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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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football on nbc.
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breowing right n on news4, officers find a man and woman shot to dth inside a montgomery county home. we are on the scene with what we're learning. local policeost in a stand off with the suspect for hours. when they finally made it into the room, nobody was there. how the man gave them the >slip ure panic at a new york city concert. fromands of people r what they thought were gunsho. the chaos played out live on msnbc. news4 at 11:00 begins withe
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ng news. breaking news, a man and woman found dead in a montgomer countyhome. good evening, i'm erika gonzalez. that h pe onch orchard road in burtonsville turning into a crime scene tonight. darcy spencer is working othe story. new this evening, panic in central pk during tonight's global citizens festival after a barrierolpsed and people thought somebody was shooting. >> heard some sounds. we thought maybe it was gunshots. chance.t want to take a >> the whole scene playing out live on msnbc. e of the hosts coldplay chris martin came on stage to calm the crowd and asked a police officer to tell the crowd what happened. nobody was hurt. the concert went on. the global citizens festival is a call to actio highlighting a host of iocialssues including ending global poverty by 2030. now, your storm team 4
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forecast. >> right now, we're realizing that waters are rising ithe potomac river. the reason we talked about earlie the tributaries due to the storms the last several days. what we will know is that area there from washington harbor, roosevelt island, hayes point two to four feet above normal.go that's what'g to happen. the flood warnings remain in sunday.till 8:00 p.m. on we'll have more details and the rest of the forecast in a moment. >> thank you. t presidenmp is slamming an nbc news report that says the white house isve ping the fbi from talking to one of supreme court nominee bretug kavas accusers. moments ago, the president tweeted he want the agency to interview whoever they deem .ppropriate at their discreti nbc news's kelley o'donnell on concern the administration may be micromanaging the process. >> reporter: president trump left the white house lat this afternoon.
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on day one of the new fbi background check he ordered, on premium court nominee bret cav flaw. >> i think it's going verywe ll. is all as you know, over talking to everybody. >> reporter: republican jeff flake and democrat chris coons upended the confirmation process friday when they negotiated a last demand to investigate sexual misconduct claims against cavanaugh. the senate judiciary committee urged the president to authorize a one-week fbi investigation of current, credible allegations. multiple sources tell nbc news the bureau is limited by the white house to pursue claims made by christine blasey ford and deborah ramirez but not from julietn swek represented by michael avenatti. trump said the fbi can follow its own leads. >> yeah, they have free rein and will do whatever they have to
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>> amy klobuchar expressed concern. >> the white house has to give guidance. >> referee: this n probe of criminal is not a investigation. and that limits agents' authority. i can imagine that the fbi is in a box if they were only asked to interview x number of people. remember those interviews are voluntary. >> judge cavanaugh has denied any wrongdoing and says he will continue to cooperate. >> we learned new tonight that a man who barricaded himself inside an alexandria area hotel escaped through a ceiling. this is a picture of the t. he was holed up in a motel on rip monday highway most of they a woman was with him but came out. police say he made threats against himself. officers were there to arrest him on a war that included grand larceny and credit card theft. slerths looked at video that
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showed him escaping and realized he escapes through the ceiling andhenhe attic. they want you to call police if you've seen him. "saturday night live" is coming up next and we've got a t of breaking news. kanye west is not the music guest. yea is. the rapper told followers this morning he'sng cg his name. it's a big night fauria. he's dropping a new album, shocking, rig in the "snl" coming up after this broadcast. tsea dropped h he may run for president. cop elizabeth warren beat him to it? the democrat making an announcemeut her political future. and this drone footage giving us a new view of the heart breaking tragedy unfolding in indonesia. in indonesia. i have a wallf o geico has over 75 years in indonesia. i have a wallf o of great savings and service. with such a long history, it's easy to trust geico! thank you todd. it's not just easy.
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indonesia. 384 peoplere dead. following an earthquake and tsunami. reuers fear that number could rise. tonight new drone video shows a collapsed bridge and homes destroyed. the 7.5 magnitude earthquake yesterday triggered a tsunami that smashed into twocities. the city of palu has been hit the hardest. hundreds of people were watching a beach festival there yesterday when it struck. aftershocks left the country on ge most of the day. some people slept outside for fel their homes w collapse. >> a police department in the mississippi in mourning after oer? s were killed in the line of duty. the officers from the brook an haven police department died in an early morning shoot-outsp
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ding to a home for reports of shots fired. both were wearing bulletpro vests and had body cameras. the suspect was wounded and is recovering at the hospital. new tonight, massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren may be looking at a run for the white house. senator warren tells "thboston globe" she will take a "hard look" after november's midterms. the globe" also reports two of her aides are working with the democratic party in new hampshire. that sta is the first primary in the country. a frightening scene at a california beach an 11 an-foot shark goes after a 138-year-old boy. how a boater helped save his life. take a live look at 30 rock, adam driver hosting the season adam driver hosting the season premiere ofsnl" this is a fight. not to the finish. adam driver hosting the season premiere ofsnl"
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a man and woman found dead in a montgomery county home. darcy spencer was near that scene. >> referee: we're here in the silver sprg area of montgomery county. i can tell you, this is a very iet neighborhood. you can see the investigation taking place up the street from where i'm standing. i've talked to some neighbors here in the community. theye very shakes about what ppened here this evening. police are confirming they got a call for a soting here in the 15,100 block of peach orchard road. that was right around 8:00 thisv ing. once police got here, they found a man and woman dead inside the home.
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>> we believe at this time there is no threat to the community and while we're not ready to classiye this it is being investigated as a domestic related incident. >> referee: you believe this could be a murder/suicide? >> it's possible, >>yes. eferee: police are continuing to process evidence and interview any witnesses to this incident. they expect to be out here throughout the night. darcy spencer, news4. developing right now, billionaire and tesla ceo elon musk reached a deal with the government to settle charges against him. the deal while lifting a cloud hanging over him means he will have to step down as the company's chairman for three years. the interest car company agreed to pay $40 million. the securities & exchange commission accused him of misleading investors after tweeting he wa planning to take the company private. a terrifying morning on a beachn southern california. a teenager diving for lobsters attacked bysh k. an off-duty lifeguard and police
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officer who happened to be there rushing to help the 13-year-old. nbc's cathy park has more how he's doing tonight. >> referee: a day diving for lobster turned into a frantic rescue mission near san diego at beacon's beach. >> i'm asking for a helicopter. we need to airlift somebody out for a shark attack. >> referee: help came emergency responders trying to save a 13-year-old b airlifting him to the hospal. >> we heard the kid scream. >> referee: chad hamill kayaking nearby helped him get away. i started paddling towards him. there's a big waklo of behind him. >> referee: the boy's wounds showing the big bite on his body. >> ripped open everything on e back and theotop teeth g his cheek. >> referee: the shark was about 11 feet long. 's the latest in a numb sharkm attacks fro coast to coast. one incident on cape coed earlier this month t
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deadly. this california beach now closed, warning signsp have people seeking safety on the shore. kathy park, nbc news. >> back here at home, aivrican sity students are back florida their dorms tonight after being forced out by flames. an underground transformer blew sendlames and smoke. two doorms leonard and hughes hall were evacuated. it started about n 7:00e morning. a b construction project on the memorial bridge may leave you frustrated this weekend. the bridge is closedo rs to, pedestrians, to cyclists, everybody. it was shut down last night to prepare for a two-year rehab on the 86-year-old rains month postponed the project twice. it connects the lincoln memorial to arlingtonational cemetery. >>t the l time i was here government was shut down. this time t bridge is shut
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down. >> the park service says at bridge will reopen about 5:00 a.m. monday. only only two lanes will be open to inbound and outbound drivers through mid to late october. the park service plans to use a revers lane to alleviate some of the congestion over the next couple of yrs. >> now your storm team 4 forecast. >> if you had a chance to loo at video, you noticed that the waters are rising. we want to showou exactly what's going on because of that heavy rain we've had over the last several days, this is the potomac river basin from washington inside the district of columbia. moving upstream or northwest into montgomery county, frederk county, all the way up to hagerstown in western maryland. because of the rains we had plenty of. >> shannon: to go around today. but water is starting to flowing back to the south and west and eventually out to the chess speak bay. temperatures around the are in the 60s. the time we need to think about
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on the tonight is about 11:4g 1. 11:4g 1 will be high tide in the areas of georgetown, national h harbor, h tide again bep 1:17 a little after noon on tomorrow. plenty of. >> shannon: for your day tomorrow. still an area where we'll have to keep an eye on that. fog will start to very many to the west, again across the potomac highlands, west of interstate 81. in those areas to the west, they'll have fog. for us throughout the day tomorrowof plenty >> shannon: to go around. just a peek of cloudiness threw toas of annapolis. the forecast for tomorrow, if but enjoyed today, you'll really enjoy tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to uppe. light westerly breezes. again, that coastal flood warning will continue till about 8:00 tonight. temperatures in. low 80s slight chance of shower with tuesday into wednesday. temperatures really comfortable
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in the 60s for lows. back to work, back to school. temperatures will continue to be very nice. chance of showers but well into riod.nd of the i know it's autumn. leaves will be falling. but temperatures will be rising looks very nice. temperatures in the low 80s, mid to upper 70s. low temperatures you can keep the windows open, let mother nare provide air conditioning for you, temperatures for lows only in the mid to upper0s. even 70 degrees. so next weekend so far looks pretty good. the coastal flood advisory will continue till 8:00 p.m. sunday evening. so we're going to keep an eye on that throughout the evening. >> clay nkanderson, t you. so we've got a busy night in sports from the football field to the pitch to the baseball highlights nexports. >> i'm adam driver hosting the season premiere of
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>> this is the xfinity sportsdesk. >> all g towards october really getting to the meat of college foball schedules and conference play. no terms football this weekend getting ready to take on 14th ranked michigan next week. still plenty of college action for you, especially some key acc match-ups involving som unbeaten teams. starting with duke virginia tech. ryan willis making his first startir for vginia tech. and right here a 27-yard gem to hazelton. hokies up three willis in trouble. dumps it now to dalton keane. he goes to work.
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with the nice rambo. goes t straighthrough people. 67th yardse house. tech would go up 24-7, still in the first half. of fast forward to the fourth quarter. do orie for duke. fourth and three. jones connecting with deon jackson for 29 yards. down the right sideline, and jason wouldater punch it in for a one-yard td. tech, however, answers right back. next drive, willis finds patterson for the ten-yard es win 31-14 snapping duke's undefeated streak. virginia hosting wolfpack at home. late fourth quarter, ryan finley finding harmon to seal theeal for n.c. state. harmon 94 yards and the n. touchdow uva falls to 3-2, overall, 1-1 in conference play. dc united hosting the montreal impact. wasting no time early on here in
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the 18th minute, they go right to work. acosta with theeautiful right-footed shot to find the net. united up one. it stayed1-nil till the second half whenaycosta finds wne rooney. he doubles the lead to two. one of h two goals on the night. time winding down in the 78th minute. costa ta findi paul arriolaom who sow turns it into a goal. tw o goalsn the night for m. acosta had three assists. winning it 5-nil in front of the home game two of the traditional doubleheader between astros and orioles. not the startamirez was looking for. miles finds right center here giving the astros a1- lead. in the second, runrs at first andco se. austin wynn singles to right to bring home beckham. to the sixth we go, brian mccann
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for the astros knows what to do with this one. a home run to right. as the astros win 5-2, orioles drop both games of the double doubleheader. eir 115 loss of the year. to colorado, streempbg strassb making his final start of the season gets help from the offense before he throws a pitch. first inning, if soto with the deep double to left here. bringing home a eaton and trea turner.h nationals wit an early 2-0 lead. tohe second inning we go, some small ball for the nationals. after two bunts, eaton f ishes with a single to right. nats tack on a run, 3-0. next batter trea turner. showing a little power here. as the shortstop, a little power of late, he goes deep to left. his 19th of the year. nationals now with 11-2 lead and they're playing in the ninth
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inning just one g moree to go in the season after tonight. big rivalry coming up sunday night football tomorrow, ravens taking on the steelers00 right here. >> redskins, when do we see them again? >> next monday in new orleans. don't be stressed out tomorrow for the redskins. >> thank you. thank you for u joining for news4 at 11:00. the season premiere of "snl" is coming up next. adam drivers the host and ye formerly known as kanye west is the musical guest.
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♪rs [ and applause ] hi. hello. i'm harris faulkner. and we're halfway through the kavanaugh hearing.
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it's a special coverage we at fox news are calling whoah-oh. judge kavanaugh himself is about to appear so let's go live to the senate hearing room where two of the oldest white people i've ever seen are about to run a circus. [ nging ] >> order. order. we're calling this hearing back to order. >> that's right. we're back from lunch. had soup. >> and i had soup as well. it was too hot. now we just heard some very moving testimony from dr. ford. i listened to her and i kept a very open mind and that's why i already voted yes for kavanaugh before she even said a word. w we've heard from the alleged victim, but now it's time to hear from the he, judge brett kavanaugh, who i'm been ld has been shadow boxing in the men's room for the last 45 minutes. judge kavanaugh.


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