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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 7, 2018 1:37am-2:40am EST

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>> seth: we'll see you tomorrow. this is a test. test. this is a test. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the toght show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bradley cooper, kathryn hahn, musical guest jim james, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 937! ohio! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪
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♪rs [ chee and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much, everybody. welcome! welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone. welcome to "the tonight show." this is it [ cheers and applause ] you're here. thank you very much.he guys, fromew movie "a star is born", bradley cooper is here. [ cheers and applause ] in the film -- in the film he plays a drunk in the middle of a downward spiral. or as brett kavanaugh calls it, the feel good movie of the year. [ laughter ] let's get to news here. today at 2:18 p.m. as part of a a new emergency ert system,
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president trump texted the entire country at [ light laug and trump said whoever responded first will officially become the next suprurt justice. [ laughter and applause ] that's how they're doing it now. >> steve: that fair. jimmy: that's how they're doing it. that's right, there is a new edma alert system that all trump to text the whole country. it's a historic moment, because it's the first time eric trump has ever gotten a text from his dad. [ laughter ] "he knows who i am. he knows who i am." [ light laughter ] that's right everybody got this on their phone. take a look at this. it said, "presidential alert. this is a test of e national wireless emergency alert system. no action is needed."a w minutes later, trump sent another one that said, "presidential alert.n hand stuckingles can again. action is needed." [ laughter and applause ] you're using it wrong. here is another big story. "the new york times" is reporting thal trump got an wance from his dad that made him a millionaire by age 8. and this is cute. by age 9 he already filed for his first bankruptcy.
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[ lahter ] isn't that cute? >> steve: that's cute. >> jimmy: that's right. "the new york times" did a a story on trump's finances that was over 14,000 words long.oo itup so much space, it even bled into the crossword puzzle. [ light laughter ] and every answer had to do with trump and his understanding of taxes. here, take a look at this. for 11 down, the clue was, "where to keep tax forms," the answer was, "bonfire." [ laughter ] for seven across, th9.clue was "1 the answer was, "staffers fired." there's thousands -- >> steve: thousands. >> jimmy: and finally, for 24 across, the clue was, "early withdrawal" and the answer was, "stormy." [ audience ohs ] pretty tricky. [ applause ] >> steve: really?pr >> jimmyty tricky but trump'ng headlines for mocking brett kavanaugh's accuser. now, today republican senator al lindsey grahamd about it. watch this. >> so president trump went through a factual rendition that i didn't particularly like. and i would tell him knock it off. you're not helping. but it can be rse. you can actually kill
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somebody's cat and puncture their tires to get them to shut up. so, you know, what he said -- >> i don't even understand what that means. [ laughter ] >> steve: what? >> jimmy: even kanye was like, "what the hell are you talking t, man?" what? [ applause ] >> jimmy: "kill a cat and tu pu a tire." guys, check this out. russian president imir putin just released his official calendar for 2019. take a look at this. >> brand new 2019 vladimir putin calendars fresh on t stands in russia. there is putin with a pup. putin with a cub. putin on a horse in winter. and even colder, putin taking the epiphany dip in ice water. >> jimmy: yeah. people said, "who would buy that?" then one guy was like -- "i'll take 1,000 copie" [ laughter and applause ] get this, earlietoday instagram was down for an hour. [ audience oohs ] and then americans said, "why didn't we get the emergency alert about that?"
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[ laughter and applause ] that's a real emergency. hey guys, the new cycle is so yeazy that sometimes you just want to close your so we thought we'd quiz our audience on this week's news and give them a chance to do just that. it's time to play, "news for snooze." here we go. [ cheers and applause ]♪ news snooze news for snooze ♪ >> jimmy: so here's how this works. i'm going to ask you some questions about the news. if youet it right, you win a a "tonight show" sleep mask to sleep in. [ light laughter ] and if you get it wrong, you get a "tonight show" sask to hide behind. [ light laughter ] that's right. all right. raise your hand if you want to play "news for snooze." anybody? no one around here sure, stand up. everyone's like, "not me. not me." here you go. hold that.
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what's your name? >> scott. >> jimmy: and where are you from, scott? >> oklahoma city. >> jimmy: hey, welcome. thank you fonebeing here in york. here's the question, this week "the new york times" published a report saying that donald trump received millions of dollars tax free from his p. father fred tr which one of these men are fred trump? is it a? is it b? is it c? [ laughter ] or is it d? what do you think? [ whght laughter ] h of those -- >> i'll have to go with b. >> jimmy: you're going with b. oh, sorry. [ buzzer ] that's wrong. that was actually mr. drummond from "diff'rent stro [ laughter ] u yo boue 'sasseskmed yof yo. yeah. [ applause ] go put that and hide behind that. who else? [ cheers ] hey, that's for you. hi. >> hi. >> jimmy: okay. here you go. at is your name and where are you from? >> my name is ember and i'm from arkansas. >> jimmy: hey. all right. >> right next to oklahoma. >> jimmy: exactly. sght? you guys came on te plane. here we go. [ light laughter ] here's the question. this week melania trump is on a a humanitarian trip to four countrics in africa. one of these women is melania trump? [ laughter ]hi is it a,woman? is it b, this woman? [ light laughter ] is it c, this woman? or is it d, this woman? [ light laughter ] >> a, b, c, d? >> jimmy: incorrect. [ buzzer ] none of those.
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rgara.e all sofia that was a trick question. [ audience ohs ] sorry. [ applause ] here's your -- sorry about that. no more trick questions. yeah, put thyo hat on there. should be ashamed. how about down here? i'll go back down here. anyone down there? here you go. hey, stand up. >> hey. hi. hi. >> jimmy: oh good. you want me to hold it? >> i jan hold it. my: yeah, sure. hey. >> thanks, jimmy. >> jimmy: okay. what is your name and where are you from? >> i'm allison.ll i live in kitchen. >> jimmy: hey. >> hey. new york. thank you so much. >> jimmy: hell's kitchen. there you go. a little midtown. i love manhattan.or >> thank youour support. thank you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i love hell's kitchen. >> that means a lot. >> jimmy: yeah. cool. yeah. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: all right. now, this is in the news currentl oright here. god. >> jimmy: 23 years ago this month the number one song in the country was coolio's "gangsta's paradise." >> okay. >> jimmy: please complete the following lyric from the song. >> oh, god. >> jimmy: "power and the money. money and the power. minute after minute." >> hour after hour? >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. how did you guess that? [ applause ] ♪ fantastic. here's your "tonight show" sleep mask. >> thank you. >> jimmy: that's what friends are for. thank you. >> jimmy: thank you for playing that. ♪ power and the money money in the power
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minute after minute hour after hour ♪ oh, my goodness. faastic. that's what friends are for, helping each other out right there. i love it. [ light laughter ] finally, guys, this is cool. 25 years after it's release, the cartoon show "animaniacs" just updated it's famous song about all the countries on earth. and if you're not familiar with the song, here's a sample. ♪ united states canada mexico panama haiti jamaica peru ♪ ♪ republic dominican cuba carribean greenland el salvadotoo ♪ >> jimmy: yeah. well, i guess the song is a big source of inspiration for deesident trump, because he just made his own take a look at this. ♪ ♪ t world is a mess ukraine is a mess venezuela's a mess and so is afghantan ♪ ♪ and now yemen's a mess and syria's a mess china and japan ♪ ♪ can you handle both of them when mexico sends it's peopleno they'rsending ♪ ♪ their best canada does not treat us right the war will help ♪ ♪ with the rest germany's a disaster right now ♪ ♪ a lot of problems
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in vietnam i never knew we had so many ♪ ♪ countries like namibia cuba and guam ♪ [ light laughter ] >> thank you.♪ ussia's our foe in certain respects our policy can't be soft ♪ ♪ o taking advantage of us canada's ripping us off ♪ ♪ we got china ripping us off japan ripping us offip mexico'sng us off ♪ ♪ everybody is ripping us off there's nobody that's not ripping us off ♪ ♪ and they are ripping us big league right ♪ [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have a great show. give it up for the roots, everybody! e [ cheers and appla ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have got a great show for you tonight. he is the man behind the fantastic new film "a star is born." bradley cooper is stopping by tonight! [ cheers and applause ] >> s >> jimmy: he's fantastic. >> steve: he is fantastic. >> jimmy: he's great. plus, she stars in the new movie "private life."
1:48 am
and she's also writtch a dren's book called "my wish for you." kathryn hahn is here. >> steve: oh. [ cheers a applause ] >> jimmy: and we have great hisic. oh, we love whenguy comes. jim james is here! >> steve: yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: "uniform c." look at that. we love jim james. it's a big, cool perce. you'll love it. guys, the midterm elections are just over a month away. and following everythingan be pretty stressful. so we want to do something about that. we sent our writer arthur down to the 30 rock plaza to ask people to share their thoughts on the midterms while being n gimassage. it is time for "deep issues, deep tissues." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ deep issues deep tissues ♪ >> what's your name? >> bo. >> bo, are you ready to answer some questions while being given a deep tissue massage? >> yeah. >> okay, great. this is elia. now are you planning to vote in this year's midterm elections? and if so, why? >> yes, because -- [ groans ] because i think it's an important time --
1:49 am
[ moans ] in our political climate. and people's voices need to be heard -- oh, jesus. [ laughter ] >> what issue is most important you to as a voter? >> oh, housing. housing, affordable housing. >> why is it important that people vote? >> because if you don't vote you don't have a say in what goes on. oh, my god! >> there are some people out there who aren't planning to vote. what you would say to those people? >> i would say that if you don't like the outcome that you can't really complain. >> do you think campaign ads are effective in changing the minds of voters? and if so, why? >> it never has been for me. >> okay. >> i don't like the -- oh, god. oh! >> why is it important for people to vote? >> i think that -- [ groans ] since it's so -- >> yeah, go ahead. >> people have, like, different opinions right now. and they need to let those voices be heard so that there can be actual change in the future.
1:50 am
[ mumbling ] >> i didn't even ask a a question. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry. >> what do you look for in a a candidate? >> honesty and, um -- [ laughter ] >> yeah? >> i care about someone who -- oh! what the [ beep ] [ laughter ] >> if you ran for office, what would your campaign slogan be? >> it would be, "don't be an idiot." [ groans ] >> there you have it, jimmy. that was fascinating. now back to you -- ah, elia, stop! [ cheers and applause ] my: thank you very much, arthur. we'll be right back with e adley cooper, everybody! [ cheers and appla ♪ when i was shopping fothe choice was easy. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. excuse me... winner!
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]firsrsrsa a four-timacademy awar nominee. he directed, co-wrote, and stars in his latest film "a star is born," which hit theaters friday. welcome bradley cooper! nd [ cheerspplause ]
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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> jimmy: wow. >> we've got a lot of history here. [ laughter ] we've got a lot of history here. >> jimmy: hey, look at this. [ cheers and applause ] >> we've got a lot of history here. >> jimmy: we've got a lot of history here. >> a lot of history. >> jimmy: lot of fun times, dude. oh, my god. >> how are you? >> jimmy: that one interview, i can't even talk about. >> bro, more people stop me in , e street for that interview. they're like, "mat 'elephant man' interview." t laughter ] >> jimmy: you did ow -- >> do you guys remember that? [ cheers ] >> jimmy: i won't do it this time. >> no, no, no. we're ugne. [ er ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. don't start again. because that -- >> you remember the hat. we're fine. >> jimmy: i know, i know. all right.e but that was l >> that was crazy. >> jimmy: that was like a 25 --
1:56 am
25 minute interview. >> and that was crazy. utely my: that was abs crazy. >> and my favorite thing is you aired it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. the full 25 minutes. we didn't take anything out of it at all. no, i love it. i got to -- the last time you were here though was a while ago, man. i miss y >> it was -- yeah, yeah. i've been doing nothing but this movie. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, i think the last na promotthing i ever did was here with you. i think it was three years ago. >> jim: you did -- you did a a thing where, because you said the only music talent you really have is that you can play air guitar, and then --. >> that's right. >> jimmy: you went off and we put these crazy wigs on you whenever you played "down by the river." >> "down by the river." >> jimmy: "down by the river," neil young. actually, i have a photo of you. this is january 2015. >> that was a do -- that was a a do or die moment. [ laughter ] that was -- >> jimmy: that was a do or die moment, and you nailed it. >> thank ymy. >> jyou were fantastic. and then, i see this movie. last night i saw it. you're playing guitar, you're singing -- i mean, you're playing piano. >> you know, i got to tell yit, honestly, remember when we were coming on, we always try to find something to do. >> jimmy: yeah. t it was kind of like a t run. i swear to god, to see if, like, if i didn't look ridiculous even though it's air guitarin >> jimmy: playing the guitar?
1:57 am
>> i swear to god. >> jimmy: really? [ light laughterse >> yeah, becook at this scene, because i look so ridiculous that i wouldn't, you know, i won't even try to do it. and it was kind of like a a little test. >> jimmy: oh, because it worked here. >> yeah, it kind of worked. not direct a movie, but like -- [ laughter ] not direct even believe that it could even be in the world. >> jimmy: how did you get so good? >> i mean, i just -- i haven't seen you. that's all yeah.een doing. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you learned to play guitar? >> but, but i say -- that's -- ththere is no trickery wit camera. but i dubbed over lukas nelson's sound.ha soyou're hearing is lukas nelson's guitar. who is the sickest. promise of the real. you know, son.illie nelson's >> jimmy: yeah. >> he's incredible. but that's all me. yeah, i learned all the -- >> jimmy: du. and you're playing in front of real crowds. >> yeah, we jumped on stagecoach, jamie johnson let us come on right before willie nelson, and then, we went to glastonbury.ns it wase. it was insane. yeah. >> jimmy: could people hear what you were doing? >> no. god no. [ laughter ]we noidn't plug anything in. the first five rows, we couldn't play through the pa c.system because of the mu all the music is original. so the music couldn't get out there. but it was playing monitors.e
1:58 am
so about five rows out, they could hear us. but then like, you know, 20 rows out they couldn't. so it was -- >> jimmy: did they know it was you? >> i think it happened so fast, jimmy. like, we had five minutes. you know, we had eight minutes of stagecoach and had four minutes of glastonbury. >> jimmy: what if people started booing you? >> that will be a problem. [ laughter ] you know, i thought about that though. because you keow, you're - you've got to think about it. >> jimmy: for real? >> well, the guy's career really takes a tumble fast. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but i didn't know. you know, you're in england. i don't know if they're going to throw bottles. i have no idea what's going to happen. >> jimmy: let's set up the movie for anyone who doe't know "a star is born." >> yeah i mean it's -- i mean, it's a property that's been around. but really, the movie that we tried to make is a movie about love. at happens when two people actually really love each other and how hard it is to endure even with that love. and it's about finding your voice, about finding something to ay in this world that, y know, it's hard. people are going to tell who you you are, what you' supposed to say. i mean, i think we've all been through that and how you can have more courage to do thatf you have the support of people u ound you and love.
1:59 am
so it's really, ow, i mean it sounds cheesy, but it's just a call for, you know, how important love is. >> jimmy: what made you want to do this movie y now? >> that's a good question. i think it was because i'm getting older. i was 39 years old when i decided to do it. and i just had all these images rolling around in my head. i've always want to direct. i just never had the courage to do it. and then, quite honestly, when i saw lady gaga perform anshe did "la vie en rose," which is a scene in the movie. >> jimmy: oh, dude, it's heartbreaking. she does such a great rformance in the movie. everybody was weeping. >> yeah, she really is. >> jimmy: and then you came on. everyone was lhte, "aw." [ la ] everyone loves you, de. oh, thanks, man. >> jimmy: you have a movie star face. [ laughter ] it was good. >> i look like a pallbearer. >> jimmy: no. [ laughter ] but dude, you go like, "i'm going to be in 'a star is born.'" and u wrote the movie. >> yeah, everybody said don't do it. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. well, think about it. i'd like to make the fourth remake. and i never directed before. but someone who's never done a a film. >> jimmy: yeah
2:00 am
>> great idea. >> jimmy: why didn't you start with, like, a commercial or a >> because --? >> jimmy: that's what i would have done. >> i just never had -- that scares the hell out of me. because, you know, you're telling the story systematically so there is a a reason for the composition. m it has to come from why telling the story. you tell me just to do something randomly, i have no idea where i would put the camera. because i don't knowm hat what's my point of view. so i just -- i had no choice. this is the thing that moved me. so i had to dot. >> jimmy: dude, you crushed it. how about the scene -- i'm not spoiling anything.[ ght laughter ] you do "saturday night live." >> that was nuts. >> jimmy: two floors up. >> thanks to loren michaels, man. that was crazy. >> jimmy: you actually shot -- >> yeah, i asked him if there's any way, because, you know, lady gaga is the real deal. so the rest of the movie -- it just had to be authentic. and also, you can't -- just the lighting alone in "saturday night live", the cost of havingt to re-create ase lights in the ceiling. >> jimmy: yeah, of course. but why did you choose "saturday night live"? >> oh, that's good question. i didn't want to do a montage of her rise. like, i just didn't want to --th like is her extension. >> jimmy: yeah, it's hard
2:01 am
coming out in different ou yits and stufh. montage. >> so it was like, what could be the moment where you're like, "oh, okay, she's arrived." there is no other place than "saturday night live." it's like, if you're going to be the musical guest at the season finale of "saturday night live," some stuff has changed. >> jimmy: that was great. >> yeah. >> jim it.nd alec introduced >> and alec was kind of a a character. yeah. >> jimmy: dude. i mean, again, i'm a fan of yours.t but i forgots you. i'm watching the movie, and i go, "this is jackson." >> oh, man. that's awesome. >> jimmy: and it was great. and your voice. >> yeah. that was -- >> jimmy: he has a real deep voice. [ laughter ] >> that's pretty good. >> jimmy: thank you. i auditioned for the film. you didn't hear me. [ laughter ] >> you know, it's funny you say that because i was thinking about it, you know, how talented you are doing voices. and because it took me so long. so i actually brought -- i would do like a sheet, you know, that would get mwarmed up for the voice to play jackson. and i just wanted to see be because you could pull this off. so this is the sheet that i would have every morning to get ready to get into his voice. >> jimmy: this is fantastic. qualify --does that >> jimmy: yeah. i'd love to be -- >> let's just -- >> jimmy: this is great. just tell me what to s >> yeah, yeah.
2:02 am
so basically, what we do is we're going to do some warmup exercises, and then, we're going to just start. so this is an interview. so we'll just pick a couple. so first you're gonna -- first,s you go like wee-wa, wee-wa, read it. ready? [ er ] >> together: wee-wee-wee-wee-wee-wee-wee. wa-wa-wa. wee-wa, wee-wa, wee-wa, wee-wa. wee-wa. why. why. why. ha>> i can't remember what is. blow raspberries. i don't know what that is. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: blow raspberries? >> yeah, i havthno idea what means. >> ready? ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma. >> jimmy: ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma. >> togher: mee-mee-mee-mee. me-me-me-me-me. ma-ma-ma-ma-ma. >> jimmy: sharona. >> together: pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa. ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka. >> because, you know, that's the rhythm. ready, here we go. get more confident. >> jimmy: all right, here we go. >> together: pick a poppy, pick a poppy, pick a poppy. byby bubble, baby bubble, bubble, baby bubble. pick a poppy, pick a poppy, pick a poppy. baby bubble, baby bubble, baby e bu
2:03 am
kicky cookie, kicky cookie, kicky cookie, kicky cookie. >> keeky cookie. >> together: keeky cookie. >> that's it, okay. [ laughter ]o and now were. 11 benevolent elephants. 11 benevolent elephants. >> jimmy: 11 belelivent el hants. >> sorry, dude. >> jimmy: that is insane. >> 11 benevolent elephants. 11 benevolent elephants.en 11 benevelephants. >> jimmy: oh my -- >> try it, try it, try it. >> jimmy: 11 benevolent elephants. >> yeah, that was good. >> jimmy: i'm going to stop there. more with bradley cooper after the break. i'm exhausted. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ well it finally happened, zachary. somebody burned down my she shed. nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm.
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♪ee [ chrs and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. we're hanging out with bradley cooper! [ cheers and applause ] he co-stars with lady gaga in a a new film "a star is born." it's in theaters this friday. go check it out. i saw it last night.lo dude, d it so much. >> aw, thank you. >> jimmy: and you were just amazing. and after gaga, i knowe all know she can sing, but she can
2:08 am
act. >> oh, man, she's incredible. >> jimmy: d you guys gether. did you know each other? >> no, no. you know, we had met on "saturday ght live" like in passing years ago. but it is one of those things, you see somebody and then you g ve no idea like five years from now you're go do this crazy thing together. >> jimmy: i mean this is -- she -- this is a knockout performance from her as >> yeah she re- she really brought it. yeah, i saw her sing "la vie en" at this cancer benefit at sean parker's ho and she just decimated the room. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and that's why tat scene is movie. and then i met her at her house two days later and we just clicked. i don't know if it's we're both from the east coast or the similar background, but it was just one of those thin and you know what i asked her to do, you know, "midnight special," that folk song? >> jimmy: yeah. of course. >> she never heard it before. i was like, "hey, do you know this folk song?" she was like, "nope." and i was like, "oh, well can t sing it?" and she printed sheet music. and there is a piano in her living room. and we just sang it together just to see if there was, like, chemistry. and it was just -- she made me feel so comfortable. >> jimmy: really >> it was really -- and that was the beginning. and she said, "okay, let's do it." >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah.>> immy: i mean, she has faith in you as a -- >> she did. you know? yes, she did. yeah.
2:09 am
>> jimmy: as director, 'cause you did such a great job. you know who is fantastic? andrew dice clay is in it. >> oh, man. isn't he great? >> jimmy: he plays her dad. and he is fantastic. >> did you memorize his tapes when you were a kid? >> jimmy: "hickory dickory dock"? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. ryah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i knew eing. yeah, absolutely, yeah. >> so the idea of asking him and him doing it was crazy. >> jimmy: but dram aic -- dramating. >> oh, yeah. but he's always been a good actor. you know, "blue jasmine." and he's pretty incredib. >> jimmy: i thought that was great. and then the songs are all new. but you feel like you've heard them. the song "shallow" that you guys released, it is currently mber one on itunes. >> yeah. it's nuts. >> jimmy: its number one on apple and itunes. [ cheers and a ♪ause ] you have the number one song. you went for it. it's so awesome. you reallyid it, man. >> yeah. mark ronson was huge with that. >> jimmy: mark ronson tweeted um out, "it's ther one song --." >> oh, is this his tweet? >> jimmy: yeah. it's his tweet. "number one song o we love mark ronson. he's a great musician and producer. "number one song on itunes. thank you little monsters and mini coopers." [ laughter ] now is that your fans?
2:10 am
are they called mini coopers? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: dude. i think he just coined that phrase. your fans are called mini coopers. >> mini coopers. oh. >> jimmy: why not? the mini coopers out there. cheers and applause ] >> you know what's funny though? it likes, you know, dohaou ever people that don't -- that really are just blown away? like how the heck you are hosting "the tonight show" now that you grew up with? >> jimmy: no. no one ever says that. >> oh. [ laughter ] >>y immy: they say, "it tota makes sense." [ light laughter ] no, of course. people are like, "dude, do you know what you're doing >> we went around -- i know we don't have time, but i'm going to say it yway. whatevs. >> jimmy: there's no rules here, man. we love you, dude. no rules. >> jimmy: whatevs. [ laughter ] >> i went around to, like, this regional tour in this last week. it's like two seconds past. anyway, it was a regional tour. two seconds. [ laughter ] here we go. >> jimmy: all right. sorry. you're a regional store? [ laughter ] i'm sorry.
2:11 am
all right, where are you? >> this [ laughter ]ens. >> jimmy: where are you at? .> i'm on a regional tour around the count >> jimmy: regional tour. all right, sorry. a tour. >> we toured around the country. and i stopped at my high school. and i played the movie for my gh school. d there is this guy there who was like the best athlete in the high school. and he was the nicest guy in high and heo gifted. he was the running back. he was the [ beep ]. and we[ ere at this -- ughter ] he was very good. >> jimmy: yeah, good good edit. yeah, good edit perfect. yeah. >> so i'm there at a h like, in this -- and it was the 20 year reunion. and he was pretty inebriated. he was like looking at me like i'd never seen him look before. and he was like -- "how did that happen, brad [ laughter ] and i was like, "wait, what? how'd what happen?"ow you like, freshman year. >> jimmy: he's the nicest guy. h. y he is like, "i -- how'd that happen, brad?" [ laughter ] i was like, "i don't know, larry.
2:12 am
i don't know." >> jimmy: i don't know. how'd that happen? >> no, but how'd that happen? >> jimmy: i worked hard! >> that's how it happened, brad. >> jimmy: that's how it happened. >> and then i saw him. and it was funny to think about that. but yeah, you ver know. [ laughter ] how people are going to react. how people are going to react. >> jmy: oh, yeah, yeah. >> wow. sorry. >> jimmy: that's a great story. >> we gave it a shot. we ge it a good shot. [ scattered cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: edit. >> just make it one sentence. >> jimmy: one segment, yeah. >> we need a longer ip. >> jimmy: lady gaga. [ laughter ] can we make a segue back in? lady ga said that you -- that's a nice little sip there. dehydrated? >> dehydrated. >> jimmy: parched? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's a little dry in here. >> is it?im >>: not really. i mean, there's no real reason to take a sip of water. >> i got a lot of clothing on. i thk that's it. >> jimmy: you look great, by the way. that's a beautiful suit. >> this is the same suit i wore, i think, last time i was here. >> jimmy: it is really? >> i mean, you could check it. but i feel like it is. i thinad egg -- i got egg -- remember we did the egg thing?
2:13 am
>> jimmy: oh, egg russian roulette. >> yeah, yeah. i think this is the same suit. >> jimmy: oh, no way. >> i swear. yeah. >> jimmy: we're hanging -- we hung that photo in the hallway. >> oh, we should hter ] not right now. >> jimmy: yeah, we should go check. i mean we could run out there and check. >> we could run out and check. i mean if you want to. i mean, we don't have lighting or anything. >> let's just go check it out. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> i hope i'm right. >> jimmy: it's similar -- i hope i'm right. >> jimmy: it's a similar thing. we'll just have to run out real quick. it's right here. ♪ >> tog's the same >> jimmy: same suit. >> same suit. >> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪sa me suit. >> same suit. >> jimmy: same suit. >> sam suit. >> jimmy: we figured it out. it's the same, but it's al a beautifuit. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ thank you. well, i'm happy that you came back to e show, because we do love you here and really, this is a lot of work put into th movie and it's a home run, dude.
2:14 am
proud you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: i laughed. i crd. i lovesie d wec.llmuone, man. al i want to show everyone a clip. here is bradley cooper and lady gaga in "a star is born." [ cheers and applause ] take a look. >> o you write songs or anything? >> i don't sing my own songs. >> thank you. why? >> um, well, because, like almost every single person thate ome in contact with in the music industry has told me that my nose is too big and that i won't make it. >> your nose is too big? >>eah. >> your nose is beautiful. can i uch your nose? >> oh, my gosh. >> let me just touch it for a a second. ♪ feel like i'm dying ♪ jimmy: ooh! [ cheers and applause ] bradley cooper, everybody! "a star is born" hits theaters on friday. we'll be right back kathryn hahn, everyone.
2:15 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is an emmy-nominated actress starring in a new film called "private life," which will be on netflix and select theaters this friday. she has also written a a chdren's book called "my wish for you," which is available now. please welcome katherine hahn, b evy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applae ]
2:21 am
>> jimmy: welcome back. >> oh, you're so dear. >> jimmy: oh, are you g me? >> aww. >> jimmy: you wrote a book? >> i know. what? >> jimmy: so cute. >> it's so cut >> jimmy: i know. i loved it. >> so unexpected. >> jimmy: it is. i did not expect this ou. how did you come up with "my wish for you?" >> i wrote a letter for the "lenny letter," you know, that na dunham thing? >> jimmy: yeah, "lenny." >> and the scholastic -- it was not for children this thing i wrote for them but scholastic approached and said, "would you ever consider h turnin into a children's book?" and i was like, "i had not. but i will." and so they very sweetly and organically helped me turn this into a little book for kids. so cute. >> jimmy: but you said it came from you reading to your daughter?ea >> like, little, you know, i have a nine-year-old now, who was then six when i -- when we wrote it. and she -- it was just my little girl and i like laying in bed at night and we were just listening to her kind of talk about just monog as, like, little kids do about. and just hearing her, like, just hearing her, kind of, like, self-possession and her confidence and her just, like, full voice, like, authenticity.
2:22 am
i thought, "oh, i just wt to like capture this for her." and so, that, it kind of came out of couldn't be prouder. it's real cute. >> jimmy: aw. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: did she see the book? >> yeah. >> jimmy: s she read the ok? >> yes. but she's not getting any of the profits from it. [ lahter ] >> jimmy: that is -- you can't let her do that. i just want to read the last line. "because you are the only you." >>eah. >> jimmy: i love it. i have two little girls. they're going to love it. >> oh, please. these are cute. okay, good, yeah. >> jimmy: i love it. i'm so psyched you are here. because you're here with bradley cooper. >> i know. >> jimmy: these two are my favorite people. have you ever worked with adley? >> no, i haven't. but i'm so excited about -- i'm so excited to see his movie. >> jim: yeah. gaga is in it. >> lady gaga. i know. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i weirdly have a weird connection to lady gaga.[ ughter ] >> jimmy: why? o >>e -- this is a while ago, i was -- this is right after "stepbrothers," i was doing -- will and john c. reilly were hosting a a charity event. i
2:23 am
they asked me ould come on to help them with a sketch as lady gaga. like as a part of the sketch. and so, did a real low budge kind of costume, like lady gaga costume. itwhere i think -- i recal being like a couple of -- like there was a couple of, like, . hula hoo you know what i mean, and there was like me in a unitard. l ke i -- >> jimmy: paper tolder. >> totally. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> like real, real low budge. and it was at the nokia theater, which is enormous. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but i got on stage. it was like thousands , peopich i also did not quite anticipate. there was a curtain. th like set it up. "like, ladies and gentlemen, lady gaga!" and i was behind this curtain. the audience freaks out. i was like, "oh!" >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] >> they think it's really lady gaga. >> jimmy: oh, no! >> i was like -- the music is like -- all the sudden i was like -- ♪ rah rah rah rah rah ♪ [ laughter ] and couldn't stop. oh, my god. they're going think it's lady gaga.
2:24 am
they're in for it. >> jimmy: yeah, course. >> and i was like, really, just kind of post my second child so it's not as cute. i was like the curtain starts coming up and i was like -- ♪ rah rah rah rah rah ♪ but for a second in that, like, roar of that audience, i was like i felt like the most porful person. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: just for one second. >> for one brief millisecond. >> jimmy: of lady gaga's life. >> i felt gaga, and i was heke -- >> jimmy: you feltower. >> it was so powerful. and then, it turned to laughter.or but it was second, it was so powerful. >> jimmy: wait. >> i'm so excited to see her in this movie. >> jimmy: "stepbrothers" with will, right? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. and john c. reilly. >> jimmy: and john c. reilly. oh, yeah, i was wondering how you guys knew each other. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. j my: have your kids ever seen that? are they old enough? >> i mean, i am a horrible parent to admit that i tried to show it to them. they are not old enough. and i turned it on and i realized very quickly that i would have to fast forward most everything that i was in.
2:25 am
and then, most of everything else. so they saw basically a a 21-minute cut of "s pbrothers" and they didn't understand anyth t ain enhe, nd, "catalina wine mixer," and then, like, a lot of fast forwarding. [ laughter ] they have no idea what tbo movie is a. >> jimmy: have they seen any of your films? >> they've seen, like -- yeah. you know, otel transylvania 3." >> jimmy: yeah, my kids love [ applause ] >> they were excited. that's cute. >> jimmy: we had your buddy s paul giamatti re the other day. >> oh, giamatt. >> jimmy: i mean, come on. >> he's the best. >> jimmy: that guy is cooler than cool. >> isn't>>e the coolest? immy: i love him so much, yeah. but you're in this movie with him, molly shannon >> yeah. >> jimmy: i love molly shannon so much. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and do you want ou tell us abthe film, what it's about? >> yeah, it is called "private life." it's coming out this friday on netflix and in movie taters. it's written by the great jemara -- written and directed by the great tamarins and could not be more proud. it's about a couple, paul giamatti and myself, that's kind of in a midlife crisis. a duel midlife crisis where they're trying to start a
2:26 am
a family by any means necessary. >> jimmy: yeah. it gets pretty rough quickly. >> so they're in the thick of it. >> jimmy: i want to show everyone a clip. here's katherine hahn and paul giamatti in "private life." take a look at this. >> god, look, we're doing everything we can short of kidnapping to start a family. i do not know why this is so off-limits. >> well, easy for you to say. you have your genetic contribution. me, i'm just -- i'll just be -- >> what? >> left out. don't even -- no. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you got it. you got it, kid. kaerine hahn, everybody.
2:27 am
how great. "private lives" is available on netflix and in select thears this friday. jim james is performing for us ybxt. stick around, evy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm not picking it up. you pick it up. i'm not picking it up. well, somebody's gotta pick it up. i'll pick it up. they're clean! ♪ cuz my hiney's clean ♪ oh yeah, i'm charmin clean ♪ that's how i know they're clean ♪ (vo) charmin ultra strong is woven like a wash cloth and just cleans better. ♪ yeah, i'm charmin clean the kid does have a int. (vo) enjoy the go with charmin. an for an extra clean finistry cha.
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h jimmy: performing "over and over" fr album "uniform clarity", out friday, please welcome back jim james! [ cheers and applause ]♪ ♪ ♪ over again over and over ♪ ♪ and over again over and over and over again on and on and on ♪ ♪ we fight the same fights on and on we dp the same bombs on and on ♪p ♪ pute same walls over and over again ♪ ♪ how many lifetimes on and on how many bloodlines on and on ♪
2:34 am
until we realize we could all beve and friends ♪ ♪ we do it over again over and over ♪ ♪ and over again over and over and over again on and on and on ♪ ♪ how can we make the same mistakes and still carry on ♪ ♪ living the same we did yesterday have we learned nothing at all ♪ ♪ we drop the same bombs on and on put up the same walls on and on ♪ ♪ we block the same roads over and over again ♪
2:35 am
♪ how many lifetimes on and on how many bloodlines on and on ♪ ♪ until we realizell we coulde lovers and friends ♪ ♪ we do it over again over and over ♪ ♪ and over again over and over and over again on and on and on ♪ ♪ get back now over again over and over ♪ ♪ and over again over and over and over again on and on and on ♪ ♪ on and on and on
2:36 am
oh yeah on and on and on ♪ [ cheers and applae ] >> jimmy: yeah. again and again, you always do it. e m james! [ cheers and appla the resistance revival chorus! [ cheers ] catch jim on "the future is ofvoting" tour, which kick this weekend. we'll be right back. jijames! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
2:37 am
2:38 am
2:39 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to br ley cooper, kathryn hahn! [ cheers and applause ] jim james! [ cheers and applause ] the resistance revival chorus. [ cheers and applause ] the roots, right there, from philadelphia, pennsylvania. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late nith seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night.
2:40 am
i hope to see you tomo bye-bye, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ "steve" steve: you can't lose yourself in a r iationship. >> think there is a bance. there is a parallel life. it is necessary for you psychological well-being. she wants her mom to meet a newman. t matthew. >> put yr hands together for your host steve harvey! [cheers and applause]


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