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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: it was a close call. this intruder was able to gain access inside the local tv station. who knows what would happen if he had not been stopped by the security guard? this all happening here at this fox 5 d.c. tv station. the front door is right here off wisconsin avenue. that's where the secity camera showed a man gaining access into the building. kicking in the panels, the plexiglass panels, kicking them, able to crawl inside theobby of the building right off wisconsin avenue in nthwest washington. that's when he was confronted by the security guard. let's hear about what they had to say this afternoon. >> an individual attempted on break into the fox 5 news station. he forcibly entered the front door, s aurity guard confront
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tm. and as a result confrontation, fired one shot into his upper torso. >> reporter: we were told that the suspect was taken to the hospital. we have not gotten an update on the condition. shot once in the upper body. from what i understand, he is expected to survive his injuries but a veryca situation here at the tv station. we're told all thetaff members here, and we were getting ready for the afternoon newsst, are okay. no other injuries. that suspect shot and wounded. from what i understand, from one source, who says that this man went inside wanting the tv station to connect him with president trump. he wanted to talk to the connect , they could him to president. he h a phone number and wanted c them tnect him. the security guard sensed a
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threat. the suspect was not armed. we're also covering breaking news at the white hous a person in custody after driving this white car into a security check points. this happened the 15th street a vicle hit one of the posts. the i driver facing charges. an unusual crime in a quiet neighbor wod. now a m got out of jail early, police say, went right back to his criminal ways.he >> suspect was accused of breaking into his he 80-year-old woman's home and kidnapping her. it happened this afrnoon. cory smith has the rstory. orter: this began with a knock at the door.
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the man demanded cash andewy from her. police say he then told the woman to drive to the atm to get more money. throughout the trip the woman kept talking and he eventuall told her who he was. that police would be looking for him because he violated the conditions of his pre release program. >> she was frful b through the whole ordeal, she made decisions that she thought were best keep herself safe. reporter: the friend drove to poolesville wher they went to a restaurant and shared a medical. >> i was pretty shocked. >> repter: she was born and raised in poolsville. >> he's been this and out of trouble for a long time of the e haven't him for a long time. i think it is crazy. home told her to return and call him as soon as she arrived. instead she went to a friend as
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he home. fearing retribution, she was able to say why she made theha decisions she did. they do not know each other but he did live at that home fo. in addition to kidnapping, everything being charged with kidnapping, armed robbery and assault. news4. the trial of the d.c mansion murders is nearing a close. closing arguments got underway prosecutors laying out their se the defense in the meantime is trying plan a seed of doubt in the minds of the jury. it's been aifficult day for so. >> reporter: that's right. the family members have been in
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the courtroom the eire case. when the prosecution showed the case in detail, showing that amy and savvas savopoulos died while suspecterything the told them to do, while trying in an effort to save their so many in the courtroom couldn't hold back tears. >> reporr: weeks o listening to witnesses and seeing the evidence has come to an end. rors are now one day away from deliberating his fate. it started by going through closing arguments and the arguments. some jurors teared up at the the prosecutor said she had to prove
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the murders were done by him. she told juror that's theev dna ence against daron wint is overwhelming. the t prosecution triedr down the defense' argument that dnt's brothers commithe murder and reminded the jury even if they think daron wint had help, they can still find him guilty of muener. the d tried to create reasonable doubt staying prosecution cherry picked the presented to present their theory. it was argued that they neverfu y investigated daron wint's brothers and the whereabouts at the time of the murders have never been d.confir now the defense will continue their closingts argumomorrow morning. this ten prosecution will have
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an opportunity for rebuttal. then this case will be turnedov to the jury for be detion. new questions that reason immigration in the district. l in asuit against the government, he wants to know if people arrested arrested by the government were racially profiled. he said heides the case. they said they do not target groups of people. e're over two weeks from the november mid-terms. and president trump appears t be making this migrant caravan a t.jor talking po today, making unfound claims about the people in it as they march from southern mexico through mexico to the u.s.
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border. susan? >> reporter: the president is starting a jam packed schedule all of this week, starting in houston. one ofis h top talking points is that caravan. >> reporter: as it pushes northward, president trump doubled down on his talking ts po claiming people of middleasrn descend were there. >> go into the middle and search. you will find ms 13, middle eastern, you'll find everything. >> reporter: also without evidence he blamedcr des. >> they won't let anyone change immigration laws. >> reportehe president made an ofrt today that may be popula with voters but not fiscal everybody conservatives. >> we're giving a middle income tax reduction about 10%. >> he said it would not be voted
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on until after the election. >> i contend man is utterly amoral. >> they are in a battle to keep the senate. >> he is not lyin' ted. >> right now we can pick the balance of power. >> phone days. >> the president will be r rallying. powential changes to a practice on the road and it on impact all of houston drive in d.c. citysieaders are cdering a proposal to ban right turns at red lights in the central
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business district. no timetab for when this could kick in. adam tuss broke this story. we'll look at what mayn hap next. some chilling threats against students at a player high school. now the revelations that occurred in court today. >> reporter: even before the arrest, luis cabrera was banned from high school because of the threats and prosecutors say they're now worried he'll want revenge. the court documents say l afterned he wouldn't be graduating, he began sending threat on snap chat. >> the people to whom he sent this video threat, you know, need to be protected. and i think the judge saw fit that was one of the reasons he
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was a clear and present danger. >> thert threat s months ago. i hope everyone at walter johnson thes. that early october. i hate wj and ha ha, i'm goi to shoot up the school. and then october 12. he posted a snap chat photo of himself holding a loaded ar-15 with the caption, school shooter. >> who knows what we may have stopped here. >> no one everxpted him to be violent. >> police say they seized the guns. >> it's not whatidn't occur. it's whatould have conside>occu.
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>>ontroversy over redefining the word gender. >> there is a new clue emerging in the murder of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. and we're staying on top of the breaking news. a man shatters the frontoort fox 5. a ltle on the chilly side toda and a potential nor'easter for the weekend. i was a navy doctor,
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so i'm used to getting to work early. now i have a general practice, with a lot of patients who are counting on me.
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many of them worry about president trump taking away protections for pre-existing conditions. and women are frightened they could lose reproductive health care. it's why i'm glad i have a friend named ben. ben is a national leader who's protecting obamacare from president trump. he's my friend ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin and i approved this message. when the nra tried to overturn maryland's assault-weapons ban, attorney general brian frosh led the fight to stop them, defending our gun safety laws to protect the people of maryland. attorney general brian frosh. bawell be barbara trumpstock. donald trump is against expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthcare market, hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia. barbara trumpstock agrees. voting with trump 98 percent of the time. jennifer wexton believes healthcare is a right ... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia.
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"i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message... because change is coming." a new clue has emerged if the murder jamal khashoggi. he was ang outspoken critic of the saudi government. the discovery of an abandoned vehicle that's now linked to this case. >> reporter: police have sealed off this underground garage. forensic teams have been going in and out. they have found an abandoned saudi diplomatic vehicle. a mercedes registered here that matches one seen in security camera footage at the saudi consulate around the time that khashoggi first disappeared. later we learned that he was murred. e saudi government said khashoggi did in fact die inside
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the consulate. there was an argument and he was killed in a fist fight. not onlyolide find an abandoned car. they say this garage was also visitedy another car. someone in that car got out. transferred a bag from one vehicle into the other and then within 12 minute left leaving the mercedes behind. the forensic teams police are investigating and they hope this will bring them one step closer to finding out exactly what happened nbc news, istanbul. >> and there is a new push to pay tribute to khashoggi. outside the saudi emi? d.c. a petitio wants to rename part of n hampshire enue jamal khashoggi way. the group says it will be a daily tremindero saudi officials about the journalist's murder.
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a bachelor party turned into a tragic trp with f americans dying in a river rafting accident. 14 friends fromouth florida traveled to a popular tourist spot to celebrate. they hired a rafting coast to take them to a tour down the river in an area where rapids are men for beginner and intermedia rafters. but heavy rains caused the water levels to become dangerously high. when the group went out, all the rafts flipped over. ten of the friends were rescued, four others and one of the guides died in thoserapids. the coast at a rican authoritiey questioned they went out in that weather in the first place. >>transgender questions. redefining the word gender, making it an unchangeableat tit
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th is decided at birth. >> reporter: outside the white house monday, dozens of protests. after reports of a memo leaking a memo. >>y are doing everything they can on take away rights. reporter: the signs say trans equality now. they're alarmed at reports of the trump administration's choice to define it at birth with any disputes clarified by gentle testing. >> that's not the country we live in. >> reporter: coming from an early morning presse confere as many vow to push forward with a message they stay bipartisan. >> this is not, it should not be a democrat versus republican
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issue. this is basic human dignity and decency. >> reporter: a transgender male. he said he felt like boy starting at age 4. >> for me, i take it personal. he is doing a personal attack on the transgender community. >> reporter: but it is the unknown these demonstrators fear. and the acceptance they so >> we're angry. ied.e terr >> reporter: while they aren't commenting to alleged leaked information,hey doay it is to establish a legal definition under title nine. for those supporting the transgender and lgbt community, that's not enough. >> we are committed to coming togeth with the entire community to be sure it faces the light of day. >> news4. to politics. just over two weeks away from the mid-term electionow. early voting got underway today in d.c. it will run through november 2 and includes the weekend. voters in west virginiaan head
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to the polls, starting wednesday in maryland, early voting starts ffursday and run for one week. virginia doesn't early voting but will allow in person absentee voting wh a valid excuse. you can head to our nbc washington app for a closer look at the deadlines and reaction from voters.s >>is the future of travel? a major automaker is deploying in our area. it looks like fall is here to stay, folks. doug is
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barbara comstock mightara s well be barbtrumpstock. donald trump is against expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthcare market, hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia. barbara trumpstock agrees. voting with trump 98 percent of the time.
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jennifer wexton believes healthcare is a right ... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia. "i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message... because change is coming." falways a challenge.s ben became a friend, investor, and mentor for the company. ben has helped create over a thousand jobs. he understands the importance of entrepreneurs to the state economy. if we'd been keeping pace with virginia, we'd have 40,000 more jobs right now and the average marylander would have $8,000 more in their pocket. it's time to grow big ideas into big businesses. i'm jess gartner and i'm voting for ben jealous. > it's monday and it is always good time to think about saturday. t them still thinking ab
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frost i had to scrape off the wind shield this morning. >> and we might have to do that a couple times this week. depending on wre you are. 27 this morning in manassas. 38, d.c. a little fun fact for you. anchorage, alaska. got down t 37 degrees. that's the coldest day in october. wee been there in numerous places over the last few days. how about that? we're colder than alaska >> that just makes us feel worse. >>in i'm t to make you feel better. inme nice clouds m through across the area. a couple of contrails youee there. the planes make theiray back. 56 degrees after a high of 58. winds out of the south at ten miles an hour. any time winds are out of the south, that's a warming wind. that means we won't get as cold as last most a will stay above 40
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degrees. it will beca signily warmer. 61, 56 charlottesville. no rain to talk about. not just that. not much in the way of cloud cover. you saw a nice sunset here but that's not it. from chicago to kansas city, dallas, houston, a different story. a lot of rain. they'll see a lot of rain. for ustomorrow, not much in the way of 30s. everybod else in the 40s. 47 in d.c. so yeah, still on thell c side but not as cold as where it will be as we movehrough next couple days. 69 for a high. i'll calling for a great day. mostly sunny, breezy, nice, wouldn't it be nice if would i stay that way. >> back down into the cold weather. temperature around 55. overnight low, 39 in the city.
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right back into the freezing rk frost thursday morning as well. and then a nor'easter. a pentialor'easter starting friday. i'll let you know what that ameans if y thinking about saturday. you're going to want to stay tuned. it could mess up your plans. back to theg breaknews. a security guard opened fire on a tv station. people who getrrted for minor crimes post bail and gou of jail. that's not true for locker room spend months in jail because they can't post bond. now a reform idea that he says now a reform idea that he says willave money.
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donald trump: such a nasty woman. man: just shut up. [all shouting] tired of all that? me, too. that's why i'm running for the u.s. senate-- to change the way washington works. from healthcare costsg to a lack of high paying jobs, nothing gets done anymore because of silly partisan games. but a true outsider could change that.
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i'm neal simon, and i prove this message, because, maryland, i'll never fight for a party boss. i'll only fight for you.
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our top story, the shooting today inside a local d.c. on station. >> a security guard shot a man inside the hobby of fox 5 news. the man was breakin. shattered glass can be seenouts. this is all on wisconsin avenue outside friendship heights. the man kicked i two sets of ors to get in. the security guard confront him and shot him once. stay tuned for developments on the story throughout the evening. to a change that could affect any of usho commute for the district. d.c. may ban right tournls red ints of the city. adam tuss is live with why it may happen and what happens next. this lab big change.
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>> reporter: the city says this will be a huge change and all of it will be in the name of safety. d think about the hundreds of thousands of commuters this will affect and for a lot of people, it is controversial. >> i would hat toose a right turn on redanywhere. >> reporter: d.c. leaders are considering ban right turns on red signals and this could expand to high crash intersections and school zones. >> we'll beg mak some announcements that we have to modify some of those operations. >> reporter: the head of the district wouldn't provide specifics when asked. but he hinted the changes are coming. >> everything from theay we organized traffic signals to rightnd left turn movements. >> reporter: this is meant to increase safety asart of the plan to eliminate all traffic-related serious injuries
6:32 pm
and fatalities. so far this year there are about 30 such deaths in d.c. an increase of 20% from last year. >> we think the mayoras heard the call. that we are in a crisis for traffic safety. >> reporter: the bicyclist association immedia cheered the news. >> dropping speed limit to 20 miles per hour, which is ternationally known a the safest speed him. for some drivers, this doesn't add up. >> i would imagine, they think it will help but who knows? i iuld imaginewill make people upset. >> reporter: now, it is e thatant to remind peo no timetable has been set for ct.n this could take ef there is a meeting tworm the mayor of the d.c. counsel to talk about it yet. >> it is car people have strong opinions.
6:33 pm
didn't we start this i order to try to save gas? isn't that where this idea came from? reporter:ou can go back to the energy conservation act of 1975 which prohibited, or allowed right turns on red so you cld save some gas. but everything that i've looked at,very study i've tried to go through, there is nothing to say that did actuay save gas. so now people are saying it is time to make a safety change. >> no timetable on when this could happen nyet. >> yet. we're looking realistically in the next couple months, in the next year for sure. the man who wasf accused sexually assaulting a sgom then killing the good samaritan who came to her aid, he wants to hire his own lawyer. his name is michael nash and he's charged with sexual sault. more charges are expected.
6:34 pm
theouawyer was not in crt so you may recall patricio tried to stop the woman from being raped tueay night. he said nash turned on him, attacked him and injured him,lt resuing in his death. today a small memial appeared on southn george ma drive where salazar waskilled. in courty,todahe parents told prosecutors that what allegedly happened last week is completely out of character for their son. mio alvarado is an undocumented immigrant and he allegedly crossed the rio granda aft when he was 15. he was accused of bringing an assault rifle taken from a rockville police officer's vehicle. and bringing it to einstein high
6:35 pm
school in kensington last year. >> reporter: in the movie when someone gets jailed for a minor offense, they are not in jail very long but that's not always the case. that's why the governor and attorney general are pushing to re the cash bail system. >> reporter: it's a painful moment jackie e won'tr forget. more than two decades ago when he was locked up and his 8-month-old son came to visit. >> back then not having the money for bond, not returning to his job meant the family financial suggles only g worse. >> putting a strain on my mother's house, my situation, my job situation. it was just terrible. absolutely terrible. >> reporter: it was the last time he was ever behind bars. now he mentors teens.
6:36 pm
he is also adding his voice to a new push for cash bond reform. marshall sayn, too of low income, nonviolent offenders are stuck in jail because they can't afford bond. in contrast, wealthy offenders, even those who committed more seriouscrimes,et released because they have money. >> we can't have a criminal justice system that determines fairness and freedom based on wealth and means. >> rorter: they are likely to meet with resistance. some prosecutors staash bail system is still the best way to get an offender to come back to court. he disagrees pointing to date that shows court supervision a n be jus effective and save. at a pair money. he say d a many jail costs $85 compared the to $3 a day for
6:37 pm
supervision services he will now urge prosecutors to move ahead with a way that doesn't penalize the poor. > there are new concerns about safety after a police officer's body camera bursts into flames. and is prince harry dropping nts about his baby? >> younow it started very close. the temperatures were below 32. 27 this morning. manassas, 28 in gaithersburg. tomorrow morning, a whole lot warmer. it could be 50 degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon in som places. we'll talk about a nice warm-up. we'll talk about a nice warm-up. a nor'easter as t we are thev doctors of america. we'll talk about a nice warm-up. a nor'easter as and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up.
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so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. before he was attorney general, brian frosh led maryland's fight to clean up the bay. so when donald trump's epa attacks our clean water laws, frosh is leading the charge to stop them. attorney general brian frosh.
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bawell be barbara trumpstock. donald trump is against expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthcare market, hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia. barbara trumpstock agrees. voting with trump 98 percent of the time. jennifer wexton believes healthcare is a right ... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia. "i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message... because change is coming."
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new concerns about the safety of those body xrams police officers wear the weekend. new york city police officer removed the camera when it started smoking. moments after taking it off, the thing exploded. the officer wasn't hurt but the nypd has stopped using thatca mera model for now. the company that makes the cameras says they're lavestigating. initial reports a faulty battery for that fire. >> survey shows none of the officers wear the body camera that exploded in new york. however, some are usingel m produced by the same company. police officers in d.c. laurel, prince george's county, prince william county, ,montgome and fairfax county are all either testing or wearing body cameras regularly. the local police departments say they are notng cg their procedures because of the exploding pd camera. 30,000 runners get to eat a
6:42 pm
lot of this week because of the marine corps marathon sunday. thousands will behere toatch and metro will open two hours later. trains will begin running at 6:00 in thein morng. utepare yourself. for information a the race, pull up our nbc washippton and search marine corps marathon. a day after losing to the redskins, the dallas cowboys spentn extra day in to. the tea got a private tour before the museum open to the public today. jason garrett is known for taking the teemield trims for bonding and educational experiences. they traveled to new york a day early s they can visit ground zero. i love that. prince harry does have a choice about the gender of his baby.
6:43 pm
an australianan shouted out, i hope it's a girl, so do i. it has been a whirl wind aussie tour for this couple. the mother to be will be scaling back for the rest trip. their first baby is due this spring. the road ahead. coming up, new technology being tested in our city and h could it change the way you drive. fall is in the air a cold fall is in the air a cold rain could be in the forecast.
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self-driving vehicles. we're one step closer in the district. a fleet of driverless. at ais and delivery vehicles next year. >> here's what we expect when we're rolling with the robots.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: ford allowing the car maker to test a fleet of driverless cars in the district. benning in ward five but expanding citywide. >> we'll start seeing a few of these cars. and maybe even now. >> the partnership will allow ford to start so they can offer delivery ride sharing by autonomous cars in 2021. the partnership will allow job training for students likeda yian rodriguez. a retired navy vet with post-traumatic stress disorder. >> amazing. i can't even imagine. >> reporter: the cars are equipped with sensors and cameras which make them easier to spot in traffic. but they're not completely driverless. not for the next few years. >> 2021. that will be the introduction of a true autonomous veh le with nodrivers. >> reporter: on the heels of a
6:48 pm
fatality including anncident with an uber vehicle being tested in arizona, the mayor id safety is a concern. >> when we trust any new sp trtation, there is always going to be a concern of how safe it can be and how safe it is. >> i wish there was a time when there was no automobile, no one says that. ford plans to have ten of those driverless cars on the streets in d.c. and they will all have a driver and a second person inside. they will not be on auto mode until next year. >> which is why by 2021, there could be thousands of driverless rs on d.c. streets. just what we need. more carsn the streets.
6:49 pm
>> the drivers bikes, too, are a big thing too. >> driverless scooters. mass histear. i can't the temperatures out there today were okay. after a very cold start. we're looking at some beautif weather and do i mean beautiful weather before things cool aain. >> few clouds. 7:00. 42 currently in some areas. it i cool for this time of year. the average high i 66 degrees. a little above average. the frontal boundaryill come
6:50 pm
in so it will help to bring the temperatures back upefore they come down. starting tomorrow, 45. not as chilly. mostly sunny skies. a really nice afternoon.y 60 noon. a good day to get tdoors. warming around 4:00. it should be great. take jacket tomorrow evening. it will be on the chilly side as the temperatures go down. high temraturewednesday, 56 degrees. wednesday night into thursday morning. we get to 39. that is in the city. we were 38 and most areas, most suburbs saw reas saw freeze. the big deal, tracking the storm system is making its way friday into saturday. what to expect. it could bring some heavy rain. i'm n really worried about that. it would be a nor'easter.
6:51 pm
rather breezy conditions. a rather breezyqucondition. e cool. we stay cool all the way into halloween. trick or treating with the ko kiddos, in the 40s getting that ndy. >> oh, it's almost halloween. maybe the candy willeep us warm. >> walk backwards. don't go so fafrlt back it up. back it up. than. coming up, the clly is celebrating auge win. what
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barbara comstock might as well be barbara trumpstock. donald trump is against expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthcare market, hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia. barbara trumpstock agrees. voting with trump 98 percent of the time. jennifer wexton believes healthcare is a right ... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia. "i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message... because change is coming."
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to care for other human beings. nurses ben jealous has a plan called medicare-for-all, that builds on the foundation of medicare, by using our collective purchasing power, to lower costs and the costs of prescription drugs. medicare-for-all allows us to take every pharmaceutical company to task on the price of every drug. get a better deal for all of us. nurses want a healthier maryland and medicare-for-all will lead to just that. my name is hannah and i'm supporting ben jealous for governor of maryland. hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers,
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>> redskins win! >> in, in, in -- no, no, no! >> wow! that's the best. >> and there kins. so despite some of those struggles we've seen the redskins have, they're trending in the right direction. for the first time since 2011, they opened 1-0. it was against their biggest rival. adrian petersong continuto carry the load on offense. looking more like 23. 99 i yardsn yesterday's win.
6:56 pm
99 rushing yards in four of the 16. on the other side, the redskins' defense dominant against the run. holding ezekiel elliott to 33 rushing yashds. the second lowest of his a big win against a big varil. this team hoping the last two weeks propeed t this season. >> it is always good. the home win, t especially first anaheim two years. it was a big win for us. >> any time you can put a performance togethern ie win mn colu. we haven't had that in reall long time here. contagious. get the taste out of our mouths. we'll performeek in and week out like we should be. >> on mitter, he will this is the best victory monday in years after beating dallas.
6:57 pm
we asked our friends, santana moss and filling in is fred smoot. talking about the tables fally turning. >> they've always won. we have better athletes. even better linebackers. we' it was won by us. on the offensive side of the ball and the defsive sid of the ball and it allowed us to take the game. >> what is going to be the offense will dictate the outcome of the forward.d see leading >> first, everybody stepaway. don't jumpff t leads. at the end of the day, we have quarterback. he is only six games old. at the end of the daflt and he haso play with people he hasn't practiced with. you can be in a relationship
6:58 pm
ith a woman and never spend time with her. what happened when they get it? i think we don't know what this offense can be. that's the great part about it. >> i was thinking the same analysis. weren't you? if you want to see them, hol your horses. they're playing out west. is international horse show coming to d.c. they visit portland, the caps ck in the saddle after friday's loss to the panthers. meanwhile, d.c. united asre cently as august 13th clinched a ayoff spot. a lot selthe on the line in the finalth game of regular season. d.c. with a chance for a home playoff game if they win and thd phphia loss or draw. the black and red 12-2-1 audi field including five straight wins really turning things
6:59 pm
around love to see that succest >> j enjoy the moment, shall we? >> i w
7:00 pm
. tonight, the van cliff hanger, tonight, the caravan cliff nger, a march getting closer s to the u.s. border president trump leaves many scratches their heads by warning of unknown middle east earners in the crowd. also tonight, what a difference two years makes. >> as i call him lying ted cruz. he's lying ted cruz. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward. >> liar. terribleed. >> the president coming to the aid of a former bitter rival in the fight of his political life. and breaking news, a categor hurricane taking aim at resort citi in mexico popular with americans. emergency evacuations underway. also breaking, a frighteng scene at a tv station in d.c. an intruder shot by security guards after smashing down the doors. a bizarre plot


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