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tv   Today  NBC  September 1, 2018 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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good morning. coming together in grief. a final public farewell today for senator john mccain after an emotional service at the u.s. capitol with the senator's family and friends and p colleaguing tribute. >> this is one of the bravest souls our nation has ever produced. however you choose to do your part, i hope you do it the way he did it. >> a touchingn biparti ceremony as democrats and republicans mourn side by side. one that will continue today when two former presidents and one-time rivals eulogize an american hero. flooding disaster. a dangerous start to the labor day weekend after three people go missing caught up in flash
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floods in maryland. relentless rains washing out bridges and crews into rescue mode. his side of the story. the uber driver who fatally shot a man who confronted him on the side of the road is speaking out for the first time this morning. >> everything to me said don get shot. >> why he says he h no choice but to fire that deadly shot. all that plus an unbelievable escape for 170 passengers and crew aboard a plane that burst into flames moments after landing. fit for aueen. >> and incredible sendoff from stars and politicians and total rangers turning out to remembernd honor aretha franklin. and sibling rivalry. serena and venus williams facing off for the first time since giving birth to a bab girl.
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today, saturday, september 1st, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us. i'm sheinelle jones. krisn welker is here with us. thank you for coming on this saturday morning. trekking in from d.c. >> absolutely. >> we say siblin rivalry with serena and venus. they clearly love each other. >> serena won. first time she faced off against her sister since having a child. >> we will have more on that just ahead. right to the top story. the late senator john mccain honored today in the nation's capitol. it all begins at 8:30 where an procession will drive the body past the veterans memorial. his wife wil lay a wreath at
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the memorial. >> from there, the procession heads to the washington national cathedral for the funeral at 10:00 a.m. mccain'sht da, meghan and george w. bush and barack obama will deliver tributes. >> chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has more outsidehecathedral. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sh nelle. john mccain will leave the senate he loved for the last time this morning, passing familiar monuments reflecting his life's work. along t six-mile route to the service here at the national cathedral. >> americahero. >> reporter: all day and night, silent p they came t respects. men, women and children by the thousands. sailors wearing dress whites ong t crowd. average j citizenn mccain most likely never met, but
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touched by his example of service and sacrifice. wanting to give thanks for his life. >> this is history in the anmaking. i wted to be present for that. >> to me, a he was hero. he never left anyone behind. >> it shows how much people appreciate what he has done. >> reporter: casket arrived h r hoursie ea heavens weeping for the loss the irrelevant replaceable public -- leirreplacublic man. >> this is one of the bravest souls our nation has ever produced. however you choose to do your part, i hope y do it the way he did. >> reporter: inside, mccain's wife cindy and family. children, grandchildren, siblings. his ye10-old mother roberta mccain. at one point grasping the hand of meghan trying to comfort her.
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>> he lies in the place where he served to the last. the congress of the united states. soon, he will go to rest o the first.s where he served the united states naval academy. >> reporter: the solemn ceremony with bipartisan touches scripted by the senator himself. republican and democratic leaders laying wreathing together. nancy pelosi helping a frail republican congress member, 87-year-old sam johnson, mccain's cell mate for part of the years in the hanoi hilton. approached the casket. today, when propprocession leave cathedral, it will pause at the vietnam memorial. so cindy mccain can lay a wreath. and today, opera starrene ng
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flem will sing "danny boy." the two men who defeatedor john mccainhe highest of office in the land, obama andbush, will deliver eulogies. also an implicit ruke that mccain was aiming atsi pnt trump. the family signalled would not be welcome today at service. sheinelle. >> andrea, thank you. >> a lot of powerful moments ahead. rick davis was a close friend to senator a mccain served as national campaign manager when he ran for president in 00 and 2008. rick, good morning and condolences to you. >> good morning. thank you very much. >> i wt to start of we have seen so many solemn moments, i think, throught the ek. you had cindy mccain her head against the casket. meghan mccain openly10weeping.
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his 6-year-old mother there to witness and share. we heardh so m about senator mccain this week, rick, i wonder what you wan the world to know that we have not heard about your dear friend. >> i t the coverage you described has been really wonderful for the senator and ris family. a greatte to a great man. he has a very personal life also and part of what you will seeda is that personal life on grandisay at the national cathedral, his friends will gather. it isot just official washington. we saw that yesterday. great pomp and circumstance of our biggestnstitutions gathered to honor him. today, these are his friends. the pallbearers and p the stage, these are the folks he would call and have dinner with and spend weekends in his home in sedona with. the m of great friends and
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family members, jimmy mccain and cindy mccain and meghan mccain will give tribute to her father today. it is a highly personal moment today. it is exactly the way he wanted it. as you menoned in the broadcast earlier, the singing of "danny boy." hs personal favorite is what he wanted to havpen today. we are honoring his interests and views, t but people he wanted to surround himself with throughout his life. they may havig names, but they were big in his heart. >> rick, today's service will feature tributes from former presidents bh and obama. two former rivals of john mccain. what would you say is the broader message mccain was trying to send here? i don't think he is trying to send it. it has been nt loud and clear during the ceremonies. he wants comedy. he wants people to start working togeth. from the time he returned to
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washington shortlynofter his dis, stood on the senate floor and said we need to come together and do things for the erican people. is is a sacrifice for him. he looks at it today and says these a two people who beat me, but i found ways of working with each of them in order to accomplish big things. that is the message i want to send to you even after his passing. he wants to keep sending that ssage. it is starting to resonate. we saw speaker ryan emulate that message and punch it out. i hope that the celebrations of john's life continue well past today. >> rick, very quickly, it has been said really no one can replace him. is h that you see his loss? >> we heard a number of people say that, but one of the things i'm seeing is an inspition to ny either in political life or eusiness life. all the peo cycling through the arizona state capitol andti
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al capitol yesterday. tens of thousands of people from every walk of life have come through to honor him and i believe they are ting a piece of him with them. we hope that can influence the next generation and even this gene ytion to say, know what? a man who the american public wants to honor this week maybe i ought to take a lessonatrom maybe this is something i should strive to live by. >> rick davis, thank you for your thoughts and perspectiv we should mention nbc news will have coverage of the memorial morning long. now to a developing situation in maryland. flash floods swept away three people on friday and rain is not over yet. dave price from nbc station here in new york wnbc is here for dylan. >> it is a srt to the weekend. good morning. the labor day weekend to a scary start after three people were stuck on the flooded road as
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crews in pennsa dealing with other rescues from fast moving water. officials say a driver in hartford county, maryland trying to help two people stranded in a the vehicle a three carried off by the fast current. sevel bridges in area washed out and crews conducted more than t dozen swift water rescues. this rescue caught onamera in mt. joy, pennsylvania, shows two people pulling a woman to safety as rushes waters filled her car. 24 hours of rain brought 10.5 inches to mt. joy friday. >> it camep pretty quick. >> emergency workers in boats fished the stranded out of the flood. forot rs, the water rose so fast there was barely time to escape. >> i lost my harley. you can barely see it sticking out of the water. >> cars swamped in the deluge. >> the route 31 is bogged down. >> some drivers waded intohe
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fast movingwa rs. eastbound amtrak train stranded on the tracks for two hours and the incredible scene as the raging river races through the heart ofhaers town. all in all, a dangerous start to the laboray weekend. so let's spend a moment talking about the next severdays. we start off with showers and storms. typical of this time of year in the south along the gulf states. we have a front bringing scattered showers to the continh
7:13 am
central part ounited states. that is the weather. back to you at the desk. thank you. we have developments from the late night court filing from the trump adviser. george papadopoulos is pleading for my col at the white house off bennett. morning, er: good kristen. george papadopoulos faces up to six months in jail after pleading guilt last year to lying to the fbi agents connected to the russia investation. that ihy in the court document he is pleading for lien ylie lieniency. papadopoulos is contradicting what attorney general jeff
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sessions said under both a proposed meeting with president vladimir putin. papadopoulos says sessions and donald trump apparently suppo supported his idea that trump meet with putin during the campaign. the white house has dismissed papadopoulos' testimony as disc dishone dishonest. >> the latest twist. geoff, thank you. for te first time,e hearing from the uber driver in florida who fatally shot another driver after threatened in the scene caught on camera. the sheriff calls it a classic case of stand your ground. we have tammy leitner with more on thestory. tammy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it all started at thi bar. an uber driver called to pick up a woman who had been drinking. now he is telling histoide of the for the first time. he says he was forced to fire his gun after another driver cut
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him off, but it tns out there's a lot more to this story. this morning, the uber driver defending his actions. >> everything to me said don't get shot. >> reporter: the fatal confrontation in central florida on tnsday caught dash cam. the pickup truck driver cuts off the uber driver and jumps out and teatened him. >> you want me to shoot you? >> oh, my god.r: >> reporhat uber driver, robert westlake, said he had to act fast. >> he said i have a pistol. that's not playing arou w. >> reportetlake pulled his gun. graduate of the police academy. he was lie-- le licensed to car a firearm. called 911. >> he reached for his waist band. i fired one. shot >> reporter: the pickup truck driver jason boek did not
7:16 am
survive. he was holding a cell phone, not a gun. but c polknty sheriff is emphatic the uber driver did nothing wrong. >> this is a justifiable homicide all day lon >> reporter: the sheriff says textshat night whe boek thoughts his girlfriend wasn the uber. >> he tells her quote i'm going f up the uber driver. >> reporter: he does habu a record, a loving father in a toxic relationship and authorities got it wrong. the sheriff says it is a perfect stand your ground case. >> i can tell you robert did the rightthing. >> reporter: westlake said he had no choice. >> it was a bad decision that night. it was b a very night for everyone involved >> reporter: robert westlake a
7:17 am
drove for ub lyft. he has been let go from both companies because they have policies of a weapon while using the app. back toyou. >> tammy, thank you. to detroit. where it was a celebration truly fit for a queen. as friends, family and strangers came out to say final heart felt farewell to aretha franklin. from a former president to the biggest names in popnd music more, they all paid homage to the singer who died last month after a battle with pancreatic cancer. ron mott was there. >> reporter: on her way home, queen of soul crowned by music, touching tributes, a heart felt good-bye from her granddaughter. >> i'm so proud to have someone like her in my life. >> reporter: the stars certainly
7:18 am
turned out in force. ♪ i know that my love for you >> reporter: smokey robinson. f fantasia. faith hill. >> our queen. >> reporter: hoops great isaomh th. whoopi goldberg. these faces, unfamiliar ones. detroiters standing in long lines to pay respects. ♪ you make me feel >> reporter: aretha franklin was their queen. >> she is the icon. she is detroit. we love her. >> reporter: they loved her talent, obviously, but loved her more for being just o of them. caring.o big to stop though somber the occasion, the music lifted the room. soaring, inspiring. ♪ you make me feel >> reporter: ariana grande sang
7:19 am
"natural woman." and jennifer hson with a gospe sta gospel staple. bill clinton. >> she lived with courage. i just loved her. ♪ y better think >> reporter: so did the world. love for a queen whose voice ruled and legacy lives on. for "today," ron mott, nbc news, detroit. >> shepp would be we will take a turn now and dave is back with the quick look at the rest of theun y's forecast for the
7:20 am
depending on where you are and whether you're dry or not, we had a lot of storms through the region. right now they're lining up around 301 in southern maryland. more showers expected. isolated stuff as we continue through the morning and you can se dotting across the region. fauquier and prince william, anotherour or two of warnings. temperatures mid 70s on our and that's a quick look at weather. >> thank you, dave. still to come, a homeless man who helped stranded passenger on the side of the road get the hundreds of thousands finally and "bee" careful. what happened when the bees took over
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we are s back onurday morning with "the weekly
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download." e look at the week that was. >> it started with a senseless tragedy at the florida gaming tournament. a horrific massot shog unfolded sunday at the video game tournament in iljack, florida. >> what did he shoot me with? >> the chilling sounds of gunfire captured during the live stream of the popul football game madden '19. >> the 24-year-old david katz from baltimore, took his lifet the scene after killing two and inring others. mysterysolved. a woman who sparked concern after spotted ringing door bells in the middle of the night sound safe. straints.ot and m> the woman's boyfriend found dead f the apartment self
7:24 am
inflicted a gunshot --pt self inflicted gunshot wound. co cape on shark alert for the holidayek d. lifeguards closed beaches because of shark sightings like this one. controversy at the u. open tennis tournament when a french player was warned for turning her shirt around when she realized it was on backward. >> she will get a code violation. >> the ruling by the chair umpire met with outrage onlinee siale players take off shirts on the court. the usta quickly apologized. prince h ry showed off his singing skills after attending a charity s w of"hamilton" in london. show creator was the one egging him on. >> ladies and gentlemen, the duke of sussex.
7:25 am
♪ you say [ applause ] >> that's definitely not going to happen. he did try, but i said no. >> some of the week's most astonishing moments caught on camera. a california man burned when an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. a tractor-trailer in new jersey lost control and flippedver in a caselice are calling of road rage. a swarm of bees took over a hot dog cart in times square. finally an indecisive diver tried to change his mind at the last minute. it was too little too late. he slipped and fell all the way down. anyw >> dude, i got that. >> that had to hurt. >> dude. still to come on "today,"
7:26 am
heat the new show "t conners" will look like 7:26 on thissaturday, september 1st. good morning to you. let's get a check on the this morning's check stories. three re searching for people swept away by flood waters. troopers say last night a car with two people inside got stuck a bridge. a woman from anotherruck tried them.lp all three got caught in the current and were swept away. happening today. horing john mccain. at 8:30 there's a procession from the capitol to the vietnam veteran memorial. then the procession continuestho national cathedral for a 10:00 private funeral service.
7:27 am
an tomorrow there will be another private funeral and burial. that's going to be at naval academy. today is a storm team 4 weather alert day.av we lauren rickets tracking heavy rain. we'll check in with her right after this.
7:28 am
7:29 am
well we've got a weather alert day out there today. a few showers lining up along 301. heavy rain from clinton down to waldorf. and a few light showers around fairfax county. isolated chances ofrm s until about noon. more scattered showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon moving from the west to east. about a 40 % chance of storms tomorrow afternoon. temperatures around 90 deg isolated chances on monday. it's hot through next week.
7:30 am
low 90s. >> lauren, thanks. rewe'll have a update of headlines in about 25 we ar back on saturday morning. september 1st, 2018. a live look at the washington national cathedral where in a few hours, the funeral for ca senator john will begin. that begins our check of the headlines this morning. 2,500 mourners will bid farewell to senatorccain during t service. a day before he i laid to rest at the u.s. naval academy. the processiowill pass the vietnams memorial i d.c. presidents bush and obama will deliver eulogies along with his daught meghan. a pair of lawsuits have been filed accusing the california sed trucking company and one
7:31 am
of its drivers of neglince after the deadly accident on the new mexico highway. a tractor-trailer bw a tire and smashed into the greyhound bus. 25 injured and including three children. just hours after the crash, a pregnant woman who survived the collision gave birth to twins. caught on camera. a commercial s planed off the runway in russia. c itshed into a fence before falling into a river bed sparking a fire. all of the passengers escaped. 18 people werju d, including three children. no word on what caused the accident. and y will love this story. tennis star serena williams emi ddo u.s. open. serena easily won the match in straight sets by a score of 6-1, th 6-2. most lopsided win against her sister. serena not wanting to celebrate
7:32 am
the end of hersister's run. the first match against each othe since serenaave birth to a little girl. >> congratulations also this morning, an update to the story we have been following for months. the homeless mang giv his last $20 to a woman in need. after that actf kindness went viral, the couple raised $400,000 on go fund me. >> says he hasn't seen a lot of the money and the judge set a deadline for it to be handed over. he iti apparently waiting. nbc's matt bradley is here. matt, good to see you in person. >> good morning. it started out as a fanl-good stor turned sour. the battle in court and deadline that apparently has yet to be rn met this g. it is all about hundreds of thousands of dollars donated by f thousands of kind strangers. >> reporter: today, the couple
7:33 am
who wanted to pay it forward, have been told to pay it back. kate mcclure and her boyfriend were told to return whatever is from the $400,000 they raised on go fund me to help johnbobbitt. he gave his last $20el to mcclure after she ran out of gas in philadelphia last fall. an inspiring story that went viral. strangers helping each other in their time of need. now bobbitt is back on the streets and the couple are in court. bobbitt's lawyer saying heaw a fraction of the cash. suspecting melure may h squandered it on vacation and fancy car. >> what he weld l is to obtain the money raised for him. over 14,000 people gave money to johnny bobbitt to help him get off the streets. >> reporter: the couple deny those allegations telling megyn
7:34 am
kelly they would control . >> you did not feel comfortable? >> we saw the pattern developing. >> reporter: bobbitt's attysney he notion he would squander is money ihenot fair. in statement, go fund me would say, organizers would never touch the money, but they were permitted to withdrawal the funds. the coany preventing this situation again. mccre telli megyn she has no regrets. >> we know we did a good thing. i still believe we did a goodg. th i would do it all over again. >> reporter: despite facing the bad side of doing good. that couple was due to pay back whatever money they had left o friday. yesterday by the close of business. the last i heard from bobbitt's lawyer, they have not gotten the money. if they don't pay by the end of the labor day weekd, tuesday morning, they will escalate in court. guys. >> tough to watch. we will see. matt, thank you. let's take a turn n get another check of the weather
7:35 am
from dave on
7:36 am
we are seeing a few showe out there in some portions of our area between clinton a waldorf. again, some rain out there. wepe going to k a chance for isolated showers as we go through the morning. and again, they'll pop up. a lot of them staying east of i-95. a better chance at lunchtime of seeing stormsve p. watch for ongoing flooding through 11:00 tonight. that's a quick look at the weather. >> dpave, thank you. from broadway to the big screen. we will show you whats becomingig movie. and having fun in the water this last weekend of summer. one family t opens up abouthe dangers it poses for kids andy what the are trying to do to honor tfiir son. but t these messages.
7:37 am
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♪ on this labor day weekend,i ou are like millions of families, you try to enjoy time in the water on the last unofficial weekend of summer. today, one florida couple wants to remind everyone of the tragedy of drowning >> their son drowned in the pool. as kevin tibbles tell us, they want to make sure no otr family suffers the same epss. orter: a backyard pool is full on fun for countless american families when the sun comes out. but for miami's contana family, meone is missing. >> tell me about your boy. >> he is a very lively and energetic full of life and energy. we called him our rock star. >> reporter: his 3-ar-old son ky
7:41 am
was wearing his life jacket with the others on a summer day just like anyother. somehow with his mother nearby, he slipped out of the >> it is not like you would see in the movies.on so splashing and screaming. no sound. no movement. >> your whole life changed. >> my family's life changed. >> reporter: kyan was gone. the sunshine state easily tops the nation in child drowning. 94 children werelo lost in fda last year alone. a statistic mother jessie is very aware of. >> i personally know five children who have drowned. out of those five, four had a parent or adult in the pool with them at the time. >> tragic. >> very tragic. something that is very prevalent here in south florida. we need to do something about it. reporter: from the gri of the loss, the catana family
7:42 am
created a non-profit organization that wants provide free swimming lessons to every child in the state. the goal of ky's cause is there are no more accidents. that every child in the state of florida learns how to swim before first grad but he wants to go rtfuher. he wants ten swimming lessons to be mandatory. ju like disease preventing vaccinations that are already required to enter school. >> what is the difference between dying from a dwning than dying from vaccines. they are all meant to prevent loss o life. >> reporter: so far, the program s helping 2,500 kids respect the water. orlando's daughter is one of riem. >> her s is there keeping his eye on the children in the pool. making sure d that they't suffer the same. fate >> reporter: and while nothing will ever replace h boy, j.c.
7:43 am
knows ky would be proud. >> everything we do is to save lives and in his name. >> reporter: the kids at this pool never knew kyan, but in so many ways, he is their r.fe preserve for "today,"evin tibbles,bc news, miami. >> such an important story. the father brought up a good point. you assume a kid is screaming ot trying to help. i was on vacation last year and we were at a hotel poolee my tids in the pool. a ton of kids with pants in thewater. i saw a boy and i saw bubbles. i could tl he could not reach the ground. i said he is struggling. i told my husband to grab the boy. i saw his mom talking to friends. i said grab the boy. the b is pulled up and chokes.he savesboy's life. he was struggling. >> it is parents like that. speaking out about it that helps
7:44 am
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like my father before... [telephone ring] like my father before... ahoy-hoy! as long as people talk too loudly on the phone, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ hear it? >> love that >> many of us when you hear that sound from loony toons, it brings us back to the childhood. saturday morning from bugs andun roadr to the jetsons and scooby d. >> a new exhibit is bringing them back. >> nbc's steve patterson takes us there. >> reporter: f generations it was the soundtrack of childhood. >> 's up doc? >> reporter: who can forget bugs bunny and elmerfudd explored
7:48 am
through opera. it was pure fun, but looking back, many realized these moments were the first real exposure to music. >> my fst introduction to opera, classical music and jazz, came from merry melotees. >> repor a new exhibit explores the miss ck musical hi warner bros the director gcott goldmane us the tour. taking us inside the famous kill the wabbit scene. >> classic 1957. warnerbrosugsunny cartoon. what the creative team did is so create thisll instaion which gives you a sense of the shall we say the volupuousness
7:49 am
of it at thely hod bowl. >> reporter: to bedrocking out with the flintstones. from start to finish and the exhibit designers say there ise no br way to learn. >> this is another way to extend the story. >> reporter: it is a showcase of warner br iconic place in music history. a >> common thread at warner bros which is music. you have the pop with jetsons and space jam. you c tell the history of music. >> i got m my chance to reli childhood by mangling the words p thes famou anamaniacs song. orcticing the jumper at the space jam court. >> of all theic m and installations we have seen, this is the only one that actually has earned a grammy award. >> reporter: from classical to mainstream hits, a chance for
7:50 am
everyone to feel like a kid again through music and cartoons and best of all, it is an animated experience. >> just a little off the top, bugs. >> reporter: for "today," ste patterson, nbc news, los angeles. >> steve has quitehe personality. >> he is still there. >> i will say, my 6-year-old son goes on youtube. he is o pessed withk panther. he wanted to be pink panther for halloween. >> i forgot about the. cartoo i loved the jetsons and flintstones. >> speed racer. >>n and on. still to come,te an ractive scircus you have never seentefore. bu
7:51 am
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7:53 am
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7:56 on this saturday, september 1st. good morning to you, i'm david culver. district police have arrested a 20-year-old in connection with a violent oad
7:57 am
rage incident that was caught oa mera. they say she crashed with a greyhound bus then what you're looking at, they say that's her smashing the wsbus's windo with a tire iron. police say she then hit the bus car.r with her happening today to honor the late senator john mccain in washington. this morning in about 30 minutes there will be a procession from the capitol to the vietnam memorial. the procession continues for a private service. tomorrow there a will be private funeral and burial at the u.s. naval academy. oday is a weather alert day. we have laun ricketla
7:58 am
[music png] at havertys we know it's hard to get a good night's sleep.
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havertys mattress sale is here to help. with our wide selection of top brands and r price match guarantee you can find the perfect mattress for everyone in the family. and right now save $550 on select tempur-pedic mattresses. it's time everyone got a good night's sleep. havertys life looks good a few showers out there right lynow. mahrough -- mainly through clinton. through 301 weakening. a chance for isolated showers through the morning. time. have plenty of dry later this afternoon more scattered showers and storms. some could drop a lot of rain throughout the region. that's something we'll watch all the way through late tonight. that is why we are weather alert. mid to upper 80s today. about a 50% o rain. a 20% to 30 % chance of showers
8:00 am
and thunderstorms on monday. hot next week. height index around good morning. coming together in grief. friends and family preparing for an emotional memorial service for senator john mccain at shington's national cathedral. mourners by the thousands waiting for hours u at the. capitol on friday to say good-bye to an american hero. >> thiss one of the bravest souls ourr nation has e produced. however you choose to do your part, i hope you do it the way he did it. >> among the speakers at the service, two men onceai ms political rivals as they ran for presidency. we are live in washington. flooding disaster. labor day weekend off to a dangerous start after three people went missing swept up in it flash flooding in maryland.
8:01 am
this as dozens of others rescued in pennsylvania when fast moving water moved through the s. neighborhood we're tracking it all. and grande apology. a pastor says sorry to ar na grande after an awkward encounter at the aretha franklin service. why he is apologizi for actions. today, saturday, september 1st, 2018. ♪ >> it's the year of the woman. >> it'0 myth birthday in new york. ♪ meant to you well ♪ i am the g it's my 49th birthday in new york. ls weekend in new york. >> celebrating 50 years. ♪ take it back ♪ introduction >> they make my morning. good morning.
8:02 am
welcome bac to "today." i'm joined by kristen welker on th 1st day of september. a lot of people outside. >> fired up on the holiday weekend. there's a lot to get to this morning. let's startith the news and the special day ofs remembran set for john mccain in a few hours. after the procession dves by the veterans memorial, cindy mccain will lay a thwreath. we have the service at the national cathedral. we have andrea mitchell with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinell m joain left the senate for the last time this morning. he will pass the monuments that reflected his life's work in washington. along the six-mile route here at the national cathedral. >> american hero. >> reporter: all day and into the night, silentlyhey paid respects. men, women and children by the
8:03 am
thousand sailors wearing dress white as mong the avcrowd. age -- whites among the crowd. average citizens john mccain never met, but touched b service and sacrifice. wanting to give thanks for his life. >> this is history in the making. i wanted to present for that. >> to me, a he was hero. he never left anyone behind. >> it shows how ecch he is apted in the country. >> reporter: the heavens opening weeping over the loss of the irreplaceable sn. >> t is one of the bravest souls our nation has ever produced. >> reporter: inside, mccain's wife and extendedccain family. children, grandchildren, siblings. his 106-year-old mother n.rober mcc
8:04 am
grasping the hand of meghan trying to comfort>> her. today, he lies in the place where he served to the last. the congress of the united states. >> reporter: the solemn ceremony withes bipartisan tou scripted by the senator himself. republican and democratic leaders laying wreaths together. day when the senator's procession leaves for the national cathedral, itill pause at the vietnam memorial where so many he left remembrances over the years so cindy main can lay a wreath. today, opera star will sing "danny boy"t the memorial. one of his favorite irish songs. most importantly, the eulogies by former president george bush and president obama. this is a message of political reconciliation and bipartisanship. and implicit rebuke that senator
8:05 am
mccain was aiming at president trump. who the family signalled would not be welcome at the eirvice. lle and kristen. >> andrc , thank you. ws will have special coverage of the service all morning long. now we want to turn to a unfoldingsituation this labor day weekend in maryland where three people were swept away in flash floods. dave price from our station in new york wn is here for dylan. what can you tell us? >> kristen, let's give up you a update. search continues for those missing near baltimore, maryland. heavy rain isay causichaos there and mid-atlantic. the amtrak train sitting there andausing hours o delays. the flash flooding causing other cars to be completely submerged. so messy weather continuing across much of the country on this last weekend of the unofficial summer season. let's look at what is the
8:06 am
weatheck picture. o both of you. full forecast is minutes away. thank you, dave. re to get t this morning, includingn arrest made
8:07 am
overnight in the road rageci indent caught on camera. police in d.c. arrested and charged this woman 20-year-old n maria silver after lashing out with another driver followingll ision with a bus. after smashing the s window,he returns to her vehicle, hitting the bus driver wit her car. after the scuffle with onlookers,he sped off. he suffered only minor injuries. and there's this. the bishop leading aretha alfranklin's fun on friday is apologizing to ariana grande after the encounter on stage. look at. th ellis approached her and touched her ch he apologized for the remarks of name.inger's saying it sounded like a new item on the menu of taco bell. that is drawing criticism online. the singer's representative has not commented on the matter.t a f focus on the tributes.
8:08 am
dave is back with the look the rest of the country's forecast. dave. >> let's see what is happening. shall we? we look we've got low visibilities where we are right now with some fog out there. we could get a little bit of sunshine out there today. it's not going to be completely cloudy. no completely wet day.
8:09 am
there is rain in the forecast. rain rolled through las night. right now showers confined to southern maryland. temperatures in the 70s right now. 68 in leesburg. 76 in expect a better chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. watch that flood warnin are you going toer house for the big barbecue? >> as long as you bring the food. up next, kanye west has fun after the internet went into an uproar over his tiny sandals. uproar over his tiny sandals. look i'm emma. and i'm claire. and we're the salmon sisters. we run our business from the boat. it's a really small space. this new surface go is the perfect size. ♪ i love having something that i can hold in my hand. we're proud of this way of life. we're proud of the work we're doing.
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8:13 am
we areurack on sy morning with the pettyootwear ory by kanye west. >> making headlines again. dave is in the orang room this is a talker, dave. >> we have a bit of background we need to start with here. kanye west loves fashion and he has an interesting take on what he wes. it is really no surprise erased eyebrows when he wore this to rapper t chainz wedding recently. these are the yeezy season slides. notice anything wrong with loem? in the back. all right? social media pounced all over these too small shoes. even his wife kim. >> thel restion is do those
8:14 am
fit? hat's what everyone wants to know. what size are those? >> ouch. now yeezy defended himself. saying this is the wayhe panese wear shoes. the internet ridicule did not stop there. tweeted say it with me now. orthapedics. then kanye hits back. are the slides big enough? as the kids say, it's a look. kanye did not stop there. not by one bit. he had an oversized version the adidas sneakers made. he cano anything. here is the kicker. kanye may be the one with the last laugh. the slides have sold out. i got these by prescription from my podiatrist. he sold them out. they cost between $150 and $4.
8:15 am
>> $420? >> did you buy yours? >> yes, after my foot surgery. >> i love kanye. >> it works. >> he is singular. you talk about style makers. boom. amazing. >> $420.l sold out. popstart. it is a electric start for lady gaga. at the screeni of the film at the venice ival. the screening w delayed after the building was struck by lightnin she did not let the wild weather rain on her parade. her first fm le. she stars alongside bradley cooper who is making his directdirec director debut. it comes out next month.
8:16 am
everyone talkingos rs. moving on to "the conners." we are gting a sneak peek at the roseanne spinoff starring everyone but roseanne. abc released the first photo of the pri cast. reading lines around the family table. missing froam they photo is roseanne barr. she was booted from the networka fans the fate of the character when the first episode rs in october. and from broadway to the big screen. th movie seto start production. a remake of the broadway classic. we're talking about "cats." how about this? the movie version of the andrew lloyd webber musical hits theaters in december of next year. taylor swift, jennifer hudson and james corden signed on to
8:17 am
the cast. it is set to go into production later this year. "cats" produced by uversal pictures. >> you can't go wrong with that cast. >> that will be big. >> i love the play. >> i cannot wait toee "a star is born." >> that is pretty good. all right. thanks dave. come one, come all. we take you to a new kind of circus where you're the star. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:18 am
8:19 am
we are have a fired up crowe out they are excited. they will be excited for this story. on this saturday morning, there's a new circus i town with aist. >> we sent nbc's joe fryer to check it out.
8:20 am
>> reporter: come one, come all. part stage. part eater. >> this is a stage. there are mysteries and performers allaround. >> we are a high tech scircus. >> reporter: his dad founded atari and launched chuck e. cheese franchise and eric is more than chief technology officer. inventore mad >> reporter: together in the 50,000 square foot warehouse, they creed an amusement park. all of the folks you see playing are employees since it hasn't opened yet. exceptor f me. i got to testome of the games. >> as fast asou can go w >> reporter:hich blend the
8:21 am
tangible with the credible. like a tether ball as wrecking ball to demolish a computer building. across the midway, whack-a-mole meets twister. you must use your body and your head. >> really think that entertainment is shifting from passi rapassive to very inteive. active participant. >> reporter: the two bit circus puts a twist on popular ideas oa arcade virtual reality experiences. instead of sscape rooms,ry rooms. >> welcome to space squad in space! >> reporter: inside this one, teams work together. >> engineos >> reporter: flying a space ship. >> this is a place that encourages you to play with others.
8:22 am
if you didn't come with everybody, else is designed to help you make friends. >> could we use mor of that when everyone is on their phones and not as much face-to-face? >> when we started this a decade ago, we were frurated wit the fact everybody on their phones and connected online, but alone at ho. we wanted to get people back in public. >> reporter: even getting a drink is a social experience with cocktails made by a robot named del-pour-o. a machine with a habit of flirti wh customers. alon am so >> oh, get over it. >> reporter: now they hope customers will fall in love, too, as the two bit circus comes to town. >> would you say this is the future of fun? >> if not, this is where it will arrive. >> reporr: for "today," joe
8:23 am
fryer, n news. fryer, n news. >> that's going to do it for ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mother...nature! ♪ nothing smells greater than the great outdoors... especially when you're in accounts receivable. only one detergent can give you a sniff like this... try gain botanicals laundry detergent. one of the many irresistible scents from gain.
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8:27 am
. >> good morning. it's 8:26 on this saturday, ptember 1st. m david culver. let's get you a check on your top stories. more farewells underway for the late senator john mccain in washington. in just a few minutes from now they will begin procession from the u.s. capitol to the vietnam memorial. cindy mccain will lay a wreath. the public is welcome along constitution avenue. it continues for a private service at 10:00. tomorrow there will be a private funeral and burial. there will be limited access starting at 1:00. we'll get aheck with lauren on your forecast, but we' leave yo right now ase go into
8:28 am
break at t vietnam veteran's memorial. labor day is just around the corner. which means one more day you don't have to sihere. here or here. havertys labor day sale means you can sit here. here or here. get $100 off every $1000 you spend. and for the next 4 days, you can get an extra $200 off.
8:29 am
life looks good you deserve a better place to sit on your day off.haves the weather is matching the somber mood around lauren rickets is tracking a rainy start to the day as folks many of them lining the rout to bidn farewell to j mccain. >> a lot of people are going to be out and about. it's a weather alert. we had strong storms overnight. we are looking just a few light showers. fairfax county prince george's county. we'll continue to see it move to the bay. a little bit of sunshine in the aftern more showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. they'll make their way from the west to the east. not everybody going to see them but could be downpours. watch for flooding threats. tomorrow about a 40% chance of rain
8:30 am
isolated showers on monday and hot through the next workweek. >> all right. we'll be back in about 30 minutes witer more cage of the services for john mccain. what's up, red skin nation? the red skins 2018 season kicks off a week from tomorrow when the skins travel to arizona. inside the redkins is ready to rock. the preseason is hist here are some of the highligs as the team got ready for the real deal on september 9th. >> this apreseasonction about to begin here. >> that feeling you got right now, being alive, man. let's go. skins on three. one, two, three, skins. >> t thee has come for washio


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