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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 1, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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too. >> announcer: that's all for ♪ today begins a new term for the supreme court as the fbi digs into the details of allegations against nominee brt kavanaugh. we've got new details on what we've learned. breakingni ovght, an 11th hour deal is reached r a new naft it tai details ahead. a car bombil three as they narrow town the identity of the alleged bomber. mosquitos three times normal size and a monster outbreak as a result of the flood waters in north carolina. a bazar rant and a punch in the face and it was all caught on tape.
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♪ when i think about you i touch myself oh i ♪ and serena williams with an mportant message for women everywhere as we kick off a new week. "early today" starts right now. good monrning. this morning the fbi is continuing its investigation into sexu misconduct allegations against supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. the president ordering the probe a day after they before the senate committee. the prosecutor hired by republicans writes she does not think a reasonable prodcutor wo bring this case based on a the evidence. and the president pushing back tweeting democrats are only thinking obstrucand delay and for them it will never be
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enough. let's go to tracie potts. who has the fbi spoken to thusz epr? >>ter: according to our forces the second accuser, the one who says he exposed himself to her in college. and she gave a list, according to our, sour of people who can back up her storea. they're t limiting number of people that can be interviewed in tins very short stigation. the president tweeted that's not the case. the fbi can talk to whoever they want. according to our sources that does not ilude people who contradict the story that brett kavanaugh told when he testified here on capitol hill andoes not includeulie swetnick, who kavanaugh denies even knong her. he says no, she's lying.
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i don't know r, i don't know r. this is a joke. so he's denying even knowing that third accuser. and we know peoplwho are class mates of kavanaugh who can talk about his drinking are not on the list. one of them telling the new york time as different story saying he w belligerent and aggressive, kavanaugh was, when he was drinking. >> still a little ways to go on that investigation. thank you partnership and as the fbi probe into the kavanaugh allegations continue, supreme court opens with eight justs instead of the usual nine. it's evenly split four conservatives and four liberals. >> no matter who ends up getting
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confirmed, any trumpul nominee move the court to the right. they would become the fifth conservative vote and replace anthony kennedy, the swing justice. he sometimes voted with the liberals. that move to the right could mean more restrictions on abortion and affirmative action. if brett kavanaugh is confirmed, he could take h place on the court immediately voting and hearing on a cases argued after he's sworn with in. breaking news overnight the united states and canada reachi an 11th-hour agreement ra to replace the pack. justin trudeau called it a great day for canada. the senior administration official sayhe two focussed on
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a pair ofue i access to dairybi market and autos from canada. they promised to go forward with just mexico, it butted it appears it won't go to that. short for the united states, mexico, canada agreement. all three are expected to sign before the end of november and will then go to congress for appr>al. he death toll in indonesia continues to rise dramatically. authorities report at least 830 people have been nfmed dead, mostly from the coastal city of palu. officials fear that number will rise asescuers reach more areas previously cut off by storm damage. live with the latest details. good morning. >> good morning. we learned about on a hour ago
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that the death toll stands at 844 people. that number is expected t rise dramatically and most of the dead so far are from one city. but so far rescuers are have not been able to reach some of the most remote areas. there are fears entire villages could be wiped out. over theeekend rescuers tried to save people buried alive in the rubble and calling out for help. there simply isn'tuch heavy equipment availdile to use for ing. they're facing a very gri problem. there are concerned about the spread of disease and contamination. volunteers have begun diggingn enormous mass grave more than 300 feet e are growing fears this natural disaster could soon
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become a humanitarian crisis. people are deset for clean drinking water and fuel. and the justice ministry20 says some prisoners escaped fall eoing the earthquake. marl ie, philip. a 59-year-old thomas murphy has been charge would driving while intoxicated after he struck the boys walking along a long island street after a treat. they range in age from 12 to 16. cording to officials all of the victims are expected to survive. murphy is scheduled to be aronned later today. they're trying to figure out why a car exploded.
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>> reporter: the hunt for calculated car explosion that kill canned three men. >> ewooust had a explosion. >> reporter: blast saturday night rocked -- calling local, state and law -- the atf and fbi staying quiet but witnesses recall a chaotic scene. it's crazy. it's something that's a never seen before. it's somethingou only see on tv. >> spraying debris across the block. >> i started hearing people yelling and screaming. that's when i knew it was serious. >> 60 miles northwest of philadelphia.
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>> it was really loud. and i felt the vibration. >> i looked out the boiwindow a saw a bo of fire. flooding from hurricane orence is causing new misery. giant mosquitos around. experts s these mosquitos can be three times as large as average ones. so mutant skeeters on our hands on top of everything ee. with with more on what we can expect.>> he fire ants and mosquitos. dud you see the fire ants floating. >> i've seenhem in person. you don't know what they are. area, tofz deseouthwest fromit yuma to salt lake
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and all this moisture is it going to slide up on toouds. two to three inches of rain is possible. especially where you could watch out for those land slides. an how about that warm for ausk? 80s widespread. now a closer look at your day ahead. so we're still feeling very summer like from indianapolis to columbus, inshington d.c. uded. many areas still waiting for that cooair. going to be a very warm start to october. that's going to be one of the trends. the first few weeks of october look warm. >> thank you. major league baseball's
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regular season, for t first time ever the two ties break will play on the exact same day. the rockies and daunlrs forhe nl west fields. >> after the break the biggest moments from's sunday nfl match up, plus the women of the hard court taking home gold. i love you, but sometimes you stink. febreze air effects doesn't just mask, it cleans away odors. because the things you love the most can stink. and try febreze small spaces to clean away odors for up to 30 days. breathe happy with febreze. you'll make my morning, buty the price ruin my day.ou? complicated relationship with milk?
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into one small softgel. it supports your heart... brain... eyes... and joints. gared. but one blers them all out of the w hydro boost from neutrogena®. with hyaluronic acid to plump skin cells so it bounces back. neutrogena® we're back with highlights from week seur of the nfl on. let's start with the thriller wn in atlanta. a seven-yard run into the end zone. that wld put the dirty birds on the board explosive offens i butf all came down to this play. they wer down by five going 12 seconds left.
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cincinnati they tookn on the defending super bowl champions. he presented challenges all afternoon for the eagl defense. instead of kick thingoa fieldl to tie the game, that shot right there wins it for the titans, seattle and the cardinals. it highlighted bhie an jury to earl thomas. you see him tripping overea cardinals iver. and after that hee fwigives the middle finger to the sidine. if'r youe wondering why bell is sitting out. because of things like that. now to another over time game. they werdown double dig tsz. but derek carr put them in
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pretty good fieldos pion for a 29-yard game winner. grudenal fin gets his first nfl win since 2008. 45-42. 45-year-old adam ven th was o556th his career. but it was not enough, it was what they hit at a the end of the game. afc nth rivals and this was all about the defense. despite a late steelers push behind big ben roethlisberger t was the ravens defense holding strong, 26-14 baltimore. from the gridiron to the hard wood, u.s. travelled to spain take playn the fifa
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i worked out with other guy. at tobin's hou he was the great quarterback on our football team and his dad ran workouts. >> yeah, he's crying at the memory of lifting weights at his friend tobin's house. i'm sorry to say it but i think men might be too emotional for the supreme court. >> thi weekend matt damon made a surprise appearance on "snl" asreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. >> look, i like beer, oa. i like beer., boys like beugirls like beer.
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i like beer. >> so asked if you drank in high school and you said i like beer 10 times. that leads me to the next question. e did your drink too many beers? >> you mean was i cool? yeah. >> then tell me this, judge. did you ever drink so much that you blacked out? >> i dont know did you? huh? huh? huh? >> classic season premier of nl" on saturday. she's making a surprise appearance alo with with a few hers. plenty more to come. can you picture all the things they held up throughout the summer. tennis superstar serena williams sported h vocals for a worthy cause. ♪ i search myself i want you to
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find me ♪ ♪ i forget wmyself it you to remind me ♪ >> posting this esa drawing attention to breast cancer awareness month. it honors singer who passed away in 2013. in the video she covers the hit "i touch myself" which she gave as reminder for women to put their health first. >> certainly raising awareness in a unique way. still ahead the bazar con confrontation. watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it.
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today marks one year since a mass shooting in las vegas claims dozens of lives at an outder concert. tonight the vegas strip will go dark in honor of the victims. survivors got a chance to reconect at a reunion concert in nevada. sponsored by survivor swz county officials. they're there to heal ahead of the anniversary shooti. and we're starting october very warm. 80s in the areas from the ohio valley and we're going to continue through the heartland as we go through your tuesday. w. yup, he's gone noseblind. he thinks it smells fine, but his mom smells this...
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news 4 today begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news, maryland state police say a construction worker has bee hit by a vehicle road side.
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>> this happened on the southbound lane from 295. let's get rigo the live desk for the latest. >> hi. we have been on the phone with maryland state police early this morning. they're telling news 4 it was a construction worker hit by an drivere austin hill area. take a look at the map here. they're investigating a scene on southbound 295 at exit 1-a. it leads to i-95. state police telling us the worker was hit after 2:00 this morning. we're told that the injuries ard consid serious. at this point police cannot confirm whether or not the driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene or took off. amy is headed to the scene right now. we want to send it over to first 4 traffic whereis m has the attack on the roads. >> going to be a big impact if this hangs around. southbound 295. the ramp to the outer loop of the beltway is blocked right now. this is a crash investigation and againt ramp is


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