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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 1, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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check of your commute. but we go to chuck bellchith a eck of your forecast. it was so mild yesterday for halloween. >> it was lovely. i wtp to a friend's house, lots of trick or treaters, everyone having a grand old time. body bundled up against the late october chill. man, is it off to a mild start for the month of november. that big area of storminess in the midwest, that promises a very rainy, potentially stormy finish to thek. wee today, though, mainly dry. therest might be y sprinkle or two early this morning across parts of the north valley.ndoah mainly dry around town. the real heavy rain arrives later in the day tomorrow. friday evening is looking outright stormy. check out thesepredawn temperatures. we're in the upper 50s to 60 degrees already. temperatures will be way up into the 70s this afternoon. melissa, enjoy it because it's not going to last. >> trust me, i'mn hanging as long as i can. college park, inner loop near
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route 2, two left lanes getting by the work zone. laurel, southbound bw parkway before 197, a left lane getting by that work zons well. as we look at 270, northbound near democracy, left lane is getting by. we have a l of backup there already here this morning just because so muf it is closed. outbound key bridge, one left lane gets by that work zone. >> thank you, melissa. you're waking up to news of another homicide in d.c. >> a man has died after being shot near union station. chris lawrence h the latest. >>.cpolice confirmed the man died from his injuries, but we're still working to learn more about how all this went down. here's video from the scene arnd 10:00 last night. this was halloween night in a very crowded area of d.c. it's not far from capitol hill, surrounded by neighborhoods. when we spoke with investigators last t, they told us officers found the man unconscious and unresponsive.
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paramedics rushed him to the hospital but doctors could not save him. take a look at this graphic. a told you about a homicide yesterday mornin we're doing it again. this is a year-to-da cme comparison. there have been 138 hadicides al this year in d.c. this time last year, we were sitting at 96 homicides. that's an increase of 44%. we've already surpassed the past two-year totals for homicides. ghron? >> all chris. thank you. d.j. durkin is out a the head football coach at the university of maryland. the bombshell announcement came just 24 hours after the school said durkin would kee his job following the death of student mcnai >> after meeting with campus officials and student leaders, it was clear that firing coach durkin was the right thing to do. jordan mcnair's fe her learned ws during a live interview
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with tom costello. >> i'm glad the right thingas done to fire coach durkin. coach durkin was a cancer to the university of marylan football program. ori commend them having the courageous effort to make the cision under hard circumstances and letting mr. durkin go. >> 19-year-old jordan mcnair h suffertstroke during practice in may and died weeks later. two investigations intoot the ll program found a culture where players feared speaking out. >> before the announcement, the student government associati a had plann rally to call for justice for jordan mcnair. student leaders are still planning to hold a n ts conferens morning, but many on campus are already speakingnout. >> it waeven a whole day later that the students were like, no. most of us were like, we don't accept this, we don't think this is okay. i think it was interesting that we were actually listened to. >> iin actually am of happy that. i know president lowe had nothing to do with the football program. that program needsbe to
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re-engineered from the ground up. >> according to reports, during last night's team meeting, many football players cheered after learning their coach had been fired. ma canada will remain the interim head coach. the terps have home game this saturday against michigan state. at 5:00 a.m.,ch justin f will have more reaction from students aens wha and what this means moving forward. in the nbc washington app, you can find more about what led to coach durkin's firing. heartbreaking. that's what parents and school board members are calling these videos of raafter-schools being posted online. this is happening in prince george's county.n we've e seen social media pages dedicated to these fights. the school system is uing the prince george's county police department to investigate. that's because many of these fights are happening offpu cam no one is coming forward to identify any of the people involved in these videos, and it's making theay school d uneasy for many students.
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>> we need our students who are being bullied orea thrned in any type of way to come forward and know the school system will prot you. >> crossland high school has changed dismissal procedures. additional security was alsond added a will coordinate with the prince george's county police to patrol the locations offre campus whe many of the incidents seem to occur. 4:05 now. one teacher is waking up in jail this morning. 28-year-old lind ssay mages is accused of causing physical or mental harm to a student in her care. tue non-sexual relationship happened with thent in january of this year. she was a teacher athillside discovery. the d.c. council will take steps to address sexual assault and abuse in schools. they're planning to discuss legislation aimed at better preventing andin respoto sexual assault in public and charter schools. two of the bills being considered would require all
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schools to have certain polics place. schools will need to provide age appropriate instruction to students oconsent, personal boundaries, and heahy s.shla > employees are pnning on walking out of work to protest alleged sexual misconduct among the company's executives. this walkout comes just a week after "the new york times" published a rort that google had paid millions of dollars in exit packages to male executives accused of harassment. they tweeted, quote, the google walkout is real and deeplyin iring. the troops sent to the mexican border will start their new assignments day. more than 5,000 soldiers headed south this week for operation faithful patriot. tesident trump made t decision to sendops to the border as a large caravan of grants seeking asylum moves north through mexico. mr. trump is determined none of the undocumented migrants will enter the country.
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the groups more than900 miles away now. the soldiers are expected to provide planning, engineering, transportation, and other support to the department of homeland security. it's 4:07. immigration is one of the president's key talking points as hepa continues cning around the country. last night he was in florida, and onceongain immigraas a big topic. >> it was hardly the only subject covered at that rally. the president blasted the media once again, this time over what he thought was unfair coverage of his trip to pittsburgh this week. president trump was there to pay his respect the city and the jewish community after the synagogue shooting on saturday. he believes the coverage was focused on those protesting his visit to the city. >> they did everything in their power to try to play it up and push people apart. that's what's happening. they're pushing people apart. it was fake, and it was make believe what they said.
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i came me, looked forward to seeing it, and it was sad. >> last night's rally was one of 11 the president has planned in the final days leading up to tu eday's midtermctions. he'll be in missouri tonight. and while polls won't open r a few more days, millions of ballots have already been cast. as of yesterday, more than 24 million votes have been counted across the country. e's already more than the total number ofly and absentee allots cast in the 2014 election. nationally, 43% of early voters so far are republicans. democrats. you can count on oprah among the celebrities who plan on knocking on doors amed of thead midtermctions. oprah says she'll be in georgia today to campaign for candidate stacey abrams. it's one of the tightest and st contentious races in the country. oprah will appear in a town hl conversation with abrams and join her as e canvases the.
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neighborho news about whitey bulger. a mafia hitman is under suspicion for brutally killing the cme boss inside a west virginiarison. guards found bulger unresponsive aftehe was transferred to the prison tuesday morning. he 89-year-old was the head of boston's irish mob and an fbi informant. this morning we're learning abent an app secret proposal between two supreme court justices. we're talking about sandra day o'connor and william rehnquist. they were known friends and actually dated for a little while. once they graduated, rehnquist went to work in washington and o' in one of the letters, he proposed. the answer was apparencay no e they both went on to marry other people, but they were threunited oe supreme court. an author working on a book for
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o'connor made that discovery. well, a lot of creativity d planning goes into halloween costumes. >> people go through a lot of effort to make these costumes. one of my favorite toddlers may have taken the cake for best costume this year. this is 3-year-old parker curryr you migember her from earlier this year. i did a little interview with her and the artist who painted michelle obama's portrait. the video of parker with michelle obama went viral. the i had a chance to see portrait with her together. this is the photograph that went viral initially because she was just ihi awe of portrait. she was admiring so much of what that portrait means to her. guess what, ta-da. >> how about tt. >> parker went as the portrait of michelle obam for her halloween costume. just adorable andeautiful. buzzfeed posted this picture of parker in a matching dress and pose. parker's mom said when she asked
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her what she wanted to be for halloween, she said she immediately knew michelle obama. >> how cute is that? >> parker calls her a queen. >> good for her. are you a late-night snh.ker? >> y >> try not to. coming up, what researcher now say could behe healthiest thing to eat before bed. >> plus, what makes a car safe for a teen driver. susan hogan breaks down the kinds of things you'll want to check before buying anything. and good morning, everybodya -up weather is on the mild side. temperatures in the 50s to near 60 already. we'll be soaring into the 70s toda before a big-time rain chance coming our way tomorrow. i'll show you future weather coming up. (alex trebek) $8,000. over $8,000. now, why is this number so important? because $8,508 isnethe average. if you've already planned help cover your final expenses,
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welcome back at 4:14. amazon is doing something that e lot of peohought was impossible. it's bringing both political
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her.ies toget 20 north american cities are vying to win the online giant's second headquarters. montgomery county, northern virginia, and are among the finalists. and rumor has it that crystal ty could be the big winner. wednesday on wtop's ask the governor segment, virginia governor said amazon is unitingd republicans democrats. >> we have had support from both sides of the aisle on this. people that have been very involved in a time when there's a lot of politic games being played out there, but the i leadersh both the republican and the democratic side in theouse and the senat has come together and said we have, i think, put a great package on the table. experts told "the new york times" crystal city is likely ti n amazon's hq-2 because there's a lot of building space, plenty of transportation, and room for growth. drivers along interstate 81 could soon be paying t
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use that highway. a report to the virginia general assembly recommends chargg tolls for implementing sales gas tax increases along i-81. the money would pay for $2 llion worth of upgrades to that road. cars would be charged up to 11 cents per mile. trucks would pay no more than 17 cents per mile. the plan goes before the general assembly in january. a woman says a major airline did nothing to stop amidair sexual assault. >> now she's takinghe company to court. she says it happened back in december on a united airlines flight from new jersey to buffalo. a man sitting next to her started groping her. >> kept saying things want to kiss you, i want to touch you. then after he grabbedaty and she screamed out and said, don't touch me, and struck his hand away, he had the wherewithal to say, i'm n touching you. >> american airlines reased a atement saying the flight attendantshod have moved campos to a different seat after learning of this customer's
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behavior. our pilot requested that local law enforcement meet the aircraft on arrival in buffalo, after which authorities removed the customer fromhe flight. in news for your health, a new study finds that eating a b proteinefore going to bed could help you lose weight. researchers from florida state university found that eating 30 grams of protein at least 30 minutes before bedtime may be good for your body. the protein had a positive effect on the body's metabolism, improved muscle health, and did notincrease body fat. almost time to set your clocks back for daylight savings. for many, that decrease in daylight can make you feel a little down. i'm already bummed about ,it. at 5: it's going to be dark soon. for some, it's even worse. about 5% p ofple in the d.c. area suffer froml seaso effective disorder. the symptoms include decreased energyo the desire sleep more, a craving for carbs, and unusual crying. experts sayll those symptoms together could mean you have
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seasonal effective disorde the good news is there are a few things you can do to treat it. >> one is you want to increase. exerci if you don't want to get a true light box, you want to try to s t outsidech as you can during the day, maybe move your desk closer to a window. vitamin d, 2,000 to 4,000 units daily has been shown to offer some benefits. the treatment of choice, really is this thing called a light box, which is mimicking sunlight. >> light therapy boxes help with mood and can increase energy. we likehe sunlight. it makes me happy. >> i don't. the sun goes down earliers a blessing. i can go to bed earlier. >> exactly. those of us on this particular shift, it's a lot easier to go to bed wn it's dark b 5:00. >> we want to say thank you very much for the lovely weather. we went trick or treating last night, and it was wonderful. i have some candy for you. there's my little girl.
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she was a fortune teller. that's my son on the right with his friends. ninja isn't that cute? that's my niece. isn't she the cutest thi ever? >> future julia childs. >> i know. so cute. it was so nice to have kids out there. i did see a couple kids withts their coa on, but you know. >> well,ir moms probably put them on. >> exactly. i did not force my kids to wear a jacket. >> i'm glad to hear it. yeah, it was a real treat of a halloween for sure. our warmest halloween in almost ten years around ed out around 69 degrees officially at national airport. a lot of neighborhoods made i into the 70s yesterday. many more, in fact, i think everybody neighborhood will be above 70 degrees today to begin the month of november. it won't be a hard climb for sure. we're starting out at 58 degrees now, and it's barely 4:30 in the morning. warm air being pumped way north ahead of what is a powerhouse storm system. if you're flying today out
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towards cincinnati or st. louis, memphis to new orleans, even atlanta later in the day today, could some significant air travel disruptions as big severe weather develops across the deep south. for us, a dry start. there could be a random sprinkle or two earlyor thisng. that's the warm air surging in. maybe a few drops here hagerstown to martinsburg. rain chances are low. future weather keeps usnl m dry during the day. enough sunshine to push temperatures into the 70s. showers areou likely before get up tomorrow morning. .n 80% chance for thunderstorms tomorrow afterno we'll keep an eye on it. there's not a big risk for hsevere weathere. certainly thunderstorms in november is rare enough. rain lingers through aeast noon on saturday. dry saturday night when we set the clocks back, and beautiful sunshine for the second half of the weekend. i'll give you the ten day next half hour. for now,et's hear from
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molissa. >> goorning, chuck. taking a look at the roads here. loop and outer loop nic and clear. had an earlier work zone that's out of the way. new problem in clinton here. outbound 5, the ramp to woodyard aad, the ramp is blocked by crash. sounds like a tow truck is on the way. pennsylvania5 near avenue, right lane getting by that work zone right now. and in laurel, southbound bw parkway before 197, one left lane getting by. guys? meet aime hoeber.
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self proclaimed mother of the chemical weapon corp where she referred to nerve gas as just insecticide developed for people. someone who's made a career cashing in on her government contacts- was sued for using her position as a board member to defraud shareholders. and is now pursuing trumps agenda of defunding planned parenthood and denying medical coverage to people with pre existing conditions. more you know aimee hoeber, the less you want to. i'm da md trone, i approve thsage. i waso i'm used tor,
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getting to work early. now i have a general practice, with a lot of patients who are counting on me. ma of them worry about president trump taking away protections for pre-existing condions. and women are frightened they could lose reproductive health care. it's why i'm glad i have a friend named ben. ben is a national leader who's protecting obamacare from president trump. he's my friend ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin and i approved this message. el> a major accident snarls traffic on theay for miles. you're late and frustrated, and then suddenllicopter
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swoops in and lands on the highway. we commonly refer to one of thesepp chos as a medevac. in fairfax county, it's a specially trained crew, a civilian pilot andwo police officers who are also trained paramedics. i visited the team at their l hangar arned what it takes to run this ambulance in the air and how complex their life-saving work can be. >> we also have a lot of burn patients. the benefit for us for the burn patients it need to go to d.c. to the burn center. with traffic and travel times around here, we're able to get themhere to the care they need in a much more timelyanner. >> tonight on news 4 at 6:00,'l wel show you more of what's insidehe medevac chopper and explain what separates these first responders from many others. for parents, buying a car for your teenager is a big-time decision, but which are the safest cars? >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with the details thatan help keep your teen safe behind the wheel.
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>> so each year the iihs releases its picks for the safest used cars for teenagers. new crashle tests show w you may want to opt for the larger vehicles. the iihs conducted two ont-to-front crash tests to show whahappens to small cars when they collide with larger vehicles. the results reinforce w bt theyeen recommending for years, that a lger used vehicle is often a safer choice than a smaller new one. this year's list includes 53 best choices under $20,000 and 62 good0, choices under $10, all models on both lists being midsize cars or larger. researchers not only skipped recommending small cars, but thosho with high rsepower as well. they say young drivers may be tempted to test the limits of powerful engine. to see the list for yourself, go to the nbcashington app and
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search vehicles for teens. back to you. 4:26 right now. comi up,nother playoff push here in the district. could d.c. united become our next local champions? wel fill you in on tonight's crucial game. atb the fall fallout continues at the university of maryland the terpsead coach fired just hours after being reinstated. what his players are saying about d.j. durkin's departure. how about ourweather, chuck? >> november is off to a mild start. today may end up beinghe warmest day of the month. but it won't last. chilly changes foving in the second hal of the weekend. second hal of the weekend. f
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right now at 4:29, a live look outside. today is the first day of november. not really going t feel like fall though. >> not at all. today is a day to be outde enjoying this mild weather because you're going to want to soak it upwehile you can. now it's not going to last. chuck bell is here with the storm team 4 forecast before melissa mollet fills u in on the traffic. i guess one last night day. >> yes. honestly, convertle owners, this is top down emergency kind of day. drop the top today because winter is coming. southerly breezes today will keep tperatures in the 70s all afternoon. rain chances are low today, but not quite a couple drops here early this morning. most of today's tiny rain chances will be north of that in little dashed i drew there. very low rain chances. not much of an impacr on y
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day. the biggest impact will be the waheth. we're in0s to near 60 degrees. and we're still three hours from sunrise. so what to put on the kids today? maybe a light jacket at the most and sunglasses. bus stop temperatures will be in the 50s. afternoon highs today in the 70s. are you kidding me, melissa? that's a-plus weather for the 1st of november. >> i like today's grading. very, very good. clinton, outbound side, the ramp to woodyard still blocked b a crash. a tow truck is on the scene. 66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway, onlo time aning good. outbound, same thing. no major problems. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, earlier roadwork iow clear. no big worries there. bethesda northbound on 270 near democracy boulevard, one left orne is the only thing getting by that zone. eun? >> thank you,


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