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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, team coverage on the wild friday night storms. doug breaks down the impact and the brand newupdate on tropical storm florence. the weather didn't dampen the effort to remember two
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montgomery county children still missing after four years. their father holding out hope his kids will one day be found alive. andr 2006 let from a top vatican official shows the catholic chuonh will informati about former cardinal theodore mccarrick's sexual misconduct years ago. the role that letter is playing in the controversy over the alleged cover-up by pope >>s4 at 11:00 starts now. nfrancis. we areuming out there tonight. the night sky lighting up as orms roar through our area. i'm jim handly. we saw flash flood warnings for hours, downpours, even a delay to the nats game tonight. live team coverage for yout tonigh on this mess. we want to o kick with chief meteorologist doug cammer. what is the situati right now? >> well, right now still tracking showers and thsderstorms out there acr the area. we still have a couple flood warnings. first off though, take look at radar.
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the big storm over calve county moving in towards the chesapeake bay and towards the eastern shore. ill rain, pretty good rainh throug parts of montgomery county, prince george's coty, towards anne arundel county. there one for parts of d.c., arlington and alexandria, over inches fell in that area. the wider picture showing ourms st moving through. not a lot going on behind this. we will see showers and a few thunderstorms this evening into the day tomorrow. but a little les rain tomorrow. that's not the case for sunday. we'll talk about that, too. theatest on tropical storm florence, it's weakened but we where chance to see you it's going to go. everything is pointing in one east ion towards the coast. much more on that in a minute. >> so does this look familiar. >> hopefully, you didn't forget
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your umbrella this evening. nicolle jacobs has beenut with hers. she continues our live team coverage now. nicolle, good night to be inside watching tv,hu >> reporter: absolutely. you certainly don't want to be out in this mess. it comes as no surprise. we knew this weaer was happening. but it madeyor a v damp and in someases uneasy friday night. friday night lights coming from the skies as storms pushed through the dmv. late afternoon bringing t downpours, mosith umbrellas in hand. othersovering with whatever theyno can. low strolls here but rather a brisk pace trying to escape the drenching rain. thunder in arlington booming as ponding roads slow traffic. proof weather has upper hand for now. in greenbelt, trees hitters the roadway. in alexandri this one
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mrooted. stoream 4 making the alert known with the anticipation t w weekenl continue to bring a sloppy,pp sy mess. >> well it certainly bearspe ing. if you happen upon the flooded roadways as we talked about the flash flooding, don't drive through that. turn around and don't own. back to you. >> nicolle jacobs, thank you. four years ag one of montgomery's county's most confounding missing person cases began in the parking lot of a fastntood tr >> germantown. jackie bensen was there tonight as family and friends of little jacob and sarah whoal braved that thunderstormemo remember ith there vigil. >> the winds picked up, the skies over germantown became ominous as the small tentec erd for shelter in the parking lot threatened to blow away, a friend arrived to weight
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it down a thunder and lightning crashed overhead. none of it fstered troy turner who greeted everyone with a smile and a warm handshake or hug. >> perhaps it's tears from heaven. m>> reporter: a thundersts nothing to a man who has for four years suffered noily. knowing it the whereabouts of his two youngest tchildren. days was too long, four years is ridiculous. we'll continue on. we're not going to give up on them. we'll keep fig ing for jus and keep fighting to find them. >> reporter: sarah 3 andacob 2 years old were last seen with their mother, catherine untilse ember of 2014. she is facing murder charges but has been determined not mentally competent to stand trial. she told police she left the chilenen with a f but despite exhaustive searches, they have never been >> we're not going anywhere. >> amen. >> we've had a lot of supportan i wanted part of this to say thank to you everyone who inspired us in in community. thank to you everyono going t the facebook page.
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>> their paternal grandmother was among the who gathered. i cry every day. four years. >> the fam continues to hold out hope that some day they will have answers. ey have a facebook page, find sarah, find jaco in germantown, jackie bensen, news4. >> a resurfaced letter from a top vatican official confirming it receives a sexual miscondump int about former archbishop shop of washington theodo mccarrick nearly 20 years ago. according to the 2006 letter, the vatican first new of his misconduct with seminarians in 2000. the new information gives more credibility to the bombshellsa accutions against the church. a former vatican ambassador cited theth existence of letter in his accusation that the pope covered up for mccarrick who resigd earlier this summer. catholic news service published
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the letter today. leon harris here in the neroom with n reaction from president donald trump on the biggest guessing game in town.ig talking t about who he thinks wrote that "new york times" op-ed slamming his ability to run the country. before a rally today in sioux falls, south dakota, he spoke to an nbcffiliate and trump said that he can think of several people he works with who could have written that piece in the "new york times." but he wouldn't name names. >> well, i could think of four or five,ostly people that either i don't like or respect but they're there because in some cases they have to be governmentally. meaning they're protected. you know whave a lot of people that are protected. and a lot of people call those people bad names. but i thought of two or three or four people. people that i -- i don't want to namethem. we'll see. >> president trump also took a shot at president barack obama. obama today called trump out by
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name in a campaign appearance. in the one-on-on interviewing that trump did, he tested out a line he ended up using on stage about falling asleep whether he obama speaks. he speculated on the reason president obama is targeting had imnow. >>t of watched that speech and i must tell you, i dozed off. i dozed off wching him. i've always dozed off watching him. he's trying to make a comeback because the democrats are in shambles. they've gone so far left, i think even he will c't handl it. >> as far as president trump cklling on the justice department to t down that anonymous author of the op-ed is, tonight a white house official said that trump's wish does not amount to an order tor fede prosecutors. jim, back to you. >> leon harris, thank you. student waschoo kicked off the stage for making faces yesterday behind president trump in montana. look just to the left of the screen of the president. well, the 17-year-old raised his eye browse, flashed funny smiles
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as the unusual times and suddenly goofed off during the rally in billings twitter noticed and dubbed him plaid shirt guy. rally organizers noticed, too. they eventually escorted him off the stage and out of the rally. and replaced him with someone more enthusiastic. nbc news politic dector chuck todd joins us on set tonight on "news4 at " in the wake of this wild week that included the bob wdward book and anonymous op-ed in the "new york times." i asked chuck, who is in charge? >> that to me should be what disturbs fks left or right pro trump anti-trump. if you're pro trump, you should be disturbed there's a ca bal trying to undermine the will of the people. perhaps if you're, anti-tru you're like he's not fit for office. neither evaluation iseahy for this democracy. >> sunday morning, chuck will take alor look at just how much control the president has over hise. white ho kellyanne conway will be among
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his guests. "meet e press" begins at 10:30 right after "news4 today." the former trump campaign advisor who triggered the federal investigation into russian election interference waste sennced today. george papadoplos got 14 days in jail. and one year supervised is relee for lying to the fbi. he read a statement in a d.c. court saying he made a terrible mistake. watch the upper right-hand corner of your screen as a speeding caro slams i parked car. this video is jarring. but people who live on chiote laell us they aren't surprised by what happened over the weekend. neighbors tellne 4, drivers speed up and down their street all the time. after complaints from residents ayd council members, prince george's county it will survey the road to decide if speed humps will slow drivers down. new tonight, take a look at
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there video of an attempted burglary at a smile dental center on georgia avenue in brightwood park last weekend. police tell us the suspects used a brick to shatter that front glass door and tried to rip that mounted flat screen from the wall. they were unable to take the tv. if you recognize these suspects police want to hear from you. new at11:00, tonight a blan bill three students to spark change at their high school came to fruition tonight. juice high school was rededicated during a ceremony this evening. for nearly six decade the campus was called jed stewart high school.x fairounty school board voted last year to cut ties with the area's confederate history. the new name is designed to exemplify the idea of justice. >> the board chose the name designed to honor the legacy of three towering individuals justice thurgood marshall, barbara rose johns and colonel luis g. mendez junior fought for
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equal rights, inclusivity and justice for all. >> already this year the girl's field hockey team won the trophy for the high school. the football team won its first two games. >> a man in the water for a half hour a sheriff's deputy running out of time. the attempt toe s a life. a man believed a priest was his biological father. he set out on a journey thala ed a quarter of a century to ed a quarter of a century to finally lea the truth your school supplies today...
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a new scandal for t catholic church that could lead to answers for men and women all over the country who say their fathers were priests. e man spent 25 years trying to problem just that. he says the church threw up road blocks along theay till one priest's remains were exhumed for testing. our sister station in boston captured the moment he learned the results. >> reporter: the long journey for jim graham ends in a sma town of paxton. graham who has been seeking f answersor 25 years from the catholic church finding them on the campus of anna maria college, a catholic school. >> driven all the way from south carolina to find out whether father thomas sullivan is your father. >> reporter: dr. anne m ie meyers is the anthropologist hols took dna samples from the priest buried in june. the day after father's day. now two months later -- >> and i'm here to telou that
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he is. >> i don't think i've ever hug aid doctor before but thank you. reporter: finally confirmation and relief. >> a bit drained emotionally but in a way relaxed. >> reporter: amid family rumors it's a journey that began at the kitchen table of who he thought were as a aunt and uncle as they slid an obituary across the table table. >> ty said this m may be your father but we don't know. only the principals know and'r they dead. >> reporter: that day in 1993 began the quest. he hst qned the church, gathered orphanage records, hired detectives. at the center, one question. was father thomas sullivan a priest from lowell, graduate of boston college, buried in tewksbury, his father? >> and when she told uh-huh such nemotion. >> w it's validated it hit home. >> reporter: he doesn't want compensation or money from the church. only validation, recognition, a
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confession. >> they tried to bury our and i wasn't going to let that happen. >> reporter: he never wanted exhume a priest. >> my father's speaking today ssrough his dna but it was really unney when you think the catholic church all along know who i am and threw all know i'm his tson. i look jike him. >> they believe the church took him from his parents to avoid scandal, a childby fathere a priest to a married woman. >> he said forget the injustice of the past. all i had to do was acknowledge it 25 years ago and say what can do to help you. there's emotional damage. they never of sred. >> youry is ground breaking for so many other peopleeho belin they're children of priests. what do you say to >> it will set a precedent. they may want to do the same thing.nk i t this will -- this story
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will resonate. i'll f abadvocate them. >> reporter: karen henceal, news4. potentially sults open the door to thousands of other men and women over the p world tss their claim against the catholic church their fathers are priests. a rookie florida officer says his training is likely how he saved a drowning sma life. his body cam w rolling during these intens moemments yesterda morning. he scaled fence and helped pull that man who was trapped between a seawall and floating walkway. wat man'sife says he had been in the water fbout 30 minutes. the offic was able to pull him up and revive him. the victim is listed in critical condition right now. all right, doug. what a light show we hadt. toni >> really for four or five, six hours in some spots, the rain kept comin down. we saw three inches of rain.
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2.86 inches of rain at the errant tonight. the record for today over 3 not a record. but it was a rainy night for sure. close to 3 nches ofrain. right now, we've still got lightning going on. this is looking down to the south and east. storm right now crossing over the chesapeake bay finally exitg our ea. you can see lightning right there. right now, current temperatures 75. winds out of the north at six miles an hour. this is thest coo number in d.c. we've seen in five days. we have not gone below 78 in the last five days. now it's 75. 70 ineaeaithethgathsburg. here it is, still shower activity around montgomery county. heavy rain towards napolis, rather 97. look at that, just a monster of a storm down here towards parts of calvert county.
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lightning is moving right over towards cambridge. oking at route 50 going to be a mess of things as we move through the next couple hours in that area. this is all part of a system, you can see the system. it's just allcross our region from our region all the way back towards missouri and look at thisti circu right there. that is the remnants of tropical storm gordon. me of that moisturill be making its way our way, too. tomorrow we're in thistrea rihere. not a lot going on here. most of the rain will be to our north. here it is. tomorrow 8:00 a.m., expect showers. by noon, again, a couple of showers but not everywhere. a lot of cloud cover. during the afternoon, i'm not expecting a lot o rain tomorrow. will it rain tomorrow? yes. it won't all day. sunday at 8:00, here's suns at 2:00. it's raing a lot. this is some of the remnants of gordon. could see aot of rain during the day on sunday, maybe 1 to 2ch . on to florence, tropical storm
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florence continues to weaken, now down to 60 miles an hour. all the computer models really starting to come together now with this storm. it's moving west at seven miles per hour. on that track. now moves well south of bermuda. all the models bring it up to a category 4 or 5 storm. 130-mile-an-hour winds off the carolinas on wednesday. if you continue this, this is what we come up with here. high risk of this storm hitting between cape hatteras and right on downowards about savannah with charleston and myrtle beach in the middle of this. still a moderate risk in towards the chesapeake bay region east coast we think is going to take a lit from the storm. we'll watch there one extremely closely over the next couple of days. a lot of time. tomorrow 75. i'll be working tomorrow night and monitoring the storm for you. on sunday, 71degree. much cooler conditions. breezy too with the rain as we make ouray towards next week tracking florence. we think we'll see some rain
11:22 pm
fromthat, not a direct hit for us. as long as it stays to our south. it may not pose too m iy proble our area. we have to watch it. it could jog north. >> and moving up to a 4. >> it may be a dangerous storm. >> thanks a lot. well, the caps won the stanley the valor got a title. so it's the mystics turn now. see how d.c.'s latest
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continuing, history made tonight ineattle as the mystics playing in theirirst wnba finals game. seattle won two of three against washington this year. the storm has former number one overall pick and two-time wnba champ sue bird. elenael d donne wiled her team to win in games four and five of the semifinals. mystics looking for a quick start. they did not get it. sue bird here early in the first steal all ong. breakaway layup is good.s make it 22-11. seattle. in the second,eattle up 11. sammy whit cover makes three from the corner. 31 i 17 storm. mystics down 16 at the half. second half not much better. breanna stewart the layup off the out of bounds play. the rout is on. 51-32 seattle. mystics make it somewhat respectable and lose game one
11:27 pm
89-76. good things really do come to thoseho wait. the 2018 naismith hall of fame class was inducted frighy it had a local flavor to it. coach charles drizzle finally made his mark on the game during his 17 years in college park along with grant hill who played lake chool ball at south in reston were among duckettees in springfield. after being a finalist four times, drizzle finally getting his due. he won 786 games as the division i coach and was the first coach to win 100 games or more at four different schos. most remembered for his 17 years in college park and credited with starting midnight madness in 7119. after 15 years, coaching his final game, lefty took center stage. >> is anybody in here 86 years old? raise your hand, will you? so if i screw up -- so look, if
11:28 pm
i screw up, wait till you get 86. bask has been great to me. and for me to get in the hall of fame is like unbelievable. >> nothing like >> grant hill who had his number retired an inducted in the south lake hall of fame last year went on to haus an illustr college and pro career. played 19 years in the nba f ur teams. won rookie of the year in '94 and a seven-timeall-star. >> i have tried to always honor and respect the legacs of the men and women who paved the wayy f whom are in the hall of fame and in this building here tonight. i'd like to thank all of your for your significant contributions t the game, for your sacrifices and allowing us the hall ofame class o 2018, to stand on your shoulders as we pursued our dreams. >> a great night for those two.
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