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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 16, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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winter whack from the midwest to the east coast, it caused massiveraveling and communicating issues for millions and cancelled flights in to the weekend. to the west coast where fires are still burning in california and the scking realization that more than 600 people are not accounted for and a new that of mass mudslides. >> look, they put out a story that hood w oked a l people. hoax it really a holiday that built over 14,000 generous donorsut of 14,000 donations. >> this morning a warning from the cdc that every family should
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know. a holiday favorite returns. we have a sneak peek. early today starts right now. good to be with you. >>ilons americans are digging out from the first snow f the season after an early winter storm slammed much of the country. in new york, the icy blast snarleow traffic whileful winds ripped down tree branches and power nes. the storm was tough on the people in the big apple, leaving many froze tbounn in plays. the bus terminal was shut down because of over crowding and a major crash on the george washington bridge had traffic at a stand still. >> the airlines have cancelled 2400 flights thursday and delayed more than 17,000. the problems are going to expected- to stretch are going
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to stretch in to thtoday. south and midwest have been blanketed in snow and ice. we have more on the dangerous conditions. >> winter came crashing in to fall. >> i had a car wipe out in front of me. accidents and spin outs, and snow and new york where bridge commuters wer at atand still, down the d.c., where the white house was blanketed, in the midwest, snow? shik, leeing -- >> if the weather is bad, ask yourself if the trip was necessary. and in cincinnati, branches snapping under the weight of heavy ice. >> anotherrash here, and another crash there, and there's another one. >> that is hours. >> mis hadded t power lines again. >> airport -- missed the power lines agai >> airports seeing delays. contributing the travel slow down. in st. louis, the gateway arch peed through snowy shield
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more than five inches falling. le i lived in the south my w life, this is the most snow i have seen in my whole life. >>e it snowed h for the better w rt of 16 hours, but by the afternoon, the sll be gone, the high forecast temperature 45 withsunshine. all in all, it was a potent first punch from winter. francis? >> yeah, and we are reeling from the punch. maybe got a bruise in the eye. why was it wor than we expected? >> it was lder. the pavement stayed colder and that made the difference of when it changed to sleet, instead of being heavy snow for two hours, it was heavy snow for fou s to five ie cases. now we are watching the hviest
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snow in northern new england and temperatures are warming up so, it's a betteradmproved y forecast from d.c. to boston and interior sections of new england will bee whe see the thousands of school delays and cancellations. >> thank >> president trump is expected to travel to california tomorrow as wildfireses still ravage the state, here is the devastation from the campfire, the death toll has jumped to 63, making i the most deadly and destruct i have wild fire in california story, the number of the missing has doubled to 631, authorities estimate that more than 50,000 people have been driven from their homes and in to shelters. an outbreak of the norovirus has affected people in chico i the shelters. >> reporter: in paradise, california, heartbreak. search teams looking for who is may have died in homes and cars as a wave of fire for
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through here. in ts hard-hit community filled with retirees, names and phos of the missing, devastating stors. >> it happened so fast, i think they would have been in serious trouble. >> in thede hills out los angeles, also hit by wild fire, they are already bracing for another disaster floods. >> it's a silent killer. and there's not any warning. >> the chief and his team took us above one of the many burn zones. >> when fire burns in the hills, it strips them of water absorbing brush and makes the soil hard. during a storm aushlgs of that will flow right -- storm, all of that will flow ino the smalling massive communities below. the mudslides that followed the last fires were ten times as deadly, leaving far fewer recipes cues > -- fewer rescues. eat to e's a greater t life from the floods than from
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the wild fire. >> everybody is struggling. we lost ou homes and our work. >> those who escaped rebuilding their lives from the ruins. as the search goes on for the missing. nbc news, los angeles. il and mlions people in sacramento and san francisco are feeling the affects of the fires as air quality reaches dangerous levels. ficials are warning residents to stay in doors. meanwhile, in southern cafornia, firefighters have contained the olsy fire to 62%. >> officials are revealing the results of the investigation of th killing of jamal khashoggi, the government said it was not supposed to be a murder. and 5 of the 11 suspects could face theeath penalty. let's bring in sorro harman.
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>> tio que still how much the saudi prince knew. >> you are right, that is the question. the foreign minister said that crowned prince mbs, al they c him sometimes had absolutely nothing to do with ashoggi's killing. but many people, including senior u.s. lawmakers say, it's inconceivable this happened without his knowledge. the crowned's prin role in this is key, if mbs was behind the murder of an innocent journalist, then the people accused yesterday are just the ll guys, the ones that carried out the orders t and five m could be put to death. after those inindictments were issued the state department said it was a good first step and economicav sanctions been slap odd 17 saudis -- slapped on 17 saudis accused of taking part, the crowned prince not on the list. those on both sides t of aisle say the sanctions do not go farr
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enough, the urging more action. . but they are a key ally, they buy a lot of weapons and have huge oil reserves and right nown there' much appetite in the trump administration for tougher steps. francis? okay, we will see if it changes in any way. sarah, thaew you. >>his morning, north korea appears to have relaunched the weapons testing program. state media reports that kim jong-un observed the setest, bu it was not a nuclear device or long-range vessel. espite the news, the u.s. is optimistic about denuclearization. a state department spokesmane saying remain confident had that the promises made by president trump and chairman kim will be fulfilled. >> in florida, a mandatory manual recount is officially under way. the votes will be counted by hand, the procedure by state law because of the tight senate
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race. rick scott leads democratic encoupe incumbent bill nelson. in the state's gubernatorial race, gillim is refusing to consewco concede because there's still ballots unaccounted. >> a homeless man helped a stranded woman and thousandso pitched inelp the man, and scam.t's said to be a >> a homeless veteran reportedly gave his last $20 to help a strand eed kate mcclure to get gas, ao fund me page was started to pay back his tkindness, it w viral and $14,000 poured in. now, pice sayt was a hoax
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that they cooked up all three charged with theft by deception and could face up to ten years inon pr >> they put out a storier that hood winked a lot of people. >> the online reaction swift and angry. they used people's hearts to steal. now someone who deserves help will not get it. >> the prosecutors said that the mone was gone i few months. spent on a new year's eve vegas trip, a bmw, luxury handbags and casinos and cash withdrawals. the feel good story started to unraffle -- unravel a few months when he sued saying that thele coept most of the money. >> go fund me said that this is a rare case of fraud. and all 14,000 donors will get their money back. crazy par of it all, i think they would have gotten away with it. >> yeah, if they did not turn on each other. >> righ let's go to look at
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the day ahead and see what we get a bit of a melting sun. > i have to show you this first. the snow over the last 48 hours. to show you how crazy i snow from louisiana, texas, and arkansas and ohio valley and righ through all of the northeast. unheard of to get that big of a footprint from a storm in november, and then, during the day today, this rapidly moves t by this afternoon, temperatures in the 40s in many areas with sunshine, it will be windy, brute we will clear out of the pavement and sidewalks. that's a look at the wther today, and a closer look at the day ahead. >> the worst of it for the morning drive will be centralgl new d and northern new england. that is where temperatures will rise above freezing. areas of southern new england will clear out. weekend forecast coming up. >> sounds good. thank you, bill. >> let's talk otball. going to century link field, where seattle welcomed green bay
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t seahawks did not o getff to a flying start. aaron rodgers had the bull next and he would air it out, in the first quarter, and t touchdown would give the packers a 14-3 lead, seattle id not stwn, they answered right back with a touchdown run up the middle. see hawks downe by four at half, now five minutes left in the game. russell wilson, drops back and lars it right to ed dixon, in for a touchdown, see hawks get a big win, beating green bay, 27-24. >> a week before the birde hits th table, a consumer alert for anyone with turkey on the menu. y
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what an league mvp, so, year for that young outfielder. >> mv inand a ring, not so bad. as millions of families get g s toher around the table, there's a new warning from the cdc about an ongoing outbreak link. to turkey here is ann thompso on what you need to know before cooking. >> before the guys go from this, to this, a warning about a salmonella outbreak, ground meet, pattys and the bird themselves. they report that 164 people got sick in 35 states over the past ye and a person died, the symptoms, fever and stomach problems witrsn 72 h of eating. to avoid getting six, experts say, always cook your turkey to 165 degrees. >> you can tell if your turkey is cooked if you use a food thermo thermo the thermo meters. >> wash your hands before ate
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handling raw poultry. to make sure that your thanksgiving is a happy one. nbc news, new york. >> rapper didy's former long-term girlfriend and mother of hishree kids has died, she was found dead the in her california home o thursday. the coroner's office has not said how she died, but theso ce tells tmz the mom of four had been suffering from pneumonia for weeks. e out pouring of love and support have been pouring. missy elliott said she will remember her smile and laugh. kim porter was 47. >> so sad. >> coming up we have good news for you, a pint sized super hero, conquers his greatest foe yet, bat kid is cancer free. moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. with tremfya®, you can get clearer. and stay clearer. in fact, most patients who saw 90%
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the moment has come to take our rightful place in the world. >> oh, harry potter fans expected to flock to theaters this thisnd weeke to catch "fantastic beasts," mark wahlberg and rose burn are a couple looking to adopt in instant family. and bella davis learns to get away with murder in "widows," just the trailer loop for "widows," it just jam packed
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with action and intensity. i imagine that will be a good one. >> yeah, it's that time of year, starting to get a bunch of good movies. all gearing up for the holidays and christmas. could the rollingtones be coming to the big ple. ♪ ♪ >> they tease fans, and tweeted out this iconic logo rising over the statue of liberty, their logo popped up on a bill board at metlifestadium. there's been no official word. there's the hgo. e never seen them. >> here is your chance, now, right? >> i know they are vampiresthnd will live forever, probably, but i want to see them
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before they hit 80. >> unbelievable when they hit ii . . you remember when miles scott won the hearts of san francisco as bat kid, t city allowed today brave boy to fight crime while he fought cancer, five years later, at's beenounced that miles, now ten years old is cancer free after being in remission for several years. he still has to visit his doctor once a year, but he is doing great. of the best success stories to hear. >> so great to hear good news on afriday. gritty, the if you will ph-- th philadelphia flyers, the youngo ma known for his antics witnessed the first snowfall of s life thursday afternoon. and he documented the whole thing for the world to see.ty gras playing in the snow, right outside of the wells fargt center wherehe flyers played. we will be right back.
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knowledge r. well, i can tell you the week ahe forecas will not see huge snow storms, but w will see well below normaler cold air,daau through the great lakes and it's in the east again. not snow, but cold for the time of year. >> all right, bill, thanks, we will be back with a christmas favorite. that's actually pretty. surprised?
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