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tv   Today  NBC  August 22, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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president's men guilty. a jury convicted his former campaign chairman paul manafort and michael cohen plemis guilty ing he played off a playmate and porn star at the direction of donald trump. >> there is a cover-up here by now the president of the united states that is -- is undeniable. >> he insists they have nothing on him. >> where is the collusion? >> what else is c michaen about to tell prosecutors? we'll ask his lawyer. stunning arrest. the undocumented immigrant whos confesto murdering a missing college student in iowa set to
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face a judge today. surveillancepoideo leading ce to the suspect after a month-long search chblt the agent in charge of the case live with us straight ahead. thoses stories p the russians still coming. facebook removes nearly 700 accounts for allegedly trying to influence the election again. many linked to russia>> and ira pointing the finger. assia argento speaks out for the first tiex about the sual assault allegations against her and what her boyfriend anthony bourdain did about the accusations. and today exclusive, tennis star serena williams gets candid about being a moay >> i've a been this joyful person and now it is different. i feel just light. >> serena's message to all working mom and the big plans she's sharing with us.da today, wednesy, august 22nd, 2018. >> this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from
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studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on a wednesday s morning. itbusy day but it is a busy day. >> absolutely. >> a lotlo of deents to get to. and a stunning split screen moment in two courtrooms and intensifying pressure on the presiden. new york, michael the president's once former attorney, once most loyal aide pleading guilty to campaign finance charges omongers, saying he coordinated with then candidate trump to buy the silence of two women alleging affairs. >> and at the veryame time the rtesident's former campaign chair paul manaas in a virginia court being convicted on eight felony counts smming from the special counsel russia investigation. >> and while all of that was announced , facebook it has uncovered a new campaign with links to russia and iran to spread misinformation ahead of the midterm elections in
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noember. we havvery aspect covered this morning. ano we're going t talk to michael cohen's attorney about the claims michael cohen is making and what he's about to tell prosecutors about the president. let's start with nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson on the north lawn of the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today micha cohen's lawyer is ready to tell all. but frankly cohen has already said plenty in a federal courtroom. for years, remember, cohen's job was to handle problems for his former boss and now he's the problem for t prefd. >> from confident about to criminal, the president's former fixer flippitg on him wh new fallout as the president suggests sympathy for michael con. >> i fee badly -- >> reporter: feely badly for both, the president said. apparently referring not just to paul manafort but to cohen, too. the man who walked into manhattan court and admitted he because donal trump told him to. implicating a sitting president
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in a serious crime. cohen's attorney lanny davis. >> there is a cover-up here by now president of the united he directed michael cohen to make this payment of $130,000 -- reporter: cohen now 3- 1/2 to five years in prison after pleading guilty t to fraud, bank fraud and cpaign finance violation to keep two women quiet about alleged affairs wita trump, affairs he denies. one of those payments $130,000 to stormy daniels made 11 days before the 2016 election. the president has insisted he had no tdea abo hush money at the time. >> did you know about that,0 $1 payment to stormy daniel. >> >> then why did michael cohen make that payment -- >> you'll have to ask michael michael is my attorney.
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you'll have to ask michael cohen. > do you know where he got the money -- >> i don't know. >> the president's lawyer acknowledging he paid the money back. >> the president repaid it. >> oh,id it know -- >> he did? >> yep. >> and now daniels andayer attorney cohen's plea deal vindicates them. >> the message i would send to the president of the united statesu better prepare becae you'r in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: the president's le team doesn't think so. rudy guiliani tells nbc news,s thereo allegation of any wrongdoing against the president in the government's charges against mr. cohen. it is clear that as prosecutor noted, mr. cohen's actions reflect a pattern of lies and dishonesty over a significant period of time. but president trumpidn't always think cohen was a liar. over the lic comments last couple of years. >> he's a talented lawyer. he's a good lawyer for my firm. >> i liked him and he's a good orperson. >> rr: he worked for donald trump for a decade. privy to the most sensitive legal and businesseangs and
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even though the long time loyalist said his family and country come first, he wants memorably declaredak he would t a bullet for his boss. now he's taking a deal instead. one big question today, how much, if at all, will republicans who supported the president talk about their concern about what is happened here. far we've heard from a spokesperson for paul ryan who said the hse speaker is aware of the guilty plea b cohen but will need more information. we're talking about the trump pampaign with the phrase locker hup came with every rally, but since election day, five people from the campaign have he n convicted of breaking law. >> thank you. lanit davis is w us now, mr. davis, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i don't have to remind you, saidclient once famously he would take a bullet for donald trump. now it seems that in a sense he is the bullet. does he have damaging information against the
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president and is he willing to tell it to prosecutors? >> he said under oath the most damaging definitive yesterday information, that the president of the united states dd him to commit a crime, meaning the president committed crime and covered it up because he didn't sign the check to keep quiet the affairs that the -- with the two women and directed is the word used michael cohen to do so. and in case there is any problem here understanding, there is no dispute on the word "direction." his attorneys wrote the special counsel and said that president trump directed michael cohen to do this. so the issue of whether he's credible or not has no relevance here. sawyers are his witnesses against the president as complicit in this crime. >>ut let me ask you, because michael cohen -- it is hisord d rudy guiliani seems to back that up with some prior statements saying that, yes, fact, the president knew these
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payments to the porn star, the hush money were being made -- by is there any document to -- >> yes. the fog of rudy guiliani who i said truth't truth is creating -- it contradicted by the president's own lawyers, who wrote a letter -- to the special counsel and that's evidence your own lawyers are testifying against the client, that is called definitive evidence. they said to the special counsel president trump directed -- the word they used in court yesterday so,here is no dispute on that. >> i get that. is there anything else? documents or recording or anything else. answer.'t know the we'll see whether there is other evidence but i'm saying that right nowichael cohen need help from the american people to ll the truth and we've set up
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a habsite, m to the ge fund me s and he is telling the truth but president trump's own lawrs are corroborating what michael cohen has said. >> let's talk about michael cohen. for years and years he was as thick as thieves with donald trump. again saying i'll take a bullet for him. what changed? he's now admitting things he previously denied publicly. whenid he turn on donald trump andhy? >> gradually after the election and when he called me, we talked about almost nothinghaut question, that very important question. he's turned his life from what he did for donald trump, much of which he now regrets and would re-do. do -- but he decided fundamentally his family and his country were his priorities when he was first interviewed by another network. he said that and that is the turn in his life, hitting the
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re-set button to tell the truth from now on. and what caused thats a complicated evolution. but he certainly found donald trump as president to be unsuitable to hold the office after helsinki and worried about the future of our country with somebody who was aligning himself with mr. putin in denying what is -- h entire intelligence community and his own appointees said is an indisputable factin that putin rfered with our presidential p and he's still denying that -- that is the kind of d thing that cauichael cohen to change his mind and decide to dedicate himlf to telling the truth to the american people and we have set up a website, michael to tell the truth about donald trump. >> last question there is one
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person that could make michael cohen's legal problems go ay in an instant, and that is donald trump. is he hopingor pardon from president trump. >> not only is he - not he would not accept one. he wouldot accept someone who acted so corruptly as president is something he would never accept. >> lanny davis, thank you. >> and theres a to talk about and we'll do that ahead. >> but first a jury convicted pformer campaign chal manafort on fraud. white house correspondent kristen welker has that part of the story. >>.eporter: good morni the conviction of paul manafort is another blow to president trump and a boost for special counsel robert mueller. manafort was among the first charged as part counsel investigation and now mueller can claim a win in court despite sustainedttacks by president trump.
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overnight the president in west virginia energizing the trump faithful witamily line of attack. >> fake news and the russian witch hunt. we have a whole big combination. ere is the collusion? >> reporter: but jt hours earlier, real results for the special counsel. a jury found former trump campaign chair paul manafort guilty on eight of 18 criminal counts, unable to agree on the other ton. thections related to fraud and financial crimes. activity that took place before fort's stint on the campaign, a point mr. trump on tuesday. >> it doesn't involve me but i still feel -- it is a very sad thingt tppened because nothing to do with russian collusion. he started this russian collusion -- this is nothing to do. it isha witch hunt is a disgrace. >> reporter: prosecutors argued from 2010 to 2014 manafort earned more than $30 million but reported less than hatf of as income.
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money earned as a political consultant for the forme pro-russian president of ukraine and stashed money in overseas banks and buying expensive clothes and antiques and cars bypassing the irs and when the money dried up, he lied in applying for more than $20 million in loans to fund his lavish lifestyle. >> mr. paul manafort is disappointed of not getting acquittal all the way through or a complete hung jury on all counts. >> reporter: for months president trump has distanted himself from his former campaign chair. >> paul manafort worked for me for a very port period of time. >> reporter: hen servede trump campaign for about five months, including three as the campaihair overseeing the critical stretchth durin republican national convention. the president recently asked if he planso pardon him? >> will you pardon paul manafort? >> i don't talk about that. >> reporter: now manafor faces
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more than ten years in prison and a second trial here in d.c. next month. we will obviously be watching this very closely. this could be critical for president trump and on that second trial he faces a slew of charges, including failure to register as a foreign lobbyist. >> christen, thank you. there are political and legal ramifications facing the presid and pete >>lliams for the legal beagle stuff. i think we need chuck speak. it seems like a huge bombshell yesterday. so tell us what this whole thing means politically for trump? >> here is what it could meaea it could you now have the president of the united states accused of committing a federal crime. the way a functional washington would work is that congress -s there process. the sitting president is accused of a crime. the judicial committee and house ofat represees would begin to look if there is enough evidence to start investigating
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and drawing up articles of impeachment but ts is not a functional congress. th -- this is a congress controlled by republicans and they have to do this on their own president. i think there is going it be increased political heat and a divided republican party.t those te fearing trump as a drag, and then those that know that his base is there until the end. >> but chuck, quickly, this issue of impeachment and this comes down to the midterm election. if the docrats retake the house, then they could attempt to itch peach the president. so is this going to be the only issue in the midterms going forward. p >> i think it sible. i think the president may even embrace it. i think there is this sguided idea among some republicans that if you make ts somehow that the president is the center here and it's -- and he's -- and if you don't get out to democrats are going to get him and somehow that might fire up his base. but i have t tell you this, i do think paul ryan needs to think long a hard about the
7:16 am
future of the republican party. this is your last chance off this train and it looks like mafort and coen - only michael cohen only have more to say. ryan is retiring and do the party a favor and start the procedure in the house judicia committee you get someplace for republicans getting nervous to say let's start an investigati and we'll g from there. >> we'll check out the legal side of this. we have pete we that a sitting president cannot be charged oric id. so what legally can happen to the president? >> wellen that is theal thought. remember that for anybody but the president, the answer is almost certainly that he could crime.ged with a if you commit a crime and i told to you do it, i could be charged with c tspiracy. bure is a long-standing view at the justice department in written formal opinions under both democratic and republican administrations that a sitting president can't be charged with a crime.
7:17 am
why? well theasiest way isust think about this. you can't have a president running the country while he's in court o in prison. robert mueller is the special counsel bute's still bound by those justice department opinions just as any other federal prosecutor is. so at this point, it seems unlikely that the president could be charged with a crime for what michael cohen said the president told him to do. >> which leaves it to the litical branches to do whatever which is what we were talking to chuck about. but quick on manafort. he's been convicted eight of e 18 counts and faces another trial and is this a moment where he could look at himself and say maybe i should sit down with the special counsel and let him know or has that ship sailed? >> i think that hmm moment came in february when rick gates decided to cooperate with mueller and pled guilty. manafort decided not to do that. he's shown no inclination to do that.
7:18 am
whether the conviction focuses the mind, that is possible. he has another trialp coming next month on very similar charges. maybe he'll think about itfter that. but so far he hasn't shown any sign -- and back on impeachment for a moment, one thing to remember, these are things that happened before the president was the president. it was during the campaign. and many legal scholars who thought about this say impeach. applies only to official acts in office. can you impeach someone for id something theyefore they became a public official? who knows. it seems the answer is no. and as ford said impeachment is whatever the house said it is. >> and something lawyers love t argue about. thank you both. time for a first check of the weather. mr. roker at at wall. >> we are look at something vern usual right now. talking about a pacific hurricane that might hit hawaii. hurricane lane, category five storm, 505 miles southeast of honolulu and 160 mile-per-hour
7:19 am
winds and movement is west northwest and starting to the big on frida island of hawaii, also making its way towardol hu by friday. threatening kawai. and again remember, this is a wide area that cone of -- of unceainty and now hurricane warnings for the big island and hurricane watches out for the other islds. rainfall amount upward of 20 inches and possible tsrricane-force g and large storm surgescand troforce winds from the center of the system making its way along the hawaii island chain. hawaii hurricanes are rare. since 1950 we've seen 19 hurricanes within 300 miles of the island. ave made a y two direct hit. that was dot in 1959. $6 million in damage. and iniki in 1992 caused six
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deaths and $2.3 billion in damage. and we'll watch this in efrl days. we'll have your forecast in the next 30 seconds. good morning, everybody. i' storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. sunshine has come back to the d.c. metro area a o allf our surrounding couliies. le area of low pressure though swinging overhead during the middle part of th afternoon. this line of rain showers in central west virginia now is likely to reach the shenandoah valley around lunchtime and the
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d.c. metro areand between 2:00 5:00 this afternoon. chanceg of gett rained on is 30 to 40% and dry weather and w humidity starts tomorrow. >> and that is your latest weatr. >> coming up, new information on how exactly police were able to track down the undocumented immigrant now charged in the disappearance and murder of an iowa college student. the agent in chargeth of at case live straight plus our interview with tennis star and mom serena williams and what she'shang with her family and her future. but first this is "today" on nbc. femme and her future but first this is "today" on nbc. you know when you're at ross and you're like... hello. ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit.
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or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event, now through august 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. wednesday, august 22nd. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'mgo angie . today arlington national cemetery is honoring more of oun na heroes. we'll get a closer look at an expansion project which will make room for 40,000 addition burials. and right now some commuters are having to find alternate routes after vyyesterday's h .ain and floodi th a is collapsed portion of sumpton road in lewdon and in d.c. eliot-hine school is closed and berkeley county west virginia schools are on a two-hour delay. melissa has a look at our first 4 affic. >> traffic alert, silver spring. so piney branch road still shut
7:27 am
down at dale drive and pedestrian struck andake wayne or carol avenue around that. bw parkway, southbound after 198, crash on the shoulder and still delay andorthbound on 197 craswith a motion. inner loop at wilson with a new crash at oxon hill. >>nk tyou. we have a check of your forecast next.
7:28 am
sunshine over washington but storm team 4 radar finds showers in the mount of west virginia. they'll be arriving in the shenandoah valley between 10:00 a.m. and noon and likely to be moving through the heart of the d.c. metro area and just hit and miss and 30% to 40% chance for a and r peaks between 1:00 3:00. it is dry by the time you get home this evening. and then dry weather with low humidity for tomorrow and
7:29 am
friday. nice sunny and dry weatherth fo weekend, too. >> thank you. another local news update ite25 mi >> and now back to the "today" show after this short break.
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> i never wanted to hang up my racket at this point and i'm still trying to compete and win grand slams m andt of all do it while i have a daughter. >> that, of course, serena williams opening up about adjusting to her new life as one of the world's most celebrated athletes and happens to be a new mom. stephanie ruhle will sit down with her and we have an interview looking forward to that. craig is at the table. >> good to see you. lookingorward to that kochgs a -- to that conversation and seeing her at then u.s. op. >> we start with the check of theli headnes, starting with the dramatic day in court for two of president trump's closest advisers. michael cohen pleading guilty to campaign finance violations ony tues cohen said trump directed him to
7:31 am
arrange the payment of hush oney to two women to cover u extramarital affairs. meanwhile president trump's formern campaign chair paul manafort was found guilty o tuesdayf eight financial crimes, inclung tax fraud. a judge declared aal mist on ten other counts the jury could not agree on. manafort faces seven to nine years in prison. rapper post malone is happy on e alive after a fligh tuesday. he was one of6 1ssengers on a private jethat blew out two tires after takeoff from a new jersey airport and on the way to england to perform and the pilot burned offou fuel for f hours and then landed safely at an airport in upstate new york. malone thanked fans for prayers and said we're here on earth and i need a beer. i think we could all get an amen for that. newly released surveillance shows a frightening helicopter crash in arkansas that left the pilot hurt training facility in little rock. you could see the pilot
7:32 am
stru oling to gain contr it as soon as it lifts off and the copper rolled to the sid the blazes are on the pavement and the pilot did sustain a heay in officials say severe winds were to blame for that. >> did you see that guy running out of the door and he's like -- not going well. i think the pilot knew. >> yeah. >> it is just awful. meanwhile, the undocumented immigrant who police say confessed to kidnapping andin ki a university of iowa student is set to appear in court. we'reoing to talk to the special agent in charge of that investigation but ron mott has the latest on the investigation. mood morning. >> reporter: gooing. this is an obviously sad ending to this search for mollie tibbetts. 's mention investigators have charged an undocumented immigrant with first aegree murd say he offered chilly details about what happened the night mollie disappeared. >> reporter: for more than a month family and friends of mollie tibbetts held out hope she would be found alive. this morning they're grieving.
7:33 am
a body believed to be mollie's found tuesday in a corfield. >> utter disbelief. just in shock. it is just hard. >> reporter: a 24-year-old undocumented immigrant cristhian rivera charged with first-degree murder. how did he getn your radar? >> we came across security cameras andble to identify a vehicle that we believed belonged to mr.ra ri >> reporter: rivera who came to the u.s. from mexico told him he pursued mollie during her run and parking his vicle and running behind and alongside of her. >> he tells us that mollie grabbed ahold of her phone and said you need to leave me alone, i'm t going to call police and then she took off running. he in turn chased her down then he tells us that at some point in time he blacks out -- >> reporter: officials rivera told them as he was driving he saw an earpiece from headlin his lap and realized she was in the tru and saw blood.
7:34 am
he dragged her into a corn field d no motive was given for the killing. >> he followed her and seemed to be drawn to o hern that particular day and for whatever reason he chose to abduct her. >> reporter: vice president pence who had met with the family last week tweed he wa heartbroken by the news. president trump speaking about the case at his rally overnight. >> the illegal alien coming in very sadly from mexico and you saw what happened to that incredible beautiful young woman. should have never happened. >> reporter: just days before mollie's body was found, her family determined to find her. >> we're still optimistic we'll bring mollie home. >> reporter: this tragic ending one they hoped they would have to face. and rivera is being held million dollars bond and due in court later this afternoon. now late last night the company that employe hymn said he was an employee in good standing and
7:35 am
properly vetted him through the federal government e-verify system. we'll bring in ron gron, the special agent in charge at the iowa division of criminal investigation. rick, good morning. you got a b break in that case. had you some video of a car, that vehicle led youo the suspect. break it down for us. how did you get him? >> well, we were fortunate to be able to have the video and so we spent a number of days and several hours reviewing the video. we were able to identify rivera's vehicle and conduct the interview. >> rick, was this someone known to police? was he stalking her? >> well, he certainly wasn't known to the local police department with the sheriff's department. so we -- through our interviews throughout the communitre we t aware of him until we
7:36 am
i able to locate the vehicle and sois not like he's on anybody's radar throughout the investigation. >> what strikes me about this, is once youndind the car that leads you to the suspect, you go in there and according to statements from law enforcement he basically lds you right to the body, puts up no defense. what is the state of his mental health? do you have any questions about his mental competence? >> well, that is going to be up to others to review that. i could just tell you that during the interview process he did, in fact, lead us toad wher he placed mollie. so we were thankful for that because thatllowed us to have some closure for the family. >> and rick, you've beenth clos mollie's family and talking to her. our heart broke when we heard about thiswtory. re they doing knowing that there has been an arrest made in this case? >> well, it certainly helps but it is a difficult time for them and thommunity. and so it is going to be a long
7:37 am
arduous process for the to go through and so we're -- we hope that we're going to be able to t be there form step by step and guide them through the ruocess. but they are ling. it is tough. they lost a daughter. they lost a loved one. and so they are struggling i'm sure. >> well, rick, we appreciate you -- special agent rick rahn. >> and a check of the weather er there. a rain shot. >> we have rain to talk about in the east. it is raining for the eastern half of the centry. over n inches in oklahoma and hartford and atlanta and new york city sing overalf a month's worth of rain and in fact, look at this. it is a secondtettest aug for oklahoma city, month not done yet. second wettest i o new york hartford. sixth in new york and atlanta. and we are going to still see more wet one front bro showers and now a cold front moving in. strong storms developing from
7:38 am
long island into boston and once that pushes through things lying nicer moving into the weekend.n bute meantime, cooler than average temperatures. we'll be filtering in fm the great lakes and the central plains and the mississippi river valley into the east. look for severe storms and monsoonal moisture in the southwest and sunny and warm along the west coast. that is what is going on around the country. here is what is happening in e your neck of woods. >> three of my favorite words to say foreastwise in onth of august, cooler than average. arriving tonight into tomorrow and for the rest of the week. right now radar is are showers in west virginia and aarriving here in the afternoon and not a repeate performaf yesterday. from 60 to around 70 now. highs in the low to mid-80s and8 uppers in the shenandoah valley and cooler than average and then hotext week. >> and that is your latest weather. >> thank you. and coming up next, nru
7:39 am
ian meddling, the just exposed social media campaign to influence theio.s. elect coming up in november. raight ahead what facebook just did about it. and plus do new parents of pets der pets -- deserve time off. we'll discuss paw-ternity. >> and thensiargento breaking her silence about the sexual assault against her and what she said anthony bourdain did about it. and serena williams, the powerful msage to all working moms. moms. but first these messages. we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $4.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab.
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7:44 am
ts morning >> this morning, facebook scrambling to contain a new campaign election. >> enmergency conference call with facebook exec its. and rhea mitchell is on the story. good morning. >> good ermorning. ght facebook removing accounts on facebook and instagram. some originating in russia and some in iran. facebook saying separate campaigns with one goal, to mislead users in the u.s. and around the rld. >> reporter: the social media giant acknowledging foreign interference to tri user in theu.s., the u.k. and the middle east and across latin america. and 62 pages taken down. doctored images, some mocking president trump and kim jong-un.
7:45 am
others michelle oma. facebook tracing some back to iranian state media. othe to russian military intelligence. facebook ceoke mark zucerg telling reporters the company is committed to stopping abuses, including from nation states. we need to make sure we continue strengthening the security operatis we have to defend against those better and we're committed to doing that. >> reporter:uckerberg has been under fire in congress for not doing more torotect privacy. one of my greatest regrets in running the company is that we were slow in identifying the russian information operations in >>2016. eporter: facebook now saying the latest russian intelligence activity focuses on spreading prohitch russian content in ukraine. and p-assad content in syria. only a day after microsoft said it discovered russian military intelligence was hacking u.s think tanks to steal passwords and othered crentials. >> this is a problem that won't goaway. the russians were successful in
7:46 am
2016 and trying to be successful in 2018 as the director of tional intelligence said their red lights are flashing. >> and twitter announcing it has completed 300 iranian based accounts they believe wasin engage coordinated manipulation. two wee from todayhe senate intelligence will hold meetings with facebook and twitter and google on social media man ip lation on the- manipulations on platform. >> it is happeng again. >> coming up, argento speaking up about how she was accused of sexual assault and how she and anthony bourdain handled the allegations.
7:47 am
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this is a ns 4 today news break. hi, good morning.s 7:56ur time on this wednesday, august 22nd, 2018. good morning, i'm angie goff. let's get over to melissa with your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. silver spring still has pine kbri branch shut down and so collision reconstruction is on the scene and could still be time. take wayne or carol avenue instead. 95 southbound at powder mill, right lane blocked in beltsville and a live lookt 270 at father hurley, normal volume headed southbound into a check of your forecast is next. stay with us.
7:57 am
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a pretty start to the day. plenty of sunshine over the mall and lincoln memorial. temperatures in the lowo mid-70s and still in the upper 60s to near 70 foriaorthern virgnd the shenandoah valley. a couple of chances for rain. nothing ma-- major compared to yesterday. a chance for midday showers between 1:00 and 3:00 in d.c. metro and highs in the low toro mid-80sd town and then low humidity and cooler than average weather the next couple ofan da then turning super hot next week. >> thanks, chuck. more news in 25 minutes but for now back to "today" after this br
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." coming double trouble. two former close president both guilty on the same day. >> i feel bad -- >> so what does this mn for the president's future and where does the russia investigation go from here. we are live at the white house with everything you need to know. plus hitting her stride. serena williams opens up about the challenges returning to the court as a working mom. >> this is the beginning for a new career for me. i'm not going to be gone after the open. >> what she'sut revealing abo the ups and downs in an exclusive interview. and ruff life. where some compani are offering paid time -- paid time
8:01 am
off after adopting a pet. >> i have to say, really, my company offered this. >> paw-ternity leave on wednesday, august 22nd, 2018. ♪ ♪ ♪ a cutenesslert on the plaza. ceod morning. to have you with us on a wednesday morning. ready to head ouo we are r head out and we're ready to get to thehe adlines. a lot to tell you about. the president under growing political pressure this morning.
8:02 am
two former members of his inner circ now facing prison time after guilty verdicts.we kristeer joins us from the latest. >> reporter: good morning. it was a stunning split screen for president trump. his former fixerad pg guilty to eight criminal counts and st the same exact time a jury finding his former campaign chair guilty on eighteparate counts raising the legal stakes r a president under increasing pressure. this morning closing in. the president trump former fixer michael cohen admitting in court that he broke the law because a candidateold him to. cohen only worked for one candidate. donald trump. cohen's attorney lanny davis rlier on "today." >> the president of the united states directed him to commit a crime, meaning the president committed the crime. there is no dispute on the word "direction." his attorneys wrote the special counsel and said that president
8:03 am
trump directedha m cohen to do this. >> reporter: cohen facing 3 1/2 to five years in priso after pleading guilty to eight felony charges on tax fraud, bank fraud and campaign finance violations. payoffs toudeal illeg keep two women quiet about alleged affairs with donald trump, affairs he denies and one of the payments0 $130, to porn star stormy daniels. >> the message that i would send to the president of the united states is you better prepare because you're in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: but the president's legal team doesn't think so.i rudy guili telling nbc news there is no allegation of any wrongdoing against in the government's charges against mr. cohen. the man who once declared he would take a bullet for his boss has now taken a deal instead. but the president has another problem. >> fake news and the russian witch hunt. we have a whole big combination. where is the collusion? you know, they're still looking for collusion. >> reporter: overnight mr. trump
8:04 am
going on the attack in west virginia, just hours earlier, former trump campaign chairman paul manafort found guilty on eight of 18 criminal counts re fted toud and financial crimes. activity that took place beforet manafo's stint on the campaign. th conviction a boost for ronart mueller. fort was among the first charged after mueller became special couns, presumably to force manafort's cooperation in the russian meddling investigation. prosecutors argued from 2010 to 2014 manafort earned more than $30 ellion, moneyned as a political consultant for the former pro-russian president of ukraine but reported less than half of that to the irss income. his attorney speaking out briefly. >> mr. manafort is disappointed of not getting acquittals all the way through or a complete counts.y on all he is evaluating all of -- his options at this point. >> reporter:ow manafort faces more than ten years in prison
8:05 am
and faces a second trial next month right here in washington, d.c. on a slew of other charges including failing to register as a foreignt. lobby >> kristen welker, thank you. now to the disturbing story out of colorado. where a man was officially charged tuesday with murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters. his wife's father sitting just a few feet away inea. nbc's kristin dahlgren is on that story. >> rorter: chris watts handcuffed and head down in court on tuesday. as he was charged with the premeditated murder ofeg his nt wife and their two little girls bella and celeste. shannas brother watched in anger as her father broke down and sobbed. theth morner o murders he told his wife he wanted to split up, causing an emotionaler cotion. minutes later on a baby monitor he claimed he raw his wife ling celeste, the 3-year-old as bella was sprawled out on her bed and blue.
8:06 am
watts said he went to a range and strangled shannan to death. but just days earlier he told reporters a different story. >> saw when she got it and it was really quick. >> reporter: police say he later admitted he dumped tir bodies at this oil field. the d.a. who is not buying his story has nott alleged a p-- a motive but it is believed he had an affair with a co-worker and the watts defense team a that the coroner do dna swab on the children's necks, raising queseons whether they may b looking for evidence of the mother's dna there. >> weegged him as the perfect family. >> the lindstrom's saw watts and his girls at a party hours before the murders and say everythi seemed normal. >> at one point c.c. had fallen on the swing set and he ran over and got her and comforted her and -- just like a normal dad
8:07 am
would. and they were just here. they were justndlaying they -- they didn't know and they didn't -- they didn't deserve it. >> reporter: for "today," kristin dahlgren, nbc news, denver. also in the headlines, in georgia three victims are recovering after a coffee shop explosion that was caught on camera. security video shows the moment the explosion rocked that coffee sho last frida check it out. three women were inside at the time. they all suffered extensive burns. officis say a construction crew digging in the area had ruptured a gas line. that line was capped but some dgas had already lea into the sewer system and then into that nffee shop. we have tews covered. a little morning boost for you this fine morning. ringing the survivor's bell. a beautiful ritual at hospitals hofor cancer patients have been through chemo therapy and it marks the milestone to their treaent and a look ahead to better times.yo coulfeel the emotions building in tampa at one young patient finally got her chance.
8:08 am
>> i couldn't have done it without you and it has beenar reallybut i couldn't be happier. [ bell ] [ cheering and applause ] >> we wish her the best. h all o doctors and nurses were there. there were hugs from he mom and grandmother all there and it was a moment that she will never forget. for a bright future for that young lady. much more ahead, including the expensive interview with serena williams. what the tennis star and new mom is h sharing about future plans with the u.s. open justay few away. plus a shocking new twist in theashia argento sexual assault scandal and the explosive text messages being revealed but first these messages. ♪ adults are just kids with much, much better toys.
8:09 am
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for instance, january 21st is national hugging day. but anyone can give a hug even this guy -- he gives great hugs. but you, you do way more than give hugs. you care for your kids, your parents, and even the guy across the street who waves a lot. and a-a-r-p is here to help. connecting you with the tools you need to navigate the realities of caregiving. think of it as one big hug. take on today and every day with a-a-r-p. we are back, explosive new developments gist this morning.t a few m ago tied to the disturbing allegations of sexual assault against asia argento.
8:12 am
she was the late anthony bourdain girlfriend and one of harvey weinstein's first and most outspoken accusers. >> stephanie gosk has the late breaking details. this story is twisting and turning. breaking overnight tmz obtained text messages from a friend of asia argento and in the text not verified by nbc news, she appears to confirm that she did have a sexual assaul-- a sexuald she said i had sex with him. it feet weird. i didn't know he was a minor until the shakedown letter in the wake of a vehement denial by asia argento. >> once a champion of the me-too movement. >> if we stop this cvention -- >> reporter: asia argento now cast in different role. swept up in the reckoning she helped initiate. is morning asia argento forcefully denying a new yor times report on actor jimmy bennett's claims she sexually
8:13 am
assaulted him in a california hotel room when he was a minor. in a statement to journalist ali she write i'm deeply shocked and hurt by having read news that is absolutely false. i've never had any sexual relationship wit bennett and goes on to say she and bennett were just friends. the times standing by its report this morning. saying it didn't hear from asia argento, givg her four days to reinond before publi the story. while asia argentoejects the sexual assault allegations, she does acknowledge her then boyfriend,he late anthony bourdain paid bennett nearly $400,000n hush money. she accused the now 22-year-old of taking advantage of them both for financial gain. she writes, bennett knew my boyfriendntny bourdain was a man of great perceived wealth and had his own reputation as a be public figure to protect. the negotiation taking place
8:14 am
after she came forward accusing half vieh weinstein of rape and a german actress filing ade l lawsuit against weinstein alleging he raped her in a r hotelm in cannes. he said the allegations are untrue and the claims are barred by the statute of limitations and' intend to immediately move to dispolice t -- to dismiss. >> but if true there is no lens that makes it better. child sexual assault is a heinous crime and guess all and i and the me-too movement stands for. >> have we heard from bennett about any of this. >> we have not to his lawyer and asia argento said in her statement that he, before going to heror money,
8:15 am
he sued his own family for edllions. he hasn't respoo that. he hasn't responded to the allegations in the new york times article. so we wait to hear from him. >> all right. stephanie gosk. thanks. >> thank you. we'll switch grs to al's forecast. >> the latest right now on a powerful hurricane hat may affect hawaii, a category 5, 180 miles south southeast of honolulu and 160 miles per hour winds at 9 miles per hour. this will skirt to the south of nhe hawaiian island chain. by thursday dow to a category two but still could cause plenty of damage and by friday at 8:00 down to a one but still the effects of this could be massive. talking about strong winds anda storm surg 20 inches of rain. right now back to the0s that is that 70s show. 79 in cleeland and s in bingham and bristol, 78. and thursday thestemperatures
8:16 am
nice and mild with the temperatures into the mid to upr 70s. into the weekend, comfortable and low humidity but the ridge builds back in next week and 'll be back to the 90s. that is what is going on around the country. here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell.da is a transition day. temperatures are in the low to afternoon highs in the low to mid-80s. clouds have started to roll back in and there is a qui chance for a rain shower or two today. future weather carrieshis hit an miss chance out of the d.c. metro between about noon and 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. then we'll turn dryer a that. the next couple of days, thursday and friday, low humidity and cool, comfortable mornings but super hot weather next week. >> and that is your latest weather. now time to head into the orange room. dylan, a treat that w lovs kids is getting a makeover. talk to >> after more than aentury,
8:17 am
nabis nabisco changed the barnum's animal cerra acknimasls and mor. they are uncaged and roamingly frn a response to push from pita, the animals rig organization spoking out against the treatment of animals and requested this change back in. 20 pita is happy with the change. they say we're extending a big thanks to a nabisco it perfectly reflects that society no longer tolerates using wild animals in circuses. social media users are reacting to the historic make yoif. maria said, kudos to nabisco for its new and wildly improved animal crackers. >> welcome peha, you, nabisco, it is never too late to but chasta said, you cannot be serious. there are so many other pressing malders in the w and noting that the name barn
8:18 am
yum still supports the use of animals in the circus, but of course ringling brothers and barnumnd bailey shut down last year following pressure from animal rights groups and lower ticket sales so the new packages are available in stores and good news, cartoon animals are safe. >> all right. >> so this is just as -- takeaways. we like animal crackers. box. miss the string on the had you your own little secret box. >> like purse of cookies. >> or murse. >> have a pop start -- pop tart. >> i have tweets on sobrain. let's start pop start. and congratulations to hillary swank revealing that she and philip snyder tied the knot. she shared her beautiful wedding photos with the magazin saying they married in carmel, california, surunded by
8:19 am
800-year-old trees in the redwoods and h made of honor was her brea-- he best friend a was surprised with a tapance performance at the reception. congratulations to them. and up next, a big moment for the show "this is us", the cast from the hit show is geerg u for season three and did ahoto shoot with the photographer annie leibovitz. she shot a tv show campan is not her norm, in fact the last time she tooon such a project was more than ten years ago for the sopranos. chrissy metz opened up about wh was like to get a chance to work with >> it is sort of one of those things as an actor everyoneea about. you dream about having a job and then hopefully the joban sticks that maybe you get nominated or your critically acclaimed and you still have a job. but then to be photographed fy -- so special is she called
8:20 am
her s a journalist and not a photographer because she's capturing stories. at least that is my interpretation. >> yes. theast was als surprised to learn that leibovitz has watched the show and is a b fan she'll have to wait longer to see how the pictures turned out. "this is us"eturns in september. and theex nt james bond film was slated be released october of 2019 but now it might be delayed. yesterday it was announced that director danny boyle is departing from bond 25 due to creative differences. a replacement to direct the film has not yet been designed. in other bond news rumors have been swirling that idris elba is on a press for for his latest film and asked over and over whether the rumors are true. let's see what he to say. >> would you be allowed to say
8:21 am
anything? >> what is the next 007 >> no. >> absolutely not? would it be a role y would like to do? >> i don't want to talk about it. >> it isan all anyone to know and it looks like he couldn't be more clear. co the search for the next james bond inues. >> i feel like it is one of the new rumorsee that has swirling for years. >>nd the months. >> is he going to do it?>> no. >> let's get to today's talker. we're talking about tennis superstar serena willia s. 's been focus about the challenges facing her as an athlete and first-time mom and opened upo stephanie ruhle. good morning. >> good morning. seasna, this woman dominated women's tennis for nearly 20 years. d now she's facing a very different kind of challenge, just like us, bng a n mom and with the u.s. open here in new york just a few days away, we met up with the the intrepid sea, air and space museum to talk about her return, not a
8:22 am
comeback, to tennis and finding balance off the court. >> this time last year you were eight months pregnant, preparing for child birth. >> yes. ou >> todayre preparing to go back on the court and maybe go g for anothernd slam title. walk me through this year? >> it has been an amazingha yea. ng the baby and then coming back and it is so special to havelympia turn one soon and maybe i'll be playing and have the memories of being in the hospital and giving birth to my daughter. >> serena williams is move than one of the world's gre of the athletes. she's a proud mom having the time of her life. >> do you feel joyful. >> i feel different i've always a joyful person and now it is different and i feel just light. it i a great feeling. >> last year she took a break from tennis with a new focus, raising her first child daughter olympia. the two have spent every day
8:23 am
tagt traveling side by side. >> a lot of women don't have that opportunity. and in a weird way i'm doing it can' women that so for me, being around her every day is super important and want her to have just a great upbringing and the best way that i know how. >> she and her husband have shared someth of upbringing on social media. >>hat is mommy. >> and sher biggest takeaway, she's not ahome. >> wn i missed olympia's walking i wrote about it and other parents said don worry out it, i missed it too. it was more normal to miss it than to make it. so i kind o rely an everyone's help out there and it is been so, so amazing. >> that peace off the court has given the tennis icon new strength on it. last month she nearly won wimbledon and next week returns to another event she's dominated, the u.s. open. >> don't call it a comeback. >> a she stayed focused and ready during time away this
8:24 am
debuting at a j.p. morgan chase event celebrating working moer's and her return to the open. >> i was always there and watching and being a part of it and i never wanted to hang uckmy at that point. so still trying to compete and win grand slams andost of all, do it while i have a daughter. >> with herrusted travel buddy by her side and o grand slam title shy of tieing the all-time record of 24, serena williams is focused on the future. add ready to hold tourt. s is the beginning for a new career for me. i'm not going to be gone after the open. i'm going to bet in the n grand slam and the next and the next and theext and the next. this is just going to keep >> she's go keep going. >> she is going to keep going. if you notice that sweatshirt she had on it said royal, she designed it, you might see it oe friend meghan markle end sent her one but with a person not her flair forefashion and
8:25 am
she said olympia likes to run around naked and she has to negotiate as long as she wears pajamas to bed but serena williams is just like us. s >> whe gave the speech after she came in second in wimbledon i remember how it touched so many moms when she stood there and said i'm just like you. i feltd her then. >> this is a new chapter and she's opening up and what she lost at wimbledon and attributed to totu postp emotions and one of the greatest athletes of all time showing us this said the support from fans has made it better. >> how old is olympia. >> one year and a week. >> and she made itin to thes and the u.s. open. >> eight months pregnant and now getting ready to do a open and her daughter is turning one. >> and now savanna savannah has through the tea -- >> we'll be back.
8:26 am
90s fashion coming back. >> oh, no? >> shoulder pads?h, >>no. >> yes. >> after your local news. >> plus we're talking about breakfast. good morning. it is 8:26 now on this wednesday, august 22nd. i'm aaron gilcrest. melissa has your first 4 traffic. >> piney branch and dale creek we have the northbound lane still closed but the southbound has reopened. beltway inner loop and ower loop sn the typical spots as we zoom in southbound b.w. parkwayway at 15, headed inbound. >> we'll have a look at your forecast when e back. stay with us.
8:27 am
(birds chirping, a running brook,) ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪
8:28 am
it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real. after a bright and sunny start, a few more cloud in the y and later on in the afternoon, about noon and:00, 3:00, 4:00, a chance for a stray shower or two today. temperatures in the low to mid-70s. now in the low toor mid-80s afternoon highs. so a warm day with passing
8:29 am
shower or two. tomorrow,ohough, back 100% sunshine and low humidity. aaro and chuck. >> thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
8:30 on a wednesday morning. it is augus 22nd, 2018. and if you want to see a great performer, i hope you come see usn friday. you know who will be here? the incredible janelle monae. she'll be rocking the concert. i was playing her song "tight rope" which is among the best.
8:31 am
>> dylan stole a baby. >> i have a crowd moment that i think you want to see. i've got the youngest little baby on this -- this might be our youngest fan ever to show up. this is william. hi, you guys. how old is william. >> two months. >> and where are you from? >> san angelo, >>texas. ould you take a look at his shirt. it says nbc standsor no boy's cuter. this is your big tv debut. >> whatever. >> thank you for com.g to see thank you, little one. >> he's only >> two months old. >> he's so alert and holding his head up. >> hi. >> all day long we would look at little william. thanks, you guys. bye-bye. >> we can take that. to themediately came out plaza and i was holding him and
8:32 am
i g idth d ant>> to loo lk at thiset baby. >> hoda has him. >> it is over. the cutest baby in america. >> coming up, brith o nostalgia, traveling back in time to show everybody's favorite fashion trend making a comeback this season. >> with those our favorite? not mine. >> after thatpte'll tem your sweet tooth with recipes for decadent breakfast options. cinnamon rolls and donuts as well. >> so nice. >> plus tepaity leave. the unusual benefits that companies are rolling out to new pet parents. but first we have a check of the weather. >> you let him go? >> it was hard. that was tough,ight? >> come on. baby love. >> there you go.'t >> we c get enough. let's look at what is happening for today. some severe storm in the southwest. strong storms along the east t especially. plenty of sunshine up and down
8:33 am
the west coast. cooler than average in t midwest and it is a gorgeous day here in the lartheast. greas and down into the southeast, hot and humid through texas and severe storms in the northern plains and look for sunshine up and down t west coast. that is what going on around the country. here is what is happening in your neck of the >> good morning. right here at home in the dmv, sunshine still for now on thee east f of the lincoln memorial there. temperatures now in washington at 75eges. 70 in fairfax county. 74 in prince george's county. radar showing showers out to the west of the d.c. metro. these areoming eastbound so we do have a chance for a stray today.or two nothing all that heavy. no severe weather like yesterday. just a quick shower chance at 30% and today's high 86 and tomorrow low hidity and 82 degrees. >> that is your latest weather. don't forget, you can always take us with you if you go to 108 and s xm channel
8:34 am
download your favorite shows on theiu sirs xm app. ww let's go back inside. >> you knowt, we were just coming in because we had to hold the baeby o-- the baby one more >> what can i say. > now to aeadline making trend when it comes to time off from work. >> savannah sellers who is thet co-h stay tuned on snapchat and insta is here to tell us about. >> we all know about maternity and pattern -- paternity leave and this is all about i was ab and get to know his perso it was very critical in building my relationship with my dog. >> and is it called paw-ternity leave. >> yes, it is. paw -- >> you like that? >> good boy. >> you heard that right. paid time off to care not for a newborn but for a furrier family
8:35 am
member. meredith took would weeks paid leave to h bond with adopted rescue dog bodie. >> we'reble to walk around and go to the park. i did his vet and make sure he hadis shots and got to know him. >> she worked at imparticle, a tech company that is pet friendly and including bringing pets to work help them attract the best employees. >> i want to make sure that people who work here feel like they have l a good worke balance if we could find people who are passionate about animals and animal welfare and also passionate about technology. we should be at the very top of their list. >> it is the latest in a trend of companies looking for ways to stand out in an increasingly competitive market place. offering perks like free lunches and gym membership and nap pods. last yea more than 70% of organizations increased the benefit packages in an effort to retain employees.
8:36 am
that mns perks for pet owners, too. just like meredith'srk ace, more companies across the country are starting to offer pet care benefits. >> it is not enough to pay like they belong and ann an l environment where you are welcomed and feel included at work. >> what is the reaction from people when y talk about i'm off two weeks and to get to know my dog. >> when i first toldy husband he laughed and asked if this is a real job because it soundeddio lous. >> some might say the same. in 2016 only 13% of employees in the private sector had access to taid parental leave for children. meredith,anies like pet friendly policies are paying off. >> it is really a dreome true. >> sometimes i have to ake a step back and say, really? myompany offered this? i think because i work there and i'm there in the moment all of the time, that i maybe take it for granted. >> that is -- >> it would be great if weld c make some strides in maternity
8:37 am
and paterni leave before we go all gung-ho -- not just counting -- >> i will say, when i first got boss, i was working up in boston, i took a week vacation to potty train her and she was potty trained in a week and that is great bonding time. >> and she said it was instrumental in her rell aigsip with bod and the reaction was number one, i'm so jealous and numr two, are y kidding me? >> and it is mainly tech companiesow ag this. >> she said it is like her free lunch or free gym membership or ap pod and it is another benefit they loo in the world of tech. >> and now the tech companies have to compete so hard for the talent -- >> they giveou that. >> here is ice cream every day. >> thank you very much. >> we'll look for you lateryo o show. stay tuned on snapchat and on instagram. >> you're looking good on instagram. know. it is new. >> rocking it. >> thank you. >> just ahead, fashion throw-backs making huge comebacks. we'll show how you how to rockl
8:38 am
the o trends that are suddenly new again.t burst this is "today" on nbc. there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a . shed life's layers in asheville. asheville.ns discovery,e and out.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are back with "today"'s style. if you dream of the trends of yester-year, the bell and parachute pants. they looked so good on you. still in your closet. >> this is the segment for you. >> savannah was a b fan of the white blouse and the shoulder pads. >> remember >> greg liked rocking the turtleneck and rather large classes. and then there is me. which one is it? cringe. that was unnecessary and that is when i played for t schaefer forest fulls and i played softball. >> well t good news is what is old in fashion is new again. marie clair editorre is with comebacks. cjerck n. usan le>> o futas yhion is difficult.
8:41 am
what goes around comes around. >> let's walk through the decades. arting with the 60s. leopard making a comeback. had such before has i a resurgence since the '60s. tts it is everywhere. all over the runway and we had the wonderful jackie o. back in the day and now we have an updated version. jiani in this gorgeous sdress. thisasy to wear. and a shirt dress and open neckline and the tied waist. it is elegant. it is just easy to we. >> beautiful. >> i love -- >> and take us to the '70s, when the prairie dress and bo-h >> was that cher? >> she was go big or go home. 1970 and big ruffles and flowers. >> let's bring carolina out. l >>et a more refined version. a nordstromin dress. about off the shoulder and ruching and you don't want to lookike -- >> so the clunky heel is cool
8:42 am
again. >> i love the chunky heel. >> the easiest thing to walk ine and the sad back is something we're really adopting again. it is very easy to wear. >> and the collar palle is very 70s. s. and the '80 it is hard to know what to do with the '80s. but go ahead and -- princess dianna wore it well with exuberance. head to toe. and it is all about the polka dot. the polka dot, there is never a wrong time. >> let's see carla. this is a -- this ise. adora >> i love this. >> and it is playful and nice to wear in a more sophisticated silhouette, this is from target and supper elegant with the aff ru base. eis is breaking it up and making ity to wear, if you went polka dot shoes -- >> i'm going wild today. >> thank you. we're going too ten more years ahead and jump into the '90s. so what were the '90s in casual?
8:43 am
>> logo central. everyone wore logos and it is a love of the '90s street wear. >> kendra, come on out. fet's see what you got. >> a lot logo tst-sh that is back in a big way. >> i see them everywhere. >> they are clunky and chunky but some would say they are ugly but they a not going anywhere and this is the heritage t-shirt and the levis and easy and great millennial weekend wear. >> you wear the mid rift well. >> and now the new millenniu the 2000s. >> i don't know how -- >> i call this the denim suit or inxedo. >> is this cback. >> as much as we love them, the way that brittany and j.t., absolutely not. there is a much better way to wear denim on denim and it is a jump suit. a veryy e >> a jump suit. >> this is such an easy fit and make sure it fits you perfectly. you don't want something that
8:44 am
swamps you. > and then put the jean jacket over it >> i'm all for it. not saying wear a fedora as j.t. but the denim jabl-- jacke can you wear blueh eans w a jean jacket. >> that is the fashion sin of all things. >> no. absolutely. we wt denim on denim. use different washes and don't go with western accessories l because yk like a cartoon. >> no cow girl boots. >> gotcha. for more on the throwback styles check out and coming up, a breakfast treat with a twist. but first this is "tod"
8:45 am
8:46 am
this morning on "today," food sweet breakfast treats. eait is the most important of the day but your menu doesn't have to be bland or boring. this chef is here, the author of khloe flavor a's s here with creative creations to start your
8:47 am
morning. o>> we're going have fun with breakfast. we're making cinnamon roll pancakes. so we're taking tt ooey gooey and putting it inside of ndpancakes. al milk and coconut oil and there is no dairynd they are vegan. and start whisking the batter. we hav some flour and you could use gluten free and sea salt and i'm whiing milk. five ingredients only. and simple. and i'll pour ts in. keep whisking but don't over-whisk. >> how do you know if you >> until it is combined it will look like this. next we'll do our cinnamon mixture. so we have some brown sugar cinnamon and coconut oil. you could use vegan margarine, you could go ahead and move over here. why don't you whisk this. >> i love that you put me to work. >> this is goi to be our
8:48 am
swirl. which make t- really fun. so we have our ey five ingredient pancake batter. let's fire them so i'll put some on a hot griddle. >> how hot should it be. >> you can make one too over here next to me. >> slide on over. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> and we puthe cinnamon mixture in a plastic bag. ziploc bag. d >> exactly. you don't need to have a pastry bag and we'll sni the tip. >> snip the tip. >> you don't want to cut it too big because you don't want it fall out and we'll do a cinnamon swirl just like this. you couldo ahead and tryne on your own. >> i've got my own. >> so we have -- this is great for back to school fors k with allergies. it is a fun --o you want to cut that knot over the pan but you'll be fine. and then whe you see little bubbles in the center --
8:49 am
>> this is when you knoti it is to flip it. >> that is when you flip it. exactly. i'll give mine one more minute. >> mine is abstract. >>te you could w something cute or do whatever shape you want. >> this is great for yourids in t morning before the first day of school. >> and there is no dairy and eggs. >> what is to -- >> we're going to move over here. we have a glaze with just powdered sugar and water. and now you never have to choose between cinnamon rolls and pancakes again. >> that is going toeed a couple more minutes. so we'll head ove d-- 't flip -- >> how do you like the pancakes? >> they are delicious. >> here is part two. these look fantastic. >> banana doan -- duts. and you can whisk the batter. flour and sugar and baking soda and nutmeg. that gaves donut the donut aroma
8:50 am
>>and flavor. annah. u know that, s >>? i didn't. but i could smell it. >> and we have some mashed banana, to whisk that all in our almond milk and oil -- >> are all of your recipes are vegan. >> all of my recipes are 100% vegan so you don't feel heavy, you feel refreshed. >> unless you eat too much. >> >> and this reacts with the baking soda and you don't need eggs so it is an easy vegan substitute that most people have in their pantry. and then when you bake it, it kes off the vinegar flavor so you don't taste it. it is just that chemil reaction. so simple donut pan and i like another plastic bag. >> that is o nod to ho-- to hoda kotb. >> and then here is a nice circle. i like to make them fat or make them mini or whoever you want to do it. >> i could do that for you. >> great. and this is -- you could
8:51 am
some flaxseed or protein powder in it solt it is a h broadca breakfast. and how long do we ? >>0 to 12 minutes at 375 degrees and a simple glaze with powdered sugar almond milk and maple extract to enhance the maple flavor. and moving on to our dip and twist. >> the fun part. >> you take the donut and you dip it but the key is the twist so that you get a -- >> that is fun. >> these are really fresh so they arehy does the twist do. >> so that it covers the glaze -- around the whole and that is it. could you put fun toppings on it. >> or put it in a lunch box. >> i like it on a plate. ho whye -- >> why do you have to choose. >> thank you so much. >>ha you. >> to get the full recipe to
8:52 am
start yourday hea to we're back in a moment. thiss good. s "today" on nbc.
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8:54 am
welcome back. this doesn happen every day. >> do you have a forite violin piece. >> i played for years until i realizedwf i would be for ever. >> i like how you posed. >> the audio guy playing "saved by the bell." >> the glasses will never come back. >> but it still works. >> i like it. >> the violin. >> it would be better if you put it on a smucker's jar. let's celebrate some birthdays. first up, we've got a happy 100th birthday to ann rock work
8:55 am
from delray beach, florida. and recently took her tap dancing talent to the stage at her local theater. and ruth mathewsrom savannah home town of tucson,10 arizona. get this. she's lived in the sameor neighborhood1 years. >> that is spectacular. >> happy 100 birthday to david weinstein and he said the secret to longevity, eatie french with one meal every day. amen, brother. nd this lorenzen of plano, texas is 0 and she has a ster who is 103. talk about good genes. i'll have what she's having. >> and soul goldstein served during world war ii and thank you for your service. and last but not least happy 100th birthday to lenny addler of margate, florida. he and her grandson are 100
8:56 am
years old. there you have it. >> we have lot coming up in the fourth hour. do you know that maple syrup might help wh wrinkles. >> what? >> this isomething that will be revealed. >> i'm in. >> greatest tease ever. perhaps. first megyn kelly is coming up, chatting with a lawyer about michael cohen and everything after your good morning. thanks for joining us. we are going to get why tow y-- forecast but first melissa with your traffic. >>ilver spring, piney branch is reopening. fairfax couy parkway southbound right lane by the crash there.
8:57 am
southbound bw parkway at 50 crash blocking the right lane and going 8 miles per hour inbound. and 95 live look in virginia south of springfield, looks good northbound and southbound. >> thank you. a check on your wednesday weather is next. stay w.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, it is aitf a nice start to the day. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s around the areataow. alreadying to see f aew showers sneaking into the shenandoah valley and that range chance will come to d.c. metro around noon and 3:00 and 4:00. highs in the low 80s and the chance of rain only 30%. no severe weather like yesterday and then humidity goes away f the next couple of days and hot weather back next week. >> thanks. get the lates news and weather any time in the nbc washington app.
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welcome to the program, i'm megyn kelly. you may have heard there was a news tsunami yesterday. within hours of each other two bomb shells involving two men with very close ties to thees ent. here to help me break it down goldman, analyst dan nbc national political correspondent steve knacki and nbc analyst katiefeng. thank you for being here. by any measure yesterday was not a od day forhe white house. a jury in virginia found the president's formerampaign manager paul manafort guilty of arious tax and bank fraud charges, which didn't have anything to do with the


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