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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 16, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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angie goff. things busy overnight as florence lingers over the carolinas. >> the national weather service says a tornado touched down near silver lake, north carolina just outside of wilmington. >> this is video ofhe local broadcast from station in wilmington. evre the folks t had to take shelter. this happened just00 before right w we ha not received word on injuries, if any, from the tornado but we have a crew on the ground in north carolina and will update us as those details become available. >> as we track what's happening down south, we have our eyeth t sky because that moisture is headed our way next and that's what whave to worry about. >> we have to worry about that into tonight through tuesday night.h now w all that being said and the tornado warnings in new hanover county around on, i believe we could have a small tornado threat around here. anything we see will be small.
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ful that will something that doug and i and amelia will watch for you tomorrow afternoon. it's not the prettiest of mornings. it's pretty arod guerstown and union bridge, maryland in frederickcounty. otherwise everybody else talking fog. northeast winds anywhere from five to 15 miles an hour today. we have a few light showers out there lookt this moisture through north carolina. will lift to the north but evenn plact have rained over and over again, including greenville where jim hanley is, they can't to get rain, wilmington getting blasted once again, all that rain headed our way. we'll time itut in a little t. >> lauryn, thank you very much. teaag cov continues with jim handly in greenville, north carolina, at the tar river. >> take us through the devastation you have seen up
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close. >> molet, and ad these rains here are relentless. they have been going for 24 hours non-stop. we are here on the tar river. this river stretches for 215 miles and thi water, which is picking up speed, goes into the pamlicnd and doesn't crest until tomorrow night. we've got no letup in the rain until wednesday here. it is unbelievable for folks here, especially on the roads.we ant to show you video because the road closures around tthe eastern p of north carolina are the story and we're not talking neighborhood streets, isfolks. th coming up is-9 closed in both directions near fayetteville, north carolina, for 16 miles. a huge chunk so you can imagine anybody going north t south, they're doing detours coming up from georgia, coming down from virginia. it's a nightmare along i-95
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right now. we told you about the cresting, another high this is low tide behind me. coming up, we'll show you water red ues, people stran cars, a lot happened overnight because there's no power on these roads so they're dark and don't expect water to be washing over these roadways. tons of rescues, we'll show you some at 9:30 at 10:00 we'll hear from a woman who was rescued. again, we've got intensely heavy rains coming down and it goes in waves. we saw the waves on friday. now it's a constant downpour, you guys. >> just some incredible stories and the situationer still dire. >> jim, stay safe you and your crew and get back here, see you soon, thanks so much. >> you know you'reot loing,
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right? you know you're stealing? >> reporter: that's a reporter confronting suspected looters in wilmin. because of the looting issue, police imposed an extendedew cu for some areas and officers have made somearrests. some storm victims have fled to our area. eight evacuees spend the night at university of maryland's richie coliseum in college park. it's still unclear where those evacuees came into town from. >> more first responders from our area a in the carolinas helping with the rescue efforts there, in chantilly, virginia's elite task force 1 was ac evted. they loaded up trucks full of gear and they're taking some thboats. 're not sure where they're going or what they'll be doing but they are ready to whelp. got very little notice.
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we t we were being kept in reserve but we're glad we're going to assist as many people as we can. >> we are told 32 team members will be helping out in the carolinas. in the meantime, the death toll is rising in another storm we've been following. this is videoph from the ippines t has killed at least 25 people now. most of the storm-related deaths are from landslides. trees and power lines have been pushed over by strong winds. 100 mile per hour winds peeled back the roof tops of some gas stations. a lot of devastation. look at this driving lesson that took a bad turn. that's the car that ended up in a community pool out in month comrie village at the creek community center. the driver a another person
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were able to get out safely it appears to be a driver error. that driver was practicing how to park. how to park in pool. >> you don't want to park in a . practice. >> and barely off the lot, already in the auto shop. the proud owner of a brand new car flipped over in front of fitzgerald subaru in gaithgaithg yesterday. theriver is said to be okay. still not clear what caused the car to flip. >> ty say thear deappreciates in value as soon as you drive it off the lot. >> way down. >> right down to the ground. it can help adults quit smoking but it's having the opposite effect on teens and the fda i cracking down. we'll tell you about the late west videotape
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>> her daughter goes to broad run l in ashbeg.
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ays her daughter doesn't use e-cigarettes but knows stud tts who do. t can't be good and it's very addictive and i don't think the kids that are doing it are bad kids. they're just -- teenagers are curious. >> r cdc says two million st used e-cigarettes last year. 12% of high schoole used them in the last 30 days and 3% of middlechoolers useed them in the last 30 days, too. this college student didn't want us to use his name but says he uses a juul everyday. he doesn't think kids should do it but forik adults himself he says it can relieve stress. >> it was healthier than other options on the market so i feel safer with juul than just a generic vape. >> reporter: the fda now cracking down. they will be fining stores t sell to minors. th g'veen e-cigarette makers 60 days to prove they can keep kids from smoking. if not, the fdy pull the products from the
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shelves all together, a move this mom says she'll keep a close eye on. >> it's our job to be iormed and concerned about anything that affectsh the hea or well-being of our children. >> agemy cho, news 4. >> time is 9:11 on this sunday morning. we've been dealing with a lot of fog throughout the areas. you look a the national mall. but what about the rain and the west of florenyn? laas the answe get to the ross fall fashion event... ...and get the brands you want... check this out. "oh, yeah" prices.
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a fredericksburg woman said it sounded like her walls were alive, scratching, growling, all night long. she soon learned she had a major infestation of bats. >> we're talking major here. only on news4, david culver -- team culver. >> yeah, i know. >> he explains what you need to look out f when sharing your home with a winged colony. >> you can seet so well a it's so awful. it's so awful. >> oh,. go >> reporter: if you're like me, a warn this story may make you cringe a bit. before we show you the video up close, let's introduce you to kristin baca. back in may, she and her husband and young son moved from pittsburgh to fredericksburg, closer to kristin's bought a h settled, ready to belcomey
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number two. >> i gave birth on june 4nd the bats arrived the week i brought my baby sthome. >> k seemed to be not the only one welcoming the new arrival with ts home. >> our walls were alive with activity, learning later they were giving birth so adult females were having babies in our wall. >> reporter: kriin began documenting the growing infestation, capturing the baby bats danglingrom behind her siding. >> that is a baby, without hair. >> reporter: adults around her porch or napping behind her blinds. >> again, i went into, like, denial. we had no idea how many we had. >> reporter: paul had an idea. >> high hundreds to thousands. >> reporte sorry? >> high hundreds to thousands. a lot. >> reporter: paul from advanced wildlife removal was one of four pest control c kristin called. one companyim eed $16,000 to get rid of the bats. she chose paul because of a more reasonable price and his seemingly humane approach. >> but in order to remove the
9:16 am
bat and not have an ongoing issue, you had to seal up every gap. >> rau believes the bats had been returni to this home for several summers. he says the home inspector should have thoroughl checked t the attic before kristin and her husband closed. >> thisd definitely shove been noticed. >> reporter: after sealing up the exposed exterior, paul exposed ye one- tubes that allow bats to fly out without getting in. ce the bats exited through the one way, they had to go somewherwe right? , they did. not too far. they went next door, a few feett away the neighbor's house. the neighbor's house also getting sealed up and tubes inserted. eventually the last of the bats moved out. w stragglers including this one caught in a towel o deck. this brings us back to the video she shows me earlier. this teeth, the growling, you might guess this b is not happy about the eviction. thank paul.
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>> phone rings a lot. i get 20, 25 a calls month for bats. >> kristin has him saved in her phone as pall batman. a hero of sorts. >> 's smith. [ laughter ] >> reporter: paul smith. after a longsummer, kristin can finally oolaugh, her family adjusting to a new strange nighttime experience -- silence. in fredericksberg, virginia, david culver,ews 4.urg, virgini davi. >> i love they tnsferred to e house next door. >> leaving one house to go to the next door neighbor's >>hous i leaoved earn have the house. you open the door, there's hureds of bats, just close the door. >> but after the pest control team determined that the bats were gone then you have to clean that up. >> removing the massive bats
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left behind. make sure your home ipector does thorough job, he should have caught this. >> good morning, erybody. >> i have a gift for you. >> what's that? >> the crgs red as red and yell. i just wrote it down. >> this is an inside joke. i said red and yellow for redskins colors. this was at like t5:30s morning and i immediately correctedme myself. dy on e red and yellow? ugh. burgundy andgold. i'm surprised you even know those colors. >> fly eagles, fly, baby. let's see who will get a win. do people need to pack a raincoat? >> out to the game, i think it will be fine.
9:19 am
>> we're undefeated? >> listen, we're redskinsfans, we'll take whatever we can get. 's let's see how ap runs today. >> as long as got alex smith he'll be all right. let's talk about the capital camera. we have that fog lifting through area. so we're having this fall go round, a few sprinkles, a little drizzle but the clouds are lifting. i believe we're going to have veiled sunshine today similar to what we saw yesterday. everybody's stuck in clo and fog. we're watching tropical depression florence. winds are at 35 miles an hour. this rain is relentless. wilmington, north carolina, has picked up 20 inches of rain in the last hours. i have friends figuring out when they'll get ba not hapning beca cape fear river wl crest.
9:20 am
it's a mess down there and all of north carolina getting flash flooding because the rain is throughout the state and that isture coming our way. now today few stray showers out there throughout the day. adds we head through the aftee an uptick in those showers as florngs starts to make her turn to the north. wrap around west a and come up through pennsylvania. so the heaviest rain will stay south and west towards the central shenandoahvalley. you guys will get some rain tomorrow and it could be heavy.p atures are comfortable. in the 60s and' 70s. stray showers possible and humidity increasing through the afternoon. e latest track of thias sped up. it will continue forward motion to the north and speed up a
9:21 am
little bit turning from tropical depression to remnant low as it rounds wvirginia. monday and tuesday will be our chance to see showers and thunderstorms in our area. so that will be something we have too watch. we'll start it, 9:00 a.m. with a few showers and thunderstorms as we continue through the day today. everybody will have a chance for showers andto thundes. it won't be raining all day monday. waves 60 rain, but then more study rain through the afternoon and into the evening. the moisture will wrap to the north and east. we'll talk about our four zone forecast in 30 minutes and we'll break it down. shenandoahvalley, loudon county through d.c. and southern maryland. it will be breezy monday and tuesday with rain chances and we will seeice weather wednesday, thursday, and friday. low humidity. next chance of rain will be the first day of fall on saturday.
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well, primary season is officially over and it's been a long one. starting with texas back in mar march. and the one storyline thatas dominated the narrative is this -- women rule. >> female candidates have been running for office in records numb according to data for the center for american women in 'spolitics. whmore, they're winning. >> 476 womenan for u.s. house. smashing the previous record of 298 in2012. 53 women ran for senate breaking the previous record of 40nd 61 filed for governor. the previous record was 34. >> for all three offic -- house, senate, a governor -- women also won their primaries in record numbers. >> but for theirs, victor here's an important reminder. even if every female candidate wins inny race in which she's favored orit's a tossup, women would only make up a quarter of members
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people in the boston area still trying to process damage done to their homes and businesses. this happened after a series of deadly gaza strip elosions -- gas explosions. 18-yd was killed and 25 others injured.
9:26 am
an incredible story of survival when a ten-year-old boy is impaled by a meat skewer. xavierunningham is awake and able to talk about his experien. he was in a tree house last weekend with a friend near kansas city and that's when a swarm of yellowjackets started stinging them. xavier jumped from the ladder and landed on a foot-long skew an x-ray shows the metal device went through his face and stoppedt the base of his skull. >> he goes, i'm dying mom. i' really scared, i can feel it. i go you're goi to be okay and he goes i want to see jesus but i don't want to see him right no >> your heart palpitates hearing that. it took doctors seven hours toh remove skewer. it missed xavier's eye, brain, and spinal column. thank goodness.
9:27 am
xavier says he wants to keep the skewer. he beat the odds. >> someone was looking over his shoulder. my goodness. as a parent can you imagine? >> i can't. >> time now is 9:27. let's take a live look outside at national harbor. the capital wheel. a lot of clouds in the area. t are we expecting some rain from what was hurricane lauryn has the answer when we come ♪ you said you're not like me, ♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪
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h parts of norolina he than since florence struck. a new problem, cameras were rolling when a group/appant looters were clearing out ae storn storm-ravaged wilmington, north carolina. >> an elite rescue team from virginia heading south to help in the massive relief efforts stillha trackingwas hurricane florence, now a tropical depression and a lot of it moving our way. b thank you fng with us on 9:30 is your time. angie goff has the morning off. let's turn our attention tohe weather. we have changing conditions to expect throughout the day as folks head tir by a to the
9:31 am
redskins game. rickets tracking florence that's making her way he so we'll get to lauryn in just a few minutes. first, derrick ward has news. ing >> breaking coming into the newsroom right now. derrick is on rte 50. what's the story, derrick? >> well, we are at rou 50 looking east. take a look. good news is things just cleared up but this road was shut down for 10 to 15inutes eastbound because of an accident near whee road runs close to 50. they had all lanes closed but as you can see, there's still some emergency equipment there and the road is indeed open. this is way beyond any early stadium traffic but the backup at one point could have been fected folks who were going to take 50 to 202. again now the sit stionms to have cleared itself up hereg look eastbound route0 where it was shut down for ten
9:32 am
minutes. the good news is it has reopened. live in mitchellville, derr, ba >> derrick, thank you very much. lauryn, you see the flag a flapping her union station. windy outside right now. >> those where i understand a direct correlation from ce flor we'ls conditions throughout the day. we'll have gusts up to 25 miles an hour.l we wait until florence gets out of here. of northch all carolina seeing rain right now. flash flooding happening around area.leigh and then rain is just relentless around wilmington. they're still getting heavy bands of rain. fog is lifting ever so slowly, very similar to yesterday morning where we have sunshine to t north. fog to the south, getting reports of sunshine from my facebook followers. but visibilities are low.
9:33 am
we have a fewsolated showers. florence is now a tropical depression. we'll talk about the latest track we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. >> even though we've seen orence downgraded to a tropal depression forecasters say they have not seen the worst of what this storm brings. >> record amounts of rain, measures in feet, lks, not inches. rivers ributaries are spilling over their banks. trees, eesctrical lin are down, thousands of people are in wondering what is going onhe and where water will go and how high. >> the power is sti outor thousand this is morning and forecasters say the water will
9:34 am
continue to rise for the next veral days. >> team coverage continues with news 4's jim handlm greenville, north carolina. >> jim has brought us incredible images. what are you seeing out there now? >> the real storys the roads. you come up on sce s like that near the tar river, you can't tell how deep this water is so imagine at night when there is going through these power poles or wires, it's totaldarkness, just pitch black. we want to show you rescues happening throughout tght. we have seen rescue after res e rescue. firs respond pulling people out of the cars who took the
9:35 am
risk and didn't know how deep the water was. h we'lr from people who were rescued. officials are telling people don't go outside if you can, not only are the street lights out, signals are out, too. the latest count we have from around the state of north carolina the about 680,000 people without power. that number is down but it's dikely to go higher because as we pas through new bern last night we saw a number poles down. also electrical wires in the middle of the street and trees cong down on to those wires because the ground was already saturated before florence came in. we have several high tides ahead of us r and tn is predicted to continue till wednday. we're live in greenville, north carolina. back to you guys. >> far from over. >> that's an amazing section of i-95 to be shut down. jim, thank you so much and stay
9:36 am
safe to you and you crew. hey, the high winds rip the an elderlyte care c forcing seniors to evacuate. we have some video of the g seniors board buses outside that center in wilmington, north carolina idea. the storm blew away in the wind but no one was rt. >> the maryland civil air patrol is in north carolina to help storm victims. 25 members left college park yesterday. last year that patro rescued five people. and today the marylander helico aquatic mission will head to north carolina. they'll take two black hawkpt helis with them. search and rescue workers from four maryland counties including montgomery county will be going. >> a somber anniversary today ve years agunman opened fire at the washington navy yard. this was the hectic scene on
9:37 am
september 16, 2013, in the aftermath of the .shooti 34-year-old aaron alexis entered building 197 and shot victims randomly, killing a dozen before police killed him.eo eight pe were also injured. i want to tell you about a bihe honor for family of a university of maryland football player who died. the mcdonough school outside of baltimore retired jordan mcnair's number 70 at friday he died in june. his family says he had a heat stroke after collapsing at practice. mcdonough players wore mcnair's jersey and number on their helmet. happening today, a back-to-school effort aimed at helping your child see better in the classroom. free visioiny volunteer eye doctors. they're alsoin off free prescription glasses as well. the screenings start at noonland until 5:00. it's at the prevention of blindness society i the district on mass ave. and
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northeast. the nfloms back for the redskins today, hosting their first home gamnrn this afn. got that, adam? >> iitot . >> the first time fans will see quarter back a smith in regular season action in fedex field. this is team will look to stay undefeated. >> one win, the got o win. >> undefeated. they kick off against the colts at 1:00 this afternoon. >> let's see how it goes. a nationa problem hitting hard locally but now a group from congress is stepping up to help wit dangerous shortage of mental health care in african-american community. see what's being done about it coming up next on .
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. welcome back. there's a big issue o talk about, the critical shortage of mental health services ithe african-amer community, an
9:41 am
issue drawing the attention of the congressional black caucus. >> as chris gordon reports, a meeting held here is focusing ot solutions ould help people in our area. >> the congressional black caucus foundation is sounding an alarm. their message, mental illness in the african-american community too often goes untreated. >> it means that families aren't able to access services for their kids who may be having problems in and a at home. >> they are beginning a national conversation saying more psychiatrists a mental health professionals are needed in black communities. maryland state delegate angela angel says some families in prince georges county faceus disast consequences because they can't find treatment. >> our children areufring and they are dying while walking and living through all the pain they're going through. >> the greater washington urban
9:42 am
says prince georges county is not alone. they say some neighborhoodsin i waon, d.c. are left to suffer, too. >> ward eight has the highest levels of clinically depressed or adults that have been identified as clinically depressed in the entire district. >> rep rods lynn grant brought her children with her. she hopes to help solve these problems. >> well i got m masters degree in social work with a concentration in mental health and what led me to that is there is not enough help in the african-am >> reporte goal is local action to wince chur, s and pol mental illness in the african-american community is national health crisis and to get the kind of services needed to address that problem. reporting from the washington convention center, chris gordon,
9:43 am
news 4. news 4 is committed to hanging minds to lift the stigma of mental illness. to find a list of resources that are avlable, go to our web site at nbc washington and click "con ng changing minds." u temperatures going a bit, but is the rain on the way? we're back with a look at your
9:44 am
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>> we've grown to hate them but we accept them. we have nochoice. they're red light and speed cameras that are all over the place. >> some peoe lovethem, some people hate them. >> who loves them? >> people whoway they s traffic down and make roads safer. but for people from out of town it can be a s to the system when you get the ticket in the mail. i talked to one new jersey sure his constituents can get out of the fine. here love them or hate them, we're familiar with speed and red light cameras aroutd here lawmakers in new jersey say they want to protect the residents if they get a fine from one of those things they say drivers should haven't to ay thefine. >> we would stop our motor vehicle commission from oviding the identifyi information. >> that's new jersey republican state senator decl o'scanlon joining us via face time.
9:47 am
he's introduced legislaon that would protect drivers any spee camera tickets. new jersey does not use those types of cameras. >> we don't tolerate it in new jersey and we won't tolerate it from other governments taking advantage of our residents. >> jersey resident jay lassiter got three speed camera tickets in the district. he was inown to bury his father who was in the marine corps. he was at arlington national cemetery. jay admits when he was here he was over the speed limit but he questions the placement of some cameras. >> so if it goes from 55 to 35 and 's not that obvious, of course it's designed to ensnare unsuspecting people like me and that's what happened. >> reporte according to a washington cit paper analysis, income from red light and speed camera tickets jumped from just over $69 milli to over $123 million in 2016.
9:48 am
d.c. a leadersnd numerous groups matain the program is set up for safety but for drivers like jay -- >> i haven't gotten a speeding ticket in a dozen yemes. i can't mber the last time i got a reaicket. >> -- something isn't adding up. >> speed cameras and red light cameras watching you right now in the area. looking at the wilson bridge in the distance, some poll on this nday morning. >> similar to yesterday. we got the breeze out there. >> is this from florence?ea >> a little br fro florence plus high pressure to the north and florence rolling from the south. there's competingh h pressures. >> do you feel like you've been talking about florence for three mont? >> oh, yes. i have a feeling we'll go straight from this to snow -- >> don't do that. >> i don't do that. >> not ready for thatet.
9:49 am
>> before that we'll talk about sunshine but i have rain on the forecast. you can see we have a chance today. and spread chances monday tuesday. it will be out of here by wednesday bringing sunshine back so more rain today, yes. we're seeing some out there right now. we'll continue with c thence of stray showers and f rain tonight. we have coastal flood advisories in the usual spots there st. mary's county and through d.c. and continuingal intomore and anne arundel county. so coastal flooding will be an issue for f ourends at high tide. storms possible monday, absolutely especially west of d.c. where the location of the terrain is closer to that circulation from florence. and i'll show you the latest track and this will be the last one the htericane c issues for florence which is a good
9:50 am
sign, because she's weakening so mu . av nice weather, we have sun shine break out wednesday, thursday and friday, first day of fall ay. radar showing you isolated showers own to thesouth. that's what we'll see throughout the day today so if you'reed heo the gamee bring a small umbrella but everything will be light until later tonight. when florence gets her act together and pushes to the north, hea rain. look at this through north carolina seeing heavy rain and almost all of south carolina seeing heavy rain. in wilmington continuing to get crushed by heavy rain they've received 20 inches of rain in 24 hours and friends that continue -- i got married in wilmington so i have pictures that are being sent in through facebook and it looks like a war zone. and even through most of the
9:51 am
sta state. as the circulation continues to push up through western north caroli caroli so we may tap into this. especially if you're closer to the shenandoah valley. current temperatures 60s a 7 70s. windy into monday and tuesday. temperatures around 80. tray have chances of showers, humidity increases as well so winds at 35 miles an hour, moving now wt at eight miles an hour. hugs around west virginia sunday night into mondaynd makes its move sunday into wednesday. so sunday to tuesday will be our m f florence some showers will be heavier than other bus look at monday
9:52 am
morning. the commu may start off dry in d.c. but to the west we're seeing heavier rain coming through and we'll continue to have storms tomorrow. we could have a chance of a small tornado tomorrow as well if you're in the shenandoah valley. nto tuesday the dynamics push throughpennsylvania. i want to get to the forecast. our fends to the west, monday and tuesday, possibly heavy rain, up to three inches in that arar . ere there will a sharp line of who gets heavy rain and who gets light showers and our western zones could have areas of moderate rain. in the d.c. area, showers tomorrow, maybe an inch over monday and tuesday, coastalos floodingble and through southern mississippi you guy have seen that through
9:53 am
fredericksburg. low humidity and then we are looking at some showers for satu day of fall. mo connected... shouldn't your internet keep up? it's time for fios. because fiber optics move crazy amounts of data at even crazier speeds. and fios is the 100% fiber-optic network, so you can get phenomenal capacity for your tech. we'll even help you get another device to put it to the test. right now, get $200 toward a range of google and nest smart home devices plus the fastest internet available, plus up to 200 tv channels, plus phone, with a 2-year price guarantee, all for $79.99 per month with a 2-year agreement. and if you order online by september 30th, you'll get a $150 verizon prepaid mastercard. now is the best time to switch. so call 1.888.get.fios to learn more. get the fastest speeds available for the best price with fios gigabit connection, for just $79.99 a month with a 2-year agreement. and, get $200 toward a range of google and nest smart home devices.
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go to to switch today. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal.
9:55 am
of the disaster that is unfolding in the carolinas with the florence downgraded to a we want to take you out to a live look of the tar river fro
9:56 am
jim hanley who is in the area, he's been reporting over the last couple days. he riverlow tide of and it's rising and a lot of officials in north carolina are saying the worst is yet to come because the water level will continue to rise. jim telling us a large section of i-95 continues to be shut down through pfaye fayetteville that area. so there's still a lot of effects. >> t worst isn't over power is out for hundreds ofes hof people and at nighttime when people try to venture out you can't see and the danger increases so much more so we are staying all over this unfolding story ande've got the rains from florence heading our way this week, too.l >> it's s raining there right now and they're measuring
9:57 am
in feet. much more coming up on the aftermath of what was hurricane florence. ouat's next.
9:58 am
9:59 am
just about 10:00 on sunday morning, here's what we're following. the death toll is rising as florence is weakening. two more deaths are being blamed on florence as that storm has been downgraded to a tropical
10:00 am
a new problem as the storm lingers. n news crew was there as apparentoong incident cld out an unattended store. >> and an elite rescue crew from virginia heading south to help with the massif effortser already uway. still so much happening down south and a lot of tet moist is coming our way. thank you for being with us and sticking it out with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'molette green in for angie goff. things busy overnight as florence lingers over the carolinas. >> a tornado tched down over silver lake, nor carolina, just north of wilmington. >> this is video from our sister station in wilmington, they had to take shelter and thisin happ before 1:00. we haven't receive words but we have a crew on the ground in north carolina and we'll bring us updates as they become


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