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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 9, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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a look at your commute. but first, chuck is here with our foreca. >> it's a thing. as i mentioned, this will be our 4th friday in a row without any real amount of sunshine around. it's seasonably chill this morning, but the clouds moving in overnight kept there from beg too much of drop in temperatures. a little colder in the solley. our weather for today is really cloudy outside. if it's not raining at your house yet, it will be in the next couple of hours. your wake up weather about a 50% chance of rain in the first part of the day but a near 100% chance of rain on your friday afternoon and frida evening. temperatures in th upper 40s and low 50s later in the afternoon. i'm optimistic you'll see plenty of sunshine this weekend. >> i like that. 395. a closure right now this mo ing. they say it should be reopening
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soon. we'll keep an eye on it. manassas, all traffic is stopped right now because of a work zone there. a lane getting by. you can see the rain across the area. frederick, northbound 15, a work zone with a right lane getting by. >> thank you, melissa. this morning, while t nation is trying to process yet another mass shooting,e're getting a better idea of how the violence played out at theorderline bar and grill in thousand oaks, california. we're also learning more about the 12 people that were killed. many of the victims wer at the country western bar for college night. e in of those killed w their 20s. the youngest was 18. another victim was a 48-year-old man working inside the bar. among the dead was one of the first responrs. yesterday, his body was moved from the hospital to the coron r
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coroner. he had a police escort and hundreds lined the streets to pay their respects. he was set to retire next year. >> meanwhile, the community ermourns the o that were killed. people filed into this theater to its 1,800 seatit cap last night. hundreds more gathered outside of city hall to pray f the victims. this morning we're also hearing from some of those that the attack. >> i took cover behind the bar, and at that point, the stopped the firing. we started to get up and i heard, he's reloading. and somebody had knocked out a coup of windows. o>> the investigation i the shooting is far from over. authorities are still trying to
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ma nail down a motive for the killing. >> some of the survivors are living through this for a second time. they survived the massacre in las vegas just 13 months ago. that was the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. 58 people were killed last october. some of the survivors also go to the borderline bar. one that was there last night is danny. she is only 25 years old, and she has now been through this twice. >> we were standing near the d.j. booth and then we heard a pop, pop, andai i run. that's my reaction now. you walk into places and your thought now is wheres my exit? how can i get out? >> the gunman has been identified as ian david long. he is a 28eear-old mar veteran. authorities believe he killed 12 people and took his own life at
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the borderline b and grill. he spent time in afghanistan as a machine gunner. vestigators believe he suffered from ptsd. law enforcemen did respond to a distress call at his home in april and found him irate and irrational but a mental health professional determined at that time that he did not qualify for a psychiatric hold. we're following every development in this story and we'll bring the latest here on air ndonline. keep an eye out on the nbc washington app throughout the morning. >> angry people took to the reets in new york, phadelphia, did .c. and hundred of communities around the couny. at one point times couldn't hold any more people. they're protesting who president trump named as the new top law enforcement officer. now this was the scene outside the white house. protests happened all over the
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area fromilr spring to rockville to northern virginia. people are danding that matthew whitaker rece himself from the russia investigation. protestors say he is disqualified from overseeing . >> i want him to recuse himself from the russia investigation because donald trump should not be above the law. >> hshould step down, and he should let someone that's going to be impartial lead theway. >> they all sent him a letter asking that he recuse himsf. lawmakers are taking steps to protect the russia investigation and robert mueller. when congrs resumes next week, senators will call for a vote to ensure that mueller cannot be fired. the bipartisan muellerpr ection legislation cleared the committee in april, however mitch mcconnell never called for a floor hevote.
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believes there is no legitimate threat and the legislation is unnecessary. >> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is recoveri after breaking three ribs. sh fell inside her court office earlier this week. she was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning. she has had health problems in the past. in 2012, she broke two ribs in a fall. she hasd survi cancer and had a stint implanted in 14. >> now to decision 2018, two of the most closely watched races in the country are headed toward a recount. razor thin margins separateu.s. senate and governor in florida. absentee and military ballots in two largely democratic counts are still being counted. that tightened the race between andrew gillum and ron desantis. gillum nowit less than half a
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percentage point behind him. meanwhile, bill nelson has ao begun preparing for a potential only 15,000 votes separate him and rick scott. scott filed a lawsuit yesterday ofccusing democrats to try to steal the election by engaging in voter fraud. first this morning, our look at passages from michelle obama's auto biography. she does not hold back when talking about president trump. she blasts him for what he was caught saying on the now infamous "access hollywood" tape and addresses the birther conspiracy theory he pushed about her before in the years before he ran to office. she calls the birther thing dangerous andcrazy. a move spent to stir up the cooks. she called it reckless and put
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her family's safety at risk. she added for thisev i'd forgive him. book comes out on tuesday. >> there's been a deadly attack on an afghan army post. >> they're blaming t taliban and said it killed ten troops and sevenfi police rs. taliban fighters launched their at specifically targeting an army outpost and the gun battle was said to have gone o for hours. about a dozen others were wounded. no surprise though, t taliban have been staging almost daily attacks on some of the afghan security forces. >> thank you. hod.c. catlic priest charged with child sex abuse was accused by two other girls of inappropriate behavior. he was o arreste wednesday. a girl says he fondled her in 2015. she was 13 years old at the time. according to court documents, police were not notified until
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last month. since during investigation they uncovered two other complaints. they immediately removed him from ministry when it first heard about the allegations on august 26th. it's 4:09. starting today and lasting throughout the holiday weekend the roads around the airport will be a bigger headache than usual. this weekend, blue andellow lines will shutdown for repairs between braddock road and pentagon city. that meanso trains at the airport forcing people to catch rides instead. the airport plans to have extra police on hand t help people navigate. n> right now a brazen serial they have has b stealing handicap parking permits. the suspect is reaching into the car and snatching the permit.n there's b a recent spike across charles county and the gi
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. the placards can sell for a lot of cash on the black market. >> people might actually need it. >> the companies t operati popular electricer scowill have to pay more to stay in dc. >> they'll have to pay a $5 monthly fee for sverycooter they own. the newtees could cos them thousands of dollars. regulations also allow the companies to increase their fleet of scooters from 400 to 600. >> men, are you fighting allergies? the secret weapon that may help lleate the sneezing and coughing. >> our report designed to get you back on the financial path. oday is all about your future finances. you might invest in your 401k plan, but is that all you can do. how abouter a wea check. >> good morning. i would show you today's forecast but the computer froze up so that's not the right
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and the 2013 models of the
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cross trek and a certain model of the toyota scion. >> there's a new over the counter medicine that will help those suffering with asthma. it will hit store shelves early >> if you suffer from allergies is time of the year, some doctorsay growing a beard could hea. eard could filter out allergic triggers like ragweed, mold, dust and prevent them from entering your mouth and nose. some say it may helpui you your tolerance but the key is keeping your beard clean and well groomed. >> we're going toee people looking like hip administe --
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hip hipst hipsters. >> we usually think big donations comes from money mogu moguls. >> for 45 yearse taught on the campus. aon a professor's salar working extraan jobs he beg donating money to fund scholarships for styents. evew years a cake to celebrate milestones. $1,000 and $400,000. this year he marked $1 million in donations. not comenerosity has without sacrifice. he has lived much of his career without taking a vacations. he doesn't buy new things like a shiny new car. doesn't even own a cell phone. >> it's selfless and inspiring.
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>> he's on the receiving end of one of the manyan . >> i'm going to have a four year degree pretty soon. >> if iado to it all over again, i'd do it this way. >> david culver, news 4. >> now he recently retired to cus on his volunteering. he's not just donated $1 million to student scholarships, buthe also given another million dollars to a hand full of other charities. >> this is the kind of person we need more of,right? so selfless. >> notice how big of a smile heh had on face. when you are doing other things for other peop, it makes you feel pretty good. >> i agree, 10yo. >> when argoing to start me. something for >> we support you every day. >> the computer was broken this morning. myself. was by where was my help? good morning,everybody. it's another rainy friday.
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sorry about that everybody. i wish we could do a little bit better for you. maybe next friday. i'll show you the ten-day forecast next half hour. next friday looks sunny and dry, but today, not so much. skcloudy wind at 12 miles per hour. mostly in the 40s. a few outliers. 39 in winchester. but a chilly start to the day today and not much of an improvement coming your way. that forecast refuses to update. going through the great lakes. there.ead of it a lot of rain coming through the warm front here and that cold front will bring us a significintly weekend. nothing heavy out there but rain drops first thing this that will be the case for the remainder of the day today. rain chances increasing with time.
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eok at fut weather. the heaviest of the rain starts around noon to 2:00 in the afternoon. it will be an ugly friday evening commute. there's indications on the computer model. we could be able to turn the rain efflier than peed. i think things will really start to dry out and your saturday looking great. mostly sunny but a gusty northwest wind up near 30 mtes per hour times tomorrow. but it will be dry all weekend long. that's the good news there. more clouds on monday and more rain next tuesday. day forecastn the next half hour. good morning, melissa. how are you on a friday? >> i'm good. >> two lanes blocked by the work zone. earlier situation southbound on 395 cleared o of the way. where it's raining across the area, not the prettiest right
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now. two right lanes are getting by a rk zone there. 68 miles per hour gets you in there in 26 mioutes. >> are saving for retirement? do you ever wonder you're not doing enough to prepare? coming up we have tips on how to invest your money. >> plus, taking you inside the national zoo as the panda gets a check u and show you the work that's done to keep him healthy for years to come. >> i do things that a 60-year-old shouldn't do, but i el -- feel like i'm young. i feel that. >> i feel e youngept when i look in a full length mirror naked. >> well sure. >> but she feels filthy rich every day. he's mak $40 million a year. judge judy stopping by ellen today. >> you can catch ellen on nbc 4
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welcome back. when it comes to investing our money, most of us rely on the company's 401k, but that may not be t smartest thing to do. >> you may want to consider investing in it may give you financial freedom in the future. >> she had a good job and great future, but when it comes to investing, she is just starting out. >> i put a little money aside for the future but mostly it's going toward the rent, the car payment and groceries and a little bit of shopping and
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entertainment. >> without proper savings, one set back could devastate your financial future. so how do you protect yourself? samantha says first, set aside an emergency f wd thatill cover your living expenses for 3 to 6 months. >> the second part would be that you don't nd aot of money. a lot of mutual funds only have $250 or $500 so it doesn't take a lot to get started. it's just important to start. >> know what your financial goals are. they provides her clients with a short list of questions which clarifies priorities. try to find an adviser that will educate you instead of just tryi to impress you with fancy terms. find an adviser that will meet you where you are at your level and will explain things to you to make you feel more comfortable. >> i just go with it. but i think that hes also s invest in things that you're interested in.
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>> remembering investing is not one size fits all. what works for you may not work for the other person. the key is for you to know your financial goals. that saving 3 to 6 months is daunting though. i can't do it. >> so i had a financial adviser tell me tt a few years ago. and you do start to feel safer. you know h i a about money. >> yeah. you know what i'm going to do? aaron, can you help me out? we have our favorite toys we used to play with as dikids. you have a favorite? >> yeah. i'm sure i did. now some are making the national toy hall of fame. the magic 8 ball, pinball, and the card game uno. >>ysveryone still p uno. >> yeah. >> these will join the previous h honorees in the hall. among the toy that didn' make the cut, tickle me elmo. >> he'll have to be in atom point. >> american girl dolls, too soon, not ready for those and
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chutes and ladders. >> yeah, pretty iconic board game. >> 4:26 right now. we shod play a game of uno. >> you have no idea, how much i love to play uno. wild draw 4. it's going to rain on your friday and i going to be windy and cold tomorrow. i'll talk more about today's hour by hour planner coming up. >> plus our coverage of the california bar shooting continues. in you thi i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. the three what? the three p's? what are the three p's?
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so your rate can never go up for any reason. and with this plan, you can pick your payment date, so you can time your premium due date to work with your budget.ti s start at $9.95 a month, plus, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. and you'll also gethis free be, for free information. and it's yours just for calling. so call now.
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>> it's pretty clear out there right now. it was raining when i came in this morning. you'll need the umbrella. keep that handy for later todayt 's going to be worse. >> chuck bell ise here before take a look at the friday commute with melissa. how bad willt be, chuck? >> not a horrible friday morning ommute but that friday eveni commute could be a real mess.
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make sure they have the umbrella in the backpack it's going to be raining and raining hard. rain chances are actually increasing with time. so hit and miss showers this morning. those showers are headed up into parts of northern prince george's ege park, grab your umbrellas this morning. temperatures in the 40s. 100% chance for rain today. temperatures in the low 50s all afternoon. oh,melissa, rainy and the sunsets before 5:00 today. >> i donat love now that your computer is okay, that means mine is about to go down. so i'm not


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