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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real. now a 11:00, a strong debut back w redskins runni adrian peterson. just in the carries that he has had, you could do for running back. >> what the performance means
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for the regul season. police searching for a gunman tonight after a shooting inside a local apartment. why they say this was not random. and hurricane lane downgraded to a category 1 but the threat far from over in hawaii. news4 at 11:00, starts now. i'm jim handly. when it comes to preseason games, forget the score especially when our team loses. redskins fs still have something to celebrate, a strong debut from adrian peterson. we have team coverage for you inside and outside fedexfield. sherree burress, peterson big nigh l heked great right out of the gate. >> reporter: right, he did. not to beorny but he hit the grounds running. in a game where the offense couldn't get much going, adrian peterson was the highlight tonight. he shined in his redskins debut. the new number 26 for there
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dskins getting a lot of love from the fans in his first game here at fedexfield. errian pn earned it. he started a game at running back, had enough of 1 carries but took them for 56 yards averaging over five yards a rush. flunhaigger t in the second quarter. urth and one, peterson breaks it outside for the 15-yard. ga but the debut spoiled t redskins fall to the broncos, 29-17. a lot of wor left before their fourth pre-season game. see if i n run into the locker room right now. we'll bring you more from inside the locker room in sports. back to you. >> we'll see you in just a bit. thanks so much. outside now tows s shomari stone who talked to fans tonight about peterson's burgundy and gold debut. nice to have a reason to be d excited after ck earlier in the preseason. >> i'll tell you, it's nice just have a sense of hope. redskins fans have mixed
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emotions. on one hand, they're happy that peterson is now in the burgundy and gold. however, on the other hand, disappointed the team lost in the pre-season game and some fans tell me they made "too many mistakes." let' roll video to show youri adan peterson. fans are pleased here's here considding he s a few days ago. he gives them a sense of hope and optimism. some left at te end of th third quarter. othersid deced to stay and cheer for piteronnen an hope the redskins learn from their mistakes at this pre-season game. some tell me peterson was the best on offense. >> i'm happy about adrian peterson. it's an opportunity for us to do better. i'm looking forward 0 great things. >> >> ap gives me hope. showed a strong run gng game. got the passing game together. the offensive line got to hold tight. >> reporter: well, it's also
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wort mentioning people hope the offensive line can step up. we'll have to see how this plays out roughout the season. live in fedexfield, shomari stone, back to you. >> thanks so much. a former s redskinser bowl-winning quarterback will be part of the commission investigating the culture of the football program at the university of maryland. maryland's board of regents announcing tonight five new members of the commissioncl ing redskins great doug williams. orthpeddist dr. frederick azar, sports journalist bonnie bernstein, former governor bober lick andme f congressman tomll mc are the other appoint appointees joining two retired federal judges and a former federal prosecutor. the commissioning will investigate the culture of the program after the diego of tps lineman jordan mcnair in june. mcnair, as you know, died two weeks after suffering heat stroke during a spring workout. the board of regents says the commission will have time and
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independence to do the right job. a separate investigation specifically dealing with mcnair's dea could be completed as early as next month. search tonight under way in montgomery county at this hour for the man responsible for shooti another man inside this apartment building. this happened on lockwood drive in the white oak area. news4's jackie bensen tells us investigators believe this is not a random crime. >> reporter: crime scene investigates are from themo gomery county police department could be seen going in and out of the ground floor apartment for hours. officers were called to the apartment in the 11,500 block of lockwood drive just after 5:30 p.m. they found a man wit a gunshot wound to his upper body. no indication detectives are investigatin any typef forced entry into the apt. the investigation appeared confined to the interior. video from chopper 4 shows an area at the back of the
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apartment surrounded by yellow tape. police canines were brought in to track the suspect. it's not clear if they were able to be determine the direction he took when he cefled. poell us they do not believe that this was a random crime. they believe that the suspect and victim know each other. in silver spring, jackie bensen, news4. >>n harris here at the live deck. we're following breaking news. it's good news in hawaii j lat got downgraded to a tropical storm. if you follow amelia on twitter, it's like the wheels are fallin. getting more disorganized. look on radan you till see rain impacting the islands in a big way. ll that wayne rain causing a lot of problems. flooding is a huge issue. the hardest hit spots haven nearly three feet of rain in 48 hours. all that water is washing away
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roorksds t trood roads. >> they're called disasters because stuff is broken after the fact. and citizenseed to realize we're looking at major hurricane impacts and things are goingo break. >> and the reason there is such a big rain threat is because of how slowly the storm is movings, only about 3 miles an hour. that's reminiscent what happened to housto hurricane harvey. that storm moved in and sat there. and rained down on e region. right now forecasters are anticipating another 40 inches of rain for some places in hawaii. jim, there are places in the country that don't get that much in a year. >> leon, thank you. new tonight, hlth officials nshls northern virginia are getting the word n the out a measles case commonwealth. they are warning there are two locations in loudoun where people may have been exposed to a person with measles. one at the innova medical center
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on hearst roadast friday morning. the other is at 2 riverbend buildings on monday afternoon. if you were in either location and youelieve you may have been exposed you're urged to care t your health provider. police tonight are urging drivers to be cautious along georgia avenue. twice this week pedestrians have died in that stretch of road. this morning, the man in his 40s was crossing the southbound lanes here when he was struc by a car. another man killed on monday. police tell news the last foust pean diegos in montgomery county, victims did not use the crosswalk. >> car weighing 3,000 pounds going 30 miles an hour has way more force to kill you than the hagun i carry on my side. >> the department plans to start a new campaign to educate pedestrians. in april, ey unveiled a stay alert stay alive campaign but it's still a problem that
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continues despite the department efforts to inform pedestrian fir on 4, re. >> youed effort to pass the nd equal rights ant in virginia. they weekend, supporters will hold a series of mov screenings across the commonwealth while seeking support. the amendment lost steam back in the '80s when it faile to be passed by three-fourths of the states. but if itse p in virginia, that would reach the e- thurths threshold to amend the u.s. constitution. theng deadline for pas the amendment has come and gone. congress cos extend it or supporter coz turn to the u.s. supreme court. bipartisan empathy tonight for an amerin hero. this after the family of senator john mccain released a statoment y announcing that the senator will stop treatment for aggressive brain cancer. politicians on both sides of the aisle are offering prayers and paying uttr >> this is a man who served our
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country in so many ways and. capaciti we just want to keep john mccain, cindy and their entire faprly in our ers. >> when he was by your side as your friend and ally, you couldn't have had a stronger ally, a stronger friend. >> you don't meet too many great men. he was onef them. >> the president made no mention of mccain during a republican party dinner in ohio tonight. the twoe been at odds since mccain voted against replacing obamacare. when we come right back on news4 at :00 tonight, reaction to president trumfis dlt week. chuck todd explains what it tells us about the direction of the mueller investigation. and has washington turned into a gambling destination? the new list that puts us jt us
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president trump wrappin up a tumultuous week tonight at a republican fund-raiser in ohio. he called for i estigations into former fbi director james comey. his comments echoing tweets today from the president. early this morning, he directed them at attorney general jeff sessions dem ding he investigate comey and conflicts of interest in the mueller investigation among otherin . it comes after a week in which mueller won a guilty verdict against former trump campaign chair paul manafort and former trump attorney michael cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joined us thi evening to talk about the events of the past week and what they could te us about the mueller
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investigation. >> mueller is thorough. okay? >> he has to be. >> he knothis. >> does that surprise you at all? >> one thing wren thedent says witch hunt, the fact of the matter if there was n there there by now, he would be done talked to people very close to mueller. mueller is not going after something willy-nilly.ry notg to find anything to get the president. he is doing the big investigation. but is he doing it like a rico case, like a mob case which is you start from the outside and you wor from in. and eventually you get at some point you have a theory of the case. i think mueller entered with mewhat of a theor of the case here. and you see the unraveling. the question is which one of these threads will be one that the sweater suddenly ppdirs. >> chuck will have much more on sunday morning including how the republicans will deal with the president's troubles before the
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midtermlections 10:30 right after "news4 today." he was the face guiding americans through the ebola scare during the obama administration. tonight the former director of the centersol for disease con is accused of sexual harassment. dr. thomaseden is charged with groping a woman at his brooklyn home lt tober. she reported the incident last month ri court today,en did not enter a plea. a spokesman says theeg allion does not reflect his public or rivate behavior. thed.c. baltimore region is now the fourth largest casino market in the couny. trailing only las vegas, atlantic city and chicago. west reporting the new rankings with from the american gaming association today. last year our region generated almost $1.8 billion in gaming revenue putting us ahead of new york city. a big part of that success comes from mgm national harbor which pulled in about a third of that
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revenue. mgmte released a stant saying they look forward to continued growth. get ready y to drop or boxes. nbc4 we're working for you again with another allstate community shred tomorrow. you can drive through and get rid of all your sensitive documents securely at the prince george's community college largo campus. the shred lasts from 8:00ing to 11:00 a.m. your car must be in line by 11:00 a.m. no excuses. and to keep things moving, you'll be limited t four boxes of papers. you can find a map in our n washington app. search shred. we hope to see you tomorrow. and theeaer should be pretty spectacular if you have to wait in line with the windowo cranked. >> exactly. you don't have to wait up and waste all your gas. >> exactly. what a roll we're on. can we keep it going? >> no, obviously this is washington. end of august, early september. we still have at least one more heat wave. year people ime of
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start to ask me, are we done with the 90s? say yes. i n definitely say we are not done with the 90s because next week, starting on monday, going to feel more like 100 when you factor in the humidity. take a a look your weather headlines this weekend. spectacular. but it is gng totart to feel hot on sunday. especially like jim was saying ter this nice vehicle of weather with the temperatures ticking up to near 90 on sunday. we'll notice that.el g like 100 degrees even a little bit warmer i think especially tuesday and wednesday when you add in that mugginess. of course, next weekend, labor day weekend, right now not i'll have more on that. but currently our temperatures are in th 60s and low 70s. 72 in washington. 61 in winchester. 63 in manassas. starting off the day tomorrow in washington at 66 50s in the suburbs. by the afternoon hours, plenty of high of 85. sunday really nice. but look at the afternoon, a
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high of 90. rulewant to mention, can't out an ice located thunderstorm sunday afternoon ndevening. this is a little bit overdone. but you get the idea of placement. cc. metro area staying dry. frederick it, laudld be dealing with a pass thunderstorm on sunday and same thing for monday, ea well. theer having a low impact on your weekend. get the car washed this weekend, the poolie pa barbecues, especially tomorrow are looking omesome. ournity shred as we were just saying, no problems there with the weather. the humidity levels tomorrow in the comfortable range as we look to sunday, starts to feel a little bit humid. next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, it's pressive. thankfully the humidity comes down by thursday. if you're heading to the beaches this weekend, looking great. the water temperature 77 degrees. that's the temperature of the beach tomorrow, as well. 81 on sunday with plent of sunshine. i love this time of year at the
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beach. getting into september and ocber when you get the warm days and waters continuing to warm up. here's a look at your allergy grass coming in moderate. the grass pollen continues to climb throughseptember. but the biggest culprit is rag weed peaking now and it continues to peak through the first week of september. ha to deal with that longer if that's bothering you. mold spores coming in moderate. they've come down with all the rain. they've been high for quite some time. here's your ten-day forecast. on but remember, that's feeling more like 100 with the h on tuesday and wednesday we have highs in the mid-90s. so there we have another heat wave. that feeling more like 100, maybe 105, maybe heat advisories tuesday and wednesday. then the chance for thunderstorms thursday, friday and next saturday of course, that being the start of labor day weekend. but monday labor day that, bonus day f o all us that have off,
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89 and aty. >> g time for the beach. >> thanks so much. when we come right back,he newest members of the burgundy and g shines tonight as you saw. we'll hear from adrian peterson. first, here's immy. >> un tonight for an all new monologue. we have jamie foxx, zo i deutch and standup fro
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk. >> wow. what a night. we got a good look at him and are fans pumped or what? this is better than specced.
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>> raise your han if you had adrian peterson rushing for more yards than alex. we'll keep our hands down. that's the one that s so hard to predict because it was clear that peterson would get a fair shot to see if he deserves that ad back spot this season. he made all of the carries count. >> >>oh! when you're headed to the hall of fame, you can make whatever noise y want to get ready for the game. you should see jim's face right now. eterson cuts it outside and gets 13yards. second quarter, the passing game comes alive. new redskins qb alex smith fires to paul richardson. ten-yard smgain. e33 yards. peterson madeveryone forget that on fourth and inches when you only need one yard, h ll get you 15. 11 carries, 56 yards for petersit. fans a reason for hope.
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the defense taking that hope right away. emmanuel sanders shows off the jets take an end around, 27 yards to the end zone. broncos ahead. 17-3. bright spot late for the redskins, third string quarterback kevin hogan, gone za gag coege high school grad throwing a prettyll ba one of two touchdowns for hogan. broncos beat thesk rs 29-17. sherree burruss bureau ris had a front row seat forll the action tonight. adrian peterson the bright spot bringing the funk, bringing the noise. what today out the most to >> reporter: what stood out to me was the fact that the offense couldn't get gng except when they handed the ball to adrian peterson. he is 33 years old. a seven-time pro bowler but hasn't been with a team since the cardinals. he didn't have mini camps, otas. he worked out with trent
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williams also back for the first time in the third pre-season game. adrian peterson explaining what he's been doing to make he's in that tip top shape like we saw him out here ytonight. know, taking it, i was coming from home working out and training and spending time with my kids. and missed all otasnd training camp. it was very critical especially this third pre-season game to o get there and get a feel not only just for me but to get something on film so we can goc . i was communicating with the offensive line. they were like we've got to be faster on this play. just a different speed. i think we can learn a lot from it. >> reporter: so it's kind of like riding a bike. different team maybe compared to riding a new bike or a different bike. we did just get out of the redskins locker room talking to swear jer. he saide would judge the team's performance as poor.
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there's a lot to clean up for this team before they head out to arizona for that first pre-seasme. >> sher re, when you say the defense was poor, they did allow scores in the first two possessions. how can they film that bef se thrt of the regular season? sn . >> reporter: execution. there was a lot of second and third string. these guys can really fighting for position battles in that fourth quarter that we saw. so bong able get the whole offense, defense, we do know there are cutsin cup eventually. once we get all those pieces together, that mighte the answer. >> share re, putting the pieces together for us. let's head up to the big apple. nationals visiting the mets. ot a great night for washington. tim collins facing jay bruce with a man on and a man gone. two-run shot for bruce. nats offense only comes up with
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four hits. their shutou for the second straight day. this time 3-0. so the nationals oncesi pro season now just done. >> i've stopped counting how many games we'back. >> no need to count anymore. >> peterson has still got it going on. it was always my parents dream for me to go to college.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jamie foxx and taron egerton, zoey deutch,


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