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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 1, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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day. the biggest impact will be the waheth. we're in0s to near 60 degrees. and we're still three hours from sunrise. so what to put on the kids today? maybe a light jacket at the most and sunglasses. bus stop temperatures will be in the 50s. afternoon highs today in the 70s. are you kidding me, melissa? that's a-plus weather for the 1st of november. >> i like today's grading. very, very good. clinton, outbound side, the ramp to woodyard still blocked b a crash. a tow truck is on the scene. 66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway, onlo time aning good. outbound, same thing. no major problems. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, earlier roadwork iow clear. no big worries there. bethesda northbound on 270 near democracy boulevard, one left orne is the only thing getting by that zone. eun? >> tnk you, melissa.
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back to our top story. the university of maryland has fired football cch d.j. durkin five months after jordan mcnair's death. e announcement came one day after the board of regentsen recommd he keep his job. students, players, and even hogan d governor larry were quick to condemn the ec board'sommendation. hours later, university president wallace lowe announced that durkin was theion came as welcome news to the mcnair family. >> jordan mcnair's father found out during a live interview with nbc's tom cossllo. >> dhe fact that coach durkin is now out, doe that in any way help as you continue to urn? >> it's a step in the right direction for some type of closure, which is impossible. it's just an emotional roller coaster dealing with this scenario. >> now, before the announcement, the student government association had planned a rally to call for justice for jordan mcnair. student leaders are still planning to hold a news conference this morning to address the firing.or
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according to r during last night's team meeting, many football players cheered when they learned their coach had been fired. linebacker tre watson tweeted, dessure busts pipes, doesn't it? anensive lineman ellis mckennie says, it's never the o ong timedo what's right. ma canada will remain the interim coach. th terps have a home game against michigan state this saturday. we continue following the latest in the pittsburgh synagoguehooting. this morning the suspect robert bowers is set to appear in cou for arraignment. bowers faces 44 counts,e including h crimes, in saturday's deadly shooting. 11 people were killed inside of the tree of life synagogue. more on tf the victims will be d to reshi t morning. there were five funerals yesterday. new overght, a brother and sister are recovering after being shot while trick or treating in broad daylight in phadelphia, and the mother is furious. their buckets of candy were left in the street next to evidence markers.
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e 14-year-old girl was released from the hospital. her 5-year-old little brother ury needry to remove a bullet fragment from his leg. no arrests have been made. here in d.c., police need help tracking down the person who fired sho in southeast just as children were walking home from school. police say they fou the victim around 3:00 yesterday afternoon on mississippie. ave police roped off that area, which was just about three blocks from patterson elementary school. detectives say they need witnesses to help identify the shooter, who they say was wearing a mask. aheo in ast, we have an update on breaking news we y broughou yesterday morning. police say 25-year-old daquan smith was shot and killed dur tg a gun battsday on a neighborhood street. police tell news 4 dozens of shots were fired within feet of olont doors. this morningice are asking anyone with information on who shot and killed smith to give them a call. it's 4:33. happening today, metro will discuss the cost of its new plan attract more riders. the transit agency will present its initi t budget proposa the board of directors.
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metro is set to be told that they require about $36 million more for the budhit. earlier t year, metro'sag general m proposed longer rush hour periods, a $2 flat fee for weekend service, and every train would bexpanded to eight cars. if the budget is approved, the plan could go into effect next july. it's new 4:34. a here's a look some other top stories. troops at the border start their work today. the president made the decision this week to send more than ro 5,000 tops to the border as part of operation faithful patriot. this is in response to a migrant caravan heading north through mexi seek asylum in the u.s. that caravan isor still mthan 900 miles away. president trump talkedhi up immigration plans at another rally last night in florida. he threatened to triple the number of troops at the border. he also hammered coverage ofis ip to pittsburgh this week. this rally was one of almost a dozen he'll be at leading up to tuesday's ection.
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news 4's tracie potts will have more on the midterms coming >up. it is the last day for maryland voters to cast their ballots without waiting in early voting there ends today. tomorrow is the last day to vote early in d.c. earl live voting ends saturday for west virginia voters. if you're voting aentee in virginia, your ballot must be at the election office by tuesday or it will not be counted. happening tonight, d.c. united has a chance to make its postseason goals come true. tonight united will take onre columbus c fc for the knockout round. just a few monthsgo a united was the worst team in the league. then this guy, wayne roey, arrived, and our season turnedo . rooney is a finalist for the mls mvp. now his hard work and determination has led us to playoffs. for those who aren't soccer fans, he's huge in the premier league in europe. >> you can catch tonight's gam 0 at audi field. coming up, casting ballots
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at 16. a localn jurisdict considering lowering the legal age to vote. >> but first,ed a child cha with assaulting his classmate. what female students accuse him of doing, next.
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some shocking news for some parents in northern virginia. >> they've learned a -year-old boy at rippon middle school is accused of groping female classmates. n that student i facing charges of sexual battery. the principal sent a letter home to parents informing the of the charges. prince williame county polic say the incidents came to light this weekhen a victim came forward. it's apparently been happening since september. >> we have a courageous young asdy who did feel that the touching inappropriate and alerted a staff member who then notied the school resource officer. >> because this student is 12 ears old, the case will be handled by the juvenile justice system. we're told that student is not being held in juvenile detention right now. good morning, everybody. it's going to be nice and midd ou today, and i've got great news forhe redskins forecast on sunday afternoon. it'll be bright and sunny. but between the warm today and ay, there's on su
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we have some fantastic schoolsf slipped. and we have a lochools that are in crisis. our current governor has withheld money that could've been spent on education. maryland needs a governor whose top priority is public schools. n jealous has a plan to fully fund education, to bring teacher pay up so that we can attracthe best and brightes ben's education plan is supported by teachers like me. if parents wt better schools, then ben jealous needs to be the person they vote for. my name is rachel and i'll be voting for ben jealous for governor. here at the live desk, we
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have breaking news overseas. divers have recovered the fligh data recorder from that lion air commercial jet that crashed in indonesia. take a look at some of this new video we just got into the newsroom, showing that recorder. it's small, but it may hold some very big answers for the families of nearly 200 victims. the boeing plane crashed early monday, just minutes after it took off fromhe capital of jakarta. you can see some of the wreckage there on the ground. investigators say theyould have a preliminary report about his accident within a month from now. >> all right, chris. thank you. new details this morning on a bizre case out of new york. we're getting our first look at the fairfax countyrs sis found dead in the hudson river last week. they went missing back in august. were found facing each other and taped together at the waist and ankles. rirst now investiga still have not figured out exactly how y ese sisters died. they believe tre alive when they went into the water.
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surveillance cameras in e area did not show anyone jumping from a bridge. however, police are still not ruling out the possibility that this could have been a suicide. news 4 is committed to raising awareness about domestic violence through our safe at homeinitiative. a local group looked at 23 agencies in the district to see how well they're responding to domestic violence issues. most of those agencies received a failing grade, except t for. our megan fitzgerald has the new mandate from mayor muriel bowser to address this problem. >> reporter: thepe city has millions of dollars on programs to help survivors, and they also partner with t d.c. coalition against domestic violence. the coalition says d.c. police receivedearly 36,000 calls for urvivors asking for help in 2017. >> he ended up hitting me. i got choked. >> reporter: nicole wanted us to conceal her identity, but she says she made one of those 911 calls last year. she also says she went to another district agency for help. >> i didn't feel like i could
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confide in them to say, you know, i'm a victim of dv. >> reporter: dawn dalton is the policy director for the coalition. she says h organization is trying to help the city help people like nicole by making sure a specific domesolc violencey is in place. >> we want to make sure that esose folks are prepared to know how to rpond to a survivor. >> reporter: megan fitzgerald, news 4. > it's 4:45. halloween has passed. now all eyesnore turning to mber to focus on the midterm elections that are just five days away. president trump plans quite a bit of time on the road between now and election day. just hours ago, the president talked up his at a rally in florida. the president even threatened to triple the number of troops working at the southern border. >> news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on the president putting immigration front and center. >> hi, aaron and eun. next stop for the president is missouri tonight, another
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campaign rally where he's expected to focus on immigration. president trump saying he will not allow caravans to cross the border. thousands o migrant travelers are headed this way, and now thousands of troops are headed to meet them. the president says he'll add as many as 15,000 more troops. e'd end up with m troops at the u.s./mexico border than we have in afghanistan right now. he's also still bearing down on birthright citizenship, insisting that an executive order can prevent people born in this country fromecoming citizens. on twitter, he took off after paul ryan, the house speaker, who disagrees with the president. >> already. tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. 14 before the hour rightno lowering the voting age in d.c. could take a major step forward today. the d.c. counsel committee on the judiciary and publicwi safe vote on a bill today. that bill needs a majority of the committee's votes to move forward. tacoma park,reen belt, and
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hiattsville, maryland, also allow 16-year-olds to vote in local races. also today, ope enrollment for health care opens in virginia today. one big change this year is the expansion medicaid in the state. it opens up coverage to hundreds of thousands of people who didn't have insurance options before. the age limit for medicaid is between the ages of 18 and 64. this morning we hope to learn more about what led to al apartment fire in northeast d.c. firefighters found one man dead at a senior residence ft. lincoln drive yesterday. investigators are the trying to find out the cause. prince william county leaders are working on a plan to get students out of portable classrooms. right now many schools in the county are so overcroword, they ared to use portable classroom trailers like these at stonewal jackson high school in manassas. now the change could be coming. a committee made up of both supervisors and school board members voted in favor of a plan that would add two new
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elementary schools and 30 middle school classrooms over the next ten the proposal would cost more than $140 million and take months to approve. all right, lies. if you're the ones always cooking dinner at night, get ready for a night off. that's because today is national men make dinner day. news 4's molette green is hanging out with doug as he whips up one of his specialties this morning starting in the 5:00 hour. that's early fork doug. ch him out in the kitchen. we'll also have a few dishes from the men ofews 4 today. mew, we say national men cook dinner, but some like you, cook dinner every day. >> if i don't cook it, i don'tt >> i was going to say. >> and i went to the website for this. this is specifically zbegeared toward men who d't cook, who have no clue what they're doing in the kitchen. >> you're being a team player, chuck. we appreciate it. >> my iquestion, doug actually awake right now? >> i don't know. i'm going to have to see it to
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>> we'll get the i-team on this. i have a feeling this is on ktape. >> iw your chili is good. i want to try some. >> it's in the break room. melissa already had a sample. po of course she has. >> her re is, that's got quite a kick to it, chuck. we'll get her reference in a second. it is a mild, mild start to your thursday and a mild start to the month ofnovember. 58 degrees now. our average high for november st is only 63. so we're going to be way above average later on this afternoon. warm air riding the conveyor belt up from the deep south. plan on mid-70s fon after highs today. more than 10 degrees average. it will not last. this big storm which has severe weather possibilities today from memphis, to, birmingho new orleans, and into the atlanta area. so flight delays are a possibility tayer onay. most of the heavy rain for the first part of the day will be out well to our west.
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kle ors a random spr two. that's the warm air rushing in. just a couple drops here in the northwest corner of the news 4 nation. future weath picking up on it a whole lot. that kwoewon't'last long. have enough sunshine today to get temperatures into the 70s. clouds thicken up tonight. by this time tomorrow morning, there could be a couple showers around. most of tomorrow's rai chance is in the second half of the day. could have a shower early on friday, but friday aon into the evening, starting after 3:00 or 4:00, a possibility for sotronger thunderstorms. not a great risk of severe weather. rumbles of thunder likely. here's 6:00 p.m. theorrow. that's showers and storms developing. it could be a rather stormy frid evening. those friday night football games could be real wet. and that rain will continue on into at least the first half of the day saturday. heaviest rainfall amounts tomorrow into early saturday will be on the i-95 corridor and points south and east. more rain in southern maryland.
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less rain, panhandle of west virginia. temperatures today, about already 58 here in town. 60 right now in fredericksburg. 60 degrees in hagerstghn. today way up into the 70s. enjoy it. clouds will be on the noincreas. a big chance for rain today other than a sprinkle or two here this morning. tomorrow, 80% chance for rain and thunderstorms tomorrow evening. most of saturday's rain chances in the first part of the day could have a lingering drop or two int the saturday evening looks dry. sunday looks great. melissa, how was that chilly? >> it was delicious. my mug is already empty. i had a whole mug, probably going to regret that later. >> you're going to leave some for the rest of us? >> there's a whole batch. all right. bound near or democracy, that's cleared out. laurel, southbound bw parkway, left lane getting by there. clinton, outbound 5, the ramp to
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woodyard still blocked. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no major issues there. and taking a look at 95, t quantico tohe beltway, nice and clear. 65 miles per hour gets you there in 18 minutes. now we want tohare some pictures from our halloween last night. we had a "law & order" theme. i said, i'll be a burglar, dad will be a judge, the dog is you k-9 unit, and the girls are convicts, obviously. >> that is the cutest convict. those girls and brennan, very nice. >> thank you. we had a great time. >> and jake's a lawyer. >> the judge worksd >> i k of like this. maybe in 20 years, you know. all right. we want to thank all of you who sent us your photos on how you celebrated halloween we lovell those cute photos. >> a few of them on the screen for youere. thanks to those of you who tagged us in photos, showing your family a pet costumes. what is that, a lady bug toward
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the top of the screen. i can't see the screen. lots of dogs in various sorts of costumes >> some mice over there. >> what's the head ont te? >> there's some scary ones. >> nice work though. people get into it. >> look at the little one on the right-hand side. super cute, love. it's now ow53. right n a brand new speed camera is up a running on indian head highway in prince george's county. we first told you abo this yesterday. the camera will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a $40 fine if you're caught speeding. the speed limit on indian head highway is 55. officials say cars fly by at up to 80 miles an hour. this is near the intersection of old fort road. according to the maryland state highway administration, at least 60 people have been killed in crashes over the last 11ea, including two this year. speed is the leading cause. ll an ice rink that went
4:54 am
up in flames nearly two years ago is set to be rebuild.ry >> nd's board of public works is providing $6 million to prince george's county to redevelop the tucker road ice rink. it's been closed since a fire did significant i damage back january of 2017. the county says the new facility will have an hnhl-sized rink w bleachers and other a inities. this the only ice rink in the southern part of the county. it's home to the popular tucker road ducks youth hockey program. a 6,000-year-old ax has been iscovered on the estate o america's first president. look at that. students on a field trip helped uncover this ax head at george washington's mt.ho verno earlier this month. archaeologists say the ouven-inch-long tool have been an important part of life for native americans. theres so much history h in our backyard. >> you literally could trip over it. >> it's incredible. i have been to mt. vernon. it's very cool.
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so talk about beginner's luck. an alexandria man bought his ot first ltery ticket ever and wonfore than h million dollars. why does this never happen to me? this isre a pic of anthony and his big fat he's retired and says he has no immediate plans for his winnings. there e still two more unclaimed tickets for the power fivend prize. check those tickets. you have to play to win. >> and clearly he did. i like how he's like, yeah, you know, i'll take the check. the money, i'll put it away. >> he'll probably keep doing what he's doing. >> go back to his riding lawn mower and whatever else he's doing. >> that's probably the smart way to go. s> 4:55 right now. there target is giving 1,000 of its stores a modernov ma. we're getting a brand new store in the riv town commons shopping center. target says the remodel will be finished by 2020. all of the local stores listed on your screen here will undergo a renovation.
4:56 am
target says it will include more contemporary design and digital ences to make your time at he store easier and more inspiring. i don't see mine. >> mine's not on there either. >> might check out one of those to see what looks like. >> we're such nerds. let's go check outhe new target. >> we're going anyway. some going to be there a point. >> everyone says it, i go in for one thing and $200 later i'm kicking myself. >> andou don't get the thing you went for. >> so sad. all right. ill ahead thismorning, there are a lot of cars out there, but how can you tell which is the safest for your teen driver? >> news 4's susan hogan is yorking for u, breaking down the latest safety report. plus, a bombsh announcement from the university of ryland. head football coach d.j. durkin has been let go. we have action when news 4 today continues. stay with us. sn this an election.
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it's a declaration. that when they attack who we are. we show what we're made of. d don't stand back- we stand up. for women's rights. for health care. for our kids futures. t the washington possays david trone is detailed, studious and no-nonsense-- an excellent successor to john delaney. there's no sitting on the sidelines. not me. not you. not now. the best choice, by a mile, is mr. trone. . on november 6th. vo the best choice, by a mile, is mr. trone. david trone for congress. i'm david trone, i approve this message.
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good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilch just about 5:00 a.m. halloween has come and gone. november is now here. >> just like that, it's november. >> it is. the end of the year is so close. >> no. >> but it's in the quite time yet to give up the warm weather. >> good, i don't want to give it up melissa is standing by with a check on your commute, but we be 4n with storm team meteorologist chuck bell and a check on that forecast. we're going to enjoy it while it lasts. >> it will be very cold soon but not today. today likely to be the warmest
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day of the month of n'lember. be well into the 70s this afternoon. storm team 4 radar tracking a couple of littln drops here early this morning for northern fredrick county u maryland to hagerstown, into the panhandle hi west virginia. no rain around area. most of the immediate d.c. metro area, not any real significant chance for rain. i can't rule out a drop here or there, but today is not going to be mh of a rain chance. 61 already in front royal and in winchester. 52 ing. leesb 58 in prince george's county. still 60 degrees by the bayn annapolis. dog walking forecast for today, look at citgo here. a little fall coat on and everything. good looking dog. he's avaable for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. he can help keep you warm inin those coldr nights to come. dog walking temperatures, 58 this morning. get those extra miles in today. mild,re breezy, tempera into the 70s. melissa, we'll track out that chance for thunderstorms tomorrow coming up. >> thank you.


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