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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 18, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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at 11:00 arc metal structure collapse before a backstreet concert, sending more than a dozen fans to the hospital. new details tonight on thatic trlane crash in maryland that took the lives of two
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people. i'm darcy spencer in no hwest washington. a woman was attacked and xually assaulted inside herus apartment jt steps from the washington convention cee er. i will he story ahead. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. good evening. i'm erika gonzalez. we begin with breaking news in oklahoma, where a structure collapd on fans awaiting a backstreet boys concert, sending 14 peopleo e hospital. we are now getting pictures from the scene. e collapse happened as severe weather passed through thackerville. it is a small town near the state line. it's about il80 north of dallas of that's the locate of the winstar world casino and resort. with the storm 30 minutes thene casino w everybody to find shelter testimony casino says about 150 people didn't heed that warning, and the storm hit, knocking a metuc sre onto several people there. the casino says theinds were between 70 and 80 miles an hour.
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but the natiol weather service tells storm team 4 it cannot confirm that. a short time ago band member kevin richardson tweeted with the trouble. just a few mutes agoe announced that the stage was too damaged and that the show would have to be rescheduled. all right. turning to the weather here in our backyard,in wata few isolated showers right now, what can you expect when you wake up on your sunday morning. good morning -oomorning? good evening. >> good evening erica. yeah, it will a good morning for most of us. a good afternoon, that's theti qu. i made the sunday planner just for you. wake up tomorrow morning you can expect somfog. it's going to be patchy. fog out there, temperatures in the l 70s. we will rise into the low to mid 80s tomorrowte oon. our rain chance goes up between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. very spotty showers.
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maybe an isolabld r and extremely muggy. coming up, i'll take a look at ur ten-day forecast. i have got good news on thereha i think w dry weather in the forecast. >> looking forward to it. as the scandal surrounding the university of maryland's athletic department continues to unfold the school held a meeting to address concerns. following the death of a umb football player, the athletic staff, current players, parents, and school officials engaging in conversation. derrick ward has more from the meeting and the search for answers. >> reporter: the meeting took place in the shadow of the stadium, called bile the university's athletic director and attended by university president wallace lowe. it was a chance for parents and players and staff and faculty ta talkut the football program's most pressing of matters. >> we all agree with jordan. we really miss the kid. >> reporter: jordan mcnair died earlier this summer 15 days after he suffered a heat stroke
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during a summer practice. one glaring absence from this meeting, the head coach, o leave since the incident. >> i hate this . happen >> reporter: anxiety always apparent behind tragedy. but a balance must be struck. >> we have to respect that. >> reporter: as of frida the quest for answers lies in the hapts hands of the state bort of ithgents now charged looking into this incident and the culture of the football program at the unty. the parents say they support the coach and the investigation whatever the outcome may be. >> it is a gradual process we are hoping our teams will be well in the . futu >> this program is not toxic. this program is a great family environment. >> reporter: still they haven't lost track f theeason for this meeting. a member of that family is gone. >> allur prayers go to jordan and his family. >> reporter: in college park, derrick ward, news4.
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new at 11:00 we now kwhe names two of the men who died in a plane crash this morning in carroll cou maryland. pilot michael kilpatrick of new windsornd hisassenger michaeljohnson were killed their plane crashed in a field. an investigation is ongoing as to the cause for that crash. a man follows a woman home, forces his way in and sexually assaults her. it happened after myth midnight on seventh street. here's more. >> reporter: the woman was just trying to get home when she was attacked on her own doorstep. it happened at the washington apartments on 7th street northwest, just steps from the convention center. police tell uala womanng into her apartment about 12:15 in the morning was confronted by a man who forced his way in and
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sexually assaulted her. then h took off running. >> i was surprised to hear about the sexual assault that tappened earls morning. led obviously, dismayed. >> reporter:nder is an elected leader in the neighborhood. he says it is a reminder for everyone to be vigilant. w certainly do want to encourage people to be aware of their surrounding and look out for their neighbors and whenever possible try to avoid walking alone at night especially fur going into an apartment building with somne behind youhat is unfamiliar. >> reporter: police are investigating the cme as a first degree sexual abuse and burglary. this neighbor is concerned about the women in the neighborhood, escially since the man is still on the loose. >> it's kinds of horrifying. i live with my sister and i have a whole lot of women in the building. >> reporter: many of these buildings are equipped with sueillance system. police are hoping this attacker may have been caught on camera. inrt est, darcy spencer, news4. theuscted russian agent accused of using sex and lies to
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make u.s. connections has been moved from the l c. j an alexandria jail. this is her new mug shot. federate prosecutors says she secretly worked to establish back channel connections with the kremlin. she pleaded not guilty to conspiracy charges. tonight we are hearing from the 16-year-old girl who was pushed off a 60-foot bridge byar friend elier this month. jordan holgerson is now home vering from six broken ribs, two punctured lungs and other internal injuries. cell phone video shows an 18-year-old, taylor, pushing her off of a bridge in washington state. she calls her a former friend. >> i'm feeling in a lot of pain. i just wanted taylor to be put away for a little bit so that she could think about what she did. t> smith tells nbc news that she
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apologized and d intend to acrt her friend. she ising a reckless endangerment charge. > cameras catch police running over a teen. and the boy's family is upsetha because of officers did next. eonight, police ar responding
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a teenager is recovering after being run over by a police officer in california last night. the teen ranrom police after being stopped for riding his bike in the dark without a light. kevin oliver picks up the story from there. a warning now. some viewers m find the video disturbing. >> reporter: the videos released
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show when one patroler off stopped the teen for riding his bike in the dark without a light. then the teen took off running. another police officer i that direction made a hard left at 20 miles per hour hitting the teen. the teenager can be heard screaming i sorry repeatedly. >> they struck him in the car and could have killed him. the first goal was to handcuff him. >> reporter: police sayis tha standard procedure when a suspect is trying to get away. the officer does ask whereoe it hurt? there was a crowd gathering shouting at the officers. >> we kno how important this event is, ouric chief of p wanted to make sure our community see what is we have. >> that was kevin oliver reporting. the teen was treated for non-life threatening injuries. he says he ran out of the policrtment says because the officer's speed, the cruiser's front tires lost traction which forced the
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vehicle to go into a straight line instead of next on news4,ar t is tracking your sunday outlook. she is stant standing by with our full forecast. >> our annual pet adoption event was a huge success. tonight we are getting a clearer picture of just how manyma a have new permanent homes. and what a year it's been for caps supe star alex ovechkin. it's already a stanley cup ch
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newould like to thank everybody who helped us clear the shelters 'ttoday.
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we won know the exact numbers for a few days, but right now we can tell you that more tn 1,100 local animals are spending tonight in their forever hos. nationwide, about 70,000 animals tre adopt tlud nbc program. it wasn't just dogs and cats. people went home wesh sn with guinea pigs w rabbits. we think there were eve some horses there, too. old pets, abandoned pets, animals that needed a s tcial somebo love them. everybody found their way into some special homes today. >> we have aog at home, cody, whom we adopted here five years ago and we are just looking for another member our mily. >> we made her room. we bought her toys. we are going to be very excited abou her. >> my daughter wants a cat. they been good with other ople's pets so i think it's time for them to get one of their own. >> some of our longer term residents have found their homes ience is a rewarding exp for the staff to know that the
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animals we cared for for so long are final going to finds their homes. >> those emptylt ss will be full again in just a few days. but you can help clear it forward b making a donation. find out how by searching clear the shelters in our nbc washington app. ♪ >>he that is t dc soundhat the late godfather of go go mademo faus worldwide. it is chuck down today. huge crowds came to chuck brown memorial pk to celebrate his legacy. the foundation also gaveut back packs to kids heading back to class. the stanley cup runnette over. hess now a proud papa. alex and his wife anastasia welcomed a baby boy today. evy making t announcement with this instagram. look at that little foot and
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those little toes. the baby's name is sergei. we turn to our meteorologist to get a c sck of yourday morning. if you are headed out to church, to brunch, whateverure plans may hold. maybe you take the umbrella with you. >> i would keep it with me. we are not expecting a washouts. that's good news. i think it is going to look a lot like today. it may be cooler but a lot like today. thes the things you need to know for the weekend forecast. we still have a chance for overnight showers. it's verymi d. when you see the radar you will see maybe one or two in the area. sunday, not bad burks not perfect. milder temperatures are on he it's going to be a while before we get back to the 90s. and we've got aice stretch of dry, sunny weather awaiting us at the end of the week. athere's a loohe radar. see what i'm talking about? a lot of russ pretty dry. some of this is not reaching the ground. very light showers falling right now. and very spty. down towards southern maryland
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there. out towards the eastern shore. what we are looking at is a very similar setup tomorrow as far as our rain chances tonight, like i said, a few showers. temperatures drop to the low 70s tonigh it's going to be really muggy. it is a muggyhe out now. and it's going to be muggy through tonight and through your sunday. i do want to mention we are goin to be seeing patchy fog tomorrow morning. keep that in mind fur going on a morning run or on a trail. tomorrow morning, 2:00 a.m., spotty showers. we push through much of your sunday. they had throu the afternoon. notice how light the greens are. to tells us it's not going be coming down too heavy. maybe a few pockets of heavier showers. the threat for thunderstorms is there but it's very low. tomorrow is more of a rain chance as opposed to a stormy day. by the night, lingering showers. lots of fog sunday into monday morning. monday, anotherhance at more spotty scattered showers. the forecast for tomorrow overall, highs i will the
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low 80s. so that is going to be different from today. it's goi to be a little bit cooler but still sticky no theless. a fshowers. again, the threat for storms limited for your sunday. maybe one or two rumbles popping up in theafternoon. here's one thing erica and i were talking about earlier. a lot of you are probably wondering when can i get the car washed. i personally would wait until i would say tuesday or wednesday. probably wednesday morning. and that's because we are expect og storm tuesday. and then beyond tuesday, wow, a nice stretch of a weather. see what i'm talking about right here in the storm team t 4-day outlook. unsettled weather, tomorrow, monday, tuesday,wed, thursday, fry, saturday, next weekend high pressure takg center stage meaning things are going to be pretty quiet. and look at the numbers. in t. folks. more mild. >> it's nice that at least one weekend is not -- doesn't have
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significant rain chances in night exactly. >> tamara, thank you. all right, so it is a sure sign that summer is winding down. it was move-in day at american a crowded scene outside the school here in northwest dc earlier today. police directing traffic as rents were dropping off their students andll of their stuff. freshmen will be moving in next week. ♪ > all right. it is that time of year stagain. ents are heading back to classes. and news4 is getting you ready for school. >> school is about to be back in session. >> we are working for you over te next four weeksget you back in your routine and ready for school. when we say working for you, we really mean it. all month long i am going to show you how not to miss out on free money. did say free money. we arelso going to feed your kids forin ultimate b power. plus the i-team is working to keep your kids seif safe. >> showing you what our area
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schools are doing to better protect your kids in the classroom. >> back to school stress is no joke. we areif here to makee easier. >> we are working for you and getting you ready for school. all right. the nationals in search of their thd straightwin. ehe ninth inning home run to the game.
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(announcer) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. here, the world is a big, beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. come up for air. asheville. discovery, inside and out. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> all ght. the nationals have repeatedly told us that it's not ser. there ll plenty of time to make up ground. especially playing teams in the nl eas fans want to believe them. especially with the marlins in town a team that lost six in aw
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ncluding last night to scherzer. game two with the marlins tonight w. the phillies and braves both losing a golden opportunity to make up another game on teams they are chasing. to nationals it up in the sixth. could be an inning ending double play but the ball pops out of murphy's mitt. that loads the bases. two batters later, riddle lines it to second. just out of the reach o murphy. two runs score on the single. marlins take a 4-2 lead. the ball, look at this, right off the top of murphy's glove. tough inning for the nats' second baseman. moore serves up a ball. he wants that back. solo shot to right. 5-4. eaton takeshi t one out, into the seats in right center. his fourth year. game tied at 5-5. free baseball in d.c. tenth inning.
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two outs. base juiced. galloway singles to center. two runs cross. marlins hold on to win 7-5 in ten. nationals cannot make up any ground in the. division orioles and indians. om cleveland. jonathan clobbers it, his third with the orioles. 3-0. fifth inning. cobb,ight back tohim. doesn't have to move his glove. quick reflexes to make the ca h. he was a finalist for the gold glove last f year. top oe eight of the. 3-2, birds lead. cedric making the most of his ll up. first major league home run. orioles up 4-2. cobb good, efficient all day. goes the distance. fourth complete game of his career. orioles beat the independent lanc 4-2. there has been talk throughout training camp how deep the redskins team is. many players and coachers this it is the deepest and could be
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the best team gruden has had during his time in dc.g runnback, second round pick went down in the season opener with aorn acl. two others suffered injuries in the win or the jets. the redskins are down to three healthy running backs. that's reit. they waiting on thompson'sro returnm last i don't remember's broken leg. kelly is the most experienced in the group. undrafted rookie martez carter looked good against the js the other night but he was released today after suffering injury in that game. redskins ranked 28th in rushing in 2017. and afterthursday's game, jay grudensure of who will carry the load moving forward. >> we are still in the pcess of trying to figure that out. kelly and ryan, want to give oo imagineed looks. he had a 30 yard run and hurt his ankle.
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byro got dingedup. kelly got a few touches. continues to be consistent asn his job as protecting running routes and running the ball. it will be a tough deal for us to figure all thatout. but we will. >> going to have some guys coming in for tryouts. anybody want to play running back? head out to the>> redskins. i'm good. thanks. that about does it for us. thank youoro very much joining us for news4 at 11:00. "saturday night live"has next. a great one, everybody. we will see you tomorrow.
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> may 17, 2017. robert mueller is appointed special counsel and tasked with the investigation into the firingf james comey and links between the trump campaign and the russian government, uncovering numerous attempts by wikileaks mastermind julian assange to influence the outcome of the american election via contact with jared kushner and other members of the trump e targets pile up -- manafort, flynn, gates.
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papadopoulos, possibly leading to the oval office and the president himself. these are... the following is a reenactment of the events that may have taken place autumn of last year. >> hello. mr. assange, i presume?nd [ cheerspplause ] >> g'day, mr. trump jr i am julian assange. i appreciate you coming all the way to london to meet face to face. >> no worries. as secure and off-the-record as sliding into my twitters dmss, i thought this might be safer. i trust you came alone. >> my brother eric is waiting in the car. w not ry -- i told him to honk the horn if he gets scared.


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