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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  September 1, 2018 12:37am-1:38am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- seth rogen, star of "insatiable," actress alyssa milano, cooking with angie mar, featuring the 8g band with joey castillo. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]em ladies and gen, seth meyers. >> set good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is fantastic to hr. in that case, let's get to the news. president trump tweeted today about republican wins and primaries in ohio's special election last night tweeting, quote,five for five." he might have just been tweeting about some new deal from kfc. [ laughter ]
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"five pieces, five bucks and they throw in a biscuit. [ laughter and applause ] so -- america's great again." [ cheers and applause senator ted cruz told reporters yesterday that he haasked president trump to campaign for him ahead of the midterm elections. when asked why he wanted trump to endorse him, cruz said this -- >> this man is a pathological liar. [ laughter ] he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. he lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. [ laughter ] >> seth: "he's a liar. [ cheers and applause ] and i'm so honored to have him here tonight." according to "the new york times," president trump's lawyers have rejected special counsel robert mueller's latest terms for an interview in the russia investigation. imagine negotiating with the police about what questions you're willing to answer. [ laughter ] that is the height of orange
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[ laugnd applause ] that's right. trump's lawyers have rejected robert mueller's terms for an inrview. apparently mueller refused trump's request for a phone-a-friend if he gets stuck. [ laughter ] "i'm not your friend." [ light laughter ] during his dinner with corporate executives last night, president trump reportedly ranted about china and said, quote, "almost every sdent that comes over to this country is a spy." he just can't believe someone wod actually be that interested in learning. [ laughter ] "they move to another country to go to school? i'm sorry but that story just does not check out." [ laughter ] facebook messenger today launched two augmented reality video chat gamesncluding one called "don't smile" where users have a staring contest and try to keep a straight face. incidentally, don't smile is what i do when someone invites me to play games on fabook. [ laughter and applause ]
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five men were recently charged for trafficking conspiracy after selling nearly half a millio pairs of counterfeit sneakers. bad news if you just got yourself a new pair e air gordans. [ laughter ] disney's created a hotline that will allow children to talk with their favori disney characters on the phone to help them go to sleep. and boy are billy's parents concerned he keeps picking the m guy who killed's mom. [ laughter and applause ] a library in wasngton, had to bed for two days this week after staff members ticed a group of snakes gathering in the basement. said the person who found them, "ahh! oh, sorry. ah." [ laughter and applause ]
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librarhumor. laughter ] the adult website pornhub has w announced l host its first ever award show next month. it's the only award show where d carpet is a category. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] a little library. a little pornhub, we give you everything here. [ laughter ] finally, a florida woman was arrested recently after thwing a knife at a man who she accused of eating her leftover chinese . fo [ laughter ] luckily, he was ready for it. [ laughter ] we have a great show for you tonight, you guys! [ cheers and applause ] his new movie "like father" is streaming on netflix now. seth rogen, one of our favorites back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] she is the star of "insatiable" on netflix. i'm so happy she's here.
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alyssa milano is joining us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and she is the owner and ecutive chef of a fantastic restaurant, the beatrice inn here in new york city. she is going to cook up some ofs her favorites including my favorite, fried chicken, chef angie mar joins us tonight. so you're here on a good one. [ cheers and applause ] before we get to all one of president trump's closest congressional backers was indicted today meanwhile, the trial of his ex-campaign chairman is heating up. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: when trump first announced his candidacy in 2015, livirtually no elected repns got behind him. with one exception, new york congressman chris collins. he was the first member of congress to endorse trump. and as a reward, he got to nominate trump at the republican national convention. >> i have the honor of seconding the nomination of donald jtrump as the next president of the united states of america! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> seth: what is it hese dudes and their awkward double thumbs up? laughter ] they look as natural as a elaine benes dancing. ♪ a [ laughter alause ] >> seth: now trump has repaid collins' loyalty by shouting him out during official speeches. although as usual, ht do it without adding a weird personal dig. re >> let me also e our gratitude to the members of the new york delegation here today. congressman chris collins. where's chris? where is chris? oh, chris, right from the g, beginne said, "trump is gonna win." trump is gonna win. that's why i like him. [ laughter ] i didn't lik before, now i love him. i'll never -- [ laughter ] >> seth: trump can't compliment anyone without also insulting
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them. [ light laughter ] he's the kind of guy who would tell you, "you have such a cute auby which is surprising b you're an ugly person." [ laughter and applause ] so there you go. collins was one of trump's eaiest backers and trump's repaid that loyalty. if there's anyone who represents te modern republican part kind of guy who has fully and completely embraced the trump era and drning the swamp, it's chris collins. >> president trump's earliest congressional supporter, republican congressm chris collins of new york has been arrested for insider trading. >> seth: who has two thumbs and was just indicted for insider trading? this guy! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that said, a sitting mof congress was charged with insider trading, is there anyone ose to trump who hasn't been charged with a crime? michael paul manafort's on trial for money laundering. michael cohen had his house raided for tax fraud. and it's oy a matter of days
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until stephen miller's arrested for stealing human skin to hide the fact that he's a l[ ard. ughter ] [ cheers and applause ] here's the basic gist of this case. llins was major investor in a biotech company and he sat on their board which right off the bat is insane. a sitting member of congress should not be on the board of au icly traded company. that's like finding out an nfl referee is a part owner of the triots, which i wouldn't be surprised to hear! [ laughter and applause ] but collins allegedly shared private information wi friends and family members so they could sell the stock before it tanked. in fact, he actually bragged commending the stock to his friends and colleagues. he was once overheard on the phone in the capitol saying, "do you know how many millionaires i fede in buffalo in the pas months?" and he said to the company, "i talk about it at every turn, just le you talk about your kids hitting a home run." okay, but your friends don't become millionaires off your kid hitting a home run.
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[ light laughter ] unless they're gambling on little league baseball games. [ light laughter ] "timmy, i need you to hit a home run today because if you don't, the bad men are going to break daddy's fingers. oh, you don't want daddy's fingers broken, do you? ioh, hit a home run, budd need this buddy!" [ laughter and applause ]es so one of the ent's closest backers in congress was indicted for insider trading. meanwhile trump's ex-campaign chairman paul manafort is on trial right now for money laundering and tax fraud. of course if trump weren't a re blican, the gop would be screaming about impeachmt ght now. as we know from recent history and from newly unearthed columns written by vice president mike pence in the '90s.ur it out pence used to have b a much low for whether a
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president should be impeached. >> pence, at the time living in indiana, wte two columns both of which argue that the president of the united states should have high mord if he or she does not that they should be impeached. removed from office. let me quote. he wrote, "if you and i fall into bad moral habits, fe can harm oilies, our employers, and our friends. the president of the united states can incinerate the planet. seriously, the very idea that we ought to the same moral demands placed on the chief executive that we place on our next door neighbor is ludicrous and dangerous." >> seth: ah, 1990s mike pence. dealistic and now he's hitched his wagon to donald trump, a guy who thinks the seven deadly sins is a to-do list. [ laughter and applause ] "let's see, lust, greed, pride, taken care of. let's get lunch. let's get lunch and come back ot for thr four." now manafort's trial revolves in large part around the government's star witnes rick gates who was manafort's business partner as well as s trumputy campaign manager. gates has been cooperating with special counsel robert mueater's investn. and on monday, he became the first trump campaign official to admit toederal crimes in open court. >> prosecutors asking, "were you involved in any criminal activityith mr. manafort?" "yes," gates answered. "did you commit any crimes with mr. manafort," the prosecutor
12:48 am
asked? "yes," gates answered again. >> seth: that is the president's deputy campaign mager saying, "yes, i committed crimes." republicans, what more do you need before you start taking er thisusly? trump could show up to a rally in a black mask holding a giant bag of cash and republicans ma would say, "ybe he just went skiing on free money mountain." [ laughter ] this has been "a closelook." ♪ [ >> seth: we'll be right back with our friend seth rogen, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks" be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. ♪ this is the ocean. just (vo) e's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome bac everybody. give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also joining us toni drums, he's got an impressive rock resume that's seen him in e bands ueens of the stone age, zakk sabbath, and danzig. be sure to check him out with the bronx on their latest album "bronx five" and on tour this s faporting thrice. joey castillo is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thank you joey. aour first guest tonight very funny comedian, actor, and writer you know from such movies as "the disaster artist," u "knock" and "the interview." his latest film, "like father,"a is sng on netflix now. let's take a look.
12:53 am
>> rachael. >> oh. >> good to see you. >> yep. >> yeah. >> i have good news, i hope. i heard your guy's flight wasn't 'til tonight. and you're going to go on the hike. so i asked if i could switch in your group. and they said, "yes." >> oh. >> is that cool? >> yeah. >> great. cool. hi. >> hi. >> i'm jeff. >> hi, jeff. >> hi, jeff. >> i'm rachael's ship friend. >> friend. >> yes. and we met on this ship. and we're friends. so i'm going to be hiking with you guys. so that's exciting. got to work off the pancakes, right? how good were those? you try the boysenberry stuff? >> yeah. >> that was good. it's -- >> seth: please welcome back to the show, our good friend, seth rogan, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome back. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> seth: always so wonderful to have you here. the last time -- last time i saw you was at "the golden globes," backstage at "the golden globes." >> yes, it was at "the golden globes." and actually, moments after i yo sa i had a horrible ha incident that not spoken about. even -- i think i actually just told my wife about it. was -- it was -- so i saw you at "the golden globes." i was supposed to go on and present a -- like a spiel about "the disaster artist." and i'd say -- someone came up to me. and i was backstage. and they're like, "so you're going to go on in three and i was like, "perfect." and then, i bent down to pick up something. and i blew out my pants from like the very front to the very ba. [ laughter ] like full -- like chaps. i chs them. [ laughter ] om like my -- yeah, the whole thing was gone. and i just -- i didn't know what to do. they were just like, "alright, 60 seconds." and i just -- i frantically --
12:55 am
it would take too long to explain it to anyone. so i just grabbed -- i just saw a stylist who was -- i think it was felicity jones. >> seth: yeah. >> her stylist. and i just literally grabbed just like a rack osafety pins, went into the bathroom, took my pants off, turned them inside out, pinned them with 15 safety pins all up. making like a metallic stitching thing from the base of my butt to the top of my crotch. and then the second i fastened the la one, they're like, "we're ready for you on stage." and i went out with essentially like a diaper made of safety pins -- [ laughter ] -- holding my pants together, yeah. >> seth: i -- that's so fantastic. >> yeah. >> seth: i feel like -- >> i did it though. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i feel like you should fget a special golden glo technical achievement. >> it's true. i think they announced a new oscar category for it, actually. so, yeah, that could be one of them. >> seth: so your wife wrote and directed this film.
12:56 am
>> yes. >> seth: kristen bell plays a woman who is left at the alter, has to still go her honeymoon trip. she goes with her father, kelsey grammer. >> yes. >> seth: you guys actually shot it on a functional cruise ship. >> we did. >> seth: how was tha >> i did not like that. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> i don't know if you've been on a cruise. it's like if someone took like the worl set it and [ laughter ] and that's kind of -- [ applause ]li -- what it'. it's just -- it's weird. and people -- there is literally videos that tell you to wash your hands. because people don't wash their hands. y >> seth. >> and just shove them in like the ham spread or whatever they have. and then you get like a cruise liip dysentery or somethin that. and so they make these little jingles. they're like -- ♪ wash ur hands and you're like, "it's a nice song. but the root of it is disgusting." and, yeah,t felt like -- it was very weird.
12:57 am
it was a weird environ ultimately, like from a sociological stand point, i guess, it was interesting. >> seth: in the film you play -- as we can tell from a clip, you're a little erkward. >> i'mawkward. yes. >> seth: you also are canadian in the film. >> i play a guy named jeff from -- from -- yes, from edmontonalberta, canada as he says in the film. and that was -- he was already canadian when my wife cast me which was harder than you would hope. [ laughter ] but once she agreed to allow me to be in her film, the guy was canadian. and he would just say, "i'm from edmonton." and something as aanadian i know is when you explain to americans where you're from, you say the city, the province and the country. because we don't assume any e erican has heard of any those things necessarily. [ laughter ] and i've -- i'm from vancouver, british colombia, canada. and i have had to say that like -- vancouver, not british colombia, that's like confusing. itke what? like, there's a h columbia now? when did that happen? [ laughter ] [ applause ] and then -- and by the time you get to canada, most have heard of that. but even that, you -- i had some cross fires in theast.
12:58 am
so, yeah. so that's what canadians do. city, province, country. nghopefully one of those tis identifiable. yes. >> seth: there is a scene in the film where kelsey and kristen are -- they play le a game show on the cruise. >> yeah. >> seth: which i guess that is a thing that happens on cruises. >> it is, yes. if y're not enticed enough, yeah, there's game shows. >> seth: but you and your sister were actually on a game show when you were kids. >> we were. s we were onw called "kidstreet," which is a canadian show that was kind of like "th w newlywed gamh siblings not in the gross way. [ laughter ] and so, it was you and your sibling were separated. and you were asked questions. and you had to match up your answers hypothetically, you know? what is your favorite food? pizza. pizza. so my dad though, we got on the show. and dad watched hundreds of episodes of the show and realized that you coulbreak down every answer into one of like ten categories. like there was food related questions.
12:59 am
there was location related questions. there was numb related questions. and he set answers with me and my sister so if it was anything to do with food, pizza. anything to do with a on? hawaii. what's your -- >> seth: so would that me like least favorite food, pizza. >> favorite food. [ together ] "pizza." >> what do you eat mr dinner? pizza. doesn't matter. if it's food, pizza. so we do this. my dad sets out a series of like ten answers. we memore them. and not only does it work, we don't get one question wrong. hrand we won the game showgh cheating. [ cheers and applause ] just through -- just shear cheating. yeah. and i think in america today, it's the best lesson a child can learn is if you cheat, you will win. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and so, do it. yeah. >> seth: i would say that the lesson that was imparted upon you by your fathers one that trump probably has tilght all his en. >> it's -- just cheat guys. >> seth: just cheat. it works out great. >>t's why i'm so trumpian. [ laughter ]
1:00 am
>> seth: i read -- obviously, you met so many people. you've done so many films over the years. i recently read a story about how you met tom cruise once. >>es, several times. >> seth: oh, right, of course. but you introduced him to something that he had never been introduced to before. >> yeah, he didn't kternet pornography existed. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] u and now, is this -- did to his home? >> yeah. not to tell him that. >> seth: right. [ laughter ]-- >> but i wenhat would be very perscriptive visis i -- no, he it was at the time when evyone thought he s a crazy person. >> seth: yeah. >> he was jumping on couches. he was just doing his tom cruise thing at full tilt. and i think he wantesome character rehabilitation. so he was meeting with comedians who could maybe help, like, make him not seem so crazy maybe. and so he called up judd for a meeting. and -- we were making "knocked up" at the time. it was a little over ten years ago. and judd was like, "come meet tom cruise and i was like, "great."
1:01 am
so the firstime we met him, i had to pee so badly as we were pulling into -- as i was pulling into his house, i had to, like, just pee. and i anng his buzzer. he buzzed me in. and there is a very long driveway. r d i was so uncomfortable to meet tom cruise e first time. and i didn't want the first thing i said to him to be, "hi, i'm seth rogan. nii to meet you. ve to pee. can i pee in your house? it's like a -- emergency." and so, he had this long winding driveway. and so what i did was i stopped haway up it. and i got a snapple bottle. and i peed in the snapple bottle in tom cruise's driveway. [ laughter ] hoking back, honestly, there is no way he does ne cameras covering that driveway. [ laughter ] and when you pee in a bottle, like, you have to get gravity on your side. and it is like -- it's not like -- for me anyway, like it's quite like an operation. laughter ] and i'm like i'm pretty much up there. , there is 100% chance that tom cruise has video of me peeing in my car in his driveway
1:02 am
which he has not released. but -- yeah. and en, i told tom cruise that -- internet pornography was a thing that existed which he did not know. >> seth: how did it come up? like how does -- >> i honestly can't remember. i think it just came up organically. like, you kn how it does. -- you know, "oh, my friends were looking at internet porn." and he's like, "whoa, whoa, whoa, what? [ laughter ] i ke, those two words -- >> seth: and you -an obviously, he's a fantastic actor. but this is something he said. and you believed it to be true? >> oh, yes, very much so. >> seth: oh, wow. >> yes. he was -- yes. i 100% believed he had no idea that there was pornography on the world wide web. >> seth: yeah. >> which is -- the first thing i knew about the world wide web is that there was pornographyn it. [ laughter ] [ applause ] that's the only reason i know it existed. >> seth: it also -- it's such a natural -- if you know about the ternet and know about pornography, it would be like knowing what peanut butter and jelly are but no knowing they have ever been on a sandwich. >> yeah and with all ihat tom cruiensity. it's like, "you mean to tell me someone is putting peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich?" [ laughter ]
1:03 am
and i was like, yeah, dude, it's the most famous sandwich t re it's everywhere. "whoa! that's crazy." yeah. >> seth: another person who is known for his eccentricities and we've talkedbout your interactions with him before. but kanye -- >> yes. >> seth: you worked out -- you have worked with kanye west. >> i have worked out kanye west, several times which is not something a lot of people can say. >> seth: no. >> i would imagine. but -- >> seth: now that to me is the opposite of peanut butter and jelly. >> exactly. >> seth: that does not seem like >> no, yeah, i used to go to a personal trainer very briefly. i was in a film called "the green hornet" which for many reasons, was not a wonderful chapter in my life. but one of which is i had to work out a lot just depressingle to achhat look which was not thmost superheroey look you could ever at my mosti was like chris pratt at his by far least fit. [ laughter i never had any chris pratt n crossover ever life.
1:04 am
but i would go to this personal trainer. and kanye west had the same rs al trainer. and several times, he would show up early. and he's a big fan of our movies. and he would literally follow me around as i worked out and quote my own movie scenes to me -- [ laughter ] -- which is so weird. he just like -- d it's me just like -- he's just like, "so, mclovin', that's a funny joke." i'm like, "yeah, man. i don't know what to tell you." [ laughter ] and this is how i work out. >> seth: that's how you get that green hornet body. >> this is the green hornet workout. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: thank you so much for being here. it's always such a pleasure to t see you. give for seth rogan, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "like father" is currently streaming on netflix. we'll be right back with alyssa milano. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i forgot all about dinner.
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welcome guys! hi! you are gonna love the neighborhood! it's totally wired for fios. is that a good thing? good? fiber-optics can move crazy amounts of data at even crazier speeds. and fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, so you can stream, game, and watch 4k shows all at once. kid's right about that! see! we are gonna have so much fun here. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. get the fastest speeds available for the best price with the fios gigabit connection. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is a talented actress you know from shows like "charmed" and "who's the boss." she can be seen next in the new series, "insatiable" which begins streaming on netflix this friday. let's take a look. >> that is just so thoughtful of both y'all.
1:09 am
>> and who might this be? >> uh -- charity case. we adopted a family from the trailer park. >> she's lying. i'm her sister. >> she also had a stroke, so, most of what she says doesn't make any sense at all. and now her trailer is on the fritz. >> is that right? >> that -- >> so, it looks like she and her crack babies are gonna be with us for a while. >> seth: please welcome to the show alyssa milano, everyone. la [ cheers and ae ] ♪ >> seth: hi. welcome. >> hi. yay! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i'm so happy you're here. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> seth: so, congratulations o the new show >> thank you. >> seth: this is a -- a show that addresses a lot of serious issues. >> yes.hi >> seth:s like, fat shaming and bullying. it's also, obviously, we can tell from the clip. >> yes. >> seth: there'sin lot of humor t. >> yeah. we're constantly straddling that line between totally inpropriate and being very
1:10 am
grounded and real. >> seth: and there also was some -- the trailer, when the trailer first came out, there was -- there was not only a lot of buzz about it, but there was some push back as well. people were -- >> yeah. >> seth:- a little upset by what they thought the show was gonna be based on the trailer. >> yeah. well, and -- you know, i would never wa to take that away from people. people's reaction is -- is what they feel inside. ndd i totally, totally get that. but, you know, it f goes to the fact that they're judging a book by 's cover. and it's a minute and 28 second trailer, and there is 12 more hours of tv that -- that, you know, make up for that. [ light laughter ] and -- but, i get because were parts of the trailer, i think that we all felt were like, "oh, okay." but i also think that the size of the backlash was -- was very telling because it was, like, the size of -- of the wound. >> seth: sure.
1:11 am
>> i mean this is -- we're in shaming time. we shame everybody for everything. >> seth: yes, it is a national pastime now. >> we yeah. we -- [ laughter ] isactly right. and -- and i love haracter so much. >> seth: it's a really fun of -- is a southern character. it feels like -- ar yeah. her name is coraletrong. she talks like this. she's got really big hair and press-on nails. and, you know, to be given this gift of -- of a role at post-40, when y hear so much -- mean, my whole career has been about, like, "you better save your money because you'll never work after 'who's the boss'." [ laughter ] or, you know, "yeah, you better save your money, 'cause you'll never work after 'charms or -- or after 40." you know, it seems to be the -- the talkus >> seth: youhave -- if .ou've been listening, you must have so much mon [ laughter ] >> it's all under my mattress. >> seth: right, exactly. [ cheers and applause ] >> all under my mattress. um, yeah. but so, so, to be given this gift of a role at 45 years old that's, like, so juicy and so -- wonderful and fun to play. aband just, you know, to b to be funny -- is great. >> seth: yes. >> it's great. i love it.u ow. >> seth: well, and -- you know, certainly we've eluded to the times we're living in. it's nice to do something fun. it's nice do something you enjoy doing. you are also are very
1:12 am
politically active. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: and i guess now -- yeah. give it up. [ cheers and applause ] >> i mean, look -- >> seth: i guesshey're guessing that -- politically active, in a way they like. that's -- [ laughter ] >> yeah. yeah. thank you. i appreciate that. wt i found out today, actually, you told me when ye in the dressing room, that don jr. -- >> seth: yeah. >> he, like, quote-tweeted me today. >> seth: yeah. >>mehich is very exciting fo because i've been trying to get someone's attention in that administration. and i feel like i've finally done it. h. seth: y >> but i just -- i don't know. i just feel like i'm in some sort of alternative reality with, right? >> seth: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're like, and i feel like more people just need to say it. like, this -- this place where asbest is -- is okay and healthy. and, like, plastic guns are a good idea. you know? like -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: a little bit of asbestos -- >> it never hurt anybody. >> seth: mm, perfect. yeah. >> i know. i know. [ laughter and applause ] you know -- you he these news stories, like, that are so horrifying and you think, "please, let there be some good news and then you find out, like, the lebron james news?
1:13 am
>> seth: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> and you're like, his is amazing." >> seth: yeah. >> this is $50 million dollars of his own money. and the news kept getting better. a re was, like, there w food ban and he was gonna send all of these children to college and pay for them -- you know, the scholarships. >> seth: yeah. and i go to sleep and i'm like, you know, i, like, get under the covers and i'm all -- i'm so happy, 'cause there's something to be happy about. and i wake up in the morning and >> seth: yeah. [ laughter >> sorry. uh -- tweeted, like -- >> seth: yeah. >> you know, just awful remarks about lebron james doing something fabulous. >> seth: yeah. just takes it away. >> just takes it away. seth: yeah. >> so, it's -- it's all very hard. and i do feel like we're living in an alternate reality. >> seth: but i want to say -- i wanna commend you for something because, obviously, we live in h this moment noe a lot of people are trying to find ways to be helpful, try to find ways totivists. you've been, for a very long time, you have been driving ll people to the has it been, like, 20 years now?
1:14 am
>> yeah. >> seth: that this something you do on dection days? initely before social media, yes. >> seth: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. well, in 2000, when gore had the election taken from him, i was enraged and that, sort of, motivated this -- this incredible passion. - and i think thi think it's -- there's a very romanticd of small town politics that people don't really realize. i think we look at this -- this big umbrella of, like, the federal politics and these policymakers. but real local level.on such a >> seth: sure. >> and to be able to volunteer at that level and really spend time in the communities, see what, yo negatively and positively, why they're voting the way they're voting and driving people to the polls and giving them that -- that opportunity has just been one of the greatest joys of my life. and -- and it's especially an imponow. [ light laughter ]
1:15 am
>> seth: it 'v. >>done it for every special election this -- this entire 18 months. m a really good driver. >> seth: that -- [ cheers and applause ] >> and i know my way all around alabama. >> seth: oh, really? well, that's fantastic. you also -- this is a time when -- sometimes, i feel, like, disappointed in the human race. you ha ton --u also have a >> i'm also very disappointed in the human race. yeah. >> seth: but you have tons of -- i feel like you've found your way around this. you guys have tons of animals, 'cause you live a little outside of -- yes. and that -- >> seth: how many animals do you have? >> that helps. >> seth: yeah. mo that helps a lot. e i like animals right no than people. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter and applause ] i mean, what do you got? >> i have eight -- nine horses, eight chickens, two bunnies, five dogs, and two children. seth: wow. [ laughter and applause ] >> yeah. >> seth: how are -- are the pf children h with animal care? >> yeah. oh, yeah. >> seth: okay. >> i make them -- i make them muck the stalls. >> seth: oh, wow. >> you know, normal -- normal kid stuff. >> seth: okay. >> my son is, you know, he likes to catch the frogs ass his sister out and -- >> seth: gotcha. >> yeah. can we -- can i tell you one fuy story about my kids -- >> seth: please. >> and -- and trump? [ laughter ]
1:16 am
first of all, sorry. sorry. one track mind. my daughter now knows more p political, liktest -- >> seth: and how old is she? >> she's three. >> seth: okay, perugct. [ light er ] >> she can't even say the word democracy, but she can do the, like, "this is what democracy looks like." >> seth: oh, gotch [ laughter ] >> it's the cutest thing i've ever seen. and my son, the other night, we have these, like -- he's six, and we have lovely conversations when i tuck him in at night. him t's been hard f because he has to do the lockdown drills at school and -- so, we talk about a lot of heavy issues and he wonders where i go in my, you know, 14,000 buttons. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> my political buttons. d >> setyou work at applebees? >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and the other night we were talking about unicorns. then he said, you know, such a sweet, honest kid question is, d unicorns really exist, momma?" and i said, "you know, i think h were just mythical creatures that people wrote about." and he goes, "no, momma. you know what? donald trump banned them to north korea." [ laughter ] i swear, that's what he thinks happened.
1:17 am
and you know what? it was so absurd. i couldn't even, like, argue with it. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> 'cause it could, conceivably, if there were unicorns, i could see him banning them. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] every part of that makes sense in a way that things didn't make sense two years ago. >> right. >> seth: y>>'d be like -- ight. >> seth: yeah. well, there you go. i will say, he's -- seems to be just about as smart as most people around cable news.he sohould probably have his own thing. yeah. [ laughter ] >> yeah. right. exactly. exactly. >> seth: and -- thank you so much for being here. it's just a delight to you have. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] so happy to be here. thank you. >> seth: alyssa milano, everybody. flnsatiable" begins streaming exclusively on net this friday. we'll be right back with more "late night."pp [ cheers and ause ] ♪ hey, what do you guys wanna listen to? ooh, hip-hop! reggaeton. edm. what about bubble trance? bubble what? bubble trance. it's a thing. (man) oh. my point is, everyone's got different tastev that's wizon lets you mix and match your family unlimited plan
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♪ [ cheers and >> seth: welcome back, everybody. we're here with angie mar. she's chef and owner of the beatrice inn here in new york, which is a fantastic restaurant. >> yes. >> seth: and -- i heard you have some exciting news you want to r cee with champagne. >> yes. so, i brought a little champagne. check under there.y, >> seth: oreat. there we go. >> that's for you. >> seth: it is -- that is a little champagne.
1:23 am
great. >> exactly. [ light laughter ] it's, you know, just a little champagne. >> seth: just a little champagne. >> for just us two g >> seth: okaat. >> it's all good. so, i actually handed in the manuscript for my cookbook today. >> seth: congratulations. >> thank you. >> seth: very exciting. [ cheers and applause ] >> so, that's what we're celebrating. >> seth: okay. >> so, i hear that you actually ron saber champagne. >> seth: you heard. >> okay. >> seth: so, what are we gonna do here? >> but are we gonna try it? >> seth: okay, yeah. great. how do -- >> oka i feel like we should try it. >> seth: all right. wait, you do it with this?an >> i mean, you? >> seth: that's not a saber. [ laughter ] so, what do we do? just like that? >> you gotta, like, you know, you gotta -- that whole thing. >> seth: wait. >> no, point it -- don't point it at me. point it over there. >> seth: but this is just taking off the -- >> you gotta, like, take off the thing. [ light laugt'er ] >> seth:not going great. it's not going great. >> you're taking too long. >> seth: it's -- oh, wait. wait. >> you're taking too long. >>eth: okay, great. let's just do yours. [ laughter ] whoa! that's so exciting. [ cheers and applause ] >> ah! >> seth: and so much nicer. >> it's so muclonicer. i mean, a little champagne, big champagne. >> seth: okay.
1:24 am
>> and -- >> seth: what are those? >> i have -- champagne straws. >> seth: oh, my go so, we don't need glasses. >> yeah. we don't need glasses. >> seth: oh, my god. >> we can just do this. >> seth: that's fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] mm. oh, my god. if i saw people doing this at a restaura at those ass [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] that's fantastic. now, one of the things i love about your restaurant -- >> mm. >> seth: you favor meat over vegetables. that safe to say? >> oh, yeah.te abso. >> seth: okay. >> it's definitely safe to say. >> seth: you're idea of a salad is -- fried chicken. this is a sal -- this is your salad, right aere. [ laught applause ] >> yeah. >> seth: can i just idly eat -- fried chicken the rest of the time we talk? i feel like you should. >> seth: okay, great. >> that's fine. i mean, i hear this is your favorite, so -- >> seth: i do love fried chicken a great deal. yeah. >> yeah. yeah. [ chee and applause ] and i thought, like, you know, bring the fried chicken. it's all good. [ cheers and applause ] so -- >> seth: so, we're something too. yes? >> we're gonna make something. so, obviously, we're all about the beef. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> okay? beef and cha cagne. so, wearly have the champagne covered. but this is our 60-day dry-age beef. >> seth: okay. >> so, we could do a couple things. >> seth: okay. >> while you're eating that -- >> seth: uh-huh.we >> -an either cook this or, since we have the big champagne, we could always bring
1:25 am
the big beef too. >> seth: the big beef? >>eah. >> seth: let's -- all right. what's the big beef? >> let's do the bigger beef. 'cause this is a fairly big beef. >> do we have big beef? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: wow! [ audience ohs ] [ clink ] all right. so, this is -->> lot of beef. t's a lot of beef. now, i mean -- >> seth: how many people could this serve at your restaurant? [ light laughter ] h, my god. heing trouble lifting it. [ laughter ] >> i mean, i don't know what everybody else is eating, but this is for me. >> seth: now i want to lift it to see how much -- how heavy it is. >> it's really heavy. be careful. don't throw your back out. >> seth: oh, my god. it's really heavy. [ laughter ] >> don't throw youarback out. beul. >> seth: so, now, it -- certainly you can't order it in that size. >> no, but -- i mean, well, you could. >> seth: yeah, i guess so. >> you could. you came with enough people, you could. so, we're gonna make a little sauce to go with this. okay?et >> okay, great. >> so, you eat your fried chicken. >> seth: okay. thank you. [ light laughter ] >> and i'm gonna do this. [ squeak ] so, i'm gonna do a little bit of a brandy and madyora sauce for today. >> seth: okay. >> so, i'm gonna start with somn . i am gonna light this on fire. okay? >> seth: okay. i feel like you've gir a lot of ha product in though, so, you might wanna stand back. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's fair. >> it is, right? >> seth: all right.
1:26 am
there we go. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. >> seth: you can you smell that really good. >> you can smell it. >> seth: yeah. >> i know. do you want a shot of that? >> seth: yeah, sure. [ laughter ] >> i mean, you might as well. [ clink ] [ laughter and applause ] wait. hold on. >> seth: whoo! >> cheers. >> seth:h, cheers. yeah, here we go. >> cheers. >> seth: here we go. we drinkclrom bottles. k ] [ laughter ] >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] mm. okay. so, while this is going, we are going to add a little bit of --beef jus. >> seth: beef jus? >> yes. beef jus. so, beef stock, it's been reduced a lot. >> seth: so, beef jus is, like, beef stock? >> yeah. >> seth: all right. yeah. >> you know, we only do the fancy stuff here. >> seth: exactly. >> we got the big beef. we got the big champagne. >> seth: you can charge $10 more dollars if it's beef jus. >> exactly. versus beef stock. lsw's the chicken? >> seth: i -- whatdid you put in? did you -- what was it? >> a little bit of madeira. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> yeah. a little bit of madeira. >> seth: yeah.
1:27 am
the chicken's really good. >> good. >> seth: i think i'm gonna finila all of it. hter ] >> this is, like, your dinner, right? >> seth: oh, my god. >> okay. >> seth: this is, well, my -- this is my -- if the -- every rt week s, and monday morning, they just brought this to my apartment. i'd be like, we're gonna be good. [ light er ] >> i love it. so, now, you used -- you used to live around the corner from the beatrice. t t right? >> seth: i did. yeah. >> okay. and how'd that go?to >> seth: it us- i use to go there -- it use to be a nightclub. >> yes, i know. so, here's the thing. i actually wasn't cool enoh to get into that nightclub. >> seth: uh-huh. >> i actually had to buy the restaurant -- >> seth: uh-huh. >> -- in order to get in. etlaughter ] >> so, that, i will say, is cooler than what i was doing. yeah. [ audience ohs ] >> what were you are doing? >> seth: i>>was not great. ll right. so, i'm just gonna put a little bit of butter in there >> seth: all right. that's -- everything about this is fantastic. >> i know. i feel like we might need a little bit more butter, though. right? >> seth: yeah. why not? >> why not? >> seth: let me get in the game, too. >> do it. >> seth: there we go. [ laughter ] ee, you'd be great at the restaurant. it'd be fantastic. >> seth: yeah, exactly. >> okay. can i -- can i peel you away from that chicken? >> seth: no. do you want to cut the beef? >> seth: yeah. >> okay. you cut the beef.
1:28 am
>> seth: how -- >> this is really, really sharp. >> seth: just between, like, the -- >> no. >> seth: where? >> no. ok. so -- [ laughter ] so, we're gonna go straight down the edge of the -- >> seth: uh-huh. >> -- edge of the -- edge of the bone. >> seth: how long does this take to cook? >> oh, my god. like, six hours. >> seth: okay. >> yeah. it was insane. so, you're just -- you -- you go ahead. >> seth: okay. >> you do you this, i gotta do the sauce. >> okay.kay, gotcha. wait. do you want your -- you want your hennessey? >> seth: uh, sure. >> while you're doing that? you're making a mess. t seth: well, you didn't catching tray. [ laughter ] >> that's true. i did not. >> seth: can i just -- take this piece and, like -- >> do you just wanna eat it with your hands? >> seth: yeah, i guess so. okay, is this part fine to eat? >> yes. eth: okay, gotcha. >> absolutely. [ light laughter ] so, here. >> seth: oh, my god. >> wait, can i have a bite too? >> seth: yeah. >> oh:y, good. >> sh, my god. oh, my god. >> it's good, right? mm. wait, i have one more thing. >> seth: okay. yeah? >> beef on -- >> seth: do what? >> eat it! >> seth: all right. [ laughter ] >> here, i'll trade you. >> seth: i'vgot a mouthful of meat right now. [ laughter ] oh, my god. oh, my god. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] this has been one of the
1:29 am
greatest nights ofy life. thank you so much. angie mar, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] the new school year is almost here. and a new iphone from t-mobile is the best way to keep in touch. or keep tabs on their "extra curricular" activities. he skipped orientation for the beach? he takes after me. you know it's true. oh yeah. join t-mobile and get an iphone for everyone in the family. buy an iphone 8, get an iphone 8, on us. only at t-mobile. ♪ if you love me, love♪ like you say ♪ darling tell me all the ways ♪ ♪ tell me all the ways ♪ and he said, all the ways at the store, or to your door. target run and done.
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he could possibly... he likes to collect things. oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here? oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack-clack things. oh and we have an entire comic book store and i managed to wedge a candle in there. oh i see, so this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. it also fits the entire neighborhood, when they show up, unannounced, in a good way... kind of... what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. ♪ >> announcer: for more "late night," goh.o latenightsm. follow us on instagram and twitter @latenightseth. and be sure to check us out on youtube and cebook. head over to itunes and subscribe to the "late night with seth meyers" podct. you'll get "a closer look" and more downloaded right to your phone. ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to r sean, alyssa milano. angie mar, everybody. joey castillo and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hey, what's up everybody? it's carson daly here. it's "last call" by the way of the time new york hotel. tonight, jay ferguson is in our spotlight.


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