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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 27, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> when you have an ethnic anchor team. this is eun yang, back from vacation >> i'm glad she's back, too. >> it is monday. it's hot. it's back to school for several local school districts, including prince. county. >> will the weather and the roads cooperate this morning. that's the question. answers. some >> we will get your commute. we begin with chuck bell and sheena parveen. good morning. >> good morning. i'm glad to have you back. summer vacation, winding down to an end for everybody. >> yes. >> good-bye, kids. >> you're too excited about this. less children around thing. >> there were a lot of kids at the >> going next weekend. i hope it's packed. >> there will be fewer. >> i hope there's so many kid there's. >> i'm the guy that blows the whistle, adult swim time. kids out of the pool.
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we will never let chuck be a lifeguard. >> maybe some of you are htoding backschool. it's mild and muggy.ou hopefully know where dhchuck is and you can go where he is. if you're exercisi today, it will be a warm one. feeling close to 100 degrees this afternoon. if you're exercising outside today, stay hydrated. more dog days of summer this week. chuck will s cow you thatming up. let's look at how the commute is looking. >> good morning. in laurel, southbound parkway after 198, the left lane is opened this morning. inner loop, outer loop, no problems loking good. nice and green right now. in the district, two things. westbound southeast freeway after the 3rd street tunnel.
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two left lanes open. inbound 14th street, a new crase . >> melissa, thank you. w.> 5:02 developing this morning, jacksonville, florida, is the latest city to experience mass slo shooting. a man went on a rampage, killing two people before shooting himself. >> one of the people hurt and g tman has ties to our area. that comes days before a tournant here. justin finch is live at the dulles po center in northern virginia. justin, good morning. >> good morning. we reached out to the organizers of the tournament. they say after what happened in jacksonville, they worked with the dulles expo to enhance security, which starts at their event here on ouriday. re looking at the wilson high graduate at the jacksonville tournament when the
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gunfire beganmrast iblasting. he was playing next to someone. and he was ithb. jacksonville authorities getting to work quickly on this investigation. reporting that two victims were killed. 11 were hurt and the gunman, david katz of blaltimore, turne the gun on himself and shooting himself. this happened at a mall area yesterday afternoon. ind. , we met with his brother, his brother is going ta bey but he's heartbroken about what happened in florida. >> sad, for all of the people that, you know, their families, the ones that have to go throt h whey're going through. and yet, a little relieved. so, just mixed emotions. >> reporter: inalmore, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and fireworks was searching for
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evidence to help the investigation. we know the fbi is joining that investigation, as well, down in florida. ck out live here again. the video game toungament say they're going to work to enhance their security here at their h event, starts at the dulles expo on friday and runs through the weekend. back to you in the studio. >> justin, thanks. the time is 04. new details about the plans to honor john mccain. from arizona to washington to annapolis. mccain died saturday at the age of 81. one day before his death his family announced he would stop treatment for hisai terminal b cancer. he served for six decades as a navy bomber pilot, prisoner of a a member of congress and a six-term leader in the senate. we talked to jim kolbe about mccain's dedication to bipartisanship, reaching across party lines to get things done.
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>> there's really no one that does that today. there really isn't anybody. it is the end of an era. >> mccain was student arlington episcopal school, class of '54. he called the three years at the school, among the most important of his life. >> here is the closer look at the service and tributes this week. on wednesday, senator mccain will lie intate athe arizona state capital. on thursday, there will be a memorial service at a church in arizona. from there, his body will be flown to washington, where senator mccain will lie in state all day friday. saturday, is the memorial service at the national cathedral. former presidents barack obama andsh george w. will deliver eulogies. and on sunday, mccain will be laid to rest in annapolis. from president trump, no white house statement, just the tweet on the passing of senator mccain. the president tweeted two
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sentences, offering his deepest sympathies to mccain's family. according to "the washington post," senior aides wanted the accou president to release an official statement. the president fought bitterly with mccain and referred to him as a loser. before his death,d mccain he did not want president trump at his funeral. d.c. police are investigating a double-shooting in northwes nicole jacobs is live where this happened. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: i can tell you that investigators are still here on the scene in the 1900 blo of 9th street. this was just near howard seiversity. yo cruisers, as wells a police tape here. i want to get you right to video, though, showing a closer look at response when police area.nded to this i can tell you they're releasing few details right now. just after 1:00, we're told two men were shot.
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one of them has died. the other is in surger right no you can see investigators gathering evidence from the scene.ha it's unclear wled up to the shooting. all of this part of the investigation. we know police are looking for a blackm man, 20 to 30ears old, with a heavy build. a live look here in the 1900 block of 9th street, just near howard university. one man is dead. another man is in surgery, after his double-shooting her not too far from howard university. back to you. >> nicole jacobs, thank you. today, we could learn new s detabout the murder at makma makiyah wilson. both men were released from jail
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on drug charges three days before last month's shooting. the suspects were among the five masked men that opened fire on a crowd, killing that little girlt we turn the latest on the child sex abuse scandals within the catholic church. >> an explosive letter the accusing top vatican ofcials of covering up chi se abuse. the former ambassador to the united states blasted the church in an 11-page eport. e says he told pope francis in 2013 aboute disgracedsh arch after washington but the pontiff did not do anything. he says that he haddmitted of making the mistake of sleeping in the same bed with some sell nar seminarian at a beach house. pope francis has not deni or confirmed the allegations made in the letter. catholics in the d.c. area are calling for donald wuerl to
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resi resign. they had a protest where he livered a homily. a grand jury reported in pennsylvania outlined sexual ab e. the report says 300 priests preyed on more than 1,000 children over the past 70rs yea in the pittsburgh archdiocese the. he is not accused of not doing enough to stop the abuses. activists say chanpe needs to h >> i'm not only infuriated but convinced that the church needs to undergo a deep, radical reformation. >> cardinal wuerl has denied all wrongdoing. so far, the archdiocese washington has declined our request. it was an emotional weekend for the family and friends of mollie tibbetts. hundreds of people tned out
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for her funeral in iowa. she went missing in july.r uspected killer led investigators to her body last week. both her parents delivered eulogies in that service. they want their daughter to be remembered for her passion for life. > a federal judge will decide whether to block a x-based company from making digital blueints for firearms online. the state department agreed allow the company to publish an arsenal of blue prints yob liate but eight states says releasing them threatens national security. president trump will host tesident and first lady of kenya to discuss trade and security. they will travel to the white house to meet with the president and the firstlady. the white house says the leader will, quote, explore ways to bolster trade and investment between the two countries while strengthening security
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cooperation. students in prince william county getting ready s forool this morning. >> you may want to leave a little earlier than usual because nearly 90,000 students are headed back to class. that means more kids on the walks, more cars on the road. 40,000ch elementaryl students will be welcomed. >> a great first day of the school year. >> good luck. coming p, mourning the loss of an iconic playwright. nd the big island's big problem. mudslides and flooding after tropical storm lane passes by. what's the mt annoying phrases you write in an e-mail. we're all quality of them. how about a weather check? >> asever our pous mentions, there was a chance for rain andu erstorms. mainly the shenandoah valley for this afternoon.
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no matter whe you are, it will be hot and humid today. back above 90 degrees.a sheens the five-day forecast coming up.
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you're watching "news day." >> 5:15 right now. mudslides and flooding are a big concern in hawaii. remnants of tropical storm lane continue to pmel the islands. the majority of these have taken placendn the big is of ohih hawaii. 40 people had to be rescued frt ir homes. the lights on broadway are dimmer this morning. neil simon, onehe of most prolific playwright passed away yesterday.
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he won four tonys over his career, including a kennedy henter honor and a pulitzer prize. was the first playwright to have a theater on broadway name hfidav ed after him whil was still alive. an influential playwright. this week, arizona will be the first place to officiallyn john mccain. >> jay gray is live inhoenix th morning. jay, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell us about the latest on the plans for john mccain. >> reporter: sorry. senator mccain will lie in state here at the arizona state capitol on wednesday, would have been his 82nd birthday. from there, there will be memorial at a church on phoenix here on thursday. then, he will make his last trip to wasngton. he will lie in state in thero
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nda of the capitol, a rare and special honor. he will be buried sunday at the naval academy at annapolis. >> there's some folks who were talking about the business side of senator mccain's death here, saying who will take will his seat in the senate. what do we know about what happens now this. >> reporter: at this point, the governor will appoint his replacement to fulfill his sixth term. he won't say anythi and won't talk about this issue after this week of tributes and memorials. there's some talk here in phoenix of senator mccain's wife, cindy mcain, perhaps taking his spot in washington. it will be interesting to see o how all that plays out. in ay gray live for us phoenix this morning. thank you. 5:17 is our time right now. a lot of us prefer to use e-mail
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at work. and it turns out there's some phrases that are more annoying than others. adobe surveyed 1,000 people to find out which phrases irritate us the most. t this top of the list, not sure if you saw my last e-mail, >>t -- that was voted number one. es. and i deleted it. >> and the second one, per my last e-mail. o thir the list, per our conversations. >> just get rid of the per. > >> knowing which phrases to avoid mayel make your work day less stressful. >> or the other person's work day less stressful. >> you could respond to the e-mail. why do i have to wait for three days to respond to your e-mail. >> we have somebody here.
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>> thank you. this is somebody that doesn't have time to get to her e-mails. >> i don't read mine. i warn people. if you want ad to ryour e-mail, put my name in the subject line so i see it and open it. >> i'm glad you own tha >> otherwise, i don't look. that.nk i told ur boss if you don't put my name in the top of it, i'm not going to look at it. >> we're so busy. we go into thi week, we had some different weather than what we saw this weekend. this wkend, talkin about pleasant, comfortable temperatures. pleasant humidity. not so much week. we're going to see a big change in the weather hot andid in the dog days of summer. day weekend, the pattern will change. we have rain in the forecast. thaeg that's unfortunate. if you like the summer, you can enjoy this wee 75 in washington. warm and muggy. kids at the bus stop, form warm.
5:20 am
we'll see mostly-sunny skies for the area. feeling around 100 this afternoon, with a high in the low high pressown to our south. hot and humid air will filter in l week. later re west of d.c. this evening, along yi-81,u see pop-up thunderstorms showing. we end out the week. if hou'reading to the beach this labor day weekend, we're looking at highs around 80. but the rain chance willbe the bigger story there. we have to throw the rain chance in before the weekend. we have a stretch of 90s and 'shumidity. leheck in with melissa. >> laurel, uthbound parkway after 198, the right side blocked by t crash. the left lane is open there. in the district, two things, westbound southeast, freewaywo left lanes the only thing opened
5:21 am
there. inner and outer tloop ofe beltway, looking nice and clear here. looking at 270, from fedarcrede to the spur, nice and clear. coming up, keeping your child's idtity safe. how the devices you use every day, could help croo steal na their persoinformation. tense moments at a beyonce and jay-z concert.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> b sk toool means hitting the books and getting back
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online on a regular basis. >> angie goff i here with the adjustments students face this school year. >> cyber criminals arta constantly evolving, coming up with new ways to trick and target your kids. >> we give them the cell phones that can be so much more dangerous than a knife or a weapon, and we don't train them. >> reporter: staying safe online means going where the danger is. >> this technology cell phones and apps are not secure by default. >> reporter: it's up to yo to do the work or run the risk of strangerle being ab to track and find your child. go to the device's privacy setting, deable the location services and make sure your camera isn't being tracked. this will keep strangers from seei where a photo your child shares was taken. >> apps with ke download, if i'm
5:25 am
not in theroom or monitoring, i worry hofaction they get of stuff they're not supposed to see. >> a fun app. >> learning app or game, dr. cole advises pents to pay for an app over getting the free one. >> you download the free version, you're exchanging your child's information for that app. >> the weathfather of online dao details how pl information is stolen. >> unless they're 100% sure, it'scorrect, don't click on the link, don't open the attachment. >> scary thought, thinkias somethingasy as e-mail could have people monitoring your kids. do regular app checks to see which one has access to the camera and microphone. have different passwords for fferent sight. use a password manager, a place
5:26 am
to plug in all of your oupasswords. se one master password for all of the different platforms. up, from safety online to safety inside our schools. ahead at 5:30, a closer look ato the r of school resource officers, and how many are working in your kids' and good morning, everybody. it will be a sunny and hot day. temperatures will be 84 degrees by recess time. afternoon highs in the 90as. omplete check of your current conditions and a look ahead at the rest of the day, coming up. plus, could d.c. be lebrating another championship. a look at the magic the mystics are conjuring up on the court. only half the story?
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ri at t. rowe pce our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. ke e-commerce spurring cardboard demand. the pursuit of allergy-free peanuts. and mobile payment reaching new markets. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve thefull story. t.rowe price. . invest with confiden "news 4 today" starts now. >> right n, 5:29, a live look outside, as we start this monday morning wi the return of the work week. the return of humidity. talk about the dog days. and the heat isn't going go anywhere, either. we're going to hang on to these last ds of summer. >> thank you for waking up with
5:30 am
"news 4 today." expect more traffic as this morning gets started. thousands of kids are headed back to school today. >> first, c bell and sheena parveen are here with your forecast. >> good morning. >> good morning, welcome back. >> thank you. >> a lot of kids goingack to school. they are hopefully excited. yey have summer weather t could be enjoying. >> most people like the first day. but not the second day. >> the homework. >> weave the small book we ore you to memorize b tomorrow's class. the four things you need to know before the forecast. it's a humid morning, high heat returns. we haven't been over 90 degrees or a week. isolated storms today. not a big rain threat on yo monday. but hot weather here for most if not all of the week ahead. 68 in winchester.
5:31 am
71 in rffa. your afternn plans today, find a pool and get in it. high temperatures arnd 92 degrees. isolated storm chance today mainly along i-81 in the shenandoah valley. goo cmorning,ck bell. looking at the laads. rel southbound bw parkway after 198. l the lene is opened. in the district, oneng thing g around. inbound 14th street bridge. that crash is there. inner and outward loop of the beltway, no problems. weon't have a report of anything. that could be roadwork we doha' in our system. and 66, going to take youin nin es if you're going 64 miles per hour. >> thank you. developing this morning, a
5:32 am
mass i shootingside a video game tournament in florida is connected to ourarea. 24-year-old david katz is from baltimore. they saye started shooting at the madden 19 southeastern qualifier tournent yesterday afternoon. two people died before katz shot and killed himself. last night, federal agents searched a home in baltimore. they belivve he wasng there. >> that deadly shooting comes days before a video game tournament here. justin finch is live at the dulles expo center where the tournament will happen. >> reporter: good morning. you can imagine this must have come as a shock to thega zers of the video game conventi convention, herat the dulles expo, starting on friday. once they got word of what hapilned in jackso, they reached out to the expo, to work on ways to enhance their security. in jacksonville, a gamer from our area says h was there as the bullets began blasting. he jumped on twitter to share
5:33 am
the moments. he said, i'm never coming back. i am so lucky. the bullet hit my thumb. and also, this was the worth day of my life. two people were killed there, 11 were hurt. and the gunman, david katz of t baltimore area, turned the gun on himself, killing himself. we spoke to his brother back here in d.c. he and his family are shocked what happened. they're looking forwardwio speakin him very soon. >> i'm glad he's going to be okay. i want to hear his perspective of what happened. >> reporter: now, we'reoing at the convention he in chantilly. the organizers say they are sad
5:34 am
about what happened in ja ksonvil jacksonville. it's spurred the to work harder to secure this event. anyone coming will be safe. back to you in the studio. as the entire nation mous senator john mccain, planning is under way to honor his life and legacy from arizona to washington. everything starts wednesday with a public mourni at arizona state's capitol, that would have been his 82nd birthday. heill have a memorial in shington. hewill lie in state in the capitol rotunda. mccain will be laid to rest in annapolis. as for the process to fill the senate seat in arizona, arizona governor doug deuce
5:35 am
decide who replaces him in the senate. breaking news at 5:35. maolice tell news 4 one n was kelled and another was injured. the shootings happened after midnight in the 1900 block of 9th street. police want to hear from anyone that may know something. other top stories. d.c. is investigating a shooting that injured a man. the victim was shot in the sulder on trinidad avenue, not far from gallaudet university.ay to new details about the wilson.of makiyah the man charged with her murder is scheduled to go before a d.c. judge. police also have a warrant for the arrest of a secondman, quintin mikellentin miintin miky you m want to leave the house earlier than urnl today because of thousands of students
5:36 am
heading back to school. today is the first day of classes for many districts. have a great school ar. you might want to watch your speed, too. manassas city policll be looking for speeders. the department is conducting its school traffic safety awareness campaign. all this week, extra officers will be out enforcing speed restrictions in school zones. the caps broke a long losing streak for washington sporr teams earlis summer. now, the washington mystics are looking to give our city ns second champp. they beat the atlanta dreamn the semifinals yesterday. the dream fell short. the mystics win game one. tame two, tomorrow in atl if they make it past the five-game semifinals, it will be
5:37 am
n e mystics' first time ev the wnba champishi how amazing would that be? >> that would be awesome. good uck, ladies. it's 5:37 now. coming up, scare on stage for beyonce and jay-z. the man who tried to follow them backstage. security in schools is a heowing concern all over t country. our i-team takes a closer look at the role officers and how many are keeping your kids safe.
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♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it.te real spring real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. juea what's refreshingly welcome back. it's 5:40. families in chic up to a terrible tragedy. eight people were killed in a house fire. six of those victims were n. childre the ages range from 3 months old to 16 yes ol no word on what caused the fire. family members of the children ld our sister station in chicago, that regardless of what used the fire, nothing will
5:41 am
bring the kids back. this morning, beyonce and jay-z are okay after a scary situation this weekend. the concert came to a close after a man jumped on the stage and ran tards them. >> this was satu.ay nig the two were heading back stangn when a jumped up on the stage there. you see him right there this was saturday night, as beyonce and jay-z were wrapng up the conn a. a m rhethste d n towem he didt ta y s sury riednt aontvtwer >> b'scistted thitesh, yi ty e inanlointo their l f tth next sh. >> i think jay-z could have taken that guy if he had to. he got close, though. it's warm and humid outside. you will notice the changes. sun glare o the road. nice and dry at the bus p.s
5:42 am
by 9:00, around 80 degrees. how hot it will feel later today. and rain chances as we head into the weekend. labor day is ust you don't have to sit here.nsy
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you're watching "news 4 today." >>of join us in a moment silence for an arizona legend and true ameran hero, senator john mccain. >> we're continuing our coverage, honoring the life a legacy of john mccain. yesterday, the arizona diamondbacks paused to remember the nator before the game wi the mariners. as and arizona cardinals had a moment before kickoff. here, tributes are pouring in as the capitol readies for the senator to lien atla their week. >> tracie potts has more on plans. >> reporter: good morning. senator mccain will ma his final trip back to washington, at andrews air force base on friday. here, the public gets a chance r
5:46 am
to pay th respects after a private ceremony here with lawmakers. on saturday, the service at the nat cathedral with president obama and president bush speaking at mccain's request. and the private service and burial at annapolis at the naval academy on sunday. there'sen conds pouring in, not only from his colleagues, his friends, people that worked from him. canada's prime minister said the canada is mourning with united states. and with former colleagues, like john aerry, who was former vietnam vet. they disagreed on that war. they made amens and reconciled over that disagreement. kerry calling mccain a man of guts grit and grace. ie>> tr thank you. more on the nation honoring senator john mccain. in our next half-hour, a live rort from arizona with news
5:47 am
4's jaygray. angie goff here at the live desk. learning new details in the death of shawn suiter. suiter di november after being shot in the head. now, according to our nbc he affiliate, review board said he took his own life with his service weapon. the full report is expected to be released later this week. you may recall he died the day befe he was scheduled to testify involvg police corruption. we'll update you as we learn more on this case. it's 5:47 right now. today will be an emotional day for a grieving d.c. mother. he could learn more about the killing of her little girl. nicole is outside with more.
5:48 am
good eprning. >>ter: a sigh of relief from a mother who, in the blink of aneye, lost her 10-year-old little girl. police are making someeadway in, perhaps, solving this arrific murder. theyrested one man over the weekend. of also issued this photo another man they're looking for. this is quintin mikells. still on the run, wanted for t murder of 10-year-old makiyah wilson. police had this video of four men jumping out of a car and randomly spraying bullets. you may remember little makiyah was trying to get to an ice cream truck. there was outrage from her and community. with this arrest, her mother's icpe is restored. her hope for juis restored.
5:49 am
police did arrest a man in innection with a carjacking for the vehicle us this murder. there are two other gunmen who have yet to be identified. the gentlemen arrested will face a judge here. >> nicole jacobs outside of d.c. superior court. as more students return to the classroom, the i-team isfo workinyou, asking how protected are your schools. >> they are looking where school resource officers are in our district. there's a growing number ofs offict fewer than safety advocates say are needed. >> reporter: the d. region has hundreds ofrechool ource police officers.
5:50 am
from fauquier county to d.c. many counties are hoping to add more. but many major localchool districts are falling below a national the nation association of school resource officers at recommends every school have an officer and one full-time resource officer for every 1,000 students. the i-team found nearly 40 local high schools are close to that recommendation, having more than 2,000 kids and just 1 police of icer on the beat. >> the reality is, we need so many more of these officers. our school system continues to grow and our populatio continues to extoode. >> repo apaf our full i-team news investigation, we go on the beat with the school resource officers to see what they face each day. and why it trk cta kd of students. and what local schools ardog when they fall below the national recommendation. for now. scott mcfarlane, news 4 i-team. thisth mo we're helping
5:51 am
you get ready for the new school year. >>s,manas manassas park and princl william county p schools kick off a newchol year today. molette green will show us what's going on out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're inside the vikings village of woodbridge high school. how exciting is that? we have champions all ons and crew. champions on the football team, on the girls' basketball team. probably missing some champions. robot robotics, as well. coming up at the 6:00 hour, lk we'll t to the school president, too. she's somewhere around here. all of that coming n news today. go, vikings, go. >> very cool.
5:52 am
>> see u in a little bit. molette, thank you. >> an exciting first day. >> the ki are saying, the first day of school. >> come in two or trsee ho early so you can put in an appearance on the show. >> we'll put you tv. that makes a world of difference. >> it's easier the first day. we would ask herto doit tomorrow, maybe not so much. lazing hot for the first day, too. >> back to the forecast. >> i know. seems like, when it's time to go back to school, no mter how cool the last week, you mentioned the first day of school and time to talk about 90-degree days. 34 so far this summer. the last time it's been over 90, it's been a week. 75 right now at national airport. outlying areas are in the upper 60s. 69 in gaithersburg, and 69 in prince george's county. the planner, heat, haze and
5:53 am
humidity are building. there's a slight chance for a thunderstorm or tw maybe out towards the shenandoah valley. high pressure for most of the week. there's a chance for a stray shower. i think that's rain stays away from the city. our ten-day forecast is a sizzler. 90-degree weather today. mid-90s with heat indexes over 100 degrees. that's on tuesday and wednesday. thunderstorms are likely on thursday and friday and hit and miss rain chances go well into the labor day weekend. >> i don't love that. northbound and southbound here, looking od. the normal volume. might be heavier than normal as we kick into the school year
5:54 am
here. largo, andover road. the beltway lookg good an moving nicely. quantico, northbound 95 by triangle. the right side is blocked by a crash. and the beltway is looking good sow. the travel ti in virginia, 66 inbound. theax fairounty parkway. 95 north, not so bad here right now. travel times in maryland, 270 looks good and so does the top of the beltway. listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. >> there you have it, hawaii wins it. >> look at that. another one for hawaii. honolulu's team wins the little league title. they were crowned champions in williamsport.
5:55 am
proud momma. led the way with eight strikeouts and allowed two hits the entire game. >> pretty impressive. the state's third world series title in 13 years. >> impressive. congratulations. good morning. i'm kate rodgers at cnbc headquarters. youtube ads are getting less skippable. any channel can make money from its videos can implement nonskippable ads., previously select channels have that option. retailers pay money for nonskippable ads. earlier, youtube set the maximum length for those ads at to 20 seconds. i'm kate rodgers. >> thank you. tonight kicks off the first pa the finale of "american nija warriors." >> watch out. >> the top competitors from across the country are competing for a $1 million prize.
5:56 am
>> the stage one includes eight obstacles for the you watch and it's nuts. watch out for gavin ross. the sprint canoeist was invited to las vegas. he was in the philly qualcaiers. "amerininja warrior" at 8:00 here on nbc. still ahead, stunning allegation against thee by a former high-ranking vatican official. also ahead, keeping your child's identity safe. the devices you use every day p that c them at risk. what you can do today to change that. 5:56 right now outside. news 4 continues in a moment.
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"news 4 today" starts now. >> good morning, everybody. shy of 6:00 onhis monday morning. we begin with the heralded retu of eun yang after weeks and week ay. crisscrossing the globe like carmen san diego. >> we're happy to have you back. >> thank yo aaron. >> they've been talking about you. where is eun. >> d you tellthem? >> i don't know how much you want me to say. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> it is monday. ba to school for a lot of local school districts, including prince william countyt >> we to know if the weather and roads will
6:00 am
cooperate. let's get to the folks with the wanswers. >> begin with chuck bell and rveena n on your forecast. >> summer vacation is over for her. over for many as it's time to go back to school. >> some kids aren'tl back un after labor day. they can enjoy the summer weather we had. nice and hot and humid today. this morning, athbus stop, it's muggy but dry. you don't have to worry about rain. feeling like 100 degrees this afternoon, with humidity late this week, that the ncin c come back. so far, looks like labor day weekend rain chances. 75 degrees in washington. most of the area, right around 70. it's muggy and humid. all thanks to the hig


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