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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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investigators say they are the remains of three women who vanished more than a decade ago. >> let's get right to news4's mark segraves for the latest. >> reporter: there'simore rmation now than the police knew three weeks ago. all threems vic were in their late 40s, reported missing in 06, and theyll lived in the very neighborhood where their skeletal remains were found a few months one of them lived on the very block where her body was burdie. this all started back in april whenon cruioorct wnke frs in a between an apartment building in southeast washington. when cadaver dogs were brought in, they found two more bodies next door. that led to the investigation
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resulting in the discovery that wol three women had been murdered, by gunshot, one by blunt force trauma. today chief newsham says two of those women were killed at the same time, most likely by the same pertn. here is w he had to say about the latest discovery. >> whenever you have a familiy member who goesmissing, i'm certain that this news is devastating to these families. i want to express my heartfelt condolen condolences. the identificationinf the women his case will obviously help in this investigation. as you can imagine, there's a tremendous amount of work ahead of us to find the person or persons that are responsible for these murders. >> reporter:gain, chief n newsham is pleading with the public for your help. theyay if you knew these three women or lived or worked in that area, the 100 block of wayne
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place southeast, maybe you were a delivery person or postal worker, chief newsham says, you have information they can use, they want to hear from all women in their 40s lived in that neighborhood and all were reported missing bac in 2006. we can tell me you those families have been notified, as ve other families who submitted dna to be tested against these remains that turned out not to be relatives. police had a lot of work to do in the last few days, notifying families of good news and bad news in this case. in southwest, mark segraves, news4.nk >> tyou, mark. mark segraves was the first to break this story earlier this year. we have continuing coverage in the nbc washington app, including a look at photos from the crime screen. other breaking news right now, with week dominated by tape recmdings fhen ex-white-house staffer, president trump announced he is revoking the security clearance of former cia director john
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brennan. >> any access granted to our nation's secrets should be in furtherance of national, not personal interests. for this reason, i havegu also to review the more general question of the access to classified infmationy government officials. >>s that white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders reading a statement from the president. sanders says that brennan's clearance was revoked because of his, quote, erratic behavior. brennan, by the way, has harshly criticized the president recently. sands says mr. trump is looking at possibly revoking other clearances including former fbi director james comey and former director of national telligence james clapper. a big mess on key bridge after a car burst into flames is afternoon. traffic cameras captured the car smoking as other cars were sitting in gridlock. firefighters doused the flames shortly after the car caught fire. traffic in the area was blocked for a while but things are back to normal right authorities aren't sure what
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caused that car to catch fire. luckily no on was injured. fairfax county police want to track dn a man who is accused of touching a girl on a soccer field and then exposing himself. erika gonzalez h more. >> in less than two hours, detectives are expected to start they want help finding the person they say targeted a soccer.r playing officers released a sketch of the man they are looking for, io take a look on a your screens, a white man with long brown hair, 30 years o age. investigators tell us he approached the girl saturday, justefore 8:00 in the evening. after exposing himself, we're told he ran away. fortunately theoung lady was not hurt. news4's darcy spencer is speaking with neighbors rightnd now, you'll see her live report next on news4 at 00. i'm erika gonzalez from the live desk. it's theac first day to school for students in fauquier
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county. and they're welcoming some new faces. and we're not talking about the faces of students. rather, security guards. this time next month, thoseds gu will likely be carrying guns. only on 4, bureau reporter david colbert introduce us to those tasked wh keep students safe this year. >> reporter: students are used to seeing school resource officers. but now new faces will be walking the halls, all in an effort to keep your kids safe. franz is one of those new to the school this year. we caught up with him near en warrn. >> when i got dressed today, was like, i'm starting my new career. >> reporter: his new job, school security officer or sso. t agreedthe position a day after r heetired from virginia state police. he was a trooper for 28 years. >> a few times in my previous job, we're reactive. in this b, i can be proactive.
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>> every one of our schools will have at least an armed school security officer within the building. >> reporter:in supndent dr. david jacks sayn i high school like kettle run, the new ssos will often work alongside a reurce officer like officer tendal. dr. jacks is looking forca ndidates with a law enforcement background and those who can connect with young people. >> our schsl resource offic up to now have built very good relationships with students. we expect that the ssos will do the same thing.te >> reporr: students like harper told me ty wanted more security and feel safer knowing this former cop will soon beir armed in t halls. >> now we know if officer we'lll can't be here, have someone else who will help us out. >> reporter: for now he's justf taking it in, getting to know the school community he will protect and serve without the badge. david culver, news4.
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there is tighter security at schools here and across the nation prompted by the deadly shooting at parkland high in florida. those students returned to class today. more on what they're feeling today, coming up at 4:30.>> a grand jury in pennsylvania accuses some 300 priests of sexually abusing at least 1,000 children over t past 70 years. some of the priest served under cardinal donald wuerl, who was supervising the archdiocese uf recently. he's accused of not doing enough to stop that abuse. news4'stz meagan rald is standing by with more. >> reporter: for two decades, cardinal wuerl was the bishop of the archdiocese of pittsburgh. he was cri cized for h response to the sex abuse canned
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ann -- scandal. the gnd jury criticized the search for handling most complaints internally. the grand jury accused wuerl of creating and using the term ayircle of secrecy" to refers to the the church covered up the accusations of abuse. that term was handwritten on a document the grand jurors revied and they attributed it to wuerl. a spokesperson for archbishop wuerl says he never used that term and says the terminology was taken out of context by the grand jury. >> here is what i can tell you about cardinal wuerl. the pslic comme that he has made directly contradict the church's own documents that we found in the secret archives. and that's all s out in the grand jury report. >> reporter: now, we have oried to rea to cardinal wuerl several time for an interview. a spokesperson has declined those requests. he did issue a statement saying in part he acted with diligence,
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th concern for the victims, and to prevent future acts of abus of course you can read that entire statement on our nbc washington app, just search "wuerl." back to you. >> tnk you, meagan. other top stories we're following, closing arguments have end at the trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. prosecutors say manafort's attorneys violated several of the judge's orders in their argument. the judge says he's likely tose address tho violations in hisin jury ructions. manafort is on trial in bank and tax fraud charges. a prayer f service the queen of soul, this in her hometown of detroit today at a church where her father once preached. aretha franklin's family says she's gravely ill at the moment. stay with us, we'll get updates on her healt and bring them to younb on air and in th washington app. urning now to the weather on this wednesday.
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a break in the rain gives us a chance to send doug outdoors. >> let's see if he enjoys beings outd doug is in manassas, doing his backyard weather thing. who are you visiting today, man? >> guys, i'll tell you, a beautiful day out here. we're in manassas. this is backyard weather. one of the last backyards we'll see for backyard weather this year. we've had a lot of fun in the suger. somethinells me we'll have fun here too. temperature-wise right now, still on the hot side but not too humid out here. 90 degrees the current temperature around the mid-atlantic, in thepper 80s. tomorrow definitely on the hotter side here. as we loods towhe next couple of days, yes, heat and humidity returning during the day tomorrow. we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms returning as we make o way towards the weekend here, especially friday, saturday, andndnto . that's something we'll be tracking very closely. and then we may actually get a phenomenal streak of weather
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into next week. guys, when i came here i was a liiele worr nobody was going to be showing up here. but then the football team showed up!th is a high school varsi team. i wasn't sure if we were going to have fun, i think we'll havl a ttle bit of fun today. we'll be back in ten minutes. l >>k at him. there you go. >> a cool crowd now. >> this is the perfect night for that. there's a lot more to come on news4 at 4:00. >> that's right, folks, stick around. you'll hear a 10-year-old girl descbe caring for her dolls and the youtube videos which help prepare her for the surprise delivery of her newborn cousin. >>nd in italy people are still searching for those missing in the rble of the collapsed bridge.r
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you'll h from a survivor. and how some pets here locally are living large and waiting for their forever home. ♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa as long as the suns up...♪ ♪there's no holding back.♪-o ♪whoaaaaaaa ♪and every moment, ♪you gotta make it last.
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rescuers in italy are searching in darkness for survivors of that bridge coapse on tuesday. the chances are dwindling thatan they'll finne else alive in the rubble.
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nbc's ly kafanov is in genoa, speaking to a survivor who barely escaped. >> reporter: today is a major teliday here in italy. and so yay this bridge was packed not just with trucks and regular traffic but with families trying to get out of town for vacation. the weather conditions were terrible, torntial rains. 36-mile-per-hour winds. i spoke to oneho eyewitness was on the bridge, watching it collapse in real time. she was two cars away from the edge. she managed to escape with her life but istruggling now with survivor's guilt. >> today i'm a little bit sort of -- it's not real. so many people who lived here lost their life. children. why children? why not me? >> reporter: now, she was with er boyfriend who is a firefighter. he managed to save the lives of three people. rescue teams a continuing to
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search through the rubble, desperately trying to get to anyone who might still be trapped beneath. but of course with each passing hour, hopes of findings survivors who are still alive are slowly start to fade. lucy kafanov, nbc news, genoa, italy. d.c.'s mayor is hom now from her mission to el salvador. on her last dayte there yay she visited the hometown of thousands of salvadorians w now live in d.c. the mayor was there to promote trade and cultural ties. she was greeted by the mayor, who once lived in alexandria. mayor bowser wass awarded k the city. the arlington county fair kicks off in about 45 the clarendon area of the county. the event runs through sunday. and this year, the theme is "small county, big fun." itill feature local entertainment, competitive exhibits, activities for kids, and, of course, amusement rides. new this year is the profiles of
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honor mobile tour that highlightsvirginia's important role in both world wars. ighey've got fun there. >> that camera is watching meak there so sure there's nobody between that camera and me. >> that's doug. >> that's doug. >> in someone's backyard. >> that just shows you the most dangerous place in this region is any place between doug and a cara. >> hey, doug, you ready? >> you don't want to get in his y. >> we're just having fun with you. >> you hrd me, don't get between the camera and the green 'rreen because we got it all out here. in the backyard, this is josh, this is chris. come on in. whoo, live television, i love it. i love it. they caught me righthere. and i caught you guys on faceok about a week ago, we were looking for somebody to do backyard weather withnt i n facebook and i said, hey, i need somebody's backyard. eris, you came to rescue. >> i did, i posted a picture of
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josh and ournd bulldog a pool and i said, hey, we can get you some wings,r come see wn. >> did you hear the word she used? wings, baby. and they're coming. >> they're in-house, they're not out of the grill yet. >> don't worry. josh, you h e threekids. >> two of which are here, one is droppctice, one we just off at virginia tech, gng to be afreshman. >> you went to virginia tech. >> i kind of did. >> we have virginia tech here. >> we're kind of virginia tech people. and your son? >>is face is in the window because he's actually at virginia tech >> it's a little warm, but guys, humidity is not all that bad. s let'w you what's happening right now as we move through the next couple of days temperature-wise. we're going to be in the 90s right now on through t next w days. i'm walking in this way, here i am. yes. that's what i'm talkingabout. see? now i'm doing the weather, guys, pretty cool, huh?
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90 deges with winds out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour we're at 89 here in manassas, humidity fairly low. a great day t get into the pool. radar, nothing to show. we've seen a couple of rain over the past couple of days and really the past couple of weeks. but today, no rain. we're notxpecting it tomorrow. the rain moves in, though. take a look at the system towards the west. that whole system will try to move our way. as it does mov ourway, let me get out of the way so you can see where we are ineke. i'm going -- in d.c. friday we could see showers aun rstorms during the afternoon. that's something we're going to be tracking for you. fridayould see a strong storm or two although it doesn't look like it's going to be a washout. tomorrow into the next couple of days, there's friday's forast showing that chance of storms over the next xcouple of days o saturday afternoon. tomorrow, high temperature of 94
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degrees, a few clouds, but a bit more humid during the day tomorrow. 94. it's really friday, and the ten-day forecast here, really friday when we see a chance of storms increase on saturday through saturday and sunday. friday, 94.ex heat ioing to be around 100 degrees. definitely a hot one on sunday. 82 degrees coming up on sunday. saturday and sunday, still watching very closely to see how much rain we could get out here. as we look towards next week, yeah, take a look at this, guys, next wednesday through friday, maybe even into sunday, some really nice weather. when is your first real game, guys? next week. all right, good. so the 24th is looking really good right no guys. you're looking pretty good. you're looking pretty good. we'll be back in just couple of i've got to ask these guys a question. they play my team herndon, a little bit later in the season. >> uh-oh. >> wait, wait. you're not going to smack talk
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to them about herndon, are you? come on,man. >> what's that? >> you're going to smack talk them about heron? >> absolutely. >> hey, you know, this evening can't end with you being dry. at some point you've g to get in the pool with those dudes. >> that water is calling. >> that's true. some of these guys are a lot bigger than me. >> we'll talk to you later. >> see you in a bit. coming up next, we've got proof that learning can be a lot of fun.ho >> we'll s you some back to school gadgets that your kids are going to be enjoying any time of the year. and the white house still reeling today from comments made by former staffer omarosa.
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parents, some of you may be feel bit overwhelmed now about trying to get your kids ready for a new school year. >> whave help for you. news4's eun yang got some expert advicege on cool tech g you may want to use yourself. >> reporter: it's that time of year again. many of you are getting your kids back to school. we're her to help. pencils and paper aren't the
4:25 pm
only thing students need these days. steve greenberg, author of "gadget nati," is her with high tech gadgets that are cool for kids of all ages. >> and things they can focus on that takes them away from their phones and tablets into a three-dimensional world. >> parents need help getting them all their devices. >> exactly. rhis is called key picks. you take y smartphone, place it right on top of the device like this. just push down the button here. turn this dial. and out comes a photograph. it takes the pictures from your phone and prints them out. no wi-fi, no batteries, no plugging in. it's super simple. $4 available on amazon. key picks. a smart way to go. now kids will haveictures they can use in their notebooks and lockers. >> genius. all the pictures o our ones. >> exactly. this is really cool. this is called hidden temple t-rex. again, it's about having fun with toys rather than looking aa something screen. you create your own dinosaur
4:26 pm
adventure, is got this cool uv light to showcase secrets on the walls. and i love the details. look at this little tiny microsanpe. >> kids u their own imagination while they're playing. >> very cool. $60. this is called smart sketcher. is takes a picture from your phone, send that picture, push the stton, itds it right down here. you're going to take it and sketch it out. here is one i did earlier of myself. you sketch the picture, i colored it in, and there's a picture of pe. you can do cloud, bunnies, ther whatever you want. whether you're 6 or 106, this is a lot of fun. ages 5 and up. amazon has it. >>fu all n. steve greenberg, thanks as always. >> really cool gadgets there. well, it is back to school
4:27 pm
time in parkland,or a. but hardly back to normal there. students say they have mixedfe ings about all of the new security in place. and a special bond formed ght away between a 10-year-old and her newborncousin. what little chloe says she did what little chloe says she did when
4:28 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on ttens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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we are back as we cross the bottom of the hour with breaking ndws in d.c. human remains f earlier this year near an apartment in
4:30 pm
southeast d.c. have be identified as three women. jewel king, cordell jefferson and dorothy butts. >> all of tie vicms are in their 40s anden all w missing in 2006. but athis point it's unclear if if tthe women have a connectn to one another. students atarjory stoneman uglas high school returned to class today. >>any say they welcome the added security, to a point. nbc's ari odzer reports. >> reporter: at any school, the firstf school is filled with anticipation and excitement. but those feelings are tempered great here at marjory stoneman douglas high school, because it's only been six months since calamity struck this community. as much as all the students and warrants arriving he early this morning want to turn the page, they know it's not going to happen in one day. what are you thinking the first day of school, is there nervousness, trepidation?
4:31 pm
>> i'm t a little nervousbe back. hopefully we'll get to more of a sense of normalcy, the start of a school year. >> mixedfeelings. there's a fine line between security and overprotecti tness. i thin school and the county should find that line an make sure tn't cross it, because i want a safe school but i don't want to feel like i'm being watched. >> i'm pretty nervous. but i think i'm goi have a good year this year. keeping positive. i'm pretty sure everybody else keeping positive. >> reporter: are you n about school security with your daughter being there? >> i'm really not. there's think that going to be enough eyes this year and i think these kids especially know, see something, say something. >> bitterswe day here for everyone. i think everyone islad to get back and be reunited. six months away from the tragedy, it feels like it just
4:32 pm
happened yesterday. so there are a lot of emotions going on. it's still a challenging time for many of the students and faculty. >> reporter: that was broward county superintendent robert runcie whogt talked at l about the emotional supports that have been set up here at stoneman dougla two wellness centers created, counselors assigned. they have emotional wellness dogs on campus. theyave three resource officers here instead of just one. and they have new security cameras, single point of entry. that's becoming nhem in schools all over south florida. in parkland, ari odzer, nbc news. the nasty back and forth between president trump and former staffer omarosa manigault newman is growing more personal, theresident calling omarosa a low life and a dog. she secretly taped trump and other staffers, and omarosa says
4:33 pm
she's heard audio of the president using the "n" word multiple tim during outtakes of "the apprentice" show. the president's go-to insult when it comes to people of color seems to be about lack of intelligence or them being stupid or whatever,hether it's lebron james, maxine waters, lemon.don but this time around, calling omarosa adog, that seems to be taking it to a whole differe level. what are your listenersyi? >> they're wondering when the congress will step in to stop this behavior. my listeners are not huge supporters of omarosa but they were united that this was disrespectful and an all-time low. steve harvey talked about it this morning. he h a separate concern other than the mention of "dog." here is what he had toay this
4:34 pm
morning. >> his people who support him and act likehis is okay, it's normalizing this type of be tvior. that shocking part, that he can get tens of millions of people to agree with him. the sadart is when he goes to a rally and every word he says, ife had said that out loud, that dog, his base would have erupted in cheers. >> it'sngoingaga at the white house. >> interesting. all right. but that wasn't the only thing that came out of the white house that was generating s much discussion in this vein. also there was talk about -- sarah sanders yesterday saying she could not guarantee that the president would not be found at some point on tape saying t "n" word. i know your listeners have to be talking about that. >> first of all, they don't believe his statement at all.
4:35 pm
we hadpl lots of p weighing in. juanita out of upper marlboro had this to say about the omarosa story and just trump in general. >> it's a confirmation of his condition mentally and morally. it shows all america if you disagree with him, whether you're right or wrong, you're going to be characterized in the same manner. and it's just time for this man or person to go, because he has become a disgrace to our country. >> our listeners are just stayg prayerfulbout this whole matter. they're also talking about the retirement of o general manager, the longest serving gm in the u.s., four decades. and you guys are doing a special on him this friday afternoon. , going to bewh sitting on a beach somewhere. you guys are doing a special
4:36 pm
about his life and what he's given to the district of columbia and the sound across the world. >> it's a real changing of the guard in this ea. >> he will be missed. >> we're honored to have been part of it. give him our best. thanks so much. >> thank you, taylor. t's still smoky in clarksburg and it may be for days after a recycling warehouse caught fire early this morning. also pets living large. the leal dog condo that's r helping toelieve the problems of shelter overcrowding. live in manassas right now, in backyard weather. we've got the big guys right here getting fed, because they have a practice tonight. you guys have a practice tonight. be careful, they have a bigsc mmage coming up tomorrow. weather-wise, we'll talk abouup that comin in backyard
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4:40 pm
animal shelters across the country constantly struggle with the problem ofovercrowding. for an older dog, that means more stress. >> sheena parveen tells us about one local animal sheltered that has a solution. >> reporter: this is 1hopper. he's years old. for the lastse 10 of t years, he's been a shelter dog. if you think he's sad, think again. employees andte vols at this animal shelter in loudoun county aren't sure why he hasn't f nd home. at first glance, you would think he already has one. how is h liking this? >> he loves it. this is his home. >> reporter: you could call this senior dogommunity at foha. ten individual homes, all created to give older and long term residents here a more comfortablelife.
4:41 pm
some even have their own private pool, free roaming inside and and all a comfy bed, the love in the world. life is pretty good for an older dog at this shelter. p think this is unique. i haven't seen ace like this either. it's a really neat place and something we're very proud of. >> reporter: at this point in hopper's life, it's all about comfort. while he waits to find his forever home. sheena parveen, news4. >> next best thing to a forever home. >> we've got to find him a forever home, folks. friends of homeless animals typically house 100 dogs at a time there. >> the group finds forever homes fo about500 pets every year. >> folks, help them out if you can. help hopper out. clear the shelters, our big nationwide pet adoption event, is coming up this saturday. >> you can find out which shelter near you will be taking part by downloading the nbc
4:42 pm
we want to clear the shelters. >> there you go. up next, a secret pregnancy. >> and a surprise at-home delivery. >> i watched youtube videos about people playing with dogs and cing for babies. i used stuff i knew from the videos. >> how this -year-old spraining into action to deliver her newborn cousin. and doug kammerer, well, he's somewhere out there. 's taking weather on th road. we're going to go back to kristen's backyd in manassas. oh, there he is. >> found you. >> we'll check and see ve
4:43 pm
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i'm erika gonzalez. if you're just joining us this afternoon, the's four things to know, beginning with breaking news in the district. human remains found earlier this year near an apament in southeast d.c. have been identified as three women. wel king, jernel jefferson,
4:46 pm
and darlene butts, all in their 40s, all disappeared in 2006. police say they do not have a person of interest. we're closely watching to see what fallout comes after yesterday's grand jury report in pennsylvania. yesterday the report accused 300 priests of abusing 1,000e children in ast 70 years. cardinal wuerl, now the archbishop of washington, was criticized for mishandling cases. attorney general josh shapiro ys wuerl's comments contradict documents in the grand jury report. presi that he is revoking the security clearance of former cia direcr john brennan. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says it's because of brennan's, quote, erratic behavior. brennan has harshly criticized the president recently. traffic is back to normal on the key bridge after a car burst into flames today, backing up traffic for some time. traffic cameras captured the car smoking. authorities aren't sure whated ca that car to catch fire.
4:47 pm
amazing that nobody was hurt. leon? >> thanks, erika. a newborn in northern theinia will have quite story to tell when he grows up. >> his cousin can tell the story right now, because she helped deliver the baby in the apartment bathroom on monday. >> as news4's smari stone reports, she learned how to deliver a baby on youtube. >> i have a new cousin. i'll be excited when he comes home. >> reporter: chloe is a smart, quick-thinking 10-year-ol in fairfax county. >> i read a lot. and i write down a lot of stuff. >> reporter: she's at home with her 21-year-oldaunt, dominique, tuesday afternoon. dominique isn't feeling well, alks in the bathroom. suddenly -- >> she screamed my name, saying, chloe! she said, there's a baby. >> reporter: you heard correctly, a baby. dominique gave birth in the bathro. >> she got in the bathtub and
4:48 pm
had the baby on the floor. she had lost a lot of blood so she had fallen down and passed out. i grabbed the baby, i called 911. >> reporter: chloe takes action, cuts the umbilical cord, wraps and holds the baby. >> what to do when a child is heck. >> reporter: when is asked how she knew what to do -- the internet. >> i had watched a video.te >> rep medics arrived and drove them to fairfax hospital. meanwhile, chloe's mother comes home. >> i'm like, did i walk ighthe house? is this happening right now? >> reporter: you were in shock? >> very much so.or >> rr: that's because no one knew dominique was pregnant. >> she didn't tell anybody. i thought that was just her regular stomach. >> reporter: why didn't you let anybody know that you're pregnant? >> i was scared. >> reporter: scared? yeah. >> reporter: in a phone interview from her hospital bed, dominique tells me she's now relieved she and her newborn
4:49 pm
baby are healthy and resting, anks to chloe. >> i'm very proud of her. >> that makes me happyn >> reporter:irfax county, i'm shomari stone, news4. >> way to go, chloe. the things you can learn from watching youtube. >> oh, my god, that's insane. >> and the baby is going to be fine. >> baby's going to be fine. congratulations. >> good for chloe. >> good for the baby. >> thank you for the internet. >> that's insane. let's go back to manassas ammerer is in the backyard. >> we have got to check to what's the wing watch number at? how many so far, man? >> i've had zero so far. >> no! >> y think i want to share wings with all these guys? not happening. these guys tctually have get out of here, they have a practice coming up tonight. this is jackson right here. this is your house. this is your backyard. this is a pretty cool place to
4:50 pm
grow up. >> yeah, i really like it. it's great having this pool out here and a big bayard, we can always have big gatherings and good bonding sessions and make good friends out here. >> you got all your friends right here from the team, right? >> yes, sir. >> you guys ready for football season? >> absolutely! >> this is coach evans right here. coach, first off, this -- ieep saying orchard park. >> osbourn park. >>nk you very much. you guys told me something earlier. coach, wha did you tell me? who are you playing?>> herndon high school. >> you're playing our homecoming, you're coming to our house for homecoming. who is th quarterback? casey. >> casey, me and you, buddy, afteralhis we'll a little bit. go easy on herndon for me, guys, i heard you beathem last year. >> they're a good team. >>ome on, herndon hornets! you can say your name too. that's what i'm talking about. let's see how it is out there
4:51 pm
weather-wise. we've been on the warm side temperature of degrees earlier this afternoon. another hot day. not too bad as far as humidity was concerned, dropping to 87. 84 by 9:00. towards 100 tonight, we're talking about 80 degrees. a really nice evening as we move on out. let'show youhat's happening in d.c. right now, 90. 85 up towards the frederick area, gaithersburg. 89 and 86 around reston. it's on the hot side for sure. not all that bad for this time of year. average high, 87 degrees. the satellite and radar, you notice nothing going on rig now. we're not seeing anything across the area rain-wise. that's going to be changing. something else that's going to be changing, amelia draper, a rm chance for stos coming up on friday. the heat and humidity may be a bigger deal. >> exactly,specially out there on friday. tomorrow starts to feel a little bit humid. but on wfriday,re really feeling that heat and humidity. feeling closer to 100 degrees out there on friday when you factor in the mugginess. here is your planner for
4:52 pm
tomorrow on thursday. 7:00 a.m., we're5 at degrees with the high of 94. so a little bit warmer than e bit more cloud cover than today. we're completely dry during the day on your thursday. obut during thernight hours, i can't rule out an isolated shower, mainly north of shington. i was going to change the pool outlook today up to maybe like e playgroundoutlook. then i saw doug was out there at that fantastic pool, i walike, i'll keep the pool outlook for the graphic today. tomorrow if you're heading to the pool, it's looking great again. on friday, scattered late day showers and thunderstorms possible. i wod definitely still hea to the pool on friday and saturday. so afternoon showers and thunderstorms are right now.ikely if you were to head to the poole on the weekend, the earlier the better on your saturday. quick look at your pollen report today, grasses a coming in moderate. they have license low, and mold spores are cominn high, especially with all the rain lately. here's a look at your weekend, 89 on saturdayn only 82 sunday. the weekend isn't a washout but it does look like we'll have
4:53 pm
scattered showers and thunderstorms later in the day on saturday and a chance for a shower or thunderstorm on sunday. much cooler on sunday with a high of. lower humidity as well. and doug, what's so fantastic about next wee is it's looking mainly dry, almost every single day. something we haven't been able to say much this year. and a lot o your backyard weather, we've had to change them or move them around becausn you've bealing with some storms during the afternoon and evening hours. >> yeah, absolutely. we've come to backyards and they've been on the hot side. this one warm and not tooba osbourn park, good luck to your season. we'll see you guys soon. they've got to go but the party is really about to begin right here. they're ready to go too. and now we can pull out the wings. >> all right, doug, thank you.e' >> check back with you later on. coming up next here at 4, a massive warehouse up in flames. >> chopper 4 is flying over the
4:54 pm
recycling facility. as you can see, it's still smoking. we'll explain why knocking this thin down is such a challenge for fire crews. and then all new, a lifeline for victimsf domestic violence. the app that lets you keep women sa in real time.fe
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4:56 pm
4:57 pm
this fire at a recycling plant in clarksburg srled the morning community and still hasn't been resolved. >> reporter: that's right, live pictures from chopper 4. all roads in the area are back open. it's still a very active scene. smoke is sti o coming of that building. > as news4's chris lawrence explains, people around the area could be dealing with the smoke from this fire for quite a while. >> reporter: you can see the smoke everywhere, spreading across the communityf clarksburg. at one point traffic on 270 was backed up ten miles.
4:58 pm
>> it is too dangerous t send people in. >> reporter: chief charles bailey is keeping firefhters on t fringe, trying to knock down hotspots. he says the warehouse, is hu topped with heavy solar panels. >> we have a higher than usual risk of collapse because the steel was exposed to high heat conditions. >> reporter: a fire crew coming back from another call spotted the burning building at 3:00 a.m. it's a recycling pla that disposes of construction debris but doesn't handle asbestos haza hazardous or waste. there was no hydrants so they had to carry tankers. >> they shuttle the water in. >> reporter: police had to shut down route 355 to clear space for those tankers to get by. tat forced all that rush hour traffic right on highway. the plant was closed, and no one was inside. so investigators are still looking into how it started.
4:59 pm
but as for any of the folks who livear , you may want to check the air quality when you we're tside, because being told smoke could be coming out of that building for the next fewdays. charactelarksburg, chris lawre news4. new revelations tonight about three sets of hum remains found buried in and around a building inst south washington. >> tonight at 5:00, we know who they are. police identifying them as thr women last seen more than ten years ago. the victims were all in their 40s when they disappeared back in 2006. good evening, i'mza erika gz in for wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. by identifying these women, police have closed one chapter while launching n questions out whether they may be connected, and who killed them. >> news4's mark segraves has been on th story since april and joins us with the very
5:00 pm
latest. mark? >> reporter: yeah, as you mentioned,ee t families were notified today of the worst news that they could possibly get,ov that their ones who have been missing, as you said, for ten years, are not going to be comihome. as you said, police now have a wot more clues to go on. they now k that all three women were in their 40s. they all lived in e same neighborhood. and they all disappeared back in 2006. as recently as last week, investigators were still digging in the woods behind this apartment buding, looking for clues. now police have the bt clues so far. the names of the victims. >> jewelking, who was a 48-year-old female fromso hwest d.c. the second was verdell jefferson, she was aol 41-yea female. our third victim is dorothy butts, she was a 43-year-old female. >> reporter: it all began ipr late a when a construction sew found a human skull while working in a crapace of


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