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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 23, 2018 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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five hours. itat definitely not fair t we have to go through these medical expenses. >stvery fting. school is stressful. so it kind of is not thethest g ever. >> reporter: they are hiring contractors to clean each room and putting dehumidifiers in the hallways and replacing the furniture. he school says the recent rain and high humidity have made the mold worse. as students braved the rain n today, it' lost on them the school year just started. >> it's moving all over ahaain. we to pack up all of our stuff. it's not delightful. >> reporter: cleaning is being done floor by floor over the next few weeks. mendez worries she could have heath problems longterm. >> you look forward to your college experience and starting a new life and being an adult. having to deal with something like this, it dampens your experience a little bit. >> reporter: the school says students should expect to be atl the hoseveral days. they will get a free shuttle service to and from campus. we asked the school about
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those health complaints that you just heard the university said students should visit their doctor or the school's health center. switching gears now. the redskins are about to get a break, and they are not broken. it'a bye week and weekend off for the redskins after a bie win today the packers at fedex field. dave has the team's response. gee, i wonder what they had to say? >> as you mentioned, they needed this. last week's home opener felt more like an endthan a beginning. the 21-6 loss to the colts. this afternoonekwith the bye w on the way, the redskins seemed to reintroduce themselves to the 2018 season, thenant and decisive cishaerctti tcsath win >>ainst the cardinls were on display. d.j. square squaringer. going dee and he has his man. wow. smith going deep.
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goes into the end zone forhe first touchdown. richardson as a redin. burgundy and gold 7-0. aaron rodgers hoping for late magic. comes.s fabian monroe strips thel footb and the redskins defense comes away with it. yeah, the redskins beat the packers 31-17. a much needed win after last week's disappointment. >> that probably was the worst game i have been a part of last ek, and, you know, for guys to bounce back and come in ready to you know, it shows the guys are rezel yent. it was a goo collective effort today. >> hey,oming up in news4 sports, more including a special honorary captain. we have a redskins final on the we migh all night. gay. we are just getting started. our second win. >> all right.
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okay. we are feeling it now. see you back here in a few minutes. speaking of sports, there are sports cohebacks and there is tiger woods. many of you saw him win his first tournament in five yearse re news4 at 6:00 thisev ening. woods was electric. he won the tour championship in atlanta. the crowds were incredible. following his every swing. the win was his 80th pga tour victory. those crowd shots are just incredible. the first celebrity criminal case connected to the "me too" era is coming to a close. tomorrow bill cosby will be entenced in a pennsylvania courtroom. this spring a jury found him guiltyof sexually assaulting a woman inme his more than a decade ago. cosby is facingar 30 which could amount to a life sentence for the 81-year-old. the defense willel l bring up his age, health problems, as well as his legacyand
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philanthropy to try to get a lighter sentence. > a loc couple says they were attacked because of who they are. now lice are investigating disturbing example of whathe victims are calling a hate crime. and you will hear from a d.c. firefighter you saw rescue a woman on live a woman on live how that woman is giving thanks
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you need me to watch the van? no, i'm good! you deserve the best. get fios, the most awarded network. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. th the u.s. coast guard north carolina following hurricane florence. the coast guard released a new report tonight saying that they rescued 258 people and 250 pets
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in the state. this is video from some of the those rescues. florence dumped about 36 inches of rain in parts of the state. meanwhile, the mayor of a towni canada says his community looks like a war scene. two tornados touched down outside the capita of ottawa on friday. here is that dramatic video w showed you last night at 11:00. incredibly, nobody was killed. forecasters say of the tornados was an ef-2. a second an ef-3 which can aproduce windswhere from 136 to 165 miles per hour.>> back here at home d.c. police are investigating a possible hate crfter two guy men were beaten on u streetg we are not shoheir faces at their request. according to the police reporta thisened sunday night at u and new hampshire avenue. the menell us a car came along and the people inside started yelling homophobiclurs before getting out and attacking them.
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the victims recounted the viciousness of the attack to news4's derrk ward today. >> there was a lot of blood everywhere. and then i got to the emergency room and then the next thing i kind of remember is them putting stitches in my lip. kind of trying to oient me to make sure that i was all right. >> please call police if you have any information about that attack. so this raging fire tore through a senior apartment complex in southeast d.c. and you saw that inferno play out live on news4, including the precise moment when that roof couldn't take the heat and it collapsed. it was really one of the most moving images right here when a firefight was rescuing a wom from the fourth floor.ou fate t them together that day. today they shared even other's company for a differe reason,
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and cameras captured their special reunion. >> reporter: this was the scene last wednesday,ire engines racing to the inferno at the arthur cap ra senior cplex in southeast. >> everybody just started making rescues. firemen, marines. >> reporter: 21-year-old fireman davon mccray explains how he got to work. >> he came up to me. he was like, come on man, we got to get this lady out of the window. t> reporter: this him helping an elderly woman of her fourth floor apartment, flames raging above. miss betty carter was scared. >> she was panicking a little bit. i am not going to let nothing happen to you. >> reporter: mccray was good on his word. before the roof caved, mrs. th carter another residents were safe. today missarter dropped by engine company 6 to bring mccray a thank you card for saving her life.
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mccray is the son of late lieutenant kevin mccray who died in theine of duty in 2015. mccray says he knows his dad would have been proud. >> i want everybo i to kno wasn't just me. i was up up there on theladder, but it was a team effort. the whole department played a factor. she wasn't the only reotue. er people were making rescues. i happened to be at the right place at the right time. >> reporter: a special bond forged by fire. >> she is a sweet young lady. i will never forget miss carter. >> fire officials believe that fire started in t attic. residents say they didn't hear or see smoke alarms goinf. of that, too, is still under in>stigation. he majestic sounds of or began musicyi p inside a church thanks to a generous gift fromou another of worship. ♪ >> calvary presbyterianhurch
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in alexandria dedicated their new organ. it was given to t gem as aft from arlington presbyterian, which is shutting down, and no loger needed there. calvary is a small church and couldn't afford to buy a new one. all right. turning to the weher. in falling down in college park tonight. emile a draper saysore is on the way. >> tomorrow looking very much like today. weill have rain at times. it's cool and it's going to be a little bit breezy at times for your monday as well. today was the coolest day in our area since april 29th. so definitely feeling very much like fall for the first official day of the se not just rain in the forecast on monday. i have rain chances in th forecast tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. i don't keep it cpletely dry until friday, and with all that rain we are going to be watching for the potential for some isolated flooding out there, not a huge threat, because for the
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most part well continue to track light rain showers especially throughout the day tomorrow. take a look here is 6:00 a.m. seeing patchy drizzle, fog otherwise overcast skies. a damp and cool start to the day. it stays damp throughout the day. 10:00 a.m. still some areas of rain and areas of light rain continue into the afternoon and evening hours. so you are dealing with wet roads to and from work. this is tuesday morning heading into work around 5, 6, 7:00 a.m. notice rain across the area. also notice foe fut weather painting out the rain to the north and west of washington. throughout the dayu onday the best chance for rain is going to be north and west of the d.c. and metro area. for tomorrow we start off the day at 61 degrees. we rm to a high of 68. that's about ten degrees below normal for this time of ar. 7:00 in the evening we are at 67 degrees. currently, ourtemperatures for the most par arpart are in the
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60s, 55 leesburg, 64 degrees right now in the district. at the bus stop for the kids on monday some fog is possible with some light showers as well. tomorrow is one of those days wheref you can take them to the bus stop in the car, that might be something nice. cess likely indoors. the after school activities indoors as well. they are outside, kids willme be coming hoith muddy gear. here is your storm team4 ten-day forecas 78 for a high temperature on tuesday. so we are warmer. we are also more humid as well. about a 60% chance forrain. the best chance of rain on tuesday is north and west of some scattered late day showers and thunderstorms on wednesday. so most of theis day dry. it's humid and feeling more like summer with a high of 8 lower humidity and cooler tuesday with the chance for some scattered showers at abut 40% keeping friday and next weekend, erika, completely dry.xt right now weekend looking really nice. highs around 80 and plenty of
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sun. still ahead, more on the ce redskins back win against the packers. plus, call it a coback. tiger woods back to rock star status. our rock star, ve johnson, and yes i am being paid to say that, yes i am being paid to say that, is coming up next in sports.
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yes i am being paid to say that, is coming up next in sports. (music throughout)
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desk. >> that that breezes wisking around the beltway from the redskins pendulum. the ndency of situation to oscillate between one extreme and another. yes, the momentum is now with the redskins. as bad as last week's loss the colts was, that's how good
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this week's win over the packers is. once again energy collided with execution. hey, look who's there. wirds star john walsy. training camp starts this week. now, to the game. first quarterex al smith finds paul richardson. makes the catch. goes in for the score. first touchdown as a redskin fon richard they are up 7-0. later in the qrter first and goal for the skins. alyssa pree adrian peterson makes it look rushed for 120 yards, two e.uchdowns in the g the redskins are rolling. they kept it going. remember that energy ecution? second quarter smith the pass to crowder. redskins out to a 21-3 lead. green bay aaron rodgers, rodgers hoping to have some magic. finds randall. he loses the football. redskins all over it. fabi fabian monroe with the redskins beat the packers 31-17.
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hey, with a look at what's coming up on redskins final. >> happiness continue to flow on redskins final. we fi the motivation that awoke a sleepi offense. a aip adriterson tells us why he is right where he wants to be. you might be surprise at alex smith's reaction. all that and more on redskins final in a few minutes. we will see you then. >> this is so good to hear. tiger woods is officially back.d entetonight's final round of the tour championship with the lead and he didn't let if go. on 13, woods with the birdie putt. this one falls right in the cup and he goes up byl five. k at this. the walk to the green on 18. a sea ofng fans follotiger, hoping to see history. this is what happens when goes out in public, too. we understand that. fans everywhere. both of them rock stars, of
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course. woods hoping to reward them on 18. otrying to finish the birdie. oh, the ball not on the mark. woods safe. needs to tap it in for the win, and he does. tiger woods wins the tour championship, his first win in 1,876 days, 80th career pga tour rin. look at that crowd for erika and amelia. >> it started hitting me that i was going to win the tournament. i started tearing up a little bit. i just can't believe i pulled this off after, you know,he wha eason has gone through. it's been tough, youadnow. i have not so easy couple of years. i worked my wayit back. hard to believe i won. >> great to see that ♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪
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that's our news for tonight. redskins final is coming up next. next. wak
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♪ ♪ he's got time, down themi ddle for richardson. and into the end zone! a redskins touchdown! >> i-formation. adrian peterson into the e zone for a redskins touchdown!hr >> t receivers out to the right. caught. crowder. touchivown! best of the year. >> hey, that's the way to start your monday. here we go. i'm dave johnson and this is ""redskins final"." you kow, after thenixed results in the first two weeks
11:58 pm
of redskins season, there was concern that win overinhe cardinaleek one was kind of a false start. now it loks like that anxiety over last week's loss to the cos might have been a false alarm. th restored the running game and the faith of the fans in the 31-17 win. this week's highlights brought you b the virginia lottery. 30 years of fun. we're game for the redskins. >> next week, the game of the redskins, john wall honorary captain. last year getting on alex smith for not throwing deep, right? fourth play of the game, there you go. paul richardson is going to make thech, get up, goes in for t score. 46 yard touchdown. richardson's first touchdown with the rskins. up 7-0. now later in the quarter first and goal for washington, adrian peterson makes ito easy. peterson 120 yards, rushing two touchdowns in the game. and the redskins not done.
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second quarter myth to crowde nine yard td. nice slam dunk. his first of the year. the redskins up 21-3. how to fight back.the pack kow erte inro the quartedgers wide open. nimo alison, this is 64 yards for the sc one of two touchdowns for rodgers. the packers creeping back in this. now 28-17. sains late in the third alex smithed by clay mathis. but flagged for roughing the passer. he can't believe it. not the first time it happened in this season. a questionable call. plenty of talk around the nfl. we will hear from th players coming up in the locker room. mikemccarthy was upsn'. i even say his name. that's the understatement of the year. he was mad. fourth quarter rodgers and green bay dow 11, try to come back. comes the pass. he loses it. theoeedskins mo able to
12:00 am
strip dorman with the recovery and the redskins get it done, beat the packers 31-17. more from a good day at fedex field. >> reporter: theiroughest opponent yet in front of skeptical fans, the redskins responded, booed off the field last week. a convincing1-17 win over a team like the packers feels just like what the doctor ordered. the redskins blasting off, striking fast and first. last week's ugly loss to the colts the redskinsailed to find the end zone. against the packers washington scoring four touchdowns in the iirst half. hink we had a strong half. we came out and executed. jay wanted to be aggressive early. it worked for us. good to jump out on ali team that early. >> we didn't play our best ball last week. we understood. e are better than that.
12:01 am
we went back to the drawing board. >> reporter: the redskins' heoffense made t packer defense look like swiss cheese. the pass game just an appetizer. alex smith threw for the fewest yards this ason, but his 46 yard touchdown to paul richardson set the table. green bay got a hardy helping of adrian peterson scoring two touchdowns and eclipfong 100 yardthe 52nd time in his career. >> people say guys can't ou it over 30,now. only thing i try do is be an example to let people know that, hey,n. you c you can be wild about the age, but it's a.p. so you can't en be surprised when he has a performance like this. >> so used to seeing him, i mean, it's like everyday life to me. he doesn't get off, il be a little more concerned. >> he did a great job of, y know, trying to spread it around a little bit tay. you know, get, you know,
12:02 am
different players involved. e to nkthat if we conti do that in the first half, we will be good. >> reporter: bac with a vengeance, the defense sacked aaron rodgers four times. they created a crucial turnover. fabiane monro strip fumble seals the team's first win this season. >> a huge play. changed the momentum in the gamc andpletely gave the ball ba to the offense to run the four-minute offense. can't ask for nothing better than that from the defense. >> bouncg back. oooking adversity in the face and knowing wh we are and getting back to what we really do. >> it's not the scheme that you know, that you can laugh at. we here to win. we here to win the question. that's the main goal. try we get the division, we to get to the playoffs and make a run to the super bowl. we are going to keep working, man. th >> reporter: burgundy and gold capitalize on the packe penalties. of their 11, none bigger than
12:03 am
clay tmaews' collision with alled for roughing the passer? >> i have been playing this game 20 years. i play tackle. so, we'll see. i mehi, som's got to change because, you know, the league is not -- and these are big plays. glad i don't pla defense. you talk about strike zone with the quarterbacks. it's kind o the shoulders, the head and the knees when we are in the pocket. it's tough. he played a long time. he hit me right in the strike zone. >> i amor y. i am glad we got it, but ain't a flag. >> the defender? > pray to god, i guess. >> reporter: redskins thankful for the call and heading in the bye week with a win. from fedex field, sherree burruss, "redskins final". >> the redskins get the win. still to come on "redskins final" we will go around the league. ray-ray returns to baltimore.
12:04 am
carson wentz returns to philadelphia. plus, a top ten pick overcomes a hurdle. hey, don't go anywre. we are just leaping into th show. redskin final comes back after the break. you're watching "redskins final" on nbc4 brought to you by fedex. possibilities. what we deliver by deliverying. d by
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