a news 4 i-teamreview of the medical center show some veterans are nevertheless making long grueling walks just to get to the front door. parking at the center isli ted, and as the medical centerompletes a renovation of its garage, some of the remaining parking spots are so far awahe they are length of three and a half football fields door to door. army veteran sequoia pointer of ldorf is one of those making the long trek with a scooter. >> hll have to fight through the traffic and then fight for a parking space, and he's going to have to fight to get in there and go wherever he's going and walk those hallsh w them. they are long. >> very long. >> reporter: the medical center tells us adding parking, but new garage they are renovating isn't supposed to open ungil march. cop tonight at part of our full news 4 i-team investigation, we show you the challenges that veteransnd
5:50 pm
others face nationwide. why it's difficult and in other case time consuming to make the fix. for now scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> a first of its kind for an americanuby system los angeles will install body scanners that will screen passengers for weapons and explosives. the scanners will be rtable. they will send waves to screen person's entire body. l.a. officials say it will not slow down riders' commutes. tsa has been testing the scanners including at union station here in washington. the scanners will be able to pick up metallic and non-metallic objects on a person's body. >> well, tning to the weather. what are we looking at tonight, doug? >> looking pretty good. we got some showers that are moving through right now. coming right on through the district and somebody on my twitter feed said can we not have a shower every day at 5:00.
5:51 pm
really messes up the rush hour. >> we agree. >> ael t request there. >> tomorrow's rush hour not going to be an issue, but right now we're dealing with showers and thunderstorms right around the evenih again, and, yeah, we have seen it a lot over the past month and a haloo take a outside. notice the cloud cover around town. the current temperatu at 86 degrees and 82 degrees and down to by 9 and 74 by1:. that's in the city. the system has already come through with some showers, so'r already down to 72 degrees in gaithersburg and 79 leesburg and 80 degrees over towards restonnd over towards dulles airport. so a very nice evening shaping up once t showers do move through. here they are. you can see themed clearly def right along i-95 at the height of the evening rush and go figure, right. right in through here and some of the heavier showers coming anough princegeorge's and
5:52 pm
arundel county. you can see this coming out of the beltway at 50, exit 19a there making its way towards bowie and croston towards theli anna area and more showers and storms towards fairfax. no more lightning ander thu you may hear a rumble of thunder. these are not strong. seeing showers right here right over the burke, clifton and manassas areas, and the wider view showing what's really been happenin a big area of low pressure that continues to sit and spin well this will finally spin out of here, and that's going to bring in some fairly nice weather tomorrow, although amelia and i were talking about it. itoing back into the 90s. >> yeah, it's going to be hot tomorrow with a highemperature of 91 degrees, but at least we're not worried about the huyodity out there o wednesday. here's the humidity forecast for the rest of the workweek. on thursday it staro feel a little bit humid out there, but more than anything it's hot ona thur with highs in the low 90s and maybe even some mid-90d y friday it's starting to feel oppressive, so the humidity is back in full force on your
5:53 pm
friday as well as the chance for me late day thunderstorms. if you're planning on heading to the pool wednesday, thursday or friday, i would definitely pick tomorrow or thursday. somebody also asking me what's the best night, ted, to the montgomery county fair? i would definitely pick tomorrow, because as doug was saying we're not worried about any rain chances out there in the forecast and the weather on friday looks like absolutely perfection. heading to the pool middayoo or afte hours you'll be just fine. take a look. here's the latest on your wesend forecast and i only tuesday. we'll continue to update this forecast as we get new information in. it's looking like on saturday there' a chance f late day showers hand thunderstorms, and on sunday right now it's not looking nice out there now at all with rain in the forect, potentially some heavier rain. at least the humidity though is looking in the all t t bad for the weekend. but, again, doug, we'll continue to keep a very close eye on
5:54 pm
sunday's forecast as this workweek wears on because hopefully wet kim prove t forecast. >> yeah, absolutely. we'll continue to watch that storm. watching tomorrow though no problem. 72 degrees and a nice start to the by noon great for lunch. 83 and low humidity and 90 degrees by 3:00. gog for a high of 92 tomorrow. 93 on thursday and a little bit more humid. 40% chance of storms on friday that. high temperature of 94. wi that ihink we see a heat index close to 100. friday a htest day for sure and a better chance for just rain on sunday. we're hing that improves. 86 on monday and most of next week with the exception of tuesday really, really looking quiteice here. those lows in the 60s in the ty, that looks very nice. but, again, that's about a week away. >> all right. >> thank you, doug. to from chuck round's guitar marion anderson's fur coat, a small museum is capturing a big pa of the essence of d.c. >> now it's dealing with a big
5:55 pm
loss as well, mourning the legacy of one of d.c.'s most i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i ma e the efforts of 8loyees... el like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... l jue that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more busn esses, in more places, ford to dream gig.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-eed network.
5:57 pm
>> people who knewhe director of the anacostia community museum can attest to that. news 4's aimee cho looks back on the life of a woman once na.'d
5:58 pm
one of d.cs most powerful women in the arts. >> this, of course, is chuck brown's guir who has performed all over the world. >> reporter: if ever there was a museum that captured the flavor of d.c. it's the anacostia director. >> this is special. >> reporter: we had a tour last ye ofhe museum she grew up visiting. >> how they tell the stories in a way they trust us and in a way they want to be heard. we're a museumof, for and by the people. that's what makes us special, and that's why the community has trust in us. >> reporter: today that community coming together to honor laurie's life. she was just 58 when she passed. >> she loved all this. >>he lovedeverything. >> reporter: this tour guide says she can sll feel her in this museum. >> i never met anyone quite like her. i just found her so delightful and so energetic and like ie sad ade you want to work a
5:59 pm
little harder. >> she was just one of the worm lovely people who lit up the room and when she was there and -- and welcomed me here to d.ry >> for ee we talked to, the we asked them what will miss the most about lori they didn't >> her smile. >> her smile and her laugh. she had the most infectious laugh in the world. y reporter: and though t won't get to hear that laugh anymore -- >> okay, cut for a minute. >> reporter: t museum is determined to make sure that her gacy lives on. and i think that that would be something that laurie would be really proud of. it's just really har to know that she won't be here to see all that amazing work happen. >> reporter: in anacostia, aimee cho, news 4. >> two big stories as we come on the air. a sexual abuse scandal sending shock waves to the catholic urch as a grand jury in pennsylvania unmasks more than 30 pedophile priests. tonight growing criticism over
6:00 pm
how the arcfishop washington handled therimes and the cover-up. >> new fallout at the university of maryland tonight after a studentthte collapsed and it practiced and dies. the mistakes that were madeths school admits his death could have been prevented. >> tonight we're digging deeper what's h stories and next. >> let's begin with that bombshell. the allegations of abuse a the catholic church and the criticism now directed towards the archbishop of washington. cardinal donald wuerl is named 200 times. >> today's pennsylvania grand jury also accusesore than 300 members of the clergy of abuse and reveals the could be more than 1,000 victims. a the report accuses church leaders of elaborate cover-up to avoid the scandal rather than deal with victims. nbc's jay gray starts


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