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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 30, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the media.c' own lester holt. >>o and first that breaking news, an arrest in the murder of a virginia teenager. news 4's julie carey broke this story on twitter just in the last half hour. >> joel evleen musa went in january and her bodies were found a couple of weeks later. julie careytaas s on who police charged. julie? >> reporter: well, this 18-year-old murruspect will be appearing tomorrow afternoon in fairfax county jenile court because the victim, joleen musa, was just 16 whenhe was killed. the case will start in juvenile court before it is later moved over and he's tried a ne a isn ll be charged with his former girlfriend's murder. you probably remember this fi high-pro case. musa was reported h missing by family in mid-january.
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they were fearful from the very beg that something terrible had happened when she left their house after receiving a text and never came back. their worst fears confirmed two weeks later when her body was found in fairfax's coun wood laun park not far fromri home. du the investigation into her disappearance though, police had discovered that she had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend in the months before her death. he was mentioned at the time her body was found as a person ofst inteut never charged with the homicide. he wasrg though c and later found guilty in juvenile court of the attack on musa and did end some time in juvenile detention, but he had since been then this afternoon finally the news that her family and friends had waited for, a murder charge that's being filed against this young man. he is under arrest. fairfax county police planning a news conference with more detail tomorrow. reporting live from the fairfax county courthouse, julie carey,
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back for you. thank you we're dealing with heat and humidity again, even a few storms popping up to outh and a sign of what could be coming for the first half of the holiday weekend. doug,t least it's little cooler or maybe there's a little bit of a breeze or something. it feels better than yesterday. >> yeah, a scientific term, doreen, wel it a smidge. a smidge cooler out there toy, d temperatures today got to 92. hit 95 yesterday with a heat index of 105. today that heat ind nowhere near that. 89 degrees right now and the only 90 on the map is toward t philadelphia area. 82 ocean city. that's looking good. ocean city, heading there.he i'll be tomorrow looking okay. nothing as far as rain is concerned. however, we're dealingith clouds. those clouds coming courtesy of big storms down to the south around the charlottesville area. there were some that are falling apart and clouds around rappahannock county and clouds making its way south. we get back into the 80s and don't see 90s for the next couple of days.
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chance of storms on the increase and what that means for the labor day weekend. which days have the best days for storms and which day ithe best f the outdoor barbecue. got that coming up for you in 15 mpminutes. >>tant information. thank you, doug. >> now to a story you'll see only on news 4. ne a detailsut evidence in d.c.'s notorious mansion murders case. >> it comes nearly a week before the only suspect goes to trial. darr wendt is accused of killing salva and amy savopoulos and their children and the housekeeper. news 4 obtained court files questioning what evidence was and was not collected. >> reporter: much of this information comes from a document prosecutors filed inly in it they acknowledge and try to explain why gloves,ater bottles, urine and other potential evidence found inside thsi m were never collected or tested in a case that still
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has many unansred questions. it was a shocking crime in a wealthy d.c. neighborhood. three members of the savopoulos ly and their housekeeper murdered and tortured inside their home the call initially fir to 911 as a house on detectives believe it was intentionally set in an effort to mask evidence. >> burning evidence i think in the minds of some of the criminals that we deal with is much more -- a much mor effective way to get rid of evidence than it actually r:is. >> reporlean kirchner spent decades as a prosecutor and retired from the u.s. 's attornffice. he didn't work on this case and studied it for news 4. he says what's most significant is that crime scene investigators did recover dna evidence which prosecutors sayh matches defendant darren wepdth, but from the beginning police said they believed there were other suspect never charged anyone else. they never reported recovering according 's dna but to this courtroom obtained by the i-team when a forensic biologist when e atf arrived at the home, there were water
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ottles and gloves all over the scene. she was told that they had been discarded by the first responders andht firefs, and as a result she did not collect these items. the same is tru for water bottles found in a master bedroom. prosecutors wrote that when the forensic biologist asked she was told firefighters took these from the refrigerator in the masteras bedroom. result, she did not recover these items. >> it may be that no actual evidence was lost, but it may be that thel defense w be able to persuade the jury that it yet another indication of less than ideal pice work and that may give one or more jurors some doubt in the case. >> the forensic biologist said she only swabbed the toilet in the bathroom where the bodies were located. it appeared that e others were filled with urine, but it was her understanding that they had been usedy the firefighters. susan stanton is a retired d.c. police detectives who worked hundreds of >> reporter: when you've got
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too, you know, you may not be in an area where there's port-a-potty or anything else. you've got to relieve yourself, so, you know, you don't flush the toilet because you don't know what else is there. ns reporter: she says the firefighters' actre not unheard of and while the failure to test potential evidence i't ideal she doesn't think it will hurt the case against wendt. retired fbi agent clint van zandt ss this is wha might be learned about other possible suspects but wasn't. >> there's reasonable doubt that maybe from an evidence-gathering standpoint we could have put somebody else atri the scene. >> reporter: he says perhaps the most critical piece of evidence lost was something that could explain how the suspects got into the home. prosecutors noted that in the basement there was a screwdriver holdindo a w open and that atf forensic expert recalls asking thahe screwdriver be collected. however, she does nots believe t recovered. >> now there were a few other instances where she asked for
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evidence to be collected or preserved, and it wasn't. the experts toly me t don't think that this will have a significant impact on the upcoming trial, but, remember, law are all from the enforcement side of things. coming up on "news 4 at 6:30," a defense expert has a different take calling all of this a bombsh l. >> and yinterviewed some former prosecutors there. what about the prosecutors who were working t on actual case, what do they say? >> we reached out to the u.s. attorney's offe and reached out to the fire department and the atf that did the evidence collection. none of them were willing to comment because of the upcoming trial starting next week. >> coming up at 6:30, we'll have more on the impactll of of this. is it a game-changer or not? and then e next tuesdning join us right here on "news 4 af 6:00 special coverage of the mansion murders, inside the investigatoun. everythingeed to know before this case goes to trial and back into the spotlight. no the late senator john
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mccain making his final trip to the nation's capitol. a memorial plane carrying his casket and his family will arrive at joint base just about an hour. before they left the senator's adopted home state in there was an emotional memorial service. year battling brain cancer, cruel as it was, gave him time to reflect on his life and plan every detail of his memorial this week. the arizona service reflected the love ote his s and his country. >> i always thought o john as a brother that held a lot of family fights. maverickyes, he was a >> he didn't judge individuals based on the color of their skin, their gender, their background or political affiliations or their bank accounts. he evaluated them on the merits of their character and the contents o their hearts. > always had basic values, fairness, honesty, dignity,
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respect, giving hate no safe harbor,oeaving one behind and understanding that ase' americans part of something much bigger than ourselves. >> we'll have a full report on that service and what is next ahead in our next half hour. now to a whi house in crisis and a week in which the president found himself out of the spotlig u. he camer fire for his reaction to the death of an american heroit and growing concerns about hisle potential l peril he's lashing out and choosing new targets. this week he accused googlef filtering out pre-trump search results and today he took aim at nbc's lester holt. it's an apparent attempt to discredit the interview in which the president talked about his decision to fire fbi director james comey. >> i w c gomey. my decision, and in fact when i decided to just do it i said to myself, i said, you know, this russia thing with trump and
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russia is a made-up story. it's an >> blayne alexander joins us now to break it all down. , blayne. >> reporter: yeah, doreen, in addition to that long list, he's also firing back at nras co on an upcoming white house departure. it's that of white house counsel don mcgahn. it's not unexpected and i comes after reportedly speaking with special counsel robert mueller. president trump on a twitter tear, targeting everything from the media, calling out cnn nbc by name to the justice department and james comey, the ps director he's seemingly responding to specific news and white ut himself house departures one day after announcing white house counsel don mahn is leaving this fall. >> a lot of affection for don, and hll beoving on, probably the private sector. >> reporter: that presidential twitter storm coming on the same
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day as this "washington post" headsne. winter i coming. highlighting reported concerns that the white house is notpr ared for possible legal troubles at a potentially crucial time with mid terms just around the corner. >> they have no idea of the onslaught tha might be coming if the democrats take the house. >> reporter: and questns about what will be included in special counsel robert mueller's report the russia investigation and what that could mean white house. >> they need to be fullytaffed p with very high quality lawyer instead, they have lost three of the white house counselde ties, a fourth one leaves tomorrow. it's a very difficult situation given what could be down the road. >> reporter: the white house says mcgahn isvi l on good terms even though he was caught off guard by yesterday's anno hcement ands played a big role in the supreme court picks including judge brett
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kavanaugh whose hearings begin next week. jim? big news that limb pact thousands of federal workers in our area. president trump today decided to cancel pay raises for civilian federalloyees. they were supposed to take effect in january the preside cited the budget saying the government needs to control ter ballooning f deficit. virginia congresswoman barbara comstock says s opposed the president's decision and will work with congress to include the pay raise in the federal budget bill. >> news 4 is just getting started. coming up, we'll go back to a story that you'll see here. today's revelations about the evidence in the mansion murder case mean for the trial that starts nt week. >> i'm david culver. just ahead, we're going to walk you through what is the newest school in 20 years to open right here in alexandria. and a canine chase ends in a local neighborhood with a suspect getting trashed.
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a closed door meeting for the maryland board of regents. board members were called to discuss the death of football player jordan mcnair who died of heat stroke two weeks after a practice earlier this year. the board took control of theig
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inveion after the university decided to put several members of thethtics department on leave. that includes head coach d.j.rk du. today we learned the board received a letter from school owners supporting durkin. a former fairfax county scolteacher will have to wait another day to learn whether he faces a free man pore jail time. a jury is deciding whether timothy threlkeld sexually molested ahe former student the student was just 14. threlkeld lost his t license teach four years ago when the improper relationship came to light but the student revealed new details recently that these charges. n closing arguments earlier today the prosecutid threlkeld was grooming the student for a sexual relationship. the defense said her statements don't match the physical evidence. a trial we heard a lot about the late night text messages beeen threlkeld and his
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accuser. fairfax county schools bar any private one-on-one communication with students on topics unrelated to school activities, and teachers are prohibited froi ng students to social events off school grounds unless other adults are present. teachers and administrators are not allowed to transport students in their personal vehicles except in an emergency. and unusual arrest in fairfax earlier this aeeker a man ran from a traffic stop. fairfax county police tell us one of their canines helped sniff out a suspect literally which wasn't as easy as it might sound. news had's derrick ward has our story. >> most visitors to a home ignore the garbage cans outside but when a stranger made a visit to a fairfax home earlier thiss week t garbage can was a destination. >> he flipped it open and just jumped right in head first into the garbage can.
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>> reporter: police say keegan allen ran off from a traffic stop and saturated this neighborhood looking f him. numerous different neighbors i'm told. directing different officers, he went here, he went there. he and other officers were close by when the man dove into the trash can and if it was okay the outside it couldn't have been too good in the hiding place. >> one bag full of dirty diapers so the man dove head first into hot dirty diapers. >>eporter: but the dog had no trouble differenciating among the smorgasbord of smells. >> their noses are phenomenal, better than anything any man has created to date. they are jent spteific. >> rep they also saw allen take his dive into the garbage can and were ableol to him at bay before they could take him stt of the garbage can and take him into y. >> i wrote a letter to the chief of police because to me watiting t was very reassuring to see
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how the officers conducted themselves. >> no extra force was necessary. the minimmount was used, and he was taken into custody. >> pole recovered a pound and a half of marijuana in the car allen had run from. he faces numerous traffic charges as well as charges for alluding police and an outstanding warrant for running away from an earlier traffic stop. in fairfa derrick ward, news had. a major marijuana bust in an arundel county. police with a search warrant foundit marijuanaa street value of $104,000 inside a glen burnie home yesterday. the resident zachary blake and hjulian joiper were b arrested and face several charges including possession with intent to distribute. officers also found a loaded handgun with a serial number removed and $20,000 in cash. >> in just a few months timean alia schools mobilize to open the first new school in the city since 2000. only on news 4 tonight david
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culver takes us inside as the ty honors its past while embracing the latest technology. >> reporter: gwendolyn is personally connected here to her tther. >> walking intos building and seeing this board and wall with everything about his life and driving up and seeing his name is humbling. >> reporter: born in 1918 day grew up in a segregated society andng for a more inclusive alexandraia. gwendolyn says both her parents embraced this proverb. >> as for me and my home, i will serve. >> reporter: following brown verse the board of education, day later became the first african-ameran in virginia elected chair of a public school board, a life story text inspired dria's newest superintendent. rtperintendent dr. gregory hutching s off this new school year on familiar ground. >> the fact that ferdinand t.
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day is now school in my hometown, alexandria, virginia, where i happen to be the superintendent, iys pre amazing. >> reporter: this was once a commercial building vacant. they decided tnt turn it ia school, a high rise education work space. the first four floors, that's where the classroomsare, t top two, that's for administrative offices. >> when you go and you walk t halls, you can't tell that you're actually in a former office building. >> reporter: inside it's modern, state of the art spaces, upstairs tchers getting ready to welcome students putting the finishing touches. back on the ground level. >> i am humbled. >> reporter: an appreciation for the foundation on which this school stands. >> two, one. >> reporter: in alexandria, virginia, davidculver, news 4. >> ns 4 is getting you and your family ready for school all over the dmv.
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come up at 6:00, tracy wilkins takes us toss a massive renovation underway for students in prince george's county. and one-half of the labor y weekend is looking better than the other half. doug is back t i sort all out so we can plan our activities. his n-day forecast is nextte. o.
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big holiday weekend, doug. some have started theiroliday weekend, but the rest of who haven't need to know how to plan. >> you were taking a picture of yourselves minutes ago. where is that going? >> promoting the redskins football game happening right here on nbc 4. >> okay. i came in, an they were like both, younow, sitti there, ready to go. >> where are you going to post that? >> yeah. instagram. >> okay. >> find that on jim's instagram. >> tt's what we d during the commercial breaks, take pictures of ourselves. nd of embarrassing. we do. >> redskins taking on the ravens up there in baltimore and looking good for that game. a matter of fact, great for that game. not nearly as hot and humid as it's beent over the puple of days. cloud cover out there right now. the cloud cover, well,ll act from distance storms down around charlottesville, how about that. 89 degrees right now and winds out of the northeast at 8es m
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per hour. that northern component to the wind helped bring the humidity down. the only 90 on the board lef is easton at 90 degrees and 86 right now manassas and 82 in culpepper. look at charlottesville, down to t. there are showersre. you can see the showers and meunderstorms. big-time storms and nothing around the d.c. area and that's the way things will be for the rest of the evening hours and, again, moving into rappahannock estern and even towards fauquier county up around 522 ands down towa1 and looking at some of the showers coming through. nothing too heavy. storms providing heavy rain and watch when the storms investment you see the yellows, reds and orange, and look at a the cloud cover. the blowoff from these storms all moving up across our region. so the storms get bigger in the atmosphere. onit they do they h winds that bring them right overere. it's called blowoff from distant thunderstorms and that's what we're seeing out tre. pretty cool to see that this evening.
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make our way through the next couple of days. temperatures tomorrow not quite as hot as they were. tomorrow hit 82 and 86 onay satu a good chance of showers and storms friday and saturday and not a washout 90ndn sunday only a 30% chance of a storm and monday an isolated storm can't be ruled out and hot and humid ande 91. pretty good labor day weekend, guys. talk with that aex thet heat wave making our way come up i a little bit. >> all right, doug, thank yo this holiday weekend could be more cllenging than usual for drivers with a funeral motoade planned for senator john mccain. coming a 6:30, adam tuss will show us what crews are doing to make your trip easier on a jam-packed holiday weekend. >> chopper 4 flying over mnt adium up in baltimore. we go live as the redskins and ravens getor ready their preseason finale tonight right here on nbc 4. >> up next we go t back a news 4 exclusive. m t to
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cruz cruise a notorious quadruple murder in washington, and only one suspect going to trial. >> new at 6:30, legal experts tell news 4 the significance of new details about evidence collected in the case, and don't all agree. >> we're talking about the notorious mansion murders from three years ago. the savopoulos family and their housekeeper all killed in the
6:31 pm
family's home. one man, one man, darren wendt, goes to trial next week. >> news 4's meagan fitzgerald is in our newsroom with more on the impact of what we learned today. >> reporter: yeah. within these court d iuments he something that some experts are calling a bombshell because it could weakeniohe prosecs case. we're talking about forensic experts who didn't collect some pieces of evscence from the e. >> reporter: when you go into a crime ene, a crime scene means no one can tou anything under any circumstances. >> reporter: but according to these court documents filed by prosecutors describing the collection of dna evidence that wasn't the case, and lotime criminal defense attorney bernard grimm says when a crime scene is not flawlesy preserved that can have a major impact on the outcome of a trial. this entire case was centered around a domino's pizza and a piece of pizza crust t t had dna on it. police were able to link that to darren wendt. he was eventually arrested as
6:32 pm
their only suspect, but now there are new questions about how forensic experts collected that dna, and now it was processed. this document says when a forensic expert recovered the pizza crust it was in a bag with other piece of up beaten pizza. >> all the pizza is put into one paper bag so you could cross-contamination so if the pizza is touching each other in the box, the dna from one piece could be getting on another piece. >> reporter: for the first time we're also learninghe that in t moments after the fire started at the mansion on woodland drive, firefighters took water bottles from the refrigerator in the master bedroomn the mansion. that's where the bodies of savas and amy savopoulos and their housekeeper were found. court documents say the bottles were never collected or processed as evidence. >> how do you know that thatt we and his other compatriots didn't go in there and touch those wrer bottles o touch the
6:33 pm
refrigerator door. >> reporter: the pro is we'll never know, but longtime law enforcement agents don't agree that potentially missed tours and collecting evidence will impact thecase. >> i don't see these as insurmountable problems. these are garden variety problems that we encounter in virtually every case. i thinkirefighters do their best. atf does its best and mpd does its best. >> reporter: but the jurors have to convi wen beyond a reasonable doubt and grim believes this document just do. >> in the end you could have a jury come back with a not guilt verdict because the evidence technicians screwed up in this case. it's beyond -- i mean, it's beyond comprehension. >> reporter: the d.c. fire department wasn't aware of these allegations until weontacted them. they tell us it's now part of an internal the defense team it's says in part that they are anxious for the jury to see how prosecutors accused the wrong person. we also contact prosecutors, but they are not returning our
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repeated calls for comment. doreen? >> all right. thank you,ag n. >> join us next tuesday as we take a deeper dive into the case n the eve of the start of that tria we'll examine the evidence against darren wendt, the clues left behind and the lippingers questions for a panel of experts. was krun else invved and what was the motive? join us tuesday night at 6:30 for exclusive reporting on the mansion murders, inside the investigation. >> i'm erika gonzalez here at the live desk with breaking news. we have an wful situati happening right now in new mexico. we can show you someia a from the scene where we understand from authorities that multiple people are dead and several morenjured in an awful crash on i-40 dealing with a greyhound bus and a semi truck. what you're seeing there is debris, and it looks to be the o truck's c all over the place. we are hearing als from the
6:35 pm
hospital there that at least four to six people were transported to higher level trauma centers. we're hearing that multiple people have died in this. as many as0 people involved in this awful crash on ewi-40 in mexico. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> more than 200 discovery communications employ eds have gotten pink slips, and more layoffs are possible. the company is relocating its ilver spring from where it's been since 2003 new york city next year. the remaining staff will move to new york or to other offices in tennessee. no word on how many of the remaining employees might be affected. students in prince george's county are getting red to go back to school, and for some that means a new represent slated elementary school. our bureau chief tracee wilkins got an exclusive look at the multi-million dollar project in bowie.
6:36 pm
>> just feels like very smfortable. feike home. >> reporter: parents and students returning to tulip grove elementary school in bowie have a brand-new $26 million building. beautiful. definitely a lot better than the school from last year. >> reporter: high ceilings ands e of the art amenities and tons of natural light and more classrooms means all of the 325 students who attended this school can be inside the building at the same t that was not the case in the old building. >> special educaon students were in temp liz. we had teachers in the hallway pulling groups. there just was noth enoace. >> there's still a long line of other schools that need renovation and serio repairs around the county. school men said they are aware of all the parents and students. >> reporter: i think we can expect the school system to prioritize the county fundsap opriately to make sure that we're hitting the schools that are essential. >> as workers wrap up final touches here state and county a official reminding drivers to watch out for kids heading back to school next week. >> just last y alone over 1.5
6:37 pm
million speed camera tickets were issued in school zones across the state o maryland. that's unconscionabf. >> 40% o those tickets were here in prince george's. the other issue, drive endangering lives when they pass bus sto asigns. the fine for that is $570 and three points on your license. >> reporter: this year the g prinrge's county school system has a new app that allows parents to track their kids bus ke an uber. for more on how to download it go to nbc washington and search bus help. ee wilkins, news 4. >> coming up, adding to the congestion on an already busy holiday weekend. how state highway crews arerk g to keep you moving out there. >> and an arrest in a dturbing threat against a major newspaper. theus spect c globe," quote, the enemy of the people. >> and we hi 13 degree93 degree.
6:38 pm
we'll have cooler weather and the rain ht
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rig now in detroit, a tribute concert is celebrating the life of aretha franklin. the queen of soul wl be laid to rest tomorrow. t will feature star-studded performances. a new outfit. she's worn two different ensembles lying in state. we're told miss franklin will be buried in an evening gown. tonight a california man is locked up and facing charges for making death thrints a "boston globe" employees. the fbi arrested 68-year-olin robert cha at his home near los angeles. he became enraged earlier this month when the "boston globe" let a national newspaper scampaign inport of the free press and the first amendment. in phone calls to the "globe" chain allegedly threatenedooo
6:41 pm
"globe" employees and echoed president trump's language and referred to journalists a quote, the enemy of the people. if you're about to t get ou n for this holiday weekend, you can take sono comfort inng that there are teams of road crews making sure you can get to where you're going safely. tonight transportation reporter tuss rides along with the maryland emergency road patrol as they gear up for a busy holiday weekend. >> some days it could be all day. >> reporter: us a make your way around this last unofficial weekend of summer. >> copy disabled t >> reporter:hese are the guys that will be making sure the roads are safe. >> lking for people to break down and mak t surehat people get to their dtinations. >> reporter: meet steve manias with the maryland department of emergency management patrol. >> i am just looking p forple who need help. >> reporter: he finds someone od
6:42 pm
the roa and heri goes ght to work. >> the tread came off the tire, it was a retread and when i came off it knocked the mirror off. >> reporter: you want to talk about a w stressfulk environment. look where guys areaving to change this tire, right next to the busy side of the road and this is something that happens every single day multiple timees a day for thworkers. they say this weekend will be filled with these types of calls, but steve asked that you drive safely for his sake. >> a lot of people on their cell phones not payin attentionnd we're right there on the side of the road and sometimes it gets a little bit scary and people will come right at you because they raare died. >> reporter: something else he expects to see this weekend. >> people forgetting to put gas in their cars. >> reporter: are you serious? >> believe it, a lot. >> reporter: check the gas tank. >> that's what i was afraid of. >> reporter: out on road p nrol, adam tuss 4. ai
6:43 pm
>> john m is making his last trip to washington tonight as we speak. up next at 6:00, a closer look back at the final fare well in his adopted he statef arizona. >> and doug is back with a closer look at the weather forecast, and he'll
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6:45 pm
if you're just joining , a ick look at some of our top stories. 's been more than three years, but next week the man charged in the murders of four people in the d.c. mansion i set to go on trial. through court records news 4 has discovered new questions about how evidence may have been handled, and items that were not collected fro the crime scene. darren wendt remains the only
6:46 pm
pers charged inhis case. >> breaking tonight, the f ex-boyfriend o murdered teen now charged in the case. 18-year-old nabiu ibrahim is accused of killing joleen musa who died ofnd asphyxia a blunt force trauma. she was found in fairfax county back in january. the late senator john mccain of arizona making his final retuo the nation's capitol at this hour. a military plane carrying casket and his family will inive at joint base andrews about an hour. tomorrow begins washington's tributeity to pay final to senator mccain. today his apted home state bid him farewell with an emotionalemorial service. >> news 4 has a look back at the memorial in arizona. >> reporter: for the last time senator john mccain leaves the arizona capitol. mourners, his ,constituen line
6:47 pm
the street to bid a patriotic farewell to one of the state's most belovedpt a sons. >> in arizona, he was our hero. i think you can see from this outpouring of support and love for john mccain. ♪ amazing grace >> tha he was america's hero. snout how swe ♪ how sweet the sound >>y is celebrated differences d embracedhumanity. >> reporter: more than simply a decoratear hero turned political maverick, walking across the aisle to askng me friend and political opponent joe biden to eulogize him a a service mccain planned himself. >> i always thought ofohn as a brother. had a ll of a lot of family fights. >> reporter: the former vice
6:48 pm
president consoli the late senator's widow cindy and seven children. >> because you shared john with all of us your whole life, the world now shares with you the ache of john's dea. ♪ what's more than this i did it my way ♪ >> reporter: in his own way on s own terms now john mccain makes hisrninal j to washington, d.c. where the country will say good-bye. >> that plane as we said will be at andrews in about an hour. >> doug is hereow with a look at our holiday weekend weather forecast. >> not a badecast. we're going to see you a chance of showers and storms mostly tomorrow and then on saturday and most of the weekend is going be dry. don't worry too much about the rain chances over the next couple of days. out there right now. oks like we've got some rain
6:49 pm
moving in. got a lot of cloudover. those come courtesy of big storms down to the south around charlottesville and d towards parts of the shenandoah valley. 89 degrees right now and droppi to 88 next hour and down to 82 by 11:00. still on the humid side and not nearly as bad as it's been. really what a ifrps did. here's the current temperature. 83 gaithersburg and 83 in reston and last night at this time we were at 94 degrees. temperatures in thes and heat indices well over 100. that's not the case today sog feel a lot better out there. here's noaround our region and notts down to the south and west we do have the rain down towards th shenandoah valley and page county and this is just light rain right now trying to work its way into fquier and kind of fizzling onan up. rappck seeing rain and most of this right along the blue ridge.g they are tryo move east but having a hard time doing so but no problem back towards the valley. watch out back into the i-81 corridor. you can see the cloud cover. clear skies and watch the storms
6:50 pm
blow up and the blowoff from those storms, the storms get ally high in the atmosphere and the winds and the higher up bring the clouds right up across our region. that's exactly what's happened with the storms and then the clouds move right on n.pretty cool scene here. we call that blowoff from distance storms. not much going on. a frontal boundary draped across the region. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. friday for the school bus stop, a chance of showers tomorrow morning and again at rece,, ye a chance of showers. really any time tomorrow we eould see showers. best time would in the afternoon. showers and maybe a rumble of 8under or two and high temperature aroun degrees. making your way down towards the beaches. i'll be at ocean city on saturday. that looks okay here. as a matter of fact, this is actually the wrong beach forecast, but it still looks fine. still looks fine. it's about this. i mean, this is close, but this would be saturday, sunday and monday here. monday would not have a chance for any storm out there like that, so it's -- it's a-okay. mountain if i get the forecast right. yeah, that one is good.
6:51 pm
saturday, sunday and monday. 80 degrees on your sunday and 83 degrees on monday c ance of storms in the afternoon and even there you'll be okay. doing the camping, saturday night couldn't issue. 87 on 70 and 90 on sunday and talk heat wave. these aren't. typ we've got 90s seven days in a ay row all the through the first weekend in september. >> the first half of the weekend not as good as the second half. >> that's true. >> the final chance for redskine players to m their case to be on the roster and familiar face hoping to find a
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
sherva okay. >> all right. sherree burruss is standing by leave and kickoff in about half an hour? >> synchronized. >> 35 mutes but who is unting? >> we are. >> hey, sherree. >> hey, you guys.
6:55 pm
yeah, we're getting ready, but than justgame is more jobs and roster spots. these guys are playing for these positions out here, andt i j walked out with paul richardson before warmups, and he said this ga is not about me. it's not about the starters, so oing like us, they are be watching this game because there's a huge opportunity for some of these young guys that are on the bubble of ming this roster. the redskins haveheo trim t roster from 90 players all the way down to 53 by 4:00 on sunday, so tonight a final chance for the rookies and veterans to show the coachinghe staff whyy should be on this team. as for the starters, they worked ee earlier, but we won't any action from them tonight but some are worried that quarterback alex smith and the first team offense haven't had enough time to gel this itpreseason. sm who has attempted just 14 passes in the preseason, well, he isn't concerned about any rust come week one. >> don't think necessarily playing however many more snaps
6:56 pm
come, you know, ope r necessarily makes that big difference at this point in my ereer. we've great work in camp since day one, a sense of urgency every day and we've made the most o every day i feel like, so there's no dwelling t the factt i wish i would have played a little bit the opener is sitting right where it is, and we're still preparing for it. >> one guy we are anxiously awaiting to see to take the field is quarterback robert griffin iii. the former redskins star and third stringhe quarterback for ravens bat lipping for a roster spot thanks to the emergence of rookie quarterback lamar rg3 who took the nfl by storm during his rookie season earned his spot in the league once again. >> i think i've earned the respect about how i've come out whether i get all the reps or no reps, no preparation for the game and tn have to play most of the game, when i go i i the fourth quarter of a preseason game when they know, hey, this guy haslayed a lot of football
6:57 pm
in this league, but frown upon that. i don't look down upon that. it's an opportunity and blessing to have that opportunity and that's part of why i've earned their respect, you know, aside frocojust being guy. >> so we are hearing some rumbles aboutow much rg3 play, hearing little to none, so we're anxious to see how he actually gets here tonight. back to you. >> all right, thanks, sherree. 33 minutes now to get ready and get your seat. don't forget. you can watch rg3 take on his old team tonight right here on nbc. after the game our post-game show will be followed by new 4 at 11:00. grab a half smoke, a crab cake, get set for football in d.c. and all that jazz. >> summer is over. back to school and looking for a reason to yell and scream anddy noalls the cops. mystics give this and shocked silence when delle donne suffered a bone bruise, the atlanta dream, even the wnba
6:58 pm
series, today n delle don practicing, seen with that left knee heavily wrapp and for game three friday at smith center delle donne listed as questionable. >> she's on, you know, like around-the-clock treatment. she's having treatment today. she will come into shoot around tom and see what she can do or not. she'sh walking m better. if your motion is not limited and can you push off and c can go. then there's going to be pain involved somewhere if she plays, ou know, she's a tough player so we'll see what happens. i'm making no predictions one way or the other, and we'll you know, when we get closer to metime. >> d.c. united announced a thiendly against olympios for september 19 go ahead, paint your face. >> we've got to get over there and che that stadit. >> and bring a drum.
6:59 pm
>> okay, fine. thank you, de. bring it all here at 11:00 after the big game. "nightly ne" startsws you wanted to save on prescriptions... so you went online... and got so lost in a mumbo-jumbo of co-pays, coupons and codes that your brain went offline. next time ask your cvs pharmacist. our proprietary search tool analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. just drop in.... before you conk out...
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see what you might save at cvs pharmacy. breaking news tonight, reports of multiple fatalities with a gray hound bus a colliding wi tractor trailer. hospitals on alert for patients. we have late details. john mccain leaves his beloved arizona for the last time. a finaflight after a moving sute. >> my name is joe biden. i'm a democrat and i love john mccain. >> laughter through tears, music and a military honor guard with his famloy oking on. a massive explosion tears through a water plant in chicago. the roof collapsing, at least ten people hurt, some critically as rescuers rushed to find people trapped and pull them out alive. when harry met hamilton. ♪ you say


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