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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 15, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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five people are hurt after a hooting inside a crowded walmart. this happened np pennsylvania last night. police say a man fired at least ten shots near a cash register at the store. the gunman and a woman drove off together but crashed into the back of a police car. both suspects were arrested. there is no update on the ti v' conditions but police say they should be okay. >> take a look at this damage to a home in denver. nine people hurt in this ga explosion. one person seriously hurt after being trped in theubble there. officials say it was one of the biggest explosions there in the last ecade. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that explosion. now to an airbnb nightmare story. loudoun county man said he found his rental home trashed and bloo after aarty and a fight. >> when he tried to prevent the renters from leaving his home, he was the one arrested.a this is what andrews' home looked like after the partyfian
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ht. a lot of blood on the floors and the walls. andrews' lawyer said heed rush to the house after hearing about the taj. he took his gun with him because he was concerned for his owny. safe when he pulled out his gun to stop the group from taking off, deputies put him in handcuffs. >> i think jack thought when he saw these people trashing his house and they fled the scene to avoid the police, he would be the fus of the investigation rather than the people that did is home. 00 damage to >> andrews was charged with five counts of abduction, plus firearms chargs. investigators say a fight broke out at that home when another group crashed the noparty. of the renters has been charged. right now, a first alert traffic alern clarksburg. take a look at this. a massive warehouse re right now. shutting down a main road. we're talking about 355. frederick road shut down between 109 and 1. chopper 4 showing you 270 in the
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foreground and those delays stretching for ten miles. it's very, very slow here in this morning. it's between 109. old hundred and 121 clarksburg road northbound and southbound. that's the purple on the screen showing you what is sed. fra brat frayed freight as has -- brad freitas has been watching what's happening. >> melissa,ase've been rornting, chris lawrence on the scene as well. we're lookingat this hu recycling facility warehouse fire. we're still seeing some flames through the windows. heavy smoke and that steam also. they're getting some water on it. but the difficulty is the water supply. we're seeing thanker trucks with a round-robile suge bucket brigade.
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>> l right. brad, showing you that we have pools.inflatable they bring them in in a situation like this. they have extra water there on the scene in order to fightt t fire. just lost the mike at the end. we'll get that fixed for you. woodbridge at prince william parkway, crash on the left shoulder this morning. right now the beltway looking really good herement inner loop and outerlo . no bigcomplaints. >> sheena? >> good morning, melissa. at least the weaer is cooperating. something to look forward to. currently, 73 degrees in washington. we have nice brightening skies this morning. e rising in just a few minutes here. we'll be seeing sun glare on the roads this morning. the roads are nice and dry for your commute. 66 degrees dulles. b0 in clinton. 64gate glary. a very comfortable -- gaithersburg. we'll heat up back in the 90s today. nice and dry on radar.
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this is briscoe. he needs a home. he's for adoption at the rescue allian. u can head to their website. mid-70s by 8:00 a.m. maybe a long dog walk. youlaeed the sues later on. by the afternoon, high of 91. maybe a sho dog walk by then. don't forget. this saturday is the big clear the shelters event. you can find out more at the nbc shington app. see what shelters are participating. it's happening around the country. >> nice and dry today. tomorrow patchy cloud but on the dry side. it's friday evening when we'll have a better chance for afternoon and evening showers and thundersrms to move in. that leads us into rain chances for the weekend. the gardeningheforecast for weekend, a rain chance on saturday, mostly cloudy. not a washout. sunday the clouds around still. highs in the low 80s. gardening ti of the day. it's the ideal time for iris and daylilies, separate them and
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replant them righaway. the rest of the week, in the 90s through friday. then the temperatuge chan going into sunday. ten-day forecast coming you, sheena. it looks like a trendy office ie silicon v but it may be the future of education. we'll take you inside a high school unlikeny other in northern virginia. we're weeks away from that back to school bell inging. before your child goes back to class, there's another stop you ght want to makefirst.
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this morning, we're getting a look inside a high school unlike any other in northern virginia. >> the academies of loudoun will open up. the $125 million facility is in leesburg on nearly 120 acres. the specialty offerings range from radiology, auto service technology and criminal jusce. students from all high schools need to apply. they can go between the home high schools and the academies ofloudoun. looks cool inside. new outfits and school supplies often at the to of the to-do list. >> you may want to add a trip to see your child's pediatrician. justin finch has more to get you rid i for school. >> doctors exams and proof of vaccinations aon usually -- let that be your child's only time seeing a doctor.
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say they're in a sport or want to start one. in that case, you should make an appointment. >> you want to make sure that their heart is in good shape, that they're ready to take on thesport. >> dr. kurt newman, ceo of children's national hospital, he was alsoed atric surgeon. he recommends back to school doctor visits say they grow more important as your child grows older. >> having the conversation in those -- maybe giving the child some alonetime with the doctor so if they have any questibs. ld that relationship so there's trust. >> for parents of kids with allergies or other health concerns, a back to school checkup can be critical. >> if a child is exposed to something that maybe they react to, you want to have that plan in place whether they need an epipen, they get out trouble they're in or need to go to an emergency department. you want to have that plan. you want the school to know where to send a child. >> if it's yold c first
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time going to school or starting at a new one, it might help to go by for an early visit to ease their nerves. >>f they've seen the school, know where the bus goes, where they're going to be dropped off or tey had it in their mind, this isn't so hard, i can deal with this. >> justin finch, news 4. it is 6:26 now. still ahead, a virginia girl gets a life lesson many of us never had to learn. why this 10-year-old delivered a owbaby and she figured out what to do. >> good morning everybody. look at that beautiful sunrise over the potomac this morning. a cloudless skyd. overh perfect day to get the car shiny and clean. next chance for rain late friday. more about that coming up. at we'll have another u on the breaking news. afl fire in clarksburg, maryland. take a live look at chopper 4. causing trouble for the early causing trouble for the early morning commute.
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that breaking news coming out of clarksburg, maryland this morningry firefightersng to put out a
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two-alarm blaze. as we have more sunlight, you can see chopper 4 over scene. >> the smokeis just billowing out. weave team coverage on the p t. let's begin with news 4's chris lawrence on the ground with the latest information. you seeing?a >> eun, i just spoke with a fire investigator. he told me the rof is covered with solar panels and he said they're veryeavy. the roof is very heavy. they're concerned at some pot could collapse. that's one of the reasons that they're not sending firefighters into the building. take a look now from our camera. get a better idea of what you're atoking at. i'm told a private ambulance was passing through at 3:00 in the morning. >> saw the fire and called it in. the structure is owned by c and d recovery. they recycle and dispose of construction debris. we're told they handle asphalt, brick and metal.
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fortunately, no hazardous waste or asbestos. at one point there were between 70 and 80 firefighters o the scene. one of the big problems has been water. really the lack of it here. they've been having the tanker crews come o in and constantly for miles back trying to get more water on thisstructure. again, at this point what they're doing i just sort of taking a defensive posture here, staying back, trying to hit th hotspots as best they can. again, at this point no firefighters are going back into at structure. we'll stay on top of this story from the ground. i'm going to send it to melissa mollet with a look at how it may affect your commute to work this morning. first 4 traffic alert because of this. that section of 35 frederick road is closed in the distance because of this blaze. 270 is going to be the route you have to take here this morning.o the otherht is, if you come in from 70, perhaps from the east and head westbound on 70, you could take 27.
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it's going to take you a long time no matter which way you go. all lanes blocked for the structure braeitas has been up over there talking about alternates for the past hour.l te how things have developed and what you're thinking roadwise,too? >> that's right. melissa has been over the scene about an hur ago. we've watched a steady increase on 270 already a heavily traveled route in the morning. we're starting to see the delays stack up well back as you'rec ing out of frederick. 355 will remain clos between old hundred road and 121. that's due to the shuttltof s water for the tanker trucks. we'll keep an eye on this from above. rig, you're right, south from 70, that may be a better option if you're a commuter down 270 from the frederick >> thank you, brad. a couple of other thgs happening. after the beltway crash, might
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be involving a we've been tg about that. at the bottom okay. in silver spring, aer new hampshire avenue, a brand new crash reported there as wel we'll keep an eye on this for you. especially the situation building back up there on 270 southbound out of frederick. it'sbout a ten-mile slowdown roach the fire.a chuck? >> thank you, melissa. beautiful morning to get things going here. sun is up over the potomac river, the planes are flying northbound up the pever. thele on the right side of the plane get a view of the sunrise and the downtown mall. it's a fine day to be outside and going outside for your morning rider run. temperatures in the 60s for most of the western suburbs. 64 now leesburg and gaithersburg. 66 at dulles airport. ust a little milder closer to the water. 73 in arlington and annapolis. a lot ids back to school today. so if gour kid ing to
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school, sun is already up. temperatures in the 60s now. outdoor recess today. temperatur a mid-80s 11:00 a.m. it will be a hot one today wi highs ne91 degrees. check of the ten-day forecast coming up in a few. at least three 90s in a row. >> chuck, thank you. 6:34 right now. we turn to a possible new break in the case of the murder of this little girl, makiyah wilson. she was killed outside her northeast d.c.ome as she went out to get ice cream. we've shown you the surveillance vieo of the gunmen dozens of times. >> now we know this black car was stolen from a prince george's county woman two weeks before the shooting. she sat down with us and kndescribed what it's likwing her car was involved in a child's murder. justin finch will have more on that at t45. 6:34 here now. the other top stories this wmorning. details about the death of a child who fell from a falls church highrise. police say there was an adult in the home with the 2-year-old.
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but that person was caring for another child with the boy fell from a balcony on the 24th floor. ts is the second child death at thekyline apartments on seminary road sincemay. d.c. mayor muriel bowser wrapped up her historicisit to he will sal vel salvador. she was greeted by the mayor there. before he was elected six months ago, he lived inalexandria. mayor bowser watched performances and was awarded the keys to the city. summer is over. school is starting for thousands of students in virginia today. public schoaus inier, frederick and rappahannock county begin later this morning. if you live in these areas, be extra careful on theroads. we're getting the whole family ready for school. got aot of tind tricks to get the school year started off right. good luck toda well wishes for the queen of
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soul. this is a look at the prayer vigil for aretha franklin in he homet detroit. franklin's family said sheis gravely ill and needs prayers. the legendary singer is no stranger to the district. dr. joyce garrett, long time director of the eastern high school choir says thatnk frain would often ask her for students to perform as backup singers on when she had concerts in d.c. you can see how franklin is being honored in d.c. in the nbc washington app. also new overnight, taylor swift is remembering where she was one year ago this week. >> yesterday marked one year since she was in a co troom in denver to hear a jury's verdict in a groping case against a n former radio dj. swift spoke about that difficult day during her concert in florida. >> today a year ago, it was a day that the jury finds in my
6:37 am
favor. cheering ] >> swift wenton to say that she believes that all the people --t thinks all the people who did not go -- who went through similar cases. the jury ruled in swift' favor. take a look from the sketches here from the courtroom. swift was awarded $1 in the civil case because she simply wanted justice. it is 6:37 right now. coming up, a story to go back to school with. a 10-year-old plays doctor er deliveri baby cousin all by herself. up next, we'll hear from her about how she knew what to do. more team coverage on a fire that spark overnight. a live look from chopper 4. look at all that smoke. it's causing trouble forco uters this morning. this is the scene in clarksburg, (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes)
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6:41.elcome back at some kids use the sfwer net to play games, some use it to save lives. >> a 10-year-old northern virginia girl used what she learned online to help deliver a baby in a bathroom. here's how it happened. chloe carrion was at home with her aunt monday afternoon. her aunt wasn't feeling well and went to the bathroom. sheelled there's a baby. she ran into the bathrm and saw her aunt in the tub. >> she got in the bathtub and had the baby othe floor. she had lost a lot of blood. she had fell down and passed out. i grabbed the, ba i called 9-1-1. >> chloe cut the umbilical cord anwrapped up the baby before paramedics arrived. mom and baby are doing well now. you have to ask the question, how does a 10-year-old figure out how to helpliver a baby. chloe said she learned from
6:42 am
youtube people caring fo doll babies. wrap it up. >> no one knew that aunt dominique wase pregnantuse she didn't tell anyone. dominique did allow chloe to nar new cousin. his name is isaac. i love a happy ending. >> strong name. >> smart girl. >> 6:42 now. right now, first 4 traffic alert. a majorire in montgomery county shutting down frederick road, re355 th the alternate, 270 getting busy awell. more details coming up. sheena? >> melissa, at least theweather looks good for the drive. sun glare on the road. temperatures around 90 degrees this afternoon. it's looking good if you'e going toexercise. stay hydrated and have the sun
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g have breaking news now at 6:45. a recycling plant in clarburg is on fire. crews are on the scene right now still trying to p out the two-alarm fire on frederick road.
6:46 am
these are live pic from chopper 4. this is a recycling planton fire. chris lawrence is gathering the latest details on the ground and join us with a live update in a few minutes. melissa mollet and brad freitas will have more on the check on p your trafficted by the fire in your first 4 traffic. well, there doesn't seem to be an end to the war of words between president tru and his former adviser, omarosa manigault newman despite her claims that the president said the n-word is not in his vocabulary. >> the white house is not willing to guaranteethat there is no recording of him using the word. >> can you stand at the podium d guarantee the american people they'll never hear donald trump utter the n-word on a recording? >> i can't guarantee anything. but i can tell you that thees ent addressed this question directly. i can tell you that i've never heard >> just to be clear, you can't guarantee it.
6:47 am
>> look, i haven't been in every single room. kristen welker is back with the latest on all this. kristen, good morning. > another busy day here aaron and eun. the bitter back and forth between president tru and omarosa manigault newman is showing no signs of slowing dowe after president early tuesday referred to his former apprentice as a quote, dog on twitter. the white house iisting th tweet had nothing to do with race and instead was meant to call out her lack of integrity. the backlash continues after manigault newman alleged she heard an out-take from the first season of the apprentice in which president trump used the ths my question when i n-word. asked press secretary sarah la sanders point if she could guarantee the american people would never hear that on -- she couldn't guarantee anything. there continues to be fallout from that today.
6:48 am
manigault newman says she's been interviewed by the special counsel. we'll have the latest co on "today." back to you. kristen welker live at the white house. we'll see her full report coming up next on "today." now to a possible break in the case of the murder of this littlekiyah wilson. she was killed as she went out to get ice cream. d.c. police are possibly one step closer to solving the case. >> justin finch is liveat police headquarters to explain how a carjacking in prince george's county is connected to makiyah's shooting. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good mornis . this true case of seeing something and saying something here. it turns out this woman was watching this surveillance video we've been showing you and realized that was her stolencar and she knew she had to do something. here's that video now. that black infiniti sedan was
6:49 am
stolen from her. it was used to cary the armed men to the neighborhood where they shot and kied 10-year-old makiyah wilson. we have kevin eugene jones th charged wthe assault and carjacking of that woman outsidh thatme in lanham. knowing the victim in this case, makiyah wilson was 10 years old. she can't sit in silence. she tells jackie bensen that she knew she hado call police. >> i feel how her uncle feels. snitches get stitches, that crap is old. a 10-year-old lost her life. spwhy somebody can'k up about that. if this was you and your family in this u'position, y be irate, over the roof. what makes her different? she's a child who lost her life. >>. >> reporter: she is urging anyone who knows anything to come forward and speak with police. live in northwest d.c.ti i'm j finch, news 4. justin, thank you. it's about 6:50.
6:50 am
we have an update now on a growing catholic church scandal. the archbishop of the washingtoc e, cardinal donald wuerl is accused of being involved in a excover-up of abuse that lasted for decades. >> the ak sakes are among the findings in a grand juryreport. he was the long time bishop of the pittsburgh tie sedivaese. a pennsia grand jury accused several -- cardinal wuerl is accused of approving the transfer of known offenderst and hundreds ousands of dollars in confidential settlements. he said he acted with concern for the victims and prevent future acts of let's get back to clarksburg, maryland. chopper 4 over the scene of a massive fire at a recycling t plas morning. >> this is on frederick road and also impacting trafficne by. news 4's chris lawrence begins our team coverage. he's been on thed. grou
6:51 am
so chris, what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah. the worst thing i can tell you, someone was in there when the fire started and no firefighters were injured. that's been a bigissue. water or the lack of it. the tankers are having to come upmaryland 355 one by one for miles at a time to try to get water on this fire. that ha hurt some of the suppression efforts over the past few hours. it's a warehouse. they handle recyclable materials, likeasphalt, metal, concrete, brick. fortunately, they don't handle hazaous materials, no asbest asbestos. one of the things the investigators told me, they had solar panels up on the that makes the roof very heavy. they're worried about structural collapse ere. hat's one of the reasons they have not been sending fefighters intohe structure. they've been trying to get as much water from the outside and hit the hotspots.
6:52 am
again, i can tell you that huge, huge cloud of smoke behind me, we have seen that for miles around. one of the ffrs just told me, they eect to be out here for ou several h. chris lawrence, news 4. >> chris, thank you. now to the impact of fire is having on the morning commute. >> good morning thrst 4 traffic alert because of this massive fire. take a look at chopper 4 and that picture from above. the section of 355 frederick roadlosed as chris said to get the tankers through. as we zoom in a little bit and look a the map, you c see the closure. closures is always in purple, not slow with red. it is closed in that purple shade. shut down between old hundred and 121, lanes blocked because of thla bze. again, them getting through that area. brad freas has been up above this for almost two hours now. how are things looking travelwise? pretty slow? >> that's right, melissa.
6:53 am
we have been over this for a while. we've seen the delaysw.g this is urbana. the delays coming down from frederick. i'm hearing 10-mile delay all tohe way back route 70 which is definitely a viable option for you if you're trying to get through the damascusarea to get tock on 270. i also want mention that the neighborhoods in clarksburg are getting wiped out with smoke this morning. it's going to be a long morning for a lot of commuters on270 this morning. elsewhere, hyattsville westbound 50, the report of aa there and seeing slowdowns. heading a little bit soth, lorton, before lorton road. crash blocking center lane. >> prince williams parkway, the crash on the left shoulder, no major issues on thelt y. your travel times 270 from germantown to the spur, okay. normal slowdowns, outer loop and 270. 66 inbound. 95 northbound.
6:54 am
both going 40 miles per hour. listen to 103.5 fm when you hop in your car.g good morn everybody. wednesday morning off to a delightful. sun is up and clear skies. that allowed most of the sub urs to dlophe well down into630s this morning. here's what you need to know about the weather. it's comfortable right now. 90-degree days are back today, tomorrow, friday. three i a row 90 or higher. not much of a rain threat. but rain chances creep back into the forecast on friday. it will lead to at least slightly cooler weather into the weekend. right now, a beautiful 63 degrees in charles town, west virginia. 63 in purcellville. 73 in arlington, virginia this morning. planner today, all sunshine all the time. temperatures mid-80s by o ime. around 90 to 91 for aigh today. tomorrow not as cool in the morning. most of the suburbs will ber
6:55 am
clo to 70 tomorrow as opposed to the mid-60s now. warmer, more humid start tomorrow and warmer in the afternoon as well. tomorrow's high up to 93 tegrees. here's a look the satellite picture. tlrs the reason we're sitting high andry the next couple of days. we're waiting on this arf disturbed weather across the midwe arrivingfriday. here's the ten-day forecast. sunny and hot. low to mid-90s on friday. late hp day stormsome in here friday night. that could leave us with a lingering shower chance or two. no washout expected for sunday. a high of only 2. chuck, thank you. it is 6:55. here are four things to knows thimorning. metro union is planning to have a -- they're cling for paul wiedefeld to resign. they say specialreatment was given to -- metro denies the allegations.
6:56 am
the unersity ofaryland says it accepts legal and moral responsibility for the death a football player. jordan mcnair died two weeks after suffering from a heat stroke during a rkt. strength and conditioningcoach rick court has resigned and head coach d.j. durkin on paid leave. at least 37 people are dead after aig hhway bridge collapsed in italy. it happened during a severe storm storm. you can look for the latest onay the "tshow. crews are still trying to put out a two-alarm fire at this frcycling plant in clarksburg. these are picture chopper 4. no injuries reported but the fire has been burning for nearly four hours. melissa mollet has another look at the traffic impact. >> it is a big. impa we're talking about a ten-mile delay southbound on 270 as you approach thisproblem. you can't take 355 through that area. allow lot of extra time. 70 to through damcus, it is moving but it will take you a
6:57 am
hile. guys? we also have sun blare on the roads too. sunnhot, high of 91. tomorrow, still in the 90s. even friday, the highest humidity will be friday as well with tmperatures in the mid-90s. then rain chances headed into the weekend. doesn't look too bad. cooler on sunday. tomorrow on "news4 today," sending the kids back to school can be a relief for some of the kids but it can be nerveki r for kids dealing with allerg.s at scho we have a look at if they're safe in the classroom. news for today. we appreciate you starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in >> make it a great wednesday everybody. aerosmi
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good morning. sins of the fathers the bombshell new report revealing be seven decades of was in the catholic church in pennsylvania. more than 300 members of the clergy accused. >> while t list of priests is long, we don't think got them al >> the number of victims potentially in the thousands. >> i knew the truth would come out eventually. these are wolves in shepherds clothing. >> this morning the new pressur on pope franto do more. reality bites. the president takes on his re former appntice calling omarosa a dog after she insists he's on tape using a racial slur and the white house struggles for answers. >> can you stand at the podium


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