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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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breaking now at 6:00, seeking justice for a 10-year-oldho girl and killed more than a month ago. her mom responding to the first arrests as police ask for tips finding the other people involved. and then lane becomes a tropical storm, but i theands are still getting soaked with rain. when it could finally move out. the good, the b and ugly from last night's redskins' game, including peterson's debut in the burgundy and gold. at first, that baking news
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in the search in the justice for a 10-year-old girl. d.c. charged two men in connection with the murder of t wilson l month. one person is in custody. he is 20-year-thd as. we don't have a photo of him, but we do have a photo of the 21-year-old quentin michaels. he os stillthe run tonight along with three other men whose names we don't know yet. tkaur darcy spencer. >> having lost her beautiful 10-year-old daughter to a senseless act of gun violence, but today finally a little bit of good news, when she got that call she had beenaing for for so long from police that an arrest had been made in her daughter's murder. >> the killer is still outand i cansleep, you know. i think about it every day, and
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it would never be ok. it's good knowing they are doing their jobs. >> tom wilson was in good sirits. just tfternoon she said she wants the second suspect to have a heart and turn himself in. police say michaels is wanted forir-degree murder. as you said, thomas, the one suspect was charged with her murder. police say the 10-year-old was shot when five masked men pulled up to her apartment complex and open fire, and she was eating ice cream outside her ownep doorhen this all happened. the mayor and police chief held a press conference announcing the arrest just this afternoon. >> she should still be with us. she should have returned to school this week and thi weekend she should be with her family and friends doing the things ea10old girl do.
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>> there are at least three other men that are respo tible fos little girl's death. you can rest assure we will not rest until all of them are held accountable. >> reporter: police did n release any new information about a possible motive for this peooting. the one s who is in custody shod appear in court sometime soon and hopefully we will get information at that time. back to you. >> thank you. it has been weeks since 10-year-old wilson was shot and killed, and detectives still lneed a of help with the investigation. those gunmen opened fireom outse her killing her and injuring four others. back on july 16th, two days later, police found the getaway car. that stolen infinity sedan recovered in oxygen hill, d a week after that police arrested the man that stole that car, kevin eugene jones and jes has not been charged in wilson'smu
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er. and then police just released a photo of a man wanted in connectio with a shooting in white oak. he is charged withed attem first-degree murder. police believe he is homeless and spends a lot of timwh in e oak and d.c. he is accused of shooting a a m insiden apartment yesterday evening onnd lockwood drive the victim is expected to survive. >> a driver is dead after a fiery crash near the wilson bridge this morning, and it a standstilfic to this was the scene about 3:00 this morning. you can see the car fully engulfed there the single car crash happened on 210, indian head highway, that road well known for deadly crashes and investigators are trying to figure out how this happened. once a hurricane, now a tropical storm. lane has brought heavy flooding to hawaii in the past 48 hours. in some places putting paradise
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underwater. while the storm has weakened, authorities warned a teat of torrential rains may not be over. wendy reports onadhe damage aldone. >> reporter: as tropical storm lane now lingers in the pacific, the haiian islands still on alert. >> we dodged a bullet. doesn't mean it's over, w will have rain and wind and local flooding and we need to be vigilant. >> even with no direct hehit, t storm's outer banned droppg disastrous amounts of rain. nearly four feet dropped on the odisland fg roads, streets and homes. >> you could hear it coming. >> i could hear it coming, and when i looked outside our porch, the whole yard was already covered with water. >> on maui heavy winds cutting power to thousands forcing mandatory evacuations. >> i thought i would wake up to a raging flood and really high winds and rain, but instead i
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woke up to a calamity of fire. >> but the storm had little affect on the eruption othe kilauea volcano, except more steam, and lane's slow speed will make prime conditions for mudslides. the national guard activated to help. >> we sti feel it's very important to have the military be postured to respond to any threats. >> planning for the worst and hoping for the best when watching mother nature. nbc news. one year ago today hurricane harvey came ashore in southeast texas. the storm killed 68 people and cost $125 billion in damage. more than halff those killed were in houston. today voters in the city went to the polls. they are voting to decide on a
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$2.5 billion bond proposal. it would fund flood control projects to c down on the damage caused by future storms. any ting butpical here at home right now. it's a pleasant evening. temperatures in theow 80s and will stay in the 70s for most of the evening. looks like we have one more heat wave in our kphsummer at least. that forecast is coming up, erica.ks >> th matt. a rally to defend as religiymbol that stood for nearly a century in our area, and the future could beo up the supreme court. and cindy mccain speaking out about all the well wishes for senator mccain who decided to stop treatment for brain canc. er
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you are watching news4 at 6:00. >> a historic day and important message from pope francis. the pontiff in ireland. it's the first visit by a pop in nearly 40 years and it comes during a difficult time for the catholic church. pope francis and ireland's prime minister addressed sexual allegations ainst priests. we listened to heartbreaking stories from pennsylvania of the unspeaka crimes, perpetrated
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by people within the church and then obscured to protect the institution. >> the pope met with abuse survivors today. he says he viewed the sex abuse as, quote, filth. the archbishop of washington, cardinal donald wasrchbishop of pittsburgh when some of the alleged crimes took place, and he is accused of not doing enough to protect children. he has denied any wrong doing. the mccain family ranch in arizona is now a gathering place for close friends andil f as senator mccain nears the end of his life. today his we cin sent out this tweet of thanks. she says the entire mccain family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love androupport fromd the world. on friday the mccain family announced the 80-year-old has stopped treatment for brain cancer, and since then the
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tributes have been pouring in for the war hero and long-time republican lawmaker. he has been aw from capitol hill since last december. when we come back, we will get to yourorecast. summer not d
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back to breaking news. we reported first on twitter today, police arrest one man and
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looking for another in connection with the shooting death of 10-year-old wilson. police aested thomas today, and his picture not released. this is quentin michael and they are looking for him. a totaliv of men were involved in the indgunfire that killed w an important memorial to world war i heroes, or a violation of the khchurch and state? that's the question over a passionate oebater the peace cross, and derrick ward has moreover the site of they nea 100-year-old landmark. >> back in 1925 when the peace cross was built it was on private land. it was a memorial to 40 prince george county men that died in world war i. then it became state property
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but it was well woven into the fabric of the community. >> it was never a religious ing to us. >> the past several years, the american humanist association maintains it's a crossc on pub land and in a written statement, it says the towering symbol of christianity -- >> we never saw anything pay to this or throw holy water on this, never ever. >> while they have lost ato bate take it down in the court of appeals, they are petitioning the supreme court to hear the case and that hasrought out the peace cross supporters. >> it is here to honor those who gave their all for our country, so it's important for us to support that cause. >> ironically, if it had been at this spot in 1814, you would have encounteredhe rockets'
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red glare. these folks say the second battle of bladensburg is just as imrtant. derrick ward, news4. news4 is working for you to helpnt identity theft. we want to thank everybody who ca out to th all state community shred today. more than 200 cars came through. the event was held at the prince george'sni commu campus, and we were talking to folks about why they chose to come out. take a listen. >> we came out to get rid of the stuff in our use. >>ow long you have been keeping it? >> i think i saw something from 2012.hi >> why do you it's important to do something like this? >> you want to secure your mail yoidare getting of, credit cards and receipts. >> these events are free and open to everybody. please kckp cheg the nbc washington app for information on our next nbc 4 all state mmunity shred. now yr storm team 4
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forecast. >> i will tell you what. it's rare we get such beautiful weather several days in a row on the mon august, but we will pay the price the next couple of days and we will have at least one more heat wave thi summer. currently at reagan national we are at 81 degrees.l the offic high was 82 and fairly dry, humidity only 44%. we will cool off quickly after sunset. even though we had lots of fair weather clouds today storm team 4 radar is all clear andlean. hours from now we will probably be tracking a couple of scattered or isolated thunderstorms out towards the higher elevations. temperatures across the region, again, not too bad for this time of the year. most of us still in the low 80s. 75.hester cominging in at not too bad this time of year. 80 degrees in annapolis. lows tonightecause of the mainly clear skies and the
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relatively dry air will be in the m-60s for most of us. it was sunshine tomorrownd a slight change in the pattern, and winds mostly in the southwest. most making a run at the 90-degree ma, so i we do it officially tomorrow will likely be the start of thewa hea because monday into tuesday and into wednesday, it's virtually guaranteed. showing satellite and radar, nothing but high level clouds sneaking inm fe west, and then we see in the green a few of the scattered showers and thunderstos starting to pop-up in central west virginia and western pennsylvania. most of the activity tomorrow ternoon and evening, mostly out towards the higher nd elevations, everything will fall apart tomorrow night. monday, repeat the pattern. much more humidity and instability and a coupleed isolhunderstorms popping up in some of the higher elevations. high pressure brought us beautiful weather for several
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days and it's now sliding away from the area, and northwesterly winds that kept it d moving away. the southwesterly flow pumping in the heat and humidity it more uncomfortable for the next several days. as we get into the day morrow, we will start to noticet being a bit stickier, and the humidity will be oppressive and starting to closer to thery cen mark for most of the week. the 10-day outlook, 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon, and then prably in th low 90s on monday and on tuesday. wednesday will probably be the mid-90s.y of the week, a cold front will go through with showers and storms on thursday. that should bre the heat wave and make it more comfortable this time on thursday. >> thank you so very much. well, i is just pre-season, right? maybe that's just what we are all telling oursees after that game, but there's still a loto take away from the redskins'
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game last night. we will revisit the good and
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(announcer) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. come up for air. asheville. discovery, inside and out. maybe the question is how
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>>ng do we have before it really counts? eptember 9th. don't worry about last night, it's the pre-season. >> erybody says put that in the rear view mirror. let's not talk about it. >> the third pre-season game represents the closest thing to a dress rehearsal for a regular seas, especially for the starters, and then they rest, the final wk of the pre-season. hopefully what we saw last night from the redskins' startin units doesn't represent what we will see in a couple weeks in arizona, except for maybe one player. his name is adrian peterson, the fo mvp signed this week. got the start last week and got to start. on the second possession, seven consecutive plays.
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as far as how peterson felt after his first action in the >> i feel like i responded well. my legs felt good. i think i am tired, and so cardio is where it needs to be. and i look at it as knocking a little rust off. >> had a couple good bounces, and the thing i lik aboutome of his runs is it looked like they were gains of ones, d he would fall forward for a gain of three, the first run of the day and i thought it was a three ondd gain and he ends up s and three. >> defense had tough time getting off the field last nig on third down, and the unit gava up touchdownt 24 and 27 yards on the night. points i tackle a the game. definitely not the impression they wanted to maket in what mos likely was their final tunup for e regular season.
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>> score, you know, we have a long way to go >> it's definitely a wake up for us. we know we can play harder and clean up a whole bunch. >> plenty of time. don't worry about it yet. and then the catur rng for training camp and playing a pre-season game in less than a month. before that, the pla done taking their turn and touring the world with the stanley cup. stevenson was up next, honoring victims of the broncos junior hockey team bus crash, wearing a humboldt t-shirt, he was hoping to lift spirits after losing
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some of the team from a crash. he and the cup posed for pictures with fans. for him being able to bring the cup to humboldt left anon impres >> it hits close to home, and just being part of hockey, y i know,s a sport, you know, it's so much bigger outhan, y know, what you would expect and the friendships you build, all you can do is give your condolences. nothing caneplace a life and so you try to help as much as you can and that' what this day was about. to baseball. yep, been thatind of year for the orioles game, a doubleheader with the yankees. tie game in the third, but not for long. a three-run home run, and yankees up three, 5-2. power.ning, more yankee
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a two-run shot to rigbt. no dou about that one. new york wins the first game of the doubleheade 10-3. nats and mets get under way at 4:00. we will have highlights of that ne for you at 11:00. >> georgewallace, thank you so much. that does it for us. "nightly ns" is coming up next. we will see you tonight for news4 at he:00. until good night, everybody.
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. tonight life-threatening flooding in haii. the remnants of hurricane lanec using a flash flood emergency on the big island with more rainfall on a the way downed power lines creating aew threat. >> leave the area. >> we'll have the latest forecast. pe francis arrives in ireland for an historic visit saying he is ashamed of the church's sex abuse scandal, but some are focussing on what the pontiff did not say. social media slip-ups. how what you post on-line outside of work could have a big impact on whether you are hired or fired. a teen crashes a stolen ambulance. the frightening incident caught on. banned backlash. the uproarve


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