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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the race is . five days and counting to the e dterm elections. midterm elections. president trump on a barnstorming cross-country tour confronted about his complicated relationship with the truth. >> when i can, i tell the truth. >> political ads and messages saturating tv and social media feeds. will the massive push actually get ameriens to polls? breaking overnight divers reoxver a black from that doomed lion air flight and believe they have now found the fuselage. what will they reveal about the crash that claimed the les of all 189 people on board? stunning reversal.
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bowing to public outrage and pressure, theniversity of maryland fires its embattled football coach one day after he was reinstated in the wake of a player's death and reports of a toxic culture. >> this should have been donelo time ago. those stories, plus sister mystery. what investigators are now revealing about the deaths of two sisters who vanished, then washed up on the banks of the hudson river. mob hit. the mafia hitman now beingd >> theli prison kng of whitey bulger. and 'tis the season. with halloween barely behind us, is halloween seaso officially here. the decorations, the sales, the movies, the music all underway. whether you like it not, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. today is thursday, november 1st, 2018 >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio
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1a in p rockefellza. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this thuray morning, the f of november. we are not ready for christmas yet. we want to talk about halloween. >> could we linger for a moment on hucloween? so m fun yesterday. we had a little bit of wig glue in our hair today. it was a fun time had by all. >> it was a blt. >> and n apparently the decoration are ou the holiday decorations. we will talk about that. first, where things stand in the final countdown of the midterms.ay we are five d out from election day and the duesident's sc is packed for one last push. >> he was in florida last night. ps has s in seven other states still to come, and polls are tightening up everywhere. a gallup poll shows the s president'pproval rating hasur dropped fooints in the last week. it'st 40% this morning. >> we have two reports, beginning with peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> good morning to you. president trump is serving as
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his own megaphone. over the next five days holding ten rallies in what is a total of eight statra. the dem rolling out their biggest names as well. among them oprah winfrey hti the trail today. all tv teeing up a titanic clash at the polls on tuesday. overnight president trump launching his closing campaign florida. the mainat topic ion. >> a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders. >> reporter: from the caravan. >> and there are a lot of rough people inhose caravans, they are not angels. >> reporter: the constitution. >> congress has never passed al requiring birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and the constitution does not,yi sa that to the media, does not quire it. read it. >> well, you obviously cannot do that. >> reporter: the president's position causing a rift in his own party,it specifically paul ryan. the president tweeting paul ryan should be focusing on holeng
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majority rather than giving his opinions on birthright citizenship. something he knows nothing about. and as forhat caravan, the president is now suggesting he will double or triple the number of troops deployed to the border. >> we will go up to anywher between 10,000 and 15,000 military personnel on top of border patrol, i.c.e., and everybody else at the border. >> reporter: more than the nsmber ofcari a t ro currently in afghanistan. it comes as the president, who independent fact checkers say repeatedly spreads false information, tells nbc new he rives for the truth. >> when i can, i tell the truth. sometimes it turns out to be where something happens, it's differentr there is a change. i always like to be truthful. >> reporter: democrats focusing not on immigration, but star powered inspiration to get out th vote. former president obama hitting the trail in florida tomorrow. s former vice president joe biden in illinois. >> i am sick and tired of the way we conduct our politics in this country. it's on our meters to set the tone. >> reporter: even oprah winfrey.
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>> vote! >> reporter: campaigning in georgia today for scey abrams, who is vying to become the first femaleri african-an governor. president trump is making a lot of promises in these closing days, hoping to energize, to ngle up his voters. among them promi a new tax cut for the middle class by november 1st. of course, today is november 1st and congress remains out of session. so that was never a real possibility. >> all right. peter alexander at the white house. thank you. >> from television to phones, social media, there has never been a bigger push to reachrs vo ahead of an election. will all that information actually get people to the polls? nbc's kasie hunt is in milwaukee this morning with that part of e story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a we do gooss the country thisdt this final m push, and that is those ible to political ads. they are everywhere you look, especial in these battleground states. it's not just on tv.
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they are feeds and even on your phone. the road to tuesday's midterms is not only the most expensive ever, but it's tanen o incredibly stark tone. >> undefended open borders, immediate tax increases. >> she cozies up to trump and his disastrous agenda. >> reporter: the number of negative attack ads up1% since the 2010 midterms. with so many close race this is election cycle, voters nationwide have been bombarded with campaign ads, inundated with robocalls, yers, tv commercials, even text messages. >> i let them stack up and scrub them. >> reporter: the number of tv commercials airing in races for the house more than one million. and candidates are flooding not just the airwaves, but also social media where a wave of celebrities are also stepping in to get out the t'vote. >> wha your plan for voting. >> we have to show up to the polls. >> vote. >> reporter: eveylpop star ta swift, notoriously
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politicalout her views, encouraging voters in her home state of tennessee to vote mocrat. >> get out and vote. i love you guys. >> reporter: unsurprisingly, it's alrea the most expensive midterm election cycle ever by far. the grand total expected to top more than $5.2 billion. a 35% increase over the 2014 midterms. although voter enthusiasm is c near histo levels this year, do you feel like it's more imrtant to vote inhis election? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: for some midterm fatigue is setting in. >> i don't liket. it's too time consuming. >> it's gotten worse. it's more and more and more. >> reporter: this midterm even rivaling the presidential election that sent donald trump to the wouse. >> it's a waste of my time. you have no consideration for me as citizen. >> reporter: once this midteti el is over though, just get ready. the next presidential electiono promises be nastier and more expensive than ever before.
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that race could start as soon as next wednesday. >> oh, wow. >> that's right. it starts as soon as the election is called on tuesday night. >> exhausting. >> thank you. now to that breaking news that we mentioned at the top of the the black box now recovered from that deadly crash from a brand new boeing plane offhe coast of indonesia. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely has all the details. bill, good morning it. >> good morning, hoda. we are now one step closer to knowrdg why 189 people on b that brand new plane lost their lives. remember that plane hadig problems the day before it crashed. the flight data recorder that's just been found will show if thosend problems came back doomed the plane. deep underwater amid aircraft bris, divers make a crucial breakthrough, surfacing with the flight data recorder. a key to this deadly mystery.
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they are now searching for the second black box, the cockpit voice recorder. onshore officials from the u.s. and from the plane maker boeing inspect debris, looking for answers. for families it's a deeplyea personalh. among the bags and shoes, some of them children's shoes, for clues to how o their loveds died. one missing passenger sent this haunti video to his wife as hs and oth walked the jet way, climbing the aircraft steps. his boarding pass for seat 24b. another passenger, newly married, sent a photo to his wife 3tes before the crash. search teams now believe they found the fuselage. sonar detecting 100 feet down on the seabed an object 72 feet long. underwater microphones heari the pingsrom the plane's flight recorders. from these, investigators can work out why a bnd new plane suddenly plunged, crashing 13
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minutes after takeoff. dozens of body bags have already been brought ashore. the airline'sechnical director has been fired. the big question, was it a preventible mechanical failure the reason everyone on board died. the first few months of any plane's life is among the most vulnerable. this one was delivered in it will take another few months before the date from that flight recorder canield those critical answers. back to you. >> bill neely in london. thank you. now to the turmoil at the university of maryland. d. jerjen fired one day after the board ofegents reinstated him sig he wasson unfairly blamed for student's death. let's get to tom costeo. this is a head-spinning turn of events, tom. god morning.
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>>d morning. university president h wallace lo defied the board of regents. he says it's in the best interest of the university. five months after that player died of heatstroke, an investigation found the cching staff failed to find emergency assistance in a timely manner and there was a toxic culture of tuse on theeam. this morning a stunning reversal on the sidelines. >> marylan football coa d.j. durkin has been fired from his job at the university of maryland. >> this is a shocker. >> reporter: the president firing embattled head football coach d.j. durkin one day after the board of regents reinstated him. the family of 19-year-old jordan mcnair said it was about time. >> the right thing was done thanks to dr. lowe. this should have been done a long time ago. the right thing was done, we wouldn't be standing s here. on wouldn't have lost his
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life. >> reporter: jordan collapsed during practice in may. >> please advise the medics to come to the field. >> reporter: a university investigation found the coaching staff failed to eck his vitals and failed to follow emergency protocols. he died two weeks later. coach d.j. durkin was suspended in august. conditioning c coach rickrt resigned. at the time the university president said the school accepted full moral and legal re ionsibility. aid to the family the university owes you an apology. >> reporter: then on tuesday the board of regents reinstated crkin. >> we believe thch durkin s bn unfairly blamed. >> reporter: but as durkin returned to the practice field wednesday, ager and outrage swept the campus an pstate. severayers walked out of a team state lawmake demanded accountability. the governor said he was deeply
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troubled and called for the school to fix the problem. late wednesday university president wallace loh stood up to the board and fired durkin himself. in a statement writing this is a difficult decision but it is the right one for our entire university. the university is buying out dur durkin's contract, more than $5 millio university pre l who announced his upcoming resignation said he will spend of rest of his termnsuring there is a culture of safety in the athletic department. cig joins the table. another major strny. >> good ing. that's right. new developments in therin murder of notoriousoston cri boss james whitey bulger and who may be behind it. nbc national correspondent kate snow with mo on that. >> good morning. new details about the improvised weapon that may been used. bulger was an infamous monster who once helped law enforcement.
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now two sources tell nbc news they areooking at a fellow inmate with mafia ties who might have particited in the killing. >> reporter: the question this morning, who killed whitey bulger? the notorious mob boss turned fbi informant then long-time fugitive dying as violently as he lived. nbc news confirm with multiple law enforcement officsls authoritelieve bulger was beatenit repeatedly wh a lock in a sock. the brutal attack taking place inside the 89-year-old's cell hours after he arrived at this westirginia prison. "the boston globe" revealing investigators now eying two of bulger's fellow inmates as potential suspects. one of them, 51-year-old fotios freddie geas serving a life sentence for his role in two muers. the globe reporting video surveillance captured geas and another inmat entering bulger's
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cell two hours before he was found unresponsive. >> he was just as much a killer grease ended up behind bars eter his friends g him up to the feds. perhaps a reason to rub out bulger who, for years, sentva mafia members to prison as an fbi informant while his own criminal enterprise grew. >> he hates rats. and whitey is the king of a rats. that's why freddie would want to kill him. >> reporter: geas' attorney spoke to him days before. >> he is there for murder. i don't have any particular firsthand knowledge that he was involved. >> reporter: geas had talbod to him bulger in the past. >> he knew who whitey bulger was. you know, h reputation for being an informant. >> reporter: this morning no charges have been announced in th t case and sources tell nbc news grease is one of several potential actors in the
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killing. in the end, turning one of the country's most ruthless into the victim. while we are getting a better picture of what happened to bulger, there is a mystery tha remains. why was he transferred to the west virginia prison in the first place and why was he placed in the general pulation? his death at that notoriously violent facility is the third in seven months, guys. they are supposedly a lot of people wondering if this was an accident waiting to happen. >> you would think they could look at the papers and figure out who ordered it. >> you would think. >> being investigated. >> thank you. all right. we have a lot ore to get to this morning, including, you guys, it's the holiday season. itves here. er 1st. joe fryer is outside to prove it. good rning. inorep>>teheoor:mod grn street and you can already see holiday decorations. you can maybe hear tar salvation bells ringing in the
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background. for weeks already retailers have been letting us know that when it comes to the big holiday, at least when it comes to sales, o it's alreadythe way. the children are still working through their sugar hangovers. thanksgiving turkeys have not begun to be stuffed and the weather outside isn't quite frightful. while halloween was fun according to retailers, 'tis the season for shopping. forget the 12 days of christmas. ese are the 55 days of christmas. >> it's getting sooner and sooner. so pretty soon it's going to be up inorjune. >> rr: wreaths galore. the christmas creep has begun. theer rockefeenter tree, a 75-year-old 12-ton norway spruce has been chosen. the reindeer are flying in l.a. >> crazy to have decorations upd al >> reporter: more and more common for the past few years, october is when retailersfo yuletide up shoppers. this year with unemployment low
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and take home wages up,re retailersoping to cash in. the national retail federation expects holiday retail sales in november and decembe will increase between 4.3% and 4.8% over 2017 with consumers spending more than $1,000 a person. online sales are expected to increase 14.8% over 2017 totaling $124.1 billion. the earlytart is just fine for some folks. >> i love the lights and the use. i just love the way it looks and it kind of makes me feel more peaceful. >> reporter: f jen mcbride of orange county, it's never too early for the christmas spirit. her house is already ready for st. nick figuring if you can't beat them, join them. >> the mall starts september/october. so i figure why can't i start then, too? >> reporter: one more sign the holidays are upon us. right cks this morning unveiling
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the holiday cups. there are four of them. you g these with your drinks starting tomorrow, guys. >> it's funny. i wasoihinking al is to be so happy. maybe no more pumpkin spice lattes al. >> hey, roker! >> love the holidays. all right. let'show you what we have going on. no trick-or-treats, obviously. at's done. we have a lot of scary weather through the gulf coast. weave tornado watches, tornado wanks going on. a line of storms that stretch 850 miles all the way up int the northeast, the midwest, i should say. the impacts today potential tornados, damaging winds threat. this is stretching from orleans to the panhandle of florida later today.l atlanta w see strong storms, probably airport delays. it phehes into t gulf coast and the southeastern atlantic coast. for tomorrow a lot of rain. we have the flood threat going from louisiana all t way into the mississippi river valley.
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rainfall amounts especially down south one to three binches, to five pwards of four inches as well. we will get to you local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. >> good morning everybody. mostly clear skies overhead this morning. still waiting on sunrise, 15 minutes away.a little bit more cloud cover especially later on in the afternoon and there is a chance that some ofnhose showers ohio could be here after 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. betweenow and then you have
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fwefl hours of mostly sunny skies and temperatures which are in the upper 50s to near 60 now, up to a high ofee 77 de today. thunderstorms likely here tomorrow evening. gu and that's your latest weather. . >> thank you so much. coming up, a new twist in the mysterious deaths of two sisters who vanished months agow ande just found on the banks of the hudson river bound together t we will hav latest. tes plus, nbc news investi e-cigarette use by teenagers. it's now being called a public health new lawsuits and an alarming new udy. this morning we are putting maker of tions to the the most popular brand out there. fi this is "today" on nbc. nbc. " i was a navy doctor, so i'm used to getting to work early. now i have a general practice, with a lot of patients who are counting on me. many of them worry about president trump taking away protections for pre-existing conditions. and women are frightened they could lose reproductive health care.
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it's why i'm glad i have a friend named ben. ben is a national leader who's protecting obamacare from president trump. he's my friend ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin and i approved this message. when the nra tried to overturn maryland's assault-weapons ban, attorney general brian frosh led the fight to stop them, defending our gun safety laws to protect the people of maryland. attorney general brian frosh.
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we have some fantastic schools slipped. and we have a lot of schools that are in crisis. our current governor has withheld money that could've been spent on education. maryland needs a governor whose top priority is public schools. ben jealous has a plan to fully fund education, to bring teacher pay up so that we can attract the best and brightest. ben's education plan is supported by teachers like me. if parents want better schools, then ben jealous needs to be the person they vote for. my name is rachel and i'll be voting for ben jealous for governor. coming up, julia roberts. >> and the biggest halloween on the plaza ever after your local news.
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this is a news4 today news break. >> 7:26 is your time on this thursday, novembe 1st, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. today is the last day to vote early in maryland's midterm elections. everyone else willt vote n week. tomorrow is the last day for early voting in d.c. the last day for west virginia is saturday. and heads up. there is a brand newpeed camera with a $40 fine on indian head highway in prince george's co ity. this near the intersection with old fort road. now to melissa molett and traffic.t4 hi, melissa. >> good morning. adelphi north hpshire at new hampton, one right lane is
7:27 am
ocked by a crash. rockville after west montgomery a crash blocking the right side. it is slow. just got a message from a friend there. southbound third street tunnel fore the southeast freeway road.blai some ford explorer owners say carbon monoxide fumes are sll leaking into their suvs despite a free fix by the manufacturer. news four consumer reporter susan hogan investigates tonight at 5:00 on news4. your forecast is up next. stay with us. d
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grning everybody. temperatures are mostly in the 50s to get your thursdaynd your november off to a mild start. temperatures this afternoon with a graal increase in cloud cover later today will be in the mid-70s for tsoay. showers possible this evening, and for tomorrow si
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showers pe at any time. we could have thunderstormsbe een 5:00 and 10:00 tomorrow evening. another update in 25 minutes. back to "the today show" aft. that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment, the opioid epidemic, and pediatric healthcare. but we can't make progress when we're divided, when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain. in the senate, i'll always listen to you and focus on solving problems that matter to virginia and to america. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message.
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♪ . ♪ wake me up before you gogo ♪ because i'm not planning on going solo ♪ >> oh! >> we had the best time. >> 7:30 now. this is just some of the great shots for our '80s flashback halloween. you know, craig, you owned . you owned it. >> thank you. >> we will have a lot more highlightsad ahe incredible. >> crazy. >> i continue to bet amazed the transformations, like the makeup and hair. it was m first time. >> the whole sfff "saturday night live," they are good at it. >> we will get to that stuff in pop start. let's start though this half
7:31 am
hour with a check of's tod headlis. president trump delivering his closing arguments for republicae candidates ways to go until the midterm elections. the president holding 11 rallies across eight states. the main topic immigration and his controversial proposa to end birthright citizenship. >> congress has never passed aw equiring birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and the constitution does not, i say that to the media, does not require i read it. >> the issue is causing a rift in his own rty, specifically speaker of the house paul ryan who like most legal experts said a president cannot overturn a constitutional amendment by executive order. a grand jury issued an indictment against robert bowers. the charges include murder and hate crimes. 11 people were l gunned downt saturday ate the treof life
7:32 am
synagogue. funerals wl be held today for three of those victims. now to the daring rescue of a hum back whale off the coast of california. it was struggling to fee itself from a rope. a fisherman got close to it and jumped into action. >> get on the whale right now and c >> oh, wow. >> cut it! cut it right now! before she dies! cut it! cut it! >> oh, my gosh. >> did you get it? yeah! >> he got it. >> wow. they called the coast guard prior to jumping in the water, but they felt there was no time eft so jumped into action. did you cut it? i got it. >> oh, my gosh. was great. we turn to the deepening mystery surrounding the deaths of two sisters.
7:33 am
they were reported missing back in august in virginia, but theie bodies w just discovered here in new york. nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest. th good morning. bodies of the two sisters, both saudi arabian citizens, were found over a week ago a woman walking along the hudson river here in new york city made the gruesome discovery. a law enforcement source says there is reason to believe they d the water alive. but this morning there is still no official cause of death. >> reporter: this morning nypd deteives are askinghe public for t help. 16-year-old tala fareria and he- 22-yd sister rotana hadn't been heard from since august 24th according to officials in virginia where they had been living with family. police want to know what were the sisters doing the last twoo months and did they end up in new york city? >> detectives have been down in they have conducted a number of interviews in virginia, including members of the
7:34 am
immediate family, as well as others. >> reporter: their bodies were discovered bound in duct tape at the waist andee both dressed in similar clothes. black leggings and coa with fur trim. an early theory was that they had taken their lives by jumping off the george washington bridge, but neither young woman sustained injuries consistent with such a fall according to officials, deepening the mystery. law enforcement officials tell nbc foul playui and sde leads among the leading theories eve though nothing is being rouuled out. >> trying toplet the ce picture of what led to the two young ladies being discovered. >> reporter: there are multiple reports that sisters had applied for political asylum. nbc news reached out to the department of homeland security about that, but the agency declined to comment. there are many unanswered questions. according to the saudi embassy, which says i h hired an attorney to follow the case, the
7:35 am
young women were students accompanying their brother in washington. tala went to a high school in fairfax, virginia while rotana was pursuing an engineering degree at george mason university. she had not attended classes since last spring. public documents reveal the family may have been going through financial troubles. two liens were placed on an apartment in 2016. it says the tenant owed over $6,000. tala, the teenager, was reported missing to e center for missing and exploited children. her profile now taken off the site. a case that ended in tragedy. because the circumstances of the young women's dea are so mysterious, there have been many theories. among them, this was an honor killing. a high-ranking law enforcement official tells nbc news so far there is no evidence to support that theory. killing? an honor >> that would mean a member of
7:36 am
the family killed the young women to maintain thef honor the family. something that you see in the middle east, pakistan, places like that. >> stephanie, thank you. let's switch gears. a check of the forecast from mr. roker. >> that front we told you about that wasausing problems i the gulf and the mississippi river valley extends all the way into the midwest. we have got heavy showers and thunderstorms, flood watches up for 17 million people stretching from buffalo all the way down into parts oftennessee. we are looking at this system pushing to the east and north. heavy rain for the midwest today. river and roadway flooding is expected. friday it moves into the northeast. alooggy commute i-95. we have got a risk of flash flooding stretching fro a new englan the way to the delmarva peninsula with anywhere from three to four inche of rain but upwards of five inches in some spots from new england on int eastern pennsylvania. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening neck of the woods. good morning. sunrise has commenced here in n area.hing
7:37 am
just about ready to clear the n top thereear congressional heights. it's going to be a great day to be outside today. it is already mild. lyere will be increasing rain chances, most liime for showers coming in after the sun goes down today. between now and the end of the day, convertible owners, a top hewn emergency day. temperatures in t upper 50s to near 60 now. today's high tegreratures 77 s and mild again tomorrow. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up, remember bisho michael curry? >> we must discover love. the redemptive power of love. and when we do that we will make of this o world a new world. >> he brought down the house at the royal wedding. we are kind of sure he is about ready to do the same in studio we know hen. wil -- ellen.
7:38 am
how she tormented her staff this holiday. >> you have been on the end of that. and a conversation with hollywood stoop superstar julia roberts on family, fame, and advice for her younger self. first, a new warning when it comes toids and e-cigarettes. tough questions about the alarming new study to an executive at juul coming up right after this. ♪ ♪ the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now during sleep number's veterans day sale.
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today," kids and e-cigarettes. >> the fda announcing that they have hard data that supports a, quote, public health tragedy is now underway. c senior investigative and legal correspondent cynthia mcfadden has been taking a hard look at this. she joins us from l.a. >> good morning. >> repory ls were filed against three e-cigarette companies right here in california alleging they market to young people, which, ifru is not legal. meanwhile, the biggestre e-cie maker juul isn't part of those lawsuits, but it is in the crosshairs of the fdng this mor we talk to juul and a leading scientist behind a groundbreaking study of e-cigarettes. as you'll see, the results are alarming. just when it seems cigarettein smok was a thing of the past, a new and disturbing trend among young people.
7:44 am
juuling. the most popular bla of e-cigarettes sleek and loaded with nicotine. >> it just became like more and more p and everyone would huddle around in the bathroom because everyone had it all at once. >> reporter: 18-year-old olivia gordon is a college she says by senior year in high school just about everyone she knew was juuling. >> we would hide it in our tacket sleeves. we will pull up and in class and things like that. >> reporter: gordon was part of a groundbreaking study to try to figure out if juul, or other e-cigarettes, were bad for kids. >> i wanted to go right to the source so that we could actually see whats are in their body. >> reporter: dr. martin rubenstein at the university of california san francisco had so many patients asking him i e-cigarettes were safe, he decided to study kids who said they used ,e-cigarett including juul. what did you learn? what are the highlights from the >> we fund a lot of the same chemicals in the urine of these
7:45 am
teenagers that we see in cigarettes. much lower levels than traditional cigarettes, but higher than whatec we e to find from just environmental exposures. >> reporter: are any of those toxic? >> the five main chemicals that weitound arer shown to be cancer causing or thought to be canc causing either in humans or animals. >> reporter: well, do we know what the long-term effects are using these e-cigarettes is? >> we don't. even the fact that these were lower levels is still concerning. we don't know that these kids will t continue use for many years, but should they, we expect to see some of the same negative outcomes that we see with cigarettes. >> we fully acknowledge that they are using this product and it's not acceptable. >> reporte ashley gold is t chief administrative officer of juul labs. juul dominates the e-cigarette industry with 74% of the market
7:46 am
share. the company now valued in an astounding $16 billion says the product was designed to give adult smokers an alternative to cigarettes. in fact, juul claims they paid for shows nearly 50% of smokers who use juul stop smoking cigarettes. >> wenow that cigarettes kill half of the people who use them. e potential of vapor technology is to deliver nicotine through an aerosondzed form avoid combustion and thereby avoid or significantly reduce the harm resulting from cigarette smoking. >> reporter: is it safe? do you know what the long-term effects of juuling are? >> i can't talk about safety of the product from a regulatory perspective. >> reporter: i am asking you whether you know that the ts long-term efff the use of juul products is safe. >>uul has beenn the market since 2015. ime the data from the
7:47 am
product was on the market to now, and we will collect data over time. >> reporter: isn't it irresponsible to put a product out there for adults or anybody else to purchase if you don't know the long-term effects? >> again, i think the context is critically important. >> reporter: all i'm asking is thaher you have a product you can tell me 30 years from now isn' be killing people. >> there is growcog scientific ensus there is significantly election toxins from them. >> reporter: while scientists e-cigarettes are far less harmful than regular cigarettes in thehort run, it's unclear what the long-term effects are. juul does contain nicotine. there is no dispute th nicotine i addictive. none? >> no. we are not disputing that. >> reporter: andhat in itself is a concern to many public health experts who worry that kids who experiment may not beo ableop once adiktded to the nicotine and that could leag
7:48 am
toette use. there are a lot of unintended o user the product and they happen to be kids. >> it's critically important that they are educateut the harms of nicotine. them.are not products for we agree 100% with that. >> reporter: what do youur tell patients? >> i strongly recommend against it. there is no reason healthy adolescents should be exposing themsees to even potentially cancer-causing substences. >> rep do you think it's bad for you? >> yeah, i know it's bad for you. >> reporter: that doesn't stop you? >> no, it doesn't stop me. you,t of things are bad for you still do. >> reporter: and that has a lot of parents very concerned. >> well, juul labs pushed back on dr. rubenstein's study saying you can't draw conclusions abour one e-cte brand from it because the kids in the study were lf-reporting which products they were using,
7:49 am
meanwhile, the fda is so concerned about e-cigarette use among kids they are n considering taking some e-cigarettes off the market, perhaps banning the flavors that kids prefer. their decision expted on. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. and cynthia will have more tonight on "nbc nightlnews." >> thank you. justah d, how much do we love this wrtan? julia ro >> and how much does she love harry smith. she will talk about her tv homecoming, her earliest roles and her family. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth...
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♪ (laughing) ♪ come here! oh my... (applause) ♪ (vocalizing) (dad, over phone) justike that? (vocalizing continues)
7:55 am
♪ ♪ . ♪ break. >> 7:56 is your timen this thursday, november 1st, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. rightetow we want to g right to the roads and melissa molt in your first4 traffic. what are you seeing, melissaew >> a problem. it has cleared but i should say a new update. adelefy newampshire at piney branch, delays after a pedestrian rash.
7:56 am
taking a look at 270 southbound west montgomery ave slow from ar earlier accident and eastbound 66 afr sycamore the right lane blocked. >> thank you. these are live pictures of a press conferce being held by the university of maryland student government association. they are discussing theecision to fire head football coach d.j. durkin. you can watch it live right now in the nancy pelosi. we will be right back with a check on the forecast. stay with us. the washington post endorses jennifer wexton for congress... saying barbara comstock's "promise has turned to dust." she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." jennifer wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice. "smart, serious and substantive" ... "ms. wexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message because i've worked across party lines to get things done. that's how we can fix congress and make it work for us again.
7:57 am
rz z31blz z
7:58 am
ry y31bly y mild and sunny outside ads you go outside this morning. temperatures in the 50s in most
7:59 am
areas already. some spots even into the 60s. it ill be breezytoday, high 77. thunderstorms likely tomorrow. just in time for the friday evening commute.
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "tongy." co up, final stretch. with five t days untilhe midterm elections, the president a in on imgration. >> vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders. >> while democratsinre reag their for stars, obama,de even oprah. >> vote! >> we are live in washington with the latest. plus, feeling the power of love. >> there is power in love to help and heal whenothing else >> the bishop who stole the show at the royal wedding live in studio 1a with an inspiring new message of hope. and real homecoming. >> i am so happy to see you.
8:01 am
>> julia roberts sits down with harry smith to talk about her tv series, motherhood and the advice g she'dive her younger self. ursday, november 1st, 20 ♪ >> north county, california. >> we miss you! >> here to celebrate turning half a century. >> from charlotte, north kicarolina. >>pping school to be with grandma. >> from p.a.! >> yay! >> shout out to my son alex in buffalo. go bills! >> hi to my sisters in fort lupton, colorado. >> from wisconsin. we love "today"! >> and we lovehtou rig back. welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning. a little bit of our halloween hangover. we are going to revisit that in a bit. >> so fun.
8:02 am
we have a busy morning. let's get to your news at 8:00. both sides are giving it everything they have got on thi final pus to the midterm elections. that includes a barrage of last-minute adsnd a barnstorming campaign trip by president trump. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander has the very latest from the white house. hey, peter, goorning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning to you. the president bracing for a democratic surge tha could cost republicans the house is largely focusing his attention on keeping the senate in republican hands. over the next five days he is holding ten rallies in eight states, nearly all of them with tight senate races. the democrats also rolling out their biggest namesn these final days. obama, biden, even oprah all out ahead of tuesday's midterm showdown. the president last night was in florida,ar of this final blitz, emphasizing immigration even as he is warning he may send up to 15,000 troops to the u.s./mexo border. that would mean there would be more troops at the border than american troops in afghanistan right now. he called birthright citizenship
8:03 am
a, quote, crazy policy. that right is enshrined in the 14th amendment. the president, who independently fact checkers have said routinely spreads false information, says he tells the uth when i can in a new interview. president obama will head to florida tomorrow. oprah winfrey campaigns for stacey abrams. she is vying to become the nation's first female african-american governor. big days ahead. >> thank you so much. breaking news ove in the crash of that boeing jetliner off the coast of indonesia this week. navy diversecovered one of the black box flightrs recorrom avat doomed lion air jet. search teams h also spotted the fuselage 100 feet down on the seabed. both expected to provide important clues into what caused a brand new plane to land in the sea after takeoff 189 people were killed. afternoon american airlines baggage handler has been
8:04 am
suspended after anid it aboard a 737. officials say he was drunk when he fell asleep in the plane's rgo hold. nobody noticed he was missing so he flew undanected froms city to chicago. he wasn't found until the plane pulled up to theate at o'hare international. that employee was questioned by the fbi, which iar sta practice when aviation security is involved. all right. we have got the news covered. we have a little morning boost that might make you smile. cheerleading is about boosting team spirit and getting fans to their feet. we foung a y lady who gets that job done. >> yes! >> givg to her all. we are not 100% sure how her team did. but who cares? what was tni w performance for that cute little lady chb. s >> i love her. she should teach a class. >> adorable. he more on this thursday morning, including the big scare that our friend ellen cooked up
8:05 am
for halloween this year. >> she is at it again. who could a nice dose of hope right now? bishop curry, man, he always delivers. he electrified the world at the royal wedding and we'll catch up with him right after thi they are ridiculous when they first wake up.unkin'? daddy walks into the walls like he's a bumper car. your dunkin' doesn't make you, you... but it helps. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. ♪
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♪ ♪ we are back with today's talker, and the breakout star of
8:11 am
markle harry and meghan royal wedding. >> two billion people watched that, and they will never forget bishop michael curry. >> now he has a book out featuring that sermon and a few others. it is called ♪ tthe power of love. michael curry, the presiding bishop of the episcopal church is with us. you are always happy. good morning. >> good morning. >> you always inspire us leave us feeling so positive. this has been a hard week. we start in pittsburgh and what happened in a house of worship.b you know, the there, rabbi meyers, gave kind of a talk at a vigil the day after and he said was really honest, you know, saying like the scriptures say the lord my shepherd, i shall not want,ute said i want those 11 people back. how do we deal with that and our
8:12 am
faowh and today coincides? >> well, we deal with gef honestly and forthrightly. when it hurts, iturts. you don't pretend it doesn't hurt. that rabbi was wise. when it hurts even to tell god to hurts and don't understand. this doesn't make any sense. but the second thing is d it together. part of the jewish tradition is u never let someone, a dead body be by itself. we do it together because there is something about being in community with each other that i can hold you up when you can't hold yoursel up a you can hold me when i can't. that's part of the power. then sometimes we have to live with the rituals that can sustain us. rituals of faith have existed a long time. they have actlly beeneta tested a long time ago. they have been around and they actually he t capacity to hold us and to provide a space ere god's energy can begin to move in and am tg us. some ose are the ways that
8:13 am
you walk through grief, not avoiding it, but walk through it. live with it and find life at the same time. >> one of the things youlways say is love wins. like lovean wins. you have a book out, we will talk about it in ainute, but you were in a church yesterday and a question was asked. like does loveay a win? and what is your answer to that? >> i was in england, in suffolk cathedral. one of the questions was, can this way of d love,s it really work? and the truth is nothing else has. it is the only thing that will work. if you think of love purely as a sentimental thing, and it's partially that, then it doesn't make sense. but if you realize that love certainly i jesus of nazareth and as moses taught, love is about unselfish, selfless living that actually speaks the good and the welfare and well being of others even sometimes above my own unenlitened
8:14 am
self-interest. that selfless living, unselfish, ha theapacity, it's the only thing that has ever changed anything for the good. think about yourself. who are the people whoua ay made a difference in your life? they have made a difference in your life not because they were doing something for themselves, but because they actually cared about you. >> right. it was you. not themselves. think about any kind of social change that has happened in human history. it has been people who have been thinking aboutore than self, who have been thinking about others. think about first responders. they don't know w they are going in to help, but they do it because it's selfless. the truth is nothing, no good created and done by human beings has ever been done from the motivation of selfishness. it has always been giving, which is what love is. >> and transforming for the giver of self-sacrificial love and for the receiver. you write something in your book, that the opposite of love
8:15 am
what is it? >> the opposite of love is self-centeredness. hate is a derivative of that. if you think about akit, it sense, that if love is self-giving, selflessness, a willingness to give as ignatius said to give and not to count sse cost. the willingo do that. the opposite of love really is self-centeredness. and it doesn't work. self-cente over the long haul because the truth is, if we all lived self-centered existence, i am the center othe universe, you are the periphery, and you are expendable. democracy depends on that. human survival and life on this planet depends on our capacity to be unselfish to be selfless and giving. the miracle is when we do that we actually get blessings. >> we do. >> we actually do. >> you are always a bless us when you are here, bishop
8:16 am
curry. >> you guys are a blessing. >> thank you so much. his book is the power of love. find more about it at thank gu. let a check of the weather. >> thanks, guys. power ofoking at the weather right now. this frontal system causing big showers, thun as well. tornados but it's also causing a change in our temperature. a falleel behind the front. ahead of it, it's still warm. new york city today in the low 70s. charlotte 75. jacksonville 85. behind the front temperatures anywhere from0 to 15 degrees below average. tomorrow it moves to the east. so nashville 11 degrees cooler, new leans only 68, but ahead of the front temperatures mid-to-upper 60s. by the weekend though we allt st to feel more fall like. boston in the 50s, same with pittsburgh, paducah 62 by sund, green bay in the 40s. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. it is going to be a beautiful outdoors enjoying the mild
8:17 am
weather. temperatures in the s to get your thursday and november arted. your planner for today temperatures climbing into the mid-70s. 75 in frederick,arand. 77 in fredericksburg, virginia. tomorrow a risk of showers, but most likely rain and thunderstorms after 5:00 tomorrow. it will be a rather stormy friday night. good news for the redskins game. it will be sunny osunday. >> and that's your latest weather. guys. >> all right. mr. roker, thank you. mr. ly, pop start. >> many stars celebratingast night. heidi klum as princess fiona. you might have seen justin timberlake asego batman characters with his family. neil patrick harris' family with a haunted mansion theme.
8:18 am
and two young ina and jeffrey fans. >> that's cute. >> up next, halloweens like the super bowl for ellen degeneres. the talk show host can't resist a new scare. this year no staff member or celebrity was safe. >> ah! >> whoa! -o oh! >> wow. >> i'd watch that over and over. finally. many of us took our kids trick-or-treating last night for fun. craig with the family of
8:19 am
dinosaurs out there. >> awesome. >> savannah and jenna spent the holiday with their storybook themed costumes. little red riding hood and the family of wolves. a little mermaid and a spooky witch. hoda, pictures of you and your mom. little bumblebee crewre t your puppy transformed, i understand? >> he was a littl pineapple. >> dylan's son wouldn't get in costume, buten he still trick-or-treating. sheinelle's kids big buckets of candy. and fun with my cowgirls wonder woman and snin gentlemni there. had a great, great time. >> halloween brings out the creepy and the creative. this is a 13-year-old. this costume, we saw this -- ohs my this is a little too relatable. this is jillian. she wentas, quote, tired mom.
8:20 am
oh, my gosh. >> she is 13. no detail left untouched. she has a ba, a toddler. >> a toddler on the leg. >> that's amazing. >> you come closer, there is cheerios in her hair. >> that's great. >> the pacifie isel is clutchin. there is three bottles of wine in the target bag. it's no secret wheremohe vation came from. that was great. genius is >> it's like looking in a mirror, you know? >> thank you. that is cool. >> did you dress up, harry smith? >> this is it. > by the way, you are here for a bunch of reasons. one, you sat down with hollywood superstaror julia roberts a personal conversation about family. she loves you, by the way. >> who doesn't? >> come on.
8:21 am
>> i have better viewed her numerous times over the years. whenever we have a conversation, it feels like a homecoming. and homecoming happens to be the name of her new television ries. it debuts on amazon prime tomorrow. let me tell you, it's really od, much like the star he >> harry, i am so happy to see you. >> reporter: it's been a long time. >> this to me made my saturday away from my family. i was like, well, i'm going to see harry. >> reporter: we have been seeing her get ready for 30 years now. fans are beguiled by her charm. >> choose me. marry me. >> reporter: and mesmerized by her vulnerability. julia roberts is as big as movie stars get. as the line between big and small scree blurs, roberts, the actor, heads to where the good material is. >> homecoming is a safe space. >> reporter: in her new tv
8:22 am
aeries homecoming on amazon prime roberts playounselor at a mysterious rehab center for military vets. a pla where nothings as it seems. it's a little bit twilight zone? >> yeah. tl reporter: a lbit alfred hitchcock? >> yes. >> reporter: i kept thinking to myself, you are such a good listener in this show. that ends up being so important? >> well, it should always be important all the time to everybody, right? let's not talk about politics. >> reporter: and because we, too, have a sense of humor, we dug this up. >> not always. >> reporter: jewulia and don johnson in a 1978 episode of "miami vice." >> can you believe it? it's like a china plate. >> why am i talking like that? i am so cute. honestly, i am so happy to have
8:23 am
this job. don johnson is so nice to me. i saw him a week ago. >> reporter: when you look at that julia roberts from all those years ago, knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given her? >> you know, none that she would haveistened to. >> reporter: despite being an ne oscar wr and megastar,ro rts says she stays grounded thanks to her husband of 16 years cinematographer danny. >> i give him a lot of credit. not that i am a d person, but that he has helped me protect my person and keep my person where i want to be. >> reporter: and at home she is a cesar sayoc mom to their th e children -- she is a soccer mom to their children. >> henry is 11. >> reporte what is it like trying to raise three kids in this day and >> it's interesting because it's all alsonew.
8:24 am
the opportunities. the pressures. the resources. having the whole world in your hands like that. >> reporter: do you try to keep them off social media? >> yes. i mean, think i don't really understand what they need that for right now. >> repter: roberts just joine stagram herself this summer. >> i knew i would be so good at it andy felt it was responsibility, social media. to make my presence felt. >> reporter: the world was like, we have all of this social media, but don't have you. >> you don't have the 50-year-ol housewife perspective represented on instagram. >> reporter: and this housewife turned1 earlier this week. when you have the opportunity to sit and have a conversation with julia roberts andlahe hs, either at you or herself, it is a thing of just abundant joy. >> harry.
8:25 am
>> reporter:t'the truth. >> i have been fighting tears, honestly, the whoime we are sitting here talking. you are determined to make me watery. >> reporter: bring it. >> oh! >> wow. >> harry, you are charming yourself, harry. >> i first interviewed her for "mystic pizza." >> the show is good? >> there i no glamour in this for her. this is a very, very raw twilight zone kind of mystery kind of creepy, what's going on here. is that the story? what's the real story? she kills it. >> it's soool that tv, amazon prime and otherth outlets are putting up projects that are attracting such great talent like>>ulia roberts. hat's what i said to her. is the line between television and film, there is no line. >> we are the beneficiaries of that. >> great interview, harry. thank you. >> good day at the office, pal. we will have more with julia
8:26 am
roberts and harry in the fourth hour. for more great moments, head to >> we will g you readyor holiday party. and mar team a mcbride is here to took. news break. >> 8:26 is your time on this 1stsday, november good morning to you. i'm eun yang. we are aoing to start with check on the roads with is m tsa le going, melissa? >> the outer loop before cabin john parkway, you canay see d from 270 southbound to the beltory. dale citybound 95 the express lanes have a csh. and after sycamore, right lane blnked. broken d vehicle. significant delays headed inbound. we will take a break now. we will check your forecast when we come back. stay with us. to execute a search warrant when wor an arrest warrant, we'd line up and we'd put our hand
8:27 am
on the shoulder of the person in front of us. you always knew who had your back. with all the money in politics, it's hard to say who has our backs. i worked in federal law enforcement and at cia serving the american people, not special interests. i'm abigail spanberger. i won't take money from corporate pacs because in congress, i'll always have your back, and that's why i approve this message. oh, hey sandy! this is a trick my nona taught me to make sure my produce is fresh. but aldi produce is delivered fresh every single day. every day? yeah... so you don't need to, do that. you're not even gonna hold that cantaloupe to your face? the only trick you need to save time and money is to shop at aldi. save on little salad bar garden salad mix. now just .79 cents aldi. shop differentli.
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aldi. it's a declaration.tion. that when they attack who we are. we show what we'remade of. and we don't stand back- we stand up. for women's righ. for health care. for our ds futures. the washington post says david trone is detailed, stud us andan excellent successor to john delaney. the washington post says david trone is detailed, there's no sitting on the selines. not me. not you. not now. the best choice, by a mile, is mr. trone. on november 6th. vote. david trone for congress. i'm david trone, i approve this message. in the upper 50s to near 60 already. we are in store for a very warm day to welcome the month of november. 77 for a high this afternoon. chance for a few showers this eveng and an 80% chance of rain with even thunderstorms on your friday evening. rain tapering to showers and
8:29 am
ending during the day on saturday. then set your clocks back one s hoururday night. >> thank you, chuck. get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app. have a great day. s "promise has turned to dust." she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." jennifer wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice. "smart, serious and substantive" ... "ms. wexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message because i've worked across party lines to get things done. that's how we can fix congress and make it work for us again.
8:30 am
8:30 er's ursday, november 1st. we are out h on the plaza. a beautiful d, actually. in the northeast, ouce and warm here. and we have got a happy hall >> yes. d. >> guys, there is somhing cool in the crowd. >> what? >> we feel like we had a good halloween, right? nobody had a betteral hween than this lady right here. is your name sophia?
8:31 am
hi. >> last night it was halloween. wher >> on a plane. ight? >> right. you live where? >> in arizona. in arizona. >> anzona. and that happened? >> my parents surprised me and told me i'm cing to new york. >> whoa! so you got on a red eye and your bags were packed? >> yes. >> did you just get off the airplane like an hour ago? >> yeah. >> wow. >> happy birthday. you are turning 13? >> yes. >> are you mom? >> no. >> oh, my gosh. mom and grandma. you are amazing. >> i am enjoyinghe trip as well. my husband is amazing for sending us. >>xaly. well, happy birthday to you, sweetie pie. welcome. take a naplater. that red eye is tough. >> you are on my schedule. i know that red eye all too well. >> did you go trick-or-treating on the plane? >> today is november 1st.of ourse, november is alzheimer's awarenessrionth. maria r is here with an eye-opener this morning.
8:32 am
she is going to show us how, when that disease strikes, it pacts the entire family. also, ready or not, the rush to the holidays is officially underway. jill is her with steals and deals. everything you need for entertaining this season whether you are the host of the party or the guest. >> the harry smith edition o stee steals and deals. also, martina mcbride is here. we will gather around her table o feast some seasonal will explain why cooking and singing have so much in common. and coming up in the next hour, i am going to sit down withegendaryirector and actor ron howard. >> nice. >> to talk about how his out of the world new project is really breaking boundaries and the one thing he can't make movie without. >> that's a tease. >> that's a good one. rst, can we brag about someone for a second? in style, their famed designer, or theyll cged him for a
8:33 am
dinner party. do you recognize one of those people?e.s that'avannah? >> t savannah guthrie. >> wow! >> right smack in ie middle. >>t was so fun. >> tiffany haddish was there. it was so fun. naomi watts. michael kors is they put this together for "in style" and we had a lot of fun. iman is there. what didn't we talk about? it was really, really fun. >> all off the record, i'm sure. >> oh, yeah. >> for sure. >> what was for dinne >> i don't even remember. it was one of those kind of dinners. >> read about i in "in style" magazine. >> yeah, th invited me to opular mechanics." strong storms tomorrow.
8:34 am
a fall feel in the southwest. wintry mix in theestern plains. for saturday a push of cool air comesnto the ohio river valley. clipper snow around the northern plains. autumn warmth through the south. sunday, sunday,ar ckies in time for the new york marathon here in the northeast. mountain snows through the rockies. t weather in the pacific northwest. heavy rain moves back into texas. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. sunny and mild outside this morning and a nice southwesterly breeze isoing to push these temperatures out of the 50s and into the 70s for later on in the afternoon. enty of sunshine for today. there will be an increase in clouds the we actually could get a shower oar two after 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. between nownd thet's smooth sailing. for tomorrow cloudy, still mild, in the 70s again tomorrow with rain chances increasing with time during the day, a a chance for thunderstorms on your friday eve. >> that's the latest weather.
8:35 am
don't forget to check usut anytime. go to today's sirius xm channel 108 and take "the today show" with you. inside. now to our ongoing series brain power. november is alzheimer's awareness and family caregivers month. >> it is a time to rec millions of families who care for loved ones with for a job that can take a erious toll on their own health. here with more on this is maria shriver, our special anchor. >> my goodness. these caregivers do it without any pay for compensation, and it is really, really hard work. i know because i did it withy dad. there are families like robin forb and her teen daughter haley who worked tirelessly to care for robin's father who has alzheimer's and t y are all struggling to stay afloat. >> i worry about my mom. she has to worry about me.
8:36 am
so i just wish there was more of a balance. >> reporter: for 14-year-old haley and her mom robin, worrying has become a way of life. after long days at work a school, they come home to care for their 82-ar-old father and grandfather jim who has alzheimer's. >> i love you, grandpa. >> reporter: a former naval officer who lost his leg, he now struggles with everyday tasks. sometimes even forgetting his family's names. he is veryrent than the man they grew up knowing. >> i describe him as my rock. he is strong. everything that you could ask for. >> reporter: jim was diagnosed with alzheimer's last year. m so robined him and her mom into the tiny apartment she shares witau herter and her boyfriendes di. while desi cares for jim during the day, robin and haley take mornings and evenings, dressing him, making his meals, getting
8:37 am
him his meds and keeping him safe as he slips into the cognitive fog of alzheimer's. >> i worry about it all d at work. it's draining. 'slyong emotion stressful. >> reporter: do you feel like in this country you are falling through the cracks? >> yeah. us and a lot of other people. >> reporter: expertsay it's a national crisis. of the 16 million family caregivers, nearly 60% suffer from high emotional stress. 40% suer from depression. it's not just adults. 250,000 kidsnder 18 also care for loved ones with alzheimer's. do y feel like i don't know how to do this? this is too much pressure? it's too muchon rebility? i am going to make a mistake? what's going to happen? >> sometimes it is like that because, you know, i don't want yto always ask m mom for help because tt's always putting so much on her plate. >> reporter: what is it, what she said, touched you so?
8:38 am
>> as her mom, i don't want her that.ry about stuff like i don't want her to think that it's putting too much more on my >> reporter: the stress is taking a toll. since her parents moved in, robin's lost 50 pounds and can't remember the last time she went to the doctor. >> i'm trying. >> reporter: so you can understand how caregivers sometimes get sicker than the people they are caring for? >> yes, is definite >> reporter: but, she says, the ruggle is worth it. every moment with grandpa a gift before alzheimer's steals him away. >> take advantage of the time you have with your loved ones. there is some guilt of not spending time with them when you had the opportunity . >> so what w so moving, 40 million caregivers in this country, two-thirds are women. they are also working.
8:39 am
so many are just like robin, living paycheck to paycheck. thehe burden often falls on woman. >> yeah. what's interesting, we did a poll that just came out this morning that said a mority of americans say they would vote for political leaders who talked about this issue, who put itt frnd center, and yet they feel like none are. but they have high hopes for all the women running. they think that they will put family issues like caregiving, research for alzheimer's and dementia, much more front and center. so that's exciting. >> my mother was a caregiver to my grandmother for a number of years and did not fully appreciate the toll it was taking on her physically, emotionally, mentally, until after my grandmother passed. >> that's a huge issue for caregivers. they are getting sick there. robin saying her hlth has been decimated and they don't have time to go to the doctor. so we also have a lot of resources on for all of these caregivers. and it's really an issuef our time. people not only caring for children, working fullnd time,
8:40 am
then caring for aging parents, moving them back into theirme and it's really heroic work. they see it as such, wch is e flip side of that. >> maria, we love when you come to see ouus. >> thank >> thank you for coming. i'm staying around for steals and deals. >> a special holidayti e of steals and deals. first, this is "today" on nbc. . announcer: the following will surprise you about barbara comstock: barbarvscomstock: "i think roade should be overturned and the state should decide it." announcer: that's right. comstock supports taking awa a woman's right to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthood 6 times, limiting women's access to contraception. and comstock votes with trump ninety eight percent of the me.
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welcome back. we are kickingrff novemith a special "steals & deals." we are getting ready for the holidayun gathering a the corner. jill martin has bargains on entertaining essentials, standout hostess gifts. we always love the hostess gi i can't believe it's november 1st. an you put like, the brakes on the holiday? but it's that time. >> now you can be ready. you have a bunch of deat.
8:43 am
is someone the door? oh, ding dong. who is it? con. oh, so funny. hi, carson. >> lenny and squiggy. >> what have you the alter creek holiday gourmet gift basket. >> i hav >> the retail bargain is $117.99. there are truffles, caramels, scone mix and hot cocoa. >> ie lat. >> here is some hot cocoa. >> you can also add something in theco hot >> i knew you would say that. >> that's the retail. the deal $45.50. that is 61% off. >> beautiful. >> thank you >> beautiful. >> i wonder if anyone will come over today? oh? it's hoda. >> i brought you a present. >> she came early as usual. >> she did. >> so wonderful crystal ornaments. the retail is $195. >>ng that b a beautiful gift.
8:44 am
>>s three snowfla traipsns. maybe haley would want to play with the train carefully. the locomotive, box and caboose come in the train. there is this other set. it's on theetail $195. $68. >> three ornaments in the box? >> yes, three either snowflakes or trains. >> we have had so many people over. thankfully, we have a guest again. who could it be? >> maria s yiver. what dou have? >> i don't know. i think i have a smelly candle. >> close the door! >> sorry. >> i think someone else is comi >> that guy is so bossy the retail $85. comes in this beaux.ful gift bo you didn't have to wrap it. >> i wille ctually lthat. >> it's at barney's, sa k's, and other there is marbleized ones.
8:45 am
they come with a gift box. on $85. the deal $28.50. 66% off. >> they are very fragran i just inhaled them. there was noise at the door. >> bye! >> look who it is! i love this. >> that's right. >> right. >> cool. >> lock the door. i mean, lock it. did lindsey pick this out? this is aut bul tray. >> she did. >> the retail $59 to $143. these sell out every year. pick your pattern. any pattern. you seeif all therent ones here. there is more on different colors. these lacquer trea great. off. thank you so muc there we go again. gosh, it's ausy time. hi, al. >> the broadway star! >> what do y got?
8:46 am
>> you brought the most lovely gift. what is it? hello. >> happy holidays in november. the seasoning set. latin for taste of life. the retail is $45. al, you brought this because you love your seasoning? >> ouyes. >> piece sets to choose from. go and see all of them. they are also magnetic. ey stick to the refrigerator. >> on the door? >> yes. >> very thoughtful. >> the deal t9.99. >> lesn a minute. there can't be another person at the door. oh, my gosh. >> oh! >> it's harry smith! >> am i late? >> no, you are not. join the party, my friend. yay! okay. this is the serving bowls, retail $150. these are such beautiful bowls.r theyy give deals like this. >> they are heavy. >> and you can put them in thef zer. if you want to serve something cold, the deal $44. 71% off.
8:47 am
andrea is a fellow wolverine. >> go fwblue. >> comen. let's join this party. the treat trays. the candles, trays from frog hill. >> uh-oh. >> we will share. we have the gustas seasoning sets, latin for what? >> taste of life. oh, taste of life? okay. and the bowls. >> buy these december at y. tom/deals. let's raise our glasses. happy holiday! >> oh, m gosh it's november. >> we are going to get cooking. country music star and cooking star martina mcbride sharing one of her favorites. first, this is "today" on nbc. you're still out there chasing what matters.
8:48 am
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8:50 am
country superstar martina mcbride is here. >> we are thrilled. you are going to be cooking a recipe handed down by your m. you have a new cookbook, artina's kitchen mix." you know what's cool? martina has a playlist in there. you canrank up the music. >> you equate the two, cooking and singing. what are the similarities? >> it's about sharing. when you find a great recipe, you want to share it. when you have areat song, you want to share it. >> a flintstone pieae of >> it's huge, right? >> this is your mom's >> yes.? she is watching, my mom. >> awesome. what's her name? >> zwrejeannie. >> hey, jeannie. what cut is that? >> a chuck roast. basically, mince garlic. rubn it both sides. tuck it in the nooks and crannies here. it's in the meat. we brown it on all sides.
8:51 am
>> look how big that is. that's major. >> i know. >> did she cook all t time, martina, your mom? >> she did. she cooked every supper. we sat around the table to eat together every night. ye b. so you juswn this on all sides. don't be afraid to stand it up and get the endsnd edges, too. >> you are not cooking through? >> no, about four minutes each side. it is a good sear. it gets the flavor in there, kind of locked in. >> you havehree daughters. do you all cook together? >> my oldest daughter loves to. co we spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking astogether. >> your first love cooking or singing? >> singing. >> of course. you have this guy browned, and then what? >> there was no liquid when you seared it?ht >> r you put it in a little bit of oil. >> all right. >> i am going to pr some beef broth on top. >> all right. >> and we are going to lay -- this is my mom's trick. lay some onions and green ppers otop. >> that's it? >> yeah.
8:52 am
t okay. >> we are just goi flavor the meet. and then we are going to bring that to a boil and reduce the heat. put the lid on it. >> the meat is raw inside at this point? >> yeah. >> it hasn't been cooked? >> right. it cooks in this beef broth. >> so good. how long do you cook that for? >> 3 1/2 to 4 hours. until it falls apart. then we get -- >> is this thevy g >> this is the gravy. >> come on! >> love gravy i mad slurry with cornstarch -- >> slurry? >> isn't that a good word? >> you will have to talk to kath lee after the show. >> i have been there for that. >> wait a minute. when martina co-hosted with me, what was your drink of choice? >> tequila. >> we had tequila on the ten. i loved every minute of it. >> this is cornstarch and broth from the beef. it's going to thicken my gravy. and then into the broth.
8:53 am
>> look at this meat, carson. >> iounow. >> can stir this? bring it to a boil and stir itl this for about until it gets thick. e that pull apart -- >> take that bite. take it. i okay. one, two, three. >> oh, martina. >> what do you think? >> that's the chuck? >> yeah. >> i had no idea. >> yeah. >> it'se lribs. >> wait. look at it. >> here you go. mashed potatoes and. gra and you have -- >> wait a minute. let's try it with the gravy and mashies. try my bite. get over here. >> come on. >> carson, you take that bite. if come on. it falls apart. >> martina -- >> best i have eaten in my life. >> good, right? >> to get this delicious recipe and more he to by the way, snag a copy of martina's cookbook. check it out at
8:54 am
thanks. >> see the tour. holiday album is all that good stuff. a lot going on. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. out. >> lot going on. t, firs this is "toda on at this critical moment in america... in maryland, democrats are on the front lines. with so much at stake, ben jealous is the bold leader maryland needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama ree. ben jealous has the "courage to move families forward."st let ud up for our kids let us stand up for families let us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor
8:55 am
i believi've heard storiesnt from people across virginiaing. that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment, the opioid epidemic, and pediatric healthcare. but we can't make progress when we're divided, when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain.
8:56 am
in the senate, i'll always listen to you and focus on solving problems that matter to virginia and to america. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. come on. >>his is serious. >> come on. we can't. >> this is the real deal. >> we love martina. justea ah al sits down with ron howard after your local news. this is a news4 today news break. >> 8:56 is your time on this thursday, nember 1,2018. good morning. i'm eun yang. we want to take a look at the roads with melissa molett and your first4 traffic. how is itki l? >> greenbelt inner loop at b.w. parkway a single lane g,ting a crash. the inner loop of the beltway there is a live look at it with that one lane getting by. elsewher outer loop at cabin
8:57 am
john parkway a crash has cleared. delays still hging around. alexandria 395 before duke right side blocked by a craere. >> thank you. we will take a break now. we will check your forecast next. stay. news4 today on nbc4 is brought to you by next day blinds. dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why? brat went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies,
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sunny,nd breezy, warmer the three operative words for today. mperatures will easily make the mid-70s for highs today and another day in the 70s tomoow, bu without the sunshine. a bit of a shower or two later this evening an an 80% chance of rain with some thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow. rain gradually end ag on saturd dry for sunday. >> all right. chuck, thank you. get the latest news and weather any washington app. have a great day.
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y31bly y10ry good morning, everyone. welcome. i'm sheinelle jones alongside the team with craig melvin, savannah guthrie and al roker. this is the real deal when you look at each other and say hello. have you come down from your sugar crush yet? . here's the thing. you were out last night with the kids. you go tri or treating. they can't eat all that candy. i find myself throughou the course of the night, i'll take one. >> trying to help them out? >> take one for the team. >> we're going to dig into that. we decided to live in the moment from yesterday just for a


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