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tv   Today  NBC  November 7, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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goodor mning. divided we stand. it's a new day in washington as voters turning out in record numbers give democrats control of the house. >> it's about restoring theon constitu checks and balances to the trump administration. >> the sepeople's h is going to do a lot more work f. the people >> and in the senate republicans pump up their powerdding to their numbers in a string of red state battles. >> it was a contest for who we are and what we believe. >> this morng t president up beat after countless rallies of the faithful. >> vote republican. >> pay off big at the polls.
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>> the president's agenda isn't going to change rarpdle. >> also, some key races still call. and these midterms are gattering records, mak history. more women elected to office than ever before. the first native amerin, muslims, the youngest ever headed to congress. and gear up. thde race for pre starts today, wednesday, november 7, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news this is a special edition ofy, "to the vote, america's future with savannah guthrie and hoda kotbv lirom studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. weome to "today." it's wednesday morning bright and early. the mems are in the record books and the people he spoken. >>eel like you need eight
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cups of coffee after last election results coming in. >> it was a suspenseful night. the big picture if you are just waking up. mocrats have recaptured control of house, first time in eight years. they picked up at least 28 seats. that number cld go higher. different story in the senate. after all is said and done, republicans are expected to add to their majority. >> there are some major contests yet to be decided, including the heated senate n florida and georgia's hotly contested or gove race. >> record number of women will be serving on capitol hill. more than 100 in the house and in the senate, and ateast 75 33 stateseterans from from both parties won their e races. >> wve a team of correspondents and experts political insiders all ready with complete coverage of the results and what it means for th future of america. >> let us start with nbc white house correspondent peter
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alexander. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning americans andt presidump are waking up to a new reality here in washington. divided government, one partyru is over after a historic turnout and a record number of women heading to congress. this morning split decision. democrats taking back control of the house for the first time in eighhayears. >> ts to you, tomorrow will be a new day in america. >> reporter: that momentum fueled by a rebuke of president trump in cities in suburbs. those democrac gains didn't extend to the senate where republicans padded their advantage. still with the house in their d tos, democrats are poi flex their muscles, taking over committees, including house intelligencend oversight with the power to launch investigations into thend president subpoena top administration officials and documents. president trump undeterred, overnight tweeting tremendous success focusing solely on the
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senate. republicans ousting democratic incumbents in red stateenwith presidtrump's warnings on immigration mobilizing core supporters. governor rick scott, a trump ally, edging out bill nelson. in missouri josh hall by topping claire mccaskill. >> thank you, mr. president, for your leadership. thank you for believing in missouri. ght the people of missouri have delivered. >> i want you to keep that fire burningause there is justice around the corner. >> reporter: in north dakota kevin kramer cruising to victory and in india mike braun knocking off joell dy. mitt romney is finallyoing to washington as a senator from utah. >> i'll work with m good and good women on both sides of the aisle to serve the cause of america's enduring greatness. >> reporter: one of the nation's most compelling matchups. >> this election was battle of
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ideas. >> reporter: ted cruz holding off democrat beto o'rourke by a then margin in traditional ruby red texas. o'rourke falling short of becoming the first democrat in decades to win statewide office in the lone star state. >> i am honore to heen able to do this with you. i am grateful forever, and we will s youut there down the road. >> reporter: and in tennessee, marsha blackburn securing a senate seat despite taylor swift endorsing her opponent of the president's party retaining the vernor's mansion in key battleground states like ohio and florida with ron desantisdi enng andrew gillum's lead to become florida's first black governor. >> i would like to thank our president for standing by me when -- for standing by me when smart 't necessarily the
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thing to do. >> reporter: in cancer kris kobach was soundly defeated by democrat laura kelly. and in busy, after eight contentious years in office, republican governor scott walker fell t democratic tony frs. democrats also picking up a senate seat in nevada. jacky rosen knocking off dean heller. several races won't be deced for days. we learned that president trump will hold a news conference in the east room at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. a lot today. back to you. >> a presidential tradition after the midterms to hold a ws conference. thanks. >> one of the most closely watched races in georgia still toose co call. nbc's rehema ellis is in atlanta with that one. what's the latest? >> reporter: i can tell you,ho , that this morning democrat stacey abrams said this would be
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governor'sce for the office, and it was. and it was around 1g,0 this mornrailing in the vote count, she told her supporters not to give up. meanwhile, her ,oppone republican secretary of state brian kemp, was sounding positive about his chances, but a defy ac abrams says it's not over until every vote is >> folks are opening up the dreams of voters in absentee ballots and we bel chance for a stronger georgia is within reach. >> i'm confident that victory is near, and together we will continue to work tout hard working georgians first. >> reporter: abrams believes fhat there are thousands absentee ballots and significant provisional al ballots that will ultimately count in her favor and narrow theap between her d her opponent brian kemp, forcing a r specioff election she thinks could still give her a chance to win. they expect to start countin b
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thoselots today. >> all right. we will be watching that closely, rehema. thanks. >> craig is here. he has an eye on another election story. >> yeah, president trump of course all but put him on the ballot in the nation's closest races. it wasn't just the president and his agenda that drove voters to the polls inecord numbers. morgan ratford has that part of the story. >> reporter: good morning. we learned a lot about the cotry last night. from here in the midwest toco every t, we talked to voters. it turns out an unprecedentedff aect on this midtm election. a divided nation united at the polls. voters from all parties t determinedo make their voices heard on the future of their country. >> just want to make sure things keep goinghe way they have been going. >> we need a change. a good change. >> reporter: according to nbc news exit polls that track over
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100,000 voters, there were three major issues that drove americans to the polls. topping that list, owalth care fo by immigration and the economy. >> health care. >> yeah, health care is what helped me make my decision. >> reporter: immigration also a major topic, dominating president trump'smilosing dterm message. >> we are ot letting these people invade our country. the porter: and finally, economy. one in five voters saiwa i the most important issue facing this country. and while president trump wasn't on the ballot. >> vote republican. >> reporter:f nearly half voters say they strongly disapprove of his performances president and two-thirds say he was a factor in their vote for the hehouse. >> tre is too much, the conservative movement. trump is scary. >> i wanted to support his agenda and whoever is going to help him. >> reporter: the president and his administration claiming victory. >> the president is happy and thinks he had a great night,
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particularly when it comes to the senate, and still some solid wins in the house. >> reporter: a pivotal and histor midterm cycle. >> there is a lot at stake >>he. eporter: especially for first-time voters, making up 16% of the vote. >> why was thishe year for you? >> i felt like it was very important to vote democratic this year. >> reporter: the presidential factor was higher than we have seen in any of the past three midtermsng shohese days when people go to cast their ballots they are thinking their country and not just about their state. >> all right. morgan ratford in st. louis. thank you. >> what does it mean? if only we had three awesome experts. chuck todd, kasie hunt, steve schmidt. you all probably have four hours of sleep combined. >> who had that. >> split decision last night, chuck. everybody talked about the blue nwave, thision that democrats were going to come roaring back in the midterms. do you a think it was blue wave? >> no. democrats won the popular vote
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and the republicans won the electoral college i feel like in some ways, a deja vu meaning. look, more people went for democrat in address than not. that's why democrats won the house. that's why they have got this majority. but the h president enough support in enough places to win big races in states that have large enough rural populations to either offset suburban america or what are. so, yes, this was a realignment election. not a wave election. this is simply the country sorting itself to its poll tirks. >> kasie, some people say it's checks and balances and some people say it's going to be like gridlock. if you were to look into your crystal ball and tell us what's going to happen for the next couple of years, what would we see? >> i think it's going to be fficult to move anything through washington and that could lead to crises. more government shutdowns, a lot of uncertainty.
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there isoing to be a l of pressure on democrats not to make deals with president trump. coming from t left of the party, don't forget, 2020 basically starts today. e thba pishoblro wyill start running for president right away. think about who the people are that will b t comin washington in this new class of democrats. hey are largely from the midwest. they are largely from suburban areas. they have largely run on messages of, you know, being a check on the president, but also making washington work. so that's going to be a real push and pull on nancy pelosi, who has already come out and said we are not here to president trump. >> steve, one of the things that looks like it might be a bit striking, and granted we are initing on the exit polling to come out, this idea that there might be two, maybe three percent of people when asked by pollsters whether yo support the president, his agenda, and either they are not telling the truth t pollsters or not telling the truth to pollsters. a to seems looki some of the races that maybe we were off a
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bit again when it came to ourst? >> i think when you look at the poll, craig, thatng g ioiou nin points generic lead for the wmocrats. thatre at the end. day they are going to perform. it will be a 9% victory which from my perspective is a pretty significant repudiation of the trump administration given we have a unemployment rate of 3.7% in the c tntry. the lae you saw a gap that big was in 2008 when the economy was in freefall, we were in the middle of an unpopular warnd barack obama had just won. i don't think that the significance of the size of the popular vote, if you will, should be diminished in this. >> so is it a vindication of thr ident's strategy in those red states, there were tight ces the polls showed, and in the end in quite a few of them the republican. prevail did the president hoist them over the finish line? >> he prevented a wave. one of the ways you do get
7:14 am
political waves is one party is demoralized whe the other party is fired up. what we sawca was repub were -- so what the president did, and he did it with some very questionable tactics, if you will, of trying to stoke his political base itorked. the fact of the matter, he was right and paul ryan was wrong. paul ryan said, no, close with the economy, close with taxes. he said,m no closing with immigration because people -- say?did he the economy is boring. in that sense it worked because the president is conducting a culture war. this is a campaign, he is the lead general in this for his side here. and i think tets is sng that democrats have to get their heads around. the immigration issuesn't a policy problem for them. this is symbolic on the right and the president uses it very effectively. >> there is a lot to talk about with kasie, especially with regard to democrats 'new found power in the house and in terms of investigations and subpoenas.
7:15 am
you will be back in a fewo talk about that. >> when it comes to female candidates across the country, nbc's stephanie gosk joins us with that part of the story. steph, good morning. >> good morning. a record smashingbe n of women ran for office this year resulting in historic wins for ywomen in ar that galvanized them. >>e did it. >> reporter: this morning a pink wave has washed ove american politics. a record number of women, more than 100, elected to congress. in the house, at least 30 women elected for the first time. and more than a dozen of them flipping seats from red to blue. >> lead the way. >> reporter: one new democrat, alexandria ocasio-cortez, the youngest woman elected to congress. n the absence of anyone giving a clear voi on the moral issues our time, then it
7:16 am
is up to us to voicethem. reporter: women are making history in many other waveys, t. >> here in minnesota, we don't only welcome immigrants. we send them twashington. >> reporter: this morning the first muslim women have been elected to congress. and so have the first native american women. >> economic justice. >> reporter: deb holland in new mexico and sherese david in kansas. the former mma fighter, davids was among a record number of lbgtq candidates, like colorado's jared polis who is the first openlyay man elected governor. >> we are an inclusive state that values every contribution regardless of someone's sexual orientation or genr identity. >> reporter: a newave of diverse lawmakers changing the face of american politics.
7:17 am
>> you have two states withno women gov for the first time as well as south dakota and maine, guys. >> all right. steph, thank you. >> we will have a lot moreth on election just ahead. but al is here for his first check o the forecast. >> change in our political future andf change in our cool temperatures. are starting to see cold air coming down from canada. temperatures today a fwherem 22 degrees below average in billings all the way to 57, eight degrees below average in memphis. tomorrow that cold air makes i way to the east. pittsburgh 8 degrees below average. shreveport 11 degrees. alba lean at 55. new yoda city by s 48. st. louis 39 on saturday. new leans will be in the 40s on saturday. we will get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. the sun is finally shining again in washington. not much of a breezeor to about either. current temperatures 30s across parts of northern virginia. low-to-mid 40s aund most of the d.c. metro area. 50 at national airport. if you are planning out your wednesday today, sunshine this morning. a couple of clouds later on in the afternoon. it will be mild today with high temperatures in the l-to-mid 60s. a little cooler tomorrow with extra cloud cover. rrxt rain chancees on friday and it will be breezy and chilly on saturday. >> that's your latest weather. next half hour, snow for chicago. >> what? >> already? >> we'll tl you aboutt. just ahead, what is next for
7:19 am
a divided congress and nation? what will democrats do with their new found in the house? we will talk toakne of the las who will have a big say in that. >> let the race for the wte house begin. >> yeah. >> first, this is today nbc.
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♪by scanning that box, good goes not stop.♪ ♪cause good goes around and around and around...♪ ♪good goes around and around and around...♪ ♪good goes around and around. ♪hey! this is a news4 today news break. >> 7:26 i the time on this wednesday, novembe 7, 2018. go good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> maryland election officials are working to figure out what went wrong yesterday. some polling places ran out of ballots in priune george's that left voters waiting in line for hours. >> maryland governor hogan easily secured a second term. he is the first republican to pu s that offce the 1950s. he beat ben jealous by seven percentage points. now let's check on the morning commute with melissa molett and your first4 traffic. ch good morning. in northwest bea drive at porter street a le shut down. this has reopened. we are getting through here. that's a good thing because it
7:27 am
was proet slow thatcl ure. inner loop and outer loop looking typical. 270 going ten miles an hour through gaithersburg. >> thank you. tonight at 5:00 on news4, we share the fairfax county police personal message. >> he is working to change minds about mental health issues tonight a 5:00 on news4. we will take a break. yo forecast is up next. hey! hi! congrats on ranking highest by jd power for internet service satisfaction this year. oh, thank you! and on being ranked #1 in customer satisfaction compared to cable. well, the 100% fiber-optic network deserves the credit. and he's humble!
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so umm... i should probably go get started. you need me to watch the van? no, i'm good! 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. switch to fios, the fastest internet in the us, and get internet for as low as $39.99 per month. . a cool start, 2440s to 50 degrees in tn. bright sunshine will help everybody's mood today. afternoon highs in the low-to-mid 60s. sun is down at one minute after 5:00 today and then for tomorrow another day that wtarts outh plenty of sunshine. clouds will be on the increase tomorrow. tomorrow's high temper will be in the mid-to-upper 50s.
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then rain likely on your friday. >> thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> for now back to "the today show" after this srt break.
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7:30 on this wednesday e mo day after the most contentious and expensive midterms ever. the democrats winning control of the house. so what will they do withhat new power? we are going to get into that just ahead. >> a big sigh of relief asam icans of every political persuasion happy there are no more tv ads for a little while, right? >> 2020 starting in earnest today. first though, a check of today's other headlines. breaking overnight high level talks between secretary of state mike pompeo and north korean officials haveeen postponed. the state department did not give a reason for that decision. the meeting was scheduled to take place here in new york tomorrow. pompeo hoping to pave the way
7:31 am
for a second smit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. the state department said the meeting will now take place at a later date. meanwhile, south kor called the decision disappointing. a colorado man accused of killing his pregnant wife and two daughters back ac august has d a plea deal with prosecutors. christopher watt pleaded guilty to all nine counts against him, including five counts of first-degree murder. under the deal watts will spend the res his life in prison but will be spared the death penalty. prosecutors say they have a partial motive in the case, but say they will not comment further about what that motive was until after>>sentencing. four women are in hot water this morning for their role in selfie gone wrong. they were at a museum in russia recently when a waldis playing iconic works of art came crashing down. you can see one of the women standing behind the fallen wall. they were apparently tryin to take aphoto. they bumped the wall.
7:32 am
museum officials say a pictu of salvador dali was damaged, police have opened an nvestigation, but they say criminal charges expected. >> is that the pottery barn rule, you break it you buy it? i don't know. >>back to the midterm elections. some key questions this morning. what will democrats do with their new found power in the house and with this divided congress and polits so divisive is anything going to bc ally accomplished? we put that question to kasie hunt. she is back with that. good morning agrnn. >> good g again to you. with bipartisanship really currently at an all-time low, legislation could grind to a halt. what can democrats get done with one half of congress? >> reporter: this morning campaign rhetoric meets congressional reality. while some candidates discussac iment on the campaign trail. >> american people must stand up, and i say they must call for impeachment. >> reporter: that's likely off the table for the house with the
7:33 am
republican held senate unlikely to remove the president from office, democrats willikely loo spend their new found political capital in other places. list, top of the investigations with their newly earned subpoena power. the publicay finally get a look at president trump's personal tax returns some three years after he promised repeatedly to release them. democratic lawmakers are expected to use the house oversight and the house intelligence committees t l tak closks at the white house and perhaps the most volatile issue, the mueller revival of the house's russia investigation which devin nunes will no longer chair. >> devin nunes will dissolve back into obscurity. >> rorter: as well as som of the administration's most divisive actions, like the child separation policy at the border and the response to the devastation of puerto rico afteu rricane maria. also eect a more critical look at the president and his family's private businesses, including their dealings with foren countries, specifically
7:34 am
those with heavy investment in trump properties. ne big question is who will lead all of this. nancy pelosi led the party the last timehe democrats helhe majority. according to nbc news exit polling she if onee least popular figures in u.s. politics. for now she is enjoying a victory lap for her party. >> american people wantth peace. want results. >> and so while she may be unpopular, she has effective as a leader. there is not really any indication that democrats will pick anyone else to be the eaker of the house. i think it's important to underscore we will not see that impeachment conversation right away but aot of focus on the president's tax returns. >> thank you. and that leads us to one of the democratic congressmen who will help dece what comes next. eric swalwell, an incumbent from california, and he a member of the house intelligence committee. congressman,ood morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about nancy pelosi. her negative ratings were above
7:35 am
50%. is it time for fresh blood in terms of the democratic leadership if nancy pelosi is the face of the democratic party? >> we want more fresh blood at the table. i am the youngest member of the leadership team. i had had conversations in the last few daysith members i our caucus who will be seeking leadership positions and stepping up. last night we elected 20 people in their 40s and under and there are five races that been called. so i think you will see transformational leadership coming. this election was about health re. nancy pelosi was the architect of the health care law. she helped hold democrats together to stop it fro being eviscerated the last two years. >> in a word,hi you she stays speaker, right? >> yes. >> yes. let'sut talk a the democrats' new found power. we have divided government, so legislatively it will be unusual to see a lot of progress. people can hold out hopes for that. how much do you think the democrats will be focused on
7:36 am
things like investigation? for example, your committee, the house intelligence committee, do you plan on restarting the russia investigation?ri are you w about overreach there, going too far? >> yeah, we are not going to lead with the investigations. we are not going to look the other way. what i mean is the president in the last two years said he wants to do infrastructure, the dream act, background checks, and reduce the cost of prescription drugs and republicans never brought those bills forward. i think he will see a willingness to work him there. we will conduct the investigations that republicans want tonduct. we will fill in the gaps on the russia investigation. the american people wl see his tax returns notecse of any voyeuristic interest, but they should know if he is corrupt. we will look at the cashing in a of the oval office. >> congressman, are you eller'sed about robert investigation? there has been a lot of talk that the president has made clear his displeasure with attorney general sessions. it is widely expected that he
7:37 am
will not be a part of ts administration for much longer. are you worried that robert mueller's investigation could be imperilled? >> very worried. i think thehi best we can do as republicans and democrats is pass the senate helegislation, bipartisan senate legislation that's come out of the judiciary committee there, protectueer in the house and put that on the president's desk. i expect the will be more indictments in the coming weeks if you look at the number of grand jury witnesses he has heard from the last few weeks. >> our poll more people approved of the mueller investigation than -- disapproved than approved . >> the president spend a lot of twitter characters beating up the mueller investigation. but approval for it tends to go up as indictment come out and people see the value of the timb thatn spent and what it means to protect our democracy. so i have faith i he i allowed to do his job, the american people will be behind him and ndthe work he his team are
7:38 am
doing. >> congressman swalwell, thank you,ir, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> over to al. well, we have, as wed, mentioool air coming in. gs will combine with a couple of systems that brnow for the rockies as that cold air comes out of canada today. tomorrow cold can air spreads into the plains and a developing low pressure system brings snow fromn kansas into south minnesota. then a secondary testimo develops -- system develops. know for chicago. winter is coming. snow and wintry mix for chicago. we a are looking nebraska, kansas maybe two to three inches of snow, and the u.p. of michigan as well and light snow ouide of chicago. re's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm storm team4 meteorologl.t chuck b skies are clear. sun is finally shining again here in the washington area.y typically chiutside this morning. most everybody in the 40s. on of the view lone exceptions
7:39 am
50 at national airport and 59 in manassas. as you are planning out your wednesday, nice and sunny. we will be inow 6 b ty noontime. high temperature this afternoon around 65 degrees. er, but dry for tomorrow. rain on friday. > and that's your latest weather. guys. >> thank you. upoming why did prince harry and meg pn marklek australia to announce their baby news? what they are saying in a revealing new look at their royal first tour. plus, on pop start a big honor aor big performance from ariana grande. then foods for your moods. what you should eatnd avoid to ease stress anxiety. do you know what happens in 727 days? savannah knows. >> stop that. presidentia election. >> no! battles aremidterm teaching us about the next road to the white house.
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this morning it's alreadymull st ahead for the next big campaign. >> today sounds the starting gun r the 2020 battle for the white house. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker is taking a look that. hard to believe, but it's true apparently, kristin. good morning. >> reporter: it is true. good morning, craig, savannah, and hoda. you're right. now that the midterms are over, thecountdown starts today, basically, for that next major contest, the 2020 presidential election. 726 days, by the way. who isng coun right? the question now, who is getting serious about taking on president trump? this morning0/ vision. some democrats who sailed to victory overnight sparked fresh speculation that they are already eying the battle ahead, setting their sights on rresident trump from for presidential candidate bernie sanders. >> we have a president of the united states who is a pathological liar. >> reporter: to new york senator
7:45 am
kirstenndgillib >> the president needs to be held accountable. >> reporter: and progressive fire brand elizabeth warren. >> donald trump still practices the dark art of ring byfear. >> reporter: and then there's former new york mayor michael bloombg, w raised eyebrows after releasing this ad right beforeleion day. >> i've supported candidates from both sides, but athis moment we must send a signal to republicans in washington thata they failed to lead. >> reporter: setting up a potential matchup between twoy new york c billionaires. but even some of the candidates who came up short aren't being counted out. instead, b gettinguzz as future stars of the democratic party, including beto o'rourke, who put up a tough fight against incumbent senator ted cruz in texas. > we will see you out there down the road. >> reporter: and tallahassee mayor andrew gillum, who went down in defeat in his btle for florida governor, but keeping the fighting spirit. >> i can guarantee you this.
7:46 am
i' not going anywhere. >> reporter: the question now r democrats, who could beat president trump? whether progressive democ its could w florida or mainstream democrats like joe biden still toying with a run of his own might fare better. as for the president, administration officials tell nbc news he feels emboldened heading into 2020 despite failing to flip senate seats in key mid-western seats he carried in 2016. officials say he has no regrets about his hard-line stance on immigration. >> his accomplishments as presiden that is the best message he will have. >> we saw gillum awere, we o'rourke, you mentioned bloomberg. who else might be in in 2020? >> reporter: buzz is growingou some democratic names who weren't on the ballot. senators kamalharris and cory booker. miey are two standouts on the senate judiciary cee.
7:47 am
of course, former vice president joe biden. remember, he considered running in 2016. he ultimately decided not to. no as for potential republican challengers, seemsike steve klein. there is some speculation ohio governor jn sich. there is outgoing republican senator jeff flake. he is a frequent tru critic who hasn't closed the door to the possibility in public comments. now, no one has said that they definitively want to run, but it's worth noting a lot of those names i mentioned had visited early voting stateso.ike o back to you. >> kristen welker at the white house. >> senator flake of arizona was on our air last night. >> right. >> he has not closed the door. he left it open a we will see if there is a primary challenge for the president in 2020. a lot of democrats running. that's for sure. coming up, a potential glitch from boeing in the wake of that deadly crash in indonesia. first, these messages. liberty mutual accident forgiveness
7:48 am
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7:52 am
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this is a news4 today news break. >> 7:56 is your time on this dnesday, november 7, twai2018. i'm eun yang. we want to check in with melissa molettor a che on your commute in your first4 traffic. what are you seeing? >> a couplef new problems southbound g.w. parkway at the 14th street bridge. the left side blocked by a track andom inbounde slowdowns, too. rockville southbound rockville pike at wooten parkway a crash there and laurel northboundre 1 beowder mill. beltway pretty slow in a lot of spots. >> thank you. we'll take a break now. we will check your forecast when we come back. stay with us. hey! hs is having a big sale. #newlivingroom you know, people don't actually use hashtagsta when the. #thisgirldoes
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z31blz z10rz ry y31bly y
7:59 am
after getting more than two inches of rain the last few days, finally blue skies and renshine are back. current tempera mostly in the 40s this morning. it will be a mild afternoon to spend some quality time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. 65 today. a few more clouds and a bit cooler tomorrow and a high chance for rain most of the day on friday. breezy and chilly on saturday. >> thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. for now bacto "the today show." f toight it in new ways? if we want transplanted organs to thrive, why not convince the body they're compatible? if we want to unlock the mysteries of aging, why not look at them in a new way?
8:00 am
at upmc, we question everything. we are uncommon to the core. we are upmc. it's 8:00 on "today." cong up, sfliplit decision. democrats take control of the house for the first time in almost a decadeo >> thanks t you, tomorrow will be a new day in america. >> while republicans add to their majority in the senate. >> tonight is a victory for the pele of texas. >>te female candi winning big and voters turn out in record numbers. what does it mean for america's future andhe to 20 presidential race? we will break it down. >> plus, wild about harry and meghan. a closer look at the new documentary that goes behind the scenes at the newlyweds' first royal tour,ncluding why the parents to be say they chose australia to share their
8:01 am
exciting baby news. ariana gives thanks. ♪ performing her new song dedicated to her ex's onne "ellen." today is wednesday, november 7, 2018. today! >>y fam girl trip. >> we are the warren hillamily from alabama. yay! ♪ >> good morning to my granddaughter in charlotte, north carolina. >> here from milton, georgia. >> celebratingur 27th anniversary. >> i'm turning 70. >> hi to our grandkids in arizona. >> celebrating sisters today and every day. woo! >> i'm going to do an i.d.
8:02 am
check. i do not believe that lady is 70. she looks about 30. >> she sure does. >> happy birthday to her. good morning. welcome back. wednesday morning. thanks for being with us. >> morning forhe still nighttime for you? >> i know. if you sleep two hours, the day from before just continues on. >> happy election day. >> right. >> lots to get t your news at 8:00. an american sending a record number of women to congress helping democrats retake control of the house. peter alexander has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning. americans and president trump are waking up to a new reality here in washington. divided government. one party rule is over after a historic turnout for midterm elections. this morning, split decision. democrats taking back control of the house for the first time in eight years. >> thanks to you, tomorrow will be a new day in america.
8:03 am
>> reporter: that momentum fueled by a rebuke of president trump in cities andubbs. those democratic gains didn't extend to the senate where republicans padded their advantage. still with the house in their hands, democrats are poised to flex their muscles taking over committees, including house intelligence and oversight with the power to launch investigationsnto the president and subpoena top administration officials and documents. president trump undeterred. overnight tweeting, tremendous success, focusing solely on the senate. repu icans ousting democrati incumbents in red states with president trump's campaign trail warnings about illegal immigration helping mobilize his core supporters. in florida, governor rick scott, a trump ally, edging out bill nelson. >> i am going to d.c. to get something done. >> reporter: in missouri, josh ilwley topping claire mcca >> thank you, mr. president, for yourhi leaders thank you for believing in
8:04 am
missouri. tonight the people of missouri . ve deliver >> i want you to keep that fire burning because there is justice around the corner. >> reporter: one of the nation's most compelling matchups. >> this election was a battle of ideas. >> reporter: ted cruz holding off democrat beto o'rourke by a thin margin inti traal ruby red texas. o'rourke falling short of becoming the first democrat in dedeo win stawi oic in the lone star state. >> i am honored to have been able to do this with you. i am grateful forever, and we will see you out there down the road. >> reporter: and in tennessee, marsha blackn easily securing a senate seat despite taylor swift endorsing her opponent. the president's partyng retaini the governor's mansion in key battleground states like ohio and florida with ron desantis a fierce trump backerg endin andrew gillum's bid to become st black governor. >> i would like to thank our president for stand big me
8:05 am
when -- [ applause ] for standing by me when it wasn't necessarily the smart thing to do. >> reporter: democrats also picking off a senate seat in nevada. jacky rosen defeating dean heller. several races we may not know the results for days, including races in montana and arizona. we hope you join us at 11:30 eastern time this morning. a special n news report live from the east room as president trump holds a news conference to address last night's results. we will see you a little bit later from there. back to you. >> peter alexander on the hill. thank you. a week after the crash of a new boeing jet the company iued an airline safety bulletin. it warns about potential false readingsrom a plane's sensor that may confuse pilots. the faa is going to require all u.s. airlines flying the plane to take correctivere action. from nbc's joe yer.
8:06 am
>> reporter: after a lion ai olane crashedff the coast of indonesia kilng boeing sent safety bulletin to operators of its new37 max planes. why? boeing says indonesian investigators have indicated that lion air flight 610 experienced erroneous input from one o its sensors. and just out this morning, the ap reporting indonstian inators say that sensor was replaced on that lion jet bplane a dayore the accident. such erroneous readings can confuse the plane's systems and pilots and cause planes to enter a sudden dive. boeing's bulletin reminds pilots hu to handle the problem using existing flight crew procedures. the company says whenever appropriate, boeing iues bulletins or makes recommendations regarding the operation of its aircraft. last week's crash took the lives of allse 189 pasers and crew on board.
8:07 am
minutes after taking off, radar data shows the lion air flight aking an erratic up and down flight path before plummeting into the sea. earlier this week indonesian investigators said the flight data recorder showed that the plane's air speed indicator malfunctioned on the final flight and the three flights before that, b it's not clear exactly what caused the plane to go down. the new aircraft, a 737 max 8, had just been delivered to lion air in august. back in indonesia,ie famare still waiting for many of the victims to be identified and waiting for answers about what went wrong. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news. the girl scouts are suing the boy scouts, and it's a fight for the future. the girl scouts filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in new york on tuesday. it's all because the boy scouts dropped the word boy from their programs and start welcoming girls to join. for the girl scouts, they that the name change confuses fa
8:08 am
milies, schools, and communities into thinking they no longer exist or perhaps merged with the boy scouts. the boy scouts organization is reviewing the lalluit. a right. the news is covered. so i have a little boost for you guys. we spent a l of the morning crunching election numbers. we thought we would keep the boost swe andimple, a couple of baby twins making each other crack up. take a look. >> oh, my gosh. >> they are 11-month-old. they laugh, sometimes roll over. it takes like one look. you know with your siblings, you explode in theth laughter? is where it starts, right there. >> i want to squeeze themar the so cute.
8:09 am
joanna gaines baby yesterday, so cute. straight ahd, how popular prince harry and meghan markle have come. also harry smith is going help us honor our military with a trip to west point with the legacy of world war i living on in new generation of cadets there. first, these messages. ♪the more we are together the better we'll be♪ ♪there's forests and rivers and mountains and valleys♪ ♪the more we are together the better we'll be♪ ♪ ♪
8:10 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thi morning on today's talker a revealing new look at duchess meghan markle's debut on the international stage. >> exit pollsushow -- kidding. ki keir simmons tagged along on that tour. >> imagine being meghan and doing that 1 fdays in a row. australia is exactly the opposite time to england, and yet she pulled it off. harry and meghan being described as a power couple. harry in this new documentary this morning is suggesting tha the reasot they announced their baby when they did is because it was the blet place posso do it. >> reporter: it was meghan's
8:13 am
internationalebut. now t reviews are in, and they are glowing. the royal couple melting hard and making new friends. >> a serious girl crush on meghan which i previously didn't have. and hry is divine. > reporter: power couple of 2018, says this new british documentary. from their clear connection with children, pregnant meghan often getting down to eye level with little ones to her endless supply of amazing outfits like this elegant oscar de la renta ball gown, this effortless beachwear or just these casual jeans. >> meghan is definitely focusing more on the back history of the brand and its ethical values rather than the price point. we also saw herearing flat shoes made from plastic bottles. >> reporter: taking off their shoes on the beach, harry and meghan proved to be a royal breath of fresh air. at ease with locals, even close
8:14 am
up. their visffle ation breaking unofficial royal rules. miggen's advocacy of feminine issues unl anything seen of re from the house windsor. >> girls can create incredible futures for themselvesndnd those arou them. >> reporter: it is that determinatn to share opinions that perhaps defines harry and meghan as a power couple. harry encouraging everyone to share emotions and be honest about depression, even taking part in a group hug with a self-help group. sharing his own painful experience after the oeathf diana, to comfort a 6-year-old boy who lost his own mother. >> i made it to 34 yearsld and life is great. your life is going to be don't you worry about that. >> reporter: there were some flaps. meghan's team leaving a label on her dress, p seemingicking.
8:15 am
but through a grueling 16-day tour, they circumnavigated the plan more than 75 events attended, har and meghan gave a master class in how to make friends and influence people. >> now, there were still some folks watching meghan and they are not quite ready to love her the way harry does, andve they - >> this show is ready to love her. >> it's true. also, by the way, they set the bar really high. they hold hands all the time. so if they stop holding hands -- >> oh, keir! tough on electio nigh >> don't be cynical. >> american can be proud of this young woman. she is a duchess, bg behav like a princess. >> wow. all right, keir, thank you. welcome home, b the way. or welcome back. >> i don't know what time it ou.
8:16 am
>> yre calling him uncle. >> carson, you have a "popstart" for us? a lot of voters at the polls yesterday. one in particular got a little more attenon than the rest. demi lovato sharing this photo on instagram mking the first time she posted since she overdosed. she is out of m rehab ande sure to head to the polls and vote. she captioned it i am so grateful to be home in time to vote. one vote can make a difference so make sure your voice is heard. her mom announcing she is more than 90 days sober. great to see her looking so healthy. ariana grande, first perfornce since ending her engagement to pete ellison. she took t stage on "ellen" to sing her hit song thank you next. ♪ a
8:17 am
>> one point during the song she almost lost her footing and slckped but q recovered and carried on like a pro. yesterday it was announced she billboard's 2018 woman of the year. coshrats to her. will be presented with that award december 6. congratulations to her. by the way, thapide of "ellen" airs today. check your local listings. >> she sounds great. >> phenomenal singer. are you just discovering ariana grande? you justha turned your around for ariana grande? >> i would pick her for my team. >> lebron james. finally, "breaking bad." the hit show for five seasons, it won 16 emmys, they are getting a movie. it's a two-hour film based on the show. it is in the works. the forr writer and director of the series vince gilligan is
8:18 am
overseeing the project. the thing is they don' many details, whether or not bryan cranston sta with aaron paul or if it will be releas production is expected to begin this month in new hampshirmexic. something is happening. we will let you know. >> if you wondered if unicorns can really fly, well, this gym in georgia may have you take a look. here is your gymnastics coach. she put on a uniform costume, took her talent to the i-bar. one more flip. >>tihoa! >> ss the >> wo >> eight million views on facebook. >> that's fun. >> no word on how the judges scored. y>> that just makes happy. >> we are giving it gold this morning on "today.." >> so cute. >> thanks, carson. you should do the weather i a unicorn costume. >> no, i don't.
8:19 am
i don't think so. all right. it's a thought. not a good one. it's a thought. all right. let's tell you what's happening. we have se weath through the mississippi valley, snow through the western plains. cold air starting to make its way out of canada. 20s in the plains. 50s in the pacific northwest. still nice and warm along the gulf coast. today drying out in the northeast and new heavy rain though down through the gulf with plenty of showers and thunderstorms. high fire danger continuing out through southern and central lifornia,nd that snow continuing out in the western plains. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck os. the wo finally some much needed sunshine in the washington area. blue ses overhead and a light breeze out of thes wt today. current temperatures are mostly in the upper 40s and low 50s. it will be a mild day to spend today.tsi plenty of sunshine early. a few more clouds later in the day, but no bain. it wil dry. afternoon high near 65 degrees. and then for tomorrow again a mix o clouds and sunshine tomorrow.
8:20 am
a little cooler. tomorrow's highs in the mid-to-upper 50s. rain likely on friday, and much chillier for the weekend. t >> andhat's your latest eathe >> all rig mr. roker, thank you. now to a special series honoring ourilitary today as we approach sunday's 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. >> millions of americans were called upon tn j that war effort, and their legacy of servicees l on in some of today's cadets at the u.s. military nbc's harry smith is here with some of their stories. >> 100 years sce the war to end all wars. the 11th month -- okay. you got it. >> we get you. >> places in the world armistice day is remembered. ets it's veterans day now. there is places in america where they really remember it every day. >> reporter: on a bluff above the hudson river stands west
8:21 am
point. from these halls and from these grounds come theen and women who serve as officers in the u.s. army. their motto duty, honor, country. >> the crucible ground combat goes back to the war of 1812. as americans, that's who we are, because when the nation needs us we are going to be there. >> reporter: he is the head of the history department here. america was lato join the fight in world war i, but in a matter of mths an army of more than four million men was mustered and they didn't have equipment. >> they ran out of everything. they needed west poinanofficers our leadership skills to help man that army and lead that army. >> reporter: two million u.s. troops were sent i to fightn france. more than 100,000 were killed in what was called the war to end all wars. perhaps wehouldn't be surprised that descendants of those whoerved a century ago
8:22 am
are at west point now. they have army in their dna. we spoke with cadets sydney dawson, her little brother joe, benjamin bullock and judson >> i know my dad's side, his grandpa was there from 1918 through armistice, and he actually got wounded in t battle of argon force. >> my great great grandther fas a major general, was a west point grad class 1898, i believe. >> my ancestors fought in all of the nati's wars. i know that i have one on my paternal side, captain joseph bullock. and then on my maternal side i have several ancestors who served on the enlisted side. >> reporter: the cadets are here get a gre education, to be among the best of the best. they also know that could come at some cost. >> to get something as great as this place, you have to take a
8:23 am
risk, like, to get this place, you have to give something and giving that risk is part of it. >> reporter: feel like a square deal to you? sir. >> seems far away but it's a real possibility. there is no better evidence than in thi room right here where esu can see all of the graduates who gave their ln the line of duty from all the way back to the war of 1812 to today. h what's going topen is going to happen. if you let fear take over, you are never goi to do anything. possibility of getting injured or killed in the line of duty, it's a possibility. i'll acct it because it needs to be done. somebody needs to do it. >> reporter: to be at west point is to walk in the footsteps of giants and to believe that one day you may be among them. are you proud to be here? i> of course i'm proud to be here. orked my butt off to get here. k just tw i'm part of here and i actually leave my mark on this plac that makes me proud
8:24 am
to be here. >> i think that you have all these big names that game here, eisenhower, mcarthur, you are like a little bit overwhelmed. you are like, how can i live up to that? enthis you look at a picture of ncestors andclose they look like you, they look your age, they look like they might be feeling what you're feeling and you feel like it might be a little bit more possible to do what's expected of you. >> wow. >> thequare deal is you serve five years after you graduate from west point. one of the really interesting ar i ofabout world those four million that came into the army back then,0% of either immigrants or children of immigrants. >> wow. se were the people. there were more than 100 languages spoken in the u.s. army. >> wow. >> yeah. that's a special place, west abpoint. unbeli. andou can't go in there get bus bumgoosebumps. >> thank you. coming up, eddie redmayne is going to bring a dose of magic
8:25 am
to studio 1a. that's coming up right after this. o 1a. that coming up after this.
8:26 am
this is a news4 today ne break. >> good morning everybody. 8:26 on this wednesday, november 7th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's start with a look at the commute with melis molett. she is in first4 traffic. >> good morning. ctking a look athe beltway, bethesda after conut avenue delays because of an earlier crash. it's on the shoulder. the delays are still hanging around. arlington southbound g.w. paway the 14th street bridge left side blocked by a crash. 270 southbound out of frederick you are okay. it gets tough urbana and gaithersburthrough and rockville. >> we will have a check on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
the sun is shining once again. it will be a nice day to spend time outdoors today and tomorrow. today will be the warmer one though. temperatures in the mid-50s nowl we wave high temperatures today in the low-to-mid 60s. tomorrow's highs in the upper
8:29 am
50s. chilly rain on friday. dry for the weekend but it will be much, much cooler. >> thank you. and you can get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
hey, everybody, welcome back. it is 8:30 on this fine ni wednesday mor. the day is november the 7th. by the way, today a gorgeous day out here. remember yesterday when it was raining and miserable? day is a perfect day. we have a great crowd. >> oh, look it. i didn't believe you w70e you are so beautiful. >> thank you. i lovyou. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday! that's awesome. >> good arizo mn there. home state of california, here is debbie from sacramento! >> hi. >> who is this littleso p >> this is eleanor grace, myye -old granddaughter. >> where is she? >> at home in california with mom and dad.
8:31 am
>> i notice you have savannah's book here. >> i look up to you so much. you are beautiful and smart and kind. >> i love you. ande i l your little granddaughter. i maybe you could sign it for her. would be happy to. thank you so much. how doespe she eleanor? >> the typical ueway, i. >> all right. >> well, you never know. >> you never know. here, you. >> all right. is your new york stay going? >> wonderful. >> first in line today? >> yes. and yesterday i got to go to st. patrick's caheedral. that's my parents were married. ion?h, that's befu stitaauycat >> to princess eleanor grace. you're the best. ouank you. >> you guys, thank coming up, a real wizard. eddie redmayne he is the star of the hit fantastic beast franchise. we will talk about him about that, becoming a new dad again,
8:32 am
and more. want to lead a longer, healthier life? our lomareria shriver on what we can change from our eating habits to our social l aes where we really live matters. >>eah. fascinating. >> did you know this? what you eat can help reduce your stress and anxiety? how about that? last night when i was watching the election coverage i was shoveling it in. what foods are good to you, what avoid coming up. >> al makes an awesome egg thing every morning. he keeps me healthy. >> he is not just a weatherman. he is a chef and a broadway man. thank you. we have some fire danger out tong the west coast. heavy rain dowough the gulf with some strong storms right along the louisiana border. drying out in the northeast. a little breezy here. sniper through tpper midwest. then we have got snow continuing through the rockies. a santa ana developing in southern california. look for more storms down through texas stretching into the mid-atlantic stas and wet weather all the way up into the gratt lakes.
8:33 am
th what's going on around the country. re's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. sunshine for now and it will be a nice day o to beside today. current temperature now 49 at dulles airport, 52 gaithersburg. high temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s. a fair amount of sunshine around at least for the first part of the day. we will see a few more coming in later on in the afternoon. tomorrow skies partly to mostly cloudy. l be a little bit cooler. rain on friday. breezy and chilly onco saturday. sunday and another cold rain early next week. >> and that is your latest weather.ow n to our special brainoday . nbc news special anchor maria shriver showing us the incredible power we have when it comes to keeping our brains sharp as we age. we are all ears on this one. >> well, in america when we turn 85 there is a 50/50 chance we will be diagnosed with
8:34 am
alzheimer's disease. but on a remote greek island the disease is almostnt non-exis is it in their genes? is it in the food they eat, the air they breathe? we discovered some answers in a very unlikely place cleveland. >> reporter: cleveland may be thousands of miles away from mediterranean, but step into this tiny social hall and it's like you have landed on an exic greek island. it's celebration of families who all come from icoria. people living healthy and happy into their 90s and 100s. they do it with very risk of alzheimer's, dementia, or any of the other diseases of old age. what brings these same people and genes toce p like cleveland and something frightening happens. >> when the koreans come to cleveland, you start seeing alzheimer's at the same rate as the rest of america.
8:35 am
they bring the values here and get sick. >> you can see that 1,000 years ago. >> reporter: for more than a decade dan beutner, a "national geographic" fellow and author of the blue zones solution has been unlocking the secrets of places where people live longer and healthier than anywhere on earth. taking us to costa rica and the other blue zones. at this time dan's come to clevelands to meet t family. they left the island in the '50s in search of the american dream. >> by them moving here they took 20 years off my life. >> reporter: that's because jim's mother just became the first person in theiry familo be diagnosed with alzheimer's. >> it's terrifying. my mom was as sharp as a tack. >> reporter: jim is worried he'll be next. >> i thought my genes would protect me. >> all the thingshat come nationally, he doe't have any of them here. >> reporter: he is stressed out. he is eating a bad h diet?
8:36 am
is not very socially connected. he has all the risk factors that has him like a locomotive towards alzheimer's. >> sometimes he has less on the island. i think that's why it made them healthy. >> reporter: for jim's sister tina, the diagnosiss a wake-up call. ha if you have a mother who has alzheimer's, youres are higher of having alzheimer's. >> aboutim 90% of alzhe's is preventible. most of your mental health is up to you and the environment you create for yourself. >> reporter: so dan shows the family some of the little ways they can bring more of that lifestyle to cleveland. first, in the grocery store. >> thi is big, lemons. if you squirt a little bit of lemon on almostfony , it lowers the glycemic index. it slows t sugar absorption. you are less likely to devel diabetes. one of the great things they know instinctivelyta i want to you to this part.
8:37 am
abou 120 different greens have been identified. some havees ten tim the antioxidant of wine. >> reporter: but cooking healthy some part of the battle. matters, get their food too. >> to go anywhere, they have to get in their car. >> reporter: or there they walk everywhere? >> walk everywhere. it's far more important to walk four or five times a day than it is to work all day long and think you are going to go to the gym at the end of the day. >> reporter: and when you are ad driving, inste of walking, you miss something else that keeps the brain sharp. >> your ancestors never had to try to be social. it came with the territory. >> right. people just dropped by, which nobody drops by anymore. you have to plan for it. >> one of the most powerful things to protect their brain, move into a right neighborhood. you will make friends with your neighbors. >> reporter: like on this night as friends and family gather in the backyard to celebrate their
8:38 am
mother's 87th her alzheimer's diagnosis a lesson for everyone here. their genes may not protect n.em, but the island's healthy lifestyle still szy and her husband just celebrated their 60th weddingnd anniversaryheir family is not alone. many others we spoke to in thea clev area are now dealing s for the first heime time. proof that good genes alone can't protect you from the ofsease. also p that there are things you can do that em popower you against it. >> we are responsible. >> thank you, maria. over to you, savannah. look who i have here. the oscar-winning star of fantastic beasts, eddie redmayne. we are so psyched to talk about the newmovie. we will do that in a minutis first, this "today" on nbc. we're soxc eited to talk about
8:39 am
>> thank you, maria.
8:40 am
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wands at the lookho isack in studio. oscar winner he heddie redmayne. reprising his role in fantastict beasts, w the dangerous wizard on the loose still has his hands full, keeping mischievious magical creatures contained. eddie redmayne, good morning. >> how are you? >> you love those babies?
8:42 am
>> i love those babies. it was like the breakout star of the first movie. he started making his demands for trailers t onsday. so we had to start employingis children. >> so in this second film, into the first, we meet grindelwald. but grindelwald becomes a pretty big part of the second >> he does. >> and here is newt. how do the two intert? what's t relationship? >> well, basically, at the beginning of the film, not tooo giveuch away, grindelwald manages to escape a captivi dumbable dor can't find against him and he sends his student newt to do his kind of dirty work for him. that's basically where we're heading. >> this movie, there are a couple of scenes that i would agine you had to get some special training for. there is this underwater diving scene? >> there is. >> are you an advancedun rwater diver? >> i had never dived before. >>here you are.
8:43 am
>> the amazing thing about these films is you get the best experts in the world. i was sent a freeol diver to my breath for hours in prep for the film. there is kind of the random extra skills you get to learn being an actor. >> this is the second of five, written by j.k. rolling herself. doou know if you survive until the fifth? >> i survive because she has written a beautiful scene -- we never know what's coming. the other day we were fly, the actors,e got off a plane and e of was a tweet that s the rest of the world would be set in rio. keeps us on our toes. >> when she ps by the set, what's that like? >> it's amazing. we turn into school children and occasionally she comes and sort of l your ear and gives you a snippet of where the character may be going. you seee it happening tother actors. then you call them over and go,
8:44 am
at did you learn? so we piece it together as fans ourselves of what the plot is going to be. >> you mentioned school children. i know you and some of your castma ss spente time recently in alabama. this is a movie that meant so much toma s people all over the world for so long now. why did yo sfeefeel compelled to it alabama? >> we went to an amazing school in alabama where a lot of the students ce fro low-income ouseholds. but threethe teachers inspired -- >> is t>>t you? think, yeah, getting a bit into it. they are inspired by howsuch the kove the books. they had designed a lot of the school to look le hogwarts. so we were enjoying wizarding world and played a lot of quiddih, actually. you were a big hairy potter fan before you became a part of that franchise. have you had ao chance look at
8:45 am
it? >> next to the wizarding world, the potter world, it's so shroudre in s. they don't allow you to print scripps. when you pull upee the s it tis district appears if you look -- at it too bong. when win to take it out into the world and we see ople dressed newt, grindelwald, you get a sniff of how passionate the fans are. it's amazing. >> luke, congratulations. >> thank you. >> you have a new 8-month-old? >> i do. >> how is iris taking to being a bigisr? >> incredibly well. she makes him laugh, unlike anyo else. but she was this sort of toddler at the time i was making this film. i had some good ie.piration th >> so first film, there is a baby. second film, there is a baby. i assume you are going to be in a third film. can we expect a third child? >> well, is never going t be five. that's going to be a bitwhuch.
8:46 am
knows? >> if you had one magical power, eddie redmayne, what would it be? >> i have been asked this on the press tour, an at the moment it is just sleep. >> sleep? >> just a capacity -- you know, those extra two hours that push luke through night would be amazing. >> me and you both. >> i bet. >> nice to see you. eddie redmayne, fantastic beasts the crimes of grinnedldelwald o november 16. food for your mood. even if you are exhausted like eddie rmayne, what you should be eating and what you should be avoid. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ when was the last time you felt... free.
8:47 am
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and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. this morning on "today recent studies show that certain things that we eat aas atural remedies for anxiety and depression and others can send your ctress intoar overdrive. here to sort it out is our good
8:49 am
amsey, a . psychiatrist with a specialty in nutritional health. good to see you. people at home watching this thinking we are going to have a food segment. this isn't about diet and weight. this is about food and how it relates to your brain and how that could affect your mood. >> the idea is to think of me e al health, pran health. so certain foods we don't want people eating. >> let's start with this. what happens tohe our brain i eat this delicious pepperoni? >> what's happening right now? >> you are feeling good. >> i feel less stressed. >> these foods do not have the nutrients that your brain needs. you are enjoying it, craving it. these are full of fillers. >> my brain just said you are wrong. >> i know. let's check in a little later. you spend your whole day eating this stuff. empty carbohrates, french
8:50 am
fries. you are not getting the nutrients your brain needs. over time for some people that contributes to a bigger risk for anxiety, depression. let's get to the right foods. >> okay. >> this, if i had to eat everything here, i would be depressed. >> no, that is not true. carson, you are america's health. let's talk about food categories. people talk about the le, right? >> everything green. >> this is a leafy green. basic ingredients for a good mood. foil ate, vitamin bre 9. nutrients. >> the same way we look at food or ourut or body, we should our brain and menta health. >> i say you should think of the brain first. that's what makes you, you. you have to feed your brain.
8:51 am
>> all right. let's slide down. what else? >> rainbow vegetables. theae colors mn different phyto nutrients. let's get something healthy in here while we are talking. >> okay. start with that. >> okay. great. >> the colors mean different phyto nutrients. you are eating that purple. >> oh, my god, i am so smart and healthy now. >> pple molecules mean different phyto nutrients. they promote health. they decrease infamlation. tink of that like a sunburn. you wouldn't wan give a sunburn to your brain cells. >> no. >> pepperoni and sausage increases inflammation in your brain. >> i will put brain spf and continue to eat the meat. >> we are getting somewhere. the session is almost over. you will be much healthier and happier. omega-3 fats in seafood are the mosttant fat for your brain. your brain cells work better when they have more o them. they are in oysters and muscles. they are the most nutrient denso se seu have b 12, zinc, all
8:52 am
mohelecules your brain needs t ke ou brain? a balance of all this? >> inl sted of focusing on diet, focus on foods you love. if you see foods you love, iu at this week, if you have leafy greens -- >> half the people that keto diet, the one where you eat nothing but that first thing. i ld w>>ou>>ay every day. ou can do a keto diet this and this. you can do that diet both ways. we want people to focus on brain health first. more important than the other stuf >> this is like what? sauerkraut, pickles? >> fermented foods. we think about hutlth as related to brain health. you heard of micro buy oems. all the fact that live in your gut. they start here. ese fermented foods are full of good bugs, good bacteria. >> i am going to wrap that meat
8:53 am
around that pickle. i am going to go do that. >> come back over hein. >> keep ta >> this is actually -- i prescribed this last night to a patient. he asked me what it was. it's a fermented dairy product. use it in your smoothie. you are going to get a lot of healthy bacteria. you are going to get a complete protein.o you are goinge able to put in things like blueberries and you are going to get a much, much better more nutrient -- >> greekveogurt? >> we ome of that right here. these fermented miso, great fermented food. helps with gut health. and these are healthy extras. these are nuts and seeds. they are a great snack. again very nutrient dense. they are a nice mix of fats, protein, an carbohydrates. slow burningcarbohydrates. we have lentils here, so i can ll you about mywife's lentils soup, which is amazing. leils, onions, carrots, celery. and olive oil is one of th main ts in your diet.
8:54 am
the oga-3 fatsn seafood, olive oil, that's what you eat to maintain a healthy brain. >> thank you. first, this is "today" on nbc. would you like some more of the meat plaer?
8:55 am
8:56 am
just tar talk with the one and only kneel degrasse tyson. >> and in the fourth hour, ricky ger va. >> i'm watching that. >> after your local news. this is a news4 today news brea >> 8:56 on this wednesday, november 7, 2018. i'm eun yang. we want to look at the commute with melissa molett andour first4 traffic. any problems, melissa? >> a couple of problems on the beltway. bethesda inner loop a crash there and upper marlboro outer loop before central avenue left lane blocked by that crash.
8:57 am
virginia falls church idylwood at virginia lane all lanes blocked. you want it avoidn that. police the scene. >> thanks. we will take a break now. we'll chec come when we stay with us. people aren't talking about giant's easy grab and go chicken wings, perfect for game day. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make entertaining easy, leaving more time for those closest to you, during the holidays.
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sunshine outside and a light wind out of the soue. temperatow 55 degrees at national airpo. 54 in winchester. headed up for highs in the 6 low-to-m today. plenty of sunshine for today. another dry day tomorrow with highs in the 50s. rain likely on friday. khilly over the weekend. more rain next wver a significa significant cooldown. get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app. have great day.
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