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tv   Today  NBC  September 20, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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will she or won't she. questions whether brett will she or wo she? questions over mr. supreme court h accuser will tesfy before the senate. you can't put the geni in the bottle and the american people are entitled to hear both of them. >> republica setting a deadline for her to decide but vowing t move forward if she doesn't.t overni her attorney blasting the rush it a hearing as not fair. e does it go frem we are live at the white house and onhi capitol ll. still rising. newlooding and new evacuations in the hricane-ravaged carolis w nearly a week after flor made landfall entire neighborhoo remain
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underwater. presidenp touring the damage and vowing to help. >> whatever we have to do at the federal level, we will be there. city on edge. a woman stabbed to death on her nightly jog inhenation's capital. ahead the desperate manhu the those stories, plus walking free. elizabeth smar nthe first time since her controversial pri release. overnight smart reacting to her former captor's new found freedom. i am not going to let these tope woman sp me from living the life i want to live. ckmaveri's mess. >> i am sorry i didn't see it. i am sorry i didn't recognize it mark cuban responds to a bombshell investi revealing a history of widespread sexual harassment and heart and soul. thera ae girl who danced her way into drake's heart. >> oh my god! >> then got a live saving
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mom!plant. shows us how she is doing on her road to . today thursday, sep. our top story this morning, the standoff over brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court and the big question. will we ever hear from the woman s accused him s ofual misconduct? we have two reports, starting with chriwelker.
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>>he senate judiciary chairman is giving christine blasey fo a friday deadline. but ford isn't back down. her attorneys say there should be an fbi investigation and ultimately a heari that includes multiple witnesses. this morning will she or won't she? that's the critical question after christine blasey fo said she wants the fbi to investiga her sexual assault allegation against judge brett kavanaugh as a first step before she testifies in front of the senato judiciary e monday. president trp urging her to speak publicly. >> i really wan to see yr. i d reall want to see what she has to say. >> rept be her? >> i can only say this. he is such an outstanding man. very hard for me to imagine that anything ened. >> r and while standing by hisnominee, mr. trump is also hinting his support may not be ironclad. >> if she shows up and makes a
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credible showing, that will be very interesting and we will have to make a decision. >> rep her attorney digging in saying she is unabl to go home receiving ongoing threats and arguing the prush to a hearing is unnecessary and contrary to discussing truth. ends haser long-time f no reason to doubt her. >> she doesn't make things up. this is a tremendously difficult decision for her both because of the naturef her experience and how private she hasha kept for so many years. >> rep kavanaugh has denied the sexual assault allegation for from more than t decades ago. the presidentignaling he has even though he isan fbi the only one who can do it, since it's ultimately a background check for his nominee.tbieems that the doesn't do that. they have investigated. they would a you
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asked them to. >> ty have investigated six times before and it seemst they do that. >> r grassley offering to send staffers to obtain her testimony in andfornia, her home state, insisting there is no need to reopen the fbi investigation or delay the hearing w a letter to blasi ford's lawyers encouraging her to testify eith or publicly on mond we can to make dr. ftad comfe with coming before a t for the fbi stepping into a supreme court nomination process late in the game, and it's pretty well known. in 1991, formet george h.w. bh ordered an investigation into anita hill's allegations of sexual harassment against now justice clarence thomas. thank you. nbc's casey hunt is on the hill.
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we talk abou deadlines. it isn't clear that christine bld has totally ruled out speaking out before congress. is there still a chance it could happen? >> there is. i mean, i think it's very important to underscore that she hasn't in any of these letters or statements through hers lawyuled out completely hestifying and instead is highlighting s of things about the process that may ultimately make her more syathetic in the event she does appear. i will say one congressional source told me this is a high-stakes game of chicken. i wi my reporting, republicans really have drawn mondays a line in the sand. they could delay if they wanted to, but politically it look like they will. >> it looks like as far as the fbi is concerned, it's case closed. there not be an investigation. that right?s >> repor it d seem that way. as kristin reported, it's up to the president othe united states.
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does not seem to bein that rep d democrats, everyone behind the scenes is preparing for any scenario, including the possibility there could be more information that comesp about brett kavanaugh's background. somebody else that might come forward. they are all planning for gamin out those different types of scenarios. we only have a couple days lef of this. this is thursday. this is supposed to happen on monday. but that, as both of youis know very, very long time in politics. it could be an eternity. thank you. also thisrn g, still rising rivers have forced even more evacuations in the 'scarolinas. thearly a week after hurricane florence made landfall. survs also getomng a visit he president on wednes tommy leitner is in new bern, north carolina. good good morning, hoda. residents are returni to new bern today, finding massive
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devastation. in this case, a 36-foot boat om a marina a mile away crashed into the townhouse next door before slamming into this house. this morning eileen is deciding what to salvage and what to throw away. the swollen neuse river that runs through her backyard in newport be forcing her familyo evacuate after hurricane florence. the rushing water devastating the entire neighborhood. the debris. everywhere i had my sliding barn doors down here, chairs dow the retd . e same day president trumphe touredarolinas passing right in front of her home. >> he went right through here. he drove by. i have it on video. >> r the president acting as comforter in chief, handing out meals at a nearly baptist church. and embracing a young boy who
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e preside also visiting conway, sog the recovery will be long, but everything will be okay. >> washington is with you. trump is with you. we are all with you 100%. >> rep some hoping he keeps that promise. >> one of the comments made when people heard he was coming, he is going to tsow paper tow out. e than that. >> repor more than 16 rivers north carola alone are currently above flood stage. g res predicting they days. may be a while b residents here can even attempt it's kind of messed up. . don't hav >> reporter: dri down just about any street in new bern and this is what it looks like. peoplee, furnitheir clothing, and their memories scd along the t side of to you guys. . some amazing pictures. thanyou. and overnight we are hearing
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from elizabeth smart now that one kidnappers has been released from prison five years ier than expected. nbc's joe fryer has been on the story to us. good morning. good morning. wanda barzee is now a free woman. according to court documents she is liv tg inporary housing until her probation off anoth h. elizabeth smt a her family believe barzee is a danger e co. barzee's attorney says calling her a threat isenfair. th are the first images of wanda barzee following her release wednesday. holding a salad y home.ana while entering he hee is free for her role in kidnapping of elizabeth smart. >> it has been a roller coaster of emotion and at the same time i received an tpouring of smart pport, prayers. smokes to students? pennsylvania sharing her survival story but saying little
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about barzee's release. >> i am not going toet these people or this woman stop me from living the life that i want to live. rl >> rep r, outside of the utah prison, fasmart'er about she is still very much on the same approximate when elizabeth was abducted. >> r barzee is listed on utah's sex offender registry and ll be onederal probation for five years. she health treatment and stay away from smart and her family. barzee's attorney says h cliento comply. >> to my knowledge there is no credible evideet she is a danger to the community. smart was kidnapped in 2002, held captive for nine months by barzee and her husband brian davl. mitchel speaking with "dateline" in 2013, she to the scene of her captivity, showing where she first met barzee. >> right where we ar
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there were tarps laid o on the grt here would have been w r: serving a september up. life sentence.k last w utah officials revealed there was a miscalculati and barzee's 15-ye sentee sho include the fe prison, which me time has been served. but beth smar i don't think sho she will have a cautious approach and probably a watchful eye. so are we learning anythin more about the conditions ofer release? according to a court order she has a 9:00 p.m. curfew. her attorney says she is yvoluntarily agree to s away from places frequented by smart and her family.f of course,he violates the terms of her probation, she could go back to prison. >> thank you. raig is here with another big story.
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>> good morning you to. one of the biggest nes in the nba is paying up. dallas maveric owner mark cuban agreeing to give $10 mill andme ic ve organizations after anes igation substantiad numerous cases of sexual harassment in the franchise going back decades. stephanie gosk with more. k cuban says never could he havemagined the misconduct detailed in that detailed report happening undneath him. but now he is vowing to make things right. this morning billionaire dallas mavericks owner mark cuban the >> has every reason to question me. i wasn't there. that was my fault. >> r cuban apologizing after a seven-month independent investigation found sexual harassment and other improper workplace conduct within the mavericks organ over a period spanning almost 20 years. >> there were many instances of
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l violets and threats and intimidati against women and also against male employees. that investi launched after a bombshell "sports illu repor earlier this yearhat detailed a corporate culture rife with mi and predatory sexual behavior. cuban agreeing to give $10 million to groups committed to supporting the leadership and developmt of women i the sports industry and combatting violen i am sorry i didn't see. i am just sorry i didn't recognize it. >> reporte inv say cuban was unaware of alleged misconduct by former mavericks president and ceo that ranged from inapppriate comments to touching to forcible kissing. the report did find cuban engaged at times in sensitive decision-mg on disciplinary issues, most often without full or accurate information. g the colorful mavs owner. you're not. a make it or >> rep also known for his
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stint on "shark tank" says he the pain people shared as this ppened, the tea that i saw, they are just --rt it >> repor before the investigation was completed, cuban had already made changes win bringing in a female ceo. a we have speak up culture now. cuban now looking to set an example. >> the goal even more than the money is for me to get out there and teach others from my experiences. they not responde our request for comment. he denied inappropriate kissing g women's knees andme ing compg women. >> thank you. > breaking overnight, nor kore leader kim jong-un is calling for a second summit with president trp in the near futureccding to south korean president mon who finished up a with the north.
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moon says kim wants to complete denucleari quickly and focus on economic development. moon will car a private message to president tru when the two meet in new york next weekt the united nation time for our first check of the weather. good morning, and we do have to focus on the river flooding through north and south carolina. there ar several rivers still in major flood stage. all of these pink diamonds is where the rivers are in major flood sta. it looks like they will flood their banks all the way through the weekend into part of next week. that will remain y out that way. another area we are o focusing is back through southern minnesota, also through eastern south dakota. we have several thunderstorms and torrential downpours moving through northern io as well. been in the same area ystem y t threat of some w severe weather the most notable large hail, damaging winds, but we can't rule out an isolated tornado.
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tomo slides to the stnortheast, pittsb, o and parts of west virginia, large hail, damaging winds a possibility along with torrential downpours that could lead to flash flooding. here is the system. ahead ofat it tempes in the 90s. behind it we are looking at 60s and 70s. stronger clh there that is this moves to the east going into friday. the flash flooding is a possibil stronger storms. that's a look at the weather across your country. we will get to your local fo
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. gmorning. we have some low clouds and fog over d.c. here early this morning. fore are mostly in the 60s to near 70es degre your dense exist of the fog is down across part of the shenandoah val as i mentioned stly in t comfortable range. 60s in most of the suburbs to low 70s in wn, mid-70s by the bay. your extended fo now, a chance for some showers rolli in late on saturday. mo likely to have >> and that's your latest coming up, a desperate manhunt in the nation's. k a woman attacked and killed on her evening jog. just ahead, the video that to a suspect.> an incredible update recovery of the girl who got a visit from drake and her new heart. > first, this is . first, this is "today" on nbc.
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get some of that finance stuff done from wherever you are, like at the doctor, karate or... back at the doctor. ha ha ha, yay kids! this is a nbc4 today >> i 7:26 your time on this thr 20th, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun yang i'm aaron gilchris. we are tracking breaking news. two police officers shot inpr ce geo while e serving a warrant at an apartment in district heights. irerelifted to a hospital in baltimore. last night we were told one officer i in serious condition, the other is stable. both are expected it survive. the ied a acc shooter was we are learning more about theogger stabbed to death in a logan circle neighborhood. hear name is wendy martinez. she was a georgetown gradce ly engaged. this is the person police are
7:27 am
looking fon to her murder. caught on surveillance moments after the attack. the picture shows himearing a mustard colored shirt and a knife still > melissa mollet has your first4 traffic. good morning. in waldorf we are shut down here. is a southbound here after renner road, traffic stopped because of aed fataltrian crash here this morning. ta sprin 5, northbouefore the beltway a crash involving a dump truck there. east braddock road at clifton road a brand new crash there. and .heck your
7:28 am
i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. don't you worry about these clouds over washington this morning. e a not rain making clouds. it will be a partly to mostly ou morning, more sunshine lar in the afternoon. our warm and wet september continues.
7:29 am
temp above avera t next couple of days and rain chances return saturday night. sunday and monday could be owery and cool. >> you. ano update in 25 minu back to "the today sho.
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you're getting heart. congra i'm a het, mom! >> yes, it's amazing. i >> that's when our hrts sophia sanchez, of course, she got the news she was going to get the heart transpla she so desperately needed. lots of people fell in love with her because of that. she wanted to meet drake. he walked in and her reaction is she? we will share anat upde. >> one of my favorite stori yea a check t ofay's headlines. say time is running to tell grease about her claim thate sexuall assaulted
7:31 am
her. it's a claim he strongly denies. the senate judiciary commi plans aonday hearing that both kavanaugh and christine blasey it's unclear whether she will show up on wednesday. president trp urged her to speak and hinted his support of kavanaugh may not be >> if she shows up and makes a credible showing, thatill be very interesting and we will have to make a decision. >> t president signaled wednesday he also has no plans to order an fbi investigaon into t claims. some scary moments in sugar land, texas, wednesday after a plane crashed on to busy road and slammed into a pair of vehicles. the plane wasin car three federal drug enforcement agent. they were onis a trainingon when they experienced engine trouble. one of the pilots was takenlo the hospiith life-threa injuries. no on the ground was hurt. drivers say they feel lucky to be alive. a police officer for savin frightening a
7:32 am
close call. this is 45 miles an hour northet of dallas. the officers o the scene of an accident when all of a sudden a truck comes flying around the atwe that. , that was a quick-thinking officer. he grabbed the womeulled her to safety. ine truck slams into the other car. ow nobody was hurt. showing thi o slow when you are rounding a blind curve like that. > a crime that has residents in washington, d.c on edge. a tech executive attacked and kill while oer evening jog. an urgent manhunt underway for her killer. garrett haake has the latest. >> reporter: this aack has not not just this neighborhood but washington shaken up. a young woman out for a jog in the early evening in a neighborho most people think of asly perfe safe. brutally attacked. apparently at random. this morng police are sti a terrifying crime in the nation's capital. i am scared.
7:33 am
>> r police on the hunt for a wkiller. >> believe a single assailant stabbed r. >> repor 35-year-old wendy martinez, a tech executive, killed tuesday evening while jogging in the logan circle neighborhood. staggering into this chinese restaurant, customers desperately trying to save her life. >> she collapsed. tried to provide medical assistance to her. hefort she was taken to a local hospital she was pronounced dead. >>or police have recovered a knife thought to be the m weapon and released this surveillance footage showing a person of interest we have a lookout at this . time. a single assailant wearing a long sleeve mustard colored about thigh length. >> r martinez lived blocks away in the neighborhood, thought to be one of d.c.'s safest. i walk by here every daywa to lk the dog. never feltcomfortable here. it's surprising. martinez got engaged just last week.
7:34 am
t.ndfamily releasing this martinez was the light of our lives. not only was she an avid runner, t she was a devout christian, a wonderful friend and driven professione attack o leavinger residents stunned and scared. as a runner, it's terrifying. you think youeould safe. that's mind boggling. >> to find out at 8:00 during stabbed, a random jogger, i terrifying. super scary. >> r a brutal murder, a killer on >> garrett, it bears repeating this is a neighborhood with a lot of young people, bars, restaurants, one of thenkafest peop t of in d.c. what are residents saying? >> r that's part of whats makes to disturbing. more for car break-ins. part of the fact that police robbery,
7:35 am
theyk martinez knew the attacker has a lot of people nervous. i have sn a l of yogers and bikers this morning. people are trying to keep control of t wait for an arrest we are going to switch gears, head over to dylan. you' in for al. >> good morning, everyone. we do have some warm temperatur that are remaining place across the middl the country. summertime heat with highs running 10 to 20 degrees abo average and it's humid, too. take a look at the highs today that we are expecting through the midwest. paducah, kentucky, five degrees above average. kansas city 91. roanoke, virginia 85 degrees, tomorrow it build to the east a littles will begin to cool down. columbia about 86. 90s in nashvil. d.c. about 80 degrees. rochester, new york, 88 degrees m a high tomorrow. then a cold frones in. to comes with some thunderstorms like back through parts of theu r midwest today. look what it does to temperatures. kansas city 71. that's it on saturday.
7:36 am
but right back close to 80 for the weekend. mes lower 80s, that's a look at the weather across the country. > good morning. a gray start to theay but things will improve rather dramatic in the late morning hours once the sunburns this fog away the thickest of the fog in central virgi this morning. coe as you go outhede. temp in mid-60s in most of the suburbs this winchester 59, annapolis 75. your planner for today, increasing sunshine, afternoon highs around 82 degrees today and near 80 again for tomorrow. ra. >> your latest forecast. > justw series on forgiveness. we travel to charleston, south caro and found teachers in an unlikely place. > also, the new take on the bradop and lady gaga
7:37 am
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moters... so creepy. and a mind of its own. shall we? seriously? god, i hate pumpkins. the house with a clock in its walls. bad kitty! use the litter box! rated pg. back this morning with a special series, finding forgiveness. we are hoping to shine a light on peopl who have triumphed over tragedy with an incredible spirit that wil really inspire you. in 2015, 12 people were shot during a bible study at the emanuel am in on charle south carolina. three survived. many of the families found it in their hearts to forgive the we trying to figure out ould bat for most of us, forgiveness would not come easy. how did those families who lost so much findf that power, the re
7:42 am
ed to charleston to meet with three extraordinary women. >> r three women whose lives are intertwined b and their r amazing grace. e of aice and emergey respo shooti at a church. >> rep aunt suzie was ki et was her 26-year-old son who had a lifime of promise ahead of him. he worked two jobs and was a gifted poet. polyshepherd survived that day as shots rang out. words from the shooter she wile never i am going to leave you to tell jennifer pickney's husband, the reverend clement pickney was among the nine killed that day. >> we hisgirls.
7:43 am
>> r i caught up with these three incredible woment .he second presbyterian ch >> ieel like i am around strength. i about you, but that's what it feels ldoe. ou feel strong? >> some days you can conquer the world. want it to go away. tod theirs are being heard, preaching about the power and purpose of i don't know if you guys know this, butde i don't con you victims. i consider you teachers. three people who could teach us something. we watched you go through pain. weatched you on your knees. we watched you hug your community. d then we watched something that i feel like is a miracle. >> we have to usforgive. >> two days after hesing their loved ones, family members said t forgave the shooter. you.rgive may god have mercy on you. >> rep how hd were those
7:44 am
words? >> it wasn't hard at all. i had some o say to go with it, but someone behind metarting crying. what people don't know is that there was a silence i that room. it felt so serene in that room. there was a calmness in that room. we watched my son take his last brear me to be kneeling over hi looking how beautiful he was and he seemed like he was at peace. >> r polydescribes a light in the rm that seemed almost spiritual. and there was a light in that om. it's almost like the light -- >> yes. >> it was like we we in the il ht. thers two different lights in that room. the laser on the gun was one of those lights. the other light was, iwas a quiet -- it was like you were in a different world. >> ray she she felt god's presence. i have no w doubt that him in that room with us.
7:45 am
e> repor with all that loss, you still knowas in the room with you? >> i know god was in that room, yes. i know that we are all people and you feel the same pain and you feel the same so polly, for you, the idea, i would think that you would be livid, want revenge, want to just take the guy by the throat, you know? >> i was that way at first. but then i thought about felicia. felicia lost h son. i said, she could forgive. why are you so hard hearted, you can't forgive. th day on i had aettingdy someff the hook, but you're actually letting yourself if you keep it, there is no healing. u have to love each other. that's our second commandment. you have to love each other? >> yeah. >> repor jennifer, forgiveness doe come easy. no, it doesn't. e robs
7:46 am
you of your husband, i which what that man did, where are you always want to forgive and that's whate're taught. somes i feel like i teeter-totte but then i know it's the rig thing to do, is to forgive. it's what we've taughteaur girls.t them to hate. >> rep have you forgiven him? n extent, yes. >> rep not all the way? >> sometimes when i look at my girls, they won't have the father/daur dance,hehey won't ha down the aisle. i think about them and their future and what they are missing out. reporte felicia sanders ma for her granddaughter whe saved by laying over her body during the attack. i grieve for my granddaughte no 11-year-o child should be in combat. so i hav to be strong for her.
7:47 am
>> yes, you . >> and i understandhat wholeheart becau i have to -- you've got to be strong, you know? tiredon't you get sometimes of always being strongt tired? >> all the time. al the time. and it tells you in matthew 6, right after our father's prayer, youave to forgive others for you to be forgiven. we can go on, we can wear a il we can smile. >> ror the families and the victimor by president obama, who spoke at pickney's funeral. >> what a life clement pickney lived. when i sredent obama give the eulogy for your husband, iave toay, when he started singing.
7:48 am
>> grace. ♪ amazi grace ♪ ♪ amazing grace nd ♪w sweet the s ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ i once was lost ♪ but now i'm found ♪ was blind but now i see >> m goodness. >> wow. weren't they something? >> my goodness. yeah. >> i covered senator pickney years ago and managed to spend time shortly after sounds like shee a t of a ways where the two other women are? >> i think they all say forgiveness is a process.
7:49 am
yo monly and ste angry on friday. you'l wake up every morrg hear amazing grace the same way. personifying amazing grace. i didn't know you had such a we are going to have more on includina moment that really moved us. a gospelho performed amazing .race in that church. as a gospel choir singing amazin grace in that church. we'll be back. at carmax? that's a great question. if you'd stop in a monsoon to help someone change a tire, save a whale that had beached itself... you're gonna be ok big guy. push! lend a hand in an old-timey barn raising... you got it, jebediah! and if the middle school dance group was down one member and you'd step in and lead them all the way to glory... yes! then carmax is for you,
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7:53 am
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s. this is a nbc4 news break. >> 7:56s your time on this thursday, september 20th, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. right now we want to check in with mollie tibbetts and yourt4 fitraffi okay right now. a couple of problems. inner loop at little river left lane blocked. soc stopped, fatal crash n this morning. parkway a crash blocking the left lane. >> thank you. we wiltake a quickreak and .
7:57 am
7:58 am
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7:59 am
good morning. a deck of low clouds and fog is obje now. visibility down near zero in central virginia and parts of the shenl improve as temperat go from the upper 60s and low 70s now to the upper 70s and low 80s later today. not much in the of a rain chance today or tomorrow. a smallnce for rain on saturday. higher chances sunday and monday> thank you. forow, back t
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "tod supreme d. this morning republicans are givi supreme court nomt kavanau tomorrow to decide whether or t she will testify on capitol in. >> i would really want to see her. i really would want toee s what she has to say. >> we are live in washington with thees lt. give and break. we catch up with the 11-year- dr hearts as she opens up about pass heart and a new friend. said he is going to bring me on ndstage. >> we are ready for the stars. tiffany haddish is
8:01 am
stopping by fresh off her emmy win. abo her big night and big movie. and hugh jackman with big news on a special cause. toayy is thur september 20th♪, 2018. ♪ >> south carolina for our tenth anniversary. hi to our daughter. >> turning 40. >> good morning to my parents in fresno, california. and to our goodyear, arizona, we miss you! >> welcome back tohetoday." th rtt with us. a happy crowd outside. >> great crowd out there. >> let's get to your news at 8:00. o could potentially hold up the nomination of brett kavanaugh is
8:02 am
facing a deadline to testify or step aside. nbc white house correspondent kristen we with the latest. good mornin goog to you. the president and republicans are turning up the heat on christine d with the givingdiciary chairman ford a friday deadline to appear at the hearing. ford isn't backing down on her demands for an fbi investigatio this morning will she or won't she? that's t c after christine blasey said she wants the fbi to investigate her sexual assault allegation against judge brett kavanaughs a first step before she testifies in front of the senatr judicomm monday. president trp urging her to speak publicly. >> i'd really wan to see her. i really would want to see what she has to say. >> re her? >> he is such an outstanng man. very hard for me to imagine that anything happened. >> r and while standing by his nominee, mr. trump is
8:03 am
also hinting his support may not be ironclad. if she shows up and makes a credible showing, that will be very interesting and we'll have to make a decision. >> overnight blasey ford's attorne s with atement saying she is unable to go home, receiving ongoing threats, and arguing the rush to a hearing is unnecessary and contrary to the committee disco the tru. onef blasey ford's long-time friends says she has no reason to doubt her. she is not someone who makes thin this just a tremendously difficult decision f her both because of the nature of her experience and how private she >> rep kavanau has denied the sexual assault allegation from more than three decadesgo. the president signaling he has no plans to order an fbi investigatn even though he is the onlyne who can do it since it's ultimately a background
8:04 am
check for his no,nee. >> we it would seem that the fbi really doesn't do that. they haveti invted -- >> reporte they would if you asked them to. >> they haveti invted about six times before and it seems th there is precedent for the fbi steing into a supreme cot nomination process late in the game, and it's aet well known example. in 1991, fort george h.w. bh ordered an investig hill's allegations against sexual now justice clarence thomas. settg up a high stakes stand gow note.nother day. tomoraig will be in washington for an interview with former vice presid joe biden and his wife dr. jill heden. president is praising the recovery efforts of fema, first responders, and law enforcemt after his visit yesterday to the hurric his motorcade drove through north caro neighrh
8:05 am
where debris from flooded homes was piled outside. t meals at a baptist , embraced a little boy who askedor a hug. ine president told his audience the recovery will be long and assured that washington is. 100% with th a democrat is warning hackers with ties to the russian military are trying to break into their personal email accounts. email accounts of senators and their staff members. in a letter to his colleagues oregon senator ron wyden says a major techm h informed a theirac unts were targeted. the senate security office won't help because it only has the thority to protect official, not personal, accounts. ano be alive after a a bi train crash that was caught on. came her car got stuck when she accidental drove on to the tracks on wednesday outsidef miami. she got out, called 911 hoping asey could alert the next train, but it too late. that engine hit her car, pushed
8:06 am
it 500 feet down the tracks. there were 28 passengers on board the train. noboth either. > somet our mistakes get put under aic mroscope. other times they e painted in giant letters, like on the side of a jbo jet. travelers are posting pictures of this cathay pacific jet onth ground at hong kong internatiol airport.ey i guess senten a boost. we will give you another boos a so kids wan pet, but their parents aren't sure if they are rdy f that responsibi. two sisters in san diego have been begging for a dog for years, sots their par decided, you know what? it was time to surprise them with a puppy. >> look how freaked out the puppy is. he go.
8:07 am
>> the puppy is like, oh my .s okay, tha the reaction you want. e younger sister crying tears joy. they met the newest member of family. look at that s little girl. i love the puppy dashi back he i like, i'm > we have been talking about it all morning. little sofia sanchez, the girl who wonr drake, how she doing three weeks after she got her new heart. so, a headline mg roles nba superstar lebron james. details on that in popstart. of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates
8:08 am
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because helping people is what carmax people are all about. this morning on in depth today an update on a little girl o captured the world's hearts as she waited for one of her own. kate snow is here for the you remember sofia sanchez. she got attention when drake showed up in her hospitalan roo just three weeks ago she finally got a heart tnsplant.
8:12 am
w she h been released from the children's hosp to icago'd house. sofis having trouble getting her to stop fimoving. a sancz knows all about chalng. she captured our hearts with her now famous version of the "in my feel" challen dancing in the hospital to a song by her favorite singer drake while she waited for a new heart. >> please, please, ease, ply eyes and everything that led to this encounter gone viral. >> oh my god! >> you asked me to come. i'm here. >> r when you sai come visit me, drake, did you ever in a millk he would? >> not really. i had a tough morning. an then when he came surprisi. >> reporte and just look at her dance now with a new heart. sofia doesn't want todo slow . she is back to her old self.
8:13 am
>> r wt can you do now? around? >> walk. i talk. i can eat. ei can m -- >> reporte in the heart unit where she spent all summer she is an inspiration for her friends still waiting for i missed you. >> r sofia ended up here in january after her mom natalie she was really gray coloring. she was losing weight, not able to eight eat. t did they say? from doctor to >> asthma. one doctor said she had psychoisl es. >> her mother's intuition told her that wasn't right. she begged for more tests. was there a moment doctors said there is a real problem with her heart? >> i could tell the way the emergency doc came back in and she told me, you are y righ saved her life. >> r by the time she was admitted to the hospital, sofia's heart was pumping at
8:14 am
six days after meeting drake, her mom told her they had a heart donor. >> i am getting a heart, mom! babys, >> r and after a ni-hour surgery the new heart is pumping strong. i am happy because some surgeries could go wrong. i am happy this one didn't because i want to have a second n >> rep that's a whole new heart? >> yeah. >> rep she still has to wear a maskc in publi to avoid infections andhe takes medicine to stop her body fromr jecting the heart. she has kept in touch with drake. gave her an iphone to text him on his private number. he sf the hospital and i can go around more people, he said he is going bring me on stage and sing g. to me. >> rep whatre a you looking for to most? >> go back to school. say, hey everybody, i'm back! >> wow. she getting an avalanc of
8:15 am
love a. what does she think? >> they are overwhelmed. they a so thankful. wanted me to tell everybody f strangers for the for th gofundme that is up or $50,000 now. al for the donor. the heart donor. they would love to meet the donor's family at some point. >> yeah. and she is in the ronald mcdo house, a wonderful when does she get to go home? >> she wants to go d nghopg by halloween. e is g to play winter basketballguys wow! >> she wants to get back to cheerlea and gymnastics. could we give a sho out to mom? you kn what? a mother's intuition. she trusted her gut. she saved her daughter. it does. lumes. t you. over to you. thanks, guys. we have some rain in the southwest a even some flash flood watches. we have some tropical from an older tropical system,
8:16 am
the remnants producing pockets of heavier rain. three million people at risk for some flash flooding mostly across new hamps withze loca amoun of two to three inches of rain. over into the oklahoma central texas area we could also see about three to four inches as just some extra moisture is sitting around. severe storms possible through the upper maywest t hot and humid ahead of the in the 90s. it will feel l above 100. that look at the weather across the country. he is a peek out your window. good morning. i am meorologi chuck bel you can tell our skies are startingo brighten already hereto over washi give way to a these low cloud thirly decent amount of sunshine today. ker fog across parts of central virginia will take longt sunshin back tthere. degrees. 60s to afs in the upper 70s to near 80 drees. y again for your friday with >> and if you are heading out
8:17 am
you can find more of "today" on our sirius xm kmal 708. n to a feud facing the .o it has nothing do with the yankees, it or not. cars in the onge room with more on why -- never mind. i won't say that. myself.d les get to the stories. title for this e playing year, the banner for it was held ho than 48 hours after a baseball fan says thats he and sound this banner in a brown paper bag lying on mcgrath hshway. he s he crossed several lanes of traffic to pick up the precious cargo. than bring it to fenway where the red sox play they started nting its return. here is how he and his describes escribed the experience to the is fenway park. wlongs to the . how do have this? this belongs to the park.
8:18 am
t they are g t monster. yeah. the green >> we want to givet back to them because it belongs to them us. yeah. in resipcation, we would like, you know, maybe to go to a nice playoff game or we were looking for something. we just don't want to hand it over to them,ee right? d to negotiate here. we want -- >> i could watch that video all of course. >> i want to see them on a red carpet. social media users cannot get enough of those two guys. robtweeting, the dudes who found the red sox banner are so wicked. brad saying the red sox banner thing definitel reads like an episode of "seinfeld" with kramer a newman. they didn't get what they were looking for. e banner has gol go to the
8:19 am
ul owner. >> finding it in a paper bag? >> you don't cross the highway for a paper bag. >> not knowing what's in there. ye. >> i fell off a truck. > carson, popp?ton a disservice. >> kevin hart. he sat down with jimmy fallon to promote his movie night >> you know, a close friendf i'm very close to you. you may know him. dway the rock john. they are not going to believe i am here. watcs goingo be so pumped up that i'm here tonight, man. wait until he picks up. i know he will be pumped up about it. hold on. that's crazy. normally he picks up. i have his number.
8:20 am
you know dwayne like that? you got his he is not going to pick up. he is busy. you can try. he doubt he picks up the phone. he wouldave picked up for me. i'll going to text! >> greatomt there. kevin might have misread how close him and dwayne aually are. we are going to talk to kevin' in the next half hour. up next, another funny man, an reynolds working on his new action film. he took to his graham page to share what he loves most about working with the famous di. t par a lot of people say the action. for me it's the stillness, you ? the quiet you get lost in the characters.
8:21 am
icely done! six underground it set to come out sometime in 2019. big news for space jam fans. the original came out in '96.of course, starring nba legend michael jordan and your favorite looney tune characters. well, the sequel gets a star, of course. oh! >> lebron only one who co it. >> this is why he went to the lakers. and there is the picture that eey put out of locker room that he shares with bugs bunny and lebron's name was posted there. s not been released. the movie 2019 is the goal. that's your popp. perfect pick. > speaking of mo release of "a star is born." the emotional trailer made the rounds online. already viewed by more than
8:22 am
s own.maion people on youtu several s surfacing on social media. the latest o featuring noner - ♪ >> tt too some time. >> yes. they went all in. the movie title is a is born. >> cute. awes >> all right. > just ahead, are you ready? >> we are ready. >> we are ready. emmy wner tiffany haddish will
8:23 am
be here. we can't wait to catch up with her. first, your local news. >> maybe we could try to call dwayne on facebook. i bet tiff.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
this is a nbc4 today good morning. 8: on this ursday, september 20th. let's start with a look at the roads. aklissa mo has your first4 trg a look inner loop after little river tyke a disabled lane and causing delays there. the beltway looking typical for the of morning, slow in the normal spots. inbound med t right lanes. and upper marlboro northboun -- or four, i should say, near statute land parkway, a crash er wwill have a .
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. these low clouds and fog will be leaving us shortly. thicker fog down across the central parts of virginia, shenando valley, t ling a littger to get the sunshine back. it will turn into a pleasant day to be outside. upper 60s and low 70s now. we will be back abovete 80 degrs this afternoon. that's pretty good weather for
8:29 am
mid-to-le september. another day in the 80s coming our way for tomorrow. chance for more local news in about 25 minute
8:30 am
it is 8:30. it's thursday morning. it's the 20th of september. great crowd out here. and made even greer because a couple of hughs are here. the global citizens festival is coming up and they have some great stars. so we are going to tell you about it. good music. great cause. all right. oing to gotm an awesome crow have to wrestle savannah for this one. we saw a sign that said "cute baby" ove here. i can't. 3 months old?hs old? >> yes. this is hannah. oh, my gosh. high, little will you c to me?
8:31 am
>> don't steal that mawos baby. >> oh! >> okay. you just made our w. >> hannah, hannah! >> we are . >> hi, hannah, you want to see .ama? y'all, tha hi, big girl. okay. th is our favorite moment of the day. thank you, hannah. thanks, guys, for sharing her with us. >> tha you. oh! >> i l >> so much fun for hannah. >> every time we looked at her she was like, give me mommy.
8:32 am
>> tiffany haddish is in the house. going to be here fresh off that emmy win. she has goe a to catch up wit> the irwin fam a brand new show to tell us about. of course, they brought some wild frien be in my office. >> is that a snake? >> what? >> is think it wa a snake. >> you will find out. >> that's your segment. >> all right.ea and wer? >> and much, much cooler out here feels like fall. >> lots of clouds. feeling like fall for parts o n thetheast. g to stay on the cooler side as we start off the week 75 tree new york city. scattered s s for the interior northet on friday. heavy rain starts to build into oklahoma and down into texas where we could see two tohree inches of rain. on saturday it stays warm and dry in the southwest. a little bit unsettled in the pacific northwe much, much cooler through areas like c and indianapolis. temp only in the 60s
8:33 am
low 70s on saturday in the northeas a chance of flooding through thenississippi riv and stay in place. still looking at showers a storms, warm and dry out west, and cool through the great lakes. in the lower 70s end of september, so it's just starting to feel like it. that's look at the weather across the country. > low clouds are going to clear up andemperatures will jump up. put on f smiley fac the rest of your thursday. upper 60s and low 70s now. we will be in the upp 70s to around 80 degrees for highs to you bea bound for the weekend, f and sat ll be the nicest of t three days at the beach. and if you are headed for the mountains, friday and saturday also the nicest in the mountns as well. cool and showery in the mountains over the weekend. it will be kind of rainy a. a simple message out here.s. do good thing i love that. what's your name?
8:34 am
>> cor meet you and see your , b to you. >> thank you so much. well, we brought evans. ig actor hugh jackman they are teaming up for the global citizens festival, a star-stu convert aiming end extreme poverty by 2030. you have outdone yourself this year. ever year this is an amazing event. but this year it seems like you have upped it anothernotch, haven't you? >> janet jackson. the wkend. cardi b. sean mendez. hugh jackma. >> are you going to sing and dance? >> i don't it's a special coupl surprises the way. >> such an incredibl festival. you can't buy a ticket? this is for a good cau. expln how it works. citizens have to take action.
8:35 am
gom to he the global festival for free. this weekend if you go to columbia circle we haveur last rally. we a giving away a thousand s this saturday. and every year for the last seven years hugh jackman and his wife have been incredible festi. but hugh is onef thoseeople who really, really leads from the fro and heet up his own fair trade coffee initiative call laughingth man. first initiative in the world that is both fair trade, fully recyclable, and every part gihis back. i he is making such an of ct. and it's a great cup that's my neighborhood. reall? >> it's awesome. thank you for. honestly, the reason i am a host is i'm finally -- of all the things i do, perhero, my daughter, can you get me into the global citizens festiv you o thank >> have you been surprised how
8:36 am
this has caught on and become so big? >> well -- >> you probably have. i haven't. i have been totally surprise every month taking obal action. i remember when you came here andn this was a idea in your head. yo saide have this incredible idea. i remember thinking, how is he going to pull this off? bigger has it gotten from the first to the one that's upcoming? >> this year, togetheryo with e and jay-z, we are taking it to africa to celeb nelson you have great partners ry. like citi to be our presenting partner, theserehings we of.p i remember our first event hugh's house eight or ago. aki you b the talent? hey, the week end? >> it's unlike anything else.
8:37 am
60,000, 70 peopl their way to be there. he is being humble. hugh is the -im when i met when he was literally 8 years old. no, a that. he said i want to end extreme poverty in my lifetime, and ied beli congrats. y'all are doing it. thank you for yourrsmazing partnd thanks for the ozzie hour. i just met the little baby kangaroo,s whoso called hugh. it's weird. >> i was born in australia. i thought we were high-fiving. ? >> in melbourne. to the kangaroo. thank you so much, guys. the global citizen festival this satuu can watch it liveg start 3:00 p.m. eastern/12 pacif on > loo who is here. our girl tiffa haddish. uh-huh, uh-huh. but first, this is "today" on nbc. where is y.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
you people are having a better year than tiffany haddish. sh just won an emmy. she hosted the mtv movie and tv wards. she fulfilled her dream of meeting oprah and it's only september. you forgot, hello,he new movie, too. she plays a tea ter trying help adult.s. r toughest student a high scho dropout played by kevin ha what isoing on with you at the board anyways? >> nothing. nothing? >> no, i wasn't prepared. if y the work, drop the class. >> hey, i'm gonna do t work. you'll see we'll see. superb. will. ex good. >> you andin k on screen
8:41 am
rs of all, we want to say that we ready. >> yeah. >> we ready! ready, ready, ready! >> wait, by the way, we love saying it, we don't know why we are saying it. good, we would be, she came ouu ready. if you didn't look good, she not ready. get it together. we i s taking it as i'm rt ready for success, ready to win in life, ared to get thiy to li ready for whatever. you are ready. now the world is ready for you. we got to see you at the emmys. twirling.u twirl 60 times. weae so much fun. it reminded me of elementary a good times d bright lights. you said it in that little
8:42 am
time we got to spend together, you like, i imagined this. like i -- you feel like you kind of manifested your >> yeah. like i feel like my mind is so powerful like i can plan out s hhat much mess already. if you think positive and focus on the good, you can have all of that. forget about the rest part. that the part i got to start me tati. slee is good. >> who was the first told you wer good? >> and that i got it? my drama teacher. the one that taught me how to read good and all that. thee was probably the first that i can remember. moviei c picture you and kevin hart in the same movie. he plays more thejokey person. you are more the straight man. tell us about you two together us together on screen is really funny. i feel like we even each other out, like we both have high energy. when we're together, it's
8:43 am
like really cool how we plaof of each other and kind of like, it's like a wave, like it flows perfectl you know? and his character is this little hustler th and like bring me tad figure out how to get over on me and pass him through, and i that play i dot in real life either. yoe not going to work me did you improv or did they let you loose? >> there was a lot that was in the script. there are certain moments we got to play improv, which is really fun. i think the most funniest moments. we saw you on the emm. you went in there. there?s it like in was g you dreamed? should mention that. >> when i went in there, first off, everyone was so beautiful. looked really great. all i could keep thinkg is what did they look like before they got in here? before they put onheir makeup
8:44 am
and everything. what did they look like? i wonder. i t with angela bassett and present with her was amazing. you know, it was -- everybody was back there liken jus i was part of the cool kids. meeting oprah, what was that like? >> meeting oprah, i almost peed on myself. i wa like, i couldn't believe this was happening because, like, i hear her in my head n telling me i can do it and don't give up. and like, i don't know, i hearr so when i'm trying to mak hear any, you know that's she was. i am like, girl, you k you be in my dreams i can do better? it was just really amazing. she sent me flowers not too long ago. i was like, she sent me flowers! i am trying to figure out how to
8:45 am
lysol, trying to keep them h you would never leave. yo the best. >> hire me. >> if oprah says yes. thu so much, it's "night sc" from universal pictures. it hits theaters next friday, sept28. next, things are about to get the n family is here. they have speci guests. fi
8:46 am
i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
8:47 am
hard to believe it's bmon than two hard to bee mo it's been two de steve irwin was a household name. they are returning to animal plan with a new show called crickey it's the irwins. 12 years after steve's passing. teri irwin is here with robert, ngbindi. go mor irwins.
8:48 am
>> good morning. and we brought a very special gu to jp right into that? jump right into the possum. >> he is so cut so little avril is gorgeous. possums.ur we don't have them in australia. so we feel very lucky to have them here at the moment. you are a wildlife warrior. you are wearing your gro proud >> i knew you were coming. the possum can play dead,ht r . so she will, if she is scared of e she has been run pen her mouth over by a car. and then i whatever after her goes, oh well, that's not much fun, and moves on. it's a great defense. she is our only pouched mammal. so in australia, a has but here we've just got the d she is a fheend ever garden because she loves to eat slugs and snails. >> oh? >> they are very specia so sweet. by the way, i don't know if
8:49 am
anyoneouas ever told this, you look and sound like your fathn that before? >> yeah, i have, actually. for me that is the biggest complime i could receive. we're really passionate about is continug his legacy and his wildlife work. tell me about the new show. what's it going toe like? >> we are so excited. crickey, it's , the irwins. >>nslate that. >> crickey is wow or golly gosh it's your birthday, you say crickey. you stubbed your toe, you sayic crkey. dad's favorite word. this show is action packed. we have lots of littlero kan like this little joey that will be featured on the show. it's all aboutn continuing o in dad's. footsteps this is a red kangaroo.rt. this is actually an australi animal. so we have so many kangaroos i australia. e kangaroo is the largest.
8:50 am
the biggest macro pod in the world. they are the sweetest little animals. they a called joey when they are little. they have those big ears, the cutest little eyes. >> he won't bite me? >> no. he is very swee just discoveri >> what's her name? >> nelly. >> shes very cute. look at her. and what's so sweet is she is going to grow up to be a lot biggr fluffy. have the sweetest personalit so you can willky to have them in our backyard. at australia zoo, you can love on them. we are so, so blessed. for ourext animal, we come on in, guys. iends in. >> a hugean of the ostrich. that's great. >> wow. wait, what is that? >> this a is ostrich. this is gisele theri o.
8:51 am
tiffany is here. this is a little baby ostrich. she sweet? >> yes. listeno thanoise. >> that's it. that's perfect. careful. >>e the babies make. it's a happy sound. >> well, y know, i saw kevin last night very afraid. yes, that was a lot of fun. >> but i am an animal >> listen >> awesome. >> she doesn't like my outfit. >> tell me about this one here. >> abs oh! look at tiffany going in. >> the rainbow boa. reggie is super sweet. if you would like to give him a little pet, or even hold. you are amazi.
8:52 am
>> hey! >> good on >> well do. you're amazing! >> are you comfortabt'? >> t awesome. well done. >> fantastic. and look, he keeps stickin his ngue out because he is smelling you, going i love you so much. you are am >> thank you all so much. tiffany, thank you as well for stic around. cry it's the irwins october 28th on animalt. plane cric in a moment. i this"tke
8:53 am
8:54 am
we are weback. ave some sad news to share.
8:55 am
we just want to share a moment for r beloved colleague marg ko passed away this week. he was an institution at nbc. he started as a college intern in t '8060 he was hired a a copy boy in 1979. most of his years were spent in the washington bureau, he covere everything, fromn to thn la 12 he transferr to the mii bureau. he was a top journalist, he could tackle any story no matter th subject. for the today show alone, he produced more than 2,300 a sharp wit, infectious laugh. he was a dear friend to all of us. and we will sorely him. i feel so lucky bo work with and i have to say a mis he saved me. i alw s say,mark, you made it
8:56 am
so i could sleep at night. i would write my and hand it t and he was up all night making sure everything was perfect and correct. he was everyone's friend., at his eye he is full of love and joy and was a great friend and colleagu we wish his family the best and we loved him. we give our best to our colleagues who will missevim y single day. we are back in a moment. 8:56 is the time on this thursday, september 20th, 2018. we want to start with a check on the roads with melissa mollet and your first4 traffic. >> good morning. inner loop of the beltway express lie l lane there. southbound the key bridge. northbound before the beltway
8:57 am
left lane is getting by that crash. thank you. we w l ta check yo.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. our city camera looking eastbound towar capitol hill from the arlington area. u can see a lot of clouds overhead. that camera were facing the other directire is a decent amount of sunshine acros. thick fog in parts of the shenandoah valley. in the uppero arou 70 around town right now and it's g to be a very pleasant day to be outside today. s in the upper 70s and low 80s. return to sunshine later today. a nice day. saturday's outdoor plans are probably safe. sunday's outdoor plans, not so much. >ge you. the latest news and weather any time in the nbc wash
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