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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 28, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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breaking news tonight, the fbi background stigation of brett kavanaugh reopened. the vote delayed as the feds dive into the sexual assault allegations against the supremurt nominee. the dramatic reversal playing t on live tv. nators and president trump forc to bow to a last-minute demand. >> this country is being ripped apart here and we got to make sure that we do due dilige >> a key republican senator's change of heart coming after this confrontation with a sexual assault survivor. 'm>> look at me when talking to you. you're telling me it doesn't matter. >> mark judge, the alleged other man in the room says he will cooperate. we have late reactiofr dr. christine
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blasey ford and judge kavanaugh himself. also breaking, a new facebook breach. an attack hitting up to 50 million users. what everyone on facebook needs to know. horror in paradise, a massive earthquakeggers a tsunami. washing homes away. people running for their lives. what authorities are calling a major terrorist plot foiled. the takedown caught on camera. they are calling it a miracle in pae fic. a crash landing and water rushing into the plane. how everyone on board made it out alive.> d my revealing conversation with john legend on making history and taking a stand. >> announcer: this is nbc nightly news with lester holt. good evening, everyone. we start here tonight with breaking news. republicans tonight forced to hit the brakes on the brett kavanaugh supreme court confirmation. tr and presidenp now directing the fbi to reopen the investigation into kavanaugh's background and christine asey ford's claims following a day of high drama in the senate judiciary committee.
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an agreement of an up to one-week delay urs after the committee voted to advance kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation to the senate but a surprise last-minute deal through the ul outcome of a confirmation vote into doubt. our coverage begins with peter alexander. >> reporter: lester, good evening. after president trump for days argued the do fbn't do these types of investigations, he is now ordering them to do just that tonight supplemental investigation into brett kavanaugh as his nomition moves to the full senate. tonight, brett kavanaugh's roller coaster cotion ngattle taking another stunurn. senate republicans abruptly reversing course calling for a new fbi backgrou investigation limited to current credible allegations to be ater leted no than one week from today. a move democrats have been demanding for days. republicans finally pressured to give in by one of their own. >> this country is in ripped apart
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here and we've got to make that we do due diligee. >> reporter: the drama kicking off this morning with arizona senator jeff flake a crucial swing vote announcing he was yes on kavanaugh but on his way to vote confronted by two women accusing him after dismissing the survivors. assault >> look at me when i'm talking to you. you're telling me it what happened to me doesn't matter and you're going to let people who do these orhings into power. >> rr: meanwhile inside that hearing, senators clashing. i strongly object. this is just totally ridiculous. >> reporter: several democrats storming out of the room. >> i don't think we protected the innocent very well yesterday and i certainly don't think that we're doing it today. >> this has never been about the truth. ab this has beet delay and destruction. thnd if we reward this,
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it iend of good people wanting to be judges. >> reporter: but then lay and confusion. flake disappearing huddling privately with his friend democrats chris coons before the stunning breakthrough. >> i do think that we p can have a shose and make sure the fbi can investigate. >> reporter: the president asked about the senate dl and thursday's emotional hearing. >> i thought her testimony was very compelling, and she like a very fine woman to me. very fine woman. and i thought that brt's testimony like wise was somethingha n't seen before.
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>> have you thought about a replacement for judge kavanaugh? >> not even a little bit. >> reporter: undecided senators signed onto the delay for the bai ground investigation. >> i think it was a good step today. >> reporter: christine wy blasey ford's praising the move but saying no artificial limits for time and scope should be igmposed. late t kavanaugh who has denied all allegations responding noting he's been interviewed by the fbi and under oath by the senate. writing, i've done everything they have ll requested and continue to cooperate. peter alexander, nbc news, the capitol. i'm kristen welker at the white house with the president ordering the fbio der the background check into judge kavanaugh, we're seearning about witnthe agents may talk to including kavanaugh's high school friend mark judge who said he's ready to talk. his lawyer telling nbc news, if asked to speak to the fbi he would. in my experience an fbi interview is always confidential. ford testified judge was in the room when kavanaugh allegedly sexualssaulted her.
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>> mark seemed to be urging brett on and at times telling him to stop. a couple os i made eye contact with mark and thought he might try to help me. but he did not. >> reporter: later saying she bumped into him at a safewayeeks ter the alleged attack. >> i said hello to him, and his face was white and very uncomfortable saying hello back. >> reporter: in his book, judge wrote he worked as a bag boy at the local supermarket in 1982. the book called "wasted" details his struggle with addiction. >> mark judge was a ghfriend of ours in school who developed a very serious drinking problem and addiction lem that lasted decades. >> reporter: judge has denied ford's accusations writing again overnight i never saw brett act in the manner dr. ford scribes. meanwhile, agents may
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talk to the two other witnesses ford says were at the alleged party. have said they do not remember such a gathering. still up in the air, the scope including how ma people can be interviewed, how many agents will be involved, and whether ot her allegations will be investedied.ged.aed.ted. >> the fbi needs to be permitted to use every tool in its tool box in this investigation without constraint in my past i have seen nominees reinterviewed and reinrviewed again. i have seen polygraph texams offered. >> rep one thing we do know, the report won't offer hard conclusions, just information to senators to consider weighing their critical decision. the former fbi agent we spoke with said it o may be tough a truly thorough investigation in one week but the fbi's inquiry into the anita hill allegation took three days. lester? >> kristen welker, thank you. whiplash in the halls of the capitol where things went fromy hu to hurry up
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and wait. kasie hunt has been chasing senators down he all day into evening. what are you hearing right now? >> reporter: it's been whiplash because capitol hill is in a holding pattern while potentially new heinformation from t fbi and behind closed ca doors, repub senators undecided, susan collins, lisa murkawski and flake might be hearing what judge is telling them. the reality is politics is still g go play a big role in the decision for undecided republicans and to potentlly for joe mansion up for reelection in deep red west virginia. lester? > to the white house, hallie jackson outside the west wing. i can imagine they are huddled to play this out where this leads. what are you hearing? >> reportel you what, lester, there is a growing sense of dread among allies i've been talking over what could happen in the next week, whether more time might shift public op
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ion away from brett kavanaugh but tonight the president remains firmly behind his pick. the west wing seemed caught off guard by all of the last-minute drama th gone down over the last six hours although many people here have been ywuspicious of jeff flake , him and the president had bad blood since the campaign. one interesting point, overall of this, the president ordered to the fbi his relationship with that ofgency, one he's accuseotal bias in the long-running feud. >> hallie jackson, thank you. beyond the s allegations ual assault, some observers are raising questions about judge kavanaugh's demperament going beyoending himself and attacking democrats. some wondering if that could compromise his ability toe an effective supreme court justice. we get that from pete williams. >> reporter: brett kavanaugh's attack on how the democrats have handled his confirmation over what
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he said are completely baseless accusations is unpreed in modern times lee called it a circus. >> fd with apparent pinup anger about president trump and th2016 election, revenge on behalf of the clintons. >> reporter: it was even hasher than what clearance thomas said a about the anll hearing. >> it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way dare to think for themselves. >> reporter: some legal experts say judge kavanaugh's focomments fightin his own nomination did not violate jucial ethics about staying out of politics and even if the allegations are true, kavanaugh could no nger be prosecuted for them but they will likely hang over him if he's confirmed as asthey have for thom >> kavanaugh's
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performancmight earn him a seat on the court but it absolutely damaged his reputation as a judge. >> reporter: if conif i recalled -- keonfirmed, kavanaugh would is place on a coure he's well-known. a reliable conservative who would shift the court to the right but it's unlikely he would disqualify himself from politically charged cases. supreme court justices rarely recuse if they have a financial conflict. judge kavanaugh said the attacks on him destroyed his
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reputation. now the questionould they affect the the utation o supreme court? pete williams, nbc news, washington. there is a good y chance many ou watching right now are talking about althis aying out in a very public way and landed difficult conversations among families. nbc's stephanie gosk to two friends and their parents how they are addressing this at home. >> reporter: do you two have a moment that t just sticks your mind? >> i would say one moment was how personal dr. ford expressed her feelings and how he must have felt. >> reporter: how about you, rachel?
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was there a moment that really stuck ou y ? >> when dr. ford was talking about how brett kavanaugh and the other boy who she said was in the room were laughing. definitely resonates th me. >> reporter: if you're looking at this and thinking oh, wow, how do i conduct myself right now may actually e come back to 30 years, do you think that that's fair? >> i absolutely think that that's fair. i think yourctions should have consequences and you should be responsible for your actions. >> my mom always tells me, don't post something you wouldn't want on the front of a news article. >> what moments for you are the most >> this is a warning. it's a wakeup call for parents and for schools to get involved. e they have to be aw of sexual assault. >> reporter: rachel, do you think if what dr. ford described happened to you or one of your friends that you would recognize it >> now, more so than in the past, this would be recognizable as assault especially because of the me too movement in the past year or so. >> reporter: do you think that there is a lesson here, rich, that we need to take out of this process and teach our kids? >> i think there i more than one lesson. at the end of the day, it comes down to a moral compass and comes down to simply knowing what is right and what is wrong. gosk, nbc news, new york. me of the views from an american living room. there is a lot of other news we're covering. ant to talk about the surprise word from facebook, an attack hitting up to 50 million people.
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nbc's jo ling kent has late detaiwhat everyone with a facebook account needs to know. >> reporter: facebook under siege again revealing that nearly 50 million users were tack>>. he attackers did acked. >> the attackers dihacked. >> the attackers diacked. >> the attackers did try to query apis for name, gender, hometown but we don't kno any private information was accessed. >> reporter: passwords and credit card information weren't affected, facebook logged out 90 million users as a precaution. if you went to facebook, you got this if your account was affected, you get this security update at the top of your news feed. ceo mark zkerberg doesn't know who conducted the attack or where it came from. facebook is working with the fbi to investigate. >> it's an arms race. we're continuing to improve our defenses and i think this also underscores that thee st constant attacks. >> reporter: attacks it's not clear facebook is equipped to defend agait. ling kent, nbc news, los angeles. er we are covg a deadly disaster unfolding tonight after a 7.5 magnitude erearthquake trigged a monster tsunami that slammed into an isnd in indonesia uprooting trees and leveling homes. nbc's ron len has the latest. >> reporter: a terrifying masve wall of water smashed over this indonesia
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isla city. waves from ten feet tall, residents crying outrunning for their lives. the tsunami surging ashore just after ci ofs lifted a warning, apparently not expecting such danger. first came the massive 7.5 magnitude que striking in the early evening on the island of he epicenter near a city of 300,000 residents. these pictures posted by a government official show a bridge before and after hospitals moved outside to more safely care for the injured. buildings collapsed or swept away. reports of entire families missing. o the region is the so-called ring of fire arounthe pacific ocean. most of the world's earthquakes happene. now emergency crews stepping up search andue ret first light in wake of multiple disasters. ron allen, nbc news. still ahead, a plane nds short of the runway and plunges into the water, how everyone on board made it out alive. and terror plot foiled.
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we're back now with a miracle on the pacific. a plane crash landing, flowing in the cabin and passengers scrambling to get out alive. amazingly, allf them did.c' miguel almaguer. >> reporter: with the belly in the water, the boeing 737 was sinking as rescue boats raced in waiting on wings, all 47 aboard the flight survived the crash landing short of the runway and rig into the lagoon. >> i'm alive. >> reporter: american ames was aboard flight 73 flying between two small islands before its legew touinea. the pilots reporting heavy rain and reduced visibility before attempting to touchdown at this narrow landing strip seen here in better
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ather. >> just surreal. i thought we landed hard, but until i looked over and saw a f hole in the side the plane and water coming in. >> reporter: like the siracle on the hudson, everyovived. this island-hopping plane a submarine siing to the ocean floor after passengers escaped the splash landing. miguel almaguer, nbc news. coming up next, the officer facing charges for a deadly shooting. when i found out i had age-related macular degeneration, amd, i wanted to fight back. my doctor and i came up with a plan. it includes preservision. only preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd. that's why i fight. because it's my vision. preservision. also, in a great-tasting chewable. -we're in a small room. what?! -welcome. -[ gasps ] a bigger room?!
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a nashville police officer has bn arged with hom a nashville police officer has been charged with homicide for fatally shooting a fleeing suspec video appears to show officer andrew delke shooting daniel ck in the back in july. he was armed with a pistol but his family says the shooting was the result of racibi . the officer's attorney says he will plead not guilty. police have foiled a large-scale terror plot in the netherlands to take
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down caught on camera. to attack a big event with assault rifles, s explosive vestand a car bomb. up next, my conversation with super star john legend. his music, his family and the cause so dear to his heart. to his heart. >> announcer: nbweatherit was here. >> announcer: i couldn't catch my breath. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats. they said i had afib. what's afib?
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great music d a eat cause, the annual global citizen festivalicks off tomorrow with thousands expected and many live streaming. the star-studded hoineup includes john legendat down with me to talk about his music, his family and why the festival's commitment to social to home.its so close it's in our nightly spotlight. ♪ >> before ther
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>> before there was john legend, there was john roger stevens. >> legend was a nickname friends called me because i a sounded likeot of artists we grew up listening to. >> musician with more than a dozen hits like "all of me." ♪ all of me loves all of you ♪ >> he's also an actor on screen. and on stage in "jesus christ super star." just last month, legend made history becoming the first black man to achieve egot status, emmy, gram, oscar and tony. it's kind of a big deal. >> it's pretty cool. >> john legend lives his life in public sharing family moments with wife chrissy teaguen and children.
7:28 pm
luna and miles, as wellpa as hiion. he founded the group free america, dedicated to criminal justice reform. a lot of your passion on this comes from personal experience. your mom had her struggles with the system. >> my mom d and other family members locked up and community members. this is not an abstract problem, this omething that's real and that we experienced in our family. >> he has a message for america's leaders. spend less money locking people up and spend more money educating people and pairing teachers a fair wage and making sure we have proper health care for citizens. >> legend is not deterred by those who dismiss celebrity activism. >> the same people ell me shut up and sing, they would be happy with my opinion if i was agreeing with them. they tend to sayhat when they aren't agreeing with you. >> the man that wrote "ordinary people" says those all right peop peopler e
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those all right people 's trying to help.he's trying . you can see john legend and many otheea perform live tomorrow at the global citizen festival on nbsc starting at 3:00
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♪ lights camera access >> she was like i want a pig, d then an hour later it waser just the. >> the pete davidson sharing stories about his fiance.


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