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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  August 17, 2018 11:34pm-12:38am EDT

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[ cheers and applaus♪] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in ckefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring ll jimmy ."t, tonigh join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer lopez, finn wolfhard, musical guest janet jackson with daddy yankee.
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 916, sacramento! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome! welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. thank you so much for being here. i appreciate it. we have a big show tonight. t's get to some news here. first, i heard that a cold front is headed towards new york this weekend. [ cheers ] [ booing ] [ light laughter ]
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while down in washingt, they're still assessing the damage from hurricane omarosa. [ laughter ] and so we're going to see -- [ applause ] that's right, i read that all the white house staffers are wondering when the next omara tape will come out and what will be on it. when experts said the tapes he could costtheir jobs, the staffers were like, "sweet! release the tapes! let's go, come on! [ laughter we're getting out of here!" o applause ] hey guys, i wanty happy birthday to our pal robert deniro who turns 75 today. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] happy birthday, robert deniro. >> tariq: speaking of deniro, id do a pretty eniro impression. >> jimmy: is that right? great, let's see it, tariq. >> tariq: yeah, yeah. ho up. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: pretty good. >> tariq: [ as deniro ] you talkin' to me? >> jimmy: oh, that's pretty that's not bad's not bad. [ cheers and applause ] i think it's more like -- [ as deniro ] you talkin' to me? >> tariq: no, that's a good one. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> questlove: no, no, no, no, no. you'reoth wrong. this is my robert deniro. you talkin' to me?
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[ laughter ] ♪ >> announcer: thhik you for wa the third annual "questlove can't do a deniro impression," right here on nbc. [ applause ] >> jimmy: maybe -- maybe he'll nail it next year. hey, i heard about a ousix-year-old in utah who used her mom's amazon a to order $350 worth of toys and video games. as punishment, the girl was sent to her room, where she had an awesome time. [ lauger and applause ] ans finally, you guys, the n is so crazy lately, sometimes it feels like the stores are just made up, like someone h blended a bu them together. so we took some real headlines and blended them together to see if the new stories were any crazier than the actual news here's the first example. if you blend the stories in r founders swipe right on lawsuit," "man in vermont spots bigfoot," and "president trump joins fundraiser in utica," you get -- "president trump joins tinder, swipes right on bigfoot." [ cheers and applause ] that's quite a little crazier. next up, if you blend the stories, "angry scaramucci cries after being fired,"
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"trump pronounced nepal as 'nipple,'" and "twists and turns in minnesota primary," you get --"a ry trump cries after anthony scaramucci twists his nipple." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that's a little bit crazier. >> steve: tiny bit. >> jimmy: here's the last one.le if you the stories "trump tariffs hit nuts and fruit," "crop reports damage weak grain market," and "pigs receive transplant of live grown lungs," you get -- "weak trump receives transplant of le grown nuts." [ applause ] we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, man, i'm so excited. we have a fantastic show tonight. she is going to be honored withd the video vangward at the mtv video music awards this monday night.i' going to be there too. >> steve: ooh!
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>> jimmy: jennifer lopez is here tonight! >> steve: yeah! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: jennifer lopez! >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: oh, i love her.'r going to talk to her about the award, then later in the show we're going to ced brate with a new bit cal "dance break." >> steve: ooh. >> jimmy: i'm sure it's going to go smoothly. [ laughter ] and we have a performance from one of the greatest entertainers of all time. one of the best-selling artists of all time. she's debuting her brand-new single with day yankee called "made for now." making her first late-nit television appearance in 14 years --ja t jackson is here! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] it's an amazing performance. you do not want to miss it. guys, today is friday, and that's usually when i catch up ith some personal stuff. you know, i check box, i return some e-mails, and, of course, i send out thank you notes. i was running a bit behind, so i thought if you guys wouldn't mind, i would just like to write out my weekly thu notes right now. is that cool with you guys? [ cheers and applause ]
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you guys are the best. you guys are much better than thursday's audience. >> steve: oh [ laughter ] >> jimmy: james -- [ laughter ] james, can i get some thank you-writing music, ple ♪ at steve: wow. >> jimmy: he wore n thursday. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: he wore the same outfit on thursday. >>e teve: why would he wear same outfit on thursday? >> jimmy: i don't know. >> steve: we don't have the budget? [ laughter ]as a littler egg for you. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, omarosa, for claiming that president trump drinks at least eight cans of diet coke a day, which raises the question, just how many is rudy guiliani drinking? [ laughter and applause ] ♪ thank you, champagne corks, for letting me kick off every ce bration by risking the lives of everyone around me. [ laughter ]ch rs and applause ] >> steve: my eye! ♪ ry jimmy: thank you, pills doughboy, for being the only
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time i trust a guy with my food who is totally nude from the neck down. [ laughter and applause ] [ giggling ] >> steve: poke it. go ahead, poke it. [ giggling ] [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: why is your voice so deep? [ light laughter ] >> steve: pokewhe! >> jimmy? >> steve: poke me! >> jimmy: stop saying it like that! [ laughter ] >> steve: just poke me! >> jimmy that!saying it like >> steve: i got buns in my oven. >> jimmy: i want a cute -- yeah, like a -- [ laughter ] [ giggling ] i didn't even poke you. >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] ♪ [ light laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, traffic circles. i'm going to be honest, i have no clue how you workso i'm just going to keep driving and hope for the best.- i don't know [ applause ] don't hit me, don't hit me, don't hit me, don't hit me, don't hit me, don't hit me. ♪ thank you, bug spray, for sort e ofng bugs away and definitely keeping humans away, because i smellike a chemical explosion. [ applause ]
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♪ thank you, people who shop for gifts at the airport. it's nice to know you thought of me somewhere between the tsa line and chili's too. [ applause ] ♪ thank you, phone chargers, for being available in two lengths -- six inches too short or 40 feet tolong. [ laughter and applause ] come on!! coffee tab >> steve: come on! >> jimmy: come on, figure it out, folks. >> steve: is that the last one? ♪ >> jimmy: what's that? [ laughter ] >> steve: is that the last thank you note? >> jimmy: that is th for tonight, yeah. [ light laughter ] it's the last. steve: that's the last one for tonight. all right, just wanted to know. just wanted to make sure. didn't want to rush you. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, don't rush me. i appreciate it. >> steve: no, i wanted to make sure you had plenty of time. b ju-- ♪ so you enjoy yourself. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so you want me to enjoy myself? : i just wanted to make sure that you, you know -- because they're emotional.
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they're from you. then you write them -- >> jimmy: guys, this is the yo final thannote. [ audience aws ] [ applause ] ♪ the finalhank you note the final thank you note i will write it here i'll lick it there ♪ ♪ i'll send it anywhere because i care ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: just kidding. [ laughter ] i -- still -- ♪ care [ cheers and applause ] ♪ whoa whoa whoa oh w♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: thank you, ci ntally trying to twist open a bottle that isn't twist-off. it's okay, iidn't need that finger skin anyway. there you go, everybody. those are my thank you notes! [ cheers and applause 'll be right back with jennifer lopez! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ thank you notes the final thank you note the final thank you note the final ♪ ♪ hi! how was your day? it was good. it was long. let's fix it. play "connection" by onerepublic. (beep) ♪these days, my waves get lost in the ocean♪ ♪seven billion swimmers man ♪i'm going through the motions ♪sent up a flare need love and devotion♪ ♪trade it for some faces that i'll never know notion♪ ♪can i get a connection? ♪can i get can i get a connection?♪ ♪can i get a connection? ♪can i get can i get a connection?♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: our first guest tonight is a movie star, a a television star, and a pop music icon. on monday, she will be honored wi the video vanguard awar at the mtv video music awards. l here'sk at just a few of her iconic music videos. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: say hello to jennifer lopez! [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: jennifer lopez! thank you for coming back. >> oh my god. i love my intro song! >> jimmy: i mean, rit? yeah. >> jimmy: not bad. >> yes. >> jimmy: they love you, i love you. welcome back! [ chee and applause ] >> i love them. oh, my god. >> jimmy: you look gorgeous. >> thank you!ha >> jimmy: -- there's so much to talk about. >> i know. >> jimmy: congrats on everything. >> thank you. >> jimmy: dude, you work so hard. you work -- there are so many thingsnghat you're dso i want to get to everything. >> okay. you don't have to. >> jimmy: no, i do -- >> it makes me tiredbu >> jimmyi want to congratulate you on the mtv -- the video vanguard award. >> i know. >> jimmy: i can't evw. talk right >> i know. i -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i can't even -- no, i'm getting emotional thinking about it. >> the other day we announced it on mtv, and i got so emotional.
11:50 pm
it was embarrassing almost. i was like, oh, my god, get a a hold of yourself. >> jimmy: no. >> i walked in, and, you know, i grew up in the whole mtv age with "trl." i mean we didn't have phones all of the tim so we watched mtv all day long. oat's all we did, and when i started releasing music, and going to "trl," you know, there would be all these fans there. >> jimmy: yes. >> and 20 years later now, all those fans are in the same -- they were there in the row when they were saying that i was getting this vanguard award, and i got so emotional.i s like, oh my god, you're all still here! >> jimmy: oh my gosh. >> they're crazy. >> jimmy: of course e still here. isn't that amazing? >> oh my god. >> jimmy: you put the work in. i mean this is like -- >> yeah. it's been -- it's been -- >> jimmy: but th's -- >> surreal. >> jimmy: but that's the best o peopleould receive those awards. the people that appreciate it, and they go, yeah, i did this because of the love -- >> well, when your idol dsts these awyou're like, you know, it's hard to imagine yourself, you know. >> jimmy: right. >> i was there at my first mtv awards i guess in 2000? >> jimmy: yeah. >> something like that? stand i was nominated for
11:51 pm
new artist. i was nominated before. i didn't win anything. i didn't win anything. i lost, everybody else won, but then to be there 20 years later, it's crazy. it's just crazy to me. br>> jimmy: do you take ank at all? because i just -- a vacation -- saw alex posted something and i go, finally jennifer took a a break. >> oh yeah. we went on a vacation!oh >> jimmyyeah, thank you for reminding me. i went on vacation. >> we had six days, and we went on vacatio we planned that. >> jimmy: but you do it up. >> you know. we went on a -- we went to italy.on we wen boat. >> jimmy: where did you go in italy? >> on like amalfi coast ov there, like capri and all of that. >> jimmy: oh my gosh. >> he had never been, becausas he playsall all summer for 25,000 years. >> jimmyexactly, yeah. >> and i rarely took a a vacation, so we went -- >> jimmy: did he freak >> yeah. i mean he was like, what the heck have i been missing! >> jimmy: ye it's so great, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: but he posted this video of you, i guess you're after some -- >> okay. what video do you ha: ? >> jimknow every time you come on. >> this is the part i hate. >> jimmy: i know. i know, know, i'm sorry, i do it every time you come on. >> okay, let's see. >> jimmy: this is -- you were at some -- i want to
11:52 pm
say -- well -- let's just look at the video. this is you on the table. >> just play the -- >> jimmy: yeah, look at this. you just get up. >> oh, ow! that one! ♪ [ laughter ] [ cheers and applae ] >> jimmy: oh my gosh. feeling good. i want to party with you! i mean you get on tables. >> i do. i do. >> jimmy: you do not. >> i have always been the girl who dances on bles. even before i was famous. [ cheers and applause ] i'm like, let's do it. but is obviously my biggest fan, i mean besides lupe, and he's just amazing. and we -- they started playing -- th wanted me to sing the minute i walked in there, and you know, i was like, no, . i'm on vacation, and finally they just started playing "let's get loud." i was like, okay. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you just got up. that's why we love you. that's why we love you so much. [ cheers and applause ] you just did that. >> yeah, i have to get on. anyway. >> jimmy: how is your mom? how is lupe? >> she is great.
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: you know i love her so much. i really do mean it. i know, i know. she loves you. >> jimmy: your mom comes to the show. >> she's like, are you going to see jimmy?t do you w to come? i think he wants me to come. i'm like -- i think he's okay. >> jimmy: i do your mom comes sometimes when you're not on the show, and i see her in the audience -- >> does she really? >> jimmy: yes. i'm sorry. >> jimmy: no, i love it. [ laughter ] no i love it, cause i love moms., i always see hd i give her a big hug. >> yeah, and she dances for you. >> jimmy: yeah. >> she does what you make me do up here. >> jimmy: yeah. i know. [ talking over each other ] you could see where you get it. she is gorgeous. >> yeah, she is amazing.>> immy: she is beautiful. tell your mom i love her. let's get to -- i have two more things i have toalk to you about. >> okay, good. >> jimmy: eventually, i want to talk to you about this romantic comedy too with milo.ok >> o. >> jimmy: but "world of dance." you have four. there's four more shows left.. >> y only four more shows. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. >> jimmy: four more shows left of the season. [ >> yes.d applause ] it's getting -- like, the competition is getting really, really crazy right now. >> jimmy: here's what's crazy is you talked to me, you said, s ear is actually a little dangerous. >> yeah, it is dangerous. >> jimmy: and i go -- s.d i saw, and it actually >> yeah, people have gotten hurt. >> jimmy: frightening. >> it's been -- yeah. ther >> jimmy: what thing --
11:54 pm
>> there's a lot of drama. and there's a lot of people -- you realize these dancers are like dcing literally for their lives, and it's just -- and they're so talented. it's crazy. >> jimmy: but to see you, and to see what you've done starting with dance, and see what you've done with your career. now you'reetting the video vanguard award. >> i know. >> jimmy: and now you're in -- i mean you're a movie star. >> every time you say it, i'm like, i know. >> jimmy: i know, fr out. your movies -- finally, i love to see you come back on the screen in the romantic comedy. >> yes. >> jimmy: because i love you in romantic c, edies. >> yank you. >> jimmy: because you're very funny. and milo ventimiglia. come on. hello. i know. [ cheers and applause ] i know. heartthrob. the girls love him. >> i know. i know. he, you know. i'm a big fan of "this is us," and i watched it, and watching him play a dad, i was just like, oh my god. i mean, he's just -- it is heartthrob time. he's really amazing. r and whend the script, and we were developing the script, there was only one person i ever saw. i was just like this has to be milo. this has to be that guy from "this is us." >> jimmy: and i have to do -- i
11:55 pm
was going to say -- i have to do this job. so i can't do the movie. >> right. it couldn't be you. >> jimmy: it couldn't be me. >> you weren't available. >> jimmy: of course, but then of course -- >> you weren't available -lso. i was li then we -- we could go to that guy from "this is us." [ laughter ] e again?is n yes. >> jimmy: but i love that you do -- what do you call it? i love that you do romantic comedy, because 's so rare to even see romantic comedies come out any more. >> i know. >> jimmy: this is out november 21st. >> we really pushed this -- we pushed this one through, and i think people need it. we miss them. the "maid in manhattand all of "the wedding planners." [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i want to laugh. i want to feel love. >> i know. >> jimmy: i nt to feel love. >> you need that funny, quirky look at life sometimes, that romantic look at life. i think things are tough metimes and we need that escape, and i always love those types of movies, and our production company is really focused on doing that kind of -- me and my partner, elaine. >> jimmy: i want to say thank you again for coming by. because i know you're he sing for the vmas. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: and no one rehearses more than jennifer lopez. i really -- i will say this. >> i like it. i like it.o i like prepared. >> jimmy: you and justin timberlake, i would say, are perfectionists. >> yeah.
11:56 pm
yeah, ah. >> jimmy: and you just work, and rehearse, and rehearse, and rehearse. i mean i don't know how many ve times yoeen on my show, but i remember watching you rehearse in the rain. >> i mean, yes. here's the thing. i've been to your show many times. >> jimmy: yeah? a wh you -- >> well, i'm about to do my last 15 shows in vegas, three years later. i'm still waiting for you to come. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> audience: oh! >> jimmy: what are you talking about? i never got to one. >> you never come! i've invited you every time i come here. have i not invited you time -- all of you. all of you. >> jimmy: no, i know, but i -- i -- >> you what?im >>: i don't leave -- i don't leave my house! i don't have a life. aldon't get out. i want to go to with alex. i want to go to italy with alex rodriguez, as well. i want to ve my life. wait, but, you know, i'm really bummed. y you have to come. >> jimmy: i miss when you were here. >> so final 15. >> jimmy: wait, are you bummed? final 15? >> i'm a little bit bummed.le i'm a liit bummed because, you know, you create a a family. you know, three years is a longo time tne show. and it's -- it's been such an
11:57 pm
amazing experience. it's more than i ever hoped it could be. >> jimmy: okay, good. so, all right. if i don't happen -- no, no, no. i'm kidding. i'm joking. i'll be at the last show. when is the last one? 15? >> like, september 29th or something. i could get the date wrong. >> jimmy: that's -- that's my birthday.t i can't make te. that's my birthday. [ laughter ] >> we'll have a cake for you. >> jimmy: you'll havr a cake ? >> we'll have a cake or something. >> jimmy: quest saw -- quest saw it, and said it was unbelievab >> he came to my show. yeah. >> jimmy: but yeah -- he's outgoing. he's a globe trotter. he goes all over the world. i mean, he travels the world. >> he's an international man of intrigue. >> jimmy: yeah. see, really. and leslie jones was here, and she -- >> yes. >> jimmy: and she freaked out and she said -- s no, it's -- >> jimmy: nobody d like you. >> it's fun. i'm telling you. if you come, you will love it. >> jmy: i know i will. >> you will. you will have fun. >> jimmy: i'm just so psyched for you. for the video i'll be there, by the way. i'll be at radio city this weekend. >> oh, you will? oh, good. good, good, imod. >>: so i'll be crying inside. >> jimmy. >> jimmy: we love you. i love you so much. s and -- i want , i think you're the first latin artist to receive the video vanguard award. [ cheers and applause ]
11:58 pm
>> oh that's -- >> jimmy: that's another ->> 'm so proud of that. oh my god. >> jimmy: that you cso proud of. >> that's a good thing. >> jimmy: we love you. jennifer lopez and i are doing a new bit called dance break after the break. stick around everybody. [ cheers and a♪lause ] ♪ my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? actually, you do. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. and, now there's new crest gum & enamel repair. it gives you clinically proven healthier gums and helps repair and strengthen weakened enamel. gum detoxify and gum & enamel repair, from crest. gums are good, so is my check-up! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪running through the door as i start to yell♪ ♪movement was my only chance
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're hanging out wi there.fer lopez right >> i think that planet exists. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: she is receiving the video vanguard award at the mtv vma's, monday night on mtv. jennifer, your music videos have a lot of dance brea. >> yes. >> jimmy: you are the pioneer of dance so, ght it could be fun to try something we call "dance break interview." now here's what we're gonna do. >> okay. >> jim: we're gonna keep talking, but every time this happens --
12:03 am
♪ ♪ dance break [ light laughter ] you -- you and i will take -- you wanna do it again? >> do it again. >> jimmy: is that what you want? >> with more dancing. >> jimmy: yeah, we're going to have a -- >> oka ♪ dance break we have to together -- okay, okay. >> jimmy: all right. we're going to do it until the music stops. you ready for is this? >> okay. >> jimmy: all right. now just do normal interview. >> so we can just doing anything that we have ju do. >> jimmy normal interview. i don't know. normal interview. >> whatever happens, happens. >> jimmy: no -- just give it to you. you're recving the video nguard award. what is your favorite video of all-time? >> of all-time? ea jimmy: of all-time? >> janet jackson "re principle." >> jimmy: oh, my god. that is your -- [ cheers and applause ] really? >> of all-time, it's not any ri decided like, i want to be a singer. i want to be a dancer. i can do it. i want to do this. you're seeing her tonight. >> i know. i can't wait to see her ♪performance. ♪ ♪ dance break >> jimmy: oh, this is dance break. this is where you dance. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, hey, hey. ♪
12:04 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. now, back to the interview. now, i know >> yes. >> jimmy: you've been rehearsing like crazy. as you've said earlier, you're a pro. what is your -- can you give us any hints to your performance at the vmas at all? >> i don't wanchto give too way. but honestly, you know -- >> jimmy: you ow you. >> i've watched a lot of the vanguard awards, you know, and i was like, "okay, everybody -- everybody has something ff ent." and so, i just realized, like, i had to just be me. i have to just do what i do and, you know, we're going to try to, you know, bring the thunder, and do our thing, and that's it. ♪ ♪ dance break ♪ ♪ [ chee and applause ] >> oh, no. el anillo. [ cheers and applause ] that w a fail.
12:05 am
>> jimmy: it was not a fail. >> that was a fail. >> jimmy: now look, that's just the wadance breaks work. >> because i thought you were playing "on the floor", and you were playing "el anillo." "el anillo."was doing yeah. >> i cannot recognize my own song. >> jimmy: that's the fun -- >> i'm sad. >> jimmy: no, what's sad is i'm out of breath. no, but look -- look really, that's the way these dance rv break inws work. >> oh, my god. what are we doing with our lives?my >> jlet's talk about summertime. summertime is happening. you've got barbecues. [ laughter you've got barbecues. what's a barbecue like at with jennifer lopez? >> you know we don't do a lo of barbecues >> jimmy: you don't? >> no, no. i'm not like a barbecue person. i'd be like -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> no, are you? >> jimmy: sure. like in the summertime? >> yes. ♪ ♪ dance break ♪ .>> jimmy: audience, get everybody get up [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪
12:06 am
>> jimmy: jennifer lopez, everybody. we have a performance from janet jackson with daddy yankee after the breaker stick around, ody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ hurry in to old navy for the kids and baby sale with up to sixty percent off. with styles from four, six, and eight dollars. ♪ make back to school shopping easy with buy online, pick up in store. with styles from four, six, and eight dollars, only at old navy.
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12:11 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know our next guest from the emmy-nominated netflix sees "stranger things." you can also see him in the new movie "dog days", which is in theaters wednesday. arplease welcome, finn wol [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanckyou coming >> thank you.
12:12 am
>> jimmy: sure, that water's for you. >> yeah. oh, yeah, yeah. good. >> jimmy: yeah cheers, man. >> keep a little hydrad? >> jimmy: yeah. hydrated. you got to stay hydrated. yep. [ light laughter ]t >> wand is this? >> jimmy: that's smirnoff. [ laughter ] and this is -- >> oim >>: no, no. it's water of course. >> are you sure? >> jimmy: yeah. oh, please. how've been? i can't believe that -- did i miss you in the summer? were you in yeah. well, i was a lot of places. hahonestly don't even know state i'm in right now. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i know. >> jimmy: we are -- we're in maine. that's where i do the show. [ light laughter ] show's always from ma >> yeah, yeah, yeah. it's like somewhere -- like, we're in the amish -- we're in the amish psyt of the peania. >> jimmy: we are in new york city. and you were just here with your band at -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: irving plaza. >> irving plaza. yeah. >> jimmy: dude, how fun is that? >> it's the best. t jimmy: well, tell me ab the band. >> oh, yeah, there's -- there it is. yeah, i have a band from vancouver that i'm -- where i'm from. >> jimmy: calpurnia. >> calpurnia. rs and applause ] yeah. we're like ---. >> jimmy: calpurnia. what is calpurnia? is that a -- >> calpurnia is the character
12:13 am
from "to kill a mocking bird" that we kind of -- all the band and i like love that book, and so, we though she was super underappreciated and that character in general. >> jimmy: and just look at the vinyl. this is awesome. >> yeah, it's super cool. i'very proud of that. >> jimmy: how cool is that? yeah. you have a vinyl? i mean, come on man. >> yeah, it's really c: l. >> jimah, because lot of people they come out with new things. they don't have vinyls. >> yeah.yo >> jimmy: bugot 'em, man. >> but i got 'em. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah. i'm special. >> jimmy: are you a -- >> i'm like -- i'm unique, you know? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: are you are you into vinyls? are you -- do you have a collection? >> yeah, yeah i collect. i collect. >> jim: you do? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: how many do you have? >> oh, man. i have like, i don't even know. maybe like hundred or something like that. >> jimmy: wow! >> even more. >> jimmyyou're getting up there. >> yeah. yeah. [ applause ] let's give a round of applause for myself. yeah. >> jimmy: but no, you know who you should ask about vinyls is questlove. questlove probably -- how many vinyls you have? >> what do you got man? >> questlove: i'm up to hundred thousand. [ laughter ] >> wait. >> jimmy: he has a hundred thousand records. >> hundred thousand? >> jimmy: hundred thousand records. >> um -- >> jiml.: yeah. >> c i'm -- i'm up there.
12:14 am
sure. >> jimmy: yeah, he's got like --re he's got like or four. >> i got like hundred. anyways. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: well, i migh one. oh, i got one here for you right here. this is a good vinylou. yeah. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] the grammy -- grammy award-winning album. that's a grammy -- that's a grammy award-winning album for you right there. t you don't hat? right? >> no, jimmy, i don't. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: dude, that really hurt my feelings. that was a trick question. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i really wanted to you say "of course, i have four >> oh, yeah, yeah yeah. >> jimmy: you're gonna totally play that? right? >> yeah! yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i waplaying with it day -- sorry, i was playing with your album today. [ laughter ] sorry, man. >> dude. >> jimmy: i'm sorry man. >> come on, man. >> jimmy: come on, dude. >> where's my -- i'm 15 man. >> jimmy: grow up a little bit. grow up. grow up, man. >> yeah, yeah yeah grow up. >> jmy: grow up, dude. >> grow up. >> jimmy: get your head out of the gutter, man. >> dude, what's going on, man? >> jimmywhat's wrong with you? >> what's going on? >> jimmy: i was playing -- well, i was playing with -- hey, are you happy? >> no worries.
12:15 am
but what's going on with you? >> jimmy: but are you happy? [ laughter ] >> that's like, the most -- like -- >> jimmy: what's going on -- >> wt's going on with you? >> jimmy: but are you happy? now you look at me. [ light laughter ] but are you happy? [ light laughter ] >> no. >> jimmy: buddy, look at this. [ laughter ] i get th out, and i go, "i need something for my walls in the living room. >> oh, sweet. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: it comes with a a poster. >> yeah! jimmy: how rad is that? [ cheers and applause ] >> i want a heart -- i want to put a heart -- i want to put a hearover this. >> jimmy: you do? >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, you like that dude? >> yeah. >> jimmy: so you guys just get together -- how -- you play irving plaza. >> yeah. >> jimmy: dude, like, that's a a legit place. >> yeah, yeah. we were super lucky to book th place. >> jimmy: look at that. >> there it is. >> jimmy: look at this. this is such a rock and roll move. i mean, come on. how cool is that photo? [ applause ] you got to frame that one. >> yeah, yeah yeah. yeah >> jimmy: were you excited? were you nervous getting in there? >> yeah. i mean, we're always kd of rvous going into it. but then, when you get up there -- i mean, probably just like you, kindse it -- lose yourself in the music, the
12:16 am
moment. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you always -- once again you are confusing me with eminem. once again. >> oh you're not -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you've done this every time now. >> you're not marshall? >> jimmy take care everybody. ♪ yep, that's it. >> imagine if i thought you were eminem the whole time, like -- r jimmy: yeah, exactly. >> planting eminerences. like, "oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah and i'm like, "i don't know what he's talking about. i don't get anything he's talking about." >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: but that's pretty rad that you get to do that. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's really fun. >> we were really lucky, yeah. >> jimmy: you came on a -- twell, "stranger things" way, i want to say congratulations. >> yeah. >> jimmy: nominated for 12 emmys? >> yeah. >> jimmy: 12! >> 12. >> jimmy: that's ama >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's a dozen man. absolutely. >> i know. >> it's -- it's classic dozen. a classic a bakers dozen. >> jimmy: hey, man. 12 more than jimmy fallon got. [ laughter ] >> geez man. you okay? >> jimmy: what's up?
12:17 am
>> what's -- what's on your mind? [ laughter ] is it just because of the emmy nominations or something else?>> immy: it's bunch of things. i don't know if i feel like getting into it right now. it's like -- [ laughter ] >> hey, pretend theyt here. no one's here. it's just me and you. >> jimmy: no, dude. you're -- you're iurthe room in oxers. okay? chill out, and relax you know?>> veryone in this crowd is naked. everyone. >> jimmy: everyone's in their >> loohat. >> jimmy: look at that. everyone is naked. yeah. [ cheers ] just tell me. look at everybody. i mean, look at th. are you happy? t.l right. >> i never got t >> jimmy: just tell me what's -- i never got that either. >> yeah. >> jimmy: all right, but what's going, man?ug [ er ] worst question ever. " >> lik, what's going in your life, man?" >> jimmy: so, what's going on, man? tell me. >> oh, mgosh. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: you get nominated for these -- these emmy nods. do you get excited about that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: or are just gonna go back to wo, season three. t's do it. >> yeah. well, we all kind of -- we all found out while we were shooting, and so.>> immy: that's fun.
12:18 am
>> yeah. it was good. >> jimmy: you with the gang. >> actually, i came here late, i and so, , came in and all ikheard was clapping. >> jimmy: you're "oh, my gosh. my birthday?" >> i'm like, "what's going on? is someone pregnant?" like.u' >> jimmy: like, "congratulations." >> yeah. congratulations -- i mean, and then i come in and they're like oh, the -- i the ad got mlike, they're gonna announce the emmy nominations. i'm like cool, and i get in there and like, everyone's working. i'm like "oh, they're no gonna announce it?" they're like, "no, they have already done it." and i was like "so, do -- do it again though." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're like, "i missed out, so wasn't part of the -- the group. >> so, this is -- this is mine now. this ifor me. >> jimmy: yeah, it's like, i wasn't part the group photo with the whole crew and then i got like -- ow! >> yeah, just photoshopp me into it from like a different event. >> jimmy: that's all your -- that's all your life. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy celebrate.n't even >> yeah, can't do it. >> jimmy: well, it's got to feel good. >> it's great. >> jimmy: season three, you're shooting it now? >>: done with it? >> yeah. >> in the mid -- no. in the middle. [ cheers ] yeah! [cheers and applause]. yeah. we're in the middle -- we're in -- we're in the middle of it. >> jimmy: any -- any -- anything u could drop here? any scoops? >> oh, man, jimmy.>>
12:19 am
immy: any new scoops? any new cast members? >> yeah, yeah yeah. we got -- we got some new cast members. some incredible people. >> jimmy: ooh. i got that -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: i t that out of you pretty quickly there, yeah. >> yeah, dude. >> jimmy: got some new cast membs there? >> i'm -- i'm an open book when it comes to you, jimmy. >> jimmy: thanks, man. >> anything -- anything you want to know. >> jimmy: if you nee wto get likerd uncle or something than tell me. [ laughter ] show up on a bicycle. >> neat. want to go on a bike ride?yo >> jimmyfind me in the woods somewhere. like, "what is that dude doing?" i'm just saying, i'm very available. laughter ] anyway, let's talk about "dog days", my friend. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so this is ken marino. >> ken marino directed it. >> jimmy: super fun dude. >> yeah. >> jimmy: he's a funny >> yeah, that was like, a big, big reason i did the movie, 'cause he such a big hero of mine. he was like -- he's responsible for like, "wet hot american summer." i don't know if liow, the crowd what --. >> jimmy: yeah. of course. yeah. [ applause ] >> one of my favorite comedies of all time. so, i had -- like i had do it. and also i just loved the script and everything. mo jimmy: yeah. >> but it's a fue, yeah. >> jimmy: do you want -- do you have to set this up at all? do you know the clip at all? >> yeah. yeah, this is a clip from my
12:20 am
moe "dog days" and i'm delivering -- [ laughter ]an s that's it. >> jimmy: there you go. all right. here you go. [ cheers and applause ] finn wolfhard, " ig days"! hereis. ♪ [ dog barking ] [ orbell ] >> large pepperoni? >> you're late. utit is longer than 30 mines. isn't it free? >> no, i think that's from the '80s.>> tay. >> no offense, but is your dog pregnant or just super fat.db >> g. >> give back change. there's no tip? this is why kids don't like old people. >> jimmy: finn wolfhard, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] "dog days" is in theaters wednesday. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm emma. d i'm claire. and we're the salmon sisters. we run our business from the boat. it's a really small space.
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12:27 am
>> janet jackson! iconic! ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're living for the moment go don't stop celebrate the feeling ♪ ♪ go up if you're living for the moment don't stop, cause i break those ceilings ♪ ♪ go up we're made for now not tomorrow made for now look around ♪ ♪ we're made for now not tomorrow made for now uno look around dos tres ♪ ♪ we're made for now fueg♪ ♪ everybody move your body everybodyy everybodve your body everybody ♪
12:28 am
♪ we're made for now erybody move your body everybody everybody move your body right now everybody ♪ ♪ if you're living for the moment don't stop try to celebrate the feelin ♪ ♪ go up if you're living for the moment moment baby don't stop cause i break those ceilings go up ♪ ♪ love is in the rhythm now we're dancing with a whole new meaning love is on the way to fill you up ♪ ♪ we're made for now not tomorrow made for now look around ♪ ♪ we're made for now not tomorrow made for now uno look around dos tres ♪ ♪ we're made for now fuego ♪ ♪ everybody move your bodyer evody everybody move your body everybodyma we'r for now ♪ ♪ everybody move your body
12:29 am
everybody made for now everybody move your body everybody right now ♪in [ singinpanish ] ♪ >> come on, daddy. ♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ right now not tomorrow made for now right now ♪ ♪ look around we're made for now not tomorrow made for nowun look auno dos tres ♪ ♪ ♪ad ♪ we'refor now not tomorrow made for now look around ♪ ♪ we're made for now
12:30 am
everybody move your body right now everybodywe e made for now ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ made for now not tomorrow ♪ >> janet jackson.♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: oh! oh! [ cheers and applause ] janet jackson! daddy yankee! "made for now"s available on itunes, right now! yeah, keep it up! we'll be right back! oh my gosh! thank you. [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to everyone tonight. janet jackson!dd yankee! [ cheers and applause ] give it up f the roots right there, from philadelphia! [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watchi have a great weekend. i hope to see you next week. bye-bye everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
12:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪
12:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- bob odenkirk, from "orange is the new black," actress natasha lyonne, music from kelsea ballerini, featuring the 8g band with taylor gordon. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is evebody doing tonight? [ chrs and applause ] that is fantastic to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. at a rally in florida last night, president trump falsely claimed that photo id required to buy groceries in the united states. [ light laughter dude, what you eating for


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